Shorts 16.07.2018 (Well it is summer!)

I’m taking a wee break from the Williams-Partridge gang, but I shall return to them, you can count on it. Weep for Wales 6 is already forming itself in the old Jac noggin.

But as the Walrus said, The time has come to talk of many things . . . but we shall not stray far from my favoured themes of shysters and charlatans, colonialists and their facilitators.


There is in Wales a political grouping calling itself the Wales Green Party. Over the years many people – myself included – have pointed out that despite the name it has no legal existence, being merely part of The Green Party (of England). Scotland has a separate party.

Those of a masochistic bent may choose to read some of my previous offerings on the subject: Plaid Cymru and the Green Party of EnglandandWales, More on the Green Party of EnglandandWales, Green Party of EnglandandWales, Wales Region AGM 2015.

This question of whether there is or should be a separate Welsh party has bedevilled the Greens in Wales for some years and so it was recently decided to lance the boil by having a vote on whether to become wholly independent or remain part of the Green Party (of England).

The result is in and 64.8% voted to remain part of the Green Party (of England), though the party leader in Wales, Grenville Ham, favoured treating Wales with respect by forming a separate party.

This result does not surprise me. The Greens I’ve met in my area, and others I know of who’ve moved to rural parts of Wales, tend to offer a ‘We know best’ kind of ‘enlightened’ colonialism. No less offensive when delivered by some malodorous little twat with a 2:2 in mycology than when it’s barked by the District Officer wearing shorts with a razor-sharp crease.

What I’m saying is that, in Wales, most Greens are English arrivals (many of them just passing through). This explains why – unlike Scotland – we do not have a separate and native Green Party. This also explains the vote I’ve just reported.

Greens in Wales must now stop the pretence that there is a Wales Green Party. There is not. What we have in Wales is the regional branch of The Green Party of England. Calling it the Green Party of England and Wales is no improvement, especially when we remember the position in Scotland.

Those who want a Welsh Green Party, those who wish to prioritise the Welsh national interest, had better do some hard thinking. A new, genuinely Welsh Green party could resonate with Welsh voters far better than the Green Party of England has done hitherto.

It could hardly do any worse.


And so to Pembrokeshire, which attracts a disproportionate number of those malodorous little gits with a 2:2 in mycology. But on a higher plane, far removed from the darkness and the copious amounts of shit, we enter the realm of Sol Invictus.

And it’s there, basking in the wealth he bestows, that we find Dr Glen Peters. Formerly of bean-counters PwC but now ensconced at Rhos y Gilwen mansion near Cilgerran, where he brings culture to this benighted corner of Wales through Menter Rhosygilwen. You can even get married there.

Courtesy of Linkedin, click to enlarge

But his real interest is making money through his company Western Solar Ltd. There is a solar farm on his land and when he’s not harvesting all that lovely sunshine on his estate he’s building houses . . . to harvest more life-giving sunshine. His footnote in history being assured with Pentre Solar, an ambitious scheme at Glanrhyd.

But ere it started, the ‘Welsh’ Government bunged Peters £141,000 for a factory in which to manufacture sections for the houses. Since then, the ‘Welsh’ Government has loaned the Ateb Group, formerly Pembrokeshire Housing, £900,000 to buy the six houses from Peters.

Yet according to this account in the Guardian, just four of the properties, ‘have “affordable” rents and are being offered to people on Pembrokeshire county council’s housing register who have lived in the area for five years’.

So how many of these houses are for social housing, six or four?

Either way, Glen Peters has made a tidy wodge from the ‘Welsh’ Government and a factory paid for out of public funds has been added to his property portfolio. Yet his Linkedin profile boasts that he has been “Eco Entrepreneur of the Year”.

An entrepreneur (for which there is no word in Welsh, incidentally) is someone who takes risks with his own money. How the hell can anyone be an entrepreneur when he’s feather-bedded by the public purse?

The Solar Village website makes a big thing of “employing locals”, yet closer inspection reveals that these people are ‘local’ only in the sense that they’ve moved to Wales. Just like so many other schemes in the Welsh countryside, especially where environmentalism is concerned, we see Welsh public money funding social engineering.

As for Glanrhyd, it’s a hamlet on a B road some five kilometres from Cardigan. I’m not sure how good the public transport links are, but even if they’re good Ateb might have had trouble finding tenants. Seeing as the houses are now occupied I’d like to know who lives in them, how many are social tenants, and how local those people are to the area.

