Invasion of the Enviroshysters (PG)


Since posting Enviroshysters flock to Wales for easy money last week a source has been in touch with news of more shady dealing down among the organic radishes.

But first, an update.

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I have now spoken with Sharon Girardi of Blaeneinion. And while I’m sort of persuaded that she is not the owner of the property, I’m still no nearer knowing who really owns it.

According to Ms Girardi, ownership is somehow tied up with a family trust. One of the family being an old friend of hers who allows her to live at Blaeneinion. Which seems plausible. Though newspaper reports continue to name her as the owner.

What puzzles me is why a family trust would go to such lengths to hide the ownership of 75 acres of not very good land.

For the Land Registry tells us that Blaeneinion’s owner is Gibraltar company Endeavour Ltd. From Companies House in Gibraltar we learn that the shares are all owned by Gibraltar International Trust Corporation Ltd (GITCO). The ‘directors’ being Trilex Ltd, also of Gibraltar.

Just like GITCO Trilex appears in the Paradise Papers and has many interesting connections.

Image: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Click to open in separate tab

What’s clear is that someone has gone to considerable lengths to hide the identity or identities of whoever owns Blaeneinion.

Another mystery is that the Gibraltar International Trust Corporation Ltd is a director of a company formed earlier this year in Worcestershire. This being the only mention of GITCO I can find on the Companies House website. How is this explained?

On the one hand I’d like to believe that Sharon Girardi is living a Blanche Dubois existence in the hills, but on the other hand, the known facts cause me concern.

Before we push on, let me warn you, this three-reel production has a cast of thousands, sweeping vistas, farce and tragedy, ‘Welsh Government’ funding, Arts Council of Wales funding, home schooling, land grabbing, elephants . . . and all made possible because the Woke-Left-Green shysters involved are favoured by politicos and their dosh-dishers in Corruption Bay. Which encourages more of the buggers to move here.

(OK, I lie about the elephants.)


Knowing of my interest in all things Green, a regular correspondent directed me to The Green Gathering, to be held next year in Chepstow. Which is convenient for the anti-everything head-bangers of Bristol, while also ensuring ‘Welsh Government’ support.

The event is organised by a charity of the same name. Which is also a company.

From the documents filed with the Charity Commission we learn that The Green Gathering has a ‘trading subsidiary’ / ‘production company’ by the name of Optimistic Trout Productions CIC. (It’s amazing what quirky names appear when, after another hard day herding rabbits, one relaxes with a mug of sun-dried amanita muscaria.)

All shares in Optimistic Trout Productions (OTP) are held by The Green Gathering Ltd.

Click to open in separate tab

Optimistic Trout Productions, of Pengraig, Felindre, Llandysul, was Incorporated December 2010. (Until May 2020 the company’s address was in Frome, Somerset.) The Green Gathering, of Shrewsbury, first saw the light of day in July 2011, in Maidstone, Kent. In August 2013 it moved to Four Roads, Kidwelly. Then on to Shrewsbury in August 2019, moving to another address in the town in October 2020.

The move from Kidwelly to Shrewsbury ties in with Susan Ellis Alexander Pickles of Four Roads ceasing to be secretary and director of The Green Gathering in August 2019.

I suspect The Green Gathering replaced Big Green Gathering Company Ltd, of York, which faltered in 2010 / 2011 and was compulsorily struck-off in July 2012. (Among former directors we find an old friend in the form of Graham ‘Brig’ Oubridge, who has now returned to the land of his naissance.)

I suggest that succession because Stephen Fraser Muggeridge is a director of both companies and also of the Optimistic Trout. He lives in Maidstone, and stood for the county council in May this year. For the Green Party, of course.

Muggeridge failed to be elected but one of the gang who is a councillor, is Shane Collins, who sits on Mendip District Council representing the Frome Keyford ward. This of course explains Optimistic Trout Productions being based in Frome.

