Misogyny, bullying? Depends who’s doing it



For those who don’t know Dr Dilys Davies, she’s a consultant clinical psychologist. This pdf document lists her academic attainments together with some publications. They tell us that on the purely academic level Dr Davies’ record is impressive, but Dilys is a lifelong patriot and supporter of independence.

And she puts her money where her heart is, investing in businesses so that they remain under local control, while also contributing to many good causes.

An example would be Dilys buying Canolfan Tresaith so that kids – many from deprived Valleys’ communities – could continue to enjoy holidays in Ceredigion. This has grown and is now used by other organisations, such as Say Something in Welsh. The Canolfan breaks even.

Most recently, in August, Dr Davies bought the land around the Cofiwch Dryweryn memorial so that it might be safeguarded for the nation.

Dr Davies is also a founder-member of Yes Cymru and a member of the committee.

The famous Cofiwch Dryweryn walls at Llanrhystud. Click to enlarge. Copyright Royston Jones.

So why did Dilys Davies close her Twitter account on Monday following abuse directed at her over the weekend by persons, most of whom project themselves as being totally opposed to misogyny, bullying and a raft of other crimes normally committed by bastards like me?

The answer to that question is that Dilys fell foul of a group of transextremists that I have mentioned on this blog before. She holds the view – like the vast majority of people – that a person in possession of male genitalia is a man. The extremists disagree, violently and vitriolically, arguing that if 20 stone prop Dai Psycho wants to call himself Delyth and shower with the ladies then he must be allowed to do so.

For those I’m talking about, the ladies’ changing room is just as much Dai’s ‘safe space’ as it of genuine women.

It boils down to ‘self-identification’. A form of deception with which every con man, fraudster and politician reading this post will be familiar. It means you ‘are’ whatever you want to be. Which is fine up to a point: if some bloke wants to dress like a woman, then that don’t bother me none; but if he thinks he can play House with my grand-daughters then he’s very much mistaken.

For refusing to accept that Dai in a dress is a woman Dr Davies was branded a transphobe. For these transextremists are zealots, their minds closed to other views. You either agree with them 100% or you’re completely wrong.

It’s also noticeable that they hunt as a pack on social media – once one scents prey the others give voice. As one source put it to me, the way Dilys Davies was treated reminded him of a wounded lioness being attacked by hyenas. Though, personally, I think that’s being unfair on hyenas.

Many of those I’m referring to are of ‘non-binary’ sexual identification themselves, which goes some way to explaining their excitability on this issue. But what gives them strength is that the Dai Psycho lunacy has become an article of faith for some on the left.

Some of the abuse hurled at Dr Davies last weekend was horrendous, and much it was subsequently deleted, but people screen capture shots for me and here we have one of the milder contributions, involving our old friend Aled Gwyn Williams. Russell Elliot is or was in the Labour Party, but seems very comfortable in Plaid Cymru circles. And why not!

Click to enlarge

What a stupid yet revealing thing for Elliott to say. Young Aled – knowing his Twitter account is now closely monitored – doesn’t fall into the trap of agreeing, instead he shows his teeth by bemoaning the fact that Dr Dilys Davies had the money to buy the Tryweryn wall! It’s almost refreshing to read good old-fashioned socialist envy.

And then came the letter . . .

On Monday or Tuesday someone wrote a letter to Siôn Jobbins, chair of YesCymru, asking that Dr Dilys Davies’ position on the YC committee be ‘reviewed’. In other words, that she be removed. The letter was then circulated for signatures. Some of those approached were so angry that they contacted me, which explains why I’m able to produce that letter. (Available here in pdf format.)

Click to enlarge

The letter is a simpering litany of lies from extremists donning the cloak of victimhood. ‘Please, Sir, this nasty woman came on Twitter and refused to agree with us, so we demand that she be vilified, and expelled; her memory expunged from the record of the nation’.


It’s amazing the connections that can be made once you join up the dots. So let’s do it.

I just mentioned Russell Elliott, and he’s a big fan of Llinos Price, because both are in the ‘Hang Neil McEvoy!’ camp. Llinos gets so worked up over McEvoy that she becomes quite irrational at times. It should go without saying that she has links with Deryn Consulting, the poison factory in Corruption Bay so deeply involved in the tragic death of Carl Sargeant.

This Twitter account has been closed down following complaints, which rather confirms John R Vaughan’s view of certain people.

Someone else who closed his Twitter account last weekend after being taken down by the same, slavering pack was Mal Humphreys, better known as ‘Mumph’ the cartoonist. Like Dilys Davies Mal has done a great deal over the years for Wales, fanning the embers of national consciousness with his unique contribution. But that counts for nothing if you don’t agree with the left, the woke and the transextremists.

Dilys Davies tells me that her problems last weekend started with a tweet in which she criticised former Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood. This is the tweet referred to in the second paragraph of the letter. What it says is that Leanne Wood has shown little interest in Welsh matters during her time as an AM, or even when party leader. Few in Plaid Cymru, or the wider national movement, would argue with that assessment. It was one of the reasons Leanne Wood was humiliated in last year’s Plaid leadership contest.

Then the onslaught began that resulted in Dilys Davies closing her Twitter account.

Those involved in the online attack were the usual suspects, among them of course Aled Gwyn Williams. Aled’s a big fan of mine. Here’s a wee collage.

Click to enlarge

At the centre we see the Twitter account showing Teifi and his faithful human, then a very recent tweet from Aled’s alter ego, Doreen Ogmore-Pritchard. Does this make Aled a woman?

Working clockwise from top left, we have a tweet put out by him on July 13. Note that to avoid using the dread word ‘nationalists’ Aled comes up with the absurd term ‘self-determinationists’. This tweet was my introduction to the boy, I’d never heard of him before this and I’m still not sure what prompted his outburst. But clearly, if Aled is to be believed, I am one bad bugger; and elsewhere he labelled me a misogynist.

Two weeks later on July 26 Aled is telling some poor woman, ‘Oh fuck off you hateful cow’. But not to worry, for at the Caernarfon independence rally the very next day, Helen Mary Jones, the Plaid Cymru AM for Mid and West Wales – and supposedly a confirmed feminist – gave him her seal of approval!

I include the bottom two images because if I had suggested arson and used a pack of matches to make my point, or joked about monitoring English people, then I would have been attacked by all the colours of the political rainbow.

I suppose what I’m saying here is that when dealing with the woke, and the left, and the transextremists, you quickly learn that they’re hypocrites. For misogyny, bullying, insults of every kind, are just fine – as long as they are dishing it out. They preach ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ – then demand that individuals be expelled, groups banned, certain views censored.

This hypocrisy was brought home to me earlier this year when Leanne Wood called me ‘an arsehole’, and the party chair, Marc Phillips (Mr Helen Mary Jones), called me ‘a Neanderthal prick’. Covered here in Leanne Wood, my response.

But of course Aled is not alone. For as I’ve said, they hunt as a pack, visible for miles thanks to the glow of self-righteousness they emit.

Though it seems to have dimmed in recent days. Tweets have been deleted, accounts muted or closed down, people blocked. There is clearly a fear among certain pack members that the attack on Dilys Davies went too far.

Though the attack might not have come completely out of the blue. For there was already in existence a Twitter account using the name ‘Dr Dilys’.

Click to enlarge

You’ll see that the account was opened in May 2018, obviously by someone who already had a beef with Dr Davies. If I had to guess, I’d say it was connected with her views on transgender issues and self-identification.

The spelling ‘Cymri’ is odd, especially as the account often tweets in Welsh. (More than one person involved?) The account is now closed, and I’m sure this is also a result of the backlash building against those who bullied Dr Davies.

