Wales, Colony of England

Let me start by establishing what I mean by a colony. A colony is a territory or country run in the interests of another country, and for the benefit of the elite or the population in general of that other country. The colony does not need to be far away, nor do its indigenes need to be of a different pigmentation or religion, what matters is the economic and other relationships between the two countries. By which criteria Wales is most definitely a colony of England.


Historically, we Welsh had to be conquered and brought under English rule a) because we resisted Anglo-Saxon / Anglo-Norman / English attempts to control the whole island of Britain and b) because we, as the original inhabitants of Britain, served to remind these invaders of our prior claim to their land as well as our own.

For centuries we suffered under a discriminatory legal system then, with the Industrial Revolution, we started to see Wales and the Welsh exploited in a more organised fashion, with the motive this time being profit rather than imperialist aggrandisement. In a modified form this system persists today, and although discrimination may no longer be on the statute book it still exists in myriad subtle forms.


Something I was reminded of recently with the re-surfacing of a story I’d been vaguely aware of before. A Welsh businessman named Clive Hughes had planned to build two biomass plants employing hundreds of people, one near Kidwelly, the other on Swansea docks, reported in the panel on the right (click to enlarge).Biomass Swansea docks It seems that Mr Hughes had no help in his endeavours from either Mark James Carmarthenshire council or the ‘Welsh’ Government. In fact, he received no reply after writing to First Minister Carwyn Jones.

The reason this story has re-surfaced is because Clive Hughes was understandably peeved to learn that while his projects were either ignored or refused planning permission, civil servants and councils are now falling over themselves to help Chinese investors build two biomass plants, one on Ynys Môn, the other in Port Talbot, just a few miles from his planned Swansea docks site.

Something Clive Hughes was quoted as saying hints at where I’m going with this example. He said, “I have been fortunate to have enjoyed successful multi-million-pound businesses all over the world – however, I have never been treated so badly as in my home county”.

How do we explain this curious tale of Welsh agencies refusing to support indigenous enterprise while generously supporting foreign investment  – to do exactly the same thing! In a word, colonialism. (Yes, I know the report mentions nimbyism and “opposition from residents”, but believe me, it goes way beyond that.)

Clive Hughes was wasting his time appealing to Carwyn Jones, who is just a figurehead for a form of sham devolution. Wales – as I have said time and time gain – is run by civil servants, invariably masquerading as ‘advisors’ to Carwyn and his gang of deadbeats, and these civil servants take their orders from London. The wisdom for some years in London has been that it is a good thing to ‘open up’ the UK to foreign investment, particularly from China. Once you know that, then it’s easy to understand why no Welsh businessman will be allowed to queer the pitch for Chinese and other foreign investors.

A further example of the colonial economy at work is often articulated as the question, ‘Isn’t it strange how Welsh people (insert here, Terry Matthews, Chris Evans et al, or Clive Hughes) have to leave Wales to be successful?’ Er, no, there’s nothing strange about it, for two very good reasons. First, too many successful Welsh businesspeople might give us natives silly ideas about our ability to do things for ourselves. Second, any successful Welsh business is almost bound to come into competition with English companies. Both are undesirable in a colonial set up.

Of course after making his money in Canada Matthews returned to Wales and built the very successful Celtic Manor resort outside Newport. But the Celtic Manor poses no threat to the colonial arrangement. To begin with, it does not really compete with English rivals in the way that a company chasing consumers in a competitive market would. In addition, with its NATO conferences and Ryder Cup golf tournaments, the Celtic Manor helps integrate Wales with England.

Note that in the piece I’ve linked to about Matthews, Michael Moritz is described as “the richest person in Wales”, which is stretching it a bit. He was certainly born in Cardiff, but left for the USA in his early twenties, made his fortune in Silicon Valley, and never returned. He still lives in San Francisco with his family. Perhaps the most successful business based in Wales, and the only one quoted in the FTSE 100, is Admiral Insurance, started up and still owned by Henry Engelhardt . . . from Chicago. Which is fine, because it confirms that the Welsh must have outsiders to provide them with work.

Let’s end with another feature of the colonial economy, and again, something that draws bewildered comment from people who refuse to see the system controlling the economic life of Wales. I’m referring now to the phenomenon of successful Welsh companies being taken over by larger companies before they can grow too big, with this often resulting in redundancies or even closure of the now subsidiary Welsh operation. If you don’t understand why this happens then you haven’t been paying attention.


The Roman system of coloniae settled army veterans and their families in conquered territories and border regions, and was employed for two main reasons. First, to keep an eye on the natives and, if necessary, confront any insurgency until the army arrived. Second, coloniae spread the use of the Latin language and Roman ways of doing things.

