YesCymru: it must be a clean sweep


Yes, folks, this is another episode in the ongoing tale of YesCymru. Another report of damage inflicted on the independence movement by a gang of Woke-Left extremists, their assorted hangers-on, others too weak to resist, and a few who thought they could ride the wave for personal advancement.


In the previous post in this series, YesCymru, light at the end of the tunnel?, I had to add a few updates, so in case you didn’t catch them, here they are. With one snippet I didn’t use as an update.

Siôn Jobbins, long time Chair of YesCymru – and after a couple of weeks AWOL – finally announced he was stepping down within hours of my previous post going live. I am not claiming cause and effect.

Rachel Cooze, one of the Central Committee members elected at the May 22 AGM, resigned after – among other things – it came to light she had used suspended Central Committee member Dr Dilys Davies’ name to offer discounts on her OnlyFans porn site.

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Would-be journalist, ‘Emrys’ Price-Jones, was suspended following her very silly article in The National. A redacted version of the article is still available.

The article named Dr Davies, even though her appeal against suspension is still to be heard. ‘Emrys’ also clearly identified, but without naming, the Central Committee member elected at the May 22 AGM who has also been suspended.

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I reached out an avuncular and comforting hand, but the offer was politely rejected. (Since deleted?) Though someone in the gang made a suggestion on Twitter that my approach to ‘Emrys’ was creepy, possibly sexually motivated.

Maybe somebody can find the tweet.

Just when you think there’s nothing new to surprise you about these clowns they manage to plumb new depths.


Bottom line: There was a conspiracy to take over YesCymru. It was mounted by people I shall name below. Marxists and others belonging to the Far Left justifying what they did as being in the cause of, “progressive socialism”.

Facilitated to some degree by fools who think Communism is ‘cool’, some too stupid to appreciate the danger, and others who just proved too weak to mount any opposition.

The conspiracy has failed because too many people were involved; some of them none too bright who gave the game away, others so convinced they were on the side of the angels that they bragged about their involvement.

But over and above that, once you put the facts together – it’s just so obvious!

I shall try to lay it out in chronological order without, I hope, repeating myself too much. But if I do, then it’s justified because previously I have dealt with disparate pieces, whereas this is the near-complete jigsaw.

The genesis of YesCymru can be found in earlier posts. But it’s worth mentioning that among the founders we find Dr Dilys Davies, Siôn Jobbins and Iestyn ap Rhobert.

Inevitably, the Far Left infiltrated YesCymru early on, but an attempt at takeover was rebuffed and the plotters – or some of them – went off to found openly Marxist Undod towards the end of 2018. A group promoting ‘socialism through independence’ or ‘socialism and independence’.

Though the Undod website now reads, rather anaemically: ‘We are a democratic, socialist republican movement established to secure independence for Wales’.

About as ‘democratic’ as the long gone and unlamented German Democratic Republic. (East Germany.)

Perhaps as revenge for the rebuff the Far Left remnant within YesCymru tried to ambush Dr Davies in the autumn of 2019. It was very amateurish and she survived.

The defeat of Jeremy Corbyn in the general election later that year resulted in Momentum taking an interest in Welsh independence. One member, Harriet Protheroe-Soltani, is now YesCymru’s Campaigns Officer, while still serving as an officer of the North West and Wales region of Momentum.

Another, who returned to Wales from London following Corbyn’s fall, is Siwan Clark. It’s claimed she has more ‘sock puppet’ Twitter accounts than anyone. I couldn’t possibly comment.

To clear the way for the Far Left to take control at the May 22 AGM certain people needed to be ‘neutralised’.

In the case of Dr Dilys Davies this was achieved by @AledGwynWiliams (Single ‘l’!) travelling to her properties in Ceredigion and engineering a spat that resulted in complaints being made to the Central Committee by ‘Emrys’, @sheikyerbouti_ and Rachel Cooze. Dr Davies was suspended from the Central Committee and unable to participate in the AGM.

All explained here in ‘Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left’.

But this Ceredigion foray was part of a bigger scheme.

We’ve met a number of manipulators in this series on YesCymru but one, almost overlooked, whose name has cropped up a few times recently, is moustachioed Robert Lloyd of Prestatyn, President of Labour for an Independent Wales.

