Miscellany 28.07.2020: One Planet Developments, Gower Caravans, Holyhead flats, Ffordd Penrhyn


As promised, here’s another bumper issue, four pieces from hither and yon; so even the most discerning of readers should find something to entertain or inform. If you’re lucky, you’ll be entertained and informed!


As I suggested in the previous post, information is coming in about OPDs from many different places, so maybe a bullet point update is the best way to go about it.

For those new to the subject, OPDs were introduced by the Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition management team (2007-2011) as a gesture to show that Wales was playing its part in the fight against global warming.

The truth was that the nonsense was engineered by Minister for Hippies, Jane Davidson, whose friends didn’t want to pay market prices for smallholdings. This explains the ‘Welsh Government’ bringing out Technical Advice Note 6, which made it clear to planners that any dreadlocked planet-saver who showed up on their patch should be allowed to build whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted.

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  • Jane Davidson is an odd old trout. I’m not sure if she has any genuine academic qualifications, but she likes to call herself ‘Doctor’ on the strength of an honorary doctorate from Ponty Poly. Confusion is also caused by her relationship with Harvard University, in the USA, to which she once made a flying visit. Last week her Wikipedia entry was claiming that she was a faculty member, until someone queried it, after which it was changed to, “In 2017, Jane was guest faculty in the Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership programme at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.” Which explains everything . . . I suppose.
  • For those still unsure about exactly what One Planet Developments are, here’s some ‘Lessons in Best Practice’ from the experts at the Lammas eco-village.
  • “But how do they support themselves?”, you ask. For a start, they grow their own broccoli, which can be eaten for any meal. And they bring in the readies by conning the gullible to join them in an orgy of shamanic drumming. Who can say no at £250 a pop?

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  • Another way money is being made – and we’ll see a lot more of this in the future – is selling off OPDs. A one-bedroom ‘Hobbit House’ is currently on the market with an asking price of £475,000. Though this WalesOnline article stresses that there are still questions as to whether the property has valid planning permission.
  • Here’s Tess Delaney’s take on it in the Pembrokeshire Herald. Tess herself lives on a OPD.
  • The pre-application request for advice regarding the OPD at Ilston, on Gower, is no longer available on the Swansea council website, as the applicants have been told to go away and do their homework again. To get the story, go to this post and scroll down to the section ‘Brighton Greens discover Gower’.
  • A source tells me that the Ecological Land Co-operative of Brighton already has a presence in Wales, at Llangolman in Pembrokeshire. Living apparently in a log cabin brought in from Bristol. Cabin in situ after ripping up ancient hedges. Nice access road, though, which must have cost a bomb.
  • Another OPD settlement I’ve written about recently is the one at Llyn Adain Gwydd, near to Llangarthginning farm at Meidrim. Though this is a bit complicated. On the one hand, Neil Moyse, once of Lammas, seems to be going through the planning system with his application W/39846. But there are things happening that deserve a separate mention.
  • In ‘One Planet Developments, getting devious‘, I mentioned the behaviour of woodlands.co.uk, which gets planning permission for ‘access roads’ for timber-related purposes that open up woodlands for leisure and other use. A source says of such a road at Meidrim: “This track now has small bays . . . each with names that are being sold off for holiday motor homes to park up in. We have notified the council who gave notice for the vehicles to be removed. As yet not all have gone. The owners attend now and then . . . “

One Planet Developments were a pointless bit of virtue signalling to begin with. But whatever one thinks of them there is no question that they were intended for families or small groups to live a self-sufficient, off-grid life.

Before OPDs the only way to get planning permission for a new dwelling in open country was to claim that it was for a forestry or agricultural worker. This system was widely abused. One route was ‘retirement bungalows’ . . . to which farmers never retired.

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With planners clamping down on the ‘rural employment’ route OPDs are now just about the only way of getting planning permission for a new dwelling outside of settlement boundaries. Consequently, the OPD option was bound to attract the unscrupulous.

Labour and its partner Plaid Cymru will do nothing to curb either the spread of OPDs or the abuse of the system. Partly because OPDs are their ‘baby’, and partly because highlighting the abuse would only draw attention to an absurd piece of legislation.

Conversely, any other political party promising to clamp down on OPDs, and the underhand tactics OPDs encourage, would pick up a few votes in next year’s elections.


I’ve written quite a bit about Gower recently, and it’s made me nostalgic for school holidays spent in Port Eynon, and teenage years angling, everywhere from Mumbles islands right around the coast to Blue Pool and Broughton.

Happy days!

We return to Port Eynon because someone wants Gower to host another caravan site . . . yet another caravan site. For that’s what is mooted in a pre-application enquiry to Swansea council. You can read about it here.

Here’s a direct link to the enquiry, but if it doesn’t work, then you’ll need reference number 2019/2541/PRE for the search box.

You’ll see that the council’s initial response, delivered earlier this month, was negative; but there’s a good chance that the project will return, in some ‘repackaged’ form, so let’s try to see who and what are behind it.

Let’s start by locating the project, which the pre-application enquiry tells us is ‘Land lying south of Highwinds, Port Eynon’. And there’s a plan, showing a succession of fields to the east of the A4118 running down to the village.

Image: Google Earth. The planned caravan site – coloured a tasteful shade of pink – is, at 8.4 Ha, almost as big as the village. You can also see that Port Eynon and neighbouring Horton already have more than enough caravan pitches. Click to enlarge

These fields are owned by a local family named Jones. (No relation.)

I’ve described the project as a caravan park, but that doesn’t do it justice, for the council website tells us that what’s planned is “a holiday park consisting of holiday lodges, static caravans, touring pitches and tent pitches with ancillary facilities blocks. Along with this the proposal includes an events field and car park”.

If this is approved, then the road into Port Eynon will start to look like the descent into Hell that is the A486 as it drops down into New Quay.

OK, so the Jones family owns the land, but are they behind the planning application, or is it someone else, perhaps someone willing to buy the land if planning permission can be obtained?

Because while I’ve argued in favour of farmers being allowed to supplement their incomes with small caravan sites, this goes way beyond what I could support.

Perhaps the potential purchaser is the applicant, Sutton Hospitality Consultants of Boldon, Tyne and Wear. The website looks quite professional, and the company boasts an impressive-looking team of 16.

Yet, strangely, the Sutton Linkedin page says it has ‘1 – 10 employees’.

Another curiosity is that the company number given on the website, 11250475, turns up Hospitality Consultants Global Ltd. A company that was only launched in March 2018 – as Ephihany (sic) Hotels Ltd!

The only director until 20 February, 2020 was Andy Sutton, but then he was joined by the gloriously monikered Paul John Hotson Brinton Thatcher. (I kid you not!) Thatcher has a string of companies to his name, but Sutton’s background is less clear.

There is another company we need to look at, Sutton Hospitality Park Management Ltd. There have been some strange happenings there. The company was launched as recently as 12 November, 2019, with Sutton as the only director. He was joined 20 February by Thatcher . . . who resigned the same day.

Yet the registered office moved from Sunderland to West Sussex 17 December, 2019, which suggests that Thatcher was involved before his day as director. The fact that the registered address is still in West Sussex would argue that Thatcher is now in charge.

As we’ve seen, Thatcher has a string of companies, but what is Sutton’s history?

Well, let’s start with four rather iffy-looking companies. In the order they were Incorporated.

First, Passion Safe and Secure Ltd. Incorporated 25 February 2010, compulsorily struck off 8 March, 2016. This company has one of the most bizarre series of entries I’ve ever seen on the Companies House website.

For not filing a confirmation statement saying the company is still in existence Companies House will automatically strike off, but objections are accepted. And this is what happened no less than six times with Passion Safe and Secure.

