Guest post: ‘Stop Y Bryn Onshore Wind Farm’


Over the years I’ve written a number of times about wind farms, and the deception on which they’re based. Because, as an answer to global warming or as a form of electricity generation they are useless.

Their benefit, or rather, what makes them attractive, to politicians, especially, is their visibility. Everyone can see them, and they allow politicians to crow – ‘Look! Look! We’re doing our bit to save the planet’.

To further ‘prove’ how sincere they are in saving the planet governments offer big subsidies to those erecting and owning wind turbines. This attracts investors, hedge funds, and others who don’t give a toss about the environment.

Due to the fact that the wind is intermittent and unpredictable, there must be 100% back-up for wind turbines. One consequence of this is higher electricity charges for domestic consumers.

‘You can’t pay your electricity bill, Mrs Jones? Never mind, love, sit in the dark and console yourself by knowing you’re saving the planet’.

There are other problems associated with wind turbines, especially in Wales, that no one wants to talk about. One such issue is flooding.

Of which there has been an increase in recent years for English towns on the River Severn, downstream of the ever-increasing number of wind farms on the hills of Powys.

The Rhondda has also seen increased flooding since the massive Pen y Cymoedd wind farm went up. But of course it’s being blamed on ‘blocked culverts’. Doesn’t anyone wonder why the culverts are being asked to cope with extra run-off from the hills? Or are politicians just refusing to even address the question?

No, wait! It must be global warming – put up more wind turbines . . . more flooding . . . more turbines . . . self-justifying lunacy.

The reason wind turbines on our hills cause flooding is because trees are felled to make way for them, and huge areas of peat are lost because each turbine is sunk in a concrete base the size of a rugby pitch. And then there are the hard-core access roads, and the cable trenches . . .

Yet trees and peat are vital in both preventing flooding and in carbon capture.

Without admitting that it’s been causing environmental damage with wind turbines the so-called ‘Welsh Government’ recently announced a scheme to create peatland in the very area where this habitat has been lost to wind turbines.

Click to enlarge

The article in the Western Mail does mention “wind farms”, but without making the obvious connection, though the image used is revealing.

When you think about it, if the environment was the real priority, then, rather than political virtue-signalling and providing guaranteed returns for foreign companies and well-connected people, the best thing to have done would have been to leave the trees and the peat well alone.

Not only has the ‘Welsh Government’ failed the environment, it has also failed us, the people of Wales. For these bird-killing monstrosities create no jobs, no turbines are built in Wales, and they’re all foreign-owned so the money leaves Wales.

Wind turbines in Wales are 19th century colonialist exploitation (but without the jobs) given a quick coat of greenwash for the 21st century.

Wales deserves better. But we’ll never get it by voting in the same clowns who encourage managed decline and then pretend to be ‘doing something’ by offering wind turbines.

Support this campaign because we all want to help the environment but wind farms are just a money-making scam that’s gone on for far too long.

Now read what a spokesperson for the campaign has to say . . .

In just 4 short weeks, the ‘STOP Y Bryn Onshore Wind Farm’ Facebook Campaign group has gone from a standing start to ‘full pelt’ in the blink of an eye, leaving its originators with very little time to catch their breath, and yet in that brief but exciting period, support for the group has grown to just short of 1000 members; it has established a committee, set up a bank account, a Crowdfunding page, AND it has held its first public protest outside the Welsh Government home, Y Senedd.

The protest outside Y Senedd. Click to enlarge

If that is not enough for starters, It has also attended all five of the initial public consultation meetings set up by the proposers of the wind farm project, Coriolis Energy (wind energy developers) and ESB (Ireland’s premier energy company), where the group and its supporters have emphatically shown they are serious about fighting this proposal to the very end.

The campaign group is acting in response to a proposal that is so lacking in detail that even some Senedd members are terming it as just an ‘idea’ at this time, but with it comes the need for so many questions to be answered, and the residents of the affected villages are not happy to let this proposal go uncontested.

But where do you start with the issues brought about by a proposed development of this magnitude? It is one of the best kept secrets in amongst these small semi-rural areas of South Wales, which is an achievement in itself given that usually a mouse can fart and everyone is gossiping, and whilst residents were clapping for NHS Heroes or giving an elderly war veteran money to walk around his garden, the supposedly transparent Welsh Government by way of Natural Resources Wales were inviting tenders that would allow swathes of lush green countryside to be carved up in anticipation of 26 wind turbines to be built in situ, the size of which onshore Britain has never seen before. But secrets of this kind don’t tend to remain secrets for very long, and this one was not going to be the exception.