Worth asking because the Ateb Group is a curious beast, a Community Benefit Society that includes Mill Bay Homes Ltd. I don’t understand how a private company can shelter under the umbrella of a Community Benefit Society; but then, all sorts of things are permitted, or overlooked, in the strange world of Welsh housing associations.

For example, Mill Bay Homes is no longer a Registered Social Landlord, which is hardly surprising seeing as it builds and sells property on the open market like Wimpey and Redrow; but it has over the years borrowed millions from its publicly-funded parent company Pembrokeshire Housing which now – re-branded Ateb – is buying properties from Mill Bay!

It’s all very complicated. Deliberately so.

Does that bank of solar panels feed into the grid when demand is low? If so, who gets the money? Picture courtesy of WalesOnline. Click to enlarge

Western Solar Power has plans for more villages. Another project lined up is for Coastal Housing in sun-blest Ammanford. Where no doubt the public purse will further enrich Glen Peters and Coastal Housing will have properties that attract positive publicity in obscure publications, but they’ll be expensive to build and might not serve the purpose used to justify the public funding – affordable homes for local people.

Glen Peters is obviously on a good thing. All he has to do is keep pressing the right buttons and the money pours into his bank account. But I can’t help thinking that social housing could be delivered a lot cheaper, in places locals want to live, which is why I’m sceptical of Pentre Solar and similar projects.

Bottom line is, it might be acceptable for Glen Peters to enrich himself playing the enlightened squire, and employing his cronies – but not with our money!


No doubt you’re all aware that there’s a by-election campaign under way in Cydweli’s Mynydd-y-Garreg ward. In fact, there are only two wards in Cydweli; Mynydd-y-Garreg and Castle, which might make life easy for some, but for your average punter, having eight or nine community councillors for his or her ward must cause confusion.

The council is Labour controlled, with a few Independents, one Tory, one Plaid Cymru, and Ukip represented by Gary Beer of Swansea Quality Lettings Ltd. (That has a certain ring to it, no?)

Standing for Labour in Mynydd-y-Garreg is Beryl-Ann Williams. I’m told her election literature is in English only, a great disappointment to see this on the home turf of the late Ray Gravell, where 62% of the working age population speaks Welsh . . . but only 21% of retired people. Now I wonder why that is?

Beryl-Ann works in the third sector as an ‘art psychotherapist’. (No, honestly, I did not just make that up.) This psychotherapisting may be done at the Kidwelly Community Hub, which seems to serve as a publicly-funded but unofficial Labour Party clubhouse.

Beryl-Ann Williams, Lee Waters AM on the left and Nia Griffith MP on the right, with mayor Phil Thompson behind the MP.

This being the Llanelli constituency, where Plaid Cymru has self-destructed, and Tories have never been thick on the ground, her sole opponent is Independent Ronald Carl Peters-Bond, whose literature is bilingual and has a powerful message:

“Kidwelly Town Council’s focus has been on building a new office costing over £500,000, the overspend on which has now left it in serious financial difficulties. We need to stop the rot.” and “Currently over 80% of the tax you pay to Kidwelly Town Council goes on administration and keeping that shiny building.”

Can you believe that a Labour administration would waste money on such things? And overspend?

I look forward to hearing from distant Cydweli that Grav’s old stomping-ground has rejected a Labour/third sector blagger who seems to have no love for Wales and her heritage.


Back in May I wrote about BikePark Wales, yet another example of Welsh assets being handed over to a bunch of strangers in order that they can enrich themselves. In this particular case it was Natural Resources Wales leasing a large area of forested land near Merthyr Tudful to a company with the absurd name of Beic Parcio Cymru Ltd operating as BikePark Wales.

Something that particularly worried me was the fact that this company felt it had the power to fine locals found on the land it was leasing, and that these fines could be collected on the spot by ‘marshalls’ (sic).

click to enlarge

A regular reader of this blog tried to get a number of politicians interested in this surely unacceptable behaviour; Labour and Plaid Cymru couldn’t be bothered and the only politician who came through was Mostyn Neil Hamilton, the Ukip AM for the Mid and West Wales Region.

Last week, in Plenary at the Assembly, Hamilton raised the issue with first minister Carwyn Jones, who professed complete ignorance. (Available here at 22:05.) Now put aside any antipathy you may have towards Ukip, or Hamilton, and consider the issue on its merits. And think about Carwyn Jones’ response.

