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Well, you must agree that the title makes a change from Miscellany. And unless I have a major item to focus on this might be the format from now on. Another big one, so take your time.



When I was much younger I spent a summer working in the Victoria Hotel in Llanbedr, between Bermo and Harlech. Living out back in what was imaginatively called a ‘chalet’.

Happy days!

The Vic was busy in summer, and one reason for that was its close proximity to a very large campsite, to which many of our English neighbours would repair to besport themselves. This was known to them as Shell Island, but to many of the locals it was Mochras.

In common with other such establishments, Shell Island has been closed for the past few months, but unlike similar establishments it does not plan to open at all this year. In fact, the statement put out by the Workman family, which owns the site, says that it “will not be opening until at least 2021″.

Which could be interpreted as meaning that Shell Island will never open again.

Making me wonder if there’s any connection between this possibility and the planned expansion of nearby Llanbedr airfield. For an announcement in May stated that military training was coming to the airfield, heralding more MoD involvement.

Click to enlarge

If this increased militarisation means drones, as seems likely, then it would make sense to control the land between the airfield and the sea. Then, if a drone goes haywire, it’ll kill a few rabbits, or fish, rather than wipe out three generations of the Smith family from West Bromwich.

Locals would be wise to be concerned, because further down the coast, at Aberporth, a number of military drone flights have gone awry. One last year landed not far from a school.

Maybe this is expecting too much of Plaid Cymru, but I would like to think that Cyngor Gwynedd is keeping up with developments, asking questions of the MoD and the airfield’s owners.

And if the council is doing that, then I expect it to keep the public informed, rather than bending to the ‘security’ restrictions that will be imposed to stop us knowing what’s happening in our country.


Regular readers will know that this series started over two years ago after I’d been told about Paul and Rowena Williams closing their hotels in Powys, laying off staff, and leaving tradesmen and suppliers unpaid.

Though according to them they’d sold the empire they built up through mortgage fraud to a convicted fraudster named Keith Harvey Partdridge. (Yes, that is how it’s spelled.)

Even before it all collapsed at Knighton and Presteigne the Williams pair had moved up to Gwynedd, and Plas Glynllifon. They had ambitious plans for the old pile that would cost over £20m. Not only that, but they also bought the Seiont Manor Hotel, and a little place outside Dolgellau called Fronoleu.

Plas Glynllifon. Click to enlarge

They were even eyeing up Plas Brereton and Plas Tŷ Coch. Or maybe they were just stringing people along, because they are a couple of bullshitters.

Towards the end of 2018 it became obvious the Williams’ finances didn’t match up to their stated ambitions. Along came Myles Andrew Cunliffe, said by Paul Williams to be a “finance guy”, which I suppose is one way of describing what Cunliffe does.

As you can read in the link I’ve just given, in December 2018 Cunliffe was promising that Plas Glynllifon would open as a hotel within months. It never did open. And eventually, Seiont Manor also closed, with more staff losing their jobs, and their unpaid wages. More tradesmen and suppliers chasing what they were owed.

Since I started writing about this crew a number of people have got in touch to tell me how they’ve been ripped off. People able to give me details only genuine victims (or the perpetrators) would know, but for a variety of reasons some have been reluctant to let me use this material. Which I can understand.

Recently, another victim has been in touch and, again, there are far too many details for this to have been fabricated. This new source suggests that Disley may now be operating in Portugal.

Jon Disley made the London dailies last week, snapped out shopping in Chelsea with his girlfriend, Claire Sweeney, who appears in Brookside. Here’s the report from the Sun, and here’s the Daily Mail‘s account.

Image: BackGrid. Click to enlarge

The Sun describes Jon Disley as a “career conman”, and the Daily Mail says he’s a “convicted fraudster”. Yet here he is with his girlfriend shopping in Chelsea, with not a care in the world.

It’s possible there’s a connection between some of those I’m writing about and the £8m Arron Banks can’t account for, the money that may have swung the Brexit referendum in 2016.

I suggest that because Denis Rogers, an associate of Disley and Cunliffe, sat as a nominee director on Banks’ company Rock Holdings, which was identified by the Electoral Commission as the channel for that £8m. John Sweeney of the BBC’s Newsnight investigated the lead but ran into a dead-end on the Isle of Man.

