Climate Cult Killing The Welsh Family Farm

In this piece I’ll explain that the ‘Welsh Government”s Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) is just the latest in a long series of attacks on the Welsh family farm, and all that that means.

The SFS demands that 10% of every farm be given over to trees, with a further 10% to ‘habitat’. Many farms will become unprofitable. Which is the whole point of the SFS – to release more land for other uses.

Today’s piece is bigger than others I’ve put out recently, some 3,400 words; but it’s broken up into sections, so take it a chunk at a time.


I’ve chosen to start in May 2008 with the publication One Wales: One Planet. Sub-titled, ‘The Sustainable Development Scheme of the Welsh Assembly Government’. You’ll find a revealing extract below.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Let’s look at the first bullet point. Who decides Wales’s “environmental limits“? Who calculates our “fair share of the Earth’s resources“? Who measures our “ecological footprint“? (I’m a size 9.) And how can anyone work out, “the global average availability of resources“.

This is the kind of gobbledegook you can only get away with when you live a very sheltered life, mixing only with others in your bubble.

The final paragraph (below, my emphasis) leaves us in no doubt that everything that’s done in Wales from now on will be predicated on the belief that human beings are killing the planet.

To achieve this, sustainable development (the process that leads to Wales becoming a sustainable nation) will be the central organising principle of the Welsh Assembly Government, and we will encourage and enable others to embrace sustainable development as their central organising principle.

But as I’ve explained, there’s something more sinister behind it all. Which is not to say that those pushing the nonsense don’t believe it, I’m sure many of them do. But there are also many who go along with it because it’s become the accepted wisdom of the circles in which they mix.

Before I forget, chapter 8 is headed: ‘The Wellbeing of Wales’. (Now there’s a clue!)

The administration at the time was a Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition, and to jog your memory, here’s a cabinet group photo. The minister for environment and sustainability was Jane Davidson.

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July of 2010 brought joy unbounded with the announcement that hippy encampments, thrown up illegally (but with a nod and a wink from Corruption Bay), were now to be legitimised

Making TAN 6 little more than a general amnesty, or granting retrospective planning approval.

Dressed up as ‘sustainable living’, ‘self-sufficiency’, and God knows what else, they were in reality just a way around planning regulations for hippies and others to build ugly shacks in open country.

There were conditions attached, of course, not least, being able to prove that these impositions were to some degree self-sufficient . . . but nobody ever checks.

Interestingly, OPDs came to the notice of the World Economic Forum, which exposed the fundamental contradiction by urging people to move to Wales.

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For OPDs were justified by arguing they’d reduce Wales’ carbon footprint. But this could only happen if local people moved out of traditional dwellings into OPD shacks. That never happened.

Instead, people moved from England to previously unused land . . . where they kept farting animals, burned wood, and drove old diesel vehicles; so that by these and other means increased Wales’ carbon footprint.

In a recent publication I noticed that DEI had been added to the chicken entrails in the voodoo stew. This news came from Sophie Howe herself, just before she stepped down as Future Generations Commission in 2022:

I am pleased to see the emphasis given to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, a key component of sustainability . . .

But despite the posturing, OPDs remain exclusively English, White, middle class.


Then there was the plan to help farmers go organic.

Alun Davies, deputy minister of agriculture, announced that priority would be given to arable farmers, and those converting to arable farming . . . in a country where climate and topography dictate that livestock farming will dominate.

But let’s not be picky, for I’m sure this news was welcomed in the pomegranate groves of Pembrokeshire and the broccoli orchards enhancing the Vale of Clwyd, but it offered sod all to most Welsh farmers.

This initiative might reveal the growing vegan influence. For these had been brought in from the fringes to serve the Globalists’ plan to eliminate livestock farming and take control of the land and the food supply.


The above date was when Alun Davies, now farm minister, announced that funding from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Pillar 1 (direct payment to farmers) would be moved to Pillar 2 (‘other rural activities’).

Davies could have transferred anything up to 15%. Almost inevitably, he opted for the full whack. Defending the decision by saying Pillar 1 should not be seen as a “never-ending subsidy“.

To understand Alun Davies, and the socialist attitude to farming, here’s an outburst from him in October 2014.

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The former minister in the Labour ‘Welsh Assembly Government’ (for he was  sacked in July 2014) rails against ‘subsidies’; yet his administration had built up a vast third sector of cronies – all living off public funding!

And things have got worse, for now the ‘Welsh Government’ throws millions of pounds at Sustrans, Stonewall, wildlife trusts, and other pressure groups.

Clearly, in the eyes of Labour politicians there’s nothing wrong with subsidies per se, it all depends who’s getting them.

UPDATE 05.03.2024: But has Alun Davies recanted?


