Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left


I know I promised a few Senedd election previews, but I’ve already had a gutsful of politics, politicians and elections.

When the First Minister can say, in an interview with the self-styled ‘National Newspaper of Wales’, and get away with: “We live in an inter-dependent world. I am interested in the future for Wales in which we are connected to other places not cut off from them”, then politics is reduced to bullshit sound-bites.

If Drakeford is right, then Estonia was better ‘connected’ with the outside world when it was part of the Soviet Union. Which is palpable bollocks. And if he knew the meaning of ‘inter-dependent’ then he might have kept his mouth shut altogether.


This post is prompted by the treatment recently meted out to Dr Dilys Davies by a clique of mainly young and immature people that has resulted in Dr Davies being suspended from the Central Committee of Yes Cymru.

Though I suppose this really started in September 2019, when Dr Davies, lifelong patriot, respected clinical psychologist, and owner of a couple of establishments in Ceredigion, came under attack from those who haunt Welsh social media and cause such disruption in political circles.

Here’s a pdf version of the 2019 letter of complaint demanding that Dr Davies be removed from the Central Committee of Yes Cymru. I’m not sure who submitted this complaint . . . but I could have a good guess!

Dr Davies’ ‘crime’ was to quote feminist Germaine Greer. For those mercifully unfamiliar with this territory, Dr Greer is regarded as a transphobe by the zealots of the trans movement for believing – like 99% of the population – that someone with a penis and testicles is a man. And even after surgery is not fully a woman because they did not experience puberty, periods, childbirth, the menopause.

As I say, the heinous crime of quoting Germaine Greer was given as the ostensible reason for the attacks on Dilys Davies in the autumn of 2019. But I have my doubts.

Let’s refresh our memories a little more.

Just over a month before the campaign against Dr Davies began it was announced that, following a number of attacks by vandals, Dr Davies had bought the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ memorial wall, on the A487 near Llanrhystud.

Now it would be easy to think that Dilys Davies’s initiative would be universally welcomed in the nationalist community, but no. For we’ve heard rumblings about ‘millionaires from London’, ‘private property’ (evil!), and other mutterings of the kind we hear from juveniles railing against ‘the system’.

Looking back, I can’t help but wonder if buying the Tryweryn wall – and perhaps just being successful – was what prompted the attacks that followed. It was an echo of old-fashioned socialist jealousy.

Those attacks on Dr Dilys Davies in 2019 were savage and very personal. Fortunately, many people rallied to her defence. Although shaken, and despite closing her Twitter account, Dilys stayed with Yes Cymru and the wider movement.

The complaints in 2019 were dismissed and her attackers, like cockroaches exposed to light, scuttled for cover.

Many hoped that that was the end of the matter. Having had some experience of these creatures myself, I was less sanguine.

You can read my account of the events of September 2019 in Misogyny? Bullying? Depends who’s doing it.


Aled Gwyn Williams of Maesteg is regarded as something of a doyen among non-binaries, keyboard revolutionaries and the Woke. One of his admirers, the next mayor of Bangor, thinks Aled is the very embodiment of Indy Wales.

Perhaps, one day, there’ll be a statue of Aled (and Teifi) in Corwen, towering over the equestrian statue of Owain Glyndŵr. But I doubt it.

Aled was in the van of the attacks on Dr Davies back in 2019. Rather than giving it up, it now looks as if the attackers licked their wounds and waited for another opportunity.

It was not long in coming, and was probably engineered. Let me explain.

Over the Easter holiday Aled took himself down west. As I’ve said, Dr Davies has a couple of small businesses there, in Tresaith and Llangrannog, just small outlets employing a few local people. She bought them to save them falling into the wrong hands.

I don’t follow AGW on Twitter or anywhere else. I only know what he gets up to when people draw my attention to something particularly stupid or offensive.

While in Ceredigion Williams took photos of the homage to the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ wall painted at both of Dr Davies’ premises. These photos were put out on social media. (I’m told the children are his niece and nephew.)

Click to enlarge

Even though I believe one is judged by the company one keeps, in this case you’ll see that I have sought to protect the identities of the innocent.

Given his previous attacks on her Dr Davies understandably interpreted Williams turning up at both her properties in Ceredigion as harassment. Who wouldn’t? She tweeted on March 30 that he and his “hate filled little band” were banned from her premises.

His visit strikes me as downright creepy. Maybe that’s because every time I see an image of Aled Gwyn William I see a bald Norman Bates, with a collie. And he does still live with his mam.

Inevitably, Williams’ clique took up his cause. Though some of the responses in the panel below are strange. For example, Jamie Akerman criticises Dr Davies for “stirring up all this crap again”.

Just think about it, Jamie. It was Aled Gwyn Williams’ unnecessary and deliberately provocative visit to Dr Davies’s properties that stirred things up again.

Click to enlarge

Though being the fair-minded old bugger I am, I’m open to other explanations for Aled Gwyn Williams travelling a considerable distance to businesses owned by a woman he had so recently vilified. And to make sure she knew he was there.

Things then seemed to fall quiet. Or at least, no one sent me anything. Until I received the tweet below, AGW responding to a young lad who had made a formal complaint to Yes Cymru about the behaviour of Dr Dilys Davies on Twitter.

Williams’ reaction is typical. He seems to have trouble with heterosexual and well-balanced women. ‘Fuck off’ seems to be his stock response to those that challenge him.

This was not the only complaint lodged with Yes Cymru against Dr Davies. The other came from ‘Elinor’ of Splott, though not originally from Cardiff.

Here’s the complaint from ‘Elinor’, and the response from Yes Cymru, plus the other complaint I mentioned, this addressed to ‘Jess’.

Though I’m told that the Central Committee decided to suspend Dr Dilys Davies without even reading the letters. Reminiscent of a Stalin-era show trial.

Click to enlarge

Jessica is @JessicaRHarvey0 the Diversity and Inclusion Officer of Yes Cymru. Until a few days ago she was also a member of Plaid Pride, but resigned because it – Plaid Cymru? Plaid Pride? – ‘silences’ trans voices.

Well, you could have fooled me.

So, we know that Jess – a transsexual herself – ‘advised’ the Yes Cymru Central Committee on the complaints about alleged transphobia from people she almost certainly knew. And whose complaints had been prompted by what happened between their hero and guru, Aled Gwyn Williams (another member of the circle), and Dr Dilys Davies.

Let’s look at these two complaints in as much detail as they merit.

The first, from ‘Elinor’, is vague in the extreme, it harks back to “last year” (actually 2019), uses the ogress Germaine Greer to pad things out, while suggesting that Aled Gwyn Williams has been banned from THE Tryweryn wall, near Llanrhystud.

He has not been banned from that famous memorial, but even if he had, that would not be grounds for Yes Cymru to suspend Dr Dilys Davies. It would have nothing to do with Yes Cymru.

The second complaint, from the silly boy I mentioned earlier, is even more vague in its allegations. And he also thinks AGW has been banned from THE Tryweryn wall.

The Central Committee of Yes Cymru should have thrown out both of these absurd complaints. Or at least read them. Dr Davies should be reinstated as a member of the Central Committee.

I’m told that Dr Davies’ place on the Central Committee may be already filled. For Rachel Sara Cooze of Undod was among those invited to apply for the vacancy. And she has allies on the committee.

Click to enlarge

“Ousting DD is the beginning and not the end of reforming this org”, she says. But wait! Dr Davies is only suspended, she might appeal.

Which will do her no good because the hard left – through those who believe Wales is full of fascists, racists, homophobes, transphobes and God knows what else – has captured Yes Cymru.

After learning she was to appear on this blog Rachel Cooze contacted people on Sunday evening with the messages you see below. There was even a tailored message for women! (Isn’t that sexist?) Done from what looked like a new 0 – 0 account, but she claimed it was an old account re-activated.

After I challenged her certain tweets were deleted.

Click to enlarge

The message on the right came from someone who tracked the account. (I know nothing of such technical matters.)

I have been advised to take legal advice about this and other messages put out by a very offensive woman.

With elections to Yes Cymru’s Central Committee approaching Aled Gwyn Williams travelled to Ceredigion to re-ignite the spat with Dr Dilys Davies so that his acolytes could demand her removal. She could then be replaced by someone more to their liking, possibly Rachel Cooze of Undod.


The hard left in the West can no longer pretend to be the voice of ‘the workers’, and so it has abandoned any pretence of popular support. As one questioner put it recently, “Why is it called the Socialist Workers Party when there are no workers in it?”

You know what – there never were!

The hard left has come to realise that few people in Western societies will buy into bread queues and secret police, so the only way to promote its agenda is to adopt issues, from climate change – Extinction Rebellion is a Marxist organisation – to ishoos du jour such as sexual identification, race, etc.

Painting the world black and white saves the blinkered from having to confront the complexities and nuances of the real world.

Another tactic is to infiltrate political parties. Which is what happened to the Labour Party under Corbyn (though not so much in Wales), and more recently to the Democrats in the USA.