When he’s not fighting the Green cause on Mendip District Council Collins is a spokesperson for Insulate Britain. You know, the Provisional wing of Extinction Rebellion that believes they have a right to interfere with everybody else’s lives.

Click to open in separate tab

As I say, Muggeridge and Collins are both directors of Optimistic Trout Productions. These are the other directors.

You’ll note that two of them, Muggeridge and Emma Louise Fordham use Llandysul as their correspondence address, but we know Muggeridge lives in Maidstone and Fordham gives ‘Country of Residence’ as England.

So all the directors of a company registered in Llandysul live in England! What’s going on? Perhaps the answer can be found at Pengraig itself.

According to the Land Registry, the property is owned by Amanda Beatrice Murdoch. It was bought in October 2004 for £355,000 without need of a mortgage. We have not encountered this woman before, she has certainly not been involved with the companies mentioned.

I’m guessing that Optimistic Trout Productions is using Pengraig as an accommodation address with an eye to Welsh public funding. It’s difficult to think of any another reason seeing as the directors live in various locations in England and the company holding all the shares is also based over the border.

Because we must remember that everything is now working towards August 2022 and the Green Gathering in Chepstow. I predict with certainty there will be applications for Welsh public funding. The applications may already have been made.

Next, we’ll look at people who are definitely receiving funding, both from the ‘Welsh Government’ and our friends at the Arts Council of Wales.


We move a little further west now, to ‘Fountain Hill’ at Glogue, in north Pembrokeshire, where we find Majical Youth, also in the festivals entertainment business. Scroll down on the home page and you’ll see the backers.

Click to open in separate tab

There are obvious connections with Pengraig, Llandysul.

One I found intriguing was that (Rev?) Helen Mary Caroline Reynolds, who bought ‘Fountain Hill’ in December 2015 for £245,000 without need of a mortgage, was previously a director of Pengraig Property Investors Ltd.

Pengraig Property Investors was formed in April 2014. Fountain Hill was bought in December 2015. The company was dissolved at the end of May 2016. Was the company set up for no other reason than to buy ‘Fountain Hill?

I ask because there are tax benefits in buying a property through a limited company. Which is what appears to have happened at ‘Fountain Hill’. It can later be transferred to an individual.

Another link between Pengraig and ‘Fountain Hill’ would be the company Plant Natur. For the two directors are Amanda Murdoch, proprietrix of Pengraig, and her opposite number at ‘Fountain Hill’, Helen Reynolds.

Reynolds signed off the Majical Youth CIC accounts. Though the most recent available accounts only take us up to May 2019. With the next accounts due at the end of next month.

Even so, things were looking pretty rosy, with £81,500 cash in hand and total assets of £169,6580. But these ‘unaudited statutory accounts’ make no mention of succour from the ‘Welsh Government’ or the Arts Council.

Though as the logos for both appear on the website we have to assume that funding has been received, probably after May 2019. Because using the logo is a condition of funding.

Does Plant Natur or Majical Youth connect with the Fountain Hill Home Education Group? Which provides: ‘Wednesday home education social days days for children who do not attend school’.

The issue of home schooling is a problem. A growing problem due to the influx into our rural areas of the kind of people I’m writing about.

And one that is embarrassing politicians since the death 10 years ago of Dylan Seabridge. Eight-year-old Dylan died of scurvy. He lived in  Pembrokeshire but his parents had moved from Stoke-on-Trent.

Yes, scurvy!

Dylan was schooled at home. Maybe it would be more accurate to say he just never went to school. He had never seen a doctor or a dentist. And yet, his parents escaped prosecution. They were let off to avoid opening a can of worms and embarrassing the local council and other bodies.

Click to open in separate tab

Even so, the ‘Welsh Government’ had to pretend to be doing something. Resisting calls for a register and regular checks on home educated children, the Corruption Bay cronyocracy instead produced a few wishy-washy booklets, such as this, aimed at parents and carers.

