‘Welsh Government’ Wages Propaganda War Against Welsh Farmers

This is an unplanned ‘quickie’ that I want to get out while the humour is on me and before I lose the details. It also needs to be said before the ‘Welsh Government’s campaign goes any further.


I’m going to start by looking at a piece from the BBC Wales website a few days ago. Written by an S4C reporter it worried that the farmers’ campaign against the ‘Welsh Government’s Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) was being exploited by far right elements with hidden agendas.

The article even provided a photograph of the ogress Katie Hopkins. Whatever one may think of her (and I don’t think about her at all) I suggest she’s rather too public to have anything hidden.

But just mentioning her name is guaranteed to get the comrades hyperventilating, and finger-pointing. Though providing a picture as well may have got a few spluttering to a point where their mams would have been seriously concerned.

(Unless of course they were out. Then it might be a three-day wait for an ambulance.)

Click to open enlarged in separte tab

As I say, the report was written by a journalist from state-funded S4C. And by pure coincidence, one of the two farmers quoted has a gig with the same broadcaster! The other farmer had a beef with something Price had said about the Welsh language.

The farmer with the S4C job was quoted:

A responsible government will listen. Because no government’s role is to make the life of its citizens more difficult

But this is Wales. The ‘Welsh Government’ only listens to, and is then directed by, pressure groups and other fanatics. If S4C wants to find ‘hidden agendas’ then that’s where it needs to look.

If you want proof just look at who’s on the Active Travel Board, plotting to get private cars off the roads of Wales – three cycling organisations, plus Sustrans!

Click to open enlarged in separte tab

Which of those lycra-clad wankers is supposed to speak for me?

I don’t believe that ‘farmers’ fear the wrong kind of support. They’re sensible enough to spot it. What I know a number of them really fear is a black propaganda campaign being mounted against them using ‘far right’ accusations.

And that’s exactly what this story was all about. It was a contrived and distasteful attempt to discredit the farmer’s protests using the most tenuous connection with somebody the left despises.


The next report I’m going to use came out last night. Again, on the BBC website, and it actually says ‘climate change’ in the headline. (So there’s no arguing, right!)

Click to open enlarged in separte tab

There were two journalists involved. Erin Sharrocks Lister is yet another English journalist taken on by BBC Wales, with Eirian Jones presumably serving as her native guide on this assignment.

(Unnecessary doubling up, and you’re paying for it.)

On a superficial level this story was about a farming family – Alex and Sam Kenyon – that had coped, in a very nature-friendly way, with increased flooding of their land caused by climate change. But so many buttons were being pressed in this story that it soon became a dizzying whirl of digits.

For example, we read:

With advice from Natural Resources Wales and the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN), Sam discovered a method to preserve the riverbanks

Can you not see the cavalry coming over the hill and splashing through the flood plain? What a sight it was!

Sam then consulted her notes from Lesley Griffiths, and we read:

Sam said she was very determined to show nature-based solutions were practical and can benefit farmed landscapes and their biodiversity, especially in the face of climate change

As you’ve read, the ‘Welsh Government’s stooge, the Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN), was involved here.

And on consulting the instructions he’d received from Lesley (and Gary?), Phil Carson, head of policy at NFFN, said:

We need government schemes that reward farmers to take these actions, alongside the right training, advice and support for farmers to embrace them with confidence

You know me, I got to wondering about Alex and Sam Kenyon.

I quickly found the website for Glanllyn farm. On it, Sam Kenyon describes herself as a “goat servant“. I don’t know any genuine Welsh farmer that would use a phrase like that. Come to that, I don’t think I know any genuine Welsh farmers that keep goats.

Sam is also supportive of the World Wildlife Fund (WFF). (Scroll down and you’ll find her among the Supporters.) There are few organisations doing more to undermine traditional farming today than the WWF.

The next step was Companies House, where I found Glanllyn Farm Produce Ltd. And where the humble ‘Alex’ is elevated to The Hon Alexander Simon Tyrell-Kenyon.

It seems he inherited the farm from an aunt.

