Diversity and Inclusivity in the Socialist Nirvana of Wales


The Merriam-Webster definition of Nirvana is, “a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality”. Oblivion to reality certainly applies to the socialist lunacies besetting Wales.

Who but those oblivious to truth could believe that Wales can save the planet, that decent jobs, infrastructure, education and heath care are for sissies, and that women have penises?

Merriam-Webster also mentions, “alcohol-induced nirvana”. Bloody hell! I’ve been there a few times. Does that make me a Buddhist? 


. . . with a couple of tweets on Sunday from the BBC. Both linked to this article.

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The Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales is worried that not enough candidates from ethnic minorities are standing in next month’s council elections. But WEN is not an organisation dealing with ethnic minorities, so why raise the issue?

Before answering that, let’s take a look at WEN.

WEN is registered as a company limited by guarantee (‘Ltd’ exempt), and a charity. It depends mainly on funding from the self-styled ‘Welsh Government’ in the form of an Equality and Inclusion Grant. In 2021 this amounted to £145,000, up from £119,904 in 2020.

There are five employees in 2022 (in addition to the Director), up from four last year. The panel below shows the staff members towards the end of last year (left) compared to the staff members now as shown on the WEN website.

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With the Director pulling down £47,677 we can be fairly certain that most of the remaining £109,375 (from a total 2021 income of £157,052) went on the other four salaries. We can also assume that the grant will be increased in 2022 because there’s now another staff member.

And it seems growth doesn’t end there. This advertisement is for a ‘Senior Partnerships Fundraiser’ on a one-year contract at £31,365.

I quote from the advertisement:

“Funded by the Third Sector Resilience Fund“. This is administered by the WCVA, a front for the ‘Welsh Government’, used to disguise funding from that source.

“We particularly welcome Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME), disabled and LGBTQ+ candidates”. Mmm, does that mean straight, White, able-bodied Welsh need not apply?

“Homebased anywhere in the UK”. Does that mean that knowledge of Wales is not required?

“Lived experience of . . . a protected characteristic”. ‘Lived experience’, that phrase so beloved of the Woke. Does WEN – like the ‘Welsh Government’ – accept Stonewall’s interpretation of ‘protected characteristics’, or does it stick to the law?

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Applicants for the job are invited to reply to the Polly Symondson Recruitment Agency . . . in Cheltenham, England.

WEN may also have been looking earlier this year for a Freelance Policy Researcher, at £250 to £300 a day.

Who says Wales is a poor country!

So, WEN is complaining there aren’t enough ethnic minority council candidates. Horrified that just 1.8% of candidates in 2017 came from ethnic minorities, while the figure quoted for the “ethnically diverse population” of Wales (2021) is 5.2%.

Thankfully this is not a problem at WEN. From a total complement of six, at least three of the staff belong to ethnic minorities. Two seem to be White English. While the sixth is the obligatory token Welsh person.

UPDATE 29.04.2022: I’ve found a petition for: “more Black, Asian, and ethnic minority women, LGBTQ+ women, disabled women, and women with other protected characteristics in . . . a Senedd that is gender balanced and reflective of the whole Welsh population.”

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It gained just 199 signatures. Take out WEN staff, their friends, family, and the members of the Splott Intersectional Mud Wrestling Club and this petition does not suggest massive support from the real world.

(Of the 199 votes only 148 came from Wales (74%). The others came from: Nigeria 32, England 10, Netherlands 6, and one each from Scotland, Germany, China. So which WEN staff member has contacts in Nigeria?)


So who are the six women running Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales? Let’s start at the top, with the director, Catherine Fookes.

Her Linkedin page tells us that she was privately educated in England (Godolphin) before attending Middlesex University where she studied Business (with two years in France). Her Masters in Development Studies was done at Bath, her thesis on Plan International.

Catherine Fookes is the longest serving staff member at WEN, having joined in September 2017. Perhaps her appointment was reward for her valiant efforts to become Labour’s Welsh Assembly Member for Monmouthshire in 2016. Here’s her election leaflet.

Her Twitter account tells she’s standing again for Labour in next month’s council elections. (And she was elected.)

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The only other survivor from those named as WEN staff in the accounts signed off in November last year is Megan Evans, the token Welsh presence.

I can’t find much information on Megan Evans, but her profile on the WEN website tells us: “She is passionate about gender equality, intersectional feminism, LGBT rights, and racial justice”. We only need climate hysteria for a Woke nap hand.

“Intersectional” is of course another Woke mantra.

Moving on to the newcomers . . .

Evelyn James, the Diverse5050 Campaign Manager was recruited, presumably, as result of this advertisement:

The Diverse5050 Campaign is an agreement between Labour and Plaid Cymru that certain groups – primarily ethnic and (self-ID) gender – should be over-represented in politics.