This legislation was a long time in the planning, but we know who wrote it.

For this article from Sustainable Brands (scroll down) tells us it was Jane Davidson, who we met earlier as the minister for environment and sustainability in the 2007 – 2011 Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition.

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The article also says Davidson, ” . . . had her damascene moment at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992“. But I don’t buy that.

For at the time she was a researcher for Labour MP for Cardiff West, Rhodri Morgan, who of course went on to become first minister of the Assembly. So was she representing him, or the Labour party, at Rio?

I think she’d already had her ‘damascene moment’, and she was there as one of the converted.

When she became Assembly Member for Pontypridd in 1999 Ponty was her ticket to more power and influence to push the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) narrative.

Which she did relentlessly and effectively.

And even though she stepped down as an AM in 2011 she never really left. For she was always in the shadows, nudging, hectoring, demanding. Now she chairs the ‘Welsh Government’s Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group.

The significance of the Well-being Act is that, as was hinted in One Wales: One Planet in 2008, all other considerations must be subordinated to fighting the so-called ‘climate crisis’.

And this being the socialist hell that is Wales, the Act introduced yet more pointless bureaucracy and more opportunities for virtue signalling, with Public Services Boards for each of our 22 local authorities. (Yes, that’s right, 22 local authorities for a country of 3.2 million people.)

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Perhaps the real lesson Wales could teach the world is how to bring a country to its knees. For this is the Globalist plan for the West.

The politicians and their pet parasites who achieved this resent giving money to farmers and others, who actually work, and produce necessities.


A Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) is, according to the ‘Welsh Government’, “an area of land draining into ground or surface waters that are currently high in nitrate, or may become so if appropriate actions are not taken“.

It had always been accepted there was a problem, but it had also been understood that the problem was very localised, and seemed to be associated with dairy cattle.

Ostensibly to get a better understanding of the situation, the ‘Welsh Government’ launched a consultation process in September 2016.

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The map above, produced by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), shows that Water Framework Directive (WFD) catchment areas covering some 90% of the country reported 0 – 4 incidents in the period 01.01.2010 to 01.01.2016.

The problem was clearly very localised.

Which is why NRW suggested increasing the area covered by NVZ legislation from 2.4% (750 farm holdings) to 8%. But, and here I quote from:

The (now) Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, responded to the consultation replies a year later, in December 2017. She said she was “minded to introduce a whole Wales approach”.

Truth is, that had been the plan all along.

As an example of politicians going out of their way to make life more difficult for farmers – because of course there would be more expense and increased form-filling – the handling of NVZ legislation would be difficult to surpass.

This is how NFU Cymru described it:

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

As things stand, the ‘Welsh Government’ has been forced to be marginally less vindictive. With slightly less punitive measures being introduced in stages, the next due in August.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

NVZ was part of a wider campaign to blame farmers for all pollution. To the extent of bribing river groups and other ‘environmentalists’. Done to protect the bigger culprit, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water.


Wales voted to leave the European Union 23 June 2016.

That is, the people voted to leave. The political class was outraged at the stupidity of the hoi polloi. The media agreed. While the ever-multiplying legions of third sector parasites were aghast at the thought of losing such a lucrative funding stream.

In response the ‘Welsh Government’ produced ‘Brexit and our Land‘. Wherein we read (page 3) what was to replace the CAP.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But how can it talk of “food production” when we know Labour’s attitude towards farmers? While the reference to timber did not mean developing a genuine timber industry, it referred to what I’m now going to highlight.

Idly flicking through the annual accounts of Stoke engineering firm Goodwin Plc the other night I found this, on page 17.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The site of this enviro-colonialism is north west of Llanwrtyd. But it’s happening all over Wales.

This is how it works: Land is bought and trees are planted by investors like Goodwin, who will own the land, the trees, and the carbon they capture. This carbon can not be included in Wales’ carbon inventory.

Which means that outside investors could buy up 50% of Welsh land, make billions from carbon capture, none of which would contribute to Wales’ national figure (or economy) – and the ‘Welsh Government’ would pay them to do it!

The rest of rural Wales, and the post-industrial areas, will be surrendered to foreign-owned wind farms whose owners will dole out beads and blankets to the desperate inhabitants of doomed communities.

And it’s all built on a scam, for carbon is no threat to the environment.

As for “Public Goods“, this is a phrase picked up from the bad company Welsh politicians keep. It can mean whatever the person using it wants it to mean.

Just think of it as bollocks; usually delivered in Estuary English.


This project links with Brexit, and the publication you read about in the previous section. It’s ‘environmentalists’ seeking to capitalise on the new reality to grab a huge swathe of Welsh land.