The message being, ‘Er, just carry on doing what you’re doing’.

There are obvious reasons for the ‘Welsh Government’ not wanting to take action over home schooling. For a start, too many of those not sending their kids to the local school are in networks loyal to the Green Queen, ‘Dr’ Jane Davidson.

But I think we all need to be concerned if the ‘Welsh Government’ is funding people who, wearing different hats, are involved in and encouraging home schooling.


Not a lot of people know this, but Majical Youth of ‘Fountain Hill’ is part-owner of a wood-fired pizza trailer. Ownership seems to be shared with Incredible Edible Carmarthenshire, a group that’s been in existence for five or six years but finally launched last December as Incredible Edible Carmarthenshire CIC.

The reason it went legit is because those involved are hoping to grab some land near Llanelli railway station. And of course the grants to ‘improve’ the land.

And what an interesting bunch they are. Read about them here. I was particularly struck by this potted bio.

‘Finally, Heike Griffiths, the group’s Chair and Equal Opportunities Champion, is a lecturer who teaches inclusion and social justice at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, as well as being involved in . . . Extinction Rebellion.’

As we know, Lampeter means ‘Dr’ Jane Davidson. Another director is Montserrat Ribas-Gomis, a Spanish scientist head-hunted by Natural Resources Wales from . . . Bristol.

The land in question adjoins Llanelli railway station. It’s the green strip shown in the image below from Google Earth.

Click to open in separate tab

The station itself is, predictably, owned by Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd but was leased in October 2018 to KeolisAmey Operations Ltd soon after the partnership had been handed the Wales and Borders rail network.

I am assured that this land is in the stewardship of the Heart of Wales Line Development Company Ltd. The line itself runs from Swansea to Shrewsbury. Though unlike, say, Llandrindod, Llanelli’s main traffic is from the south coast mainline.

So the presence of the HoWLDC might seem a little odd. But it’s worth remembering that there is usually land available close to railway stations. Land that can be acquired for ‘community purposes’, and for which grants will be available.

A director of the Heart of Wales Line Development Company is Gillian Wright, and she first appeared on this this blog in September 2014 in Ancestral Turf. Scroll down and you’ll find her in a video.

Via the HoWLDC Wright was also involved with the Llandeilo Food Hub. This was based in an old railway wagon near the station, and had hopes to be a commercial venture selling locally-grown organic produce. Though now it may be operating as a food bank.

Possibly it’s both. Either way, if the venture has moved to the centre of Llandeilo, then I wonder what’s happened to the £30,000 wagon we see below, refurbished with ‘Welsh Government’ funding?

Image: West Wales News Review. Click to open in separate tab

Another of Wright’s ventures, this one funded by Carmarthenshire County Council, was The Level Crossing Community Interest Company, which went belly-up in 2016 after a few years of struggling, and failing, to break even.

So, if my source is correct (and I’m sure he is), then the would-be organic growers of Incredible Edible Carmarthenshire will be trying to do something that has already been tried, and failed.

And they will no doubt be getting public funding for it.


We have a problem in Wales because, in its desperation to be seen to be Green, in its embarrassing attempts to convince a completely uninterested world that we are saving the planet, whassisname and his gang squander millions of pounds every year on enviroshysters, memsahibs and dreamers.

These invariably dress up their scams or their idiocies as ‘community ventures’ . . . of which the local community is almost always ignorant. It’s usually just outsiders talking to themselves.

But these outsiders are well connected – to Welsh public funding. Which shows how far the Labour ‘Welsh Government’ has drifted from the people it claims to represent.

Selling organically-grown vegetables might be a commercial proposition in the Cotswolds, or Islington – but in the poorest part of a poor Welsh town! An area blighted by the low-lifes shipped in by Labour’s third sector cronies.

News of the ‘Welsh Government’s gullibility has spread far and wide, and that’s why we are experiencing the invasion of the enviroshysters. It’s time to call a halt.