The campaign is “run in partnership with our steering group ERS Cymru, Race Council Cymru, and EYST Wales”. These are bodies run by Labour Party cronies, are funded by the ‘Welsh Government’ (though it should be the Labour Party), and have appeared on this blog.

For example, Ethnic Youth Support Team is where we would have found Rocio Cifuentes as Chair before she was elevated to the £95,000 a year post of Children’s Commissioner for Wales. A post for which Labour Party membership was her best – perhaps only – qualification.

I wrote about this in January, in ”Welsh’ Labour – Corrupt To The Core’.

Turning now to Joys Njinji, Mentoring Project Manager and Annmarie Brown, Mentoring Project Officer, almost certainly recruited through the advertisements to which I’ve linked their job titles.

Which leaves Jessica Laimann, Policy and Public Affairs Officer.

She was recruited by WEN last year, and before taking up the post she was “Assistant Democratic Services Officer at Carmarthenshire County Council”.

I almost choked on my laverbread sandwich when my rheumy old eyes alighted upon “Democratic” and “Carmarthenshire County Council” in the same sentence. Somebody must have a sense of humour!

Or else things have really gone to the dogs since Mark James ceased being CEO and de facto council leader.


To understand Diversity Quotas it may be worth considering a couple of references: one from the past; the other bang up to date. And then try to synthesise them.

Writing this I was immediately struck by a parallel from the recent past and across the water. Unlikely as it might at first sound, that example is political gerrymandering in the Six Counties.

Derry. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

In Derry, for example, gerrymandering guaranteed the Protestant-Unionist minority control of the Corporation in a city with a Catholic and Nationalist / Republican majority. (Explained here in a one-minute video.)

Classic gerrymandering along those lines can’t work in Wales because we do not have segregation. Which leaves the Left seeking to limit the number of representatives from the majority population in other ways.

Of course they will deny this. Whining that they simply want “fair representation” for “under-represented” groups, and only “racists” would oppose this innovation.

But it don’t matter how you cut it, the end result will be the same – minorities enjoying representation disproportionate to their numbers in a given council area, or in Wales as a whole.

Coming up to date, and back to the poisoned well of Wokeism from which WEN has clearly drawn too many buckets . . . the demand for quotas also smacks of Critical Race Theory ‘equity’ (not to be confused with equality).

CRT’s ‘equity’ is race-obsessed discrimination that guarantees everybody loses out.

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But it still gives the Left power and influence out of all proportion to the support it enjoys among the population at large. Worse, it’s the tail of the extreme Left wagging dogs like Labour, Plaid Cymru, Greens.

But this should not surprise anyone familiar with Welsh politics; for too many of those now involved in politics and public life in Wales have previously worked for ‘charities’ and pressure groups. These outfits get their agenda implemented through influencing politicians – not from selling their programme to the public.

This is one reason Corruption Bay has no register of lobbyists.


Additionally, there are two fundamental flaws in what passes for the reasoning underpinning minority candidate quotas. These fallacies are:

  1. That only a member of an identified minority can represent other members of that minority.
  2. That members of a minority will only accept being represented by someone from their minority.

It is a cause for concern that the ‘Welsh Government’ – and its little helper – agree that favoured minorities should be assured preferential treatment – at the insistence of third sector operatives, many of whom hope to benefit personally from the agreement.

And if the candidate quotas WEN is calling for are introduced, then how long until the Left demands we introduce a new method for counting the votes? Surely, it will be argued, votes from members of the majority community should count for less than votes from members of “disadvantaged” or “traditionally oppressed” minorities?

That question is not entirely rhetorical. Because that is the direction many on the Left want to take us.

At present, anyone can apply to join a political party and then seek to become a candidate. Political parties are then free to choose their candidates without any outside interference.

This is how it should remain. To deviate from a system that treats all as equal could be the first step on a very slippery slope.



© Royston Jones 2022

27 thoughts on “Diversity and Inclusivity in the Socialist Nirvana of Wales

  1. Dafis

    Is there a way to copy that Eye extract – The Agri Brigade – that you tweeted earlier into this article. It sums up neatly the logical response to all the fixation with virtue signal driven forestation of good productive farmland and the fact that grassland offers huge scope for carbon absorption. Stuff to make your anti agri extremist lose sleep !

  2. The ‘racism’ described, apart from the south east of Wales perhaps, is not even a thing. Alright it persists but there are no swathes of areas in which populations of black or brown people are swelled enough to stir the ranks, like there might be in hotbeds of aggrieved ‘take my country back’ style racism in parts of England. My point stands to simple minded BritYoons in my own territory: if you’re going to piss and moan about the odd takeaway owner or Polish plumber, have a moan about our neighbours that come in here too.