Here’s a July tweet from the ‘Dr Dilys’ account addressed to Neil McEvoy. Does the language and tone have a familiar ring?

Click to enlarge

It’s certainly very nasty. Also very, very personal.


What happened to Dilys Davies bears a striking similarity to attempts by roughly the same group – this time fighting ‘fascism’ – to exclude Ein Gwlad (now Gwlad Gwlad) from All Under One Banner Cymru marches.

From my enquiries, and from information supplied by others, I can say without hesitation, that these bullies are encouraged, if not directed, by certain Plaid Cymru AMs. I’m thinking in particular of two female AMs. Given these AMs’ links to Deryn Consulting it is no great stretch of the imagination to see Deryn’s hand in this, especially when so much links up. Not least the Neil McEvoy connection.

Not only that, but the Dilys Davies saga may have started before last weekend, with an attack on her by Chad Rickard, a SpAd working for Bethan Sayed AM, who is of course a former partner of Neil McEvoy.

A strange question in many ways; not least because when Neil McEvoy stands up for poor women, Rickard’s boss, Bethan Sayed, leads the charge to condemn him.

Note that this tweet was put out just after Dilys Davies bought the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ site. With its mention of “poor women” it seems to be another example of socialist envy, this time of a successful Welsh professional woman who has money!

For socialists are dead set against people making money . . . unless it’s back-stabbing AMs pulling down £80,000 a year plus expenses.

The letter asking for Dilys Davies’ expulsion from Yes Cymru was addressed to Siôn Jobbins, the chairman. Even though I’ve never met Jobbins I’ve formed a positive opinion of a fairly level-headed guy, who has publicly expressed his misgivings with Plaid Cymru’s leftward drift.

Then someone sent me this screen capture of a Twitter exchange from Thursday. It obviously begins with Siôn Jobbins and ends with Aled, or Teifi, but who is Hiraeth Film?

Click to enlarge

Hiraeth Film is Charlotte Williams, who is “in a relationship” with Katie Bataille, a native of Jersey now apparently living in Welshpool. Bataille is a pack member who snarls at me from time to time and joined the attack on Dilys Davies and ‘Mumph’ last weekend.

If Siôn Jobbins is in some kind of business relationship with Hiraeth Film (or merely opening doors), and with this obviously approved of by Maesteg’s one-man bulwark against the advance of darkness, then the letter attacking Dr Dilys Davies might have been penned with some expectation of it being favourably received.

I’d like Siôn Jobbins therefore to clarify his relationship with Hiraeth Film, and with Aled Gwyn Williams.

And does the linkage suggest that Aled has ambitions to become a movie mogul? I can see it now: there I sit, popcorn in hand, while up on the silver screen, rolls – 21st Century Collie Productions . . . 

To be fair, SJ did ask for people to calm down. Saying “everyone’s welcome in @yescymru . . . the problem being this was said just a matter of hours before the transextremists asked for Dr Dilys Davies to be thrown out!

Click to enlarge

Ifan Morgan Jones of Nation.Cymru chipped in and seemed to suggest that easy-going liberals like me should stop “over-reacting to fringe POV’s”. And I see his point.

But the problem for both Siôn Jobbins and Ifan Morgan Jones is that they can’t be too critical of these ‘fringe points of view’ without criticising Plaid Cymru. For that’s the root of the problem.

At its Swansea conference on the weekend Plaid Cymru may confront the choice of dissipating its meagre resources fighting a succession of meaningless, Guardian issue, skirmishes or forcing the conclusive confrontation with the British state.

But I doubt it.

The conference will, perhaps fittingly, be held in the Grand Theatre, a venue that has seen so much farce and pantomime over the years.


The real issue, for both Yes Cymru and All Under One Banner Cymru, is whether they are organisations – as stated by Siôn Jobbins – open to all those supporting Welsh independence.

In fact, this question is fundamental to their very existence, because if they’re nothing more than vehicles wherein a defeated faction can regroup and reassert itself – a bit like Confederate diehards heading for Mexico after Appomattox – then Yes Cymru and AUOB Cymru undermine their own raison d’être.

For that’s how it looks. We seem to be in a situation in which membership of Yes Cymru, and permission to take part in AUOB Cymru marches, is decided by those who think that Dai Psycho wearing lipstick is a woman.

And it won’t be limited to transgender issues. Once the precedent is set the questions then will be whether one agrees that Donald Trump should be impeached. ‘You don’t? – You’re out!’ Or one’s views on climate change, Brexit, French foreign policy, Bluegrass music, anything. For once the pack smells blood . . .

Either Yes Cymru and AUOB Cymru are genuinely open to all believing in independence for Wales or else the screechers and those who manipulate them are in control.

I say ‘independence movement’ but of course what I’m describing is very new, and arose – ironically enough – in response to Plaid Cymru under Leanne Wood losing interest in Wales and independence to focus on issues far more important.

Leanne Wood off on one, again. Click to enlarge

I’m not a member of Yes Cymru and I’ve never been on an independence march. Partly because I have nothing to prove and partly because it was made clear to me by the same extremists who attacked Dilys Davies last weekend that I would not be welcome, and might even be attacked.

Others, as yet uninvolved, might look on the treatment meted out to Dilys Davies, by attackers who were not even rebuked, and decide that Yes Cymru is not something they want to be associated with.


I have been in e-mail contact with Dr Dilys Davies in recent days and she has given me clearance to use anything from those communications. Much of it is too harrowing to be put out on a blog, but here goes . . .

This is from the most recent e-mail I received:

“Royston – this is beyond dreadful now. I really don’t think I can come back to Wales even if I wanted to. Feeling very, very low. it’s been a privilege to have been able to contribute to my country and language in whatever way I could. Never wanted thanks. But I never expected to be attacked and bullied and left so low that I can do nothing further.

On another matter – These people think poverty is a virtue to be aspired to. How on earth are they going to build a successful Independent country.

Anyway I’m done. The wall is now for sale.

Your support has meant much more than you will ever know Royston

Dilys “.

I hope you little bastards are satisfied. All of you; you fucking hypocrites, forever whining about bullying and misogyny; always preaching about being inclusive and welcoming.

Click to enlarge

You left-woke extremists are a bigger threat to Welsh independence than anything else, internal or external. Firstly, because you don’t really care about independence, only in using the current upsurge in support as a bandwagon on which you can jump, your bedroll full of ishoos more likely to alienate than to attract.

And if it’s not the ishoos that turn people away then it’s you, yourselves, with your shrill intolerance and your certitude. The, ‘I know the truth and you must listen to me’ attitude shared by all fanatics.

We’re unlikely to hear apologies from the extremists (they’re never wrong), but it would be nice to hear Yes Cymru publicly defend Dr Davies. How about it, Siôn?

Independence will be difficult enough to achieve if we are united, and impossible if we are divided. The only way to unite everyone in the pursuit of independence is to put to one side all other issues.

Anyone refusing to stand shoulder to shoulder with people they disagree with is not really interested in independence, only with using the independence movement to promote the issues that are important to them.

♦ end ♦

FOOTNOTE/CLARIFICATION: For me, ‘transphobia’ is hostility to a person who has transitioned, via surgical procedures and other means, from male to female, or female to male. Refusing to accept as a woman a man who has not transitioned cannot be transphobia. The clue lies in the element ‘trans’. Maybe we need a new word.


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What a sordid tale this is all round. The way Dr Dilys Davies has been treated is absolutely shameful.

I’m sorry to say this -but it’s a very poor reflection on the younger generation who are so consumed by this ‘identity politics’ craze.