This strategy for the twenty-first century explains the link-up in the USA between Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It also explains the hard left’s ambivalence towards Islamic terrorism. What the French perceptively call Islamo-gauchisme.

In short, anything that might undermine or cause friction in Western societies will be supported by the hard left.

Given that the hard left has no hope of infiltrating the Conservative Party, has lost the Labour Party, and the Lib Dems aren’t worth the effort, here in Wales Plaid Cymru has been the target.

And, by extension, the movement for independence represented by Yes Cymru.

One recent hard left recruit to the cause of Welsh independence was quite open in his support for the terrorists guilty of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity. He also made an interesting remark about people like him swinging behind the indy movement since Corbyn was ousted.

He concludes by admitting that he was previously banned from Twitter for talking about or threatening to throw acid in people’s faces.

Click to enlarge

I ask you, what cause is not enhanced – nay, enriched! – by recruits like this! Incidentally, if anybody’s interested, I can name ‘Italian cool runnings reboot’. He thinks of himself as a musician.

Someone else we see in the image above is ‘BVB’, who is another recent recruit to the cause and is most definitely a representative of the hard left. From his tweets I get the impression he doesn’t know a lot about Wales, its history, or its politics.

He’s clearly another of those for whom socialism is more important than Wales. Attaching himself to the cause of independence was done solely because he sees indy as a vehicle for his socialism. And perhaps because the indy movement accepts or condones his regular threats of violence and mayhem.

Click to enlarge

It should go without saying that BVB is another of Aled Gwyn Williams’ allies. They’re in regular contact on social media.

Someone else BVB is in contact with is the woman who may soon be on Yes Cymru’s Central Committee. For on Saturday Rachel Cooze sent him a lovely tweet for his birthday. Ahhh! It seems she has no problem with this man’s regular threats of violence. In fact, that seems to be what attracts her!

Yesterday, with the deadline to publication of this article approaching, I was receiving reports from all over the country of panic setting in among those who feared they might get a mention. Even our hero with the axe!

Let me put you straight, ‘BVB’. I’m mentioning you because you have threatened physical violence against me – did you forget? – and for this and other reasons you seem to be a rather dangerous individual. An embarrassment to the independence movement. People should be warned.

As for being being ‘reported’, some might think that posing with an axe and threatening “chaos and violence” were good reasons for reporting anyone.

You’ll note that at the bottom of the image above is a message from the person who sent it. I have been humbled these past few days by the amount of information I’ve received, most of it from people I don’t know.

Not only is this support hugely encouraging, but it also tells me there are many people out there very unhappy with the direction of travel in Plaid Cymru, Yes Cymru, and other organisations.

Those I’m writing about are nowhere near as popular as they like to think.

STOP PRESS: Brought to my attention last night were these tweets from some character in Wrecsam. I have no idea who he is, but it should go without saying that he was soon congratulated by ‘BVB’.

There are people now on the hard left in Wales, promoting independence, who come across as both more violent and more intolerant than their counterparts on the far right. Quite frankly, some of them sound absolutely insane.

Oh, I almost forgot . . . Aled Gwyn Williams also agreed that I should die.

UPDATE 28.04.2021: When I wrote the article I was unaware of another recent officer appointment at Yes Cymru, that of Campaigns Officer.

The person appointed was Harriet Protheroe-Soltani, formerly Harriet Protheroe-Davis of Momentum, the hard left group that supported Corbyn and very nearly wrecked the Labour Party.

It’s clear that Harriet wants a coalition between Labour and Plaid Cymru, in which she wants a cabinet post for Leanne Wood, former hard left leader of Plaid Cymru. Minister for Gulags, perhaps? Or maybe she’ll get the ‘re-education’ portfolio. Food rationing?

I’m sure some people will still deny that there’s a hard left takeover underway. Probably the ones making the takeover. And of course, those who support it.

One of the more unpleasant contributions to the latest attack on Dilys Davies was what you see below, which Aled Gwyn Williams thought was excellent.

This, I’m given to understand, is the ‘Elinor’ who made the complaint against Dr Davies to Yes Cymru.

When you see childish nonsense like this you think the national movement is in a bad place, populated by sybaritic freaks forever putting out selfies on social media. But I remain optimistic, there are good people out there; they just need to be encouraged to speak out.


Why do I regard those I’m writing about as a threat to the cause of Welsh independence?

Well, for a start, they’re a gift to the BritNats, the media, and our other enemies.

Perhaps more important, think of some of the people you’ve just read about – who might they attract to the independence movement? More like themselves? And how many more people would that turn away from independence?

We are in this mess largely due to weak leadership in both Plaid Cymru and Yes Cymru. Leaderships that have behaved like the conservatives and the industrialists during Hitler’s rise – ‘Don’t you worry, we can control these people’.

Then it was too late.

Though in the case of Plaid Cymru, under the leadership of Leanne Wood these extremists were welcomed. Since replacing her, figurehead leader Adam Price has refused to confront them. The picture is similar in Yes Cymru.

Between them they opened the door to extremists claiming to be intolerant of intolerance. (That is, divergent views.) Which is a great system . . . especially when you and your gang get to decide what qualifies as ‘intolerance’. Also, who is a ‘fascist’, a ‘transphobe’, etc.

There is now a hard left bloc extending from the Corbynite fringe of the Labour Party through Undod to Plaid Cymru (especially Plaid Ifanc), Yes Cymru, and even Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg!

There are others who are unattached to any political party or group, just loose cannons who join in the feeding frenzy when a target is identified.

There are individuals who belong to two, three, or even four of these groups. At the moment, many of them are out canvassing for Plaid Cymru.

Because of their extremism, and the unattractiveness of what they offer, they would be rejected by the great majority of Welsh people if they operated openly, under their own banner. So they infiltrate other groups, as the hard left has always done.

True to form, they justify their takeover of Yes Cymru – and this was mentioned in both complaints against Dr Davies – on grounds of ‘inclusivity’. That is, welcoming members of self-identifying minorities.

Taken too far this results in a dictatorship of minorities that, even combined, form only a fraction of the Welsh population. Because when the sign goes up, ‘Only members of oppressed minorities need apply’, inclusivity becomes exclusivity. This is the risk Yes Cymru is running.

And Wales, Welsh independence, Welsh nationhood, will all take a back seat to the promotion of socialism through the trojan horse of Wokeism.

I suggest we look to Scotland for inspiration, and to think-tank Common Weal. Their hash tag says a lot with #AllOfUsFirst. Here’s a recent tweet by Dr Craig Dalziel.

“Future neutral” is something I can relate to. And I suggest that most Welsh people would find this ‘blank canvas’ approach to independence far more attractive than the promise of a socialist dystopia controlled by axe-wielding and acid-throwing extremists urging violence against those who dare contradict them.

Staying in Scotland for a moment – and I wish I was there now! – the new Alba Party is also making sensible noises, especially on women’s rights.

ALBA believes women have the right to maintain their sex
based protections as set out in the Equality Act 2010. These
include female only spaces such as changing rooms, hospital
wards, sanitary and sleeping accommodation, refuges, hostels
and prisons.

ALBA believes women have the right to refuse consent to
males in single sex spaces or males delivering intimate
services to females such as washing, dressing and counselling.

ALBA believes women have the right to single sex sports to
ensure fairness and safety at all levels of competition.

ALBA believes women have the right to organise themselves
according to their sex class across a range of cultural, leisure,
educational and political activities.

More people in Wales need to start talking common sense like this.

No doubt those I’ve discussed here would dismiss Common Weal and Alba as ‘fascist’, ‘transphobic’, ‘racist’, etc. Because that’s how they operate – they don’t debate anything, they gang up on their opponents, vilify them, shout them down, and hope to intimidate them into silence.

It happens to me, regularly. (Though obviously not the silencing bit.)

I get attacked by those who appear here for being conservative, or worse. Yes, I am a socially conservative patriot, I’m married, I’ve paid off my mortgage, I have children and grandchildren, I watch too much football on TV, maybe I drink too much Malbec . . . 

But I am more representative of the Welsh population than those who attack me. And I bet that I am more representative of the Welsh people than the Central Committee of Yes Cymru.

If Yes Cymru is not representative of the nation, and if it is not ‘future neutral’ in relation to independence, then perhaps another organisation is needed. One that offers our people the kind of genuinely inclusive, ‘fresh start’ vision that many more of them will find attractive.

♦ end ♦


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David Smith

I do have to point out that I very much doubt an authoritarian regime like the USSR would permit such extremes of personal freedom as identifying as what you wish gender-wise, and inheriting group membership rights conferred by virtue of biology, toilet and dressing room wise.

David Smith

There’s always been this strange cognitive dissonance when it comes to Islam with them. Those who question Islamification of European cities are pounced upon as racist, yet the religion’s attitudes towards women and homosexuals never get a mention.

David Smith

At the same time I’d be very hard pressed to conceive of any real continuity between the old ‘Working man’ Left of the coal mine and steel mill and this modern incarnation. Tangentially, and in the abstract, as in they both see themselves as standing up for the ‘oppressed’, yes, but there’s an enormous gulf between the thoughts and actions of a TeifiAndAled and your Rhondda Miner pre-Thatcher archetypes.