Companies House filing history for Passion Safe and Secure Ltd. Click to enlarge

In fairness Sutton resigned 21 May, 2012, but his mate, Michael Downey, kept objecting to the company being struck off even though it was filing nothing and – ostensibly – not trading. Why would someone want to keep a company like that alive?

Seeing as he left that sinking ship early we’ll excuse Sutton. But it’s a similar story with the Beehive Bakery Ltd. Started 30 November 2010, Sutton joined 7 February, 2011 and left 1 May, 2012. Then it’s a struggle with Companies House to keep alive a company that in 6 years of existence filed no accounts and, again, did not trade. Apparently.

The only director after 1 May, 2012 was Stacey Tanya Stewart, who became a director the same day as Sutton.

Moving on . . .

The next company we’ll look at is The Salon (Northeast) Ltd. Incorporated 21 March 2014, dissolved by compulsory strike-off 10 May, 2016. Sutton was the only director and, again, nothing filed, but one objection to strike-off was made to keep alive yet another company apparently doing nothing.

Finally, there’s Spoilt Rotten Hairdressing Ltd 10 July, 2017 – 11 December, 2018. Sutton the sole director and a straightforward strike-off with no objections.

There may be other companies with which Sutton has been linked, but he often calls himself ‘Andy’ Sutton, and that’s more difficult to follow due in part to a retired ice hockey player of the same name.

And then, all of a sudden, Andy Sutton is in the leisure and holiday parks business with the launch in March 2018 of Hospitality Consultants Global Ltd.

Yet according to this piece from The World of Park and Leisure Homes Show (which Sutton probably wrote and paid for), “Andy Sutton, founder of Sutton Hospitality Consultants lives and breathes hospitality and leisure – it has been his passion for 25 years.” But the article is vague, and gives no examples of this claimed experience.

Given the team he has at his disposal, the link with big shot Thatcher, and a London office, I was surprised to see Sutton use an agent from a little town in south west Wales – Gerald Blain Associates Ltd of Whitland.

Perhaps you remember this outfit from a recent post on this blog? Because Gerald Blain Associates also submitted the pre-application enquiry for the ‘eco-village’ at Dunvant. Remember? If not, read about it here, scroll down to the section ‘Farmlets’.

Here’s the plan.

Click to enlarge

What a coincidence!

I described Gerald Blain Associates then as a “shoestring outfit”, which was fair enough seeing as its net worth is said to be £49.

So many companies with sod all money working on big contracts. What’s going on – have we entered a parallel dimension of cashless business?

I say there’s more to this than meets the eye. If it is the Jones family’s project, how did they find the same agent as the one being used by the luxury OPD estate at Dunvant? And how did they find Sutton, with his chequered business record and little apparent experience in this field?

One thing I’m pretty sure of, Sutton is a front man. Who for? Well, a stab in the dark might get a scream out of Paul John Hotson Brinton Thatcher.

Something I’m absolutely sure of is that Port Eynon does not need any more bloody caravans, or ‘lodges’. The same applies to the rest of Gower, and the whole of Wales. 


Holyhead is a town that doesn’t get a good press. Although it’s a busy ferry port that doesn’t seem to benefit the town. It just means people driving through to get the boat, and others getting off the boat and driving straight out of town.

This results in a declining community with a very run-down look and dilapidated buildings. But this decline attracts those who pretend they’re some kind of social workers when in reality all they want is to buy a cheap property, pack in as many problem cases as possible, and then charge as much as possible for housing them.

Thus completing the cycle of decline.

This is how it began in Rhyl, when ‘bucket and spade’ holidays ceased and the men who wore knotted handkerchiefs on their heads died off. Small hotels and B & Bs came available cheap, attracting unscrupulous bastards who saw an opening to make serious money. Which gives us the Rhyl we see today.

A new planning application for a building in the centre of Holyhead reminds us of this phenomenon. It’s for the old main post office on Boston Street. Which, as you can see in the capture from Google, is quite a substantial building. The Newry Nursery mentioned as objecting is right next door.

Image: Google. Click to enlarge

Also mentioned, as being the applicant, is Benjamin Popat, so who’s he? Let’s take a look at the planning application, see what we can learn. Here’s a direct link, but if it doesn’t work then it’s number FPL/2020/39 on the Ynys Môn planning portal.

However you got there, you’ll see that the applicant’s name is confirmed as Benjamin Popat, and the agent is a John Wyer. If you click on the application number in the ‘Documents’ row you’ll access the other documents submitted in support of the application.

The plans were drawn up by John Wyer of T.Sgwar, who was also agent for a very similar project to what is now planned for Holyhead, this one on the Maesgeirchen estate in Bangor. There he was agent for Bangor firm Shilling & Shoker Enterprises. Ltd, now dormant, which might have been set up specifically for the Maesgeirchen job.

Though who Shilling was, I have no idea. The two directors were Mangal Singh Shoker and Michael Williams. Who are also the directors of Shilling and Shoker Enterprises 11 Ltd, where Shoker is now known as ‘Manny’!

Shoker also has a few other companies.

But what of the applicant, Benjamin Popat? I found a Linkedin page for a Ben Popat, who drives for Arvonia Coaches of Caernarfon. I assume this is him; right name, right area. But it’s quite a departure for someone who takes Cofi oldies on coach trips to be planning a major building conversion in Holyhead.

Let’s come at this from another angle by seeing who owns the building.

The Land Registry tells us that 13A Boston Street, Holyhead, was bought for £70,000 in September last year by Village Views Ltd of Sittingbourne in Kent. Quite a way from Holyhead, in more ways than just miles.

So now you need to know about Village Views Ltd.

To start with, this company was only set up 7 February, 2019. And the sole director is Sunil Popat. But it’s been busy, already having taken out a loan, with CPF Two Ltd, which itself set up as recently as 30 August, 2018.

This loan to Village Views was to buy land and buildings in Sittingbourne.

Lender CPF Two Ltd has also taken out loans for itself. One with Yes Growth Ltd, which is in the business of short-term, unsecured loans; the directors are British, Italian and South African. CPF Two’s other loan came from ‘specialist lenders’ OneSavings Bank Ltd, which is owned by Kent Reliance, which is in turn owned by . . .

At the risk of confusing you further . . . CPF Two, which lent the money to Sunil Popat’s Village Views to buy the land and property in Sittingbourne, has now been taken over by We Are Catalyst Ltd, which was set up ages ago, as far back as August 2017 in fact.

The only director of We Are Catalyst is Christopher Gareth Fairfax . . . who is also the only director of CPF One Ltd, which should not be confused with CPF Two, which lent money to Village Views. And the only director of CPF Two is – go on, have a guess!

Which means that CPF Two Ltd has been taken over by We Are Catalyst Ltd, which is owned by CPF One – with the same, single director running all three!

So many lenders, and all household names, shuffling money around, perhaps hoping nobody can follow the trail. This is the underbelly of the ‘financial sector’ that makes the UK so attractive to those with a ‘buccaneering’ approach to business.

I am not for one minute suggesting that any of those mentioned in this article are involved in money laundering. This illustration is used for, well . . . illustrative purposes. Click to enlarge

Back to Holyhead.

If planning permission is granted then the old post office will not be tenanted by clean-limbed local lads leaving Mam and Dad for the first time to enjoy the freedom of a bachelor existence.

No, the old post office will become a bail hostel or similar establishment catering for those with ‘issues’. Few if any of those living there will be local to Caergybi or even to Ynys Môn. Holyhead has been chosen because the town is run-down and property is cheap. This hostel will then feed into the spiral of decline I explained earlier.