The project began before the date I’ve just given, but I used that date because it’s the first time I mentioned the project on this blog. Click here and scroll down to the section ‘Re-wilding’.

In essence, a number of individuals and organisations came together and hatched a plan to requisition 10,000 hectares, from Pumlumon up to the Dyfi estuary, and out to sea for a few miles.

Below you’ll see two maps. The one on the left was produced by those behind the project; the one on the right tells us who’s really behind it. But I’m not sure who produced the second.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Admittedly, this was not a ‘Welsh Government’ policy . . . but I believe those involved had discussions with politicians and civil servants, and had been assured that Brexit could be the excuse used to withhold or ‘redirect’ farm subsidies.

Those involved were so confident of success, so arrogant, that they saw no need to engage with those whose land they wanted to appropriate. For it was a done deal.

Among the partners with Rewilding Britain was the Woodland Trust (WT). Here is Natalie Buttriss of the WT being interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today in October 2018. And she plays the admonishing memsahib for all she’s worth.

Summit to Sea met its Waterloo at a public meeting in Talybont, north of Aberystwyth on 31 July 2019, when locals made their feelings unmistakably clear to even the thick-skinned individuals involved.

Partners such as Ecodyfi and Rewilding Britain soon withdrew, and the project was then taken over by the RSPB. The organisation that cares so much for birds, but has no issue with bird-killing wind turbines. (I wonder how much that silence costs.)

The Woodland Trust is still taking over Welsh land to plant trees and profit from the carbon capture scam you read about earlier. But all done of course to save the planet.

Summit to Sea was an attempt by ‘environmentalists’ and ‘conservationists’ to grab Welsh farmland using the threat of subsidy withdrawal. So it’s no surprise to learn that many see the Sustainable Farming Scheme as Summit to Sea repackaged.


In September, Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs, was in Frisco, at a UN bunfight giving business leaders a chance to impress politicians from the sub-national level.

What could possibly go wrong?

Griffiths came back, her rechargeable batteries humming, and a week or so after her return delivered this speech.

A month later the Daily Post produced this article in which farmers accused wildlife groups of lying about bio-diversity loss in order to grab farm funding. I include it because it introduces an important new tactic into the ‘Welsh Government’s war on farmers.

Hoping to hide the source of the attacks the Corruption Bay establishment was now funding wildlife trusts and other groups to do the dirty work. I wrote about this just last month, in Wildlife Trusts, Crazy Money, Hidden Agendas.

Quoted in the DP article was Katie-Jo Luxton of the RSPB:

Writing in today’s Daily Post, RSPB Cymru director Katie-jo Luxton said it was in farming’s interest to work with wildlife groups – and take what’s being offered.

Only by doing this can the industry justify its receipt of taxpayers’ money, she said. Otherwise the industry risks losing out in the post-Brexit scramble for public funding.

That sounds like dialogue from a very bad Mob movie! “Dis is da best deal ya gonna get, Louie, take it – if ya knows what’s good for ya!

Also note, another reference to “taxpayers’ money“, and “the post-Brexit scramble for public funding“. They’re all reading from the same script.

Having pissed off many, many people, Luxton left the RSPB towards the end of 2021 and joined BirdLife International.

In four years between 2018 and 2022 BirdLife’s income shot up from £22 million to over £40 million. Another indicator of how governments and corporations are using wildlife groups and conservationists to undermine agriculture globally.

Wildlife trusts here saw their income more than double between 2019 and 2022. But income from ‘Welsh Government’ grants and contracts rocketed from £769,310 to £6,821,800 in the same period.


April 2019 was tough in Wales. I recall people running into the streets screaming, “Lesley Griffiths (and Gary) have declared a climate emergency!

Well, maybe I exaggerate a wee bit. For truth is, nobody really paid any attention to this pronunciamento.

Nevertheless, it was followed, in June, with a ‘10-point Plan To Fund Wales’ Climate Emergency‘ from the Future Generations Commissioner.

As might be expected, planting trees and making life even more difficult for farmers figured big in this mercifully short document.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The reality is that despite all the grandstanding, no other country on this doomed planet has allowed OPDs, created the useless post of Future Generations Commission, or declared a climate emergency.

There’s a message there.


In full: “Wales may be a small nation, but we have a big ambition“.  The words spoken by Lesley Griffiths, at a Climate Change conference in Cardiff City Hall.

Among the world-renowned climate experts attending was “ITV weather presenter Ruth Wignall“. Further down we read:

For every attendee at the conference a tree will also be planted in Mbale, Eastern Uganda, as part of the Welsh Government’s Wales for Africa programme.

Farmer Nimrod Wambette, from Mbale, will speak at the conference about how his home region is already feeling the impacts of climate change.

