YesCymru, light at the end of the tunnel?


At the risk of overworking clichés, YesCymru has become the gift that keeps on giving. In fact, it is developing into a veritable cornucopia of source material.

The reason for this is now obvious. There is a group of people within (and some outside) YesCymru who have persuaded themselves that they can say and do whatever they like with no repercussions.

They have been encouraged in this belief, first, by the ease with which they were allowed to take over YesCymru, and then, by the lack of opposition from politicians and mainstream media to their insane views on society, politics and gender.


YesCymru was born on a cold and gray Chicago morn in 2014 out of Welsh support for Scottish independence. The group was officially launched in February 2016, and I gave it my backing in this piece, ‘YESCymru Launch Rally 20.02.2016‘.

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As is the fate of all such groups, the Far Left soon tried to muscle in and subvert a cross-party and non-ideological group.

The initial attempt was thwarted, which resulted in certain individuals leaving and, towards the end of 2018, forming Undod, offering ‘Radical Independence for Wales’. It was soon clear that Undod was a Marxist organisation whose members turned up for any kind of protest.

Inevitably, Undod also attracted – and welcomed – Marxists with no real interest in Wales, let alone independence. For these, Wales was just another stage on which to perform, and independence another ishoo to exploit.

One of these recruits was Siwan Clark. For soon after her hero Jeremy Corbyn lost the December 2019 general election she left London to return to Cardiff. In this tweet, put out 11 days before this year’s AGM, she helpfully explains the genesis of Undod.

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Clark is of course a member of Momentum, the Marxist party within a party that cost Labour so many seats in December 2019. And now Clark has brought her winning formula to Wales!

What could possibly go wrong?

To prepare the way for the takeover completed at the May 22 AGM certain people, resistant to the Marxists and the Wokies, needed to be removed. Among them, Dr Dilys Davies.

Dr Davies had been attacked earlier, in September 2019, for defending Germaine Greer’s views on sex and gender. (Or at least, that was the excuse used.) I dealt with it here in, ‘Misogyny, bullying? Depends who’s doing it‘.

The attack was renewed at Easter-time this year when Aled Gwyn Williams went down to Ceredigion to engineer the excuse for more complaints – from Aled’s cronies – that would be used to get Dr Davies suspended from the Central Committee.

This I dealt with in ‘Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left’.

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In the tweet above, from around April 23, Siwan Clark helpfully confirms that there was indeed a campaign against Dr Dilys Davies by, “Welsh trans people and their allies”. Code for, ‘Hard Left and their Woke dupes’.


These Woke-Left extremists do not provide much in the way of humour. Understandable, for they count many swivel-eyed fanatics in their ranks.

Which means that what laughs they do provide are entirely unintentional. Here’s a recent example from Twitter. It’s Aled again!

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It’s difficult to think of any group that has posted more ‘mad shit’ on Welsh Twitter in recent years than Aled Gwyn Williams and his gang.

Though as I may have remarked in recent postings, Aled and his fan club are much less active now. They either post innocuous stuff or else their accounts are protected. The suggestion is that they’re using private chat rooms . . . where no doubt the ‘mad shit’ still fills the ether.

But wherever they are, Aled can’t kick the selfies on Twitter: ‘This is me!’, ‘Look at me!’, ‘Look what I’m doing!’.

If anybody loves Aled half as much as Aled loves Aled then Aled is a very lucky boy.

Aled’s mate ‘BVB’ has also forsaken Twitter, having lately realised that it is “vile”. This is priceless.

For when they ruled social media, when they could slag off good people with impunity, Aled and his gang thought Twitter was the best thing since Leanne Wood becoming leader of Plaid Cymru.

But now, as more and more people realise what a pernicious influence this gang has been for too long, it becomes, ‘Oooh, nasty people on Twitter answering back’.

A case of biter bit. And he doesn’t like it. Click to enlarge

Lest we forget, here are two gems put out not so long ago, on Twitter, by ‘BVB’. Did somebody say ‘Mad shit’?

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In other news . . .