One can’t help thinking that losing the glue of Christianity in Wales has played its part in all this current madness playing out around us.

Ok, so Christianity hasn’t been all sweetness and light over the centuries, even here in Wales:but it did provide a foundation for society, a common reference point for all.

Even people who didn’t actually attend church in the very recent past were ‘Christian’ in outlook and even practice in many respects.

But now, a younger generation have been completely uprooted from this grounding tradition.

They seem to be flailing around for any old tosh to provide meaning for their lives.


It is not just the Christian heritage that is shamed by this kind of behaviour.

The synagogue in the Thomastown area of Merthyr Tydfil, the only one in the world that has Y Ddraig Goch on the front gable, is to be renovated by the Foundation for Jewish Heritage which includes an application for funding by the Pen y Cymoedd Community Fund (fund from the Vattenfall wind farm). The chief executive of this community fund is also treasurer of Plaid Cymru.

His name is Marc Phillips and tweets under the alias of bertwyn.

This man has also published offensive tweets directed at Jac o the North. In this case the abuse was in the form of “Neanderthal Prick’. It might not be wise for such an eminent individual to make references to sub-spices of human as a derogatory slur in his attempt to throw insults over social media. It does not reflect the religious and cultural diversity of Wales, and such references induces great sadness in the Jewish community.

Perhaps Jac can supply a screenshot.


Just playing devils advocate here. We’re on the subject of throwing around the word ‘misogyny’ under false pretences. May I take this opportunity to ask readers of this blog what is a woman supposed to look like?


This is important because moves are afoot in the town of Cydweli to make a full statue of Gwenllian on rampant horse to replace (or additional to) the rather under-stated plaque. The concept is something more like the statue of Owain Glyndwr in Ruthin. A problem arises as no-one in the project knows what she looked like. She perished in her heroic charge against the English in 1136, long before digital photography for twitter was invented, as some claim, in Trimsaran.

My suggestion.

There are a number of suggestions from paintings done since but these images just represent more recent cultural norms of womanhood. We know that the English church like to depict Welsh female warriors as pious little women with good heart but conquered holding a cross. The romantic era depicted her naked ascending to heaven exposed breasts swathed in silk. The modern era depicts her wearing a leather corset a bit like wonder woman. We know she went to battle in chain mail and armour, on horseback.

Some depictions…
comment image
comment image
comment image

The official depiction by Cadw in the castle is the one that is most inaccurate. It depicts Gwenllian on a chariot of the roman era of some thousand years prior, the horse is rained to a bearded man, as obviously the Welsh Government think that women can’t drive.

What does a heroine of Wales look like?


The statue needn’t be a realistic image of a woman but must get across the courage defiance etc of Gwenllian.

Realistic statues seem to me to be very Victorian.
A statue that gets people thinking and allows those looking on it to imagine themselves enacting the role without the barrier of precise facial or historic detail is in my view a much better option.

Really we need to consider what result we want from the Cymry when we look at a statue ( and hopefully more will be put up).
Fascination in the accuracy of the details or inspiration from the attitude conveyed.

Dai Protheroe

Arsehole Town 1 Santes Leanne 0
A shock to see a non-league team like the Arseholes get one over on the Division 1 Saints, with a last minute goal against the run of play. The feisty contest was marred by a pitch invasion after the final whistle with Saints’ supporters hurling vile abuse at the Arsehole team and its supporters. Order was eventually restored after the main Saints’ fanboy ran from the ground and retired to the pub, nursing his wounds but loudly telling all what punches he had landed on the opposition (as you do, mun). Asked to explain why he himself looked like he’d been mauled by a pack of Rotties, he said him and Teifi like to play rough together. There we are then. Must be right if he said it!

Big Gee

Another nice analogy Dai!


Apologies for raising “arseholegate” on this thread but I see Woke Welsh Twitter alight this evening following that censure being voted through against Santes Leanne. I think it’s worth reminding all those sanctimonious hypocrites out there that Jac didn’t sit in judgment of her, he didn’t make the Assembly rules she fell foul of, and most importantly, he wasn’t the person who complained about it.

And what about the horrendous beasting given to the virtuous, young Aled Gwyn Williams, the High Sparrow of the Welsh Independence movement, earlier this evening on Twitter? Reminded me of the night Hagler came to the UK and did a number on Alan Minter, but Aled wouldn’t remember that. Best he doesn’t remember this one either. Someone train Teifi how to throw a towel FFS! My money’s definitely going on Oakley and Jac if there’s ever a rematch but Aled really needs to get some gymwork and sparring in first.

Big Gee

An excellent analogy Stan.

As a lifelong boxing fan, and someone who’s youngest son is a current amateur boxer, I well remember the ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler vs Alan Minter fight in June 1980.

To take the fight as a metaphor for the ‘arseholegate’ saga, Minter well represents Teifi and his pet human. Hagler represents Jac and if you watch the fight through to the end, you’ll see the crowd reaction to the hiding dished out by Hagler. They remind me of the progressive liberal socialist types on the fringes of Plaid, who hunt in packs in the Twittersphere!

Listen to the commentary – it also mirrors the recent happenings on the recent ‘arseholegate’ front. PRICELESS!



Thanks for posting that Hagler fight, Big Gee. I’d forgotten quite how bad some of the crowd behaved that night. Disgusting spectacle. I’d not forgotten what a great fighter Hagler was though. For me one of the greatest middleweights ever, if not the greatest. Never tire of seeing him.

Mel Morgan

Or, if you tend towards another school of thought, smiling up at you.

David Smith

The problem is that medically, a transgender is a person “born in the wrong body” but a transsexual is someone who has had the surgical and hormonal procedures done (I may have got it the wrong way round, or oversimplified I will admit). With this in mind, the “trans-” prefix in transphobic becomes a sort of weasel word to throw at people like yourself who object to any oddball throwing on a dress and lipstick using the bog he feels like that day, but have no issue with those genuine cases who have undergone the not inconsiderable journey of transition.

An artefact of this society where seemingly nobody has anything “wrong” with them, and there is no “norm” anymore is the emergence of tautologous words which never used to be needed, such as “heteronormative”, “cisgender” and “neurotypical”. In my opinion it also extends to fields like education – in the old days before the prevalence of media studies and the like as degree courses, was there such an acronym as STEM in use, or would such a coinage have been redundant, back when there was less of a need to distinguish between “hard” and “soft” degrees?


Away from transition folk, gender fluid (!) and all sorts of politically fashionable sub groups take a look at the lingering legacy of the AngloBrit global supremacist view.


No need for Brit High Commissioner to utter mealy mouthed remarks in an attempt to cover some kind of ill defined guilt complex. However ….”Tina Ngata, a Māori rights advocate who has been leading the opposition to the commemorations of Cook’s arrival, said words were not enough without change.”

Now that’s a person more concerned about her indigenous people’s present predicament rather than raking over shit that’s 250 years old. Good on her and she has my best wishes as those people have a lot of recovering to do.

Funny how the Guardian sees merit in their case but can’t bring itself to think much about the people just to the west of Offa’s Dyke.


A man turns down a date with a woman purely and simply because he found out she was a male who had self identified as such. Even though she lives as a women, she retains full male characteristics. Would the man be a transphobe? And if he didn’t turn the date down and it led on to a good night together, would he be homosexual or bisexual? It’s a serious philosophical question.


I’ve turned down dates with women, that doesn’t make me a misogynist.

Going on a date is not some form of conquest to obtain rights over another persons body. Dating is mutual. The philosophy bit is to ask the question of perceived ownership of someone else. All I see in this debate is who and under what circumstances can someone have control and ownership of other people. The answer is you don’t.

