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I hadn’t planned on writing this, but a few things have cropped up. First, I received a letter from a firm of solicitors demanding that I take down everything I’ve ever written in the Weep for Wales series. Second, there was a news report yesterday that needs to be considered. Third, there’s the continuing confusion as to who owns what at Glynllifon.

But don’t worry, this is a ‘shortie’ . . . though if you have the time, and the patience, you’re welcome to go back to the very first episode. Just type ‘Weep for Wales’ in the search box atop the sidebar.


I can’t say too much because the writer claims copyright over the letter and insists that I don’t reproduce it. It was a mildly threatening letter which I also found offensive, especially the reference to my wife!

But you know me, boys and girls, I’m a reasonable man. All I ask is that complainants deal with specifics – show me that I’ve got something wrong, or made a mistake, and I’ll take it down or correct it. But it’s unreasonable to expect me to remove perhaps 35,000 words simply because certain people are embarrassed by their misdeeds and associations being made public. It’s an abuse of the law, and it’s also censorship.

The clients for whom Glaisyers of Manchester are acting are said to be Paul and Rowena Williams. That may be true, it may not.

I have replied, and here is that reply, transcribed from an e-mail.


The news report in North Wales Live (NWL), told us that overdue accounts for Plas Glynllifon Ltd risk seeing that company struck off the Companies House register. The accounts in question cover the period up to 31 August 2018 and should have been filed with Companies House by 31 May 2019. Which means they are more than six months overdue.

The striking off process can start automatically if a company ceases to file the required documentation. Though the process can be halted with an objection, which is what happened in this case, though the document doesn’t tell us who lodged the objection. One possibility must be Together Commercial Finance Ltd, which has no fewer than eight outstanding charges against this company.

Another possibility is that one of the bickering joint owners lodged the objection. For if we return to the NWL report we read that co-owner Paul Williams claims he wants to submit the accounts to Companies House while the other co-owner, Myles Cunliffe, says he wants his accountant to check the accounts before they’re submitted.

What’s odd is that the accounts cover a period before Cunliffe appeared on the scene, so why should he be so concerned over whether they’re true accounts or not?

What’s also odd is that NWL claims Paul Williams is the co-owner, but he’s not. The latest information with Companies says that Paul Williams ceased to be a director on 10 September.

Click to enlarge

And as we see in the panel below, Paul Williams ceased to be a shareholder 30 November last year, when his shares were transferred to Mylo Capital Ltd, Myles Cunliffe’s company.

It would appear that either Paul Williams is speaking here for his wife – and if that’s the case then it should have been made clear – or else she is director and shareholder in name only.

Click to enlarge

It would appear that there has been some kind of a rupture between Paul and Rowena Williams on the one hand and Myles Cunliffe on the other. A possibility further suggested by the recent filing history. This tells us that on the same day, September 10, Paul Williams ceased to be a director of Plas Glynllifon Ltd and the company’s address moved from Manchester to Seiont Manor hotel. A few days later the company’s address was changed again to Llwyn y Brain Lodge.

Seiont Manor hotel is owned by Rural Retreats & Development Ltd, another company that appears to be jointly owned by Rowena Williams and Myles Cunliffe, and also uses the Llwyn y Brain Lodge address. Following the Plas Glynllifon Ltd pattern the accounts are also overdue and there are 7 outstanding charges with Together Commercial Finance Ltd.

Click to enlarge

Though what’s different is that although Mylo Capital Ltd and Rowena Williams are shown as the shareholders, with 5,000 shares each, the two directors are Cunliffe and Paul Williams. Again suggesting that Rowena Williams is just a name. Though, admittedly, the statement showing the distribution of the shares is a year old, so things might have changed.

So we have two companies, Plas Glynllifon Ltd and Rural Retreats & Development Ltd, each of which is weighed down with debt, and both of which are reluctant to submit accounts. What can it all mean?

UPDATE: The story made it into the Daily Post this morning.

UPDATE 11.12.2019: Comments made to this blog and information received by other means about staff not being paid at Seiont Manor have apparently been confirmed by this story in today’s Daily Post.

True to form, Myles Cunliffe threatened North Wales Live (the online edition of the Daily Post) with legal action if they published the story. “When asked about this the company did not comment on the wages delay and a statement on behalf of joint owner Myles Cunliffe said legal action would be taken if North Wales Live continued to publish any article.”


If you go back to Weep for Wales 14 you’ll see that there is some confusion about the ownership of Plas Glynllifon, the mansion that lies at the heart of the sprawling estate with countless other buildings including those used by Coleg Glynllifon.

