It’s Getting Sinister

This quickie begins with the response to a Freedom of Information request. It concerns ‘Welsh Government’ dealings with an outfit called Lynn, which former Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe, joined in May as a ‘Global Strategic Partner’.

‘Global Strategic Partner’! Has she ever lived outside of Cardiff?

The sole director and shareholder of Lynn Group Ltd and Lynn Global Ltd – the latter formed just a month after Howe joined – remains Shayoni Sarkar Lynn. She studied at Cardiff University (where else?) and is married to a Welshman.

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So let’s turn to the FoI mentioned at the top, and the reason I’m writing this piece.


This FoI request, dated 27 July, simply asked for . . .

a copy of all correspondence, digital or otherwise, both internal and external (including time sent) that reasonably relate to Welsh Government’s use of communications consultancy Lynn to promote the 20 MPH zone law, from 1 July 2022 to date.

It seems straightforward enough, and surely a request easy enough to satisfy, covering just a year, and a single topic.

But the response, as you can read below, makes clear that there was a lot of traffic between Lynn and the ‘Welsh Government’ in that period. For a quick shufty turned up over 2,000 documents!

The FoI. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Of course, the accounts for the period covered in the FoI have not yet been filed with Companies House. But the accounts for the previous year, ending 31 March, 2022 are available. And they make for interesting reading.

The number of employees went up from 5 the previous year to 12 in y/e 31 March, 2022, and money in the bank went up from £199,227 to £1,650,756. I’ll repeat that for the hard of reading. Cash in hand, for a small company, went up by £1.45m in a single year.

Yes, creditors account for £1,172,195, but most of that figure is covered by ‘accruals and deferred income’. This probably means income from the previous year, but it’s not money owed to anybody.

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And remember, that previous year, ending 31 March, 2021, was the first year in business for the Lynn Group (originally Lynn PR). Which tells us that Shayoni Sarkar Lynn hit the ground running. Dare we assume the work was already promised and all she had to do was set up the company?

How much did Lynn earn in year ending 31.03.2023, the period largely covered by the FoI request, and how much of it came from ‘WelshGovernment’?

Did Lynn have any other clients, or was it just the ‘Welsh Government’? The Spartan website certainly mentions no clients. There are a few campaigns listed, but no claim that Lynn was involved in them.

Come to that, what exactly does Lynn do? What does it offer clients? Here’s Shayoni Lynn to tell us.

Well, whaddya know, it’s “behavioural science“. Which is getting people to believe in things they wouldn’t readily believe in. A kind of brainwashing. Or coercion.

The kind of thing politicians do when trying to push unpopular policies, like, er . . . oh I don’t know, maybe 20mph zones. Which is of course what the FoI request was about.

And she makes no secret of her admiration for the MS for Llanelli (resident in Penarth). Though given the money that association has brought her I can understand why she’s delighted to support Lee Waters and 20mph.

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But we are still no nearer to understanding exactly what she did for that money.

The Twitter / X account I grabbed the above image from contains a number of gems that leave us in no doubt as to how Shayoni Lynn operates. It’s the “Scare them shitless” UN-WEF strategy used to get people to believe in the ‘climate crisis’.

Lynn describes it as, “impactful fear appeals“. Yeah, like I said – “Scare ’em shitless“.

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From what I can see, the wonderful and universally respected ‘Welsh Government’ is paying this woman – and others – to frighten us into accepting their Globalist agenda.

Is this a proper use of public funding? And how much are we talking about?


Now we have to consider where and how Sophie Howe fits into the picture.

After leaving her sinecure as the Future Generations Commissioner in February Sophie Howe was soon putting herself about.

She started her own company, Sophie Howe Associates Ltd . . . with her as the only associate. In June she became a trustee of Coleg Soros. And a Scottish source tells me she’s also got a seat aboard the Bute Energy gravy train.

And of course she joined Lynn. But why?

It couldn’t be because Shayoni Lynn needed influence in Corruption Bay, for she was already living high on the hog of Welsh public funding. There had to be another reason.

Being an aficionado of Mafia movies I know there’s often a scene when the local kingpin insists on a job for a relative. Just think of The Godfather, when young Vito Corleone loses his job in the grocery store to Don Fanucci’s nephew.