Soon after the secret was out, residents found themselves talking at 2 metre distances about the environmental destruction that was being proposed, their conversations focused on the suggestion these turbines would reach heights up to 250 meters, and that their blades would be of 80 meter lengths….but what is that in ‘old money’ and what could these structures be compared to?

The turbines planned for Y Bryn are taller than Wales’ tallest building. And remember, the Meridian Tower is at sea-level, whereas these turbines, more than twice the height, will be on hills. Click to enlarge.

The Eiffel Tower, the Shard, local electricity pylons… was all a guessing game because of that lacking detail everyone so desperately needed. The reality is people can’t begin to envisage how these will look on top of their beautiful, lush green hills without appropriately designed graphic images, but what they can envisage is how detrimental and destructive these colossal chunks of steel will be to the area, perched on top of land that provides habitats for some of the country’s most cherished species of animals and birds, and who’s ecology contributes so much to an environment already facing a crisis that seems to know no bounds.

These surrounding areas have undergone a transformation in recent years, where the scars from coal mining and other heavy industrial activity have been eradicated and acceptably replaced by flora and fauna many now see as an extension to their own back gardens….except now people are envisaging morning coffee views that bring with them the hum of rotor blade activity drifting on the winds of change, and bringing with them the threats to communities and environments that mean so much more to the residents and villagers.

Many of the campaign group’s questions focus on the environmental impact of this proposal, but like so many other controversial proposals, the details are extremely vague to the extent that the credibility and the incentives of both development companies involved have to be seriously questioned.

For example, why is NRW, which is a public body, being permitted to freely auction off environmental spaces that mean so much to walkers and cyclists, not to mention the eco systems that dwell therein? Surely such activity should be overseen by Welsh Government, and surely they should be seeking authorisation from Y Senedd before putting public land up for tender?

Additionally, with the land proposed being of such historic interest, who at NRW first thought it to be an acceptable area for wind farm development? Heaven knows the importance the people of Port Talbot and Bridgend put on their green space where they are seen as byways that promote better mental and physical health and wellbeing. But, when questions regarding issues around Environmental Impacts, land suitability, sustainable long term employment opportunities, and community benefits are asked, answers are at best contradictory, if there are any answers at all.

The reality is, the Valleys and feeder regions have long been ignored by politicians and business leaders for the inward investment opportunities so desperately needed as a resolution to industry losses in sectors like coal and steel to name just two, and its the residents of those regions who have been expected to accept ‘poor relations’ subsidy programmes historically bestowed upon us by quangos like the Welsh Development Agency, which have then been passed off as ‘Tory Blue’ success stories.

Click to enlarge

Nevertheless, the people of Port Talbot and Bridgend are no longer prepared to be overlooked, and they expect their voices to be heard on this proposal. As the campaign grows and gathers momentum, its members intend to battle on through a program of constructive research and fact-finding exercises whilst it develops a strengthening network of support that delivers positive responses on a daily basis, all driven by the members who BELIEVE wholeheartedly in this fight.

Its steering committee consists of intelligent individuals who are not only aware of the ‘due process’ proposals such as this one are expected to follow, but they are also creative and resourceful to boot. These are not a trigger-happy bunch of community gun-slingers, but instead they are community-spirited residents who are steadfast in their belief that whilst the world needs answers to the Climate Emergency that has been declared globally, there’s is a real suggestion colossal wind turbines are NOT a suitable on-shore solution due to the environmental devastation they can bring, and that a more strategic approach with joined-up thinking and measured risk analysis is needed in order to find a sustainable solution.

The area as it is today. Click to enlarge

As the first round of public consultations is assessed, initial feelings are very positive, especially when the main developer Coriolis is reporting an unexpected number of written objections as well as attendance to its public meetings.

The voice that is ‘STOP Y Bryn Onshore Wind Farm‘ is being heard, and the message it is portraying is reaching far and wide into the communities that stand to be affected by the development. The live Facebook broadcasts from Y Senedd protest have impacted not only on existing campaign group members, but they have touched corners of the community that have so far remained oblivious.

‘What next?’ they hear you ask…..quite simply, they continue to do what they have done so successfully thus far, which is working strategically but stealthily, using their resources and contacts collectively, and pooling their knowledge to lead a campaign that shows grit and determination that is so inherent in the people of Wales! Are you on board?