This is why the council must refuse this planning application. It would be better for the council itself to buy the old post office and rent it out cheaply to a local group.

But if Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn does consider allowing the application then the first step should be to establish who’s behind it. Is the ‘Benjamin Popat’, named on the planning application as the applicant, the same person as the ‘Sunil Popat’ of Village Views Ltd? If so, why two different names? If they’re different people, then what’s the connection?

Though my advice to the council would be to reject the application without any further ado because you know what the old post office will be used for. Your responsibility is to the town of Holyhead, not to some property speculator in Kent.


There was a bizarre debate last week when Stand up to Racism Cardiff and the Vale (a front for the Socialist Workers and Rapists Party), speaking for Black Lives Matter, opposed a road in Barry being named Ffordd Penrhyn because its spokesperson believed it celebrates Baron Penrhyn, who had estates in the West Indies worked by slaves of mainly African descent.

This woman, a lawyer named Hilary Brown, was wrong, of course, and it was pointed out to her that Penrhyn is Welsh for promontory or headland, and referred to Barry ‘Island’. Despite realising she’d landed herself in a hole Brown kept digging and responded with, “That’s unacceptable and I want it changed”.

So ancient Welsh (and Cornish) place names are unacceptable to Hilary Brown.

Image: WalesOnline. Click to enlarge

An absurd position, though as the Penrhyn family name was Pennant does Brown also want us to scour the map looking for cottages, farms, hamlets, etc bearing that hateful name – and then change them all to something more acceptable to her?

This insulting nonsense is little different to English colonists and holiday home owners changing the name of their property from Welsh to English.

I suppose the problem for Hilary Brown, Stand up to Racism, the Socialist Workers and Rapists Party, and Black Lives Matter, is that they desperately want to exploit George Floyd’s death but in Wales the opportunities are limited by the absence of the prime commodity – racism. So they end up looking rather silly glaring at a piece of metal.

Thankfully, Hilary Brown is just a rabble-rouser without a rabble.

But she is an enthusiastic digger, as was proven when she threw up a few more spadefuls with, “Wales’ shameful legacy in slavery”.

WTF! National guilt! The only names I’ve heard mentioned are Penrhyn and Thomas Picton. (And I guarantee that Brown and her allies hadn’t heard of either man until a few months ago.) And because of Penrhyn and Picton all Welsh people somehow had a hand in slavery.

Do you accept that?

Though it soon becomes clear that BLM is only interested in white on black slavery committed between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries in the Americas, more especially, the USA.

The fact that during the same period Barbary corsairs were carrying out slave raids on the coasts of Europe, and the Turkish empire enslaved Slavs and Central Europeans, doesn’t count. Black Africans being sold today in the slave markets of Libya is ignored. The fact that slavery has been practised throughout history is irrelevant.

And don’t mention Leicester!

So it’s not really about slavery at all. It’s about hostile feelings towards white people.

And slavery and racism are certainly unimportant for those cheering on Black Lives Matter. Not the infantile exhibitionists of Antifa but those who sense an opportunity to re-shape Western society; an ambition they believe can be be served by encouraging riots and looting in 2020 and blaming it on the Confederacy, or Columbus, or some poor bugger left a few shares in a sugar plantation by an uncle he never met.

Writing about retrospective accusations makes me think of the treatment meted out to Oliver Cromwell in 1661, after the Restoration of Charles II. His rotting corpse was disinterred and left hanging for three days before being beheaded. The head was then placed on a spike above Westminster Hall.

Though, in fairness, no one was unreasonable enough to suggest that Cromwell’s guilt should be passed down to his great-great-great-great-grandchildren.

What’s more, not even the most ardent royalist has tried to topple regicide Cromwell’s statue outside the House of Commons.

Which means I suppose that Cromwell’s ‘trial’ and subsequent treatment by his political opponents is not really a valid analogy for what we witness today, so let me introduce a more recent example.

I believe the death of George Floyd is being used by liberals, leftists and their foot-soldiers in a very similar way to the Nazis’ exploitation of the Reichstag fire in 1933, with police officer Derek Chauvin reprising the role of Marinus van der Lubbe.

Van der Lubbe was a Dutch Communist, acting alone, but it served the Nazis’ agenda to present him as the instrument of a vast Communist-Zionist conspiracy bent on enslaving the German race, and then use that ludicrous fabrication to take control of the media, suspend democracy and, ultimately, carry out the Holocaust.

Click to enlarge

Similarly, for those we’re discussing, Derek Chauvin can’t be viewed as an individual who did something wrong; he must be portrayed as the embodiment of a racist system built on the suffering of African-Americans.

Today’s enemies of democracy wear trainers not jackboots, but they’re using the same tactic of misrepresenting the action of an individual to blackmail or frighten us all into surrendering our freedoms.

Objecting to being vilified and intimidated, speaking up when your national identity is trivialised and dismissed, does not make anyone a ‘racist’. Hilary Brown and her allies should learn that the respect they demand of others, they must also give. They have harmed their cause with their arrogance and their intransigence. 


A central and worrying feature of this débâcle is the refusal of Brown and her supporters to accept the truth. Here are a couple of comments posted on Sunday to the Bro Radio website in response to a local Plaid Cymru councillor coming to Brown’s rescue.

Click to enlarge

Neither Jemima Williams nor Elizabeth Millman seem able to accept that the naming of the road has nothing to do with any Baron Penrhyn or slavery. Millman even expects the council to apologise! For what?

If they still believe that the Vale of Glamorgan Council deliberately named a road after a slave-owner then it’s impossible to hold a rational debate with people like this.

Scroll down in the comments and you’ll come to Trevor Macey telling us that street names shouldn’t be in Welsh. I avoid using the term ‘gammon’ but it could have been coined for Trevor Macey.

Click to enlarge

He’s drawn to this debate because it provides him an opportunity to join in what he clearly sees as an attack on the Welsh language. Predictably, Trevor Macey doesn’t support BLM either.

Whoever allowed his comment obviously hadn’t dipped into Trevor Macey’s Facebook page, where they would have found an image of George Floyd. Make sure you click on this.

If nothing else, this Ffordd Penrhyn episode reminds us that the enemies of Wales come in all shapes and sizes, all creeds and colours, and from all points on the political spectrum. The same applies to those who want the best for Wales.

Some among us need to remove their blinkers in order to tell the difference.

♦ end ♦


75 thoughts on “Miscellany 28.07.2020: One Planet Developments, Gower Caravans, Holyhead flats, Ffordd Penrhyn

  1. Brychan

    BLM update – 25/10/2020

    I see that black slavery from now is being projected into Wales by BLM and the BBC tell is that Denbighshire was a cesspit of slave owners citing a “Welsh” slave owner called Benjamin Winston who lived near Rhyl.


    The house he lived in has a QR code attached to the gate post of Bodannerch as part of a HistoryPoints project run by University College London. They tell us the guilty Welsh were responsible for slavery. Thing is it’s fake. The real story of Benjamin Winston is reported in the newspapers elsewhere.

    He was, in fact, from Farningham near Sevenoaks in Kent, from where he plyed his trade.


    Buying a house in Wales on the proceeds of crime in England does not maketh a Welshman, nor does it bestow responsibility on guilt on the local populace.

    I hope Rachel Lang of UCL enjoyed her trip around Wales nailing little signs to gateposts. Will she now nail another one depicting the real history to the gates of Sevenoaks saying the bastard subsequently bought a house in Wales on the proceeds?

  2. Brychan

    I think I’ve managed to spot the cause of the problem of English tourists drowning off the cost of Gwynedd.

    The BBC highlights the problem as they correctly forecast bad weather conditions,


    Unfortunately, the BBC Wales also tells us the local lifeboat is somewhere completely different.