Let people of whatever gender, sexuality, or orientation be and do whatever they like, as long as it does not harm others. The concept that a male to female transsexual inherently harms women is wrong. I also think those that do are just victimising a marginal section of society. It is bullying. I also suspect that it’s a continuation of hostilities in the feminist movement long after most ‘ishoos’ has been resolved with things like the equal pay, universal suffrage, and aspects of the Equality Act in the workplace.

There are no outraged men out there protesting about female to male transsexuals being a threat to men.

Gruff Williams

Women are always turning my mate down because he is pig ugly. How’s that for prejudice?


Since Germaine Greer’s views on transgenders has featured in this story, Jac’s readers may be interested in this clip of her being interviewed by Kirsty Wark about just this subject (about 3 years old apparently). Whether you agree or disagree with her you have to admit she’s still got some spunk in her! If she was standing in my area I’d be tempted to vote for such openness and honesty, but there again, that would likely debar her from selection as a candidate.



When a woman born in Wales, Julia Gillard was inaugurated as prime minister of Australia, Germane Greer was interviewed about this achievement. She said that Gillard should change the cut of her jackets because Gillard had “a big arse”. I cannot see how this brand of ‘feminism’ advances the opportunities for the women of Wales, nor have any role in the strive for independence.


I didn’t say she can’t say it. I’m saying that, as an example, what she says has no worth. It’s like when Leanne called you an arsehole. It has no worth. In fact, counter-productive. Women who aspire to political leadership are always denigrated for the way they look and that, in my mind, is not an appropriate measure of their contribution. When people resort to such abuse it actually says more about them than the target of the abuse.

David Smith

You have a point, but these people could be seen to be “punching up” in their efforts, obviously Mogg Jr would be the exception to that being a kid and all.

Mel Morgan

Quite so. I could make several gratuitously offensive remarks about the appearance of inter alios, Alun Cairns, Alun Michael, Nia Griffiths, Nigel Farage, our own dear Jac, Dr. Greer herself … but, since I was superannuated from the school yard a good while ago, I choose not to.

As a rider to the above, I might note that the general tenor of Dr. Greer’s public pronouncements over recent years suggests that she is losing the plot.

Mel Morgan

I suspect not.


I’m told that a big arse is a treasured feature among certain groups in our society, treasured by the owners and those who gaze upon them from (a variety of) distance.

Dai Protheroe

Certainly treasured by too many AMs who are content to sit on them all too often.


Dai Take a bow. Excellent variation on the theme !


As the Grand Prince himself, Adam Price, said about “arseholegate” –
context, perspective, proportionality.

Leanne’s comment was clearly malicious in intent. It is an inappropriate response from an AM to a member of the public. That is why the ruling has gone against her. Greer’s comments were at the end of a much longer statement where she was actually quite complimentary about Gillard in a lot of it. And appears to have been made in a TV entertainment program. Although it’s made jokingly, it IS personal and potentially hurtful, especially if Gillard was sensitive about her arse. Thankfully Gillard seems to be made of sterner stuff than Aled and his Woke Army who would be offended if a day went by when no-one offended them, if you get my drift.



What bothered me most was that Leanne Wood stood up in the Senedd and tried to justify her coarseness by decribing Jac as a mysogynistic bully. I saw no evidence of that in his comment. It’s 100% certain that he wasn’t criticising the AM in question because she’s a woman.


Right on the money.

Andrew Redman

Perhaps more people should watch this interview whether you agree with her views or not.


Whilst I disagree with Dr Dilys on the matter of self-ID, I think that if the central committee uphold the complaint they will be diverted down a road that will nullify the whole concept of their existence.

Are they going to place sanctions against Muslims in Cardiff, or Baptist Minister in Rhondda for not supporting Gay marriage? Are they going to place sanctions against lorry drivers for contributing to global warming? Are they going to place sanctions against Welsh Jews because of the behaviour of Israel? What ‘ishoo’ will be next? These are issues best left to political parties. The important thing for Yes Cymru is to include all sections and communities in Wales. It’s not as if Yes Cymru are going to be in government. It is, and must remain, a broad based campaign group with the sole purpose of achieving independence for Wales.

There are some who have made threats to up sticks over this matter. That tells me that their own individual commitment to independence and involvement in Yes Cymru is just a ‘political tacktic’ to promote their own agenda.

Big Gee

I absolutely agree with you Brychan. The core subject to concentrate on for Yes Cymru is Independence – end of. Everyone involved should leave their baggage at the door, and not use the Indy Movement as a platform to promote their niche ‘ishoos‘ and political ideologies. Neither should they look for fights with others within the movement who are there for the genuine sake of independence. We’ve repeatedly said this, and communicated with YC to highlight the need for unity in this most important of goals. However, we all know that YC & AUOB are tainted by certain influential individuals, who are putting ideology before country. That has been the root problem from the start, they don’t want to leave THEIR baggage at the door.

Whichever way YC & AUOB intend to solve that problem, it has to be solved, or the whole lot will fall apart and disintegrate. The only one to suffer will be Cymru and her citizens who will be left in colonial servitude.

I also fully agree with you Jac. Independence first – regardless of anyone’s political affiliations, and THEN after independence we can have the battles to see who is most suitable to form a government in the new independent Wales, through the ballot box. For now, we all have a primary job to accomplish.

I also agree that the best thing for Plaid would be to see the extreme progressive liberal socialists, pull up their tent pegs and move to another camp called “Welsh Socialist Party”. As a party, we could then probably work closer with the leftovers – using grown up sane debate, rather than the mess we have to contend with at present.

This very important observation was excellently highlighted in an article published on our News Portal some three weeks ago titled:

“Is the Welsh Independence Movement in Jeopardy Already?”

By our national secretary Lee Felton.


Every so often, an article will appear on Nation.Cymru plugging some ishoo or other and trying to glue it onto the independence campaign. Each of these articles generates a majority of comments in response pointing out that the independence movement is about independence and that everything else can wait. The harm that they are doing to the indy campaign is also regularly pointed out to the writers of these articles, but hardly a fortnight passes before another one appears.

Either they just don’t get it, or independence is incidental, and secondary, to their agenda, if it really figures at all. The Dr. Davies business confirms me in this belief, and almost makes it a certainty.


Nation Cymru covers a variety of news stories, current affairs. Its remit is to offer an alternative source of news not just promote independence….not that there’s anything wrong with that aim


That’s true, Jonesy, and I’d like to see those issues resolved in an independent Wales, if they’re genuine problems. But it seems counterproductive to link these subjects directly with the independence movement because it’ll frighten off the British-minded majority who we need to get on board, that’s all.

Sometimes Plaid Cymru and its offshoots give more attention to notions of victimhood than is warranted, while sidelining Cymru’s real problems. But I agree with you that Nation.Cymru is an appropriate forum for discussing these matters in isolation, however unimportant they may be in the wider scheme of things as regards Wales.


I have suspected for some time that many of these ishoo-peddlers are planted to deliberately divert energy and focus away from the main goal, indeed they are there to ensure that the main goal is missed by a country mile.

Big Gee

If you don’t want to smell of pig shit, stop playing with the pigs in the pig sty. Simples!

It’s why I personally keep well away from both Twitter and Facebook like the plague. I have a real life to lead and don’t need to wander into a surreal world which is a virtual, software generated, pig sty.

Gwlad Gwlad has social media accounts, but they are strictly controlled and monitored, we relay all the articles we publish on our News Portal to those accounts in order to promote our message. It’s a bit like visiting the pig sty to feed the pigs, but we don’t roll in the pig shit whilst we’re there.