It’s reasonable to assume that whoever nominated Rogers – briefly the Brexit Party candidate for Warrington South – is the source or the conduit for that £8m.

So, we see that Rock Holdings is/was based on the Isle of Man. Rogers was listed as the director of a number of companies giving an address on Douglas’ South Quay, behind which we find the old gas board office – Murdoch Chambers – used as an address by Rock Holdings.

The former Trafalgar pub was used as an address by a number of Dennis Rogers’ companies. The building behind it, the old gas board offices, renamed ‘Murdoch Chambers’, was the address used by Arron Banks’ company Rock Holdings, central to the missing Brexit funding. Rogers was a nominee director of Rock Holdings. Click to enlarge.

This Isle of Man/Brexit connection is explored in Weep for Wales 13.

And, finally, someone sent me a truly gruesome image, and yet so fitting. It’s Myles Cunliffe with Dawn Ward, who I’m told stars in a programme called The Real Housewives of Cheshire. (As opposed to ‘The Phoney Housewives of Cheshire’?) He’s introduced as “an old friend”, but no doubt Cunliffe paid for this celebrity endorsement.

Click to enlarge

Put the two images together and they could be labelled, ‘Cheshire Set meets Costa del Crime’. But don’t laugh too much. These are the people buying up northern Wales, from Abba Sock to Ross Niger, and those who can’t stretch to that will be found in new commuter villages along the A55 and around Wrecsam (aka ‘West Cheshire’). Here’s the latest of these developments.

Incidentally Cunliffe’s new venture being plugged here is Buy to Lease. All you need to know is in this review. Though the very fact that Myles Cunliffe is involved should tell you enough.

But if you feel compelled to throw money away then contact editor@jacothenorth.net giving your contact details, and I will personally arrange for one of my highly-trained magic bean salesmen to call on you.

But if the compulsion must be satisfied immediately, then scroll down to the bottom of this piece and send money through PayPal. You know you’ll feel better for it!

UPDATE 06.08.2020: A couple of days ago I received a letter from a solicitor acting on behalf Neil Cunliffe. Here’s the letter and my reply.

UPDATE 07.08.2020: Writing that previous update reminded me that I also had a letter from Jon Disley’s solicitor. Here it is with my response.


I’m sure you’ll remember another high-flying business tycoon who turned up in Wales to impress media and local politicos alike. I’m referring now to Tristan Scott Haynes. Last year he bought the old Shire Hall in Llangefni, on Ynys Môn.

I wrote about it here with Not another one! followed up with the Llangefni Shire Hall section of Wales, colonialism and corruption.

According to the Daily Post‘s online offspring, NorthWalesLive, the old building was going to be, “a business centre and conference venue  . . . a pod hotel, an art gallery . . . and attract companies of all sizes to the 45-room landmark.”

Wow! What could possibly go wrong?

Click to enlarge

Well, for a start, the reality of Haynes’ business empire didn’t quite live up to the billing: ” . . . the managing director of Chief Properties – who also runs a successful haulage firm”, we were told. Mmm.

Chief Properties Limited was set up in August 2018 to buy a building. Any building, anywhere. It could have been the clubhouse of Inverurie Curling Club, but when he went online Haynes just happened to see the Shire Hall.

The latest accounts (or rather a 2-page statement from Haynes) – up to 31 August 2019 – value the Shire Hall at £201,942 and . . . that’s it, that is Chief Properties’ total portfolio. When everything is taken into account the Chief Properties accounts show a net worth of £12,460.

The money to make the purchase came from Together Commercial Finance, of Cheshire, a lender to which the former proprietors of Plas Glynllifon turned when real banks put up flashing neon signs saying ‘Sod off Paul and Rowena Williams’. My calculator blew a fuse when I tried to work out how much the Gruesome Twosome owe Together.

The “successful haulage firm” is Falcon Transportation Ltd, which is actually in the black. But Eddie Stobart needn’t lose any sleep.

But, anyway, why am I going over old ground? Because, my friends, Chief Properties has put the Shire Hall up for sale. Which is a pity, because I was looking forward to staying in the pod hotel, visiting the art gallery, and looking around the conference venue and the business centre.