If people want to improve their land by planting trees then they should be allowed to do so without let or hindrance. Those wanting to organise festivals must be free to do so. And the best of luck to anyone wanting to grow and sell organic vegetables.

But these must be done on a commercial basis. None of them merit public funding because there is no public benefit.

♦ end ♦


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Sharon Girardi the person who runs the “Eco Retreat & Beavers in Wales” in Blaeneinion advertises in ‘The Light”. This is a newspaper published in Totnes in Devon by the more radicle enviro drop outs. The Light publishes articles by Eustace Mullins the antisemitic white supremacist guru and Graham Hart who retired to Cornwall and was jailed in 2021 for stirring up racial hatred.

The key to his prosecution was a broadcast where he said “Jews are filth. Jews are rats. They deserve to be wiped out”. I was wondering what views the Welsh Government has on sponsoring such rural businesses as we’re being told that these eco-retreats are wholesome and good for Welsh communities.



There has been a new trustee at Green Gatherings, Mr Buzz Cadel Marshall Jones-Medeema, appointed in November 2021. Buzz is a member of staff at the House of Lords. He works for Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb. All was not lost for this festival of hippis held annually in Chepstow. Cancelled by the Covid pandemic, they got a Covid grant from the Arts Council of England for £44k to keep them afloat. Strange as the registered office in Wales and the event is held in Wales. Not all of the £44k has been spent, although there were some travelling expenses paid out to Stephen Muggeridge who lives in Maidstone, Kent. Presumably, he had to travel to Wales during the pandemic. The rest of the £44k was Arts Count for England grant to Green Gatherings was handed over to the trading company called Optimistic Trout Productions CIC of Llandysul.


The amount appears in the Green Gathering annual accounts at the Charity Commission. The Green Gathering of festival was cancelled because of Covid, so it may have become insolvent without the grant.

Company number: 7720425
Charity Number: 1156593

In the latest financial report to the charity commission, they tell us “A grant of £45,000 was received from the Arts Council of England, Culture Recovery Fund and this was paid out to the trading subsidiary to enable it to continue functioning after the cancellation of the 2020 event.”

£44k went to Optimistic Trout Productions CIC.
£1k in travelling expenses to Muggeridge who does live in Maidstone, Kent.

The grant is from a fund set up by Westminster designed to keep theatres, opera, ballet, art galleries and museums solvent when they experience loss of revenue due to Covid lockdown.

The granting body is Arts Council England and it is branded “Emergency Funding for Creative Individuals and Cultural Organisations”. I conclude that they claimed it is an event in England, or that an England only body has decided to overstep its remit and ventured into Wales.

This is while loads of native Welsh cultural events went bankrupt.


In the latest newsletter of ‘Green Gathering’ in December 2021 they state that “Our lovely Permaculture Co-ordinator Tammi Dallaston has offered us a bunch of baby trees from her nursery – oak, hazel, blackthorn, birch and crab apple – and Tomas Remiarz, author of Forest Gardening in Practice has been helping us design a grove for our festival site. The planting will be happening in phases and we hope the first batch of quickest-growing trees will be going in this winter.”

So who is Tammi Dallaston?

She works as the communications and marketing officer at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) near Machynlleth. She is also a director of a company called Mach Maethlon (08026863) which changed its name from Green Isle Growers in 2016. Tammi was, until taking up her appointment at CAT, was also a director of a company called Moulsecoomb Forest and Wildlife Project (04334389) a charity based in Brighton which specialises in educational support services for excluded pupils in Sussex. She listed her occupation then as ‘Farm Manager’.

I wonder if a “grant to plant the trees” has been applied for?



The location of the “Green Gathering Festival” is Piercefield Park. This is the grounds of the now ruined 18th century manor, Piercefield House. The land was acquired by Colonel Valentine Morris of Antigua, using funds liberated from slavery and his sugar plantations there.