Cymru Am Byth. Together we are stronger

♦ end ♦


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Dyn Gwyrdd

Sorry, this is OFF THE BRYN TOPIC but relevant to Renewable Energy Lunacy.
It is news – for INFORMATION :-
You may ask “Where is Craig y Pal?”.
It’s the lovely open high unspoilt large plateaux above the Swansea Valley – east of the Tawe valley section between Glais / Clydach up to Alltwen, Pontardawe.
It is being earmarked for a Solar Panel Complex via a new Planning Application number 2007 on the Swansea Council Planning Portal this year 2021.
There is very little detail so far – but an outline map area shows it will be vast and it is described as “NATIONALLY STRATEGIC” so it is obviously a truly huge proposal outside of England’s green hills!
As we know, all these UK solar panels on average only produce about 10% of their claimed (maximum) CAPACITY. The Renewable Energy industry always uses the word CAPACITY (i.e. AVERAGE) and quote the number of homes which in turn is only a third of the Grid demand. So their claims for solar are about just one thirtieth of what they claim by false innuendoe.(Likewise with the Wind Turbines for Y BRYN it will be just 25% of of one third. Wise up folks!).
So will Craig Y Pal save the planet from ‘Climate Change’? Who will it benefit? You can guarantee that the Cardiff Bubble Senedd and all Political Party Politicians at all levels will clamour to support it !

Dyn Gwyrdd

In 1992, Ecogen, a skeleton front company based in Machynlleth, a front for the giant Mitsubushi Company in Japan, put forward a proposal for Wind Turbines on Mynydd y Gwair (MyG). MyG is a vast open upland common land in what is now north Swansea – this was before the Unitary Councils emerged in 1996 – it was then in West Glamorgan and Lliw Valley Borough and pre Assembly / Senedd. The land is owned by the family of the very wealthy Lord of Gower of Badminton in the Cotswolds – the Duke of Beaufort’s family – the Somerset Trust. Residents and upland hill farmers (graziers – mostly Welsh speakers) immediately opposed it. Initially in 1992 they were supported by Plaid Cymru, but Plaid Cymru are now in 2021 besotted with Wind Turbines. The first big opposition public meeting was held in early 1993. It was a massive community gathering. Finally, Ecogen backed off. Then came NPower the big boys from Germany and a real fight took place for about 25 years. Residents gathered well over £30,000 in fighting funds and held several mass protest meetings. At one protest over a thousand people marched up MyG led by the late Professor Bellamy which caused the BBC to drop him from further work. This mass protest made considerable Television News and TV Archives prove the mass numbers. We won two big Public Inquiries. Finally in year 2017 we were beaten by Npower and the Senedd, and had been deserted by all Political Parties by now besotted with Wind Energy (like Plaid Cymru is now), when the Action Group SOCME lost a High Court case and lost a third huge last Public Inquiry. The Wind Turbines went up in 2018. It was a massive costly bitter 26 year fight which saw a lot of serious positive action, including direct action, and also betrayal by Politicians of all Parties all fearful of upsetting the “Green” movement preferring to trash a whole scenic mountain for only an average of 8 MW erratic output.


Off topic but worth noting that among those who are desperate to get shot of the crew that hijacked YC there is still a segment who think that our pal Jac is part of the problem ! Fuck me, had he not served as a major platform for dissent and constructive criticism the pirates would have sailed off and probably sunk the good ship YC by now. Just for the record I wish they had. The whole thing is tainted, stinks to high heaven having been dipped for too long in the rancid odours of gender dysfunction, sham leftist ideology and other fashionable pseudo ideas generated by deviants with nothing better to do than mislead impressionable dimwits.


The size and height of these wind turbines is a design specifically to maximise their efficiency at sea. Consistent and steady direction of wind, no obstacles causing turbulence (flutter and yaw), and engineered for planned maintenance than reactive intervention in design. Why plant them on mountains, the exact opposite ?


Unlikely. You can see the effect of the mountains as most days with the prevailing southwesterly and the wind flow disruption is evident. Clouds condensate from atmospheric vapour from 500m to 800m elevation at this site. In winter there are also frost pockets all the way to Maesteg, and an erratic snow line in winter. Not so at sea. I suspect the real reason why this site has been gifted is just because is can be. The local inhabitants ignored, the landscape sacrificed. The only advantage I see is for the developer. Quick build, pocket the subsidy, and scarper.

Jonathan F Dean

The NDF (now Future Wales) said that they wanted the biggest possible, which at the time was 250 m, even though these have only been used at sea so far. Of course offshore is now getting even bigger with 320 m planned for Awel y Môr. The NDF also stated that “landscape change was accepted” (by who???)