After enjoying an expenses-paid trip to Cardiff and a bit of pocket money Nimrod could be guaranteed to stick to the script.

It’s just more of the same, a rather sad and desperate combination of hyperbole and hysteria for which, in kinder and saner times, people would have received treatment. But what really caught my eye was this sentence:

Representatives from Extinction Rebellion will be attending to share some of their ideas about how we should be responding to the climate emergency

When you read that you know the nutters have really taken over the asylum.


This new legislation is designed to increase the influence of ‘environmentalists’ and ‘conservationists’ over Welsh farming. How do I know? Because the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) takes credit for influencing it.

It’s there, on page 4 of the WWF Annual Report.

We launched and led a successful campaign to help put the climate and nature emergencies at the core of the new Agriculture (Wales) Bill. Through a survey of rural Wales, an open letter signed by more than 50 organisations, a petition and more, WWF Cymru’s Land of Our Future/Gwlad Ein Dyfodol campaign advocated for agroecology to be central to the bill

Those experts on Welsh farming, the British Mountaineering Council, signed the WWF petition . . . but our farming unions did not.

The same WWF that’s in partnership / funded by Tesco which, like other supermarket chains, is screwing our farmers.

Makes you think, eh!


And so we come to the Sustainable Farming Scheme, for which ‘consultations’ end on Thursday. Though I suspect that, as with NVZ and other proposals, it’s a done deal.

For Labour’s attitude towards farmers is clear. In recent months we’ve heard Joyce Watson, Mike Hedges, and first minister Drakeford himself express contempt.

To leave us in no doubt about Labour’s hatred for farmers Anna McMorrin, (former?) partner of Alun Davies, called hard-working Welsh farmers extremists, climate deniers, and conspiracy theorists in the House of Commons last week.

I could have introduced other examples of the ‘Welsh Government’s contempt, such as the refusal to do anything about bTB . . . other than to order the killing of cattle.

But I’ve given enough clues for you to guess how I see the big picture.

Wildlife and environmental groups, and more recently the ‘Welsh Government’, tell us that 80/90% of Wales’s land is taken up by farming. There’s a reason for that.

By ‘farming’ they mean livestock farming. But it’s not really about farming, it’s about the land used by farming. The talk of farting cows, dirty rivers, biodiversity loss, etc, are the excuses used to destroy farming and to facilitate a land grab.

Land that’s wanted for carbon capture trees and rewilding. Which go together. Can’t have beavers without trees. And almost all the critters planned to be re-introduced are forest dwellers.

UPDATE 05.03.2024: I’ve been sent a pro forma letter that English ‘environmental’ groups have asked members and supporters to submit to the SFS consultation.

In the first line of the second paragraph: ” . . . upwards of 84% of land in Wales managed for farming”. It really chokes them, all this land – and they want it!

This also explains the involvement of vegans, and the backing for organic arable farming. Meat will be an imported luxury item that most of us will be unable to afford. (We’ll be offered insects, and factory-made ‘meat’.)

The countryside of the future will belong to an elite that will justify its advantages, and the restrictions placed on the rest of us, car-less in our 15-minute, constantly-surveiled cities, as being necessary to save the planet.

Having submitted to this cult-agenda, Labour politicians will destroy Welsh farming as we know it. And with it, a culture, a language, and a way of life.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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David Smith

The old Rio Tinto chimney is to be blown up soon in my part of this land. Some firm from Nottingham (natch) has the demolition contract. I’m feeling quite wistful in seeing a landmark visible from miles away, being obliterated from the skyline. Still, ‘progress’ and all that. Not entirely on board with the gleeful tone taken by the reporting rags on the destruction of what once stood as an icon representing a shit load of well paying jobs in this town, mind.

Jonathan Dean

I thought this was accepted as the origin of the SFS?

What is most surprising is the Welsh Labour Government falling in line behind Michael Gove!

Jonathan Dean

The tree target in England is 12%, but that’s not just farms

Muddy Clearwater

Is any community in Wales holding a street party to celebrate Lee Water’s announcement? If so, send out invites.


It was a sham announcement know in the trade as a ‘damage limitation exercise”. ALL ministers are automatically sacked, as it’s a requirement for a new First Minister to appoint a new cabinet upon taking office. It involves a sherry and saying something nice to the King. Lee Waters did not say if he’s going to move back to one of his two holiday homes in Carmarthenshire or punt for a seat in the Vale, where he actually lives (diesel SUV).  