Don Fanucci. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Alternatively, the Mob moves somebody into a business they’ve invested in in order to protect that investment.

Which is it with Lynn and Sophie Howe?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for one minute doubting Sophie Howe’s talents; but let’s be honest, we’re dealing here with ‘Welsh’ Labour, and as political parties go, this lot comes bloody close to being a criminal enterprise.

(Though mentioning ‘enterprise’ in their company might get you whacked!)


I’ve written a lot about those clowns down in Corruption Bay, and the system of third sector spongers, funded pressure groups, and assorted cronies, that serves as an echo chamber protecting them from the reality of an increasingly restless population.

But with Shayoni Sarkar Lynn we have entered new and dangerous territory. For we are being manipulated and frightened into accepting policy decisions over which we were never consulted and with which the majority of us do not agree.

This is a form of totalitarianism. And yet we are paying for it!

And it comes with a failing NHS; with our poorest kids going without meals this summer; with a community in Llanelli on edge as it waits for ‘refugees’ every man and his dog knows are not refugees; as rural Wales is turned into an open-air power station with turbines and pylons – to supply England; and as the no roads, ‘degrowth’ agenda demanded by demented Globalists is imposed.

I therefore call on opposition politicians to demand that this Freedom of Information request be answered properly. Because we are entitled to know how much public money has been paid to Shayoni Lynn and her Lynn Group Ltd to lie to us, and to frighten us.

Because if opposition politicians don’t oppose, and the will of the people can be ignored by a cult-like minority that’s persuaded itself we, the common herd, are stupid and bigoted (and they have), then democracy is as good as dead.

UPDATE: A good source directs me to this Sell2Wales entry (22/12/2021) seeking tenders for: “NPS Media Buying, Integrated Marketing Campaigns and Public Relations Services Framework”. Of 16 applications 12 were accepted.

The 12 were approached for what was now the, “20 mph National Campaign” (17/08/2022), only 5 tendered, and if we click on the tab ‘Full Notice Text’ we see Lynn PR was successful. For some reason, ‘Estimated Total Value’ is left blank.

My source points out: a) Lynn was competing with more experienced and better resourced competitors; b) tenders are not accepted from companies with less than 3 years experience, which should have ruled Lynn PR out.

That Lynn PR got the 20mph contract suggests that someone in Corruption Bay smiled on Shayoni Lynn. That Sophie Howe, the ultimate Labour insider, has joined Lynn, would seem to confirms this suspicion.

But that still leaves the mystery of the work Lynn PR was doing that paid so well before being awarded the 20mph contract.

I promised a piece on Bute Energy, its links with the ‘Welsh Government’, and a few associated snippets, but it’ll have to wait until next week.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2023

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Jac I hope you’ve kept at least part of your upcoming weekend free to enable you to attend the Green Man event in the Usk Valley. Just take your wellies and poncho because Friday will be a touch wet although I’m sure Drakeford will organise and underwrite a refund for anyone who feels that he failed to influence the weather. Saturday will be mostly dry with lots of louche latter day hippies lounging around and waving begging bowls in the hope that there’s another £4 + million handout in the offing. Where have all the Hells Angels gone ? Even Skinheads would represent a refreshing change.

Morriston Witness

We are drifting away from Jac’s magnificent latest exposure of the sinister weirdos. The comments about these sinister weirdos are drying up – out of fear I presume. So let’s have some light entertainment, on the fringe, before Jac’s next brilliant topic posting.
The fringe entertainment is the ongoing disagreement between Economist Dr John Ball and the former Computer Teacher Mike Hedges, now a Senedd Labour backbencher, as on the Letters page of the Swansea based South Wales Evening Post. Even the lethargic Liberal Democrat Leader in Swansea, has commented on this debate. The last round saw Mike Hedges stoop to criticise Dr Ball’s election history. We could say Mike Hedges has never won an election himself, as his past ballot box wins have been because he stands for the Labour Party in donkey vote heartland. Further confirmed by never been invited by Drakeford to some position in WAG. Any more ‘turnips’ we could throw into the Hedges’ ring side?