There’s a lesson there for those who get targeted and bullied – if you don’t play the game, you don’t get hurt. It’s a sad fact of life, but it is what it is.

Sian Caiach

As a medical student many years ago I was privileged to be taught by Dr John Randell at Charing Cross Hospital and it is ironic that Trans Gender Medicine was pioneered by this welsh man.The University of Wales published the first thesis on Gender Variation, written by John Randell and that this same man set up NHS treatment for trans gender people in the early 1970’s because he not only identified their condition but also their common humanity.

Randell has been criticised for his low rate of surgical treatment, and his initial efforts were to help patients “pass” as the opposite sex using hormones and psychological and practical support.Only when he saw the life transforming effects of surgery on patients who had operations privately did he start offering surgery on the NHS, and even then sparingly.

Lots of rubbish is spouted about trans women and whether or not they still have a penis etc but the truth is that they just human, like us, and a fair number of them support us in our quest for independence. They work with us politically, they march with us in the AUOB marches. Why the hell victimise a small minority?

As a habitual user of public toilets I have no fear of any trans women using the facilities. Thanks to John Randell, the UK has probably one of the highest number of trans women who have transitioned through surgery. Little point in genitalia checks, and who the hell will bother?

In counties such as the US few trans women can afford this surgery and one can perhaps understand the hysterical radical feminist stance where many USA trans women can’t get the treatments available here in the UK, and many never physically transition . The gender re-assignment surgery available here in the UK is a complicated and extensive urological and plastic surgery procedure and costs a lot. Even in the UK not everyone is fit enough or suitable for it. and complications do occur. Wales has been slow to set up our own Transgender service, it is still not comprehensive and people still wait long periods for basic assessments and treatment. The surgery is still done in England at the centre John Randell set up at Charing Cross Hospital.

On the other side, the radical feminists who fear sharing their toilet communal areas with trans women may also demand some sympathy. I don’t understand their fear and intolerance especially when it is apparently driven by myths not only about transwomen, but also about men who dress as women in order to expose themselves in female toilets. I think their fear is irrational and possibly psychologically damaging to themselves. Do they enter every female toilet in terror of meeting a trans lady?

Can we please stop wasting time persecuting each other. None of us are perfect. I don’t know Dr Davies but she has obviously done some very good things for our Nation .She is entitled to her opinion, but the hurt transgender people feel about this issue is serious. Can we not work together and stop this silly posturing on ladies toilets? Its not a major problem, its not a national issue, shelve it!

Neil Singleton

All very well, but when a man gets up one morning and “self-declares” himself as a woman , then enters the Women’s World Power Lifting Championships and breaks four world records in one day, aren’t women competitors entitled to express concerns? This comment describes an actual event. What is the point of women training and competing in these circumstances?

Ellie Wales

The answer is to have 3 separate groups for competitions; female, male, and other, which would be a self-identifying group.
The point often missed by men is that trans women are often big and aggressive and sometimes seem to have decided to self-id as women out of a wish to bully ‘normal’ women. These are men with other issues to do with hating women, not wanting to be one.


Fond of reading quotes from James Connolly, as relevant now as they were in that period leading up to 1916. He wouldn’t have shown much tolerance for these silly pseudo-socialists with their fucked up agendas.

Neil Singleton

A friend of mine, who is fed up of her reputation being slagged off for stating in response to the “woke” that men are men and women are women, replies that she has self-declared as a coffee table, and is now looking for Mr Sheen or Mr Muscle! Apparently, the woke” activists have just had to accept her self declaration. It destroys their whole argument if they don’t.
PS With reference to Leanne supporting ANTIFA in the USA, it is an accepted fact amongst the majority there that ANTIFA are a bunch of lunatic, beyond hard left thugs who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (see also Hollywood luvvies). The most used desription of them in the States is ANTIFirstAmendmant.


@Dafydd I look at Jac’s blog because i agree with many of his opinions on social issues not because i’m a Welsh nationalist but before you shout me down remember the cause needs to reach beyond the already committed.

Robert Mugabe caused more outrage among the liberal elite referring to Blair’s administration as ”United Kingdom gay goverment” than butchering white farmers, Wales has a problem because its nationalist party is a fully paid up member of this elite and it will fight to the death to prevent any other party from claiming it speaks for the Welsh.


One of the things that has really sickened me since Jac posted this blog is to see AGW and other keyboard bullies actually revelling in the fact they’ve been mentioned by Jac. They are bragging about how he has described them and wearing the descriptions like medals of honour. It’s not a fucking computer game, you idiots. When you gang up and harass a human being as you have done, real people, decent people, end up being badly hurt. Are you really that divorced from reality that you can’t see the results of your bullying?


A bit like an anti-social moron who brags because he got an ASBO.

William Bruce

This all smacks of student union politics and the failure to grow beyond being the Officer for Careerism and Tokenism at the University of Upper Cwmtwrch (formerly the Cwmtwrch Home for the Bewildered and subsequently the Cwmtwrch FE College).
Who the flying fuck cares about this sort of trans/identity politics nonsense among the voting public?
As for the targeting of women because they have beliefs – at least equally valid as those self-identifying as women – that there is a significant difference between actually being a woman and saying you’re one, then all I can conclude is that some in the Welsh Nat-lite movement are off their collective rocker.


This ishoo is best described in the below video on the subject of Self-ID. From 3:40.

We see a Plaid Cymru AM highlight the very real issue and she uses the phrase “BUT” then going on to make a statement she is to do nothing to solve it. The solution is not difficult. You define the right and then further legislate to prevent a small minority who abuse that freedom.

Example – the assault of a female in a toilet by a self-IDed transsexual or variant. It’s already a crime. You enhance with the agrivating factor of using ID as female to gain opportunity to carry out such a crime.


Helen Mary Jones has immersed herself in the politics of UK institutions and has failed to look for solutions in other EU countries. Strange, as this is the party who’s just dissolved itself into an anti-Brexit pressure group.

HMJs speech sounds like one which I heard many years ago on the subject of cheap labour from black people arriving from the colonies forcing down wage rates. The speech was similarly punctuated with “I’m not racist but”. The solution was to define the equality first, and then augment it with further legislation to support the rights of all workers. There was, and still are, people who still use the “race card” under false pretences, but consequence exist.

Alwyn ap Huw

What I don’t understand is why the far left and the far right are so obsessed with sexual behaviour. I am getting on now and have received medical treatment for prostrate cancer, which makes me less interested in sex than I use to be as a teenager, but sex never use to be central to politics in the olden days. The political divide use to be about economics, worker’s rights, class and entitlement, now it appears that right and left are divided by one side opposing and the other side proposing sexual lifestyles.

I’d like to get back to a situation where independence was a matter of where the heart is rather than where the gonads are!


To answer your question Alwyn. This is the latest ishoo which they can exploit by playing on and exaggerating fear and insecurity. That leads to misplaced hate.

I remember a time when if you found out Siadwel down the road was gay most peoples reaction was to say ‘each to his own’. The along comes Aids and suddenly there’s the accusation that Siadwel is a sinister spreader of disease and should be banished. Experts in viruses would publish details of modes of infection and this was often incorrectly spun by ‘activists’ that you could catch it by sitting on the toilet seat or were in danger from using the same changing room in the local swimming pool.

I actually think that if Siadwel wanted to be Sioned and appeared down the pub in a dress, some would snigger but most would say good on him/her. Then along comes a ‘feminist’ with ishoos and says that Sioned is in the ladies loo and might have a functioning cock. This has again resurrects the old fears of toilet cubicles and leisure centre changing rooms. An expert with knowledge of the psychology publishes details of the origins and motives of various types of gender dysphoria, the words mangled by ‘activists’ and becomes the target of bullies and hate.