    BBC Essex has also identified a problem of Welsh people near Bilyreci getting into difficulty in the waters around Clactwn Onsi.

  3. Stan

    Well said. What about the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on old people, particularly those in care homes? Now that’s a far bigger scandal because I’d wager many more have died prematurely in that category than BAME. And what about the disproportionate impact on unfit, fat fuckers? Who will speak for them? What about those with diabetes, high blood pressure, those with suppressed immune systems, those in areas of greatest social deprivation (under Labour’s watch in Wales, tons of those)? It’s an endless list of categories you can find if you dig deep enough. This current obsession with BAME = good, all white men who don’t take the knee = racist bastards, is pissing me off big time.

    1. It’s pissing lots of people off, Stan. I watch all the football games and everybody’s still ‘taking the knee’ because there are no fans in the stadium. If there were fans they’d be shouting ‘Enough is enough!’, because most sensible people think that BLM has overplayed its hand. But of course to Leanne Wood and others they’d all be racists, off to a KKK meeting after the final whistle.

      1. David Smith

        I’ve often thought since this hullabaloo started, the whole taking the knee bit, is sort of mocking the way, let’s call him what he was, this scumbag died. He ‘took a knee’ alright, one to the neck. As martyrs go, Jesus he ain’t. If this incident had passed unnoticed, it would have been an undeniably good result; one street thug verminous specimen in the ground and one murderous and hotheaded copper locked up.

        1. Dafis

          I have no problem with people in the USA kicking up a fuss about Mr Floyd’s abuse and murder. But the focus has long since been dissipated and we are now getting the scattergun efforts of any twat with a grievance or one who is easily offended, indeed goes out seeking to be offended, most of whom are white idiots.

          1. David Smith

            Surely there are better wagons to hitch to, in the aim of taking the fight to institutionalised racism, than the snuffing out of this recidivist piece of filth? I’d wager that most any fair minded person would agree that he got just desserts for what he did to that pregnant woman.

  4. David Smith

    Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem that almost without exception the Trevor Macies of the world have a sketchy grasp on the grammar and syntax of their beloved English language? Perhaps as a suggestion they should get a proper handle on it before bemoaning measures aimed at the benefit of those who speak two languages, lest they continue on making utter pricks of themselves in public fora.

  5. Anonymous

    Here she goes again – IMJ’s site reports……”Plaid Cymru Equalities Spokesperson, Leanne Wood MS, is urging the Welsh Government to investigate the “scandal” of the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities in Wales.” Now had she raised the matter of the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on the population of the local authority of RCT, and other adjacent South Wales Valleys authorities she might be doing something really useful for her constituents including those of BAME racial backgrounds. Bot no, this is just another dumb piece of posturing with no real interest at all in what any relevant investigation might turn up. Carry on like this and she will be one of a number of Plaid M.S/A.S’s out on their arses next year.

    1. Brychan

      There is something deeply sinister about the trendy left saying Covid-19 is a disease of black people. They follow the trope that the Nazis claimed when they said Jews and blacks spread disease and it’s to do with their genetic inferiority.

      There is no scientific or medical data that indicates a person who has black or of darker skin, external feature genetic traits, abbreviated in the English language as BAME, is more susceptible to SARS-CoV-2. What makes any individual more susceptible to poorer outcomes while infected is lifestyle and behaviour. The three main factors are listed as follows.

      (a) Smoking, decreased lung capacity.
      (b) Obesity, in the form of decreased cardio vascular performance.
      (c) Suppressed immune system, by diet or co-infection.

      These three factors have preponderance in poorer areas.

      By definition those of advanced years, due to their age, will have one or more of these morbidity factors regardless of race. The issue is that in parts of the United States and also in the major cities in England those classified by as BAME have worse outcomes due to social and economic reasons. Black people in London are poorer than their white counterparts. Asian people in Bradford or Luton similarly.

      So what of Wales? PHW do have not published a skin colour statistic of infection or mortality. PHE have and it is ‘assumed’ that Wales is the same. What we do know is this…


      You will notice the introduction and spread in Gwent, then the peaks in major cities like Swansea and Cardiff, then a surge in the ‘valleys’, with final surge in low grade tourist areas after the England lockdown was eased, culminating with a latest surge in Wrexham (Chester West) after back commuting resumes.

      What is clear is that the number of Covid-19 cases is lower in places of a high BAME, Cardiff and Swansea, but higher in areas of low BAME, Merthyr and RCT. The data shows the opposite of what happened in England. This is probably because poor people, characterised by three factors defined above, live in these local authority areas. They are predominantly white.

      Leanne Wood MS just wants to win brownie points amongst the trendy left in Islington rather than support her constituents in Rhondda. Perhaps she should remove her face stuffed into copies of the Guardian and start directing her gaze across her own constituency.

      1. Another factor, identified in English cities, and among south Asian populations, is working conditions and multi-generational households. This can be added to deprivation. But it’s absurd to suggest, as some are doing, that Japanese and Jamaicans (being BAME) share a greater susceptibility to Covid-19 than White populations.

        1. Brychan


          Multi-generational households in Asian families in the northern cities of England were a factor in transmission. The same occurred in northern Italy also due to cultural traditions a preponderance of multi-generational households. This might pose a problem for the ‘racial theory of disease’ as skin tone will be the same for someone with Pakistani heritage in Bradford that they class as BAME, yet someone with Italian heritage in Bologna they class as white privilege. This is one of the contradictions of the trendy left.

          1. Dafis

            That kind of analysis is far too logical for the ishoo-mongers, propagandists and lazy bullshitters that inhabit the “activist space”. That’s one of the reasons I get so nasty in my comments. Geddit Jonesy ?

    1. She talks about areas where the language is not “embedded”. What the hell that’s supposed to mean, I have no idea. If she means areas where the language was never spoken, then there’s no part of Wales – or England – where the Welsh language wasn’t spoken at one time.

      1. Dafis

        What the bitch really means is that there are areas where they, the colonialist supremacists, think they’ve done a job of eradicating its use, that they consider that to be a “success” and there are no grounds for letting any uppity natives get back in there and start using it again. Sounds like ideal Tory candidate material for those parts of Wales that are becoming infested with AngloBrit colonist types.

        1. Jonesy

          Why do you say bitch. I do not agree with her but the way you refer to women as bitches or witches on this is not a great reflection on those of you who stoop to such language. I would also refrain from your infantile discussions about BLM. Seriously people on this site blather on about BLM solely as a way to rant about the Wokes. BLM is not about the woke. If you cannot see that the heart of the issue is about having the right to live a life free from prejudice, hate and discrimination then you must be totally insensitive. Their battle is just as important as ours , the Cymry to be counted and treated equally as free citizens of this fucked up colonial shambolic and dysfunctional state. There is a lot of interesting stuff here, but hang fire with the bile boys, it’s embarrassing and diminishes so many valuable contributions on here.

          1. Black Lives Matter goes beyond “having the right to live a life free from prejudice” towards a position that looks rather anti-White. ‘Anything the White man does is wrong. Anything the White man has ever done was wrong. He must apologise!’. Well I’m not apologising for things I haven’t done. And then there’s the hard left and the anarchists capitalising on it all.

            If BLM had a coherent and reasonable set of requests, or an agenda that could be rationally discussed, then fine. But at the moment all manner of things are happening under the BLM label, from murder to looting. It’s chaos. Which is exactly what some people want just before the US presidential elections.

            1. Anonymous

              Jonesy You are at liberty to express yourself any way you like. So am I. That woman/lady/ whatever has behaved in a crass manner which demeans her standing as a candidate for political office. She has used up any stock of respect she may have merited.