David Smith

I guess it could be summed up thus: the Red Wall fell because the social conservatism of UKIP, Brexit Party and the Conservatives won out over Labour’s economic position. I still say that masterstroke of sloganeering, “Get Brexit Done” played a big part too.


Having recieved the list of proposals to be debated by the Yes Cymru AGM , i have never come across so much naval gazing in my life. It has been taken over by the gender warfare brigade who will if they get their way police every thought of every member. I feel all is lost. Nothing on how to grow the movement to reach the downtrodden common man and woman of Wales

David Smith

Surely as a clinical psychologist, Dr Davies is far more an authority on issues of gender identity than your average screeching sixth form politics-espousing no-mark.


This brave, humane, and humble specialist sums up the whole illiberal trans extreme shitshow here, very well



This psychiatrist (in 2018) highlights the issue of children to access to puberty blockers and whether a child can give knowing consent. This is also the point Dr Dilys Davies correctly raises.

It is however, nothing to do with the hate campaign by Helen Mary Jones of Plaid Cymru to ban transsexuals from public services in Wales.

You say he’s brave, Preseli. There is evidently an intolerant mob on both sides of this debate, but I’m glad to see Jac who also displays bravery to expose these bullies here in Wales and on this blog, and he has never prevented any on my comments, including this one, to get at the crux of an issue. There’s a need for less slogans, name calling, banning calls, and vitriol which I see includes death threats.


These 2 comments – from Jac and the earlier from Brychan – sums up the common sense position on this serious matter. Sadly opportunists, most of whom have nothing at stake at all, have come steaming in and hijacked the debate turning it into yet another ishoo fest.


No middle ground at all. You’re either fully on board with the Woke zealots or part of the problem.

A photo is doing the rounds of Adam Price with the young lad who has done so much excellent work in collating and publishing up to date statistics on Covid19 infections in Wales. Unfortunately, that has stirred up a faction of the Welsh Taliban, because the young man runs a Twitter account and has retweeted Jac at least once, and ” liked” a couple of tweets that appear to support the police line in recent demonstrations in the UK. He therefore is being pilloried as racist, transphobic and misogynist by them. They missed out calling him a fascist as well. But the day is young yet. They’ll get round to it before the sun sets, no doubt.


You mention the Taliban which is rather unfortunate as they seem to have a clear set of ideas to which they adhere. If any of these invasive, creepy ultra fascists went to Afghanistan to promote their junk I don’t think they would last long and there would be a row of heads decorating the track back to the airport. Indeed it might be worth having a whiparound to send them over there ! Could a reader negotiate a bulk buy of One way tickets ?


Taffiban not Taliban

David Smith

I’ve not seen anyone consider what influence the whole trans debate being the issue de jour has on kids with their propensity to mimic and role play. Pair that with being raised by ‘modern’ parents who think raising little Johnny as a girl is oh so progressive, you have a perfect storm for psychological meltdown.


This was also a fear that existed with girls being ‘allowed’ to be tomboys. I question whether the fear has any foundation. Interestingly, Dr David Bell in his article identified one of his cases where pushy parents preferred a male child transition because he had showed homosexual interest. Better a girl than a gay. At issue was the diligence of the Tavistock Institute in their caseload. A ‘do no harm’ issue in the medical fraternity. It is not unique to gender dysphoria. Every doctor will have this decision process when proscribing, be it surgery or medication. In children a difficulty complicated by the wishes of the parent.


The issues with the Tavistock are a lot more complex than ‘diligence’. Whistle blowers raised serious concerns both about the apparent desire of some parents to ‘transition’ a child they feared was gay – but also that an institutional policy of ‘affirmation’ meant that a lack of scrutiny of the child and family situation was institutional. Not the odd oversight of an overworked doctor. Let’s remember that staff joked about their being ‘no gay kids left’. Of course, the elephant in the room is that if we believe that ‘gender identity’ exists, and is something one is born with, rather than something shaped by cultural influences and life experience – then investigating why a 10 year old boy might be adamant he is ‘really’ a girl is redundant. If he says he’s a girl – he’s a girl. If he has been raised in an environment with violent or absent father figures, with strict gender roles, or in a family or culture where he can see that being attracted to other males will mean he is ostracised and outcast – well, most compassionate people can see why a sensitive boy might wish they were a girl. And it has nothing to do with an innate gendered ‘essence’ of self, or a gendered soul.


And Brychan, your comment that Helen Mary Jones wants ‘transexuals banned from public services in Wales’ is slander. If you want to demonise her, you need to find another angle. One with at least a grain of truth in it.

David Smith

To quote esteemed junior scholar Martin Prince, from either an episode or the Simpsons Movie, in response to being called gay: “I’m not anything yet!”. Surely prepubescent children who have not yet developed sexual characteristics are yet to settle into any permanent identity or orientation?


FGS. Helen Mary Jones does not and has never campaigned to ‘ban transexuals from public services in Wales’. What a ridiculous statement. That – right there – is an example of the intolerant slander and mudslinging bigotry outlined in Jac’s blog post. These baseless accusations get flung around and retweeted like a playground game of ‘pass it on’. It is vile. And an increasing feature among YesCymru supporters.

Red Flag

In what is probably going to be the final opinion polls for Wales this side of Thursday’s exit poll, the findings are:-

SavantaComRes, 23-28 Apr, Wales Only
Senedd, Const/List
Lab: 36/31%, Con: 27/24%, Plaid: 19/21%, LDem: 5/5%, RP: 4/3%, Grn: -/3%, AWAP: 4/8%, Oth: 5/5%
Senedd Seat Pred: Lab 26, Con 15, PC 14, LDem 1, AWAP 4
Indy Ref Yes: 32%, No: 68% (Y 28, N 57, Oth 15).

I’m a big believer in averages across a time frame where polling is concerned in order to smooth out the different methodologies used by the various polling companies and lessen the impact of rogue polls. Using just April’s polls as the base (from the start of April was really when the parties became more active and people became more aware).

April’s Average:
Lab 36/33%, Con: 27/24%, Plaid: 21/21%, LDem: 9/4%, RP: 4/2%, Grn: 3/4%, AWAP: 3/8%.
Senedd Seat Pred: Lab 28, Con 14, PC 13, LDem 1, AWAP 4

Again, national polling does not ‘iron out’ vote stacking in various regions, or a smaller party in one specific area sneaking a list seat (such as McEvoy) so the seat ‘window’ is:-

Lab between 26-29
Con between 14-19
PC between 10-17
AWAP between 2-4
LD between 1-2
Oth between 0-1 (Propel, Green, Reform UK)

The one to watch is Brecon & Radnor. If LDems lose that, they will almost certainly end up with no seats.
Labour will almost certainly require a C&S which if they choose PC will mean (so long as PC remain ‘true’ that Drakeford will have to stand down as FM.

I shall now lace my spread bets.


What is significant in polls is that support for indy is ever increasing.
Votes for Plaid Cymru is flat-lining.

This is because Plaid Cymru is paralysed by ‘ishoo’ politics, such as that this blog post highlights, self inflicted constituency schisms, and a party structure and rulebook which has not adapted to acquire strength in depth as well as geographical spread.


You are not kidding Brychan. However it now appears that the only kind of new member welcome in that Party ( and it seems Yes Cymru) is a card carrying member of the “lifestyle Leftie”, or the ultra militant “ishoo warrior”/SJW communities.

Genuine “warriors” who chase delinquent councils for housing disadvantaged people in shitholes, or repeatedly question the embedded Labour regime down the Bay, are cast as troublemakers, rapists, fascists, transphobes, etc etc ( can’t spell the word for blokes who hate women !) . This characteristic of Plaid leads to their preference for incomers who are preloaded with this baggage that is the default preference of party thought leaders.

Maybe within that figure that alleges support for indy is a sizeable chunk of nomadic ishoo- fascists whose goal is to impose their warped vision on what they perceive as a pliable and compliant Welsh nation.


Strange isn’t it that International Fascism of this new kind is probably a far bigger threat than old style Communism/Fascism ever was. Given the scope for proliferation offered by modern technology these manipulators are able to promote ideas far more quickly than ever before and follow up by moving into a new “host” body like Plaid and YC because they are quite uncritical about what they recruit as long as numbers get bumped up. YC was notably in a membership numbers frenzy for the last year or more. Now a casual glance tells us that a significant slice of those new numbers were motivated by goals other than independence.

Cuckoos ? now rapidly growing into vultures. Too late to say beware.