Dai Protheroe

I have noticed that some of those involved in the Dilys saga have tweeted around 100k times! That must mean they are tweeting crap whilst having one. Still, multi-tasking looks good on a CV I suppose.


My advise to the twitter wolfpack that Jac has uncovered is as follows,

(a)Elliot, welcome to Wales, autism is difficulty you can overcome, don’t use it as an excuse to harm others,

(b)Aled, you give out all the dars, nice shirt now get yourself a boyfriend, it would be a change pic on twitter of the cute dog, anyone can spot a shit stirrer, nice to one and slagging off the other, just for attention.

(c)Marc, you are a intelligent ruthless manipulator of people, don’t use hate to further your position in Plaid Cymru,

(d)Rickard, please tell Bethan congratulations, but you don’t announce “I am having a baby” you say “we are having a baby”. She’s not the holy Madonna of immaculate conception. Then lay off exploiting hate to impress the boss.

(e)Llinos, get a proper job, the hand to the chin pose does not dignify your trade if exchanging Bae tittle-tattle for cash.

Have I missed anyone?


The final column in the letter demanding Dr. D’s “review” is a piece of blackmail: expel her, or we’ll vote with our feet. My advice to Sion Jobbins would be to let ’em walk.

The next march for independence is in Wrecsam. I can tell you for free that the ishoo brigade will get short shrift in that town if they control the agenda, and that YesCymru and AUOB would be well advised to focus on trying to encourage the residents to take a favourable view of the one important issue during the speeches, namely independence. But I’m not optimistic.

I’ll be there, I’ll be watching, and I’ll be reporting to this blog.


That’s the trouble with the extreme fundamentalist stance of AGW and others like him. It’s all or nothing. “You agree with our line 100 percent or we don’t want you in “our” independence movement” is the message coming out. And of course, if you don’t agree, we’ll act like the children we are, chuck our toys out of the pram and skweem and skweem until we are sick. It’s very difficult dealing with such immaturity. This goes way beyond a spat about transphobia though. We’ve seen some pretty horrible ageist remarks coming from that camp (no pun intended) this week and some time before that. And you have to be a special sort of twat to make fun of Jac because he uses an outmoded form of software for images in his Twitter feed but there’s plenty of them out there, sneering and sharing jokes on Twitter this week that the old guy still uses Photoshop! Intellectual snobbery and ageism at its worst. But they are the good guys, remember? It’s the rest of us who are bullies and overdone by our “-isms”, isn’t it?


Outside the bubble the Cofiwch thing is regarded as something a bit silly, just an excuse to get some Anglophobia of the chest, As for Russell he’s a well known English convert who needs to prove his ”progressive” credentials.

If the choice is between a UK outside the EU with a John Redwood as Welsh secretary or Wales in the EU as a vassal state with the current crop of Plaido’s then I choose Spock.

All or nothing……

Big Gee

You’ve lost me Pete! Can you elaborate a little on what you’ve just written?

I’m not very good with ‘crypto speak’.

Mel Morgan

I endorse this request. Answers, please, on a postcard …


Should you not polish you forelock tugging? Either or is not a choice.


Dafydd Pete ( up above) has visited this blog and found it of interest. He is not yet a convert to our views of Wales’ present condition but the fact that he finds some of Jac’s articles of interest and concurs with their general conclusions suggest that he is a convertible part of the electorate. “Either or not” is a valid choice at a given point in time, but there may come a time when his perspective shifts and then he will have made a new choice and moved closer to recognising the value of our remedies.

That he has some difficulty with the credibility of our present crop of Plaid leadership does in no way make him an idiot. Indeed it credits him with “a starter for 10” with potential of more to follow ! Keep reading Pete, and keep contributing and reflecting on the stuff you absorb.


There’s so much I want to say about this sordid business, so many questions I’d like to ask and answers I’d like to see. For now though, the most important point I’d make concerns one of the main players, and that’s Dr Dilys Davies herself.

I should declare an interest. I don’t know Dilys, I have never met her, nor am I ever likely to. However, last weekend I happened to “catch” the Twitter exchange that went on, almost in real time. I saw for myself the bulk of the exchanges, watched the “pile on” of Aled Gwyn Williams and co as they tore into her and another female Twitter user who was in the “conversation” at the time. I witnessed what I consider to be online abuse and bullying that went unacceptably beyond the robust exchanges which are frequent on social media. I saw efforts being made to get her out of her position in YesCymru, and I subsequently saw Twitter sites of some of those who were the chief protagonists being locked down. As Jac has indicated, Dilys’ site too disappeared in a couple of days, little wonder following the cruel and bullying treatment dished out on a public forum. Another unseemly “side-ishoo” was the contemporaneous copying of material to Bethan Sayed AM with a simple message “receipts”. These were screenshots thought to be helpful to her, or rather Chad Rickard who works for her, in the complaint about alleged misogynistic comments by the latter. Complaints made to Plaid by Dilys Davies and another, if I am correct. They don’t even have the nous to do these things by direct message i.e. privately, instead they plot and scheme in full view. Or was it done deliberately to twist the knife into an already badly beaten-up Dilys? If so, sadistic is an adjective that comes to mind.

No-one in Wales can be ignorant of the Carl Sargeant affair and how the way he was treated led to his suicide. Do all those keyboard warriors who constantly beat up on Neil McEvoy and abuse him not understand that he is a human being with feelings? That he has a wife, parents who are still alive maybe? Yet again today we see the same rabble rousers on Twitter trying to drag up every single contentious thing he has been accused of, because he retweeted a Twitter message today he should not have, following the publication of Jac’s blog. And even when he withdraws the tweet, continue to snipe and bully. Where is YOUR humanity? Stop and think for a moment where this bullying and hatred could lead.

Where I’m coming to in this is that I have yet to see ANY concern expressed about Dilys’ mental welfare from any of this bunch. They show no contrition, they show a complete lack of empathy. Yet these claim to be the good guys (and gals) in all this. The terrible effect on Dilys is plainly obvious. Shame on them.


A more accurate description would be Plaid Cymru vote burners.

The ‘indy curious’ often look at social media to see who the protagonists are. Does Plaid Cymru not see that the kind of abuse and nastiness turns people away? I’m beginning to think that Plaid Cymru don’t want to win elections and are quite happy to toddle along a self serving clique, a kind of small cosy club of well-heeled AMs and salaried assistants, who dish threats when questioned.

Big Gee

Yes, you’re quite right Stan. Little cowards, who would be afraid to say boo to a goose in the street, get a delusional kick that they are big brave warriors on a keyboard. I’m not a psychologist, but I know enough to realise that this behaviour is a masturbation of their individual egos. Like all immature people, they then gang up to see who can be ‘cleverest’ when it comes to singling out an individual for attack. Pathetic morons, who can’t see further than the tip of their noses.

The people who can police this are the organisations and parties they are affiliated to (not necessarily the social media platforms). If Plaid, Yes Cymru and AUOB had a zero tolerance policy towards suchlike ones, and had the backbone to chastise them publicly, and if necessary disassociate them from these groups, then the problem could be easily curtailed. Have they got the balls to do that? I’m pretty sceptical. If they don’t, then they will have to share the blame when the whole indy movement nose dives into the sand.

We have a policy of being open and always telling the truth in Gwlad Gwlad, we also believe in free speech and oppose political correctness. Anyone can speak their mind, but if the red line is crossed into personal abuse and bullying, any of our supporters and members who were involved in that disgusting behaviour, would be shown the door and given short thrift.