Lloyd became head honcho of this group in January this year. And sources say that the plotting to take over YesCymru began soon afterwards. Plotting in which Lloyd played a bigger hand than he has previously been given credit for.

And you know me, I’m all for giving credit where credit is due.

What’s crucial for the purposes of this article is Lloyd’s role in the run-up to the May 22 AGM, his part in selecting who served on the Central Committee. And I’m sure it will interest you, as well.

Lloyd recently confessed on Twitter that he had indeed been involved in a group that brought together those of a certain ideological disposition seeking to ensure that the incoming Central Committee was to their liking.

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This ” . . . very loose campaign, but ultimately a successful one” (note the use of ‘campaign’) pulled together serving Central Committee Members, retiring Central Committee members, and candidates seeking election to the Central Committee for the first time.

In the first category we find Llywelyn ap Gwilym, Elin Hywel and Carys Eleri. In the second there’s Mark Hooper. While in the ranks of the hopefuls, bright of eye and bushy of tail, were Ben Gwalchmai and Rachel Cooze.

These Signal app meetings were set up to delete everything after 5 minutes, and so that option proved unsuitable. Future meetings were held on Zoom, and a fresh initiate was Scott Mackay of Swansea. (Endorsed by Aled Gwyn Wiliams.)

It was now that ap Gwilym and Hooper pushed the “Iestyn must go” line and urged everyone to support Shane Brennan for Secretary. This proved unnecessary because Iestyn ap Rhobert withdrew from the race.

But Lloyd fits into none of the three categories – so why was he there? Who was he representing? Obviously, Labour for an Independent Wales, which I have previously described as about as convincing as DUP for a United Ireland.

Lab4Indy overlaps with Momentum and links with Undod. There are fellow-travellers in Plaid Cymru, especially its youth wing, Plaid Ifanc. There has also – believe it or not – been a Far Left takeover of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society).

But YesCymru was the big prize due to its 18,500 members and the ‘reach’ such a figure gave the organisation.

Of course a membership of that size also presented problems for the Marxist plotters. Selecting and screening Woke-Left candidates for the Central Committee in secret meetings was one thing, but an open and fair election at the AGM, with all members voting, could have undone all the plotting.

To guarantee the election of those they’d chosen the Woke-Left ensured that as few members as possible would be able to vote at the May 22 AGM.

The leaders of the takeover plot were Robert Lloyd, Ben Gwalchmai, Mark Hooper, and Llywelyn ap Gwilym. Representing Undod, Labour/Momentum, and the Leannista wing of Plaid Cymru.

Some of the foot-soldiers, hangers-on and social media warriors I’ve already listed, but there were others. A few too many for the plot to succeed.

Many have justified the takeover as ‘protecting YesCymru from ‘fascism”. Just as the Soviets were fighting ‘fascism’ and ‘revisionism’ when they put down the Hungarian Rising of ’56 and the ‘Prague Spring’ in ’68.

Perhaps the biggest worry in that comparison should be that Marxism prefers big units and is invariably hostile to the aspirations of small nations unless pretending to support those aspirations can be used to promote Marxism.

Footnote: Vice-president of @Lab4IndyWales is our old friend Martyn J Shrewsbury. A source points out that both Lloyd and Shrewsbury might have escaped prison terms.

In his case, in 2014, the magistrate was amazed that Lloyd had not been charged with dangerous driving. If he had been, and if he had been found guilty, then he might not have gone to Cardiff University.

Shrewsbury is a convicted fraudster who escaped jail. (Strangely, the link to the court case is broken.) After causing disruption in the Green Party of Englandandwales for a few years he moved to the Labour Party, and of course Momentum. Shrewsbury had quite a reputation for fake social media accounts.

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Read more about Shrewsbury here, in ‘Plaid Cymru’s enemy within‘. In fact, type his name in the sidebar search box because he’s appeared on this blog a few times.

President and Vice-president of Labour for an Independent Wales both dealt with leniently by the authorities with subsequent careers as political wreckers is obviously just a coincidence.

But what are the odds?

UPDATE 30.07.2021: A link to the Shrewsbury conviction has turned up.


The high point for the plotters was around mid-day on May 22, just after the AGM, when their supporters were putting out celebratory tweets like these.

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It’s been downhill for them ever since.