Ioan ap Trefor ab Enoch

Exiled at home. Fiction that could come true in Wales.
Elderly now, and a lonely old bachelor hill farmer, Wil Gorsto lived in the family farm Hafod Unnos above the village of Cwm Meudwy. His family had farmed there for at least six generations, his parents were long gone, and only one brother Moc remained, with no nephews or nieces. Moc was the scholar in the village school. Like all clever ones he left for University and never came back – true to the Welsh saying “ennill gradd, colli gwreiddiau” (‘win a degree, and lose your roots’). Moc now lived alone in America as a retired Hospital Doctor. In the earlier days of his exile he had come back once a year in summer and found therapy himself in helping Wil with the farm work. Wil had stayed to help his parents. They, now long gone, were cosy in Mynwent y Capel (Chapel Graveyard) under a local sand stone, carved in the old tongue and warmly clad with lichen and moss. For some years now Wil had run down the Hafod Farm keeping just a small flock of fifty mountain ewes and buying in winter fodder, living on State Pension. In past years he had kept a large mountain sheep flock and a herd of beef suckler cows that grazed out-by in summer on the rough hills above now covered by wind turbines making money for the absent Feudal Estate owner. 
Wil was always rich in friends (many from his school days) and those he met and talked to, when walking down the village street, or in chapel or even at a funeral, at the shop or post office and down in the pub. It was a close society of neighbours – ‘cymdeithas cymdogion agos’ – ‘pentre bywiog’ – ‘a lively village ’.
Far away Moc had long suffered ‘hiraeth’ a longing for home as a ‘Cymro ar wasgar’ – a Welsh exile. One thing that kept Moc and Wil together was letter writing. Over many years they had corresponded of happenings of each other’s news and events, week by week. Each side of the Atlantic, the envelopes marked ‘Air Mail’ would be eagerly opened and read slowly several times, even more so of late. In recent letters Moc seemed less morose. He explained he had joined his apartment block neighbourhood society and had met and made many new friends. He also wrote of walking regularly to his local Diner for hot meals with his newly found friends in this urban city ‘village’ for a fun game of poker whist.
The latest news letter from Wil was very sad and brought tears to Moc’s eyes. Wil had for some time been writing to Moc giving news of the closure of the shop and post office, then the school and now the bus service and the pub and even the chapel. There were no old people left to bury in close strong funerals. The place was no longer a village. It was a ghost-like place, now full of second homes; nearby farms all sold for tree planting for city trading in odd carbon offsetting and rewilding schemes. All their houses now ‘Weekend Lets’; barns and old dry stone walls all pillaged for distant town garden features. Nobody spoke the old tongue. Nobody spoke to the other nobodies in any language. What was now so sad, and brought tears to Moc’s eyes, was that Wil had written this week a letter saying, he was now suffering ‘hiraeth’ longing for home at Cwm Meudwy. He was now part of the new ‘Cymry ar Wasgar’, an exile, a stranger, in his own village, in what had once been their home community. For both it was the place of their deep roots and it had gone forever invaded not with carrying of swords but by invaders with cheque books.
Gone forever, and sadly nobody noticed or even cared, certainly not the Senedd’s ruling Wales Labour Government Group.
Ioan ap Trefor ab Enoch – Abertawe, Cymru – Wales.


There is currently a mailshot being sent out by ‘re-wilding’ groups in England asking their supporters to use a pro-forma letter to send in to the consultation by the Welsh government.

It is here.

This campaign is being co-ordinated by the Green Party in Brighton, Kent Wildlife Trust, Rewilding Britain and the Woodland Trust in Lincolnshire. Organisations who are hoping to benefit from funding diverted from Welsh farmers.


Is this the same Green party in Brighton represented by Caroline Lucas MP who drives/lords it around driving a Range Rover and takes multiple flights to the US to visit her son each year….


Robert Darwall the wheels [are hopefully] coming off NZ de-industrialisation …

Big Gee

I have come to the conclusion, after many decades directly involved in politics (up until my resignation in 2002 from Plaid Cymru, at which time I was one of it’s party vice presidents). I have – especially in the last four years – become convinced that fighting the establishment head on, and continuing to be embroiled in what amounts to trying to change the new world order’s agenda through the globalist elite’s machinations, that the only way out of the mess is a reset (not the ‘great reset’ espoused by Klaus Schwab), but a reset from the bottom up by ‘we the people’ who are waking up in unprecedented numbers across the globe.

We can support and oppose what corrupt governments are up to, but the key is to unite mankind against authority on an universal scale, by forming a parallel system, that will crumble the existing systems. It’s all very well to expose and bring people to see individual battles (like the farmers’ predicament) but the problem is multi faceted, we need to see the big picture. The time to put our faith in politics and the corrupt and paid for politicians is over. Believing that there is hope around the corner from politicians – of any colour – is an exercise in peeing into the wind, you simply get your legs wet.