After starting the business in 2016, she built the farm up from scratch on land that her husband, Alex, inherited from his family

I don’t wish to be too critical, for I see the name Hanmer in Alex’s bloodline. But the fact remains, the Tyrell-Kenyons are not representative of Welsh farmers.

Perhaps a generous interpretation might be the one I allude to in the section heading. That of Marie-Antoinette playing a shepherdess at her ‘cottage’ in the grounds of Versailles.

Whether Sam Kenyon knew she was being used to push a policy deeply unpopular with real farmers, I just don’t know. But we’ll leave it there.


Not a lot of people know this, but the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ uses a private company as a propaganda unit, to push its message and slander its opponents. And of course, this is done with your money.

The company I’m referring to is Lynn. It seems to have begun with Lynn Group Ltd. Though another company formed more recently is Lynn Global Ltd. The deadline for submitting the first accounts for Lynn Global is March 20.

The sole director of both companies is Shayoni Sarkar Lynn.

Shayoni Lynn. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I wrote about Lynn last year, in ‘It’s Getting Sinister‘, and then I followed it with ‘Lynn Global Pushes Globalist Agenda‘. Lynn has a BS Unit. (As if the ‘Welsh Government’ doesn’t have enough in-house BS units!)

‘BS’ in the make-believe world of ‘nudge’ units stands for ‘behavioural science’. And that, in practice, means getting people to accept what their better judgement tells them is the other kind of BS.

In other words, and as George Orwell put it in 1984:

The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command

Which means that Lynn Global serves as the ‘Welsh Government’s Ministry of Truth. But instead of a questioning Winston Smith we find an enthusiastic Stefan Rollnick.

Though since he starred on this blog, Stefan’s presence on Linkedin has disappeared. Fortunately, I saved it ere it drifted off into the ether, for both posterity and your delectation. Here it is.

The briefest perusal of Rollnick’s background makes it clear that he’s Labour through and through. Which makes his job of defending the shower in Corruption Bay and slagging off their opponents almost instinctive.

His output confirms that view. A gem appeared on Nation.Cymru, but I can’t seem to find it now on the site. Fortunately, again, I saved it.

What’s striking is that the term “far-right” is used a dozen times in this relatively short article. “Conspiracy” is there six times. But nowhere do we see ‘far-left’. What does this tell us . . . apart from the fact that it’s a bit of a leftist rant?

Well, on one level, we have a website funded by the ‘Welsh Government’ putting out BS from another outfit funded by Drakeford and his crew. (Will you miss him?) So no surprises there.

But as I suggest, there is a dangerously ideological – and therefore divisive – edge to everything put out by the ‘Welsh Government’, or by Lynn, BBC and other mouthpieces.


The message we are being force-fed is that the ‘goodies’ of the Globalist-Green-Left are trying to save the planet, but are being opposed by the wicked ‘far-right’, and these villains are now manipulating farmers protests.

Come on, this is pure pantomime.

Why would I, a creature of the rational and reasoning right, a man who has loved nature all his life; who has children, grandchildren (and soon, great-grandchildren), want to destroy nature and the planet on which we all live?

It makes no sense.

What does make sense is a man who’s been around a bit, studied human nature, known quite a few con men (friends, some of them), many liars, a few sociopaths, understands how politics and control operate, and recognises a dirty campaign when he sees it.

And so I’ve put out this unplanned and rather hasty post to warn people that there are dangerous and unscrupulous actors pushing the ‘Welsh Government’s message.

They are prepared to lie, to vilify decent people, and to do just about anything to promote their agenda. So be warned!

And remember! Behavioural science and bullshit have the same initials, and they amount to the same thing.

And that’s where you’ll find the true ‘hidden agendas’.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2024

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I agree with your comment on social media regarding holiday homes. The cooperation agreement do not actually care about homes for Welsh people. This policy is all about raising money and a good old fashioned power grab. From Plaids own website; support ‘the creation of locally and publicly owned alternatives to platforms such as Uber and Airbnb’. This gives the impression that Plaid are ‘okay’ with holiday homes as long as they own and operate them. Instead of tourists money going to local operators, it would go straight to the Welsh government. Lastly there is an obsession politically in this country with Airbnb. The reason for this hatred is during covid people came to Wales to say in them, it was not about spreading it as about a paternalistic government being ignored, and they hated that and still do.