Red Flag

I originally moved to Ynys Mon from Oldham, where I had been living for four years after coming out of the Army working in the pub game. This was at the time of the big riots across the M62 ‘Belt of Islam’ and the phenomenal rise of the BNP under Nick Griffin. I ended up in the SWP not because I was some raving Trot, but because the only effective opposition in Oldham to the BNP at street level was the Anti Nazi League (ANL) which was under the control of the SWP anyway, and then Gulf War 2 – which I opposed, and the only opposition to that being the Stop The War coalition (which again was really the SWP who controlled them selves and the other large member of the coalition – CND). S

The SWP infiltrate everything with the aim not to take it over by ‘mass membership’ but to infiltrate it, work hard in it, give each other a leg-up, get a high profile as an activist and get onto the leadership at local and regional level before ultimately getting domination of the steering committees at national level. (as an example, most of you will have heard of ‘Unite Against Racism’. When the ANL stood down in the mid-noughties, that came into being initially on the university campuses, particularly Lancaster.) From there the SWP’s ANL activists joined it (I was instructed to as were all the rest of us), infiltrated away and quickly took it over with ultimately a horrible little fat black man that I met on several occasions in the SWP – Weyman Bennett, ultimately taking control of the national steering committee of Unite Against Racism and then ‘placing’ SWP across the committee.

When I moved to Ynys Mon, I was passed from one my old cadre to the local one (run by a teacher at the local High School) and from there after a couple of years one day around 2008-2009 we were all instructed to join Plaid Cymru and start canvassing whenever they did and get my face know to local PC membership. I often thought it no coincidence that a young man with quite a radical leftist outlook was being groomed for bigger things within Plaid just happened to also be a teacher at the same High School. The impression I got back in 2005-2006 was that the infiltration of Plaid was already underway.

Most of the unions are also heavily SWP-dominated at all levels. SWP all join unions, get active (I ended up a workplace rep in Holyhead Port), and slowly start to take the committees over etc etc

Momentum have done it to the Labour Party. They now control several regions – particularly in university towns and down in the south to such an extent that Parliamentary candidates are picked by them. It’s too big and too powerful now and there is no way Starmer is man enough to root them out. They are already seriously undermining him not just with the ordinary members but the voters at large, and they control Labour’s NEC – which is ultimately where all policies are made and endorsed.

You can even spot which groups are heavily SWP-infiltrated by the stylisation of their banners and posters – they all originate from an SWP-owned printworks in East London, where they are also designed by the same team. SWP, CND, UAR, Unions etc etc etc. If it’s even remotely left wing they’ll start to infiltrate it.

Red Flag

They are a mass of contradictions, largely metropolitan, largely middle class, largely sourthern England and run by the Marxist Jon Lansmann. And therein lies the first contradiction. Lansmann claims that Momentum is a mass pressure group of the ‘wider Left’ and not part of the Labour Party, despite it being Momnetum policy for all it’s members to join Labour and he himself being a prominant Labour activist for donkeys years, running Corbyn’s leadership campaign and presently holding a seat on Labour’s governing body – the NEC. A classic ‘party within a party’ along the lines of classic Leninism first infiltrating the Russian Labour Party, then forming the Mensheviks within it and splitting, then within that forming then splitting what became his ‘purer’ Bolsheviks away from it all the while ditching ‘journeymen’ and become more and more idealogically committed and extreme, before re-infiltrating the Russian Labour Party and consuming it in totality because it could not resist.

Most Momentum members are Labour voters and Labour members, a high percentage of the SWP are also in it (something Momnentum deny but is demonstrably true), and it is for want of a better description a breeding pond where Momentum members join their local Labour Party, quickly swamp local Constituency Labour Parties and take it’s committee over. It takes surprisingly few people to over-run a local Labour Party – most members are not activists and do not attend meetings. If you can get a dozen or so of your activists in, you can effectively stage a coup and you’ve then got that Labour MP or prospective candidate in your back pocket. Infiltrate, divde, split. Infiltrate, davide split. Ultimately, the aim will be to form a ‘pure’ group and consume the Labour Party – hence why they are more interested in ideaology than with winning elections – it’s better to be idealogicaly ‘true’ than to win – that can come at a later date. They operate on a divide and conquer principle and within themselves regulalrly use Leninist expressions such as ‘vanguard’ etc etc. A read of Lansmann’s wikipedia page is quite revealing:-


As is a read of Momentum’s page


It’s current Momentum leadership for the North West & Wales region is
Alan Gibbon
Tracey Hylton
Charlie Bollaan
and your mate Harriet Protheroe-Soltani

And I would suspect that they are concentrated in Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Bangor with significant cross-over with Labour, Plaid & Greens and a heavy presence in campaign groups (such as Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter, CND etc etc) in those areas. Busily scalping anyone who shows organisational and leadership promise and sings the right songs.

Red Flag

Bollan is a Labour activest in Cardiff, Gibbon near Blackpool (not far from Lancaster University which is highly prominant in leftist circles), Hylton is from Merseyside – the birthplace of Militant Tendency and a left wing bastion, and Protheroe-Soltani is also Cardiff and alsas you know, part of YesCymru.

Marina Castle Schemer

Jac you ask “Where does Momentum fit in all this?” . I do not know, but it grew rapidly in Swansea under the influence of the Lefty Drifters Bob Clay and Uta Clay that washed into Swansea with a high Severn Tide. They groomed a few successful Labour / Corbynite council candidates who are now very influential County Councillors in Swansea – mostly women. They are not really interested in the people of Swansea (like old Labour). Their main interest is green pseudo socialism and getting a paid post out of public money. The only difference is that the old Labour was not interested in greenery. Both types thrive on nepotism and public purse money.

Richard Morse

Interesting comments but very factually wrong. I am a member of the SWP since 1992 in Wales, also a supporter of YesCymru and independence. There has never been a branch in North Wales in that period. The print shop was sold in the early 2000s because it was cheaper to print things elsewhere. The SWP has not in the last 50 years instructed members to infiltrate another party. Yes all members are expected to be union members and be active in their union and what’s wrong with that? Regarding infiltration of all movements that is totally ridiculous. The SWP has a tiny number of activists so they even if we wanted to somehow control every organisation we ever work with, which we don’t, we are far too small an organisation to do that. We support movements that challenge the rotten remnants of the bloodiest empire in human history that still controls these islands. So let’s unite on what we agree on and build a powerful movement here in Wales.


So Richard, you suggesting that what has been identified indicate a splinter grouping? Red Flag mentions the Militant of Merseyside, which was more of a working class organisation. This, of course also had big support in Glasgow went on to form the Scottish Socialist Party, a genuine political party supporting independence. They who won seats in their own right in parliament under the leadership of Tommy Sheridan. So why does the hard left in Wales have different tactics, a role of subversion rather than expansion of the indy cause?

Red Flag

Sorry Richard but that’s bollocks. They may have sold the printshop (East End Offset), but it’s still London where all the posters for all the different supposedly unconnected groups and organisations seem to come from (Larkham’s I think it is now) hence all stilll using the ‘David King’ stylisations and graphics across half a dozen or more supposedly separate organisations. Ably distributed the length and breadth of the nation as and when needed via the ASLEF/RMT by the train drivers etc. And infiltration was very much the name of the game right up until I left them circa 2008. And they only had to sell it in 2012/2013 due to gross financial mismanagement and the farce of covering a rape up and the damage that did to it’s membership numbers when large numbers of people who had morals and could tell right from wrong quit over the scandal..

And as for whether there was a branch in North Wales – I never said branch, I said cadre (there were about a dozen in all on a good day) and I can assure you we very much did exist – it was no where near as well organised or as slick as Greater Manchester it must be said, ‘haphazard’ would be an apt description, lacking direction and with poor leadership. We used to meet every week in a pub in Bangor, where we even hosted Dr John Rees for a couple of hours one night, and where a couple of the lecturers at the Uni were also in it. In Greater Manchester, where I initially got involved with them, the same group of 50 or so regular people were in SWP, the ANL, CND, Stop The War and just about everything else you could think of that was even remotely left wing, as well as all being members of various constituency Labour Parties, despite that being against Labour Party policy. I even used to go on the piss with two of the three Oldham Labour MPs at the time and the head of Oldham MBC – although to the best of my knowledge they weren’t SWP, but they knew I was and they knew I was also in one of their constituency Labour Parties.