For it soon dawned on YesCymru members that the new Central Committee had been elected with the votes of some two per cent of the total membership. (Many members didn’t even know there was an election!) Not even in the socialist Utopias dreamed of by the plotters would such a blatant con have been pulled.

Then it was one revelation after another, indiscretions followed with vile attacks as the plotters and their foot-soldiers were put on the defensive. (Did anyone really believe this woman would be an asset to YesCymru? Or was she brought in to be a wrecker?)

Where were the Minutes? Why couldn’t members see detailed and independently audited accounts?

Regarding the latter, there was a growing suspicion that YesCymru money was being appropriated by Central Committee members, or being diverted to their friends.

A suspicion that began on the day of the AGM. Encouraged by another celebratory tweet; this one from re-elected Central Committee member Tori West.

Click to enlarge

Recently, London-based West went on strike. How a Central Committee member withdraws their labour is not clear. But anyway, she’s back.

As I’ve said, the pressure on the Central Committee has been relentless, and it has increased week on week. To the point where the Central Committee was forced to agree to a meeting with the branches, which took place on July 13.

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I’m not sure what purpose the Central Committee thought the meeting would serve. Was it intended to be a show of strength? An attempt at reconciliation?

I can’t answer those questions. What I can tell you is that from the Central Committee’s perspective it was a disaster.

To begin with, and in an obvious attempt to show that there were branches siding with the Central Committee, those attending the meeting were entertained by . . .

Aled Gwyn Wiliams, tormentor of Dr Dilys Davies, and a veritable keyboard samurai. (Though he’s a bit too fond of the saké and often has to do a lot of deleting the morning after.) He was there representing YesCymru Maesteg. Reports says he waffled without contributing anything.

Then there was ‘Kemp’ who set up @YesYBynie because she didn’t want to mix with all those horrid transphobes and fascists in the thriving Llanelli branch of YesCymru. This Bynea ‘branch’ is just her, and therefore should not be regarded as a branch.

Aware of this she put out a sorry tweet a couple of months ago hoping to rope in waifs and strays. I wonder if anybody answered the call?

Someone else who spoke was Central Committee member Ben Gwalchmai – on behalf of the Welshpool branch! This should not have been allowed.

The letter sent to the branches promised that two members of the Central Committee would be in attendance. In fact, they were all there. Well, those who haven’t resigned or been suspended.

Seeing as ‘Emrys’ is suspended, and his deranged deputy at YesCymru LGBTQ+, ‘George Brown’ has presumably been locked in the attic, being fed through a hatch at the bottom of the door, it fell to young Tyler Griffiths to represent this section.

He did not impress. After ranting about a suspended Central Committee member running ‘sock puppet’ Twitter accounts he didn’t really have a lot to say.

Llywelyn ap Gwilym remained largely silent and seemed to wish he were somewhere else. Whilst Elin Hywel did not enhance her reputation with a number of rather silly comments.

The good news from last Tuesday’s meeting is that most genuine branches want an Extraordinary General Meeting and fresh elections to the Central Committee.


As was reported on Politics Wales yesterday, there’s a lot of crazy stuff flying around on social media. I can state with confidence that 80 to 90 per cent of it comes from defenders of the takeover. And participants therein.

One of the leaders in the field is Rachel Cooze who put the knife into Dr Davies and anybody else she took a dislike to – including me! First, by telling my Twitter followers that I was a fascist and a transphobe, and suggesting they unfollow me. (Which about 40 or 50 did, but now I have more followers than before her attack!)

Then, she came out with a bizarre – and actionable – claim that former YesCymru Secretary, Iestyn ap Rhobert, had been feeding me confidential information. I can swear on a stack of Bibles that the claim is untrue.

Click to enlarge

I assumed that she had dreamt it up, or been fed it by one of her poisonous consœurs. But then, last week, along came @YupCymru. One of the weirdest accounts to appear in this saga.

Mention has been made of ‘sock puppet’ Twitter accounts, which are shell accounts used by people wanting to hide their identity and/or pretend that their position has more support than is truly the case.

But @YupCymru, now closed, was different.

To begin with, it was opened in 2013, before YesCymru was even thought of, and there were only ten or a dozen tweets until very recently. Yet this almost inactive account made the same allegation on April 29 of Iestyn ap Rhobert leaking me information.