This example of settling people from, or loyal to, the ruling country in recently conquered territories and colonies is one that has been imitated globally down to the present day. The British have done it across the world, even to Christian European populations. There was the Irish Plantation, the ‘repopulating’ of eastern Canada after the expulsion of the Acadians (Cajuns), and the flooding of the independent republic of Transvaal with British settlers once it was realised that the land beneath the Boers’ feet contained gold and diamonds.

In more recent times, France sees a steady exodus of loyal French people to Tahiti, New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, Martinique and other specks in the ocean in the hope that these emigres will help the natives see the benefit of maintaining ties with France. While on a bigger scale, and in a much more brutal fashion, China has created all sorts of incentives for Han Chinese to settle in, with the intention of dominating, Tibet and Xinjiang.

So why be surprised that Wales has been undergoing a process of colonisation since the 1960s? A process that has taken many forms, some so bleeding obvious you wonder how they got away with it.

Take the Development Board for Rural Wales, an agency set up – so we were told – to stem the depopulation of the five central counties of Montgomeryshire, Cardiganshire, Merionethshire, Breconshire and Radnorshire. It operated by paying English companies to relocate to central Wales, with their workforces (all paid for), while spending many more millions building thousands of new houses for this influx. And while all this cash was being showered on English companies local firms could not apply for a penny of DBRW funding. As blatant a colonisation strategy as Mother England has ever deployed. But Welsh politicians, media, and others still applauded every relocation as ‘New jobs coming to —————‘.

Many countries pay companies to set up in areas needing employment, but I have never come across another case like the DBRW, where a state paid firms to transfer lock stock and barrel, plus workers, to another area. It makes no sense, until you see it for what it was – plain, unvarnished colonisation.


The colony of Wales also serves as a receptacle for those who are not making a contribution to the common weal in England. Those in this category range from geriatrics to young criminals and drug addicts. To the point where in some areas of Wales – such as where I live – two-thirds of the over 65s were born in England. But, hey! looking after old people is a ‘growth industry’.

Gwynedd SW Wards merged

If it’s not wrinklies then it’s a feckless white underclass. Some towns have been almost destroyed by this phenomenon, and none have come closer to implosion than Rhyl. This link reports a story of a woman living in Rhyl sent down after police found a dead body and a stash of heroin in her flat. An everyday story of Rhyl folk.

When it’s not drug addicts then it’s paedophiles. So many such deviants from over the border are now turning up in Wales that it just has to be organised, perhaps by the Probation Service. I have written about this problem before, one of the most notorious recent cases was a whole gang of paedophiles relocated from London to Kidwelly. Read about it and other cases. Within the past few days I have learnt of two more paedophiles who, by some unspecified route, arrived in Wales. This one in Ciliau Aeron and this one in Llanbadarn Fawr.

In the great colonialist scheme of things it really doesn’t matter whether those coming into Wales are sweet old dears straight out of an Ealing comedy or dangerous perverts, they all make their contribution to skewing Welsh statistics in a way that is unflattering to us, put a strain on an already overburdened health service, and of course, make their contribution to anglicising Wales. ‘Poor Wales’, ‘Ageing Wales’, ‘Wales’ Drugs Problem’ writes Phil Space, and intones Jamie Owen, but no one has the balls to really investigate these issues and give us the truth.

But then, in a colony, the last thing you can expect is an honest media.


I can’t be absolutely certain when I first realised the media lies (maybe it was when I was first lied about), but the reporting of the Balkan wars in the 1990s was something of a watershed because that coverage was not simply a lie here and there, or some vague and ill-defined bias, it was an unwavering adherence to a propaganda line originating in the Pentagon.

Done in pursuit of a strategic objective dictating that Jugoslavia should be dismembered and Russia’s Serb allies at the core of that State be internationally isolated. To achieve this objective the fascist Croats of the Ustaše, and the gangster Albanians in the Kosovo Liberation Army, were depicted as knights in shining armour, while a blind eye was turned to foreign jihadists killing Serbs in Bosnia, leaving us to focus solely on the beastly Serbs, the only ones guilty of any atrocities.

Obviously, when dealing with ‘internal’ matters the UK media is different, but even here, the bias has long been unmistakable, and especially in television. Just about everyone has noticed the recent plethora of programmes with titles beginning ‘Great British’, in fact, it’s become so obvious that it’s something of a joke. A regular orgy of cringe-worthy ‘patriotism’, on sets bedecked with union flags, and all done in the hope of persuading Scots and other disaffected minorities that it don’t get no better than singing the worst national anthem on earth.

While on another level we see some elements of the BBC – Newsnight comes to mind – becoming almost schizophrenic in their desire to maintain their Left-liberal bias while simultaneously following the BritNat line in the hope of pandering to those in the Tory party who wish to dismantle the Beeb. Though in its coverage of the Scottish independence referendum last year all pretence at impartiality went out the window for the BBC in general, and Newsnight in particular.