A bizarre article appear on The National website last Saturday. I knew it was going to be a treat when I saw that the author was our young friend, ‘Emrys’ Price-Jones, Chair of YesCymru’s LGBTQ+ Committee.

‘Emrys’ has a deputy, even more off the wall than her. I’m referring now to ‘George Brown’. Here are some of their recent tweets, to give you a flavour of this dysfunctional duo.

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I have to be careful how I word what follows because lawyers are involved, and old Jac has had his fill of those buggers. Anyway, here’s the article from The National as it now reads on the site. But that’s not how it originally appeared.

You’ll see that certain comments have been deleted. This is because they addressed parts of the original article that were soon removed by The National. But not before the article, in its original format, had been endorsed and retweeted by YesCymru.

In the section taken down ‘Emrys’ was candid enough to confirm that he was one of the complainants against Dr Davies a few months back. He even spelled out that the whole charade was staged to engineer her suspension, thereby ensuring that Dr Davies could not stand for election to the Central Committee at the May 22 AGM.

The redacted section also libelled, without naming, but clearly identifying, the woman referred to above by ‘George Brown’ in such vile terms.

Make no mistake: this article was a deliberate attempt to prejudice hearings that are yet to take place; hearings involving Dr Dilys Davies and the other woman identified in the article.

Thankfully, apart from a few ‘wonderful article’ comments from a few people, including ‘BVB’, most comments were hostile. Here’s a good example.

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The Central Committee member so grossly abused by ‘George Brown’ in the tweet above complained to Jess Harvey, YesCymru’s Diversity and Inclusivity Officer. The complainant was fobbed off with, “I know George from Plaid Pride. This is very uncharacteristic of them. I’ll have a chat with them!” (Note the pronouns.)

On the contrary, it’s all too characteristic of ‘George Brown’, and Jess Harvey must know it. 

Yet this episode reminds us that Jessica – formerly Matthew – Harvey left Plaid Pride in April. ‘George’ left around the same time. Both seem to have decided that YesCymru offered more scope for their intolerant, cultist approach to trans issues; and gave them more freedom to slag off good people as TERFs, transphobes and fascists.

For while earlier forays had established a bridgehead for the Woke-Left, the war on diversity of opinion intensified once YesCymru had a Diversity Officer.

I’m assured that legal action is actively being pursued against those involved with the writing and publication of that heinous article, and other examples of defamation and intimidation. The police are involved.

I can understand why YesCymru Chair Siôn Jobbins has closed his Twitter account.

UPDATE: Siôn Jobbins resigned around mid-day. Here’s the statement he put out.

UPDATE: I am informed that ‘Emrys’ was suspended late this afternoon. Which I assume prompted this rather plaintive tweet.

UPDATE 12.07.2021: ‘Emrys’ has confirmed that she has been suspended. Does this mean that the lunatic ‘George Brown’ is now acting Chair?


As if YesCymru doesn’t have enough problems with police and lawyers, more problems are piling up with questions about how YC is organised and regulated. And where the money is going.

On the day of the AGM, London-based Central Committee member Tori West put out this intriguing tweet.

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Suspicions grow that ‘Welsh creatives’ (and indeed, non-Welsh creatives) already had their fingers in the YesCymru pie when that tweet went out.

Such as whoever created this eyebrow-raising, toe-curling, stomach-churning, vomit-inducing little video. If you haven’t yet seen it, I suggest you sit down before watching.


We’ll deal with the images in a minute, but let’s focus first on the ‘lyrics’: “England, I know you love me / And I love you too”. What the fuck is that supposed to be saying?

Is anyone claiming the credit!

And why does ‘Wales’ have to be a buxom slapper on a night out down Wind Street?

I know we complain that Wales has been shafted by England for centuries, but did it have to be so graphically illustrated? And seeing as it was, shouldn’t it have come with some kind of warning?

Who the hell commissioned this? Who agreed to pay for it? And who made it?

The answer to the last question I’m told is BAK, a Cardiff company. They look like the kind of ‘creatives’ Tori West may have been thinking of. But there is no company called BAK. We need to look for Capsizing Creative Ltd, formed just last October.