In 2005 the land and ruin was up for sale at a price of £2m. It did not sell and withdrawn from the market in 2012. So who owns it now? A clue comes from the latest ‘Green Gatherings’ newsletter (see below), which tell us that “Local action is crucial too and we’re researching how best to maintain and regenerate our festival site to enhance biodiversity.”


“We’re getting involved in managing the trees in Piercefield Park which means in future the festival’s firewood and benches will be made from the most locally sourced wood possible. We’re only taking out wood that really needs harvesting to keep the trees healthy and safe, we’re leaving lots of dead branches for the wee beasties to live in too, of course, and we’re aiming to plant more trees this winter. We’d love a grove and a forest garden.”

Which begs the question as to why the Welsh Government is sponsoring events on the landed estates of those who inherited their land and wealth from slavery?

Red Flag

CATALAN’S former President Carles Puigdemont has been arrested in Italy by order of the Spanish Supreme Court.


taking my cue from one of your tweets I am prompted to comment.

The Green gospels, now extensively modified to the point where they are a mix of heresy and blasphemy, are being exposed by the cruel light of demand and supply. Where “green” used to focus on not being wasteful we now have an obsessive demand that everybody and everything conform to the latest diktat from some “authority” who/which evidently knows best. Well the dimwit who charmed us with the wisdom of wind turbines and solar panels should explain how it works when the wind don’t blow ( or has little puff) and the sun don’t shine things get overcast and drizzly.

Last night I watched India burn coal like it was their sole purpose in life, yet the best the talking head could offer was a few “tuts”. The Indians made the point that they are catching up from far behind and they don’t want some relatively well to do Western bastard telling them how they should play catch up. The Chinese are waving two fingers at all comers, while our esteemed ally USA talk a lot about green but frack away at any thing that looks like it might convert to gas and are still extracting fossil fuels like they are in a race to pile it high.

Of course we in Wales and the UK are well placed to take the moral high ground given that our contribution is like a flea bite on an elephant’s arse. Indeed that volcano blowing off in the Canaries just off Morocco will probably undo about 10 years worth of chugging around in unreliable electric cars by UK motorists, if not the entire EU count.

Time for a radical rethink. We should strive to cut our emissions, but we should also aim to use emissions as feedstock. There was a time when sulphate in the exhaust gases of coal fired power stations was treated with Calcium Carbonate to yield Gypsum which was then blended with some kind of phenolic resin to produce a hard moulded board for construction. There was scope for much more of that sort of innovative work but it was easier to junk the whole sector and rely on the new gospel instead. Not doing us much good is it ?

Like those wind turbines whose damaging blight has been well documented in these columns, yet there are people who still regard them as without fault. Now wind power could be made far more beneficial but it needs to be re configured around a somewhat different method of harnessing that power. No consolation to those areas already blighted but at least it could stop future exploitation by green wash gangsters and their allies.

Dyn Gwyrdd

Jac can I go through a few simple pointed questions with you regarding your fantastic Blog:-
1) Are you and your feeder contacts Schizophrenic or Psychopathic people who conjure up awful lies to hurt people and have no feelings for the people you write about? Of course the answer is a big no! I have known you for decades as an honest true patriot of Cymru.
2) Are you gullible being fed bullshit by nasty idiots about the people you expose? Of course the answer is a big no! I have known you for decades as an honest true patriot of Cymru.
3) Is over 95% of your BLOG invented nonsense? Of course the answer is a big no! I have known you for decades as an honest true patriot of Cymru.
4) Is well over 95% of your BLOG accurate? Of course the answer is a big yes! I have known you for decades as an honest true patriot of Cymru with the true intention of exposing the rot and exploitation and nepotism that exists in Cymru – particularly in the forever ruling Taffia Labour brotherhood who are aided by Plaid Cymru and the chicks with dicks and variant deviants.
5) So Jac, if as we know, nearly all you write about is TRUE, which it is, how many of our MPs and Senedd Members and Auditors and Police and Prosecutors and Councillors and ‘Royal Family’ are reading this BLOG are pushing questions and asking for prosecutions and enforcements? The answer seems to be truly absolutely NIL ! They are just fxxking time servers screwing and milking the system using our money. Only an unprintable sentence could describe them all.
6) That leads to the fact that after a century, or eight centuries, we have been ruled and run by complete and utter arseholes and sadly we accept it all. It must be very frustrating for you. No wonder you want to retire. Please make it a short refreshment break and come back fighting. We really need you to clean up Cymru when people wake up to what you are exposing.