Ioan Richard

WIND TURBINES some simple village FACTS :-
Forget all your weird GENDER shite – let’s consider some renewable FACTS on real ground.
Early evening Wednesday 28-4-21 with time to spare I went with my son and grandson to check something about the Wind Turbines in my village locality as follows :-
a) On Mynydd Y Gwair (north Swansea) the 16 Wind Turbines were all (but one) turning steadily. They seem to work in Wind Speeds of 15 mph to 40 mph. I’m told they revolve at a constant rate and are controlled by a sort of huge clutch gearbox system possibly a fluid torque pressure drive clutch. The stronger the wind the electric generator turns faster not the blades – rather like a car engine and its gearbox. The massive Wind Turbine blades are 48 metres long and there is about an extra two metres connection to the very central shaft. This means that when revolving the tips create a circle that has a radius of 50 metres or diameter of 100 metres and therefore a circumference travel for the blade tips of 100 X Pi (3.14) = 314 metres blade tip travel in one revolution. We then set about several times to check the number of revolutions per minute – one of us keeping an eye fixed on one particular blade as it passed the tower with another of us with an eye on the second hand of a wrist watch. Several checks showed it was 16 revolutions a minute so the blade tip travel distance was 16 X 314 metres per minute that is 4924 metres per minute or 295,440 metres per hour which is a tip speed of 295 kilometres per hour or in speeds we are familiar with it it is a blade tip speed of 183 miles per hour. Mynydd y Gwair has / had a large skylark population and with soaring raptor red kites and buzzards and bat counts. At the planning stage the developers glibly said the Wind Turbines would kill some of these species. We used that in our objections but that was over ruled by Wales’ Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths when she approved it. There are 16 turbines each with three blades so that is 48 very heavy objects hurtling around the mountain at 183 mph in a height corridor of 100 metres. The RSPB never objected. It convinces me that their nick name “Bird and bat mincers” is appropriate. It must be continuous carnage on Mynydd y Gwair.
b) After the speed checks above we moved on yesterday evening up to hear a phenomena at Penlannau Bridge – that’s the small road bridge over the Lower Clydach river below Penlle’r Castell and Penlannau Farm. This bridge is a few hundred metres below one of the Betws Mountain Wind Turbines. Under the bridge it is like a concrete box with room to stand on the western bank underneath. If you stand on that western bank near where the small river exits the bridge you can witness a phenomena. This phenomena is a soft thudding vibrating noise from that one Wind Turbine a few hundred metres upstream gets amplified in resonance within the concrete box. It is really weird. It proves another thing that the whole area must be full of sonar resonance in the air from the blades over a wide area and ground vibration from the Towers. These cannot normally be detected by the average human senses although there have been several cases of a few sensitive people becoming ill and all dismissed by developers and politicians. I myself have witnessed sheep dogs whining in discomfort like they do if you play a mouth organ near them!
So this evening revealed a few interesting facts that have been dismissed and ignored. I would ask anyone living near Wind Turbines to do a blade tip speed check and anyone who lives near Penlannau Bridge to witness the resonance. Interestingly there is a current application at Bryn above Bridgend by an Irish Company (partly Irish State owned) for a cluster of the biggest Wind Turbines ever in Europe at 820 feet tall – the highest in Europe – nearly as high as the Eiffel Tower – certainly far higher than Blackpool Tower. They only on average generate erratically 25% of what they claim to produce and make an insignificant contribution to our Electric Grid. Our gullible politicians think these will save the planet!
Often the Wind Turbines are turning in very light breezes. This is because their blades are so heavy that if they were to stand motionless in such frequent low winds their weight would cause “flats” on the bearings and shafts so they are allowed to freewheel. In Windless conditions they may even get powered up off the grid to prevent these “flats”. Incidentally, such “flats” can occur on very heavy railway locomotives if a driver uses the beaks too heavily before a halt. The outer parts of their wheels is a “steel tyre” and a tiny flat the size of a 5p coin or less can cause serious damage to the locomotive’s wheels and the rails. Ask any Railway Enthusiast or Mechanical Engineer of this. Make note of Wind Turbines turning on windless days – hold a up limp handkerchief to prove it.
Information on these issues is hard to get because the promised “green jobs” swallowed by the politicians who want us to believe them do not exist. Nobody works on the sites or the Turbines from the village. If there is work to be done it is outsiders – even people from overseas – that turn up anonymously in a white van furtively avoiding any questions and answers. They do not even buy sandwiches in the village shop! This is real FACT not Gender Shite endorsed by minor idiots!
Google GRID WATCH UK frequently to see our UK Electric Grid power sources that vary from hour to hour – this will be the base of our economy not Gender Shite!.
************************** .

Red Flag

I mentioned in a comment further down the chain that a Pliad candidate I know told me that Plaid and Labour were at the ‘cosy fireside chat stage’ regarding Coalition or Confidence & Supply, and it wasn’t going well with the Labour stance being that there only role would be to supply votes.

My candidate friend has fleshed that out now. 10 is a big number. Shouyld Labour fall less than 10 short of a majority, Plaid will not endorse Drakeford for First Minister and would’bill’ the4 minority Labour administration on an as-and-when basis in return for their bloc vote.

But of Labour fall 10 or more short of a majority, Plaid will insist on a full Coalition, with the entire Labour front bench replacing, and Plaid holding every other Cabinet slot from Deputy First Minister downwards (Dep FM, Health, Housing, Mental Health, Education and likewise through deputy Minister positions – every other on, in order of seniority.). They will also expect several of their key policies to replace Labour ones. And if they don’t agree then Plaid will not vote in favour of the first Finance Bill, nor endorse Drakeford and a few other nukes.

Interesting article in the Guardian. Interview with Adam Price. (When asked) would he be happy with the position of deputy or joint first minister in a Labour/Plaid government? “We wouldn’t countenance being a junior partner,” he said. “That does not deliver the change we need.” (https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/apr/29/independence-takes-centre-stage-in-welsh-elections)


Yet another manufacturer will exit this country soon :


Labour with Plaid help will create a “task force” full of the usual suspects who will no doubt direct all the unemployed to take up jobs in our new green economy – tourism and the Third sector ! Say goodbye to “menial” industrial roles and play a key role in our modern caring and welcoming pseudo economy. Low carbon, bags of hot air. Makes me wanna puke !


Yet another company heading for the exit :

No doubt Drakeford and his little helpers in the Labour-Plaid conspiracy will rush out to create jobs in tourism and the Third Sector to replace these industrial roles which will now be denigrated as “menials” and not up to the high standards set in tending to the needs of high spending visitors and promoting the nation’s image as caring and welcoming.

Makes me want to puke.


Away from the hot air debate about rights of boys to dress up as girlies ( shades of Little Britain – remember that obnoxious shower from the Beeb ?) it’s reassuring to read that Plaid has again shot itself in both feet by supporting the rapidly out of control project for a new Cancer Hospital in North Cardiff. Instead of listening to common sense they went along with a “vision” whose cost estimates are now evidently out of control.

And these turkeys think they are fit to govern ? They might stand a chance if their more grounded Westminster squad was returned to Wales and cooler heads from Propel and Gwlad were called in to anchor the whole thing firmly in the real world. None of that is likely to happen so we’ll just carry on laughing at a bunch of confused juveniles who appear to have inhaled something far too strong for their little brains.


Woke Welsh Twitter does have its lighter moments though.

Amongst the hysteria and hatred recently was a thread that purported to reveal the real identity of the Miss Coleman account, which is often wickedly funny. The operator was named, possibly wrongly, as a male private investigator. But it was obvious from replies to the startling news Miss Coleman wasn’t real after all that loads of these mad Wokies thought that somewhere in Wales was a voluptuous young woman who actually did have a pair of huge knockers. These were shown in almost full glory as “her” Twitter photo. No shit, Sherlock! There were plenty of other clues but no need to go into those here. Well worth a follow though.

This incredible naivety and gullibility applies to their knowledge of Jac as well. I’m so disappointed to reveal to readers of his blog (Spoiler Alert) which includes them, no matter how hard they deny it, that the familiar image we see isn’t him. He’s actually much younger and more attractive than the grizzled old bugger in the hat, and has been known to sport a rather fetching flat leather Dai cap (is that a clue?) on occasions. And I don’t even think his real name is Jac either. How about that! Oh, I forgot. He doesn’t smell of piss either, an ageist slur these young Wokies frequently chuck out at him. Nor is he incontinent, yet another one circulating among the Wokies. I met him once and was very careful not to go too close after all the warnings, but you know, I can safely vouch for him on that account.

Not to shatter all your illusions, I can reveal Father Christmas is a real person who does live in the North Pole with a bunch of elves and some lovely reindeer. And if you are good Wokies and drink your milk for Mammy, and stop indulging in these nasty Twitter pile-ons, he’ll be coming down the chimney in December with a brand new i phone for you. He likes mince pies and a glass of sherry if you could leave those out for him.

Alwyn ap Huw

I have just blocked 8 or so accounts that responded to your tweet giving notification of this post, because it was so obvious that they were “sock puppets” of @commillism. People have every right to disagree with you, of course, but creating a false narrative of “mass disagreement” by the same person posting the same crap from multiple accounts is childish and pathetic.


I don’t know Aled personally, I have no reason to defend him, especially since I don’t necessarily think it’s transphobic to acknowledge that biological sex is real, but his tweets indicate he genuinely did not realise the properties belonged to Dilys Davies. He was on holiday with his family, it wasn’t targeted harrassment from him and his “hate filled little band”. Dilys’ tweet suggests that the LGBT community is not welcome, which is what Aled and his friends took offence to.


Where does this little sack of shit, Aled bach, live ? Perhaps someone loitering outside his shed daily and tweeting photos might arouse some excitement in his lousy life !


I’m new to the Indy Wales scene on twitter so I don’t know enough about what went on between Aled and Dilys. I’m aware that Dilys purchased the mural, which I do not agree with because I don’t think a piece of history should be privately owned. I’m a woman and I am LBGT – and I think accusations of transphobia get thrown around a lot so I don’t exactly agree with Aled and his friends in that aspect. Unless Dilys believes trans people should die or shouldn’t exist, she’s probably not transphobic. Could she be more sympathetic? Probably, although I don’t know exactly what she said about trans people.

