Wildlife Trusts, Crazy Money, Hidden Agendas

This is a follow-up to last week’s piece on the enviro-shysters blaming farmers for everything wrong with our rivers, and those behind them hoping to get their corporate claws into farmland.


First, let’s make sure you know where our five wildlife trusts are located. On the image below you can also see the difference in the sizes of the areas they cover.

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Given the other mergers that have taken place over the years it might be worth asking why Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire didn’t join with Breconshire to form a Powys trust? For until 2018 there was a Brecknockshire Wildlife Trust, but then it merged with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

The Wildlife Trusts Wales Ltd, the umbrella body, dissolved itself 22 March 2022 and the individual trusts joined the English Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts. (Trading name: ‘The Wildlife Trusts’.)

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The WTW charity de-registered.

What had been the Welsh umbrella outfit may even have joined the English body as a separate and individual trust. Certainly, that’s what the website seems to tell us.

When the end came for WTW, the funds were distributed to the five trusts, which makes sense. But I was surprised to see an inrush of grants in the final year.

Why was that, and why couldn’t the money have been given directly to the individual trusts? Finally, what the hell is a ‘Strategic Allocation Grant’?

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Anyway, that’s how we got to where we are now, Wales has five wildlife trusts. Also, Wildlife Trusts Wales, existing is some kind of limbo.


Let’s stick with finances, which suggest to me that wildlife trusts have recently been ‘repurposed’. Let me try to explain . . .

There seem to be three main sources of income for wildlife trusts: One is donations or legacies, and a bequest of £1,000,000 in 2003 must have helped keep Brecknock afloat for a while.

The others sources are, either the Lottery (which is little more than disguised UK government funding), and grants and contracts from our ‘Welsh Government’. The table below might help.

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Amazing figures. While total income for the five trusts increased by 133% between 2019 and 2023, for the same period ‘Welsh Government’ funding went up by 760%.

In fact it was more. I didn’t include Radnorshire because I wasn’t sure how to express that increase as a percentage. Should it be 579,620%?

Below I use Charity Commission graphs that I find very helpful. (Here in pdf format.) You can see them individually by clicking on these links: North, Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, Gwent, South and West.

The other tabs bring up further information.

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For the South and West there’s been little discernible increase. There’s been no startling increase for Montgomeryshire or Gwent either.

Though Montgomeryshire has been getting money for old rope through the Wild Skills Wild Spaces project, worth £700,000 and which, from what I can see, does little more than show people how to go for a walk.

The big jumps in funding are clearly in Radnorshire and the north. In percentage terms Radnorshire really stands out. But why?

One reason may be that the local trust now has a farm, Pentwyn, which is planned to become ‘Wilder Pentwyn‘. The Trust is well-favoured in Corruption Bay, and gets visits from Minister for Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths (and Gary?), helping her promote the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS).

The SFS demands that all Welsh farms give over 10% of their land for trees, and a further 10% for ‘wildlife habitat’. Farmers are, understandably, resisting. And things may be coming to the boil.

But it could get worse, for in its latest annual report the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust (RWT) demands that by 2030: ” . . . 30% of land and water in Radnorshire is managed in a way that creates extensive natural habitats for a wide variety of species”.

How will RWT achieve that target in just six years, considering it owns only one farm?

And how much input did RWT have to the Sustainable Farming Scheme?

Here’s an interesting group photograph. Unfortunately, I don’t have a date, but it can’t be that old. We’ll work left to right:

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Far left is Martin Wilkie, another environmentalist who’s come to tell us how to look after the country we’ve been looking after for over 2,000 years. Wilkie was with the RWT but has now branched out on his own with Wild Borders Ecology.

Next to him of course is Lesley Griffiths.

In the centre is James Hitchcock, RWT CEO.

To his right is Jenny Chryss, an investigative journalist. I’m told she broke with RWT when the Trust became, as my source put it, “corporate shills“. Chryss now fights Bute’s wind farm plans.

Far right is Rachel Sharp, CEO of Wildlife Trusts Wales (WTW). No friend of farmers, that one.

And talking of WTW, let’s not forget Tim Birch. A few years back he was virtually run out of Derbyshire for his extreme views . . . so he came to Wales, where he was welcomed with open arms by the ‘Welsh Government’.

For as I pointed out not so long ago, the ‘Welsh Government’ has regular chats with Extinction Rebellion.