Lyn Jenkins [Mr]


Can anyone find monsters of this size in the USA?? I can’t…….AND THE US IS SLIGHTLY BIGGER THAN WALES !!



Dyn Gwyrdd

Since the National Assembly was formed in 1996, and up to today with the current Senedd, it has been obsessed with making tiny little Wales a “world green leader” from recycling and now rewilding (i.e. kicking out the hill farmers with their Welsh language from central mid Wales). Predominant in all this has been the drive for Renewable Energy particularly Onshore Wind Turbines. Key to all this has been its over arching Planning Policy TAN8 – Technical Advice Note 8 – whereby Wales was / is split into Zones for massive Wind Turbines Complexes. This has been supported ardently by most of its Politicians and most of its Political Parties and most Assembly / Senedd Members and its puppet Planning Inspectorate. Whatever Residents and Local Councils say their opinions are crushed under the over arching TAN8 Policies adhered to and endorsed by a succession of WAG / Senedd Ministers and even most backbenchers in opposition. The battle was lost when TAN8 was first published, and now it is beefed up with even firmer additional amendments. In reality the only questionable issue is :- can little Wales carry such a burden of destruction of its landscape in the face of the mega world polluters and resource wasters like China & USA & India & Brazil to name a few? My conclusions are :- our population has been dreaming and our Politicians are nearly all deluded. We just had a Senedd Election and we, the Welsh, basically made no changes to try to replace those deluded Politicians who smugly walk all over us. Here are two TAN8 LINKS of many to browse over :-

Dyn Gwyrdd

Yes Jac, it is, as you say, in the LINK below on pages 36 to 42 where I see no mention of any hoped imminent breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion that may come soon with intense Laser Control. Also to boot – this key document is the CHILD of TAN8 with little mention of uniting the north and south of our nation. Of course most of those in Cardiff’s Senedd do not see Wales as a NATION, to them its just a gravy train. We just re-elected those who put out this document for consultation and everyone slept through that! Here is the LINK – look at pages 36 to 42 :-

Jonathan F Dean

The NDF was enacted as Future Wales and had further revisions (like Ynys Môn was dropped as a pre-selected area for wind energy) but has far more area designated for wind than TAN8 ever had. If they use all the designated area they could generate x10 the Welsh electricity demand, but Renewables U.K. Cymru say only about 5% of the area is usable (too close to houses, roads, railways, rivers, electricity lines, gas pipes etc). Ynys Môn now has a series of huge solar parks being proposed

Red Flag

Having spent 2 days reading that, it’s meaningless politically correct vanilla drivel really.

It’s mainly abstract ill-defined (or not defined at all) aims.

All full of buzz words – sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, potential etc etc etc

Politicians dream – absolutely no committment to what exactly they are going to do, quatified, by when, for how much. As an example, the Port of Holyhead. What exactly are they proposing in concrete terms, how much will it cost, when will it be done by,, what for.

Haggis Quixote

Y BRYN you are not alone in this green lunacy. Rob Roy MacTartan has to put up with :-
but not outside Balmoral’s stag hunting and salmon fishing and grouse shooting Royal Estate!

Dic Quixote

For an afternoon out today 26-7-21, my wife and I decided to drive along the M4 to Port Talbot and turn off for the Cwmafan valley road as far as the right hand junction towards Maesteg and go through Y BRYN village and on to Maesteg. A journey we’ve not made for several years. We decided to do this for several reasons – we were bored in the house – it is quite a scenic run with rugged forested hill tops – it is quiet and away frim the rushing crowds – all the old scars of coal mining are long gone. We repeated the whole journey in reverse to get home. Maesteg has not changed – a friendly small town with lots of small shops still surviving but nothing very obviously new. We had some lovely fruit and veg in one small green grocer. There was one other reason we went – we went to see what was going on as regards the monster Wind Turbines proposed for Y BRYN. The answer was – not one house or shop window had a poster opposing the Wind Turbines – either end – or in BRYN itself. Indeed we only saw three medium sized such posters on the whole journey – two in Y BRYN – one on a wall and one on some railings – blandly saying “STOP THE WIND FARM” – not bold – not saying “STOP THE MONSTER WIND TURBINES” nor saying “SAVE OUR LANDSCAPE”. For goodness sake, it’s not a “farm” ,it’s a “bloody monster useless Power Station” that’s being proposed that will produce very little power but lots of money for the Irish. The third poster was on a wall as we dropped down into the eastern end of Port Talbot to pick up the M4 for home. Where are these protesters? I thought the whole place would have been plastered with protesting posters everywhere. No – just a pathetic gesture. Go to see for yourselves readers – the scenery is nice and the fresh fruit and veg from a small Maesteg Shop was excellent and the traffic was light and if you like hiking the hills are at the time inviting before they get wrecked – so inviting that most of Y BRYN people there must be inviting the monster Turbines! Are they that half asleep? Or greedy for the beads and baubles on Community gain money?