But yes, I do think it was a coincidence. And it’s not out of the ordinary to take pictures and post them online. Posing with your sibling’s children and your dog doesn’t scream sinister or harrassment to me.


Because I try to have a balanced view, I’m not who I say I am? I would share my twitter account but I don’t want to be accused of transphobia when I’m not. You say you defend women but you’re telling me I can’t speak freely here either.


I’m prepared to cut Aled a bit of slack in that he was visiting various tourist venues in West Wales over that period. However, there was previous history between him and Dr Davies, eloquently set out in another blog post of Jac. It’s almost inconceivable that Aled was unaware that both of these “Cofiwch Dryweryn” copy murals were on business premises owned by Dr Davies. Her private wealth and business interests had been a previous bugbear of him and his friends. In fact after this more recent fallout, Aled and others were particularly uncomplimentary that she had so much wealth as a private individual. So I conclude he knew full well what he was doing and was poking the bear with a stick, for want of a better phrase.


I read ‘hate filled little band’ to mean the small group of people (including Alex) who encouraged the targeted harassment of Dilys Davies. Their constant retweeting and ‘egging on’ of each other in that harassment is what makes them a ‘little band.’ The LGBT community in Wales is large, and varied – much more varied IRL than on Twitter – and I am very, very sure that Aled is not the leader of that ‘band’.

I think too that Aled could have clarified he had visited the private properties where the ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ mural had been copied. It wasn’t the iconic wall. His friends have tweeted to this effect (that it was the actual wall), and this is an error he should correct. And taking photos outside someone’s private property and sharing them publicly, when that ‘someone’ is a woman he had lobbied very aggressively (and abusively) to have expelled from YesCymru, is stalking behaviour. Intimidating and creepy.


And both complaints seemingly submitted on the same day? Could happen by chance I suppose And both drawing on the previous issue back in 2019 when at least one of the complainants was probably still doing their GCSEs. Hmmm?



You’ll engage in innocent Twitter conversation with the lure

You’ll be steered onto a sensitive area

You’ll tweet an opinion or belief that contradicts their Law

The lure will draw in support from the pack

They’ll attack and bully you to tears, submission or blocking them

They’ll copy only selected tweets so that no context is given to the whole conversation

These will be used against you whenever they want to intimidate you further

Repeated engagement with them will result in a thread being prepared on you

This will list all your alleged crimes, again no context or explanation and even Jesus Christ himself would struggle to prove his innocence

If this still doesn’t stop you they’ll nobble others who follow you, stating you are not a nice person. The inference being that birds of a feather stick together, so if Mr or Mrs A is being called a fascist, homophobe, transphobe, racist or anything else then, matey – so are you likely to be one

In the end, very few make it.

Moral of the Story – Twitter is a mug’s game.

“The only winning move is not to play” – War Games 1983


I’ve just stopped a year of Click and Collect in Tesco and can now get more booze for my money in Lidl?


…or, as Confusius put it, “The man who does not compete, cannot be competed with.”

Interesting that all the male individuals mentioned in the article are in their first pair of long trousers, and the females, with their childish photo-poses, look even younger. The quality of their writing shows that they are of the new non-book-reading generation. It is to be hoped that when they reach adulthood they will look back on their present activities and think “What a silly little sod I was”. By then, having done substantial damage to the cause of Welsh independence, they will probably also have abandoned any pretence of support for it.


“Pretence” being the key operative word. False flag merchants the lot of them working flat out to lead a bunch of gullibles to destruction. Then they will be able to move on to their next project knowing that they have salvaged another colonial outpost for BritNat domination and eventual assimilation.


Yes, you are correct Stan.
I see very little constructive engagement.

What I see is a pattern of behaviour that is coercive control, a form or abuse. There is a basic premise to both Terfs like HMJ, and bullies (claiming thay speak for trans) as have been exposed on this blog, and that is that they somehow have ownership over someone elses body. I cannot use the miss-placed term Jac uses, that of transactivists, as the are not trans. They usurp the voice of transsexuals and don’t speak for them. A bit like the posh white people who claim to speak for those who are black.

I have news for both HMJ and AGW.

You don’t get to say where a transsexual or any other person gets to go, do, what public services they can access, or what they are allowed to say. This gives me the right to disagree with Dr Dilys Davies, but to not ban her voice, and certainly not remove her from Yes Cymru. What I do have a right to do, however, is to protect those of diverse gender and sexuality, and involves ensuring that HMJ is not elected in Llanelli, and looking at the Gwendraeth end of the constituency, she is being outvoted by Gwlad. No Terfs in Trimsaran.

The political goal is independence.
That includes everyone of Wales.


Why –
The remnants of the 4th international of the comintern have always used the tactic of entryism into the established labour movement. Most of these sects are not of proletarian descent. As the British Labour Party no longer represents the aspirations of the working class or any effective political force, so now, these sects, being petite bourgeois in nature, practice their entryism elsewhere. In Wales this will be the indy movement.

Their objective is not to support independence (nor transsexuals or black youth) but to act as agent provocateurs to recruit cadres to the sect by means of agitation. In parts of marginalized London and cities in the US it is manifest as race baiting. On social media they will use terms like ‘fash’ or ‘racist’ as slogans to engender misplaced hate. The same way as the extreme right uses terms like ‘Polak’ and ‘Paki’ to propagate hate as a method of agitation. It magnifies fear and division and in doing so subverts any real need that needs to be addressed.

When –
It became evident to me when at the Indy rally in Merthyr; the overt presence of sellers of Socialist Worker publications although I understand a previous bait of violence was manifest at Caernarfon. They seek to tar the parts of the mainstream independence movement as ‘fash’ while expropriating vulnerable idealists into membership of the sect by preying on their fears and insecurity. This will involve recruiting victims of un-crystallised sexual orientation, and persons questioning their gender identity. In rare cases race baiting, this most evident outside the main cities where an integrated mainstream exists, easily identified as London and Bristol activists.


It sure is entryism, pure unadulterated entryism. NONE, not one of these ultra fascist custodians of some narrow set of anti Welsh ideals has been actively promoting any pro Indy stance. They have NOTHING to say about The Unionists because these goons are doing the work of an Unionist Fifth Column, subverting our aspirations to ensure we remain within the Union. Labour is delighted as it will retain control of the Bay and London can’t be bothered but will have a chuckle because it’s all being achieved with minimal effort.


I’m not sure that Yes Cymru have been taken over because from what see on the internet and the one person I know whose a member their views seem to be pretty mainstream.

I suspect Leanne Wood is the real leader of Plaid and Adam has to go along with it because she’s got a bigger mouth, a noisier following and he fears a split if he doesn’t keep her happy, Might not be a popular comment on here but I think Price is weak.


I may have this wrong but I suspect Labour for independence is made up of Corbyn supporters and the numbers swelled by English determined to have a socialist state, Such people could find a welcome in Plaid and most English people would be happy to see the back of them.

I’m not a nationalist but a far left independent state as is the vision of Leanne Wood is a terrifying prospect to me which is why I read your blog.


Just a quick note to say that I like the way heat is building up on here. However it is also shedding light and that light is penetrating dark corners, some of them very dark. That tweet about Chwarae Teg informs us of yet another example of public agencies that have been infiltrated and captured by ultra Fascists who are out to stifle or control debate so that only their interpretation of the human condition is allowed to prevail. Ask Drakeford about this situation and he will blank you because organisations like Chwarae Teg have been dominated by Labour party members, sympathetic fellow travellers and others who are pursuing agendas deemed not toxic to the Labour cause. What the silly man hasn’t cottoned onto is that they will soon gobble up the entire party by having people in key posts.

They may already be at that stage. Plaid certainly are. One day soon one of these ultras will inflict violence on a dissenting member of the public. It will become our responsibility, ordinary citizens, to ensure that the guilty person is caught and punished because our regular police forces will probably fall for some old nonsense like “the perp was responding to a hate crime” !


After the incessant torrent of hysterical abuse levelled at Jac in recent weeks, I wondered if this particular blog would be published. Well done on standing up to those who would deny you a voice, Jac. I’ll come onto that later.

Unfortunately, Jac is only the latest in a number of individuals whose beliefs and opinions haven’t been a fit with the Welsh Taliban, whose behaviour grows more sinister and intolerant of other views by the day.

Helen Mary Jones has been driven off Twitter and other social media by these zealots and she has been sent to the Welsh gulags for brainwashing and reprogramming. I personally think it’s a decision that Plaid Cymru will come to regret. They should have stood more with HMJ and faced the bullies down.

I doubt that Dr Dilys Davies will return to social media in a hurry. The puritans who are cleaning up Welsh Twitter and Welsh society will want to rewrite her long history of support and campaigning for Welsh independence. Her epitaph will be written somewhere, perhaps fittingly on a wall. And probably it will read “Fuck off, you old TERF” (see below).