Birch did somersaults when Lee Waters announced the end to road-building in Wales. This legislation was the brainchild of Dr Lynn Sloman, author of ‘Car Sick‘ . . . who lives in London but drives to her holiday home near Machynlleth.

These are the people deciding the future of rural Wales.

They don’t give a toss about us. For them our country is just one big experiment to see how many of their lunacies our idiot politicians will implement.

What we’ll see with Radnorshire Wildlife Trust at Pentwyn (and with others elsewhere), is that nature reserves will have a few sheep, a couple of cows, a rescued donkey for kiddies to pet – and they’ll be hailed as “the future of farming in Wales“.

In fact, that’s exactly what it says on the website: “A new model farm for the future“.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I believe Radnorshire has been chosen by the ‘Welsh Government’ for a number of ‘initiatives’, and it’s been thrown open to all-comers.

For example, a source drew my attention to Protect Earth, a charity that’s applied for a grant to plant 14,000 trees at Goytre wood, near Knighton. No matter how it’s dressed up, this is just another carbon sequestration scam – and we’ll pay for it!

Protect Earth seems to have other projects in Wales.

Staying in Radnorshire, another new venture is Wilba Conservation Ltd, formed in April 2022, and also into ‘silviculture’. So more carbon sequestration scams.

Wilba is owned by Marches Business Group Ventures Ltd, which itself was formed just a month earlier.

When Wilba need a professional ecologist they turn to Martin Wilkie of Wild Borders Ecology. Ain’t it cosy?

‘Environmentalism’ has become a racket.

As I explained, Wildlife Trusts Wales Ltd was dissolved as a company 22 March 2022, and is no longer registered with the Charity Commission. Yet the website is still active and quotes the defunct registration numbers.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Rachel Sharp’s LinkedIn page confirms she’s still with WTW, and we know Tim Birch works with her. How many more work for this non-existent outfit?

Seeing as Sharp and Birch serve as the ‘Welsh Government’s attack dogs I’m beginning to wonder if WTW is now ‘in-house’, funded by Lesley Griffiths and her gang.

Here are three questions for The Wildlife Trusts Wales:

  • What is the legal status of Wildlife Trusts Wales?
  • Where does the money to run it come from?
  • Where can I examine the accounts?


A few years back I was surprised to learn that the Shropshire Hills AONB might be extended into Wales. Here’s one reference from 2019. The article also suggests that the current AONB might be elevated to National Park status.

But if it were to cross the border, where would it go?

To help answer that question I’ve been busy on Photoshop. And when you fit the pieces together it makes a lot of sense, it even ties in with what I described earlier.

On the right in the diptych below we see a tourist map of Shropshire with the AONB shaded in darker green, in the south west. While on the left, I have fitted that map into the wildlife trusts map I used earlier.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Any extension into Wales would affect both Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire, but more so the latter.

Which I’m sure would make Trust CEO James Hitchcock ecstatic. For he is on record as saying: “We’re in the Welsh Marches. The Marches is a mindset and a cultural identity. Nature does not heed boundaries.”

And let’s remember that before crossing the border Hitchcock was CEO of Herefordshire WT. Which presents a puzzle.

When Hitchcock left Herefordshire that trust was pulling down an average of £1.6m a year. By comparison, Radnorshire wasn’t scraping together a third of that. So it could be argued that Hitchcock took a step down when he started his new job 1 February 2021.

Two months after Hitchcock laid out his pens on the CEO’s desk Wildlife Trusts Wales decided to dissolve itself, with the individual trusts joining the English body. Is that just a coincidence?


I believe Hitchcock was recruited to promote the ‘Welsh Government’s agenda. (Maybe a bigger agenda.) And this explains why he and the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust are feted by Lesley Griffiths and other denizens of the Bay.

Yes, I’m flying a kite by theorising on why Hitchcock came to Wales, but extending the Shropshire Hills AONB into Wales came from somewhere else. And it all ties in perfectly with the ‘Wilder Marches’ project.

But plans for new National Parks and AONBs do not end with a cross-border extension of the Shropshire Hills.

You must be aware of the decision to make the Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB into Wales’s fourth National Park. Here are some details from Natural Resources Wales.

An argument I’ve heard used to justify the new NP is that the south east has one with Bannau Brycheiniog; the south west has the Pembrokeshire Coast; the north west, Eryri; so it’s only fair that the north east should also have a National Park.

But if the ‘geographical fairness’ argument has been accepted, then there’ll be just one area without a National Park – central Wales. And why not make it a cross-border National Park?