In that irritating I’m-a-tidy-bloke-but-cleverer-than-you manner Carwyn Jones tried to laugh it off and almost seemed to suggest that Hamilton was making it up. But if what Jones said was right, then BikePark Wales is acting illegally. That being so, then surely something has now been done about it?

No. I’ve just checked the BikePark Wales website and it reads the same as it did before. Which suggests that Carwyn Jones and his management team really doesn’t care about such colonialist arrogance.

When strangers take over a country, exploit it for their own ends, when the indigenous population is elbowed aside, and when a collaborationist administration encourages and funds such behaviour, then that, my friend, can not be dressed up as ‘investment’, or disguised as an ‘economic strategy’.

It is colonialism; and to deny it is no different to the Green Party (of England) refusing to accept that Wales is a country in its own right, just an economically underdeveloped region of England or Britain.

By any criteria you care to apply Wales is a colony. What are you going to do about it?

♦ end ♦


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Beryl sent back to Labour HQ to think again.
The good people of Cydweli and Mynyddygarreg have soundly sent her packing


That photo of Lee Waters and Nia Griffiths in Cydweli giving Beryl a hand to get elected onto the town council is interesting.

The town council will shortly be vexed with the issue of what type of tinsel and baubles for this years Christmas tree and who’s watering the flowers (donations still wanted) for the raised bed on Abbey Street. What’s surprising is at a time when the Westminster House is considering the Brexit deal, ready to shape the future of the United Kingdom, and an alleged Russian attack in Wiltshire, we find the Shadow Secretary of State for Defence is having tea and buns with Breyl the village art therapist.

After all, Nia is blessed with some talent.

She has learned the essential Westminster skill of saying ‘Fuck off out of this office’ to superannuated salesmen of the defence industry and then phoning security at the front desk to say ‘this lobbyist is leaving the building’. Something you’d think Elin Jones would have learnt with the man trying to sell high protein supplementary feed to the family farm in Ceredigion.

I also see that Lee Waters has blessed the people of Cydweli with his presence. He has learned to spot a car crash on the horizon. There must be some ministers in Cardiff watching their backs.


He claims the Minister’s portfolio is ‘out-of-control’ and throws some accusations around about the directorships of Natural Resources Wales. I can help him with that. Liz Haywood on the board of Directors is married to Lord Hain and run a joint venture. Corporate oversight has evidently been compromised.

Perhaps he wants to borrow the step-ladder from the allotments to peer through their bedroom window to see exactly who is sleeping on the job? Just take his Labour Party membership card.


“Comrade, your statement is factually incorrect.”
“Yes, it is. But it is politically correct.”……..

Big Gee

An extremely interesting article, that prophesies the eventual demise of progressive liberalism, and it’s big weapon – political correctness – that hides people from truth and common sense. It is a weapon of control through forced power and intimidation.

The refreshing suggestion by prof. Angelo M. Codevilla is that it will self destruct, and implode – as all other totalitarian experiments have from Communism to Nazism in the past. I only hope he’s right. However it needs a push to make it topple. That’s what’s being witnessed with the new syncretic politics that’s sweeping across Europe and will hopefully find a home in Cymru as well.

We need to be ahead of the curve to ensure that we establish a political party that buries the old outdated establishment parties that have been around for centuries – doing the same things over and over with no success. This new and exciting way of doing politics is what will put Cymru and her people on the right road to a free and prosperous future.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”
– Albert Einstein –

How long must we suffer from this insanity?


A SAY NO TO INSANITY movement is definitely needed in Wales.

Hopefully the English civil war will start soon and we can convince the electorate in Wales that it is best to take a neutral stance……and the best way to achieve that is Independence. Look how successful Switzerland has been in staying neutral.

If there is no civil war, there will be “super diversity”. Apparently, England is now entering what social scientists call ‘super diversity’, where there is no single majority culture, the wealthy liberals who pampered minorities with public housing, social services, community projects are dying out, all that will be left is a dystopian impoverished, crime ridden, collection of competing ethnicities and religions.

Perhaps we could also convince the Red Rosette On A Donkey Faction there has been Chinese or Saudi Arabian interference the Assembly elections………. It’s worth a try!