As a kind of postscript to that strong piece I note that Plaid have announced yet another “partnership” this time with the Greens to tackle the City elections in Cardiff. They just can’t help themselves, can they ? Like a whore in the downhill part of her career climbing into any bed where there might be a few shillings ( or votes) they seek out partners of any creed. The Greens are obviously wedded to so much of the blashemy that encourages large scale windfarms regardless of the ecology that gets ripped up, so how is that partnership “good” by any yard stick other than it might pull a few votes ? All while one of the best they ever had in Cardiff is abandoned because he rejected the orthodoxy of sucking up.

Sian Caiach

Strange to buy land near the Llanelli Rail Station when its on a flood plain and so unlikely to get. planning permission for anything, even in Carmarthenshire after the latest planning audit.
The heart of wales line has been rather messed up recently by the train carrying loads of diesel fuel that derailed near Bynea station after its brakes came on unexpectedly and the wheels fell off one of the trucks .
The traditional way of taking he scenic “Heart of Wales” to start in Swansea, go to Llanelli and the little train then backs out and heads north via the scenic route. via Bynea etc.
Stuart Cole reckons the rail line will soon have to be re-laid close to M4 as .west of Llanelli the sea is coming in too frequently. .If we do have to make a new track from Swansea to Carmarthen I hope the coffers are not emptied already by these enviroshysters!

Maybe we should have an audit at the Senedd on the productivity of the grants given out so far?


An audit would be a super idea if it was carried out by people who are data rational and not prone to bending with any old fuckin’ wind blowing through the cloisters at Bay House. However the pliable, virtue signalling mincers found among the Bay community would probably conclude that the funds fritted away thus far were spent “admirably” and accordingly would authorise more loot to be poured down similar well presented plugholes. Nothing will change until that shithouse is well and truly cleansed.


Stuart Cole is wrong about the SWML west of Llanelli. It is in prefect shape.

It is impervious to sea ingress as there are under embankment culverts which allow any tide surges flow through onto the landward floodplain. The railway is the highest, point. Certainly higher than the new houses, and we owe no responsibility to caravans. The bridge strengthening of the Gwendraeth bridges is due to complete this year, and the replacement of the Loughor Viaduct bridge completed a few years back.

The patch of land south of Llanelli station, as you know has vehicle access from the level crossing on station road side, and also from Glanmor Rd end, the other level crossing. The eco-shysters are attempting to use this as a retail premises, cream off some grants, and compete unfairly with existing local and private concerns as they did at Llandeilo. The end destination is likely to be station side charging points of electric vehicles, in which the local people will have no stake in. The neighbouring building, of course, is the evangelical church outfit. The Antioch Christian Centre, a charity registered to operate in Carmarthenshire and India, with their food bank they operate (in Llanelli). There is a pattern developing, we saw previously in Llandovery, which Jac has previously covered. See links.

Note – The brake failure on the freight train was a rolling stock fault which started well before arriving in that section of track. By the time the train arrived in the Llangennech section a flat had already developed into a ‘false flange’. It was this that caused the derailment as it passed the points where the Swansea rural loop diverts from the Heart of Wales Line. The spacer bar on the points being laterally dislodged.