Co-operation, innit? ‘Hands across the Dyke’ an’ all that.

UPDATE: A comment to this blog reminds us that the area covered by the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust and it’s Montgomeryshire neighbour is almost the same as the area of  Severn Trent Water.

Given that environmental groups and river ‘saviours’ in other parts of Wales have been used (and funded) to blame farmers, in order to cover up for Dŵr Cymru’s spillages and other misdemeanours, might that also be happening in Powys?


There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with National Parks, AONBs, wildlife trusts and nature reserves. But they’re no longer just about protecting landscapes, nurturing flora and fauna. They have been politicised, and funded, to serve other agendas.

And the attacks against farming keep coming. Saturday saw the contribution below from Jenny Rathbone MS. And if you want a full tote bag of Green-left hysteria then here it is. And here’s the link to the article she quotes.

She brings Brexit into a truly weird conspiracy theory. Most absurdly she seems to believe that putting our farmers out of business somehow guarantees food security. What do these people have between their ears?

Clck to open enlarged in separate tab

And what “nature catastrophe“? Things have never been  better. Hasn’t she heard that ospreys are nesting on the farm her government bought for £4.25m?

Though we won’t know if they’re coming back, or not, until Vaughan Gething is safely installed as the new Labour leader. Phew!

But they were definitely there last year, oh yes . . . even though nobody saw them. And no photos or videos have emerged.

By “food security” what Rathbone means is an endless supply of free range radishes from the OPD that daddy bought for Guy and Clarissa.

Rathbone herself is sprung of a wealthy Liverpool family and does well from her cut of the various trusts and other bodies bearing the Rathbone name.

She sits on the Senedd’s Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee. Her partner, John Uden, was given a no-show job by Bute Energy, the Scottish company wanting to throw up a few dozen wind farms in Wales.

How the other half lives, eh!

I was directed to another Saturday posting on X, this one from Jeremy Clarkson.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Other people have the same problem, Jeremy. And the explanation is that the ‘Welsh Government’ tells porkies.

Lesley Griffiths, Julie James, Jenny Rathbone et al say they’re saving the planet, fighting a “climate catastrophe“, but in reality they’re forcing farmers out of business so that big corporations can buy the land, and make yet more money, from carbon sequestration, wind farms, and other scams.

With ‘environmentalists’ disguising this land grab and hoping to be rewarded with vast acreages for rewilding and other anti-human activities.

And that’s why only 3% of farmers trust the ‘Welsh Government’. (Though I’m surprised it’s that high.) It also explains why the protests have started.

This dishonest behaviour is not confined to agriculture,

Last year the ‘Welsh Government’ introduced it’s 20mph legislation. The justification was road safety. But Lee Waters and the rest also want to sneak in legislation on noise, and emissions; to make ‘idling’ an offence, introduce road charging.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

‘Safety’ was just the pretty wrapping – it is ultimately about taking away our cars, and keeping us penned in 15-minute ghettos.

Environmentalism and restoring biodiversity are also pretty wrapping for something more sinister. And it’s not just farmers under attack.

The ‘Welsh Government’ is implementing the Globalists’ de-growth agenda. And among other targets this agenda wants to destroy traditional farming and food production because if they can control the food supply, then the Globalists will control the world.

Don’t let it happen. The farmers’ fight is your fight. Stand with the farmers!

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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Michael Brindley

How would I go about contacting you about one of your articles?


Would like to be able to get out of my bed early one morning and NOT be confronted with yet more evidence that the green gospels are just a big opportunity for corporate entities and seriously wealthy individuals to carry on draining Public funds.

Drax power station has been burning wood from some of the world’s most precious forests while receiving £6bn in UK green subsidies including for the burning of wood pellets, according to BBC Panorama

FFS, having heard some of the reports of unwarranted neglect of sick people during Covid and the alleged current “shortage” of resources to cut NHS waiting lists to read that ONE corporation has sucked out £6billion in green subsidies just makes me want to cut some fucker’s throat. Just a word of warning, it won’t be my own


It means that the entire political “class” is bent. Not one of them willing to stand up and set out a detailed critique of most of those things done in the name of climate and environment over the last 20 years or more. No doubt there are good behavioural modifications and technical programmes/actions that would go a long way to mitigating the worst effects of said “crises” but no one is picking up on these things.


Miles off topic but more evidence of the BBC misdirecting the listeners/viewers when one of their “favorite” ishoos makes bad news.