I just went to get you a link to the piece and copy a few lines of the text …. but someone has either edited a comment or it has been deleted completely ! Good thing too but it was an indication that there are plenty of confused thinkers out there.

Andrew Thomas

Wow…Full of fault-finding, aren’t you! I take it you are retired, or maybe you were lucky to have a day off so you could take a leisurely drive through our green and pleasant land? We, on the other hand, are trying to manage a campaign whilst also fundraising, developing a strategy, researching information to HELP our cause, and all the while trying to hold down full time jobs and bring up children. The banners and leaflets have been made by us, or paid for out of our OWN pockets, and we are a committee of 10. I suggest you keep your negativity to yourself, because I can sense already you are typically a person who finds all the faults in others, but couldn’t muster a fight out of a paper bag if your own life depended on it! If you have nothing encouraging to say, I’d appreciate it if you got off our backs because we see carrying enough weight right now!


Good response. Pinning posters all over the place in Bryn might be very therapeutic, might add a little to the volume of protest, but the real gains are made by communicating to other communities across South Wales and beyond. And that is what you appear to be doing.

I hope that there is a multiplier effect in all this – you shout and 10 hear you, they shout and a 100 hear them, on to a 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and beyond. I enjoy a good argument anyway so any chance I get I’m off on one just highlighting the false “economy”, the eternal damage done to the natural resources, the knock on effect of flooding and erosion in places where it did not happen to anything like the same extent before. And of course the international corporate scamming community who just love making a buck by taking what don’t belong to them and stuffing it into their coffers. The sheer scale of what is now proposed makes it even more ridiculous but also adds to the urgency of the situation. If the decision makers roll over and allow this there will be no limit to other damage they will perpetrate in future. All in the name of a green technology that is suspect to say the least.

Jonathan F Dean

The decision maker is the same person who wrote the policy allowing it – all blame lies with Julie James

Red Flag

My second wife was from Cwmafan. Dreadful place made worse by the fact it can be found on a map. The welsh equivalent of Royston Vassey but without the sophistication.

Dim Quixote

Y BRYN residents should read the following :-


and the UK Climate Change Committee reported its findings on this topic to the UK Government by recent letter on 29-1-21 in link attached below :-


Note where it advocates abandoning use of Blast Furnaces in steel making. Do any BRYN residents work in Port Talbot Steelworks? If so, they will know that the huge Blast Furnaces there cannot simply be replaced by Electric Arc Furnaces that
generally recycle scrap using vast amounts of electricity that itself will not come from Wind Turbines even the monsters proposed for 50 years for Bryn!


Away from the threat to Bryn and its surrounding area my attention was drawn to Jac’s tweet about Adolf and the New Authoritarians.

Jac said : “Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, a non-smoker, a teetotaller, an environmentalist, possibly celibate, and of course, he was anti-Semitic. When you think about it, the modern Left has far more in common with Hitler than today’s Right.”

This perfectly illustrates the folly of the linear Right Left axis. Our recent wave of Authoritarian, dictatorial absolutists replicate the methods of the Fascist/Nazi movements of the 1st half of the 20th century. Sadly they are not as easily identifiable in at they don’t strut around in uniforms of Black, Brown or some other colour shirt with jackboots and other militaristic trimmings. That said the bullshit they pump out on social media makes it quite clear that they won’t tolerate any denial of their prevailing orthodoxy, which makes them just as bad as likes of Himmler, Goebbels et al. Ironic that they label their opponents as Fascist, when labelling was one of the common tools of the original Fascist crowd.

The corporate state’s reluctance to sort these fuckers out indicates that they are tools of that corporate state. They are rewarded with tolerance of their off the wall theories about gender etc and in return they are used as weapons of subversion against any kind of movement that might prove an obstacle to the extension and intensification of the corporate state. They suit globalists, Boris and the EU just fine.

Dai Quixote

Entertaining example viewing for BRYN residents and Maesteg and Port Talbot Politicians :-


These 26 wind turbines are 825 feet high. Eiffel Tower is only 1017 feet and there are TWENTY-SIX of these!
Their turning circle diameter will be MORE than the height of Blackpool Tower which is 515 ft.
What about the RACKET? People will hear these from over 3 MILES AWAY !