Neil Singleton

Hedges(known locally as Mr Bean”) is a frequent, and I mean very frequent, contributor to the South Wales Evening Post’s letter page.The Post, well known as a Labour Party propaganda rag, will publish any pro Welsh Government, pro Labour controlled Swansea Council, anti Conservative, anti Brexit etc. diatribe in articles and letters. Hedge’s letters are only outnumbered by one D L Davies (who doesn’t let on that he is a local Labour Party activist). Conscious of even the Evening Post regarding his almost daily pro Labour rants as too frequent, he uses other names e.g. D Davies, David Davies, David L Davies etc. In response to a letter criticising his frequent and one eyed views, from someone calling himself “Gowerton Man” he immediately responded as “ Penclawdd Man”. I should add that I do not buy the Evening Post, but my wife does “for the puzzles.” She does, however sarcastically comment, when I only look up the letters page to confirm that DL Davies/David Davies/D Davies/Penclawdd Man goes into print.

Morriston Witness

Hedges’ Beano Comic writings appear regularly in “Nation.Cymru” which indicates the political leanings of these web published “news item” towards creepy Unionist State claptrap. Has anyone here sent items to ‘Nation.Cymru’ and been ignored? Remember we fund this claptrap outlet via the Wales Government WAG grant aid of our / your tax to WAG. Let us know via Jac of your experiences with this

Dr John Ball

I say yet again, as you have pointed out – what is the opposition doing?
We know that the Plaid Cymru group is terrified of upsetting their Labour masters (and Leanne Wood), but what really bothers me is that members speaking and questioning in debate are protected by the Parliamentary Privilege convention which means they are protected from libel and consequently can speak freely. So why the silence?
Is there no Plaid Cymru member with balls???????
I don’t count the Tories, that group makes Rip Van Winkle positively manic.


I recall reading that Parliamentary Privilege is a Westminster thing. Doesn’t exist for Bae Caerdydd or Holyrood.

Dr John Ball

Thank you for this. I admit to being surprised that it does not, especially since as a City Councillor (in the past!) I was told that I had what is known for local councils as “qualified parliamentary privilege.”
“Qualified” maybe but that it exists at local authority level and not at the parliamentary level (i e The Senedd) I find absolutely astonishing.


They tell enough lies without having any special protections. Anyway have the “privilege” of talking bollox and swanning about for photo ops while on damn good pay!????

Will Davies

The project, funded by the Arts Council of Wales was produced by Zoe Munn has worked with Circus Cimera, local musicians and poets alongside Mandy Dike and Ben Rigby from And Now: in Waunfawr near Caernarfon.”
Says it all…. Local my arse. If Mandy and Ben are local, I’m a choclate watch. More interlopers being funded ahead of Welsh people by our taxes. Why does the Eisteddfod give a stage to these wankers?

Morriston Witness

A bit off track- I note an ongoing economic argument in the letters page of Swansea’s Evening post between the regular correspondent in this BLOG, Economist Dr John Ball, and former Computer Teacher Mike Hedges now Labour Senedd Member for Swansea East. In his latest snide diatribe Senedd back bencher Mike Hedges writes in the Swansea Post today Monday 14th – “Dr Ball was the unsuccessful Plaid Cymru candidate in Swansea East at both the 1999 Assembly election and 2001 by election which is why I associated him with that party”. What’s that got to do with a debate on the economy of Wales? Dr Ball could say that Mike Hedges has only won elections using the Labour label, but the learned Dr is too much of a gentleman. Stick to the economics Dr John. It is obvious you are winning your argument when Mr Hedges snidely flounders under his fall back to the irrelevant history of Swansea’s Labour donkey vote elections of yesterday. 

Dr John Ball

Thank you for this and for your kind words!

I’ve been away and have not seen his latest words of wonder.
I really don’t mind being attacked, always a good sign!
Quite why he’s settled on this approach I don’t know but he’s obviously getting desperate!
Keep an eye on the Post, I will reply….


Here’s another one for you volume of significant events in Welsh history :

First national queer arts talk of its kind gets underway at the Eisteddfod

Seems that the Alphabet Jumble now needs an “U” inserted somewhere to cater for all the ugly folk that turn up at any old mike to jabber on about safe spaces for queer cultures and all the rest of their junk. I’ve tried to watch S4C coverage of Boduan’s big event most evenings but get pissed off with the disproportionate numbers of weirdos that get interviewed when it’s obvious that the Maes still attracts mostly people who are less deviant. Haven’t seen a 2023 version of Pontshan doing the rounds, have they found a way of excluding characters and sticking with those who conform to some avantgarde standards ?