Click to enlarge

So who was @YupCymru?

It’s a question many are asking because in a brief flurry of activity before closing the account @YupCymru also released confidential YesCymru documents. To wit, the Minutes of the Dr Dilys Davies disciplinary hearing held on May 5.

This hearing was a kangaroo court. The decision to suspend Dr Davies had already been taken by the plotters named earlier. She had to be removed before the AGM because she was a threat to their plans and would certainly have opposed the two motions the plotters had framed.

The Minutes are already in the public domain so I feel able to offer them here.

Click to enlarge

It’s a strange business. One minute (no pun intended) @YupCymru was fighting for the takeover gang, attacking Iestyn ap Rhobert and me; and then, by releasing the Minutes, seems to be trying to damage YesCymru.

I suppose any investigation will have to start by asking who had copies of or access to those Minutes.

For this breach of security and confidentiality is a serious business. And it’s not the only example we’ve seen recently of unauthorised or unlawful use of confidential YesCymru information.

Perhaps attributable to the fact that those who mounted the coup, and those who support them, know that their time is running out. Of course, they can’t accept that the fightback is coming from ordinary members who want to welcome everybody to a broad-based movement working for Welsh independence.

No, it has to be a fascist takeover. Because anybody who doesn’t agree with these lunatics is a fascist. That’s one of the big mistakes they’ve made – absurd slanders alienating so many decent people.

But then, when you dream of driving a Red Army tank along the boulevards of Budapest or Prague this intolerance of differing views will often betray you.

It’s alleged that ‘Arson Sam’ is one of Siwan Clark’s many sock puppet accounts. Now putting her Momentum experience to the service of the Far Left in YesCymru. Click to enlarge.

Where now for YesCymru?

It would be absurd to suggest that all those involved in the takeover of YesCymru are working for the British state. Equally absurd would be to think that the British state would ignore a movement with 18,000 members pushing for Welsh independence.

The damage done is so severe that none of those responsible for the coup or supportive of it can be allowed to stay. If they don’t resign they must be removed.

There must then be a fresh start with a more professional structure in place to ensure it can’t happen again. Otherwise YesCymru is as good as finished.

♦ end ♦


33 thoughts on “YesCymru: it must be a clean sweep

  1. Brychan

    I see YesCymru is now organising a YesTival under the banner of “For People and Planet”. It’s an online event which promises to “explore how to build a strong economy capable of eliminating poverty and tackling climate change and nature loss.”

    The headline speakers are Donal Whelan of Cowbridge who runs a music mixing business and claims to be popular in Mumbai, Katie Gallogly Swan who lives in London but sits on something called the board of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group after she graduated in Social Anthropology from Harvard University, Sam Ward who was a Green Party candidate in Derby, and Duncan Fisher who moved to Crickhowell from London in 2015 and is into regenerative farming and associate of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action.

    What has this got to do with independence, or Wales for that matter?

    1. Dafis

      sounds like a “must ” for me ! Must avoid it at all costs. The nutjobs have really taken over the asylum. Best advice – tow it out into the middle of the Bristol Channel, equidistant say between the Haven and Hartland Point, and sink it with all the weirdos on board.

  2. Dafis

    Just took a glance at the latest tweets down the right hand column. Bit about Llew ap Gwilym caught the eye. First impressions a few weeks ago ago was that he’d be O.K given that he had something resembling a business background. However he’s now displaying some of the features that a lot of business failures display – a propensity for diverting onto distinctly dodgy pet projects while ignoring the main purpose of any campaign.

    Talk to your dad Llew bach, the old man has a wealth of knowhow that you should not be too proud to tap into.

  3. David Robins

    Stan, according to Arson Sam, ‘a lot of money’ could be coming YC’s way. A good thing, surely, if that enables it to make progress towards its raison d’etre, with no strings attached?

    The ‘transphobia’ is what others would call an absence of interest in the feelings of exhibitionists. I’m noting now that people are putting ADHD/OCD on their Twitter profiles: neurodiversity is the next must-have ‘look-at-me-I’m-so-special’. It’s an unhealthy development if people boast of having painful complaints that can be cured, but won’t be if they become a lifestyle badge that buys political power (these are a new form of stigmata, after all). Self-diagnosis is a dodgy way to seek help, opening the door to commercial exploitation that could do more harm than good. And yes, there are Pride flags for this sort of condition too. You thought it was all about genitals? Keep up!