What about TV reception? What about air ambulances to Morriston Hospital when smoke from Port Talbot steelworks mixes with low cloud over these monsters?

Exmoor is only 25 miles from Port Talbot,,,,SO THESE WILL BE VISIBLE FROM DEVON ON A CLEAR DAY !! MADNESS !!
The Irish Govt own the company behind these…..BUT YOU WON’T FIND MONSTERS LIKE THESE IN IRELAND !!


Does anyone remember the trips of this mystery aircraft a few years ago? When it was uncovered the operator said they were just spraying water over the area as a top-secret experiment for NRW designed so see how pollution would disperse at sea.

A more logical explanation is that the water sprayed over the site had a ‘fingerprint’, a kind of now level nuclear isotope, and this can be used to monitor the penetration of the water through upland bogs and water courses, especially those that are un-naturally enhanced or impeded by mining activity, reclamation culverts and the effect of peat disturbance and clear felling.

The patch of these mystery fights include Pen-y-cymoedd areas, and then later, the Llynfi/Afan areas of the proposed Y Bryn wind farm.

I wonder.

Dai Protheroe

Thank you for this article. Those proposed turbines are absolutely huge. How do they compare to the height of those constructed for the Pen y Cymoedd Windfarm, which have blighted the mountainside from Rhondda to Neath and can be seen from miles around?

Surely it’s time to say enough is enough on these monstrosities.I’ll be adding my name to those against the proposal, having read the above. Good luck with the fight!

Jonathan F Dean

Think Pen y Cymoedd are about 150 m high

Lyn Jenkins

These 26 wind turbines at Y Bryn, will be 250 METRES high…or 825 FEET. The famous Eiffel Tower is only 1015 FEET !! The diameter of the blade turning circle [ i.e blade tip to blade tip] at Y Bryn will be MORE than the height of Blackpool Tower …..and there are TWENTY-SIX of these monsters !!The RACKET will be unbelievable! They will also wreck TV reception !!
This company is owned by the Irish Government…….YET YOU WON’T FIND WIND TURBINES THIS SIZE IN IRELAND !!
What about safety of Air Ambulances to Morriston Hospital? Smoke from Port Talbot steelworks will mix with low cloud !! So how will they fly safely here?
These are 825 ft high ON TOP OF HIGH HILLS!

Dai Quixote

I think they must be more open. That is a big MUST BE MORE OPEN. Let only the local people of Bryn into the actual Group but give out the Group’s contact details for their outside supporters and would be helpers and advisers. Keep out the nasty destructive freaks like that dog with an awful master just down the road. Bryn has FIVE Senedd Members. Put each one on the spot. Ask them directly – Do they support or oppose this vandalising of the local countryside for pseudo green gestures and very little electricity. Their Senedd Members were only elected several weeks ago in May with all sorts of promises. Ask all five, and the MP, where they now stand. Publish their responses as “Yes” or “No” or “Waffled it” or “Did not answer” – same with their local Councillors who may not declare their set opinions if on the Planning Committee – but the local Council will not decide it. That’s a legal issue of pre-determination that needs clarifying. Do I not recall a former Leader of Bridgend County Council setting himself up in business as a sort of so called “adviser” on local Authority issues. Where is he these days? Maybe he could offer some free advice. Oops – where can they publish the answers for the public to see – as their web site is CLOSED to members only. How useless for the Bryn public!

Jonathan F Dean

I’m sure there will be many MS’s queuing up to say “I don’t support 26 turbines at 250 m” so that when the developer comes back with 25 at 245 m they can claim success

Andrew Thomas

We are contactable as a group by anyone supporting our campaign, and we have met with all of our Senedd members, both in the locality and outside the Senedd during an initial domstration. We don’t have a website, merely a Facebook Campaign page. We are in the process of TRYING to generate funding so we can produce more materials to raise awareness, we have run a petition, and we are trying to go door to door….all around trying to work full time. I can assure you we are by no means being secretive, and we have strung up banners around the area as well. We are FAR more in the face about this than the developers were about the proposal. Sadly, whilst a very small number of Senedd members are opposing this proposal, they are amenable to alterations to the proposal i.e. smaller turbines, but we won’t accept this.


Good on you. You have determined as a community that you don’t want some carpetbagging multinational exploiting your local natural resources so it’s just right to resist, lobby the entire hierarchy of politics and demand clear responses from politicians
most of whom are reluctant to offend advocates of the green gospels.