There is much afoot from a mass of people who are determined to destroy this presently doomed system by destroying it’s foundation. I invite you to watch the interview with Michael O’Bernicia by Michael Voibes. Much food for thought there – especially when it comes to the farmers’ protests across Europe. Indeed it makes one think whether protests are the way forward, although they serve a great purpose in waking up the masses who are still fast asleep and still get their information from the corrupt (legacy) main stream media cartel.

Here is the URL address for the interview:


Amazing. I was just watching this video on Saturday night.
I was scrolling down through Gareth Wyn Jones’ fb page and someone had posted this onto his page…

Help Farmers gain control of THEIR LAND again…..

worth repeating the link….[ the link symbol here doesn’t work]

Big Gee

For years I have been putting out information about the imminent and scary developments aimed at ushering in a new world government (NWO). The global elites centred at Davos – the World Economic Forum, also the UN and a branch of that organisation, now an infamous group within the UN called the World Health Organisation (WHO) – who have come into focus since 2020 have been the driving force behind the global ‘scam-demic’. Coupled to this is Agenda 21 (now called Agenda 2030), the outworking of which we can now see has permeated right down to Local Government level. It’s from that source that we are experiencing what has effected our everyday lives, more especially the farming crisis.

The time for exposing what is going on is past, as the window of opportunity to reverse this agenda is fast closing. It is now the time to start coming up with solutions. The information in the above links is one solution, but there are other solutions being suggested. As a follow up to that information, here is a video that goes into other solutions that can be considered.

Please view this video at this URL address:

Please view it and share the information contained in it as far and wide as possible.


Brilliant. Keep up the great work exposing the welsh marxists, useful puppet idiots for the WEF, that have been hypnotised by the false green religion and de-industrialisation of the west…..

Dr John Ball

I started reading but once I got to the photo of that useless toady IWJ and his equally useless chums (especially the current Presiding Officer) I threw up. It said it all without reading on.
I did read on!


Although the public consultation time period for the “Sustainable Farming Scheme” ends in a few days, I am advised – in a letter from Welsh Government dated 29 February 2024 – as reproduced below in italic text.
Part of the advice we will offer to the Minister in due course will be an economic case for the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme, and the economic case will be developed following H M Treasury Green Book guidance
It could be argued that the current consultation is premature and that there should be another public consultation when the economic case has been developed and placed in the public domain.


For information, copy below of exchange of letter today with “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group” with names removed.

Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group

My Ref:               NCC/WJ/109/B
Your Ref:    
Date:                           4 March 2024

Subject: UK 100 – Interface with W N Z 2035 C G

Thank you for your letter dated 4 March 2024, the content of which is noted.

Correspondence is continuing with Welsh Government, and other organisations, as there appears to be overlap / duplication of effort and confusion regarding who is effectively in control of net zero policy in Wales. An investigation, to establish the facts, has been initiated under the terms of reference set out in Annex 1 below.

I shall update the “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group” on investigation findings in due course. Thank you. 
Yours sincerely

Annex 1
External Investigation

Terms of Reference
1.   Establish how Welsh Government interfaces with “UK 100” with regard to guidance and direction to Local Authorities on Net Zero policy in Wales, given the pledge by UK 100 to lead a rapid transition to Net Zero in England and Wales ahead of the Government’s legal target.
2.   Establish how “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group” interfaces with “UK 100”, specifically within Wales given their shared objective to accelerate the transition to net zero ahead of Welsh Government’s legal target. 
3.   Establish the source of grant income – totalling £1,346,943 in 2021 and £1,219,112 in 2022 – received by UK 100, as identified in their Financial Statement filed with Companies House.
4.   As climate change is a devolved function, establish whether “UK 100” are able to bypass normal democratic process by providing guidance and direction to local authorities in Wales, circumventing controls by Welsh Government and thus avoiding scrutiny of their action by Welsh Parliament.
5.   Establish what net zero statutory targets are prescribed for the various sectors in Wales [public sector, third sector, private sector].
6.   Establish who is effectively in control of net zero policy in Wales.     

——– Forwarded Message ——–
Subject: Re: UK 100 – Interface with W N Z 2035 C G
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2024 10:18:37 +0000

Dear Mr Jones,
Thank you for your correspondence.
UK100 is one of a number of organisations that operates across the UK, of relevance to the work of the Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group. We are working with Local Authorities in Wales to understand their potential role in meeting net zero by 2035.
Best regards
Secretary for the Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group

Ifor l'engine

So you’re saying you thought Brexit was a good idea so that you could control your own affairs, and now you have control over your own affairs you don’t like it ?

EU farmers are required to devote only 4% of their land to biodiversity and landscape protection if they want to access EU farming subsidies. Most family farms can easily meet this target with their existing hedgerows and small patches of woodland etc. 