    The ‘far right creep’ is what others would call a return to the centre ground but you do have to love the studied lack of self-awareness on the far Left. Once they’ve exhausted themselves labelling the LibDems fash, what will they call real fascism when it appears?

    Is ‘a lot of money’ coming YC’s way? If you were the owner of that money, would you part with it now, or later? I know which I’d do.

    1. I’ve noticed that quite a few of them have been complaining – boasting? – about ‘neurodiversity’ for a while. I just found a website that says this:

      “It’s estimated that roughly 1 in 7 people in the UK are neurodivergent. Meaning their brain functions, learns and processes information differently than others.

      Previously, many employers mistook these divergences as laziness. We now understand that this isn’t the case. It’s likely you will have neurodiverse employees, either now or in the future. So, it’s important you know how to support neurodivergent employees.”

      Da Vinci and Einstein were probably neurodivergent, but now every lazy bastard, every hypochondriac, every attention seeker, will also claim to be ‘neurodivergent’. I think back to those jobs I was sacked from, where I could have used the defence, ‘Oi, I’m not a lazy bastard – I’m neurodivergent, I am!’.

      Thanks for explaining ‘far right creep’. I thought it might have been a subtle reference to me!

      1. Dafis

        Beware of far right creep. If it creeps far enough it merges with the far left creeps and reconfigures into the intolerant dictatorial mob such as that which now infests YC.

      2. David Robins

        Socialism: fighting for the female penis. How did we get to this? It reminds me of how in the 1850s socialism was taken over by fanatics for phrenology. Karl Marx was a true believer.

      3. David Smith

        My brother is brain damaged, and he is just that, disabled. Not ‘differently-abled’, alternatively-minded, or any other whacky euphemisms these types could conjure given the chance. He’s disabled, and needs and deserves the care and provisions to allow him to live the best quality of life possible with his condition. To label him as anything else is a step on the road to doing him a disservice in my book.

        There seems to be a movement in general in society towards a place whereby nobody is allowed to be described as having anything wrong with them. The pendulum has shifted away from say, homosexuals being considered as mentally ill and Black Africans as less than human, rightly so of course, all the way through to talk of ‘neurotypicals’ and the ‘differently-abled’. At least it’s an impression I get.

        1. David Smith

          I’m also reminded of my postgraduate days when I’d invigilate exams for dyslexic students, reading the questions to them when requested. Now I believe in supporting people with conditions and disabilities to the fullest, and giving them every opportunity to be the best they can be, but if someone can’t read an exam question, perhaps academia ain’t for them. To shoehorn such individuals into it, just erodes standards.

        2. I know what you mean. Those we’re dealing with invent new illnesses or disabilities simply to draw attention to themselves or to explain being weird. The most popular at the moment seems to be ‘neurodivergent’. Which can be used to explain throwing a Molotov cocktail or just being a lazy sod.

          1. David Smith

            It is of course a philosophical question, encompassing concepts such as free will, as to how blame for people’s actions can truly be apportioned, and whether perverts, murderers and other serious criminals can be considered ‘victims’ or ‘afflicted’ in their own right. The leftist argument might be put forth along the lines of how nobody would ‘choose’ to be a psychopath, schizophrenic, paedophile, etc, and these conditions are causal factors in the urges to commit unspeakable acts.

            I got into an argument with these gormless hard left hippies in the pub the other week, in which the fallout I was told by my mate who runs the place was me being tagged a ‘racist’. My racist act? Having the gall to point out that Arch-Martyr Floyd was actually a scumbag, and to call into question those who’d vandalise a statue of Churchill in their anti-racism cause. They played the whole, “Poor lamb Georgie boy, addicted to drugs he was, he had a sickness” card. And my response to that is also a sensible place to draw the line between ‘victim’ and villain, and address the philosophical debate: how sorry would you feel if he’d put a gun to your mother’s pregnant belly to rob her? Sympathy for people ‘wiv fings rong wiv em’ goes right out the window when they molest, kill or maim someone you care about.