So another mighty big scam is being planned and they will be torn between scoring brownie points on the Green honours board and doing right thing for once by standing up for communities like yours. Dig in mentally as all sorts of bureaucratic and government bullshit will get lobbed at you. Stick it out and you will accumulate support from all corners for your worthy cause.

Don Quixote

Why is this tiny Bryn Group so secretive? They never give any contact details! Are they pressing their MP & Senedd Members & Councillors to help them? Are they knocking the doors of their elected timewasters? What are all their elected representatives doing about this scandalous abuse of yet another part of Wales for so little electricity? Most importantly, what are the people of Bryn doing? Are they holding out begging bowls for promised Community £ Funding money and fictional jobs?

Jonathan F Dean

Cards on the table, I support wind power, but not at this scale on land! Julie James backed herself into a corner when she decided to decarbonise Wales using ONLY land based technology, totally ignoring the generation potential of the sea (like the enormous wind farm BP will build 30 km off the north coast). When she set targets for renewable generation she sought counsel from Renewables U.K. Cymru, the trade body that, surprise, surprise, Coriolis are a member of. And they said “use the land”!?

It’s true that Wales doesn’t have control of its own sea the way Scotland does, and all the lease costs being paid by BP will go to Westminster, but then Wales has never asked for its sea back! Stephen Kinnock needs to get behind Liz Saville-Roberts and demand our sea back. Then we can build as much wind power in it as we like, and places like Bryn will be spared

Bryn is the first place where 250 m turbines have been proposed, but it won’t be the last. Future Wales allows them all over the place!

Jonathan F Dean

The turbines are the max allowed under Future Wales, and Mynydd Penhydd is in the pre-selected area where the Government says there is a presumption in favour of development at this scale … but that’s not the case for Mynydd Margam. These will be visible from Gower AONB and Brecon NP, but apparently that’s ok. The reason there are so few details is that this was the voluntary pre-application consultation, before any details have been developed … just letting people know surveys etc would be going on. This is a pathfinder project for Julie James, so I imagine she will fight hard for it


Mynyddoedd Penhydd and Margam are adjacent “plots” are far as these windfarm scammers are concerned, just shapes on a map which happen to suit their technology. On the slope of Penhydd running down to the Afan river valley is Afan Argoed a delighful rough park area which also extends across the river valley to a forested slope, some of which was harvested in recent years. Hell, I used to drive from Cardiff to give my kids a good time down there running wild as an alternative treat to heading down to my folks in Sir Gar. Lovely place which I’ve used in recent years to give my dogs a good run instead.

At the same time there’s the sanctimonious wankers down the Bay spouting about people’s mental health and quality of life, how healthy outdoors activities are key components of a strategy to improve the communities’ fitness and in the next breath they conspire to shove a torpedo ( or a fuckin’ big turbine) into that strategy. Now some of these planks may think that we should all head for a big city for our leisure, spend money in some capitalist retail arcade and adjourn to Bute Park for a quiet stroll before pissing off home to read the thoughts of Comrade Julie James ( who looks like she never took too much care of her own health and fitness !) .

No no no ! This is not what we strive for. We pay our politicians to come up with joined up thinking, cohesive strategies, detailed well thought out plans, and performances measured so that outcomes are truly validated. To date we’ve had to put up with waffle and misdirection. Bad enough that a sitting government engages in it but when the opposition parties are just as bad at dodging the realities and are relying on fabrication it becomes evident that communities have to revert to an escalating scale of direct action to make their point. The Bryn group seem to have some good talent on board. If they need help they are welcome to ask for it. Those with money will give it, others have skills to deploy. We must prepare to help in any way we can.

This is a key confrontation for Wales. If Bryn is allowed to be destroyed then others will follow.

Jonathan F Dean

This project started in 2018 when NRW tendered for power generation from its estate. The planning regime then was TAN8 which included both Mynydd Penhydd and Mynydd Margam as acceptable areas for wind farms. Earlier this year Future Wales was enacted and TAN8 withdrawn, which removed the presumed acceptance from Mynydd Margam due to the historical landscape. But the scheme was designed, so it carried on. The two blocks of turbines thus straddle Policy 17 and 18 of Future Wales, and if allowed to go ahead gives a green light to turbines anywhere except National Parks and AONBs

If only the Senedd would stand up to Westminster and demand that Wales makes decisions about Welsh seas, we could put all these turbines, and more, between Anglesey and the Isle of Man, where on a clear day, with good eyesight, you might see them on the horizon. The water is shallow, the wind is strong, the grid runs along the north coast and Holyhead port needs the work


Really interesting thread on the terrestrial vs marine renewable issue. Welsh Government’s lack of control over Crown Estate activity in Wales and income derived from it pushes them back to terrestrial renewables.