Click to enlarge

I’m sure someone else will buy it. And even if it’s Old Nick himself, he’ll still get a great write-up in the local media. I can see it now: ‘Infernal Regions entrepreneur to open soul-bartering emporium in downtown Llangefni’.

I wonder if Beelzebub would get a ‘Welsh Government’ grant? Should be a doddle – he must have plenty of satisfied customers down Corruption Bay.


A nice little town, Abergwaun (otherwise known as Fishguard); and of course home to the legendary newshound, Hugh Pugh.

Despite Hugh’s best efforts, not a lot happens in Abergwaun, or that was the case until recently. For the town has seen two arson attacks on boats, and a mugging.

There was also a suspicious fire near the Fishguard Bay Hotel. And if that rings a bell then it’s because it formed part of Gavin Lee Woodhouse’s property empire. He’s the guy I wrote about recently when we took another look at the Afan Valley Adventure Resort. (Scroll down.)

Abergwaun, arson attack. Click to enlarge

Just about everybody in the town links the incidents with the arrival of a number of homeless males following the permanent closure of the Riverside hostel in Pembroke.

These are now housed at Cartref, a hotel in the centre of Abergwaun which this photograph, taken on Monday, suggests is showing signs of wear.

Click to enlarge

Others from the Pembroke hostel were housed a few miles away in the Silverdale Lodge motel at Johnston, where anti-social behaviour was reported by locals.

All this is annoying enough for locals, but now there’s another concern. Wales & West Housing is a major social landlord in the area, and on its website, locals read:

“Wales & West Housing will restart our lettings from 6th July where the property is vacant . . . We will start with . . . vacancies which are needed urgently by our Local Authority partners to assist with their need to focus on alleviating homelessness and facilitate move on for people living in temporary accommodation.”

Clearly, those now housed at Cartref and Silverdale are the responsibility of the council, and they are now in temporary accommodation. So they will be given priority for Wales & West tenancies in Abergwaun – ahead of locals who might have been waiting for years.

People with all manner of behavioural issues, none of whom are from Pembrokeshire, few of whom are from Wales, will get priority over locals. And Wales & West will be paid more to house these drug addicts and petty criminals than they could claim in rent from law-abiding, hard-working Welsh people.

The recent crime wave could become a permanent feature of life in Abergwaun.

The social housing system is no longer fit for purpose.

UPDATE 01.08.2020: This might explain the broken window.


Anyone who follows Welsh news and current affairs will know the name Mark James. But for those less au fait with these subjects . . . Mark James was the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire county council from 2002 until last summer.

James had been hired by, and was – theoretically, at least – answerable to the elected representatives of the people. But by cajoling, and when that failed, by threats and intimidation, he somehow came to control each successive administration, of all political colours, Labour, Independent and Plaid Cymru.

To cement his authority, he personally recruited subordinates who were answerable to him, and to him alone.

All of which meant that for a decade and a half Carmarthenshire was run as Mark James’s private fiefdom. He behaved like a despot, wielding untrammelled power, and just like a despot he was prone to outbursts of petty vindictiveness. One example was the persecution of a blogger who had annoyed him, threatening her and her family with homelessness.

This cause célèbre was funded with council money even though it was a private action. And hardly anyone – certainly not the councillors! – dared to question him.  Though it did not go unnoticed elsewhere; Private Eye awarded James its Shit of the Year award for 2016.

Richly deserved.

Click to enlarge

Because all in all, Mark James is a very nasty piece of work. Not just in his behaviour towards others but also in his attitude to things Welsh, where he is – and this is being generous – unenthusiastic. Some would go further.

Unless of course it’s a superficial form of ‘Welshness’, like rugby. Which explains his generosity – again, with council money – to the local Scarlets rugby set up; and also towards David Pickering, failed businessman, but former captain of the national rugby team and also former chairman of the Welsh Rugby Union.

James standing down last summer may have been linked with shit hitting the fan from his ill-starred partnership with Swansea University, and assorted businessmen, and the plan to build a Wellness and Life Science Village in a Llanelli bog.

The £200m+ Wellness and Life Science Village was to be James’s lasting monument, a pet project he had driven through against the better judgement of many. Yet another indication of his despotic behaviour, this time tinged with Ozymandias Syndrome.

These unfortunate liaisons and ill-judged business ventures eventually resulted in a house call from the police.