Why is the BBC not telling the full truth about a trans cat-killing murderer? | The Spectator

This time it’s the case of a particularly nasty violent trans person ( M>F) revealing its true self chopping up an animal and murdering another (possibly normal) human being. So much for mature males coming over all soft and feminine just cos they pull a frock on to go out.

Same BBC who quite rightly got on the “anti Lee Anderson” bandwagon but can’t bear to point its light into the darkest of corners when anyone mentions grooming gangs organised for the benefit of adherents of the religion of peace. They just can’t bring themselves to go full blast after any corrupt or criminal member of some so called oppressed minority.

David Smith

On the topic of pathological do-goodery, I am now banned from my local Wetherspoons. My ‘crime’? A ‘very racist’ remark made to a member of staff. Nothing approaching any ‘N’ or ‘P’ words or the like, but a non-derogatory reference to “Migrant workers”. Suffice it to say that upon this revelation I expressed my objection and indignation with a well-known digital gesture, and invited them to relocate their establishment several degrees south.


I note that “she” will be sent to a male prison.


Some of the more desperate inmates may well wish to test his capacity to be a “her”. Fetch the soap, boyo !


Thank you Jac, for another informative investigation and post, and to all who have thus far commented too.

Yes, Vast numbers of ‘quango’s’ running the ‘show’, and increasingly so. Apparently, Liz Truss (remember her) has made some recent comments/claims to the effect that the U.K has more than 500 quango’s, who are essentially ‘running everything’ rather than the elected administration that holds office at any given time…..Well, You dont say Liz!!….No great suprises there!.

Wales (of course) will have more than its fair share of these, indeed, I would expect it has some of the highest numbers of these unelected, faceless entities, the majority of whom are outside of Wales, and aim to steer/influence/fund their agenda’s via their stooges in ‘corruption bay’, which, do little, (if anything) for those that they (allegedly) serve, (other than following the W.E.F’s & other global ‘Three Letter Agencies’ dictats).

‘Devolution’ is, and has always been, nothing more than control, overseen, from what i refer to as ‘The Admin Department’ in Whitehall,London, which in metaphoric terms, is essentially a ‘long extension lead’ from Whitehall to Cardiff (to give an illusion of power in ‘corruption bay’, by seeming to have their hands on the controls/levers) which can be unplugged as and when required, if said stooges dont comply/follow orders.

The whole system (both here in Wales and in ‘The Collective West’) is depraved, broken & rotten to the core. Its agenda now on display for all to see (or for those that wish to see!), where it was once very much hidden. The mainstream media is 100% state propaganda, and very much in the mold of George Orwells 1984 ‘Lies are Truth’ ‘War is Peace’ etc. Not so much a case of ‘Western Civilisation’ staring into the abyss, but rather, already in the process of freefall into it, with no inkling of when it will ‘Hit the Bottom’ so to speak.

On hearing a few months ago that ‘Dripford’ was standing down, i predicted Vaughan Gething as his replacement, (based purely on skin colour and ‘Virtue Signalling’ and nothing else) in line with what we already have in Edinburgh, Westminster & the London Mayor. He will carry on regardless with the ‘Welsh Socialist Utopian’ dream for Wales, via his puppet masters agenda of attempting to return to the Dark Ages….Which, incidentally, i dont believe will happen,due to events/circumstances outside of their control, but it wont stop them trying none the less. Was there real justice in the U.K, the Welsh ‘Covid Hearings’ to commence on 27th February would be a full and open investigation, with no holds barred, into what went on in 2020/21 at ‘corruption bay’ during the ‘Plandemic’ with ministers likely facing charges of human rights abuses for their draconian authoritarian policies, It will (of course),turn out to be a ‘Whitewash’, (largely) ignored by the media as ‘Nothing to See Here’ etc


Enjoyable read thanks..

The Covid hearings will be ignored by all the Welsh media on orders from Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru…

Caroline Parkinson

Excellent post, thank you Jac/Royston. Along also with some equally excellent comments. I am deeply saddened by the way in which it seems that everything does become politicised in the end, to serve a govt’s agenda and the pockets of those in that same govt. Drilling down into the detail on one particular thing: Hendy. I went to watch thousands of starlings go to roost for the night a couple of weeks ago. Their roost at Llandegley has been termed “nationally important” and I can see why. When and if those criminally insane tur(d)bines are every connected to the grid, those starlings will be minced. I also found out that NRW issued a felling licence for some of the roost trees without there having to be a Habitats Regulations Assessment done beforehand. I wonder about the size of Lesley Griffiths’ Swiss (or Liechtenstein) bank account and how many times she and James Hitchock have had cosy dinners or lunches together. It all stinks – as you well know, so thank you for keeping up the good work!