  4. Dafis

    Given the rumpus about YC over recent weeks I was amazed to listen to a report on BBC Radio Cymru news this morning where the reporter was very tentative, either afraid to offend some of the zany twats currently wrecking YC or seriously lacking in well researched material.

    If a case of the latter he would do well to request a budget to commission Jac to give him the full service analysis. I’m sure that Jac would be happy to help for about a £1000 per day which is the going rate, I’m told, for a top cat from BBC who normally know not a lot about anything other than schmoozing and sucking up to celebs.

  5. Brychan

    I have to question who pays the monthly cash into their personal bank accounts?

    Emrys Price-Jones.
    Rachel Cooze.
    Aled Gwyn Williams.
    Scott Mackay.
    George Brown.

    Whilst Rachel Cooze runs a porn website extorting cash from those who have shared their sexual desires with her, some others on that list appear not appear to have any legitimate source of income to fund their spending. Stuff like rail fares from London, cars and copious amounts of alcohol, surplus to rent, bills and council tax. A level of financial fluidity that cannot be funded through benefits.

    Who pays them?

    Other people in Wales live on one of the following (a) revenue from a business, (b) a salary from an employer, (c) retirement pension, (a) student loans or bank of parents.

    1. Stan

      I’m pretty sure that the top four, if not all, on your list are employed in some capacity. I think it was Mr Williams who tweeted once that he made only £10k a year. Think that works out at about 3 full-time days equivalent if he was only on minimum wage.

      Your post does lead in to the politics of envy though, if I may go there. Scratch under the thickly applied smears of transphobe levelled at people like Dr Dilys Davies and you’ll soon uncover another layer. Her accusers are pissed that people have money, wealth or seemingly even a good reputation. When Dr Davies first felt the wrath of the Terfhunters in October 2019, it wasn’t long before gossip about her businesses in Wales and likely personal wealth were shared and noted. It soon seemed to me as if her material success was the actual issue. The alleged transphobic comments were a sprat to catch a mackerel. I’ve noticed the same kind of inverted snobbery involving others in similar circumstances as well. The Terfhunters hate JK Rowling with a vengeance, Joanna Cherry QC, I could go on. And they’re all women too, notice? There’s an unhealthy stench of misogyny about it.

      1. Dafis

        The Women you name are confident about their gender and sexual orientation, and successful in chosen careers. They are targetted by a raft of inadequates who are confused about their place on the “gender spectrum”, too fuckin’ lazy to develop a worthwhile career or too thick to make their preferred choice work for them. Hence the precarious mental health of these turds. Given the world is running low on resources these are the fuckers who should be put out of their misery, pronto.

        1. David Robins

          The Victorians had three types of outcast: felons, paupers, and lunatics. All three were treated harshly, though things improved over time. I suspect a lot of the harshness was intended as a deterrent against those who might choose or feign to be in need. We still have them, but no more deterrent. Quite the opposite.

      2. Many of those causing the problems in YC and elsewhere have a number of linked hang-ups and you’re absolutely right to identify successful women as one. When they started on Dilys Davies they were quite open about it – as if having money or being successful is a crime. This is the worst kind of envy ‘socialism’. (Fortunately the Kinnocks freed themselves from this curse and prospered mightily!)

        Last night these tweets went out about ‘wealthy’ Welsh farmers. I can see AGW and his gang siding with Lesley Griffiths (and Gary) and George Monbiot to get farmers off the land.

  6. Rhosddu

    The new Central Committee’s mistake was to over-egg the ommelette and expose their position by shiifting the emphasis away from strategies in support of independence to ideology that focused exclusively on diversity and inclusion. The members’ survey questionnaire of 16th November focused largely on this latter topic (with independence presented as being conditional on it). Giving priority to diversity and inclusion might have been appropriate for the Freemasons or the Boy Scouts but nobody was being excluded from YesCymru, so it was a non-problem. I suspect it got a lot of members’ backs up, since they had assumed they had joined (and given money to) a camaign promoting Welsh independence, irrespective of each others gender identity or sexual orientation.

    1. Neil Singleton

      For information, there are male, female and transsexual Freemasons, and they welcome all religions too.