              As for BLM it has already been hijacked by people who have little or no regard for the real core issues of discrimination and disadvantage. The behaviours of the woman from Barry is a low level example. The recent comments from Ms Wood are far more serious as they represent a deliberate distortion of reality and distancing from the problems confronting people on her own patch.

              If these people chose to pursue their cases with far more honesty and a dose of logic we might end up getting somewhere but pitching a distorted case won’t help overcome the current regimes here in Wales, the UK or elsewhere in the world.

              1. Dafis

                That’s twice now that I’ve gone through as an “anonymous”, something wrong with those little boxes. Anon at 17.13 yesterday was me also. Be assured I’m not ducking responsibility for critical comments.

  6. Roger Jones

    Gower is a protected landscape and Port Eynon being seen as the ” industrial” part with its numerous caravan parks, large car park and commercial property on the front

    You can see why the private sector would like to have more commercial opportunities in Gower as people are drawn to the beauty of the area

    It’s a shame people are not encouraged to stay in and around the city of Swansea and venture onto Gower thru sustainable means – like walking, cycling, buses and boats otherwise the reason people go there will be spolit by such developments

    Apparently the reason the area was protected originally was to prevent a Butlins being built in Rhossili !!

    1. Boats from Swansea around Gower, maybe stopping off at a couple of points, would I’m sure be very popular, and not just with tourists. Sticking with boats, the Severn Estuary from Swansea across to north Devon is one of the few such waterways in Europe without a ferry service. Why?

      1. Brychan

        I think you’ll find that other small counties like Denmark, unlike Wales, spent its European Regional Development Fund on stuff like this..


        Not yet cost effective due to Denmark being too reliant on wind turbines but there’s a lot of interest from Norway as they are hydro powered. Swansea would certainly be the best place for such an investment if the tidal lagoon went ahead. It would also be an opportunity to re-introduce the Swansea to Ifracombe route of old.

        Let me see..

        (a) It zero carbon and sustainable.
        (b) Use excess summer tidal generation.
        (c) Take traffic off the Brynglas tunnels.
        (d) High tech well paid jobs.
        (e) Increase tourist spend while reducing damaging footfall.
        (f) Replace Gower caravans with good Swansea Hotels.


        This is the future, not yurts, caravans and candyfloss Brummies, nor OPD land grab speculators.

        1. Neil Singleton

          The developer of the Swansea Lagoon, a Mr Shorrock, is a somewhat “shady” character and he is well worth one of Jac’s forensic investigations. He has already been the subject of more than one expose in Private Eye magazine. The Outline Planning Position for the project has expired within the last couple of weeks, quite apart from the scheme being totally unviable, in financial terms, from day one.

          1. Brychan

            You’re right. Swansea Tidal lagoon is not viable on UK government standard if capitalisation is measured over the maximum 25 years for underwriting with public funds. Thing is, a tidal lagoon is something that will be operational more than a hundred years. I guarantee there will be tides in the year 2120, as long as we still have a moon orbiting the earth. It is by this measure for-purpose viable.

            Such a project will have many shady characters in the tank. Publish any blueprint for a major project and the sharks will seek the site out, especially when the Welsh Government doff their cap to London and the price of the ear of a Welsh Minister is a cheese toasty at a trendy eatery. The key is leadership and standards.

            A ‘compliance framework’ is how to get such a project underway, in the form of legislation. It’s not a new concept, invented hundreds of years ago when canals and then the railway network were conceived.

            It should be noted that there’s specific legislation from the Westminster House to underwrite major projects for longer than the 25 year ‘normal’ guarantees. The latest ones were CrossRail and HS2, both wholly in England, for England, underwritten by whole of UK debt. These are by definition drastically more unviable than Swansea Tidal lagoon.

      2. Neil Singleton

        There has been intermittent talk for the last 40 years of links between Swansea and Ilfracombe, hovercraft, ferries and tunnels all being mooted. The best opportunity arose when the Swansea – Cork Ferry was operating some years back. Detailed plans were discussed between the Irish and Welsh Governments and Swansea Council to establish and to financially contribute to a ferry service between Swansea and Ilfracombe. Two of the three organisations, were for the proposal, but Swansea Council vetoed it, the reason given being that the Council wanted incoming passengers from Cork to stay and spend their money in Swansea. The Council did not want Irish visitors to use Swansea as a “stepping stone” for tourists to get to North Devon and beyond. All there is now are the few day trips to North Devon in July and August by way of the MV Balmoral.

        1. Getting a ferry to Swansea and then one to Cork would have been like changing trains for people from the West of England wanting to go to Ireland. And if they wanted to go to somewhere nearer Dublin then they could get the ferry to Swansea and drive to Pembroke or Fishguard. But you can almost rely on Swansea councillors to get it wrong. Which they did, because the Swansea-Cork ferry stopped sailing a few years ago now.

              1. Brychan

                Stena Line now run a Liverpool-Belfast route, with new vessel arriving in 2021. The Liverpool infrastructure underwritten by the ‘City Deals’ for northern England.

                Real Footage.

                Swansea-Cork route fills the same type of niche. However, the ‘City Deals’ cash for Swansea was swallowed by the University, student flats and the ‘Wellness Village’ scam.

                Fake Graphics.

          1. Dafis

            Main reason that services such as ferries from Ilfracombe – Swansea – Cork won’t be countenanced is that the concept excludes Bristol and its little sibling Cardiff. Leaving those 2 “hubs” out is like denial of God, going full-on flat earth belief, and excluding the superiority of the Anglo centric world view ( or the Atlantic edge part of it).

            With a set of smart applications there could be ferries hopping around between Brittany/ France – like StMalo, Brest, Cherbourg, on to Cornwall ( Falmouth),
            Taw Estuary and/or Ilfracombe, then to Swansea, Pembroke , finally Cork and possibly up to Dublin and around the West coast of Ireland. Course English M.P’s would not like it because it only engages with Cornwall and Nth Devon, bits that tend to be treated like Wales, good for not a lot other than holiday homes and seasonal tourist trade.

            1. You’re probably right, and distance from Cardiff explains why the ‘Welsh Government’ is so unenthusiastic about the Carmarthen-Aberystwyth rail link. Wales is almost a third world country largely thanks to Corruption Bay refusing to share the goodies.

        2. Brychan

          You need to hit the ‘sweet spot’ on the profitability curve.

          Too low down the capacity vector (in the Swansea case cheap vessel charter) results in inconsistent service eating into the base loadings. Too far up the capacity vector (in the case of the HSS supercat at Holyhead) your running cost (fuel) forces the curve downwards as base loadings choose cheaper rates on a conventional vessel.

          An electric vessel between Ilfracombe and Swansea would be an attraction in itself, as is the case in the Danish deployment. You can drive the Oersund in a fraction of the time, the key is the gross margin opportunity compared with the toll, and we all know German kids moan ‘are we there yet’ no matter how comfy the Merc. The ferry trip becomes a comfort break, and an attraction in itself.

          The principle is demonstrated by Membury services on the M4 who can sell a coffee and cake for a tenner, and petrol at £1.40 a litre, despite the next junction has an Asda just off the slip road near Swindon. The proposition just has to hit the ‘sweet spot’.

  7. Dafis

    Interesting development at S4C :


    With greater diversity and inclusion perhaps we’ll see more welsh speaking heteros getting air time instead of the mishmash of “rainbow” activists that seem to be so fashionable at yr Egin, down the Bay and out at the major subcontractors. As for BAME contributors they should get a fair crack if they turn up speaking a good standard of Welsh which is not a particularly high hurdle when you look at some of the cheesy Wenglish being trotted out as Cymraeg currently by the current crop of second raters.