Bay regime, Drakeford and his minions, repeat the mantra that it just won’t do to hand out subsidies to Welsh farmers for them to do with it as they see fit as those farmers just go off on jollies and piss it all down the drain. Well the same motley crew at the Bay regime have done something akin to that over recent years out at Rhoose Airport grandly referred to as Cardiff International. The rate of cash being wasted is more akin to projectile vomiting than pissing down any drain, yet it seems to be perfectly O.K with our esteemed leaders.


That big plantation used as Carbon offset by corporate spivs from Stoke is only afew miles east of those wind developments proposed around the Tywi, Doethie, Pysgotwr valleys. Rape of Yr Elenydd and not a squeak from any of those pansified politicians in the Bay Bubble


There’s a connection insofar as the whole area has probably been signaled as fair game by the Wind Farm Party in Cardiff Bay! At times I suspect that the entire 60 members of Y Senedd are unified in their absolute ignorance and indifference on this matter having become so wedded to the tenets of assorted green gospels and other drivel passed down from the prophets of doom.


Abstracted from your earlier tweet – “I’m also told that it got money for deer fencing, to proterct the young trees – but there are no deer in the area! ….And of course it got farm subsidies

The fencing is probably erected to keep nosey buggers like us out.

As for subsidies I’m not surprised. After all it’s a cornerstone of the Bay regime’s policy. Far better to enrich big business sucking the teat of the green pig than to support native farming that has to ride through the crisis brought on by incompetent Westminster and deviant Cardiff.


A good book to read is Green and the Brown: A History of Conservation in Nazi Germany by Frank Uekoetter. It explains how, in the 1930s, the previously lefty affluent middle classes of the Weimar Republic were won over to the Nazi ideology using the ‘conservation movement’. It included the establishment of the ‘Conservation Corps’ a type of weekend in the country charity funded by Reich grants, and most significantly the basis of the annexation of Alsace to ‘save the forests’ as well as the ‘river habitat preservation’ of the low countries. Environmentalism was a vital strand in justifying occupations, a method of cancelling the existence of the native inhabitants under the ‘good cause’ of helping nature. Of particular note was the invention of phrases like the Teutonic Forest to replace woodland names specific to an occupied country, removing the name and the border, deliberate establishment of cross border nature reserves and also colonising using animals like the Heck cattle an attempt to genetically re-create an historical but mythical wild landscape. They invented the phrase ‘re-wilding’. At the expense of removing native farmers in the lands occupied.


Adolf and some of his crew would have fitted in well with the muted green fleece falange that have invaded our countryside with a seriously bad habit of lecturing our natives about how thick we are. It’s just another round of manipulation leading to dictatorship with exploitation and extraction almost inevitable.

David Smith

Two points technical and one the complete opposite:

  • Your blog authors’ banner is showing at the top again.
  • As regards undated images, files originating from digital cameras always have some metadata headers within, adhering to the Exif standard. Things like the date a photo was taken, camera settings, etc. Have a Google for an Exif viewer, there should be a ton out there.
  • Wales and England aren’t separated in the main by any natural features, so if good faith were the driving force, then cross-border conservation areas could have a good case. The caveat here of course is the requirement of good faith actors.
David Smith

Whenever anything like that has appeared, when I click a link to check, I am prompted for a password, so I don’t think you have an immediate security issue.

David Smith



not sure if you are synchronising Jac, but Shropshire wildlife trust – SWT are recruiting a head of nature reserves based in Shrewsbury! looks like you need to be a surveyor?

Apply/find out more through here

Head of Nature Reserves job with Shropshire Wildlife Trust | 230699 (ricsrecruit.com)


The ‘carve up’ of Wales as your mapping clearly shows have the same boundaries as the Water company monopolies. Severn-Trent taking a huge bite out of mid Wales. No doubt this is where future funding steam for ‘ecology’ will be found. Large corporate monopoly with a client greenwash outfit to plant farmland with trees, evict farmers and shift away the blame for damage to water catchments. In the last century it was urban councils in England imposing their will on the Welsh landscape, this century is more subtle using client wildlife trusts.