Here in Wales, with its recent acquisition of the Evening Post, we have Trinity Mirror taking a stranglehold on the ‘Welsh’ print media. We can now look forward to Swansea’s daily paper, the largest selling Welsh daily, being written in Cardiff. And why not? With the political and economic life of the country being centralised on the capital like some tin-pot dictatorship it makes perfect sense.

Our self-styled ‘National Newspaper of Wales’ is now little more than a desperate amalgam of showbiz news, columnists nobody reads, sport, and a daily promotion of all things Cardiff. To the extent that a new restaurant opening, or a celebrity being spotted in the city, somehow becomes a news item that Llais Y Sais deludes itself will be of interest to people in other parts of Wales. No wonder so few people outside of the Cardiff area buy the bloody thing.

Perhaps the best way to explain how this Cardiff-obsessive system operates is by introducing that famous bullshit duet the Barry Brothers. Mark Barry runs M&G Barry Consulting and gets paid to promote the Metro system and other projects designed to further enrich Cardiff at the expense of the rest of Wales, while brother Siôn is the Business Editor for Media Wales, which of course covers the Wasting Mule. So Mark Barry’s clients tell him what they want promoted, he passes ready-made promos on to brother Siôn, who ensures that they appear in Llais y Sais as ‘news’! This is how low ‘journalism’ in Wales has sunk.

In the panel below (click to enlarge) you’ll see a piece by Siôn Barry that appeared in the Western Mail on Monday (23.11.2015). I’m using it because it brings together a couple of the points I’m making in this post. First, we have another successful Welsh company being taken over. This company is based in Swansea, but it’s left to a spokesperson for the company to tell us that.

Sion Barry Francis Estate Agents

Because the purpose of this business news report is to give a plug to “Cardiff-based business advisory firm Greenaway Scott”. Something Siôn Barry does quite regularly. Here in May 2013, March 2015, May 2015, and there may be other write-ups by Barry that I’ve missed. Puffs for this company have certainly appeared on Media Wales attributed to others. Would a law firm in any other part of Wales get so much free publicity? So how do we explain it – is Greenaway Scott a client of M&G Barry Consulting? And if so, why is Trinity Mirror allowing the Wasting Mule to be used in this way? Whatever the answer, this is not journalism.

On the television front, S4C looks to be on its last legs as the Tories consider that if its funding is withdrawn no one will complain other than those with a vested interest in so doing. There certainly won’t be any protests of the kind that brought the channel into existence.

ITV Wales continues to plod along, a curate’s egg of a channel ranging from the engaging Adrian Masters to reporters and newsreaders who look and sound as if they’d have trouble locating Aberystwyth if they were dropped on top of Constitution Hill.

While over at the Talfan Davies patrimony things get weirder and weirder. The Monday following the Paris outrages Wales Today carried a piece about Islamophobia! Over a hundred people were dead in Paris, killed by Muslim extremists, yet for BBC Wales the real horror was that some Welsh person might say something nasty to a Muslim! Rarely in a human lifetime does one encounter such a corrupted sense of values, such an absence of proportion. The interviewee, living in mortal fear of being shouted at, claimed to have previously been subjected to abuse, but this must of course have happened before the Paris massacres. She was shrouded from head to foot with just a slit for her eyes, so I suppose she could have been an actress. I began to wonder if this interview had been in the can for a while, just waiting for the next killing spree.

Something becoming more regularly noticeable on BBC Wales is the adherence to the Question Time dictum – ‘When in Wales, listen only to English opinions’. Because even when reporting on news items from the Swansea Valley and similar places with very few English residents BBC Wales will find those English residents, and interview them, ignoring locals. There is an echo here of the British media’s attitude when working abroad – find someone to interview who speaks English, even if that person knows sod all about the issue being covered.

Jason Mohammad

In other areas BBC Wales follows the ‘Great British’ line, and few do it more loyally than Jason Mohammad. His recent interview with Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood is a gem of its kind. But then, his ‘ethnic’ background, the fact that he speaks Welsh (but is a devoted Brit), makes ‘Jase’ an absolute treasure who will do anything for the cause. Hang on, it wasn’t him in the niqab, was it?


Though if you seek an area, an industry, an activity, call it what you will, that ticks all the colonialist boxes, then look no further than tourism. Read Tourism: Creating a ‘Wales’ Without the Welsh.

It is beneficial to the UK economy because – seeing as Wales is tied to England – most of the money spent by tourists in Wales will find its way to England in the form of taxes, payments to suppliers, etc.

‘Welsh’ tourism provides thousands of business opportunities for English people thanks to their greater purchasing power coupled with the unwillingness of some Welsh to engage in the prostitution of their homeland.

Tourism attracts a few million English tourists to Wales every year, many of whom decide to settle here. And even if they don’t immediately settle, then they might buy a little place to use as a holiday home.