Meanwhile, back in the UK, The Telegraph reported on subsidies in England under the title :- ‘New farming subsidies aren’t fit for purpose – I might as well get a job in Asda’. 10 October 2023 

 Perhaps all those people who carefully looked at all the facts and considered the probable outcomes of Brexit ( and voted against ) were right after all ?

David Smith

Your claim about restriction of freedom of movement certainly holds water when one factors in how much farting around and dithering is undertaken whenever a project to improve transport infrastructure is set in motion. I have to ask, though: what is behind Labour’s ‘beef’ with farmers? Them being landowners and therefore grasping capitalists, or generally voting Conservative (obviously two intertwined cohorts)?


For information, copy below of exchange of letter with NRW regarding farm inspections to curb pollution. Currently awaiting reply to my FOI request.

Access to Information Team
Natural Resources Wales
Ty Cambria
29 Newport Road
CF24 0TP

My Ref:              NCC/WJ/128
Your Ref:                      
Date:                  29 February 2024

Dear Access to Information Team

Subject: Farm inspections by NRW to curb pollution

I refer to the above subject and to correspondence to date as set out in the email chain below. I am grateful to your colleagues in ” Customer Hub Support” for liaising with various NRW teams and for the information provided 28 February 2024.

However, the anger in farming communities regarding NRW policy – and the newly established team tasked with inspecting 800 farms in 2024 – requires that I examine issues in more detail. Accordingly, I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide the following information from NRW records.

  1. a copy of the job specification of the appointed team leader, and
  2. a copy of the job specification of an appointed team member.

If you consider it necessary, any personal data contained within the documentation can be redacted to comply with the data management principles set out in the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

I look forward to receiving the information at your convenience. Thank you. 

Yours sincerely

——– Forwarded Message ——– Subject: RE: Farm inspections by NRW to curb pollution NRW:02582215 Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 16:28:56 +0000

Prynhawn da
Apologies for the late reply.
I’ve tried looking into this enquiry for you and have asked various teams. the only answer that I’ve had is –  The team in question is set up to deliver farm inspections in relation to the agricultural regulations, management and inspection of Dwr Cymru assets is undertaken by our Environment Management Teams. Each team is responsible for designing and carrying out inspections taking a risk based approach to regulation.
We have Regulatory Service plans for 2023/24 and are currently developing the plans for 25/26.
Hopefully we will have more information on the plans being put into place in the near future.
I just hope that any farming and sewage pollution is taken more seriously going forward and that both are punished in the right manner.
Sorry that this doesn’t perhaps answer your question directly. 
If there’s anything else I can help you with then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


A closer look will tell you when the numbers are manipulated to obtain a result to fit the policy rather than the numbers directing any need of such a policy. 

If you look at that map of Wales showing ‘agricultural pollution incidents’, besides most of Wales have none (the grey areas) you should also notice that the yellow areas are 1-4 (increment of 3), orange 5-11 (increment of 6), red 12-19 (increment of increment of 7) and black 20-31 (increment of 10). It tells me that there might be one naughty farm near Clunderwen and another near Trecwn, both in Pembrokeshire. The yellow splodges elsewhere don’t actually say it’s a problem, but the colouring-in falsely gives that impression.

Yet we have an all-Wales NVZ imposition.

We often see this in climate change bulletins, which say ‘scientific data’. Nothing wrong with the data, but it’s subsequent manipulation by pundits who take an ‘outlier’ event and compare it with an longer period of historical average. Wettest month compared with a ten year historical average, or highest temperature compared with average last century, and more windy this October than the 1950s. It’s presented to give the impression of something significant, when in fact it’s highlighting an unusual event by comparing it with a period of time when historical unusual events don’t appear as that’s offered as an average.

Presentation manipulated to obtain the a pre-desired image.


Excellent post Jac. I think you have joined all the dots there. There is compelling evidence – as set out below in bullet point format – that Wales is the UK test-bed for implementing UN policies.

  • Wellbeing of Future Generations [Wales] Act 2015 is unique to Wales. Similar legislation is not available in England. 
  • A supplementary report published in 2019 entitled “Wales and the Sustainable Development Goals highlights the relationship between the UN-SDG’s and the action taken in Wales for Agenda 2030.
  • Wales was the first nation in the world to declare a “climate emergency”.
  • Wales was the first to appoint a Future Generations Commissioner.
  • Public Health Wales collaborates with the World Health Organisation via the International Health Co-ordination Centre.    
Ioan ap Trefor ab Enoch