The sole director is Memet Ali Alabora. A Turkish actor and playwright who fled his homeland – with his wife – when it was alleged a play of his had encouraged riots in 2013. He is now a British citizen.

Those involved at BAK are either Turkish or Welsh and, in fairness, Alabora and his wife seem to have taken to Wales, the language, perhaps even the independence cause. But nothing can justify that video. And how many others of that execrable standard has BAK turned out for YesCymru?

I’m even told that the singer is Central Committee member Carys Eleri. Is that true?

Finding out how much that video cost to produce, and how much YesCymru money has found its way to BAK, or anyone else, may not be easy because there are increasing claims that YC’s accounts are either unreliable or unavailable.

Similar claims are made for the Minutes of Central Committee and other meetings.

Another cause for concern might be Ymgyrch Yes Cyf. This being the private company that holds the rights to the YesCymru trademark. Until this year’s AGM the company had four directors. Two resigned because they were no longer officials of YesCymru.

This left just Chair Siôn Jobbins and Treasurer Gwyn Llewelyn. But with Jobbins AWOL this means that the company is in breach of Article 10 of its own Articles of Association, which says there must be 2 directors for a meeting to be quorate.

There are other matters being raised of a similar nature. It looks chaotic.


The prevailing mood among members has increased the pressure on the Central Committee and that pressure is certainly telling.

A grassroots revolt, with branches demanding face-to-face meetings with the CC, resulted in this e-mail going out yesterday. It’s signed, in the absence of Siôn Jobbins, by his deputy, Sarah Rees.

It confirms that there will be a meeting of the local groups and the Central Committee on Tuesday.

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You’ll note there are certain things that cannot be discussed at the meeting “due to legal reasons”. I bet there are! I just hope that whoever represents the Central Committee doesn’t use that as an excuse to clam up on everything.

And it will be interesting to see who does represent the Central Committee at Tuesday’s meeting.

The victory of the Woke-Left has been short-lived because they were too arrogant and self-obsessed to appreciate that taking over the Central Committee in a rigged AGM would be resented by the great majority of YesCymru members.

Members who want to prioritise independence, and welcome into YesCymru all those who share that view, irrespective of political loyalty and ideological alignment.

For YesCymru to get back on track most of the Central Committee must be removed. The same goes for Diversity and Inclusivity Officer Jessica Harvey, and Campaigns Officer Harriet Protheroe-Soltani (of Momentum).

Unless swift and firm action is taken YesCymru as an organisation could find itself paying – literally! – for the disgusting and criminal behaviour of a few dozen people. That would not be fair on thousands and thousands of decent people.

If YesCymru is to be saved, those wanting to save it must be ruthless. Cut the guilty loose and let them fend for themselves. They’ve already done enough damage.

♦ end ♦

51 thoughts on “YesCymru, light at the end of the tunnel?

  1. David Smith

    While I’ll admit it did make me laugh, in the ‘at’, not ‘with’ sense, the worst bit about that video is it incorporating Cornwall as part of the Anglopomorph. See what I did there 😉? With witticisms like that, I should be writing their material!

      1. Dafis

        Clicked on that link before realising it was an Express column. Well, what can you expect from one of the major gutter rags steeped in AngloBrit supremacist bullshit ? I’d be disappointed if that medium started to extol the virtues of Welsh indy as it would indicate that there was something seriously wrong with the concept. These are the fuckers who have Princess Di memorial articles every other week and will now run pictures of the newest generation of royal heirs as a matter of course.

        1. David Smith

          They have an unnatural fixation on Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. If she had pigtails they’d be pulling them in the playground. It’s *that* pathetic.

  2. Stan

    Re the recent update wondering whether “George Brown” is in charge of YC LGBT while “Emrys” is suspended. The Vice Chair of that group is Ty Griffiths who unsuccessfully stood as a candidate for election to the Central Committee. Ty’s pronoun is “they”, so if Ty had been elected there’d have been a non binary representative on the CC, which I guess would have counted towards those inclusivity amendments that were passed.

      1. Stan

        He’s studying in Cambridge by the looks of his Twitter account (locked). Based on his cover photo I’d say early 20ish.