  8. Dafis

    Nice to see that Jac’s old buddy has been able to replace part of the income lost when he stepped down from his ministerial role :


    15K for up to 70 hours work, not bad eh, smells more like payment for earlier “favours” but cos it’s honest little Alun we won’t make an issue of that, will we. Is his perjuring pal Mr England still in circulation or did the Tories drop him discreetly into the Channel one night so that the radio active shit from Zummerzet could do him permanent damage ?

    1. It’s the blatant dishonesty of the whole system that pisses me off. This company is paying Alun Cairns so that he can influence government decisions from which they can benefit. It’s as simple as that.

  9. Sion Blewyn Coch

    I live in North Wales, the NE of which used to be an industrial hotspot with John Summers, Courtaulds, British Aerospace (Airbus as is now) etc. Unfortunately, now we just seem to have an influx of 2nd homers and shite tourist related jobs. Unfortunately, the Welsh Assembly just seems fit to have provided money to people who then just take the profits out of the Country, most of the large tourism “must do activities” seem to be owned by people across the border. However, they do provide the classic shitty paid jobs for the locals. when these businesses get into trouble they always seem to fail just post having to pay any grants/loans back….Bodnant Food was a good case in point.
    Proper investment is required not cosying up to the like’s of Jac’s mate, Bear Grylls. WA by and large seem to be incompetent buffoons.
    Depressing 😢😢😢

    1. Dafis

      When we reflect on the generally shitty deal that North Wales, West and East , gets from the puppet regime in Cardiff Bay it is not that surprising that there is a strong pull towards the Mersey/ Greater Manchester axis. Add to that factor the steady surge of in-migration and dependency on tourism from that part of England and beyond and it is little wonder that the Anglicisation/ assimilataion process is so far down the track.

  10. Dafis

    This seems to be one small step closer.


    As a job creation venture it promises much, but St Athan, despite proximity to Cardiff and Bridgend, the M4 and A48, is an awkward place to get to. It’s on a “back road” linking after a fashion Bridgend to Cardiff via the Airport ( that airport!) and communities like Barry and Llantwit Major. Congestion and other related hazards will be created to add to what’s already a bad accident track. So here goes – build/improve more roads which is hardly consistent with all the green fudge that dictates the switch to battery power, and then we’ll have the pollution that comes with turning lithium compounds into semi finished products. Masks all round, Covid or no Civid.

    1. Neil Singleton

      Inaccessibility, that’s why the Welsh “government” had to bribe (the technically insolvent) Aston Martin with £30 million-ish cash and kind to locate there.

  11. David Smith

    I got blocked on Twitter by some airhead promoting a BLM march for sarcastically pointing out that Llandudno is a well known hotbed of institutionalised racism and police brutality against African-Americans. These people are morons, just like those hippies protesting against Trump in Bangor a few years ago. There’s fucking 50 things I could reel off, given a bit of time to think, that are worthy of protest about in Wales, or Britain for that matter.

    You’re right about the deprivation Holyhead faces but I will say the town centre is looking a lot more tidy these last few years. Perhaps a line about the gorgeous promenade, mountain and surrounding coastline would have been a nice bit of salve to this Holyheader’s bruised pride 😉.

    A suggestion for a possible future bit of digging might be with that Richard Taylor character, associated with the Abolish Party (the shorthand being a lot snappier from a branding perspective than their actual name, for any ‘Bol-bags reading, you’re welcome for the tip). A little bird (The Twitter logo) says he’s had his hand in some churchy enterprises with questionable labour practices. He’s blocked me, possibly because I called him a Pound Shop Billy Graham, and a cunt, in a thread in which he was @-ed, although I cannot be certain.

    1. Stan

      I’m not sure, David, but I think I saw some photos and video of that Llandudno BLM shindig, maybe via the airhead’s Twitter you referred to. The turnout seemed pathetic. My sister had a bitch that whelped more puppies than people that were there. Black Lab she was, funnily enough.

    2. Brychan

      Ffordd Penrhyn is the correct name of the road, translated into English it would be Peninsula Road. Some have suggested that if you translate Peninsula Road back into Welsh it would be Ffordd Y Penrhyn which means Road of the Peninsula. This is also wrong because it’s not the only road on the peninsula, a residential street and not a thoroughfare to the apex of the described peninsula.

      It should stay Fforddd Penrhyn.
      Anything else would be bigoted racism against the Welsh or ignorant stupidity.

      For those not familiar with the area, the road in question is on Ynys Barri (Barry Island) on the reclaimed land that juts out into the sea on the northern foreshore. It stopped being an island connected at low tide when the railway was built to it in the 1880s to accommodate a loading area on the seaward embankment.

      Please read this.

      In their desperate attempts to embrace the trendy left some in Plaid Cymru have made some drastic errors. Firstly the “Y Penrhyn”, which is a linguistic compromise.

      The other is a statement that it is not a Welsh name that is native to the area because there’s not another Penrhyn within 50 miles. That’s geology, as unlike the west and north who has lots of peninsulas, the coast of Glamorgan does not, Ynys Barri is unique in this respect being an alluvial moraine. Nobody in Glamorgan who has any familiarity with the language does not know that Penrhyn means.


      Racist agitator Hillary Brown, says that Barri is the capital of Welsh slavery. She’s so ignorant of the town that she doesn’t know that right up until the 1880s, half a century after slavery was abolished, that Barri was just a small fishing village comprising of 100 houses. It only because a port in the 1880s when the railway was built there to break the coal monopoly of Cardiff held by the Taff Vale Railway Company. Both railway companies did employ those of black skin and rather uniquely at the time, unlike Bristol, paid all their staff the same, regardless of colour of skin. That should be celebrated.

      There was never a ‘slave trade’ from Barri.

      Black people (as well as Irish and Jewish) migrated to the southern towns and cities of Wales during the industrialisation period because, unlike England, there was to be found equal opportunities and gainful employment.

      Please will these racist agitators stop projecting English history upon Wales.

      1. It’s not just English history being thrust upon Wales. The Black Lives Matter movements is yet another US importation. And the organisation Hilary Brown speaks for – Stand up to Racism – is a front for the Socialist Workers and Rapists Party. And as you point out, so many of those involved are ignorant of the language and history of Wales. Making them just more, shouty, hard left protesters capitalising on the death of George Floyd.

        The ones who should know better are Plaid Cymru but, being the virtue-signalling idiots they are, they must support Ms Brown no matter how wrong, how insulting, she becomes. Hilary Brown serves as yet another example of where and how Plaid Cymru has lost the plot in recent years.

        1. Neil Singleton

          I recall Leanne “Lenin” Wood retweeting a post praising ANTIFA’ with a little arrow pointing down to the post and stating “ I support this.” She would, wouldn’t she!

          1. ANTIFA (Anti-fascist) is clever marketing, because few people will stand up and defend fascism. But when you start branding ALL your political opponents as fascist, then that gives you carte blanche to go on the rampage. It’s fundamentally political because we would not have seen the rioting in the US since the death of George Floyd if Hillary Clinton was in the White House.

            And there is a different explanation for ANTIFA which is that it stands for Anti-First Amendment. The First Amendment of the US Constitution defends freedom of speech. ANTIFA would argue that they’re all in favour of freedom of speech – but only for them.

            1. Sion Blewyn Coch

              This Ffordd Penrhyn thing is almost beyond a bloody joke. Lord Penrhyn & Penrhyn Castle are still despised around Bethesda, Tregarth and surrounding area where the good Lord treated the local who worked in his quarries as a bloody commodity. Haven’t seen anyone saying that it’s disgraceful the way he treated welsh men and women, piece work for both, because it’s not fashionable. I don’t think most people would have any truck with racism but we need to stop looking for problems that don’t exist.