But running Carmarthenshire council and building pyramids was never enough to keep Mark James occupied (and anyway, that could be left to underlings) so it was no surprise when I learnt that he was involved in the Corruption Bay property market. I wrote about this in mid-2017 with Baywatch, and Baywatch 2.

In a nutshell, James and a few associates had taken over the management of blocks of flats and were seeking to maximise profits by running as many as possible as holiday apartments, attracting Airbnb stag parties, groups of rugby fans, and others guaranteed to make life hell for the blocks’ permanent residents.

The properties run by James and his cronies are in a gated enclave called Century Wharf, between Dumballs Road and the river. Run via: Century Wharf (One) RTM Company Limited, Century Wharf (Two) RTM Company Limited and Century Wharf (Three) RTM Company Limited. (RTM means ‘Right to Manage’.)

Century Wharf. Click to enlarge

It’s time now for an update.

Someone sent me a wee clip from a Century Wharf Facebook page showing an invoice from a company called European Telecom Solutions (ETS). This company is run by Robert Nigel Lovering, who is a partner with David Pickering in the former MoD site at Llangennech, Llanelli.

An odd business, that place in Llangennech. The MoD was going to put the site up for auction then, at the last minute, it was sold to the council, who immediately sold it to an unregistered company called R & A Properties, which was run by Pickering and Lovering, two men enjoying a close association with the council’s CEO.

It’s a complicated business but Cneifiwr explains it in Warthogs and a Man with a Van. I’ve also tried to keep up. Type ‘Llangennech’ or ‘Dawnus’ in the search box at the top of the sidebar.

But back to Century Wharf. Here’s the invoice from ETS.

Click to enlarge

Nothing really untoward, maybe the toner is a bit expensive. But what I found really odd is that the company ETS doesn’t seem to be trading. Certainly not according to the latest accounts, for the year ending November 2019. (The invoice is from June last year.) And the company’s website doesn’t seem to have been updated for two years.

Yet Mark James can call this ghost company out from Llanelli for a minor job in Cardiff? More than that, the FB page suggests that ETS also provides telephone services to Century Wharf. How can a non-trading company be doing this?

Is work being done, and business transacted, that is not appearing in the accounts submitted to Companies House? Yet with a VAT number quoted on the invoice one must assume that VAT is being paid.

Though when I checked the VAT number given on the invoice I saw that it differs from the number given for ETS on the VAT Search website. And yet the company number on the invoice, 11064246, is the same as that given by Companies House.

Click to enlarge

I’m sure there’s a simple explanation.

Another source in Century Wharf writes: “Once elected as a RTM director he (James) held 2 AGMs then decided that there would be no more . . . and is a de facto dictator with . . . . . . . . acting as his paid for spy.”

“De facto dictator”. In a rapidly changing world it’s almost reassuring to know that some things remain constant. For Mark James was never interested in the views of others. Even those he was supposedly serving.

No, make that – especially the views of those he was supposedly serving.


Yes, I know, I promised more on OPDs, but so much information is coming in that it’s difficult to make sense of it all. I’ll try to put it all together and get out a OPD special in the near future.

To whet your appetite, I’m told that the Ecological Land Co-operative of Brighton, which wants to set up on Gower, already has a presence in Pembrokeshire. Mention is made of an ancient hedge being ripped up, and a log cabin brought in from Bristol.

More next week . . .

♦ end ♦


35 thoughts on “Odds & Sods 22.07.2020

  1. Dafis

    ….and this is what you are going to get whenever there is a rush to restore “normality” without knowing exactly what you are up against.


    The almost obscene rush to gratify every little childish “need”, fostered by retail, hospitality, business organisations, journalists and politicians of various colours shows just how retarded they are. Risks need to be better evaluated and stating repeatedly and smugly that U.K is “the best, world class and omnipotent” just doesn’t cut it any more. Blundering through a soggy bog, sinking slowly in the mire is a more accurate description of this shabby lot.

    1. Dafis

      .. in yet another move to restore normality Boris and his mate Rishi “incentivised” the great British public to “eat out to help out” with vouchers to help fund their outing to a local greasy spoon. Now, within weeks, in a separate Covid driven “initiative” we are told that the fatty fodder will be taboo as he launches the anti obesity programme.