  3. Dafis

    While many people will be content, possibly ecstatic, with the news of resignations and suspensions among the entryist clique at YC I am utterly dismayed. Only the announcement of a mass suicide with 100% outcome will suffice as that would serve to ensure that these parasites will not turn up anywhere else to ruin otherwise worthy causes.

    1. To Dafis and Everyone – please urge the undemocratic Yes Cymru Central Committee of secretive rude weirdos to jump over the abyss before they are pushed by the mass membership who must now ask for their money back before it’s all gone and before this dreadful Committee jump into the abyss of the unwanted. They are not wanted in normal politics. They could go to display themselves in seedy windows in Amsterdam amongst the chicks with dicks.

    1. Red Flag

      Best beach on Ynys Mon/Anglesey in my opinion. Especially right down at the far end which is only accesibly via a one and a half km walk along the beach from the car park or a 1km trek through the sand dunes from the lane to the rear, thus ensuring that most of the tourists don’t go that far meaning that whie the northern end is standing room only, the southern end is basically deserted.

  4. Brychan

    There have bee statements from some of the prominent central committee of YesCymru since the coup saying that a full posting ballot of members was not possible. Strange. Plenty of cash for various ‘woke’ officer positions.

    In November last year, a secret ballot of the full membership of Cymdeithas yr Iaith took place.

    As it happens Mabli Siriol was elected chair, who is of LGBT campaign for equality background, but most prominent activity since elected as chair of CyI is exactly that. Having a viewpoint of various ishoos, or differing political parties, does not preclude democratic elections.

    The central committee of YesCymru should all resign and subsequently expose themselves to a ballot of the full membership.

    1. It’s sad to see Cymdeithas yr Iaith go the same Wokie way. But the poison comes from the same source – Undod.

      1. Brychan

        CyI had gone from a mass movement to a small niche of activists which allowed a niche clique to take control. It’s latest campaign on holiday homes may well change this. YesCymru, however, is of recent a mass movement and a clique has had to seize control away from the membership without a universal ballots.

        I remember this ‘no ballot’ tactic before.
        Arthur Scargill. An element of the left with no faith in the membership.
        A successful ballot would have obtained the objective but it was squandered.

    2. I speak Welsh fairly fluently, but I never studied Welsh in School, other than as Dafydd Iwan once sang “ambell o lesson yn Welsh chwarae teg”, and I never went to Sunday School to learn it as older generations did. As a consequence I cannot write in Welsh, I also struggle to read it in certain texts. So I am only competent in speaking it quite well. That being so, over the years I have written to Cymdeithas Yr Iaith on a few important issues for the Welsh language. Yes, important issues – like emerging local Council Planning policies that really affect Welsh speaking communities and the Welsh language. Every time they have childishly shunned me and they refuse to answer letters sent to them in English. What we all need to do now, is to write them in English on LGBT issues to see if they will answer on gay rights issues in English. I bet they will! Is this yet another institution being hi-jacked for the wrong intentions – Gay Rights over Yr Iaith Gymraeg !

  5. Stan

    I read that Niki Jones has also been suspended from YC. I suspect this happened some weeks ago following complaints by people who may now be suspended themselves or who may even have quit YC! How does that work then? I’ll bet my house on the complaints about Niki being similar to those levied against Dr Dilys Davies. And possibly a few extras thrown in for good measure.

  6. Dafis

    I am looking forward to an update which informs us that several of these entryists had met in a fairly confined space and spontaneously combusted causing them all to expire before their dump by date.

      1. Dafis

        I saw that. Is that an indication that all on that list are hard core entryists ? Are all 7 duds, is that the sum total of CC members, is he advocating a clean sweep so as to appear totally objective and unbiased?

        Personally I’d opt for a biased stance telling them clearly there is no room for any person who wants to divert that body from its main objective. If they want a clique for narcissitic lifestyle lefties they should fuck off out of YC, or better still out of Cymru, and set up their own little circus in Greater London where there appears to be some appetite for that sort of crap. The alternative of staying in Cymru and adapting to the overriding mission seems beyond them.