Rubin Irvine

Hi, I’m surprised that you seem so supportive of a school system that has an international [english] curriculum.
I’m sure that not all home schooled children are neglected and I’m sure that some establishment schooled children are neglected.


If we assume that Sharon Girardi of Blaeneinion has offered a truthful explanation, you are correct to question its veracity. Offshore companies would usually be a mechanism for corporate, rather than personal tax avoidance. Family trust is usually homeland based, especially when land or property is the asset. This is because the beneficiary can then claim the annual discount on capital gains liability. We can assume the ‘friend’ who lets her occupy as a peppercorn tenant is acting for a corporate body. I also find it unusual for the Daily Mirror to run the story having not verified the proprietor of the enterprise.

So who is the real owner?

Unlike other offshore tax havens, Gibraltar has the advantage of being ‘clean’ of stuff like trade embargos. Its primary legislator in matter of trade is still at Westminster. Given the nature of the land in question, I suspect the final destination of the holding is for ‘carbon offsetting’. Energy firms who will claim to have planted trees. There is a rash of such concerns and they are able to claim a green credential through their corporate activity but keep the land asset within the balance sheet. The eco-shysters are just the useful idiots that are tenanted, trusted individuals, as live-in guardians. There may be other examples of this in other parts of Powys.


Was this piece meant to finish at : .”…..The land in question, as you’ve read in the panel above, abuts Llanelli railway station. It’s the green strip shown in the image below from Google Earth.”

with a Google photo under it ? Or has a piece been cut off for some reason ?

Getting to the end of the piece ( or what may not be the end) I am left with a reinforced sense of horror that so many of these scammers, do-gooders and fund leeches are settled here in our country while loads of young ( and some middle aged) people raised in our rural communities can’t compete for these properties. Anything empty and a bit run down should qualify for a local authority loan/grant package to enable locals to rehab the buildings and return them to dwellings for natives, with covenants attached to stop any native conspiring to flog his home on to an incoming parasite within 20 years or more.


.. and alongside this threat to our identity your tweet about third sector fund guzzlers remind us that the shape and form of both rural and urban communities is being mutilated by these good for nothing bastards who rely on a regular harvest of misery to keep themselves in business. If they can’t find misery they will contrive to create a new one !


Jac, you refer to Welsh Government resisting calls for a home schooling register. You will, no doubt, be pleased to learn that Welsh Government established a ferret register on 17 June 2021. Initially, a voluntary register but may become a legal requirement at a future date. Are we to conclude that ferrets have higher priority than school children in Wales.


That amounts to oppression of the casual ferret keeper by insisting that he/she registers on some makework scheme that amounts to a database for excessively nosy jobsworths. Where databases are really needed they are often non existent.

An even more intrusive scheme of that kind is the RentSmart monstrosity that insists that all landlords, even those with just one property, have to shell out multiple fees just to keep an office full of pen pushers ( or key board shufflers) in Cardiff in salaries. Ask RentSmart for help and if you ain’t a tenant making some daft claim they don’t want to know. It’s a device for exploiting landlords cos they are filthy capitalists, see.

As for home schooling of kids, I see nothing wrong with it if all parents who indulge in it can demonstrate a set standard of competence in teaching. Also they should comply with all that Health and Safety guff the government is so happy to inflict on everybody else. That might just stop any more kids from dying due to their parents’ neglect or negligence.


There is a significant exposure of vulnerable children from those who are ‘off-grid’ from the formal education system in Wales. These children fall into a gap between health provision, social services, and schools.

Here is an example.

This exposure to exploitation is particularly apparent when the usual agencies in England only have the ‘gone off-grid to live in Wales’ as a forwarding reference. Even if the parents or guardians are ‘registered through the benefits system’ when they arrive in Wales it is not possible to uncover unknown newborns, casual adoptees, or “gone to live with relatives”.

It is in the nature of all types of cults who pursue such lifestyles.
Dangerous, open to exploitation, and hidden behind a curtain of false virtue.