Excellent and informative article as per usual Jac & thanks for all your work exposing these shenanigans..

Dr Lynn Sloman also conveniently sits as a board member on Mayor Khant’s Transport for Loondon mob…..

nigel dodman

Decades ago, when Shropshire Hills ANOB was declared, it is said that Powys had been invited to join and include Radnor Forest and environs. We’re told they declined for some reason. Shame really as that would have deterred Bute Energy from their attempted land grab. There may be hope yet that cross border designation could have the same effect


Back when I was a boy, and later when I was a radical socialist revolutionary I was impressed with the way revolutionary patriotic movements had no qualms about bumping off colonialist types who had no right to be extracting value from the oppressed nations and territories. Now I’m getting a bit too old to start taking heads off I begin to wonder whether I squandered those years – say from 18 to 65 – when I should have been taking a few out here and there just to make people think deeply about venturing this side of Y Clawdd. No regrets ? I have a few.


Its friends of friends, always has been and always will be. Have a sneak look at Pembrokeshire! Not the West Wales Wild life trusts…but Local CICs…darent say anymore!!!…lol…who basically make money out of tourism but are not real ecologist or qualified Marine Biologists….wooops.

Dr John Ball

Hi Jac

As ever, you are asking the questions no one else does, the self styled “Party of Wales” (which being largely rural would be expected to respond) is as ever, fast asleep.
I made the mistake of looking up Rathbone, the following quote from her bio says it all “…that Government and all public services deliver on sustainable food, housing, transport and energy systems as clearly set out in the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (2015).”
I have to admit that I’d never really been bothered about this woman, another Labour lacky. Until that is today, following your latest. This woman has no background, experience or knowledge of anything Welsh, her entire personal and career world has been in and about England. She is the ultimate coloniser, come to sort out us peasants.
Where the hell did Cardiff North Labour gt her from?


The “Well Being of Future Generations Act 2015” is unique to Wales. There is no similar legislation in England. Wales is the testing-ground for a range of globalist policies [energy, agriculture, transport, education etc]. I hope farmers in Wales can now begin to see the bigger picture. They need to take a stand on this important issue and deserve our full support. No farmers in Wales = no food produced in Wales.


simply put = no farmers means no welsh and no Wales. Plaid will become what Adam Price wants it to be international socialist Utopian party. he has already said he doesn’t want an independent wales if it means no diversity or whatever he said. He lost me or rather he never got me back after Leanne.

v blake

Being Colonised by little Englanders who are being give Millions of pounds by ” Welsh Uncle Toms “


That’s the only way to express it. Change might be forthcoming with a change of regime in the Bay Bubble but I can’t see any hope of much change coming given the way all the current parties represented engage in posturing and virtue signaling. They are all too busy promoting some daft idea or other and wherever possible sucking up “rewards” for doing so.


Little England is in Pembrokeshire!!…its the area east of Haverfordwest to Narberth…and then into Carmarthen and down to Tenby etc…So many companies and ppl are getting onto the green bandwagon and thats what its about and farmers who mostly are struggling to make a living as because once they get into bed with the supermarkets find their profit margins squeezed more and more as the Uk consumer demands lower prices…the old economics of demand and supply and thats the huge issue…


Whilst the area around Newport, North Pembs is a haven for today’s real farmers (at least that’s the word our One Planet Development Brethren like to use to describe themselves in that area). Interesting how a) Data for Production in Annual Monitoring Reports is so heavily redacted as to be meaningless, and clearly only of interest to the National Park planners, nobody else; b) but should anyone else be interested, FOI requests for yield data and income are denied, and that denial then reinforced by the FOI commissioner. Oh, and c): amongst all the emerging evidence that the National Park planners are completely out of their depth and incapable of monitoring OPDs, they have now “improved” their monitoring system by doing away with External Assessors, who were built in by the policy to provide an overview which has proven to bethe only source of objectivity for the public to get any inkling that things are being done properly – or indeed done at all. As one former head of Park Planning herself said, “We don’t ask for receipts. We’re not the Inland Revenue”.
Nor are they farmers, horticulturalists, botanists or greengrocers. They are town planners.
Town Planners = Town Planners.
Farmers = Farmers.

OPD = Free Rides. Needs some proper investigation to uncover exactly what’s going on these allotments, and behind WG’s firmly closed drawbridge. Then we’ll find out what else is unfair to Welsh farmers, and just how our money pays for that unfairness and subsidises utter bureaucratic incompetence – all by design.