  7. David Smith

    By its very definition, an independence movement is an offshoot of the status quo. Ergo, transphobia had to have been manufactured during its nascent phase, or it is endemic within the status quo. If the former, why aren’t these people weeding out the perpetrators? If the latter, why aren’t they going after Westminster’s ‘transphobia problem’?

    1. David Smith you therefore raise two “If” questions. Whatever the answers are, at the end of the day, all these Yes Cymru Central Committee weirdos are just plain rude and a very nasty intolerant bunch of creeps. Certainly not the kind of people I would ever wish to see running a Community Council or a pub Darts Team or our Country – Wales. They even make sleazy liar Boris look like a Saint by his style of mannerism. Maybe we need to start painting “Cofiwch Yes Cymru” on walls around places like Maesteg etc.. YES CYMRU has had its day – it is doomed – but let the original genuine members get their money back even if it needs civil court actions.

      1. David Smith

        The worst of them all for me is the strip-o-gram. Daft tart probably thinks it’s some sort of blow for ‘liberation’ or something no doubt.

  8. Red Flag

    The entire purpose of YesCymru is no longer Welsh independence no matter what they may claim. It is actually to destroy the independence movement.

    1. There is no evidence that anyone is deliberately trying to damage or destroy the independence movement. However, I take your point – that could certainly be the outcome. But rather than blame YesCymru, with its 18,000 members, I think we need to point the figure at the guilty parties. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the past few months.

      1. Red Flag

        It’s the political motives of the far-Left infiltrators. They do not believe in nationalism – not even civic nationalism, which begs the question as to why they are in a movemet committed to independence – and the only logical conclusion is they are in it to milk it, recruit for their own purpose in other political movements, and cripple YesCymru!. Basically use it as Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’.

        1. I agree with you up to where you say, “cripple YesCymru”. It pays the Far Left infiltrators to keep YC afloat for the money and the clout it gives them. There’s no advantage to them in wrecking YesCymru. That they may be doing it anyway is down to the fact that they’ve overplayed their hand and misjudged the reaction.

        2. Whenever a champagne socialist accuses you of being a Fascist, if you are a Welsh Nationalist, just reply calmly and simply, saying “Oh, I thought Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandella were Nationalists!”.

          1. David Smith

            I doubt these thickoes have a handle on the Internationale and the like, they’re just sad adolescent fucks who’ve grafted themselves onto a platform. Unfortunately, it happens to be ours.

          2. David Smith

            Also, one in the eye for the wags and enlightened commentariat who hilarious portmanteau the SNP as SNazis!

  9. Wales now has a population of nearly three and a quarter million. What’s the electoral roll number? I don’t know, but it’s now more than ever before. How many votes does anyone think the likes of YES CYMRU’s present Central Committee would get if they stood for democratic elections for various levels of Wales’ Councils or the Senedd or UK Parliament get? Polite answers in large print on the back of half a used second class postage stamp.

      1. Dafis

        …and to which eloquent advocate of the nouveau model of independence is that complex utterance attributed ? It is quite uplifting to read of such fluency and use of language in these dumbed down times.

  10. Ianto-Ddu

    So, a few years in which Sion Jobbins as chair of YC did, at best, absolutely nothing, whilst at his worst siding with the vile people attacking others because he thought that was the opportunistic thing to do. Not doing anything to back up anyone speaking against it. At his best turning a blind eye to embezzlement, at his worst encouraging it. He enabled and even encouraged the implosion of Yes Cymru.

    Having done that, he has now resigned.

    Well done, Sion Jobbins, well done.

    1. I think Sion Jobbins liked the limelight, and the speechifying to big crowds. Dealing with devious and evil fuckers such as I’ve identified here was never his forte.

      The question now is, will he stay in hiding, or will he finally speak out against the loonies?

      1. David Smith

        He’s committed to remain as a member, and also in his email to the members he cited personal issues. No loaded language as far as I could tell.