Other strong women in the Welsh independence movement are being targeted right now. I won’t name the individuals out of respect for their privacy, but one lives Aberystwyth way, the other in the Pontypridd area. The crime they are accused of is the most heinous in the Welsh Taliban bible, that of being a TERF (or supporting a TERF, namely Helen Mary Jones). Fortunately both women seem to have more than held their own against the TERF hunters – so far.

Only last week Lu Thomas, a very well known and prominent member of the LGBT community in Wales, and the former chair of Pride Cymru for many years, was challenged on Twitter because she apparently “followed” Merched Cymru, who were defined by the Taliban as a “transphobic hate group”. When Lu stood up to this nonsense it was cue for the customary pile-on of Twitter abuse, similar to that suffered by Dilys Davies, HMJ and others.

I should really try and sympathise with those carrying out the Welsh Inquisition because I genuinely believe in some cases they may be mentally deranged. But I don’t. I don’t hold any truck with bullies. And I cannot find any sympathy for those who advocate violence towards others.

“Lol fuck off Dilys” Aled said. “Yeah, fuck off dilys you mad terf” adds BvB. Councillor Owen Hurcum chips in, “as a proud Non-Binary individual and raging queer with a passion for Welsh Independence I was actually looking for a wall to have a big queer Indy photoshoot with, guess I know where now”. What a way for human beings, grown men (reputedly) to behave towards a woman old enough to be their grandmother. To swear at her, bully her, abuse her, taunt and torment her. They should be fucking ashamed of themselves. But as they seemingly are not, I’d like to say sorry on behalf of other, decent men, to Dilys Davies. And also to HMJ, Lu Thomas and all the women who have suffered and continue to suffer from bullying and harassment, that people can behave in such a fashion towards you.

The personal abuse and physical threats made to the well-being of Jac are even worse, as he knows, but full credit to him for weathering the storm and facing up to these scumbags when many would have backed down.

Jac isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I’d rather stand shoulder to shoulder with him any day than ally myself to the kind of scumbag behaviour I’ve seen on Welsh Twitter by those who want to tell me who I should “follow” and what I should believe. Yet he’s the one called out as a fascist. World’s gone damned crazy. I need a beer.


Stan – this is a really good summary of what’s been happening. It is chilling how people have been targeted, and you are right – the abuse is largely aimed at women, and shamefully, I think ‘decent men’ say nothing because they are scared of being targeted themselves.

That said, there are also women in the ‘purity politics/gender bully’ mob. They seem to be very young, almost all seem to have some declared mental health issues or other health problems which limit their participation in everyday life. I say that not to denigrate those issues – but because I think those women are low hanging fruit for Twitter mob membership. It reminds me of the 17th century witch hunts. The actual witch hunts. Young women denounced older women – and were the most vocal accusers, often – for fear of being burned themselves.

But you’re right. Whoever ‘BvB’ is, and Aled, and Owen Hurcum – their behaviour is appalling. Sneery, mocking, misogynist and incendiary. (are they really encouraging people to harass Dilys on her own private property??). Why on earth are they being welcomed by ANY political party. Let alone YesCymru rolling out the red carpet.

David Smith

It wasn’t “Fuck off” he said, it was “F*ck off”, and the difference is telling. I’ll always trust people who ‘come out and say it’, rather than censor the words. Doing so, to me, almost suggests something more sinister boiling away behind the bubblegum veneer that he dare not let loose; reminiscent of the euphemistic (and as a result, unsettling) speaking manner of a cultist or some creepy kiddies’ TV show host. It’s as though he wants the heft and gravitas swearing brings when used properly, but still maintain his goody-two-shoes facade.

Bedd Nedd

I am no expert on the statistics of global population, but I am assured by those who claim to know, that if you totalled up the populations of all the small nations like Cymru, and the tribal groups and ethnic groups all over the world, you would reach a massive figure that would be the majority of the global population. Yes, far bigger than the big and powerful nations. We Welsh are therefore part of the world’s majority, not to be dictated to by the Americans or Chinese or Russians or the English. As for the infiltration of Welsh political parties, like Plaid Cymru, by weird minority Groups.They are taking over the majority as in the subject of this Blog Posting of Jac. Sadly these weirdos will not morph from anything but a minority into a majority. They are aggressive parasites just like Tape Worms who will suck the guts out of Plaid Cymru whilst abusing the Dilys Davies types. It’s time that Adam Price and Plaid’s Honorary President Dafydd Wigley stood up and expelled the lot of them like that North Wales Mayor and also in particular that creep from Maesteg who trespassed in an elderly ladies’ property in West Wales. It’s too late for this coming election. Once the votes are counted, Adam Price must stand up and hold a massive purge, and be a fighter like his father was a fierce but fair amateur boxer in the ‘Pick & Shovel’ , or stand down. Let the weirdos go off and found and fund their own Party and call themselves by their own label. I grew up in a strong coal mining community that had tolerance in the fifties and sixties, but these weirdos have no tolerance. They are the fascists. Chuck them out Adam !

Gruff Williams

Sion Jobbins is a good bloke.


Perhaps he and others thought they had to get these people on board – to widen the appeal of YC. In reality it serves to lessen the appeal of YC. Many of these “ultra-fascist” types who are utterly intolerant of any deviation from their orthodoxy have more in common with a colonialist supremacist mindset. After all they are just looking for something to take over and shape to their particular and peculiar template.


I think Sion Jobbins is a good bloke too. I think sadly, the extremists who’ve been given roles in YesCymru will start smearing him shortly, after they’ve been given licence to carry out their purges. Ultimately they will want him out of YesCymru. They’ll pull the trick of putting out a statement and then publicly asking people to agree and ‘retweet’ it. Anyone who doesn’t is labelled ‘fash’, and then becomes a target. If they aren’t allowed to dictate Sion’s exact words, they’ll pull out of YesCymru in the messiest way, branding everyone involved ‘fash’, and ‘phobic’. Sion is in a really difficult position now. He should never have handed them the keys to the castle.


Can i encourage all who read this blog, and who are members of Yes Cymru to make Damn sure that you and your fellow members take part in the virtual Yes Cymru AGM and use their vote on 22 May. Or the movement is screwed. Please do this dros Gymru.

Simon Gruffydd Foster

I have written about the issue of organised groups being infiltrated and gutted out by people who promote fringe ideologues in wethepeople.wales. This also applies to political parties of course. There is no stopping it. It’s the Achilles Heel of all organisations.

This process seems to have been on steroids here in the 21st century. It doesn’t matter how solid and committed the founding members of an organisation or political party starts off with, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes gutted out and steered on a different course.

Beware of enthusiastic volunteers ready to take on the heavy lifting and get involved.

The only only answer, in my opinion, is to do democratic politics differently, so the decent majority can stay in control and minority vested interests stay where they belong – on the fringe.

Stephen Morris

What you say, Simon, echoes Robert Conquest’s Second Law of Politics, which states “any organisation not explicitly right wing becomes left wing over time”. It’s a form of decay.


This is a disaster for YesCymru. They had (just about) built up a head of steam on the basis of being a ‘broad church’. Handing their keys to the gender zealots and the purity police on Twitter (who are in reality a tiny, tiny group, reposting each others’ tweets) will just alienate the centrists, the left-of-centre and right-of-centre. Plus anyone else who differs in any way at all from their own very narrow politics. They cannot have a ‘Diversity and Inclusion Officer’ (who doesn’t even live in Wales…) who uses their role to orchestrate takedowns behind the scenes. YesCymru has opened the door to purges and expulsions to try and appease a handful of people – very young, almost entirely white, aggressively male – who want real life to be like Twitter. Blocking, Banning and witch hunting. This is the exact opposite of what YesCymru had the potential to be. And it won’t appease them anyway. Meanwhile, those of us across the board who find these purity politics and witch hunts bizarre are alienated. It’s not someone typing ‘smash the fash’ (presumably with a straight face) from behind the safety of a keyboard that’s troubling. It’s that this ridiculous voice and attitude is taken seriously by YesCymru. Or anyone in grown up politics.


Cllr Owen Hurcum.

I was wondering what motivates him and his involvement in the independence movement since his arrival from Harrow in 2016? I suspect it’s the desire of a narcissist, a self-gilded lily seeking a smaller pond to look big, and his subsequent demands for attention.

Aled Gwyn Williams.

There’s been gay men in Maesteg ever since I can remember. No animosity, no discrimination, a proud community of diverse sexuality and gender. I have to ask what he seeks? He’s not the only gay in the village, and by no means oppressed. I had hoped he might enlighten us on his views on transsexual equality as I have done some time ago, as comments to this blog.

The harassment escapades, travels to the business of Dr Dylis Davies, in Ceredigion following abusive threats on social media and him taking selfies of himself in her garden, this is nothing short of stalking behaviour. Suggest a visit from DPP, our local community squad car has suitable rainbow decoration to make this call. He needs to be offered some advise.

Can anyone confirm if both these stains on the independence movement are still members of Plaid Cymru or Yes Cymru?