      This is starting to sound like a “pogrom of the week” programme aimed at a sequence of enemies within. I wonder when will they get round to a “spit roast Nicola” week or closer to home launch incentives to “visit Snowdonia and lynch a native”. When a government is pretty fuckin’ clueless the slide down the slippery slope is often the easy option.

      1. Dafis

        …and here in Wales it seems that the Opposition parties, especially Plaid and Tories, enjoy “having a go”. This time it’s about mandatory face masks. Drakeford may be slow to impose a blanket rule but as far as I can see there is nothing stopping organisations insisting that people should mask up to use their services. Also people should mask up if they feel that they need a bit of extra “security”.

        But the nanny state prevails. We know that the risks exist so what’s stopping people getting their fingers out and thinking for themselves. At the same time the big wets in the Plaid and Tory parties should wind their necks in, after all at various times they have been cheer leaders for various relaxations of restraints and restrictions. There again a week is a long time in kiddie politics, and no doubt we’ll get a totally new posture ( or two) by the end of the week.

  2. D

    walked into a pub and the welsh were talking about slavery in welsh? looks like there seems to be some form of complex arising.

    came across this one looks like there is an anti welsh backlash due to Brexit, not limited to BLM, SUTR, Plaid and the rest?


    the claimant had made insulting remarks about Welsh people from council estates by indicating that such people did not want to work and that they and their children would not amount to anything.

  3. Dr?Jane Davidson PhD? Her Wiki entry on 21-7-20 was – extract below :-
    Appointment to the Faculty of Harvard University
    Jane’s intellectual distinction has been marked by appointment to the faculty of Harvard University This is believed to be the first time that a member of University of Wales Trinity Saint David has received such a prestigious accolade.

    Since circulating this ridiculous bit above about Harvard from Wiki it has been amended to now read 24-7-20 :-
    In 2017, Jane was guest faculty in the Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership programme at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

    This can probably be clarified by contacting Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health by e mail to :- helpdesk@hsph.harvard.edu
    Whilst doing so ask them about her “Doctorate”research thesis.

  4. dafis

    For the avoidance of doubt – I have yet to meet any BAME person that I disliked on sight, some I found hard work later but vast majority have been good people who should always be treated with respect and extended a welcome into our communities.

    I can’t say the same about the masses of white liberal pseudo socialist types of all genders, orientations and political persuasion. I’m tempted to call them all “thick cnuts” but that’s being a bit harsh on cnuts. Their myopic, probably cross eyed, world view is becoming very fuckin’ boring as evidenced most recently by their failure to grasp the meaning of the word “Penrhyn” in its context. Does that mean that Mr White or Mrs Black will have to change their names to be acceptable to these morons ?

    1. Brychan

      This ignorance and stupidity over ‘Ffordd Penrhyn’ arises from the very definition of BAME. Guess what. All black people are not the same. All Jews are not the same. All Muslims are not the same. Once you define ‘classes of human’ based on skin colour, or any other racial characteristic, it debases an individual into a tool of exploitation.

      BLM (led by Lee Jasper of South London) has arrived in Wales and found people of black skin. They have incorrectly assumed that because of their skin colour those members from longstanding and cherished communities of Wales can be exploited for a foreign political agenda.

      I know of no person of black skin in Cardiff or Barri that doesn’t know how to spell Ffordd, nor making the false assumption that because the Welsh word for peninsula is Penrhyn it must be racist on the basis of some toff used a pre-existing name of a Penrhyn in our magnificent landscape 200 miles away as his adopted title for ennoblement to the upper chamber of the Westminster House some 200 years ago.

      I refuse to define the worth of my friends and countrymen by colour of skin, and the beers we shall be sharing together (fraternal rivalry) during the championship playoffs will be defined by the colour of their shirts, not the colour of their skin, which will be of various shades.

      1. Brychan


        It was nice to see a black man in a white shirt score an excellent goal for Swansea. He will know how much that is appreciated by people in Wales every time Andre Ayew also goes on the pitch for Ghana. An independent country is not about those who try to twist falsehoods on your language, or the colour of your skin.

        One up for the away leg.

    2. Brychan

      The banner being held by Hillary Patricia Brown at Ffordd Penrhyn in Barri for the Western Mail and BBC photos is the one from Stand Up To Racism group. This is a front organisation set up by the Socialist Workers Party.