Away from our crock of shite across the water I read that the spent force Leo Varadkar is stepping down. Was he ever the force for good as some describe him, or was he just another pawn increasingly caught up in pushing changes that his own nation didn’t want or even understand. He sure managed to turn a welcoming country into one suspicious of newcomers especially those that see no need or purpose in embracing the indigenous identity.


Many Thanks Wynne, Please keep up your excellent work and comments. Yes, indeed, Jac is the only investigative real journalist in Wales…PERIOD…Jac please ‘Keep on Keeping on’ and shining the spotlight on the murky shenanigens of what is the Welsh version of ‘The Swamp’ albeit not on the scale of the U.S, but nontheless, as you said it is there for all to see….(for those that choose to look, of course)….While not a palatable sight or thought, it must be called out and eliminated worldwide. My own research suggests that this is in process, and has been for decades, going back to before JFK’s time, and continued by Trump (even now behind the scenes) This is a whole subject and debate in itself, I trust much will be revealed in the public arena over the coming months, much of which would shock the unasuming masses to the core in terms of how this world is, and has been controlled and manipulated.
The current favourite being the ‘Green (brain dead) Save the Planet’ Death cult with its controlled actors such as Thunberg and Co.

The weather is visibly being interfered with, Here in West Wales it has rained (essentially) since late June 2023, with only one dry weekend since early last October!!. On any (rare) day which begins promising, Its just a matter of time before the ‘Geoengineering’ or ‘Solar Radiation Management’ (Chemtrails) commence, turning the sky a pale white by afternoon, with rain by early evening, While this has been under way for decades, it appears to have been ramped up significantly, both currently, and certainly from 2013 onwards The ‘Swamp’ play this as evidence of the (fake) ‘Climate Emergency’ and ‘Climate Change’, coupled, with what i feel, are misleading & blatantly (by design) weather ‘forecasts’, which are not worth the paper they are printed on these days, (10 different forecasts and all incorrect), They cannot get it right on the same day, let alone three days ahead. The Met Office is an arm of the British M.O.D, hence they know exactly what is going on, whilst being in denial, and branding those who challenge the narrative/ask questions as ‘Conspiracy Theorists.’ I note that ‘Dripford’ and Co were the first to publicly declare a ‘Climate Emergency’ no doubt on orders from the U.N and W.E.F, to further the agenda of those lobby and pressure groups, (unelected and largely) from outside of Wales, in pursuit of their Communist Dogmatic Green Authortarian Utopia, which is ultimately doomed to fail, though it wont in the mean time stop them trying.


You may find the climate change section on Big Gee’s blog of interest C R. Link below.



Many Thanks for the link Wynne, Having just read the article, Yes, An excellent commentary and overview on the whole climate scam/con.


Your tweets about the back history of Gething and the appointment of that arch advocate of perversions and deviance into a Health Service role sums up how low Wales has sunk. Not much point pointing fingers at what goes on in England especially in the big cities when we have so much slurry rising in our own ponds. Trump, who I don’t particularly like, coined a phrase “drain the swamp” which is appropriate in this context but frankly I don’t really know where to start any longer.


You missed out the judiciary. They play a vital role in the swamp but slip under the radar as they are regarded as independent when they are anything but that.


Thanks Jac for your continuing investigations into the various ‘skullduggery’ emanating from ‘Coruption Bay’. Thanks too to all your correspondents for their valued imput, which gives me hope that all is not lost. The only way Gething could have been ‘blocked’ from being installed as ‘First Stooge’, would have been the addition to the ‘selection’ process of a black, trans/LBGTQXYZ/ lesbian, disabled female………..