Let’s hope that example is followed by others. It hasn’t to date.


But confused Gwilym, is the new party called Ein Gwlad o’r Gwlad? Thanks

Big Gee

No problem Jonesy – you have every right to be confused – many WITHIN our party still are I think!

Thanks to the Electoral Commission we have been forced to adopt the name Gwlad Gwlad. However there is no problem referring to us as Ein Gwlad – the name we originally submitted way back last year for registration after a poll of our supporters and members.

All the gory details can be found by clicking HERE.

It makes fascinating reading – no less because there’s an awful smell of a dead rat that comes from the offices of the civil servants in London who care for the registry of parties in the UK.

I hope that clarifies things.


What an appalling way to treat Dr Dilys Davies. These people need to be named and shamed. Keep up the good work Jac by bringing all this to the attention of a wider audience in Wales. .

Dai Mawr

I’ve noticed that quite a few of the high-profile centrist/right wing voices in the national movement have been keeping quiet or backtracking over the last few months (deleting tweets and so on).

Not that I blame them at all. It has become increasingly difficult for a person with traditional views to hold down a high profile job in the public sector, i.e the only well-paid jobs in most parts of Wales.

The ‘woke’ have marched through the institutions across the West and the Plaidistas parrot their every word (bilingually, wrth gwrs).


Just a small by the way, , , Tresaith is in Ceredigion, close to Aberporth. Not Pembs.A beautiful little beach with a wondrous waterfall.
What a generous thing she has done giving children a chance to enjoy Tresaith.
It’s a shame that so many closed minds haven’t had the experiences to broaden their understanding.

Mal Humphreys

Sinister. Nice to know there is still somebody out there seeking the truth. Keep it up more strength to your fingers.

Big Gee

The fault lines are very clear, and becoming clearer with every passing day.

My heart goes out to Dilys Davies. A true patriot and obviously one of the ones that have got off their hands and actually DONE something for the cause – rather than blow hot air with no action. There are others who have also done the same in getting Yes Cymru on it’s feet. I would obviously also include those of us who have formed Gwlad Gwlad, as a credible political solution to the stale and stinking political establishment that has for about a century been seen actually impeding our right to freedom. The main political parties in Wales shift from one foot to the other, paralysed and incapable of doing anything meaningful for us, our country or her citizens. That’s why there’s a need for a seismic shift in the way the status quo parties operate, they are crippled by old fashioned ideology- that goes back to the nineteenth century. That needs to change.

What do we get? A small and vociferous pack of hyenas that are the proverbial rotten apple in the barrel. If left to carry on like this, they will cause all the good apples in the barrel to rot. We’ll land up with a ruined cause, and our future as a free and independent country will be whisked away from under our noses – once again. The genuine patriots will turn their backs on the cause and as they are the pillars, the building will collapse without them. We need many more like Dilys Davies, they should be encouraged and helped not treated in the way she has been.

These vandals need to be recognised and removed, they are a poison to the cause. This poison permeates down to the roots, and as you rightly point out Jac, the reservoir of poison is located in Corruption Bay, and administered via a handful of people in that bubble. There is a need for some house keeping.

Yes Cymru and AUOB need to start culling, they need to front up and have the decency and courage to stop this nonsense. We all know where the fault line is and as I said above, it’s getting clearer daily.

This is supposed to be a non political, all inclusive movement. Whilst it allows the tail to wag the dog it is doomed to failure. These rotten apples in the barrel will inevitably cause the collapse, because they don’t really care about our independence. Their obsessions are with their own pet issues. Make no mistake, spouting how much they care about independence is a smoke screen, their real goal – intellectually shallow as it is – revolves around their ‘ishoos’ and nothing else.


The concept of ‘Dai Psycho wearing lipstick’ is a Steven Spielberg creation of Hollywood films of the 1970s. It was the ‘scare character’ in come of his films that played on the fears and insecurities that some people held at the time in middle America. I suspect that your grandchildren would be a less risk from a transsexual as babysitter than a former associate of yours, from the 60s who has since been convicted of molesting children. Attire is not a very good of character, being suit or dress, but it does allow fear to be ramped up in Hollywood films.

I cannot understand why some people, politicians, religions and governments think they have a say and control over other peoples bodies, or what they wear. Dr Dilys Davies is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, in other words, her skill is in treating a clinical problem of self and the mind, problems often created by the experience her patients encounter. There are people (but not all) where changing sex is a solution. They do not apply the same to a clinician who performs IVF, another unnatural augmentation of the human body available only through technology. I fail to see why some ‘feminists’ see male to female transsexuals as a threat. That threat does not exist.

There also appears to be a new ‘definition’ of what a proper woman is. There are some, like Helen Mary Jones AM, who argue that a woman can only defined as a person born with a mechanism that develops a menstrual cycle that plays a role in childbirth. I presume this is her argument that transsexuals should not be considered ‘real women’. There are women in Plaid Cymru who do not have such a mechanism and have adopted children. Are they less of a woman?

The ‘left’ latched on to LGBT rights as they identified a historically marginalized section of society. Prey. An ‘ishoo’. Since then, the main objectives of LGBT rights have in most countries been realised, ironically, not by the political left but often by libertarian capitalism. A problem now exists amongst the affluent chatterati in that somehow, a claim the newly liberated are now at odds with their own ‘ishoo’. The concept that a male to female transsexual man is oppressing women.

A manifestation of this is that those ‘feminists’ is that they claim to have ‘rights’ over other people. What they do with their bodies, the way they dress, where they can go to the toilet, under what conditions they can stand for election (female only shortlists), and the way they are ‘allowed’ to participate in sport.

I therefore conclude that the attack on Dilys is motivated by politics, her support for McEvoy and more diverse sections of the nationalist community. It has nothing whatsoever to do with her work or views on the sexuality of the human condition. I also conclude that some of her attackers do not have the interest of those affected by gender dysphoria but merely an expoitative encampment in the LGBT community for purposes of personal advancement.

There is a place for every Welsh person in the national consciousness, whoever they are, whatever they are, and those that seek to exclude are the enemy of that national consciousness. My only question is that how the fuck does Jac know Dai Psycho wearing lipstick, and has he ever been to Bryngwran?



The rulebook in sport should be written by the sport governing body, not by legislators. Churches, Mosques and Chapels are excluded from such legislation and that should, selectively, apply to sport associations. Discrimination illegal unless there being a proven need. It’s not a difficult concept. Tennis is different from rugby and running different from archery. However, this is a rather obscure example as most male to female transsexuals would be at a disadvantage against those born as women as they have a skeletal physique of a man with a cardio-vascular system modified by female hormones. A bit like a land rover with a fiesta engine.


This is not a linier change. In both FtoM and MtoF it is dependent on medical route. It’s possible to chemically acquire desired attributes prior to final surgery, sometimes the other way round. A question arises as to when recognition of acquired gender is recorded. The fuss is over ‘self-ID’, a part of the equality act to prevent those in the transition process being discriminated. You highlight the possibility of transition fraud for sexual exploitation.

The only example of this in Wales (often ignored by the woke as it’s a woman pretending to be male) is here.


Difficult to convict but there is a simple solution to this, that is to make ‘transition fraud’ an aggravating offence. There are some countries that already have this. In Sweden there is the concept of consensual molestation, where consent is given under false pretences. It should be noted that Julian Assange is indicted with this offence, false condom, not rape.


If you read the Sunday Times story in full you will see that the real problem is that affiliated clubs in England are not prepared to pay the RFU for the 5-nano per litre testosterone test. A rule laid down by the RFU. If they applied their own rules the situation is unlikely to arise. Not only that, there’s also one that applies to the mens game to prevent abuse of testosterone injections as a performance enhancer.