      SWP lost many members and its reputation on the ‘left’ between 2010-14, following allegations that reports of sexual abuse and rape were mishandled.

      In 2010, allegations of sexual abuse were first levelled against their then leader, Martin Smith (Comrade Delta). In 2012 the complainant clarified that she had been raped, yet the SWP refused to contact the police and instead dealt with the matter internally. SWP took a victim-blaming approach, such as by asking about complainants drinking habits and sexual past.


      In 2013, more accusations of rape emerged so in 2014 they tried to rehabilitate its reputation through a series of front organisations one of which was the Stand Up To Racism group, hence the logo on the banner displayed by Hillary Patricia Brown at Ffordd Penrhyn.

      1. Red Flag

        About 20 years ago I was involved with the SWP in Oldham. During that period, they totally controlled the Anti Nazi League (ran by two absolutely brilliant street activists – Julie Waterson and Debbie Jacks (two people – particularly the late Julie, I stand in awe of to this day) and later after a dirty coup against those two, it’s bastard child Unite Against Fascism via Weyman Bennett – a repugnant arrogant fat knacker and extreme black activist). Gulf War 2 was about to kick-off back then as well and they already controlled CND and very very quickly went on to take over the Stop The War coalition.

        I know for a fact that back then they quickly infiltrated the Green Party in North West England, and from characters involved to this day that I know personally, they still control it in that area at least, including candidates and I know from the style of poster that you see at demos ( they use quite an easily identifiable design and style of font etc), they are already either very prominant in or totally run BLM.

        I also know for a fact, from people I have met back then in OIdham and later at Plaid Cymru rallies etc, that Plaid Cymru is also heavily infiltrated by them which is probably why they are so involved in garbage like gender, race and identity politics and other sixth form rubbish.

        (PS – back then I was a pub landlord in Oldham. This was during the peak of the anti-BNP stuff and the big riots in Oldham, Burnley, Bradford etc, The HQ of the Regional & Oldham ANL/SWP/CND Uncle Tom Cobbly and all was my function room. I was on first name terms with most of the London hierarchy – such as Debbie Jacks, Julie Waterson and Weyman Bennet.)

        1. I’ve been convinced for some time that Plaid Cymru, and more especially Yes Cymru and All Under One Banner Cymru, have been infiltrated by people who are simply exploiting an opening to espouse views and to push issues that would be denied them in other political parties. And with Corbyn no longer leading the Labour Party there could be more to come.

          Another giveaway is that there are individuals and cliques now making a hell of a lot of noise inside ‘the national movement’ who seem to know sod all about Wales. Many having the most tenuous Welsh connections.

          My worry is that these people already know they can influence decision-making without ever having a democratic mandate. Making independence attractive because they believe they’ll be able to control a country of 3.2 million people through social media, protests, and infiltrating political parties and other organisations without ever letting the mask slip.

          This can only be possible because we have weak ‘progressive’ politicians who see virtue signalling as a substitute for a coherent programme of policies.

  5. Keith Parry

    Regarding Llanbedr-Shell Island Airfield. Certainly visited Shell island as a child. Notice on Facebook posts regarding one Cameron Edwards, Welsh speaking lad from Ynys Mon, C.E.O. of Dragon Airspace and head of Media, Abolish Wales Party. His tech. Bloke claims to have successfully launched fifty missiles into space.Wonder if this bod has any connection with Earth Base LLanbedr?

    1. I think this out of their range, and unsuitable. This is more than just a farm, and the greater part of the asking price is for the agri-industrial element.

  6. Dafis

    “Fford Penrhyn” – typical Vale of Glamorgan Anglo Brit colonial arrogance. These wankers have hijacked a cause and just using it to play games with the rest of the community. These are the useless turds who vote in the likes of Cairns and a unionist Labour muppet before him. Their attitude to Wales stinks even more than their ignorance. Any self respecting BAME person should give them a wide berth and join WNP or Gwlad to get real respect from people who seek change rather than posturing.

  7. Dafis

    Odd and a bit of a Sod too ……


    Let all those human rights and green militants who turn out in their throwaway trendy “youth uniforms” explain that away. This report produced by a Human Rights coalition exposes their own internal dichotomy as it highlights yet another contradiction in their posturing to go alongside global travel to attend important protest marches and conferences etc etc. And don’t forget rioters who feel “empowered” to loot shops selling these fashion products.