In the hope of clarifying things I’ve been in contact with Grwp Llandrillo-Menai, which originally owned the mansion.

The confusion – certainly my confusion – is due to the fact that the title document that mentions the big house, CYM8531, says that the mansion is owned by Grwp Llandrillo Menai. Yet the Grwp insists the mansion was sold in 2003 to Glynllifon Ltd, which went bust, with the mansion being subsequently bought by Plas Glynllifon Ltd in 2016.

Plas Glynllifon. Click to enlarge

And the sale is indeed confirmed by an old title document for CYM127981, which shows that in April 2003 Coleg Meirion Dwyfor (now part of Grwp Llandrillo Menai) sold “Glynllifon Mansion House and surrounding land” to Glynllifon Ltd for £500,000. With CYM127981 being extracted from CYM8531.

But now, the same title number, CYM127981, held by Plas Glynllifon Ltd, only mentions “land adjoining Glynllifon College”. Where’s the mansion gone?

I’m now waiting for Grwp Llandrillo-Menai to get back to me and confirm that things have been sorted out with the Land Registry. Because I’m still confused.


Other than what I’ve just told you, not a lot has happened since Weep for Wales 14 was published 21 October. But as we know, there’s always something to report in this saga, so here’s a list, in chronological order:

And that’s it until the next time.

♦ end ♦


31 thoughts on “Weep for Wales 15

  1. Rambler

    Went for a walk in Glynllifon this afternoon. Classical music being broadcast fron the empty Plas. Very spooky. And a light on on one of the downstairs rooms. Has the ghost of the old Lord Newborough returned?

  2. Rambler

    Interesting headline in today’s Daily Post. Congratulations to Owen Hughes for this. How can Cunliffe threaten to sue the said journal for reporting factual information? Seems this “Gent” and the Williamses are somewhat at odds!

  3. Brychan

    Off topic – I see that Jeremy Corbyn was in Bangor over the weekend on the election campaign. He was accompanied by activists bussed in from Merseyside and he made mention of the NHS being in peril from the Tories. Please note it’s the Labour Party that runs the NHS in Wales. He did, however, refer to events in Yorkshire being used to generate an NHS story. It’s covered on the front page of the Daily Mirror, a rag being flogged today all over Wales.


    “Diagnosed with pneumonia”
    False. The boy was diagnosed with flu.

    “Rushed to Hospital”
    False. The GP advise was to go to hospital if the wheesy chest got worse.

    “blue-lighted to A&E”
    A complete waste of NHS recourses. You do not need an ambulance if you have the flu and otherwise young and fit. That ambulance could have been diverted from someone with a life threatening condition.

    “Forced to sleep on a cold hospital floor”.
    False. The hospital in Leeds has fully functioning central heating. Youngsters with flu should go home and recover in their own bed. If they want to hang around, assesment rooms are available for second opinions.

    “No beds available”
    False. Those with flu should not be put on a general ward due to risk of spreading the flu virus to others, complicating those needing genuine admission to hospital.

    “on the floor with tubes coming out of him”
    True. (When the digital camera became available) but the photo shows the oxygen supply just draped around the boys neck and not clipped to nose. Standard precautionary admission process with someone with wheesy chest, it does not indicate critical need.

    Whilst this stunt is reported in the Daily Mirror as an “exclusive”, the story first appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Post, on Sunday. The child was discharged from hospital on Saturday evening with no medical intervention required. Please can I ask the Labour Party not to waste valuable NHS resources to pull stunts as a desperate measure in the final few days of an election campaign and then turn up in Wales, where the NHS is run by the Labour, and try to whip up fear.

    A Labour campaign on the NHS should highlight queuing ambulances with patients with genuine critical need at A&Es in Wales as a better example.

    1. Mel Morgan

      This was not the view of the Yorkshire Post, who checked the story out and considered it jonac. Clearly, you have sources not available to them. I trust that you will draw these to the Editor’s attention.

          1. Mel Morgan

            It still remains the case that Wales’ answer to the Cosa Nostra are, once again, passing responsibility for their own incompetence and veniality to their English homologues.

  4. Moquet

    Obviously Plas Glynllifon is dead in the water. What a sorry end!
    But does anyone out there know what’s happening at the Seiont Manor? Is Rikki still around? Are the staff happier these days? Any chance of the Compensation being paid?

    1. Seiont Manor is owned by Rural Retreats & Development Ltd which I mention in the blog. Accounts overdue and shares – 5,000 each – held by Mylo Capital Ltd and Rowena Williams.