David Smiths comments are spot on, North West Wales is (of course) another colonial ‘Theme/Retirement and Leisure Park’ with a permanent Plaid ‘administration’ in Caernarfon, along with Plaid M.P and A.M. It appears the locals are under the (false) impression that by voting these ‘Labour Lite’ faux nationalists into office they are making some kind of statement, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Similar here in Pembrokeshire, catering purely for mass tourism, not so much ‘Little England Beyond Wales’ these days as ‘Large England Beyond Wales’!!. Locals are always quick to jump to the defence of the line trotted out via the council and local (i.e corporate owned multinational) media of ”Well, We need their money you see”, I frankly doubt any of it remains in the county, or is invested in local services, 2024 brings another large hike in council tax, and ever more cuts & closures in public services…..So much for that.

As for the ‘Lycra Clad Wankers’….Yes, indeed, I refer to them as ‘TFT’s (Tour de France Twats) and ‘Mamils’ (Middle age Men in Lycra), largely from outside the area, using local main ‘A’ roads, while (it appears) attempting to break the land speed record for bicycles, completely oblivious to other traffic, or riding two and three abreast holding a conversation while holding up other traffic, with an arrogant attitude of ”The law is on our side…We can do as we like, and we have our helmet camera’s to record you and report you to the police if we deem you have cut in front of us etc” which plays into corruption bay’s ‘War’on those nasty, selfish planet wrecking drivers, that they want off the roads and in 15 min cities instead.

Wake up Wales for F@@k’s sake, Open your eye’s and mind, Switch the ‘Tel Lie Vision’ off and stop voting for the ‘LIB/LAB/CON.


Excellent analysis of events C R. I’m beginning to think Jac is the only investigative journalist in Wales.

David Smith

Thanks for the tip of the cap. I would not be opposed to a sort-of ‘soft’ war on motorists, e.g. a modest hike in road tax and fuel duty, to be committed fully for use in a serious, game-changing investment in proper public transport, by which I do not mean crap like pushbike trails. Climate change or not, cars produce toxic emissions (exacerbated where there is a critical mass sufficient to produce congestion), cause accidents, and the whole ‘petrolhead’ culture is I’m sorry to say, the preserve of oafs. Motorways and dual carriageways are a blot on the land, in the way railways simply aren’t. To sum up, we need as few cars on the road as possible, to the least detriment of people’s lives.

I’m talking here about a complete sea-change in all aspects of public transport thinking and implementation: a massive reduction in fares, a far larger rail network serving as many places as feasible (with the redundancy this would bring in the form of alternate routes when there’s engineering works or some other blockage in place), complemented by tram/metro networks in large enough conurbations, and buses elsewhere, all joined-up and integrated as regards ticketing and timetables. Dare I say it, perhaps a good dose of that Victorian ‘can do’ spirit is needed, as in, no more pissing about for years on end, dithering over getting a fucking short chord or branch line, or a two platform stop built.


Away from farmers and the Bay regime’s crazy hostility to most things agricultural unless it’s done in accordance with their green gospels we learn that international capitalist gangsters TATA are ramping up the pace of enforced change at Port Talbot.

Tata Steel to close Port Talbot coke ovens | Insider Media

When their top customers tell them that they need supplies of high spec virgin steels the wicked bastards will just up sticks after a discreet period of moaning and wailing probably in concert with representatives of the Westminster government and their pathetic puppets in the Bay Regime. The plan to close down our country is moving ahead at speed.

David Smith

On the subject of lycra-clad wankers, the same gormless band of twats are behind a scheme to rip up the Anglesey Central Railway. Natch, the pressure group is undoubtedly packed to the gills with blow-in, good lifer, Playground Wales pricks, and the horsey set. They’ve even got some famous Olympic pushbike bloke to ponce in with his ‘support’. That’ll get the plebs out of their dirty stinking cars, another pushbike track, not an actual fucking railway line. Suffice it to say, I imparted my sentiments on the matter on their YouTube channel.