    I won’t go on cos you get my drift.

    1. The youthful left, Black Lives Matter, the wokies, Antifa, are shot through with inconsistencies. A better word might be hypocrisy.

  8. David Smith

    The commonality between all those that deign to bless Wales with their spivviness is they all seem to reek of that noveau riche classlessness; the stench of ‘chav with money’ seeps through their greasy pores.

    Whether it’s knocking about with Z list ‘turn up to the opening of an envelope’ plebrities, the pretentious names they go by (PartDridge in a pheir treagh, Savio-Miss-Faversham-Pull-The-Other-Un, etc), and all the cultural sensitivity to their surroundings of a pissed up lager lout on a stag do in Magaluf.

    Imagine if we could round them all up on an island somewhere, and leave them to it as a sort of Hunger Games/Lord of the Flies bit of spectator entertainment. I know I’d pay to watch!

    1. Yes, it really is tacky. Business meets showbiz gave us Howard Hughes with Jean Harlow, Katherine Hepburn and Jane Russell. The squalid liaisons that appeared in the post are not quite in the same league.

    1. I’m hoping he tells all his friends ‘Wales is closed’, and it gets taken up by the media on the Wirral and Merseyside. Manchester, too. And Birmingham. What the fuck – I hope the ‘nationals’ get hold of it.

  9. Dafis

    As this is “Odds and Sods” here’s another about those Sods in London.


    Here we go again. More resources and powers to be served up to the “Security Services” on the back of a big scare story about Russia. Now I don’t think for a moment that Russia has overly friendly intentions but the after the event screaming is well over the top. Fact is that our Tory friends spent a long time schmoozing with Putin and his big bears, got taken in by some of their ideas and “visions” and that in due course created one of the platforms for a successful Leave campaign. To extend that scare story to suggest that Russia wanted Scotland to secede may be true but to suggest they put any weight behind that desire is a big step into fiction territory.

    About the only sound conclusion one can draw from this is that the successive Tory governments do little or no planning ahead. They are purely reactive ( as well as reactionary) and are now looking for a new crop of blames to stick over this gaping wound. Digging up the 2014 Scottish referendum smacks of serious desperation.

    Perhaps Drakeford should cosy up to Putin to really put the wind up Simon Hart and his masters in Whitehall. Can’t ask Plaid’s crew to do it cos they don’t like Putin’s brand of overt masculinity, makes Leanne come over all fierce, and Adam gets shivers !

    1. The real issue, which cannot be addressed because it is too important to the economy, is the City of London. When you have a financial system centred on the City, and the City itself is at the centre of a network of money-laundering offshore tax havens, and this is coupled with almost non-existent financial regulation, then Ivan and Vladimir with their suitcases full of readies are going to view London as their little bit of heaven.

      But as I keep saying, the UK has a very relaxed attitude to financial crime. That’s why Jon Disley can go swanning about Chelsea like any normal shopper. This attitude takes the view that money is money, and once it’s in the system – buying houses, cars, jewellery, private education, etc., etc – then it becomes ‘clean’, and who’s to know the difference!

      And it really doesn’t matter how the money is earned; fraud, drugs, ripping off a third world country. Money is money, and it buys the same things, and keeps the economy ticking over, no matter where it comes from.

      1. Dafis

        …and the Great British intelligence machinery has to tuck its beak back under its wing and just keep an eye on other niggly folk like IS, AQ, although if that causes pain to certain well heeled and well connected Saudis they will ease off the gas on that too. Compromised on many sides, I think.

      2. Brychan

        There have been a number of ‘Russian killings’ throughout Europe and the Middle East, but the British media, taking the lead from the BBC, always take the ‘Putin is behind it all line’. To understand these killings you need to understand Russia.

        There are two types of assassination squads that are active; both are not ‘state actors’.

        Sophisticated Poison and Radioactive Isotopes.
        Firstly, we have the oligarch gangsters, these are private army types paid for by ruthless billionaires who made their money from the chaos of the 1990s, These groups have scores to settle relating to corporate money and large amounts of shady cash. For obvious reasons, those who fall out with Russian oligarchs at home seek refuge in England where they can live in luxury while still dabble their money in the London banking system and ‘off-shore’ the dodgy sums though overseas tax havens. Sergei and Yulia Skripal were of this type, the attempted assassination in Salisbury by Novichok poison, as was Alexander Litvinenko who was assassinated by radioactive isotope in London, some years earlier.