      Rikki left some time ago. Amazingly, I’m told he ended up at one of Woodhouse’s hotels in Llandudno.

    2. Anonymous

      from a concerned employee of the Seiont Manor hotel we have been repeatedly paid late by Mylo Capital over the past 4 months which is basicly run by the convicted frauster Jonatan Disley who pleaded guilty to fraud against Bibby Financial Services

      our wages are now two days late and although Disley promised payment today blaming a technical hitch we are very concerned that we wont get paid

      people only get paid when we receive threatening letters and we are constantly getting calls from old suppliers looking for payment whom Disley said he had paid but has not??

      there are also rumours that Disley & Mylo Capital now have had their sales agreement with paul and rowena williams nul and void

      please look into this


      a very concerned employee

      1. These quotes have been part of the Seiont Manor Hotel motto since them pair of old used up tramps Paul Williams & Rowena Williams took over;

        “Said he had paid but has not”
        “Our wages are now two days late”
        “Blaming a technical hitch”
        “Getting calls from old suppliers looking for payment”

        My advice is, when you get paid this month, leave. Because if anything, you’ll be waisting your Christmas working for a pair of has beens in a dragged out shit hole.

          1. Moquet

            I detect the illiteracy common in previous comments to this blog.
            I didn’t realise the gruesome twosome were still lurking in the bushes.

            1. Moquet, you have hit the nail on the head.

              Anonymous, judging by your grammar and spelling you should stick to being apart of the Seiont Manor empire – you fit right in.

              Paul, Rowena, & Cunliffe – your days are numbered you fucking wannabes, if Jac doesn’t handle you with the legal route, I will.

              You pissed too many people off now and deserve whats coming.

  5. David Smith

    Top marks for the parting zinger on the letter – “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”!

    1. Solicitors seem to think so. I take the view that if it’s addressed to me, and sent to me, then it becomes my property.

      1. Mel Morgan

        The document becomes the property of the addressee, but the author retains the intellectual rights.

      2. Brychan

        If the Williams/Mylo enterprise was kosher, the correct form of riposte to the this blog would be…


        There are a number of factual inaccuracies published on your blog and they are listed below. I kindly ask you to remove these claims and issue a statement of correction.

        (a) Blah, Blah, Blah,
        (b) Blah, Blah, Blah
        (c) Blah, Blah, Blah

        If these corrections are not made, I shall seek legal advice.

        May I take this opportunity to explain our venture. We seek to bring Plas Glynllifon into productive use which will not only benefit the community but also provide local employment, while at the same time as rescuing a iconic building from dereliction.

        Thank you for your time and consideration.
        Sincerely, yours.

        They have not chosen to take this route, and resorted to solicitors letters, abuse and intimidation. This suggests that what Jac has written to be correct and true, and they are seeking to put the frighteners on. My only question is, are they hopeless amateurs, or outright frauds? The answer to that question is in the evidence provided.

        1. Wrexhamian

          That is exactly my interpretation; and I’m still amazed that a firm of solicitors would risk get its hands dirty by involving itself professionally with such people. Jac may at some point wish to contact the Law Society for guidance on whether this firm’s actions are appropriate and acceptable..

  6. Anonymous

    It’s slihtly off-topic, Jac, but you have the Cilmeri commemoration advertised as being on the 14th. It’s on the 7th this year – for some reason it’s not the closest Saturday. I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

    1. For those of us who’ve been going since the 1960s Cilmeri is always on the Saturday nearest to the 11th. This year that’s the 14th. And that’s when I shall be going.
      Whoever organised the events for the 7th should explain why they chose the wrong date. But I shall not be there.

  7. Wynne

    I thought your note “have a lovely Christmas” at the end of your letter was a nice touch. I’m sure it will be well received with a Christmas card in the post to you as we speak !

  8. Big Gee

    “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Jac (he was so much surprised, that for the moment he quite forgot how to speak good English).”

    However, he regained his composure and settled down to write an excellent letter by way of a reply to the nasty solicitors. In fact his composure was so calmed, that by the end of his letter, all malice had dissolved and he wished them a Merry Christmas!

    Priceless! But there again it is the panto season, and some people can’t resist the temptation to don their villain costume. It seems to be becoming an annual event doesn’t it?

    1. Dafis

      Champion letter, Jac, a masterly display of literate erudite analysis.

      Instead of recruiting another judge or high ranking “servant” the dopey sods down Y Cynulliad should appoint Jac as Standards Commissioner. He’d cut through the chaff down the Bay with no messing. There again, that’s what they don’t want down by there !

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