Nothing is anglicising Wales faster and more comprehensively than tourism and the colonisation that is its inevitable corollary and consequence. This explains why tourism is being forced on us as ‘the economic salvation of rural Wales’.

Yet we Welsh are expected to accept all this in return for a few thousand low paid, seasonal jobs, and a pat on the head accompanied by, ‘You Welsh should be so grateful that all these English people come here’.


Wales in 2015 is a land being ripped apart, with a national identity under the kind of pressure it is unlikely to survive.

Our former mining valleys are now among the poorest and most wretched areas of Europe. But, due to the low property prices – among the lowest in the UK – we can predict that the Valleys will see more bail hostels and properties housing persons and groups that English communities are glad to see the back of. And the ‘Welsh’ Government – plus local politicians – will welcome this, because appearances are everything, and anything looks better than derelict houses and a rapidly declining population.

Our rural and coastal areas have been condemned to serve as recreation and retirement areas for our neighbours because, ‘There’s nothing else around here, is there?’. No of course there isn’t, not after decades of allowing the rural economy to decline, and doing nothing to bring in decent employment, for local people.

And while the Welsh population is engineered into decline, in both rural and urban areas, a new, replacement population is encouraged to move in, not least through building new homes that Welsh people either cannot afford or else will not be allocated. ‘Oh look! the population of Wales is rising – things must be good there’.

And while this social engineering goes on older forms of exploitation persist. English cities steal our water resources, but it’s justifiable we are told because these cities built the dams. Mmm, try going to Iran and claiming the oil because the original infrastructure was built by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company.

Wales is a colony of England, and we Welsh are still bottom of the pile. The only Welsh who make it – outside certain spheres such as sport and entertainment – are those who submit, or those who collaborate with the colonialist system.

You reading this can either accept this system, or you can fight it; but let no one – certainly not the professional liars in politics and the media – pretend that our relationship with England is anything other than colonial, and designed to eventually destroy Welsh identity.


57 thoughts on “Wales, Colony of England

    1. dafis

      Colin, I followed that link just now. Amazing how any article on the IWA site that dares to be remotely critical of the status quo and the present direction of government policy brings out a rash of anti-Welsh language perverts who trot out the same crap about how fluency in more than one language is confusing/ retarded/ causes blindness, early dementia etc etc.

      I remain unsure about the IWA itself, and suspect that it does tend to the Cardiff centric view, that failed notion of trickle down where us rural peasants await with grateful anticipation for the generous sweep of crumbs off our metropolitan masters tables. Sadly Cardiff itself is just a quaint little city that scrubbed itself up a bit, but remains hardly a pot worth pissing into compared to Dublin, even Edinburgh. It has big ideas and aspirations but will be totally dependent on Osborne’s handouts to bring any to fruition. Its demimonde of narrow minded deluded professional networkers, schmoozers and chatterers, with hardly a real deal making money maker among them, see things through a warped prism which grants them a right to all major initiatives and a further right to intervene in any matter of note elsewhere in Wales. No wonder people in other parts of the country view their capital city with a mix of resentment and desparation.

      1. Colin

        I can hardly call myself an expert on our capital city having only been there twice in my life but as an observer from the furthest north west I find myself unable to disagree with you. I do hope this can change.

        Protic’s comments are as always predictable, I can’t believe a shit like that lives on the same island as me and no that isn’t a threat on your life Mr P, I just think you’re a shit of a similar calibre to Ruck!

    1. dafis

      Mr/Ms Anon – with a hide like yours the rhino will be safe from extinction.

      Anyone with an ounce of awareness will tune into the way Wales’ subordinate status has become embedded. More likely therefore that you are content with that situation, it serves your material and social needs, and anything or anybody that challenges that cotentment has to be dismissed as irrational, or, worse still, as a dangerous subversive. However some of us are aware of the prevailing condition, its risks and challenges, and wish to reverse the rot as it is getting to a stage where there may not be scope for arrest and reversal.

      1. I’m not sure who runs this place, and at the moment I don’t have the time to check, but a quick Google search found a number of Mostyn Lodges scattered around England.

      2. dafis

        Colin That place sounds just like a haven for crims and deadbeats. Now a bi law allowing locals to hunt these f***ers down, say 2 or 3 a week, would reduce interest in bringing such tossers into the area while providing some light relief, indeed recreation for the upstanding members of the local community. No need for firearms licences etc just use crossbows and other traditional hunting gear to make it more interesting.

          1. dafis

            long bows , cross bows, slings, billhooks, – list is endless. You could have days dedicated to different specialities plus using various handicaps like “naked prey”, “dressed prey”, “drunk/drugged prey”, “blindfolded prey” and other variations like hunting with big dogs, hunting with Jack Russells, hunting with man eating tigers !!!!