    3. Brychan

      Jac’s maths lesson for the trendy left.

      BLM is now claiming that BAME offenders were issued with more coronavirus fines and that this shows that the Welsh police forces are racist. The mainstream media (including the BBC) are repeating this false claim.


      The Maths.

      You have two baskets. One with a kilo of apples consisting of two fruit, and in the other hand another basket of grapes consisting of four bunches of grapes, three white bunches and one black bunch.

      25% of your second basket are black grapes.

      After a while the grapes will go rotten. 10% of them. It will be in the same ratio of white and black grapes, 25%. It would be wrong, however, to say that six bad black grapes in one basket is three times the amount of apples in your other basket. It is a transposition of comparison.

      The Police Report.


      Dyfed Powys Police issued most corona fines. Over 1700 of them. Only a third were issued to residents inside their force area, the other two thirds were fines issued to people from outside their force area, mainly English cities. Of those, only a small proportion were BAME offenders in about the same ratio as the cities from which they travelled.

      It is completely wrong to compare the BAME fines to the percentage of BAME residents of Dyfed Powys. They stopped your car because it had an English domicile registration plate, not because of the colour of your skin. The vast majority of those stopped had white skin.

      The race ratio was that of Wolverhampton, not the road around the A48 at Llanarthne or the A40 st Pensarn. London however, does have a problem, and I think they call it apples and pears.

  12. Jonesy

    I went to Llandysul today, to enquire about some property, something affordable around 90k . Don’t bother, was the agents’ message, everything being bought up by Englanders, even buying two properties at a time like hot cakes. Welcome to postlockdown Wengland. We are finished.

    1. Stan

      “We are finished”. I’ve a horrible feeling you may be right. I’ve been noticing the influx of such people for years where I live. There’s always been movement of individuals and families both ways, clearly, but it’s really noticeable how many Midlands and Southern England accents I meet on my regular walks in the Neath Valley countryside, and these are not daytrippers or even short term tourists. They have moved in, and I have seen instances where they then buy the house next door and in a neighbouring valley, building up a property portfolio they couldn’t dream of where they came from. The flight from the (English) cities and maybe even their crappier towns can only gather momentum during and after the Covid pandemic. It’s a toxic mix. The cities are shitholes. Property in many parts of Wales is cheap as chips compared to English prices. TV programmes such as Escape to the Country regularly feature parts of Wales, the English media run stories about what a great place Wales is to live or buy a second home or buy to invest, ‘cos it’s cheap, see! There’s a ready supply of fairly low paid work here – and since it’s cheap to live here many moving in will accept that for the better lifestyle. We encourage the twats with policies such as free prescriptions, free hospital parking, more generous social care policies, madness like OPD and God knows how many other freebies. The largesse of our WAG and generous third sector here is a magnet for troubled individuals and families that Wales can ill afford. I’d love to think we can reverse the trend but I think our goose is cooked. Maybe there’d be a chance if we had a radical political party like Gwlad in power, but how do we get the message across to a population largely brain dead politically?

      We ARE finished! Be delighted to be proved wrong though.

      1. Colin

        Are we finished? If we’re not we’re not far off it is the only conclusion I seem to be able to reach these days, admittedly I do live in one of the most Anglicised area in our country but it’s doesn’t seem much different anywhere. Wherever you look there are there are incomers that have no interest in Wales for Wales’ sake and more are coming every day, not just one or two but bloody loads of them as we all know along with the consequences and repercussions accommodated with it.

        If we’re seeking independence the only way we’re getting that is with a referendum unless we rise up and fight for it, to win that I reckon we would need before the day 60%-75% majority to win once the real scaremongering started in the build up and all the sit on the fence types fall off in favour of Westminster’s promised safety. As it stands now I’m told 27% of the population is from England so we would need every other person in the country to be on our side to be in with a chance, the chances of that?

        I had a brief exchange with Rhun ap Iorwerth last week about this and his stance was that each of those people has a part to play in an independent Wales and we need to convert them. I guess then that is Plaid official line on the subject (as you’d expect).

        So there isn’t any policy anywhere even remotely aimed at slowing migration, it will get worse, I can’t see any way forward any more, no one seems to be able to see the truth of the matter and blindly follow the Plaid bollocks and shout Annibyniaeth as if they think Plaid have any real intention of doing anything other than looking after their own pay packets for the foreseeable future, too afraid to face up to the reality of standing up to Westminster and colonisation.

        Now I may have spun my own doom and gloom into that but it’s the view I get living in Rhosneigr where Wales has become some forgotten far off place. Now I hope someone will pipe up and tell me I’m talking shite and put me straight but I think our future is slipping away rapidly because of Plaid and the Leannestas that tribally follow them. I won’t blame labour for this as they are a unionist party like it or not, they are just doing what labour do as do the Tories

        1. I think this might be the theme of my next post. I need a break from writing about liars, shysters and fraudsters. Though come to think of it, it won’t be much of a change, just different types of liars.

          1. Dafis

            You could call it “Annibyniaeth ?, more like Annibendod” ….
            Maybe a spell check would help otherwise you will get called out by Plaid’s language purity commissar who only moves when us Welsh abuse our own language. Abuse from the English is gleefully accepted like some kind of pervy masochist.

  13. Wynne

    Interesting post as always Jac. A few comments regarding the round house article in Pembrokeshire Herald by Tess Delaney. Interesting to note that she was previously an estate agent. In general, I would have thought that estate agents are under an obligation to provide factually correct information in their sale particulars. If they are aware that a property does not have planning permission or a lawful development certificate are they not under an obligation to so inform prospective purchasers. I recall a few years ago reading the following statement in the small print on estate agent sale particulars. “Nothing in these sale particulars should be construed as a statement of fact”. Is that a licence to tell porky pies I wonder !

    On a separate subject, I note estate agents, when selling new property, often now use computer generated images on their sale particulars, often with a computer generated Mercedes-Benz parked outside. Clever marketing strategy or deception. I leave it to your readers to decide.

    1. The problem with these computer-generated images is that what might fit in Surbiton or Wilmslow looks like misrepresentation when used for properties in Merthyr or Ammanford.

      And you’re right about the small print. The example I love to use is estate agents describing properties in Wrecsam as being in ‘West Cheshire’. They know that is a lie, but it’s done deliberately to mislead potential buyers.

      1. Dafis

        Dwr Cymru on some metrics is better than most of the privatised utilities. That said it is still bad so “best of a bad bunch” might be most appropriate description. That it is a haven for retired or semi retired “big shots” from the stale incestuous pool of “talent” is beyond doubt, as Paddy illustrates so well. More like what goes through the out pipe into the sewers rather than the crystal clear stuff drawn from upland springs.

        1. Brychan

          Actually, Dwr Cymru is one of the worst water companies.

          Severn Trent has the advantage of owning half of Wales water catchment area using drowned Welsh valleys as a cheap supply. Thames Water has the advantage of UK government subsidised landscape reclamation schemes of gravel pits in the Thames basin and the new ‘super sewers’ subsidised and considered as ‘national infrastructure’ though the London clay alongside Crossrail. We pay for this.

          In the home counties of Kent, Sussex and Hampshire the water companies were two tier. So you had one company and separate billing with a small footprint like East Kent Water for water supply, they have the additional cost of abstraction from the chalk aquifers, and another company with separate billing covering the whole area called Southern Water for waste infrastructure.