Big Gee

Delivered by a narcissistic buffon. BUT the contents of that speech (whoever wrote it), is spot on.

Whether the Trump mob believe the contents is open to debate, but the content is right. He may have hijacked the trend that is developing across Europe and further afield in order to further his own plans, you never can tell. It could be a double bluff.

However what he spoke there is identical to what anti establishment (so called populist parties) are saying everywhere. It is the Orwellian nightmare that ordinary people are waking up to, and acting upon – thank goodness.

That could have been a speech written for Ein gwlad – who are also suffering at the hands of the all powerful media, that is in cahoots with the establishment forces, the hugely rich elites, and all the others in that all powerful cabal that are screwing the people. That is especially evident here in Cymru, and other colonised nations.

I’m still not a fan of Trump, but I’d love a chat with his speech writer.


Back in the ‘80s after a stint underground and a period of unemployment I decided to get a degree rather than tattoos. This led me to work as an intern at a small engineering firm near Merthyr where I was roped into a sales trip to the United States (container of product) to test the market. I visited Baltimore, Ohio and Iowa.

I distinctly remember in the mid west being dragged around bars (where they ask you to put your gun in the repository cabinet before checking your ID to make sure your old enough to order a beer) and various industrial estates. This is real America.

What I found is the sneering entitlement class on the coast who used derogatory terms like ‘trailer trash’ and ‘hill-billies’. It reminded me of terms banded about in Wales at the time, like ‘hic’ if you spoke Welsh and ‘thick valley boy’ in a derogatory sense by white collar bosses.

Trump is turning America upside down, and unfortunately his opponents are playing the man rather than the ball. I have no time for him and some of his policies and utterances to be stupid and offensive, however, he does know America.

Big Gee asks who his speech writer is. I can tell you. It’s all those local governors, the elected sheriffs, small town congressmen who make speeches like that to get elected on a regular basis. It’s town hall hustings America. It’s nothing new, just projected onto the world stage.

Here’s another speech, which also hits the spot.

Apparently Higgins is a ‘progressive’ but Trump is a ‘reactionary’. It’s what plays a town hall on the banks of the Ohio. The real question for Wales is who in the Senedd is going to speak for the ignored. Seems to be McEvoy does, and he gets the same shit.

Big Gee

Priceless! But more importantly – as you say it ‘hits the spot’. There’s nothing like a dose of truth and exposure of wrong doing, injustice and black (media stoked) establishment propaganda to wake people up.

Long may it continue – regardless of where it comes from. Give Ein Gwlad a few seats in Y Senedd and the McV factor will be multiplied many times over.

There is no antidote to telling the truth, and to hell with this ridiculous and shallow ‘political correctness’.

I loved the way Higgins called his detractor a (symbolic not literal) ‘wanker’ at the end – and why not? It was evidently true – so out with it!


They are a tad worrying. Is there hope for Western civilisation?…..I am not giving up hope…….. not just yet, anyway.

Interesting times we live in!


Was this the speech that prompted Carwyn Jones and Welsh Labour to lobby the Westminster Prime Minister, Theresa May to ban Donald Trump from coming to Wales and the UK.

Carwyn Jones tells PM to stop Trump’s state visit as leaders meet in Cardiff……

Congratulations to YesCymru! Doctrinaire leftists are like cockroaches….they get everywhere if left unchecked…..they need to be stamped out.

PS ……I updated my last post – Mrs Parry had a few more points to make!


Interesting post again Jac. The Ateb Group CEO recently declined to respond to my request for information and I have now requested the information from Welsh Government under FOI Act. Copy of my email below. Awaiting reply.

To: Welsh Government – Freedom of Information Team

I attach exchange of message with Ateb Group Chief Executive Officer, Nick Hampshire. You will note that Mr Hampshire was given an opportunity to respond to my enquiry but declined to do so. Accordingly, the request for information is redirected to Welsh Government under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide me with the following information within the statutory timeframe of 20 working days.

“Have public funds been provided to the Ateb Group [former Pembrokeshire Housing] by Welsh Government to enable the parent company within the group purchase 11 dwellings from its subsidiary Mill Bay Homes Ltd on Phase 1 of their development site at Crundale Haverfordwest; these being dwellings on plots 52 to 62.”

I look forward to receiving the information within 20 working days or, alternatively, confirmation that you wish to claim an exemption under the Act. If you require additional information or further clarification please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.