If the figures are to be believed, NRW is on its arse financially and needs to wring every last penny out of its estate regardless of the effect on Welsh communities it seems.

On the Crown Estate issue in Wales, it not only results in income not being channelled to Welsh Gov in the same way as other nations in the UK, but in certain marine sectors, Welsh businesses with interests on the estate are being levied additional charges in comparison to other parts of the UK. In some circumstances these charges are significant enough to make small businesses uncompetitive in the wider market.

The above is all due to how the Crown Estate is ‘administered’ in Wales, with additional administration costs that in certain certain circumstances strangle local entrepreneurship and decrease profitability.

From a marine renewables perspective I’d be interested to know how this hampers progression from trial / pilot type activity that we seem to be involved with to actually commissioning of marine sites. Are there similar disincentives to developers locating permanent sites in Wales or is it Welsh Gov’s disinterest in this due to it having no skin in the game and no real appetite to push for devolved powers?

Back to terrestrial and Future Wales. I’ve been somewhat cynical with regard to the mad dash for the designation of the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB to transition to a national park almost immediately after the election. Yes it was a manifesto commitment, but you have to ask why, in the context of prioritisation is it needed right now?

My fear is that a combination of the economic circumstances Welsh Gov finds itself in, NRW woes and the ‘Wales will resolve climate change alone’ bollocks spouted by our politicians, Future Wales may allow for carte blanche carpet bombing of terrestrial renewables on Welsh Gov estate and indeed elsewhere, where income options from less impactful marine locations are out of reach for our glorified local authority.

Jonathan F Dean

As both AONBs and NPs are just as protected from unsuitable development, turning an AONB into a NP is a total puzzle to me

Lyn Jenkins

You CANNOT decarbonise Wales!!
Where will the HEAT and or ELECTRICITY come from next time we have a HARD WINTER?………THAT ISCOMING SOON !!

All it needs is a High Pressure over Southern Sweden !!
Don’t forget 1947, 1963, 1978, 1982, 2009 and 2010 amongst others !!







I don’t think they are being secretive, but in view of recent exploitation of another Welsh movement by parasitic activists more interested in other inrelated ishoos I could understand the Bryn crew being a touch careful in who they deal with and how those transactions are carried out. After all this is a time critical community response to a major threat and the last thing they want is a bunch of cnuts turning up and fouling it.

Gruff Williams

Just of interest and all these allusions to AGW. How has this individual gained such influence. Hes a decidedly unprepossessing figure, talks bollocks and lives with his mam.

Gruff Williams

It is truly intriguing. Covid and an effective use of social media have enabled a group of social inadequates who should be in receipt of nothing more than public ridicule to screw up a movement. Btw, may I personally extend an invitation to our axe wielding friend to an evening out in Newport docks. He may bring his axe, but rest assured he will be leaving without it along with any teeth he might bring to the party. Do these arses think they are anonymous?

Andrew Thomas

Thank you, and you are so right. We already know we have social media group members who belong to Coriolis, so we HAVE to be very careful. We are FAR from secretive in the sense we are publicly campaigning, promoting awareness, and trying to raise funds to help fight this proposal. Our AMs have listened to us, and they were interviewed by us via a live feed from the Senedd on the 14th of this month. We are awaiting a BBC interview to go live, but we don’t know what spin they will put on it! However, we are only secretive in the sense we do not publicly announce our strategy, but instead muster support via group committee and direct contacts, and then spread the word.

Andrew Thomas

We have badgered our Senedd members as well as our councillors, who I must add are NOT permitted to comment for fear it will compromise any future planning application vote they may have. As for the suggestion we are waiting for a community fund handout, you couldn’t be further from the truth, especially as we are campaigning to have the entire proposal thrown out totally i.e. we don’t want ANY turbines on this location. I must point out that the name of this development is misleading, because ‘Y Bryn’ doesn’t ONLY affect the village of Bryn, but it covers the areas of Margam, Goytre, Bryn, Cwmavon, Maesteg, Cefn Cribwr and the Afan Valley….around 18,000 acres of land. Our campaign is one driven by a passion for everything environmental, in the sense this site is extensive in its habitat provisions, it carries many historical monuments and events important to our heritage, and it is completely unsuitable due to risks to the land in the future.
I can only tell you what we are trying to do here, and the lengths we are going to campaigning, speaking with the press, and being interviewed by the BBC, but being secretive we are certainly not.