        Hammers, guns, baseball bats and crossbows.
        Secondly, we have the failed state warlords, most typically from Chechnya. This is where a civil war results in refugees from the loosing side seeking refuge. What the BBC never tells you is that there have been assassinations of these in Sweden, Germany, France, Poland and Qatar. This ‘news’ is never covered by the BBC who sees England as the centre of the world. These are the ‘poor’ victims, who at ex-pat Russians seeking genuine asylum rather than bank account asylum. Most typically they are Islamic in culture.

        All of the above are targets by actors of Russian origin. This does not mean that the Russian state or Putin is behind these crimes. Some say that it must be so because of the weapon used, but it’s important to understand that when a state like the Soviet Union disintegrates, the sophisticated labs and weapon stashes fall under the control of wealthy oligarchs. It’s also true that if you have a few million dollars to purchase an assassination, the best purchase of a delivery actor is a ‘professional’. These will be employed or former employees of the security services.

        Why doesn’t Putin do something to stop these killings?

        There are two reasons. On the first type, it’s not possible to ‘police’ Russian nationals acting as assassins when they are located in foreign countries, but Russia does share data on suspects through Interpol. On the second type, it’s not good domestic politics to upset the apple cart of warlords in places like Chechnya. In the same way as prov-IRA actors sought refuge in the United States were regarded as best left sleeping there. Not doing something is not the same as active participation.

        There is a solution to domestic Russian on Russian incidents at home. Tighten the laws on oversees money laundering, like the United States. They choose London because they can keep their wealth and live in the style they are accustomed, it’s also the reason they are targets for revenge.

        1. Worth pointing out that it serves Putin’s agenda not to deny state involvement. Thereby creating the impression, ‘nowhere you can hide’.

  10. Brychan

    On the Mark James meat and two veg section on this weeks meal we see that the VAT number on the expensive toner cartridges invoice is 736659983 with a taxpoint date of 5th June 2019 and it belongs to Lancehawk Limited according to HRMC.

    Yet the invoice uses the name of European Telecom Solutions, which is registered as a company that had not declared any turnover to Companies House in the financial year up to 30th November 2019. This means that they are just using European Telecom Solutions is a trading name. Lancehawk Limited is the body corporate that issued the invoice.


    Further confirmation of the relationship between Lancehawk and European Telecom Solutions can be found on the above link, along with details of the dismissal of a female employee by her male boss after a sexual relationship between them ended.

    The invoice is incorrectly issued and not payable. It is a legal requirement to state the formal registered name of the alongside any name used as a trading name. It can be filed in bin, or to be polite, ask them to invoice correctly. Further advice from Carmarthenshire is never shag the boss, especially if he’s one of Mark James’s lounge lizards.

      1. Brychan

        Lancehawk suggests they are weapons and defence related, so they are hiding behind a trading name of ETS which is nice and fluffy.

          1. Brychan

            Underhand, yes.

            However, using the materials science patents on enhanced desalination performance of forward osmosis membranes based on reduced graphene oxide laminates coated with hydrophilic polydopamine, that wonderful breakthrough that was originally funded by the Bill Gates foundation to supply water to the poverty thirsty in Africa for other purposes.

            The science.

            Then to have EPSRC funding for Phd research at Swansea University’s Centre for NanoHealth on such graphene oxide laminates under the guise of medical application but the true destination of such research was to allow Hydro Industries to obtain the technology for exploitation elsewhere. One early example would for the supply of potable drinking water to military personnel on desert battlefield deployment. A complete travesty to what the foundation funding was for.

            Wrth y ffynnon.

            Of course, once that war was over some of the more parasitic worms in the mix identified opportunities for reduced graphene oxide laminates coated with hydrophilic polydopamine at an industrial scale for desalination plants in UAE and other gulf states. This explain the sudden appearance of Ffynnon in Sussex after the slight of hand at the University the plans were somewhat compromised by greedy deans. A case of no salt without water.

            That’s deception.
            Or as they say in such circles,
            C’est tromperie.

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