On the subject of ripping up, you may or may not be aware that the Plaid Cymru led council on Anglesey wants to allow 27 acres of woodland at Parc Penrhos to be flattened to be replaced by a holiday park. Dirty tricks are being deployed such as (although legal) asking the judge to double the fees of the Save Parc Penrhos team, together with sending a 10 person legal team to fight one women and her lawyer. It would be great if someone like Wynne who knows how to write a FOI, requests information as to whether or not Anglesey taxpayers money is being used to fight said taxpayers?

David Smith

A supposed nationalist-led council in favour of more colonisation. A supposed leftist/environmentalist-led council in support of bulldozing acres of woodland. How absurd.

David Smith

Katie Hopkins’ stock in trade is being ‘outspoken’ and ‘telling it like it is’. Famous or not, she couldn’t have a hidden agenda if she tried.

David Smith

Of course country folk overwhelmingly use those awful, awful private cars too. They must be exterminated!

I’ve said it before, there is a definite irony that the globalists are railing against ways of life that are ultimately the product of the same seeds of their own creation: centralisation, amalgamation and integration.

I love the idea of a return to the ‘old’ ways of doing things (at least in the abstract, i.e. without having to do a deep dive into the economic implications, practicality, etc, and disregarding that voice warning of the rose-tinting effect of nostalgia), but it’s obvious these people are not doing this to take us all back to a quaint, simpler way of living.

I’d love the railway network to be what it once was, for less cars on the road, and indeed for as many as possible to never need to own one. I’d love for people to have all the amenities they’d ever need within a 15 minute walk, including their place of work. But we all know it’s not being done from this angle of good faith to produce these benefits, it will be implemented with the full force of the stick and nary a nibble of carrot.

Dick Sion Harri

“long-tern” what’s that Jac? Is it a sea bird splattered, like so many are, by a Wind Turbine blade? The RSPB supports this wholesale bird mincing splattering.Just getting a word in. Keep on track with your wonderful work Jac. Could I nominate you for some award?


Link below to interesting 20-minute U K Column interview with Gareth Wyn Jones on the subject of farming in Wales.



Hot off the press, copy below of response I received 12 March 2024 from Welsh Government to my enquiry.

Dear *********
Please accept my apologies for you not having had a response since early January. I am aware you have requested an update several times.
We are not yet able to confirm actions or payment rates for farmers in Wales. If you were not aware we recently undertook our latest consultation on the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme. You can find the consultation here, however it closed for formal responses on 7 March. No decisions will be taken on any element of the proposal, until we have conducted a full analysis of the consultation responses.
As the scheme design is not yet finalised we are not able to publish payment rates. We fully expect to make some changes to the proposals as a result of the consultation, which will mean associated costings will also change.
Apologies once again for the unacceptable delay.
Engagement Manager
Land Management Reform Unit 
Welsh Government


I am also advised by Welsh Government as under in italic text.

“Part of the advice we will offer to the Minister in due course will be an economic case for the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme, and the economic case will be developed following H M Treasury Green Book guidance.”

I shall examine the economic case when it becomes available.


I agree. That’s why I shall be examining any document published very carefully and, no doubt, asking a few questions!


It will be interesting to receive Welsh Government reply to my letter dated 6 March 2024, as reproduced below. Currently awaiting reply.

Customer Contact Centre
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

My Ref:              NCC/WJ/145/B
Your Ref:    
Date:                  6 March 2024

Dear Customer Contact Centre

Subject:  Agriculture [Wales] Bill – Explanatory Memorandum

I refer to the above subject and attach hereto abstract from the Explanatory Memorandum [page 113]. Your attention is drawn to the text highlighted therein.

The cost of your proposals over a 28 year appraisal period – discounted to present value using the Treasury discount rate – is assessed as £6,063,901,474. As monetary benefit has not been quantified your proposals, as currently presented, have a negative net present value amounting to minus £6,063,901,474

I would be grateful if you could liaise with officials in your Agricultural Division and give an indication when monetary benefit is to be assessed and presented to Welsh Parliament for scrutiny, as required under appraisal and evaluation methodology set out in H M Treasury Green Book to ensure value for money. 