          When OFWAT found overcharging they ordered the water supply companies to reduce their tariffs, and they did. To offset this loss, Southern Water saw an opportunity to acquire the smaller supply companies. In Wales, Dwr Cymru did reduce their tariffs for supply but concurrently increased their charge for waste billing; so Welsh customers saw no reduction in their overall bills.

          Dwr Cymru should have the lowest bills in Wales and England due to ample supply and downhill topography for waste treatment but actually it’s one of the most expensive.

          1. Roger Jones

            Welsh Water deems to be a social enterprise – no shareholders to pay, no merchant bankers or investment funds to beholding too – so charges should be the lowest

            But the board is full of financial types and the great and good of the Welsh establishment with very few community representatives with a say

            There is an eye-watering £2billion in reserves and the last time a customer dividend was paid was years ago

            It looks like a well oiled gravy train

            The latest recruit is the ex CEO of Cardiff Airport – experienced in ?

            Also many ex BBC Wales execs with vast experiences in water engineering – not

            There seems to be no interest in water that comes and goes as it does in Wales but only in the trappings of corporate life with high salaries and bonuses with little or no scrutiny

            That’s not a social enterprise

            1. Dafis

              CEO of Wales and West Utilities is senior independent director of Dwr Cymru since Menna Richards finally left a month or so ago. At least that guy has a relevant track record, a working knowledge of supply networks and was previously with Hyder (SWALEC) and one of the English water companies (Thames ?). Perhaps he will end up as Chair eventually, although Dwr Cymru seems to be wedded to the idea of crachach in its loftiest position, and in due course the “bloodline” will be restored when Talfan Davies jnr leaves the BBC and seeks pastures new.

  14. Jac you write :-
    “Jane Davidson is an odd old trout. I’m not sure if she has any genuine academic qualifications, but she likes to call herself ‘Doctor’ on the strength of an honorary doctorate……”.
    You are wrong in that :-
    (1) She is a really very very odd trout in falsely claiming a PhD when giving just one talk a Havard University rip off conference. Harvard University has now formally been asked to confirm the whereabouts of her Doctoral Thesis. If I was her I’d scurry to alter her WIKI profile and all other mention of the PhD from public view, and also “Dr” in non ceremonial events at anywhere but Pontypridd. Has this woman no idea of the protocol of an Honorary Doctorate?
    (2) She has got an Academic Qualification and that is a Lower Second BA in Drama & English from a Birmingham College but definitely no never anything in Science and certainly not a PhD.
    If she wants to make a total fool of her self, and Trinity St David’s, which she has done, that’s her business but don’t make a fool of Wales!

      1. Dafis

        Dramas and Queens – Welsh politics is just full of those right now but so few players with real commitment to improving the lot of our communities. If a half of them read what turns up in these columns and resolved to do something about it we might see some real progress as a nation. But it’s so much easier to follow the path of enlightenment as promoted by Jane, Adam, Leanne and all those other empty vessels.

    1. Ap Ioan

      Jac, again a very well researched and written pice. I am constantly baffled why the BBC and Wasting Mule, and it’s subsidiaries, don’t pick up on them.
      Just look at Ilston. Richard Youle had his story, was sold across the UK, supporters were very quick to comment on the application. Not in Planning Law, just Romantic crap.
      Why is Trinity Mirror, pushing this agenda? Labour, I get it, but the Green Party, yes they are Socialist but then ignoring Plaid Cymru in Wales.
      Who is paying TM, to push this crap.
      Follow the money and let’s find out, especially in Swansea, where Labour get a free ride from the Post.

    2. Stan

      Jeez! A Lower Second is not much to show for all that money spent on a private education in Malvern Girls’ College, is it? But it just goes to show you don’t need to be clever to make a killing in life. Just join a political party in many cases. I don’t restrict that comment to Labour because the political system is awash with people thick as mince who are having a laugh at our expense.

      1. She has the most important of all qualifications when it comes to devolved Wales – membership of the Labour Party. Qualifications, ability, character, commitment to Wales – none of these matter.

  15. Dafis

    As this is Miscellany I’ll take the liberty of adding to it.

    Gwlad says in your tweet column – “We’ve been saying for some time that Wales’s multi-party approach to independence has a better chance of ultimately succeeding than Scotland’s single-party approach.”

    Utter bollocks ! Had they said “could have a better chance” or “might have a better chance..” I wouldn’t take issue. As things are today our array of representation, dominated by as wet and pussy footing a party as you could ever conjure up in your worst nightmare – Plaid Cymru – then we are consigned to being a long way behind the Scots in securing any kind of independence.

    In your item above you cover the debacle at Barry. Plaid have stood back and allowed a racist person from the BAME community to piss all over the Welsh language. After the context of that street name was explained to her and others just as militant and empty headed we remain to hear one word of retraction or apology. Yet these fuckers enjoy freedom to shit all over the good name of the Welsh nation. So much in common with the rest of the AngloBrit supremacist horde that infests our country. And Plaid ? – “oh perhaps we should think about changing names if they give offence” ! Well try getting off your fat lazy arses and spelling it out to these morons that this language means things which may be beyond their stupid Anglophile orientation. They live in Wales and should get used to it. That won’t happen because it means smacking a fellow wokey across the head and explaining to him/her how dumb they really are.

    1. Plaid’s position is damaging. Hilary Brown was wrong about Ffordd Penrhyn, and when it was explained to her she should have had both the sense and the good grace to say, ‘Thank you for explaining that.’ But no, she carried on as if nothing had changed.

      If Hilary Brown was white she would have been slagged off by Plaid Cymru and many others. But because she’s a person of colour people are afraid to criticise her. And yet, she’s complaining that black people are treated unfairly.

      Here’s a poser: How wrong does a black person have to be before a leftist or a media outlet criticises him/her?

      1. Dafis

        The glib answer to the question you posed is “wrong enough to support Trump, and for that they killed him” !!

        People like Hilary Brown are not particularly dangerous individually but they represent an intolerance of minorities just as bad as the intolerance they claim to have suffered in the past. She and her kind will gleefully erase “Welshness” just because they don’t understand it. That is a threat to us as a nation, just as much as a slaver was a threat to the tribes of West Africa. Not as painful physically but we still end up getting wiped out.

      2. Mel Morgan

        Hilary Brown has perpetrated three wrongs:
        imposing a presumption of guilt on Welsh-speakers – inexcusable for somebody claiming to be a radical political activist;
        rushing in without examining the evidence – inexcusable for a lawyer;
        blustering when a full apology was due – inexcusable for any ordinary decent person.

        All this has fed prejudice against Welsh and those who speak it, undermined the important BLM movement, and generally strengthened the hand of bigots.

        1. Hilary Brown has done her cause considerable harm. And caused great embarrassment to those who would normally have rushed to defend a woman of colour being criticised, for anything. Though one of the young leftie groups associated with Plaid Cymru did put its tousled little head above the parapet to suggest that many of Ms Brown’s critics were fascists. Which clarified matters considerably.

        2. Conuts

          I came to Bangor in 2008 to read Law.

          I was quickly disappointed with modern British academia though ground on and played the system to squeeze out a First.

          It was apparent that many wishing to be lawyers and barristers had no business being there (bums on seats for the Uni, all paying their fees) but with the former you can get a 2:2 and with a qualifying law degree (then, now there are exams through the SRA too) you could go on and pay for your further legal training at, say, Chester College of Law, pass there. get a trainee solicitor contract with a practice and you’re in after that.

          You can scrape through the lot and become a solicitor these days so it is no guarantee of quality, unlike, hopefully, medical students becoming doctors, and architectural students making the most of their 7 years to qualify, or whatever it is these days.

          I’ve witnessed some average or below barristers too, in Caernarfon Crown Court.

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