            This is getting to sound promising, could even become a tourist attraction – oh no, we don’t want those b***ards spoiling the fun.

            Cheers Colin I’ve had my laff of the day now.

            1. Daley Gleephart

              The Tories have been recruiting people to the Young Britons’ Foundation and sending them to Virginia for training in the use of machine guns and assault rifles. Donal Blaney has described YBF as “a Conservative madrasa”. For news of Blaney, Shapps et al., pick up a newspaper.

            2. Big Gee

              Apparently one resident has already found a naked man in their garden & another couple found two men who just walked into their house. It seems the police could not charge them with breaking and entering because they had no break in TOOLS on them!

              Looks like it’s back to the long bows then! 😉

  1. dafis

    Re your tweet column reference to DNA Wales, I find it fascinating that so many people are enthralled by ambiguous hypotheses regarding”events” of 14-1500 years or more ago yet cheerfully ignore the much more damaging migration that is happening today in Wales. It is a disgrace that so many “leading lights” have lent their names to this daft exercise which proves only that they come from a whole mix of gene pools. Yet very few of them have expressed any concern about the current problem. Bury your head in the sand ? or drown in your own gene pool ? Take your pick as to which best describes them.

    1. Colin

      If you voice an opinion on today’s migration you are instantly branded a racist (by that very same rag as it happened to us!). Tying in with my last post, the whole world give or take throws it’s arms up in horror at the events in Germany during the last war with the attempted extermination of the Jewish race or that they took half of Europe but here in Wales the same is happening but by stealth and no one gives a fuck!

      Colonisation, eviction through second homes and the associated price hikes, Anglicisation and the killing of our culture, it’s a big deal!

    2. Big Gee

      Here’s a classic example (I would guess) dafis. Tonight on S4C – here’s the info. off the S4C web-site:

      DNA Cymru

      Jason Mohammad, Beti George and Dr Anwen Jones trace the epic journey of our DNA – and reveal the existence of some extraordinary genetic clusters in Wales. These clusters may be the Welsh equivalent of Scotland’s clans, and can be traced back to ten powerful men who are likely to have lived in Wales less than 2,000 years ago. For one of today’s sporting heroes, our DNA test suggests a connection to one of these genetic clusters which he could not possibly have imagined.

      Yn Gymraeg:
      Jason Mohammad, Beti George a Dr Anwen Jones sy’n olrhain siwrnai epig ein DNA – ac yn datgelu bod canran uchel o boblogaeth Cymru yn ddisgynyddion i hen benaethiaid a thywysogion – y rhyfelwyr a ‘gollasant eu gwaed’ yn ôl ein hanthem genedlaethol. Mae’r ymchwil hefyd wedi dod o hyd i stori sy’n achosi syndod llwyr i un gwrol rhyfelwr a frwydrodd dros hen wlad ei dadau ar y meysydd chwarae – ond sydd hyd yma ddim yn gwybod dim byd o gwbl am ei wreiddiau brenhinol Cymreig.
      Armed to make us SO excited about our past – I wonder what they’ll have to say about the present and future? And how our genetic mix produced in the 21st century will pan out!

      1. Mae’r testun Cymraeg uchod yn rhyw wahanol i’r un Saesneg, dim cyfieithiad syml ydi o … Here’s what the Welsh ‘translation’ actually says, as near as I can get it :

        [It’s] JM, BG and Dr. AJ who follow the epic journey of our DNA — revealing that a high percentage of the population of Wales are descendants of ancient chiefs and princes — the warriors who ‘shed their blood’ according to our national anthem. The research also brought to light a story which caused considerable surprise for a certain manly warrior who battled for the old land of his fathers in the field of sport — but who until now had no idea at all of his royal Welsh roots.

        No mention of ‘genetic clusters’ in the Welsh text, but much play on ‘patriotic’ motifs and being related to noble warriors. I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is just sloppy translation or some more subtle linguistic engineering at work.

          1. Yes, the genetics is bollocks on the whole.

            What interested me was how the Welsh analog of ‘Braveheart-ary’ was played up in the Welsh text and played down in the English. How for example “one of today’s sporting heroes” becomes “a manly warrior who battled for the old land of his fathers in the field of sport” (un gwrol rhyfelwr a frwydrodd dros hen wlad ei dadau ar y meysydd chwarae). Rather than simply “dyn enwog o charaewr” or some such. Similarly, “ten powerful men who are likely to have lived in Wales less than 2,000 years ago” are transformed into “ancient chiefs and princes — the warriors who ‘shed their blood’ according to our national anthem” (hen benaethiaid a thywysogion – y rhyfelwyr a ‘gollasant eu gwaed’ yn ôl ein hanthem genedlaethol).

            So what exactly is going on here? Are they trying to somehow incite the Welsh with all those references to bloodshed and conflict, in contrast to the much more benign matter-of-fact English version? It struck me because ‘official’ translations are usually so mechanical and uncreative.