  7. Dafydd

    So the discussion has moved from ‘snowflake’ to ‘woke’ – what is woke? I know a snowflake is individual with a beautiful structure. More rants that have not the slightest effect outside a very small circle of bickering factions, each as intolerant as the other. Never a solution just insults, most extremely childish, e.g. Fruitcakes. You would almost think that the UK state was happily stirring it up, worried as they are about Scotland. But I doubt very much that they have more than a passing snigger as again the Welsh seek reasons to fight amongst themselves. Very like the left. By the way how can you tell if someone is hard/medium/soft left or right?

    1. Dafis

      Dafydd, the answer to your closing question is that people tend to label themselves having first looked into one of those weird distorted mirrors ! One thing for certain not many have bothered examining the logic of the left – right dichotomy, which is deeply flawed. We live in a 3 D world yet this complex subject of politics and ideology is reduced to a linear plane. I guess someone thought it best to keep it simple so that daft people could happily play with it.

  8. Frenni Fawr

    Diolch yn fawr Jac. Thank you for throwing light on these lunatics who could have wrecked Yes Cymru in order to promote their own grubby agendas. Hope movement can move on. Unbelievable how founder members and supporters have been treated. Agree that more proffesional structure is now needed. Can’t allow intolerant, nasty fruitcakes with huge chips on their shoulders to disrupt the movement in the future. Wouldn’t be suprised if some of them actually worked with MI5!

    1. I don’t think the fruitcakes work for MI5, but MI5 is quite happy to use them. And when you see ‘trans rights’ causing such damage to the SNP then you have to wonder.

      1. Dafis

        Jac I warned about this cancer months ago. At a rough guess I’d say it was around the time that muppet Aled first appeared in these columns and soon after you had an array of dysfunctional cliquesters prancing around promoting a seriously weird brand of anti fascist revolution. Up until then the monopoly on anti fascist and gender/transphobic bullshit was held by Leanne but she has sunk into the lower divisions with the arrival of these morons.

        I remain convinced that the UK regime has more than a passing interest in this lot, and you have to take into account that it too has a range of diverse interests operating within it. They all add up to an obsession with defence of the Union and anything that discredits separatists plays to their agenda. At a guess, probably a handful of activists taking regular payments from a controller of some kind and the rest are just willing “warriors” who will do anything that looks radical and fashionable within their silly bubble.

        1. What I suspect might have happened is a coup within a coup. Let me explain.

          It’s no secret that the far left has wanted to take over YesCymru since its conception, because that’s how the far left operates – it can’t stand on its own platform so it infiltrates more popular and broadly-based movements. Names mentioned to me from the early days of YesCymru are Colin Nosworthy and Sandra Clubb.

          Which means that another attempt at takeover was always going to happen at some stage. How better for certain agencies in London to wreck a growing independence movement than to align with the left, co-operate on the takeover, and unleash the ‘trans rights’ loonies and others that could be guaranteed to fuck things up?

          It’s no coincidence that it’s happened to the Labour Party, and now the SNP.

          1. PRESELI

            The strange effect of the extreme trans agenda. Split every political movement save the dear old Conservative and Unionist Party. Greens and Yes Cymru now being targetted and torn assunder by the loons. Funny that…..

              1. Dafis

                …and it’s highly likely that the radical revolutionary instinct will drive the lunatics to align with Monbiot and other advocates of an extreme green gospel in a full on attack on agriculture. Now agri needs to clean up its act, but it’s a matter of scale. Each farm “incident” is given a huge amount of negative publicity yet the amount of effluent accidentally discharged into water courses by industry escapes the same level of inquisition. And Dwr Cymru, our national treasure, is often reported for releasing raw shit and get away with trotting out some feeble lines by way of accounting for their defects.

                Back to farming. I don’t have much time for the seriously big units that have developed over recent years although these remain a minority in Wales. They are probably well resourced and able to deploy professional advice to withstand the crap coming from those who would clear the land. However we continue to have a huge bias towards the family unit here in Wales and these people can’t manage to withstand the downright bigotry of the lobbyists and land grabbers that operate in the orbit of Monbiot and his acolytes.

                Having a bunch of so-called nationalists ganging up with these other interest groups does nothing to win farmers over to our cause. Indeed it will alienate them in much the same way as the Labour party has done. Plaid is remarkably silent other than an occasional sound bite, and now that Cymdeithas has signed up to more fashionable ishoos the future of rural communities has been reduced to a bit part in their drama. All looks pretty grim from my perch.

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