Lowering Testosterone for 12 months does not reduce strength in males: The implications for trans eligibility rules in female sport



Anon – Which is why I made specific reference to type of sport and the need of the governing body to define the rules. Weightlifting is an obvious test of muscle strength, whereas soccer is more of a cardio-vascular activity. Rugby is a combination and it changes by position. In tennis what you loose in arm power can be compensated with agility, which is why mixed doubles is an important feature of the sport. Applying legislative generalisations is not the answer.

It should be noted that the Sunday Times story is partly fake, as the picture they have used is actually a natural born female transitioning to male, the photo is from a previous awards ceremony of Active Rotherham. It seeks to engender incorrect assumptions. The player is excluded from mens rugby because of being born female. Perhaps a test in reverse parking the team minibus would be a better measure. A comment which would usually set the nasty pack after me, but bullies and cowards so only tend to attack people less able to defend themselves.

Is this a good time to mention that there are also racial differences? I was going to use the general lack of upper body strength and short stature of the Japanese, but the Irish are so shit at rugby they destroyed that argument. This does not mean going into Irish pubs making slanty eyes is acceptable.


“Weightlifting is an obvious test of muscle strength”

Gavin Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals for New Zealand at the 2019 Pacific Games, as things stand he’s eligible to compete as a female at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

“Rugby is a combination and it changes by position.”

The rules are quite clear, by the age of <11, boys and girls are not allowed to play rugby together, for very good reasons.

“whereas soccer is more of a cardio-vascular activity”

The USA women’s soccer team were convincingly beaten by a team of under-15 school boys in a embarrassing defeat for the world champions.

Australia’s women’s soccer team suffered a devastating defeat in the lead up to the Rio Olympics 7-0 to under-15 school boys.

“In tennis what you loose in arm power can be compensated with agility”

You can’t be serious!

Karsten Braasch vs. the Williams sisters


If people want to ‘become’ women, carry on, but please don’t expect special disspensation and VIP treatment from the majority of us. What i find peculiar is the extreme wing of the trans lobby are women who were men or are men, not the men who were women… funny that. ?

Yes Cymru is about Welsh independence first and foremost not a campaign to define hormone takers.

We reasonable, open minded women have all had it to the back teeth with self-identification, its tosh. A small minority within a minority sport and a vehicle for time waster, stiflers of free speech and totally takes the piss out of what being a woman is . Hell the haters even hate their own if they do not agree with them, it reminds me of the rationale …. of ISIS! Call yourself what you like, but dont make out that somebody hates you cos they did not realise that you wanted to be called ‘they’.
I do not know Dilys, but know of her selfless and generous work. Dr D has done far more for Wales than any of these idiots, that includes members of PC. Do not turn your back, stay strong, mae pawb yn eich cefnogi, ac yn sefyll gyda chi Doc.


I know of no transsexual requesting special dispensation and VIP treatment. Just equality. That request is not from transsexuals. It is from those who wish to use transsexuals and their personal predicament for personal enrichment, usually in the 3rd sector, SpADs of political parties. I see one obvious case of narcissistic leverage, a self publicist now living in the Llynfi valley.


Dr Dilys is a massive transphobe.


And what are you ? Obviously not in any kind of sane relationship with a woman otherwise you would be aware of why so many women are worried, no they are scared, by the prospect of sharing facilities such as sports facilities with men transitioning to female who are still “equipped”. That’s just one of many concerns. Where people have embarked on a transition programme they need support but they need also to have regard for the needs of others. Oddly enough most people “in transit” go about it with well developed awareness and much of the dispute and trouble is caused by individuals, male or female, who see it as a bandwagon to get on board. If those “megaphone militants” devoted half the energy to being helpful towards people in transit you would find that within a few years it would be a far less significant issue. But getting the ishoo-peddlers to see it that way is well nigh impossible.


I have never met a woman who fears that the next cubicle in a public toilet is occupied by a transsexual. The main fear that has been communicated to me is that the person in next cubicle is injecting heroin or spice. Or that there’s a pissed up woman around who gets violent. It’s becoming less of an ‘ishoo’ as most public toilets are now single occupancy accessible units and all local authorities comply with this standard upon new, or refit.

I have met a man, however, who fears that his girlfriend might wee next to a transsexual, and it’s the type of man who regards his girlfriend as his personal property and has issues of ignorance and misplaced jealousy. Most men who access ladies toilets are either (a) fathers toileting infants, or (b) cleaners. Transexuals in toilets like to go about their business un-read.

You are correct to say “most people in transit go about it with well developed awareness and much of the dispute and trouble is caused by individuals, male or female, who see it as a bandwagon to get on board”. That does not do anything for the plight of transsexuals nor the independence movement in Wales.


Brychan, whilst some females are very sympathetic to MtF transsexuals who have actually had surgery to remove their penis and testicles, the fact is that the new breed of transgender males are heterosexual and have absolutely no intention of ever having any surgery, with the exception of breast implants. They are autogynephiles and not actually real transsexuals.

The transgender umbrella now includes anyone who just self-Ids as the opposite sex or somewhere in-between on the ‘gender spectrum’; agender, bi-gender, crossdresser, gender-fluid, gender-variant, genderless, non-binary, nongender, third gender and apparently now about another hundred possible ‘genders’.

You may not be aware but this new breed of transgender activists often call out actual transsexuals as transphobic TRUSCUM !


The first person prosecuted for a ‘transgender hate crime’ in the UK (March 2019) was against an actual transsexual called Miranda Yardley.


Anon – you are deliberately feeding this blog with misinformation and question you motives. Please note that the case of Miranda Yardley the case was thrown out and all costs awarded to the defendant.


The law says that you cannot impose upon others, diverse ways of living their lives.

The most important fact is there have been hundreds of cases of violence against the person from assault through to murder inflicted on transsexuals, and others of similar genre, with the finding of motive as being who they are. These people should enjoy full access to justice. I find it rather disturbing that some in the ‘new feminism’ movement seek to undermine this redress, and whip up fear and hate.

David Smith

Where it confuses me is, alright a man identifies psychologically as a woman. I can get some sort of handle on that idea, because a woman is a definite real world thing, a female human engineered to mate and procreate with the male of said species. This is an ancient biological mechanism descended from the dawn of eukaryotic organisms. But what the fuck is a “spirit person”? Where do these seemingly arbitrary self identifications end?What’s to stop me identifying as a traffic cone and standing in the middle of the motorway? Surely I qualify for team GB at next year’s Olympics because I identify as an elite athlete? That 15ft wall is oppressing me because I can’t scale it but I identify as the jolly green giant!


Would this rather rude person in the video below be one of those autogynephiles? (Apologies if the link doesn’t work). It’s all that testosterone, innit?

She’s not, but you certainly are an intolerant, narrow minded middling, good for nothing, useless.


Reading that item could lead me to conclude that Independence is highly unlikely given that the movement which purports to advocate independence is so contaminated with negative sectional, indeed sectarian, interests.

A person prone to conspiracy theories might advocate the view that all these distractions have been planted by the reactionary forces at the heart of the AngloBrit deep state. However I don’t buy such a convoluted explanation. The real root causes are found among the witless behaviours of Plaid over decades preferring to attract into membership all sorts of fringe causes and associating with such causes even when not directly in membership. That might have worked had they at the same time set out to win hearts and minds among the mainstream “normal” people that still make up the majority of our population – i.e. the silent majority. As you well know that last bit was seriously neglected with only a few noteable exceptions.

You reap what you sow, and there’s a few sows running loose in our paddock right now !.