Red Flag

Interesting you mention Scotland – largely unreported about what is going on up there.. There have been 9 opinion polls since the start of the month. Averaged they show:-

SNP: 49.00/38.33%
Lab:19.78/17.89 %
Con: 21.78/21.33 %
LDem: 6.33/5.78 %
Grn: 2.60/8.67 %
ALBA: 1.33/4.13 %
AFU: 1.00/3.33 %

(apologies for going to two decimal places, but the scottish vote counting in the List seats means that a fraction of a percent can swing a seat one way or the other.

This equates in seat terms to:-
SNP: 66
Con: 27
Lab: 22
LDem: 5
Grn: 9

Giving an SNP overall majority of 3 and a pro-indy majority of 12.

As for Indyref, that is on a knife edge for April of:-
Yes: 50.11%
No: 49.89%

(its around 45/45 with 10% undecided)


In Scotland a barnstorming run from SNP has been severely damaged by the antics of the gender fixated mob. True there are other schisms coming to the surface but it is this fixation with what’s up (or not up) yer kilt that threatens to torpedo the credibility of the SNP at a time when it should be romping home to a serious majority situation. I would not be surprised if it all hits the buffers.


Much of the mainstream LGB community wants nothing to do with the TQ+ elements, hence the formation of the LGB Alliance last year as an alternative to Stonewall – who are now only concerned with the T. There was much hoo-ha from the usual suspects last week when the LGB Alliance was given charity status.


I can help you with some details, Jac. The LGB alliance was set up by the English Conservative think tank called the ‘Heritage Foundation’, which opposed gay marriage and adoption. The leaders of this organisation are Allison Bailey who tried to Sue Stonewall and blames her lesbianism on childhood abuse, Bev Jackson a lesbian previously active in the Gay Liberation Front and bases her theories that female to male transition are lesbians trying to escape men, and the former Simon Fanshawe, a gay man known as the media tart in the BBC and active in the Brighton scene. They consider homosexuality as a kind of infection to be treated as an illness and trans as an invented condition arising from the pressures of portrayal of femininity in the media. Many of the re-tweets of HMJ, which got her into trouble with Plaid Cymru, originate from this group. They oppose the ban on ‘conversion therapy’ to make gays and lesbian people straight in Ireland, where their organisation is banned as a hate group for encouraging bullying in schools. In 2019, two of their activists tried to block the annual gay pride march on the Kingsway in Swansea.


This is absolute and homophobic nonsense. Everyone you have named here has been active in campaigning for gay rights, gay marriage and equality for most of their lives. Simon Fanshawe was a FOUNDER MEMBER of Stonewall (and what does “active in the Brighton scene” mean? if it’s a homophobic slur, get back in the bin). Some of the LGB Alliance in Wales have opposed PRIDE marches – because they disagree with their policies on transgenderism, and won’t comply with forced speech or forced behaviour. They also oppose Stonewall (which is a very different organisation to the one it used to be, as well as being hugely wealthy and corporate) on several issues. Including their insistence on ‘gender identity’ (ie the idea you are born with an innate internal sense of ‘gender’ – like a gendered soul). A huge number of people reject this concept, while upholding gay rights and legal equality for trans identifying people. You can disagree with them if you like. But to slur the founders of LGB Alliance, slander them and generally lie in this way is despicable and homophobic.


For reference – to counter the homophobic slurs of Brychan’s post, and for people who like to come to their own conclusions – here is a link to LGB Alliance. https://lgballiance.org.uk/

David Smith

Did a single, solitary one of these acronym acolytes stop to question whether gays and lesbians wanted to be put in a box alongside transgenders, asexuals, intersex folk, the kinky, and whichever other orientations/anatomical classifications have been appended to that seemingly ever-expanding acronym? What about lumping in any number of nations, peoples, creeds and cultures into that big homogeneous mass dubbed ‘People of Colour? How do African Americans and Korean immigrants in Los Angeles feel about being thrown in together when those respective groups have had their issues with each other? Do-gooders might do good to realise that ‘whites, in contrast to everyone else’ helps nobody and insults many.

David Smith

What start out as noble ideas – worker’s rights, racial equality, gay rights – descend into a circus.


Well said. In a way we should feel some (small) amount of sympathy for these mostly young impressionable persons pushing these super woke identity politics – for they know not what they do.

In many of their minds I would speculate, they believe that they are edgy radicals fighting some vague notion of the capitalist establishment and the ‘narrow minded norms of oppresive western society’. What they sadly don’t realise is that their narrative of belonging to ‘a brotherhood of victims’ fighting the system is being funded and pushed by the very globalist monopoly capitalists and transnational corporations that they claim to be pushing against. In other words they are useful dupes for the subversive globalists whose goal it is to destroy not only western civilisation but all the civilisation and nations of the world. And once these globalists have had their use from all these useful dupes they will attack and destroy them too.

If they really want to fight the monopoly capitalist system and genuine fascism they should be directing their energies towards the World Economic Forum and their crazed global fascist Great Reset plans for example. And support anyone standing up for their nation and their people against this globalist fascist ideology.


Gruff, you suggest that – ” In a way we should feel some (small) amount of sympathy for these mostly young impressionable persons pushing these super woke identity politics – for they know not what they do.”

I strongly disagree. These bastards know exactly what they are up to. They are here to derail a process before it even gets off the ground ( mixing metaphors !). Deep down they would know that hijacking something like Plaid or YC for a set of fluid cranky ideals just won’t go anywhere other than the ruin of the movement. It is more likely that the objective is just that – tank the nationalism by subverting it.

These ultras are all BritNats, maybe of the left variety according to Jac’s analysis, but there is very little if any real socialism in evidence, unless we consider their National Socialist characteristics. Lifestyle lefties will get on with these hooligans for a while but in due course they too will be elbowed out of the nest as more cuckoos arrive to displace them.

Affection for anything Welsh ? You gotta be kidding These are Anglophonic supremacists just embracing a different set of toxic values to distinguish themselves from the equally odious folk from likes of Britain First.


“I strongly disagree. These bastards know exactly what they are up to…”

I know what you’re saying of course. I’m sure a great deal of them know exactly what they’re doing and what their real subversive agenda is, and they deserve all the righteous contempt. But equally a great deal must be simply young and impressionable, who genuinely believe that they’re part of a just cause to rid the world of the imaginery ‘oppressive fascism’ that they believe hides behind every corner, in order to bring in the fantasy Orwellian brave new world utopia/dystopia that they believe they are building.

We should have at least some sympathy for these ones that have literally and unknowingly been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the subversive education and university system. And brainwashed by the super woke progressive mainstream media and state that have been pushing all of this stuff for the last 20 years or so especially. These unwitting dupes deserve a chance to be saved in order that they see the light and fight the real fascism being pushed on the whole world by the transnational globalist corporations and their stooges in governments, in NGO’s and in subversive pseudo social justice movements


Yes.The big tech that own social media seek to profit using a specific revenue stream, that of targeted advertising. It’s their USP over mainstream media. This “content” has the effect of magnification. Buy a shirt from Jacamo, if it’s the lumberjack style popular in the US gay scene, like the one AGW wears on his selfies, the cookie remnants will then propagate content in that direction. This can connect to social contact platforms. The result is that those of young impressionable age living in a fantasy world of commercial construct. A surrogate identity develops in the user. This is the domain of the ‘conspiracy theory’ and the reason why organisations of bad intent, like IsIs, Islamic extremism or BLM, race bating, or Proud Boys, use social media as a recruiting tool. Wales is not immune to this, and it’s probably the reason why certain people in the indy movement in Wales (Jac has named them) see enemies and phantoms within. Perhaps they should step back and think if what they say is true.


Subliminal indoctrination is easily received by minds that have not built any resilience through experience. In other words many of these people haven’t grown up properly.


Only yesterday in response to Jac’s piece on Senedd Elections 2021 I wrote the comment reproduced below which probably fits just as well in here :

About this time last week I commented that some of the antics of certain people and organisations “places me at risk as it makes me come over all Fascist, like !”

Well, having scanned some of the utter drivel being trotted out by so called “progressives” I can only say that if I am to be labelled Fascist for holding certain views and stances then so be it. However I must say that I am a strange kind of Fascist because I’m a damn sight more tolerant of open debate and diversity than those who purport to be the advance guard on such matters. Maybe we occupy different universes but for some odd reason there has been an “intersectionality event” which has brought us into each others’ spaces. My space is full of tolerance, there are things I dislike but I let them get on with it. Their space appears decidedly monocolour although that colour changes as the flavour of the month shifts. Is it too much to hope that it all goes away sometime soon ?
26/04/2021 at 09:55

Neil Singleton

Interesting that, in the last couple of days, that ultimate icon of the “trans community”, Caitlin Jenner, has stated that it is wrong for born males who have transitioned, to compete against born females in womens’ sports. So far, not a squeak from the trans fanatics/activists who vilified/cancelled JK Rowling.

Chris Groves

“But I am more representative of the Welsh population than those who attack me”… Amen to that… another well written, informative piece, it is appreciated.