            1. It’s a business. They’re using these programmes, and the ‘celebs’, to sell their tests. It’s explained on the Cruwys News blog.

  2. Big Gee

    Every colonising power over the ages uses the same tactic. Wipe out:

    1. The occupied nation’s CULTURE by superseeding it
    2. Wipe out their LANGUAGE
    3. Wipe out their HISTORY through the education system

    Job done. It’s the same scenario in every country in the world from the Romans to the Chinese in Tibet & let no one tell you that the same ploy has not been implemented in Cymru.

    1. Colin

      And the worst bit is that no one seems to give a damn here. Admitedly a large percentage of the country’s population is English but what gets me is the large percentage of indigenous Welsh people who are happy for this to happen.

      1. Big Gee

        Sorry to sound as if I’m banging on the same old drum (but no one seems to listen). The key to the apathy is our education system over the last 135 years. It’s not for no reason that the Jesuits say “Give me a child for for his first seven years and I’ll give you the man”

        Although it’s not politically correct to say it, but Hitler knew it – hence his Hitler’s Youth movement.

        The English realised it a long time ago hence the reason the children of their privelleged classes go to ‘prep’ school and on to public school.

        In our usual more diluted way we have had a stab at it with the Urdd Gobaith Cymru movement (although it is wishy washy – but the idea was sound.)

        Teach children about the injustices against their nation, the truth about their history and where they fit into the picture and you won’t need to try and save the language or try and get a political foothold to make things change. Your children will queue up to put things right and no one will keep them away from the pride of their culture or their language.

        Some of you will have read the essay I wrote on the subject nearly fifteen years ago. For those who haven’t then read it now by clicking on this link:

        1. dafis

          diolch am yr erthygl hon. Mae hi yr un mor berthnasol heddiw, na mwy, nag oedd ryw 13 blwyddyn yn ol.

          My awareness of Mr Gee was only hazy way back and I’ve only grown to appreciate his merits since starting to visit this site. I may not agree entirely will all that he says, but it always presented in an excellent way. So well done Jac for facilitating that piece of personal development ( along with many other analyses and interpretations ) which has allowed me to affirm that what might have been my personal hunches and prejudicies are indeed supported by facts

          1. Big Gee

            Diolch am y gymeradwyaeth hael dafis!

            There are two nagging and negative metaphoric auras that revisit me continually. One is the sensation of pissing into the wind and feeling it return to wet my legs. The other is the sensation of standing on top of a desolate mountain in a raging gale, whilst trying to scream warnings to my people at the top of my voice – but in vain because they can’t hear.

            By now my bladder is nearly empty and my voice has gone hoarse! 🙁

        2. Colin

          Why apologise? Someone needs to bang that drum and the more it gets banged the better in my book. Education is exactly the key, the cwricwlwm cymraeg needs strengthening from pre school right through to the Welsh baccalaureate and making compulsory throughout our land and if you don’t like it go and live England!

          I can understand your feelings and it’s going to be a hard task getting there after all the very people that can begin to make the change don’t give a flyer and are so Anglicised it’s not true and just want to bow and scrape to Westminster. I really fear it is too late, I hope I’m wrong and will never accept it but I fear it none the less.

          I have a high regard of Hitler strangely enough, well shall I say the way he got Germany back on his feet, not the more dodgy stuff we generally associate him with, a hell of a guy no mistake. A bankrupt country where Germans hung their heads to the strongest power in the world where nationalism was foremost in just a few years.

  3. Colin

    “Wales in 2015 is a land being ripped apart, with a national identity under the kind of pressure it is unlikely to survive.
    And while the Welsh population is engineered into decline”

    Two horribly true statements, where can we go from here? Young people are getting more and more apathetic, us old gits are getting fewer and fewer. Come the next election and every other election the best interests of England will be played out in our land because of the sheer amount of incomers living here. If Plaid get their way with the free care for the aged it will get worse again, a growth industry? Fuck me you’re not wrong there!

    Well on the bright side, all the second home owners have fucked off back to Wimslow for the winter so my village is dead as a doornail again until Easter, the chip shop is only open two days of the week and the shop has shut, oh and the pub is run by an incomer, thank God he doesn’t wear a pith helmet eh?

  4. treforus

    I find it depressing that I’m unable to argue with you. You mention successful Welsh businesses being taken over. Within a few years that the higher paid posts will migrate out of Wales and thus suck money out of the local economy, the local businesses previously working in tandem will be replaced by businesses elsewhere or the new owners will eventually simply close them down and carry back to their other undertakings the benefit of their existing contracts as seemed to be the sad fate of a prepared supermarket meal company in Swansea a few years ago which was taken over but closed within 3 years with the loss of 250 jobs. No doubt an economic case can be made in every instance but it is killing us.