  11. Ianto-Ddu

    That Flag manufacturer being pushed by Central Committee to bully his way into the Yes Cymru Swansea group, and take over the march which central had asked us to organise, as I mentioned before. Lord, you could see him running after the money, even trying to get his hands on our meagre local groups funds. Probably because he could see that’s where money could be best laundered through, rather than going to him directly from central. I stopped him doing that, but Central kept ensuring money kept going into his pockets. He organised the Pride Marches. Did mention that enough? He certainly did. That excuses any embezzlement, of course.

    1. Maybe I should have given the flag maker a mention, but I’m still not clear on the connection. Who exactly is he close to on the Central Committee?

      1. Ianto-Ddu

        Oh, he was involved in the marches, so knows them all. Sion Jobbins gave him the job running the “banners on bridges” in Swansea when Sion Jobbins suddenly appeared as chairing a meeting for the Swansea group by Zoom without getting in touch with the group beforehand after the chair resigned (partly because of bullying from Mr Flagmaker.).

        It’s not who he is close to which is the point, but the fact they put someone running a business basically in control of events which would pay money to him. Enabled him to decide that Yes Cymru should buy “x amount” of stuff from himself.

        To be honest, I’m surprised nobody instantly sees that as corruption, but it seems very few people do, so I had to struggle when I was working against it. I mean, it’s more than conflict of interest, even- it is straightforward corruption.

        And its not who he knows or which side he is on (he ran the Pride marches. I don’t think I mentioned that. As often as he did, that is. It’s really important in this day and age to not be able to be accused of being uninclusive, as he also often said, and people can’t say that about him, you see.) It’s the fact that this level of inappropriate dealing with money was seen by the central committee as being perfectly acceptable – and *encouraged* by them.

        Of course you shouldn’t have a flag manufacturer deciding whether Yes Cymru needs to buy flags or not. Or whether flag heavy events should go ahead during a pandemic or not. I mean, that’s just – well, of course you shouldn’t! IT’s not stupid, it’s corrupt. And if it is allowed for one, it is going to be allowed for the shower who are in “power” now.

        1. Looking at the companies he’s been involved with, some are dissolved, and those still standing have no money. What am I missing?

  12. As I mentioned before, I’ve had personal experience of what was basically embezzlement by a flag manufacturer in cahoots with the Central Committee of Yes Cymru, putting him in a position to arrange for as many of his own flags to be bought using Yes Cymru funds as possible, including ones which weren’t even used, and opening marvellous possibilities to him over the funds for the march he was to be running. But then, he was a big organiser of the Pride Marches in Swansea, as he went on about at length, so of course he should get paid Yes Cymru funds. And this was with the help of Sion Jobbins, even before “this lot” got in.

    Well, even Sion Jobbins has had enough and has resigned. He still won’t say anything, though

  13. Alex

    One wonders where all the profits will go if it folds. By the last count they were sitting on a hefty six figure sum.

  14. Dafis

    Light at the end of the tunnel ? No chance. The tunnel, like the one between Rhondda and Afan Valleys is blocked both ends, piled high with the ruins of many good intentions and ideas. Any light you get is where the gas coming out of this creepy wokey, lifestyle leftie pansy flock self ignites to give a brief flicker and then more darkness. Best shove some incendiaries down the vent shaft and burn the bastards. Then you can reclaim YC or better still move on to a better place.

  15. max wallis

    today Sion Jobbins resigned, with immediate effect.
    The group reps meeting on Tuesday was conceded under pressure led by Iestyn, chair of YC a few years ago.
    You need a postscript, Jac!

      1. Dafis

        Jobbins’ resignation was a cut and paste job out of the little book of political sicknotes and resignations. YC members need to get cracking and demand their loot back pretty damn quick and get a smart lawyer to make the hijackers personally liable for any shortfall. That will shorten fuses all round.

  16. Well said Jac. Wake up Wales – get rid of this wokist bunch of weirdos from our political scene! They have no place in our future interests as a nation. I plead with nearly all members of YES CYMRU – Ask in a demanding manner for your membership money back now, and resign from Yes Cymru, it’s not the organisation you joined for the cause of Wales anymore! If its not forthcoming then join up with a few like minded people and take out a Civil Action against the Central Committee members to recover your money before they waste your hard earned money on causes you never intended it to be spent on.

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