Some political thoughts for today on why the Senedd will not listen to us in 2024.
I was born in 1944 so I’m now in my eightieth year. I’ve never kept diaries and my memories are often vague, so this account may be very faulted. Let’s start with my parents. My father was born in 1903 and mother in 1905. So they both could clearly recall the Representation of People Acts when in 1918 all men got the ability to vote and women in 1928. My parents were never political but they were strong believers in using their right to vote and always voted in all elections from Parish Councils up to the UK Parliament level. As for myself I would also later use my vote but I was not involved in any political activity until I reached the age of about twenty.
The initial landmark spark for me was ” Tynged yr Iaith ” (meaning “The Fate of the Language”), which was a radio lecture delivered in Welsh by Saunders Lewis on 13 February 1962.
Reaction to it brought about a major change in the politics of Wales. It led to direct action with demonstrations and protests and eventually the Welsh Language Act of 1967 that allowed the Welsh language to be used in legal proceeding in Wales, which had previously been banned for centuries. The Act allowed government ministers to authorise Welsh translations of any documents required by the Act. People of my generation were inspired by singers like Joan Baez, Bob Dylan; Pete Seeger; Dafydd Iwan; Nana Mouskouri; Rosetta Tharpe; Elizabet Cotton and Miriam Makeba.
I attended several local and national protests, most notably the Mass Rally in Hyde Park London to protest with Bishop Tutu for the release of ‘Madiba’ Nelson Mandela who by international protest he was released. I also attended the mass Anti Poll Tax Protest in London that led to its abandonment.
I give these examples from my own experiences where protest demonstrations and mass petitions certainly created influence and change in recent history in this ‘democracy’ we lived in, in Britain.
I think that there is one reason for those influenced changes and that is throughout my earlier life elections in this country were won by candidates freely standing in elections supported by friends and their Party workers. They always hit the door knockers and canvassed their electorate face to face knowing that in the following elections, the electorate would challenge them again face to face over any previous false promises.
From 1976 to 2017, over 41 years, I stood myself successfully for Parish Council; Borough Council; City and County Council elections and I won those elections, as did every other winning candidate then, by facing the electorate on their doorsteps. I retired undefeated from active Politics in 2017. Over recent years politicians do not knock doors anymore. They just rely on sending out leaflets by Royal Mail or Couriers with no face to face contacts. All are now faceless and spineless. Then when elected they have no one on doorsteps to harangue or confront them. To make it worse in Wales, we have a non violent one party state of Wales Labour forever. They get complacent and these days do not answer to protests or demonstrations or petitions. They go on Television and say “People on the doorsteps tell me – this and that”. Such statements are imaginary in their heads. They never knock doors. They feel comfortable in ignoring us via our one party state in the Wales’ Senedd.
They just shrugged of a mass petition over the ill thought and rushed chaos of 20mph speed limits. They look set to ignore the farmers in the current mass tractor protests. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has just condemned mass protests over demands for a peace cease fire in the Gaza.
This whole situation is in danger of creating a volcano. It will dangerously erupt at every level from Parish Councils to Foreign Affairs in the future because of this complacent attitude of seclusion like Monks in their whipped votes debating chambers with never entertaining a ‘U Turn’ never with any regret saying to the electorate “Sorry we got it wrong!”. Never facing the electorate, just sitting on a balanced panel of four in a cosy TV Chat Show studio. It could well be the Welsh speaking hill farmers who will soon turn the furrow to let the political volcano erupt!
Ioan ap Trefor ab Enoch. 


Grey men and women in grey or darker suits sitting in their echo chamber listening to variants of their mantras about how we, the fuckin’ stoopid proletariat, need to be saved from our disgusting lifestyles and irresponsible choices. Like a bunch of aliens who have fetched in a new set of (Green?) gospels on how to live they promulgate all sorts of daft new rules which have a common theme of reducing the common herd to just that – a herd to be corralled and contained in all aspects of life with only odd concessions for those who comply and conform.

Look closely at last week’s antics. Tories in the Bay Bubble railing against the Labour regime’s plans for farming, Rishi Snake joining in with a spot of shit stirring, yet the Tory plans for England are not radically different to Labour’s plans for Wales, maybe there’s a spot more cash one way or another beyond Y Clawdd but the changes driven by adherents of the green gospel are much the same.

Of course England and its ruling elites have an advantage in that beyond their western boundary they have a colonialist regime of compliant natives mixed with a dash of incomers that is busting its guts to prove to the rest of the world that it is a world leader in shitting on its population in pursuit of largely unproven, unsustainable ( that word again!) green goals. All done while so many of the ruling elites and the others with wealth that buys places at top tables carry on their profligate behaviours as though the prospect of double standards never entered their soppy minds. That alone leads to a conclusion that there are no sincerely held beliefs in this climate/environmental arena especially among the movers shakers and their political hangers on. Accordingly, as Ioan says above – let the volcano erupt.