    1. This problem of successful Welsh companies being bought up and closed down happens regularly. Anyone who takes an interest in Welsh news knows about it. So where does this leave the ‘Welsh’ Government? When it becomes obvious that a Welsh company is about to be sold the ‘Welsh’ Government should step in and ask if they can help in any way. For example, does the company need investment to expand? They should be doing all they can to stop the sale because history tells us what happens in these situations. But I argue that Wales is run by civil servants answering to London and they will favour the (invariably English) purchaser.

      This phenomenon I’m describing is first cousin to the ‘branch factory’ problem, that sees a Welsh factory or outlet closed in order to save operations elsewhere. One example I remember from 25 years ago was the Brymbo steelworks in Wrecsam. There had been a a steelworks on the site since 1796 (I think) and Brymbo produced specialist steels, and had a full order book. But Brymbo was owned by United Steels of Sheffield, and US’s other plants were not doing so well, so Brymbo was closed, 1100 men lost their jobs, and the Brymbo orders were transferred to English steelworks.

      This is naked colonialism, and can only happen because the economic life of Wales is controlled by England. To deny this is just plain bloody stupid.

  5. Just to prove I do read your blogs, I just want to suggest that the theory of Wales as an ‘internal colony’ lost any validity it may have had in 1999!

      1. dafis

        Which anonymous was that ? Him, her or it ? Must be leading a pretty anonymous existence to say that …”the theory of Wales as an ‘internal colony’ lost any validity it may have had in 1999!” when the reality is that the condition has gathered momentum since that year. Did someone ever say something along the lines of : never did an event promise so much and deliver so little ! Of course Ron Davies would correct me and say that it’s a process not an event. Well I won’t argue on that one, as it is a process – one of marginalisation & colonisation with native sellouts in stewardship roles.

          1. Big Gee

            No real surprises there then! It’s breathtaking how tunnel visioned, gullible and generally ignorant these ‘anonymous’ AMs are. Even more so those that hide behind their yellow poppies; because they SHOULD know better, and SHOULD be making those statements at the Senedd, that you’ve written about in your excellent post Jac.

            In 2001 I said publicly that we were being colonised by ‘oddballs, social misfits & society drop-outs’ that were being foisted on us back then by England. I also said that in about ten years’ time it would be game over for our culture & language, unless something was done about it – it seems a bit hollow to say “I told you so” . My reward was to be expelled from the “Party of Wales” for telling it as it was. I’m just SO sad that what I said at the time was so prophetic – I only wish it wasn’t.

            1. dafis

              and it’s going to get worse before any hope of improvement.

              What I’ve seen of the current crop of Plaid hopefuls or indeed any other young(ish) politically active people is that they all have this grey shabby conformist “non-image”. I’d be happy if we were confronted by rabid Anglophile rednecks or extreme “left ” class warriors perversely wedded to the Union but we have none. They are all waltzing around in the middle ground posturing blandly to attract support from an indifferent electorate while ensuring that they don’t upset anyone. Can you imagine a socially conservative Socialist visiting an “occupied” home in mid Wales and asking the resident – why did you buy this house at an inflated price thus denying a young native couple a chance of living here ? No bloody chance, now more concerned that they were “integrating” successfully avoiding contact with real local culture. Maybe that’s why the Cynwyd episode is a small scale reason for some cheer.

              1. Big Gee

                Your description fits them perfectly dafis “grey shabby conformist “non-image” types – who have the intellect, nous and life experiences of an average sixth former. They even sound like sixth formers with a thimble-ful of knowledge about the wider picture.

                Postage stamp politicians. Their political platform is the size of a postage stamp because the ground they are trying to stand on is that shrunken bit of middle ground that both right, left and (socialist) nationalist try to occupy. But the ‘system’ likes that – they’re docile and easily manipulated.

                On Cynwyd – would the media make a news item out of a story about a Welsh speaker objecting to English only notices from their local council? It’s the way the majority of councils issue meeting notices – especially in the south – monoglot English only (after all can’t all Welsh speakers read English anyway?). Notice also the complainant was an imigrant colonialist along with the ombudsman that issued the ‘harsh’ report.

                And our ‘anonymous’ AM contributor says “I just want to suggest that the theory of Wales as an ‘internal colony’ lost any validity it may have had in 1999!”. MY ARSE!

                1. dafis

                  I’m a touch relieved that the Cynwyd story broke, albeit for the “wrong” reasons. Mianstream Media jumped on it as a case of nasty natives, but it blew back when you saw the chairman of said council give his account, in English, to the prick from BBC who went to pick on him. He referred to things like common courtesy and the prevalent local conditions – just a decent old boy who always knew things that way. Good for him.

                  1. Big Gee

                    “. . . . He referred to things like common courtesy and the prevalent local conditions – just a decent old boy who always knew things that way. Good for him. . . . . ”

                    And so say I!