Immortal in our memories. When I cast my eye over some of the fruitcakes frequenting Y Maes I wonder where we went wrong. Last year I happened to see a clip of Lyn Ebenezer making very insightful comments about the negative influences of the Eisteddfod on its host communities. His concerns were mostly about the commercial aspects of concentrating too much, like the bar and lots of retail on the site to the detriment of the surrounding area’s traders. However the Eisteddfod itself is promoting oddball ideas and lifestyle choices and reducing the traditions it purports to promote to a secondary status to make way for this “new wave”. Far too keen to be seen to be fashionable and trendy.

Will Davies

Just came back from the Eisteddfod. Location was nuts. Absolute nothing in walking distance from the Maes: not a pub or a shop or a cafe. Could not get there without a car or an understanding of a bus route. Therefore a captive audience for 7 quid pints and 10 quid baked potatoes. No walk-on traffic by the curious. Who choses these locations, and why?


Probably down to some thick senior exec within the Eisteddfod who gives priority to making oddball minorities comfortable on Y Maes and pays little attention to logistics if he/she/it ever heard of the word ! On the other hand it may have been deliberate policy to shut out any risks of local traders benefiting thus monopolising trade for those willing to fork out for a pitch at Y Maes. Either way not a healthy look.

Will Davies

The best part of the Eisteddfod for me has been carousing in the local pubs off the field. It spreads the word, as it were, in non Welsh speaking areas. Next year in Pontypridd will be a case in point. Myself, along with my 3 companions, have sadly decided not to attend again if the Maes is that inaccessible.


That’s how it used to be and much better for it. At risk here of getting all sentimental about sleeping in tatty tents in boggy fields after days of sinking beer at any hostelry we could get to in the area. Happy days and so much simpler than the way people go about things now.

David Smith

The C&U-led Imperial Parliament still retains power to stop this sort of madness. As evidenced by its intervention in Scotland. Yet it does nothing.

Now I’m no cheerleader of the Westminster cesspit, but ideologies enacted shitly, in diametric opposition to ideologies enacted shitly? You’d think for the good of the Kingdom as they see it (and let’s not forget, they still exercise ultimate executive power), they’d intervene and impose their own brand of cuntitude in lieu.

They won’t, because as long as Taff feels as though he has some measure of sticking it to ‘the Tories’, the circus plays on and they have a perfect band of useful idiots at disposal. We are all victims of an inert, apathetic and ill-educated body politic.

Jon Coles

Hello Jac

Prepare for comedy gold.

From 2021

Please tell me the number of contacts /meetings recorded between staff and/or directors of Deryn Consulting and Welsh Government Ministers and/or their special advisors between 01/05/2016 and 30/04/2021.

Where possible, please identify the mode of communication and the identity of the participants in those contacts/meetings.

How many of those meetings/contacts were minuted?

Having checked the link provided, NO contact is recorded between any Welsh Government Minister and anyone identifiable as an employee or director of Deryn Consulting.

Despite Carwyn Jones confirming – at Carl Sargeant’s inquest – he contacted Jo Kiernan on November 7th, 2017, nothing appears in the record.

If that isn’t in the record, the question arises: what else is missing? And why?

So I asked an acquaintance who would be in a position to know. They told me:

“We know from FoI and Assembly Questions that Carwyn Jones didn’t have a personal mobile phone, so there ought to be a record somewhere of all calls made from the mobile he used as FM to Deryn/[Jo]Kiernan.

You could also quote, “During the leak inquiry, it was discovered that there had been significant data traffic between the Welsh Government and Deryn.” 

Jon Coles

I got a link to a long Excel spreadsheet allegedly recording all ministerial meetings. It was a hoot.


Always chuckle when I hear the buzzword ‘real world impact’ from communication consultants (see video). This confirms that the Welsh Government are not talking to aliens.

One important piece of scientific evidence we have in this matter is data on various classes of vehicle currently on the road, emissions and speed. It gives us an ’emissions curve’. Above 50mph (drag) at +1.4 Mt C and 30mph (transmission losses) at +0.6 Mt C. But at 20mph this turns negative.