I look forward to receiving clarification from Welsh Government at your convenience. Thank you.  

Yours sincerely


Our elected representatives in Welsh Parliament are not questioning them [Welsh Government] and holding them to account, but I shall continue to do so. Great tweet by you yesterday. Spot on.


I recoiled when I saw Rishi and his entourage schmoozing with protesting farmers a couple of weeks ago. Farmers enjoyed that brief cameo of camaraderie but are best advised to keep well away from hysterical Tories bearing warm words but little or no gifts of substance.

Hot head Katie on the other hand was probably out looking for a bit of free photo opportunities and even some free issue produce from unsuspecting farmers, but neither Katie nor Rishi will do our farmers much good.

Clarkson’s foray into farming falls into much the same category although he has by now been exposed to the rampant bureaucracy that tries to manage subsidies, grants etc for agriculture and is well aware that change of direction for an agri enterprise is just as difficult as it is for any business in say engineering/manufacturing.

What is really exposed is how badly lacking our politicians are in relevant knowledge and they persist in employing advisers blighted by the same defect to push out big lies as “truth”. We who are not farmers have a duty to speak to our neighbours and our communities about the treatment of farming by the bigots in the Bay. If we remain silent the persistent drumming of a perverse version of the green message will prevail. I heard a neighbour complain the other day about the Cardiff outer ring road being blocked by tractors when the farming protest went to the Bay. I suggested that if he had any sense he should look at the problem a touch more deeply and be grateful that some people are prepared to stand up for themselves. Only weeks earlier the stupid cunt had been moaning long and loud about the 20 mph thing which is irritating but small beer compared to the attack on farmers.


Post script to the above. Now we know that the ethnically disadvantaged Mr Gething has beaten the orientation challenged Mr Miles for the top job as Colonial Chief of Administration we are likely to in for even more deceit and outright corrupt dealings with various “undesirable” segments of our nation. Farmers, steel workers, any person who doesn’t swallow the old crap coming out of the Bay’s chosen bullshit spouters will be denounced derided, abused, scorned by the new Branch Manager and his lackeys. Tough times ahead but with a bit of resolve we can make it tough for them.

David Smith

Furthermore, Gething is being disingenuous in his claim of being the first black leader of a European country, as, much as it pains me to say it, Wales politically is no more a country than Sardinia, Bavaria, Wallonia, Corsica, etc. If anything, German Länder or Swiss Cantons probably have more of the trappings of statehood, being in a federal system.

Also, as him and his party are Unionists, he will actively stand against such ever happening. He really is talking out of both sides of his mouth. It smacks of the same old M.O. of wanting all the grandstanding and prestige that comes with world leadership, but none of the responsibility or accountability.

One of us has probably said as much before, but from a perspective of one who seeks to preserve Our United Kingdom™️, you couldn’t design a better devolved government. The same could also be said for the dying days of the Sturgeon regime. Was she a British State plant all along? There’s some wackier ideas than that doing the rounds…


Your second paragraph concerning responsibility and accountability is absolutely correct. We see this in both Wales and Scotland especially during covid. Drakeford would make these big announcements and then when it went downhill he defer straight to Westminster. Pathetic.

David Robins

As people move around the planet, sometimes they or their children or grandchildren will rise to high office in the countries where they’ve settled. Eamon de Valera, for example. Why crow about it?  Humphrey’s in the job to do, not to be. I’ve much respect for Kemi Badenoch precisely because she gets that.
For 83% of the six top territorial post-holders – Taoiseach, UK Prime Minister, devolved First Ministers, and London Mayor – to come from the ‘non-white’ 18% of the population (albeit that the latter figure is E&W only and so an over-estimate) is a remarkable demonstration of the Pareto Principle. Given what a problem racism was, and is, and conveniently must remain, especially among dead people, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

David Smith

If you include the NI Assembly, not one of the six leaders of the highest offices in these islands can be described as White British. A Daily Mail reader-baiting fact if ever there was one.

Ifor l'engine

” …  was being exploited by far right elements with hidden agendas. “

He probably means you !