            2. Colin

              And all credit to you for saying it Gwilym, what we need now is a strong prominent politician who would be willing to put his or her head on the block and say it again. I dare say the same would happen and the racism card would be played again if it was said. The downside of your harsh treatment was that it will more than likely stop anyone standing up for Cymru like that again or at least for the foreseeable future.

              Perhaps if Cynwyd were to make their forms bi lingual English councils should do the same, we are after all a “United Kingdom” Fat chance!

              1. Big Gee

                Diolch Colin.

                “A strong prominent politician who would be willing to put his or her head on the block and say it again”

                More likely to find some ‘hen’s teeth’. They don’t exist anymore Colin, and if they did they would never reach a position to be heard, let alone acted upon. That’s my greatest annoyance, and the source of my hottest anger, that Plaid actually stiffle that sort of politician more than any of the other ‘Brit’ parties. A traitor is worthy of more condemnation than your known enemy.

    1. “Just to prove I do read your blogs, I just want to suggest that the theory of Wales as an ‘internal colony’ lost any validity it may have had in 1999!” – anon

      Jack Straw stated that ‘power devolved is power retained’.

      London parties spend millions on their branches in Wales to enable them to compete in Welsh elections.

      London owned media always supports the London parties in Wales.

      Why is all this not obvious to you anon?

  6. dafis

    Good summing up of everything that’s been said in these columns on several previous occasions, with a bit of new info to show that the problems roll on relentlessly.

    This is not a criticism, indeed a request – keep restating these facts, they are patently obvious to all except the deniers and fraudsters who inhabit mainstream political and media circles in Wales. They must also know these things to be true but elect to beaver away at turning this beautiful corner into a dumping ground and a place for assorted exploitation activities .

    I suggest to readers that they challenge all local candidates for the 2016 Assembly election on these issues. Ask “what Mr/Mrs/Ms is your stance on this/that/other…..”, and do not be surprised when you get that blank response because these things generally don’t matter to the lazy bastards. They are so wedded to sanitised party lines, so hell bent on getting that seat with all its trappings, and for some it’s the start of a journey that could get them onto a bigger seat in Westminster. Well, make them uncomfortable, nothing better than a canvassing candidate cutting a phone conversation because you made him/her uneasy talking to you. If on your doorstep give them serious harrassment -” not got a policy on that one ? isn’t it time you had one ? bit of a joke aren’t you.” Very few of the grey people in their grey or dark blue suits will want that kind of aggro, they are looking for old biddies to flannel and embarrassed people too busy studying their own belly buttons to give a budding politician the verbal equivalent of a head high tackle on the doorstep.

  7. Jac o’ the North is creating reactions amongst colonial settlers in Swansea:-
    Strange how after being portrayed on the Jac o’ the North Blog comments, the Swansea Labour Student Chair Tranny LILY SUMMERS has closed down the Lily Blog web sites where certain unsavoury issues were discussed. Click on Lily’s sites now and you get this:-
    “This user has deactivated their account”.
    Strange how after being portrayed on the Jac o’ the North Blog comments, the absentee Swansea Labour Councillor John C Bayliss has now secured his Blogs for “Members Only” reading – other than Twitter . Previously his entries were openly full of weird childish stuff for discussion. Click on his sites now and you get this:-
    “Search Results for John C Bayliss”
    Log In Sign Up for Security Check
    Previously both of these people had “open sites”. What are they hiding now? Seems they may have had Labour orders to close down or go private.
    Seems likely that their Labour Masters did not like all the embarrassing drivel they used to churn out and have told them to switch off or lock out the public!

    1. John Young

      Id heard about the Jason Mohammad/Leanne Wood interview but not seen it. I thought Leanne did amazingly well to control herself in the face of shear stupidity from JM. This is the same person who, when it was decided to centralize all Welsh HMRC jobs in Cardiff (and create even more well paid jobs in an area that has already had far more than it’s share of those compared with the rest of Wales) and was asked about the 350 Swansea people who’s jobs were being transferred said ‘so what, they’ll still have jobs’.

      The guy is a fool and should be given a job appropriate to his abilities. Toilet cleaning maybe.

      1. I think there is a growing consensus that Jason Mohammad is a nasty piece of work who, like so many BBC people before him – Vincent Kane comes to mind – thinks ‘Wales’ begins and ends with Kerdiff. And that those living outside the city are ‘Welshie’ fuckers who should be grateful to see Cardiff grab everything.

      2. Big Gee

        Is this clip to do with the interview you are referring to? If not, then it’s worth watching anyway, because it DOES show what a puffed up annoying little prick that “Jase” (I’m Welsh & British) Mohammed really is. He’s never struck me as being too bright either – maybe that’s how they turn them out in Ely.

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