Bizzarely, this is the data used by the Welsh Government to justify it’s clean air 50mph speed limit on the M4 around Baglan (ignoring steelworks) and Cyngor Sir Gar for it’s country wide 50mph single-track roads policy. Some should tell Lee Waters that his constituency is in Carmarthenshire and when he does pay a visit (in his diesel) he drives that very section of motorway.

Any claims that reducing 30mph limits to 20mph will lower emission is false.


As a starting point, I wonder if the following initial FOI request to Welsh Government would provide useful information.

Please provide total expenditure by Welsh Government to date on consultancy fees paid to the company

with possibly a follow-up request, for a more detailed breakdown of spend, when total expenditure is provided.


FOI request now submitted. Copy below. Will update you on response in due course.

Freedom of Information Officer
Information Rights Unit
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

My Ref:               NCC/WJ/70
Your Ref:    
Date:                            9 August 2023


Dear Freedom of Information Officer

Subject: Total expenditure to date by Welsh Government on consultancy fees paid to the company “”.

I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide me with the following information.

Total expenditure to date by Welsh Government on consultancy fees paid to the company “”.

A hyperlink to their website is provided below.

I look forward to receiving the information, pursuant to the FOI Act 2000 / EIR 2004 at your convenience. Thank you.

Yours sincerely


My apology. Amended request now submitted to Welsh Government. Copy below.

Freedom of Information Officer
Information Rights Unit
Welsh Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

My Ref:               NCC/WJ/70
Your Ref:    
Date:                           9 August 2023


Dear Freedom of Information Officer

Subject: Total expenditure to date by Welsh Government on consultancy fees paid to the company “Lynn Group Ltd”, formerly Lynn PR Ltd.

I would be grateful if you could disregard my previous request for information due to an error in my letter. My amended request is set out below.

I would be grateful if you could arrange to provide me with the following information.

Total expenditure to date by Welsh Government on consultancy fees paid to the company “Lyn Group Ltd” formerly Lynn PR Ltd.

I regret the error on my part. If you require further clarification you are welcome to contact me at any time.

I look forward to receiving the information, pursuant to the FOI Act 2000 / EIR 2004 at your convenience. Thank you.

Yours sincerely


I have referred to this kind of “relationship” before, maybe in a slightly different way. Labour in Wales ( and Tories in England) have given up on their nations trading their ways out of the shit. They blundered and mismanaged the exit from EU, have presided over a UK and component parts that have developed a profound sense of “entitlement” while eroding any suggestion of productivity and efficiency.

Hence the urge to chuck money at anything that looks like a problem. This has now evolved into a state where chucking money has been treated as the best way of ripping money out of the economy and particularly the public purse. For instance, all those phoney and inflated contracts for goods and services in response to Covid, Defence contracts that have no upper price limit or enforceable quality standards, and, all sorts of woolly advice and manipulation in connection with climate / environmental crisis. Johnson, Sunak, Hancock and Co may have reached new peaks in awarding extravagant contracts to party pals but Drakeford and his soppy crew are also engaging in similar deviance on a smaller scale. Good job the Welsh public purse is smaller than UK otherwise there would be a hell of a lot more loot disappearing down the drain


I can’t argue against your suggestion that we are proportionately in a bigger mess. The entire mess is largely one of government’s making – post Brexit down to lack of proper planning and detailed understanding of how to move forward, and more locally down to a complete fixation with non core issues while the main pillars are being eroded. Fuckin’ chaos.


Would not happen if, like Scotland and Westminster, there was legislation relating to contact with lobby groups. 

It would just be a matter of pulling the “Lynn file” and doing a “20mph” text find on any document therein and passing anthing out of the filer to the civil servant who does the once over on redacting names and addresses of bystanders. Very easy and straightforward response.

The problem is the lack of transparency from lack of lobby group legislation.
Only usually seen in the 3rd world countries of brown envelopes.

Ifor l'engine

I think the problem lies in your phrase “reasonably relate to”. 
It asks for a value judgement on a topic which has to be dealt with manually – rather than by a computer search. 
That said it should be perfectly possible to run a database search which includes variations such as 20mph and 20 mph.