    1. The thing to remember about the third sector and the Woke is that they’ll create an issue in order to combat it, usually with public funding. That’s how it operates: create / exaggerate an issue, get politicians and media to agree how awful it is, then get commitments to ‘fight it’, and hey presto!, the money starts flowing and extremists can dictate the political agenda. Even legislation.

      An example would be the violence against Trans people. Who are being murdered on the streets every day. Which is why we have a Trans Day of Remembrance. Did you ever hear such bollocks!

      1. Dafis

        The wokey activist -“find a new ishoo for every week” – lark is now reaching the point where it is organised crime, the extorsion of moneys from gullible donors, handouts from governments and rich bastards with bent agendas. Your old buddy Orban sometimes shows a flicker of interest in criminalising some of this crap but as far as I can see no one is making a serious move to stop the rot.

        1. The problem is that while Labour uses the third sector to create publicly-funded sinecures for its cronies the Conservatives use the the third sector to cut back on funding public services, arguing that much of this work is now being done by the third sector.

          Seeing as it’s quite early I’ll put a nightmare vision in your mind that will hopefully be gone before bed-time. Just imagine the third sector taking over the NHS.

          1. Dafis

            To avoid that nightmare I’ll have to double dose on my liquid refreshments ! Just imagine an even more wokish NHS run by a third sector crew. Chick with a dick in a consultant’s coat tells me that my prostate issues are inadmissible as only men with cervix qualify for any kind of care or treatment. Then spends half an hour shoving its finger up my jacksy !

                  1. Dafis

                    Top drawer dialogue on tap ! I’m tempted to use the word “elite” but that has wrong connotations these days

          2. David Smith

            The Conservative and Unionist shower of bastards have been spamming us here with literature for the upcoming local elections. At least three sets of missives dropped, the latest arriving in hand-delivered envelopes individually addressed to all three of us, each containing the same pamphlet. For a party that’s supposed to be about cutting back on government spending and a small state, their local branch sure don’t align with such ideologies with this kind of waste!

      2. David Smith

        Reminds me of a headline on the cover of a Cosmopolitan magazine I saw. Something along the lines of “Remembering the women we’ve lost to violence by men”. Surely these perpetrators are psychopaths first, men second, but no, that doesn’t create the issue in the same way, does it?

  3. Dafis

    Off topic completely – or is anything off topic these days – I saw your tweet which read :

    Welsh Labour councils have a bad record for taking children away from parents, often for financial gain. How long before Dad’s views on trans people is used to break up another nuclear family?There is only one way to avoid this outcome – DON’T VOTE FOR SOCIALIST PARTIES!

    Yet when little Logan in Bridgend was left in the care of a nutcase mother and her psychopathic partner, those who should have intervened ages ago just could not be bothered.

    I don’t think it matters anymore who’s running your council. The truth is that most councils are now run along the lines of the Mark James model. So the councillors do as they are told and fed a diet of crap that suits officers, while those officers carry on with little or no regard for the interests of our communities and take steps to cover arses in case any brown stuff hits a fan.

    1. David Smith

      Life in a colony, it was only ever thus. I guarantee that in affluent English shires, there are capable and keen representatives at work, fearful and prioritising of the approval of their electorate who are invested and enfranchised in local politics due to higher levels of civic pride and engagement. Such traits go hand in hand with the niceness of where you live, and how well off the locals are. What we have in Wales is an interminable cycle of crap in, crap out: apathy of the electorate in places where hope has long since ebbed away begets local representation by wastes of space, or out and out spivs and chancers. The negative space of disenfranchisement is where these people get their agency; inertia and inaction of the populace their oxygen.

  4. Dafis

    Oh dear me, it’s taken me almost a whole day to build up the interest and supress my anger to look at this latest episode. Not meant as a criticism of your talent for investigation and writing but it really bugs me that the Diversity – Equality – Inclusivity bandwagon has got so much of a head of steam. And let’s be honest so far it has failed the people who really need some D-E-I in their lives but has enriched a cadre of bullshitters and ishoo mongers who just enjoy their fantasist make work lives. They must be quite amazed with their success in bending politicians and business leaders to their perverse way of thinking and the show will go on as they dig up even more “wronged” demographics who must be given funding and moral support so that they too can flourish in this unequal world. Meanwhile those who believe in survival of the fittest are ostracised or get cute and find even more new ways of blowing smoke up our collective arses.

    1. In one way it’s a very human trait, or even talent – most people for a way to make a good living.

      But while some take up a trade or a profession, open a business, providing a service or creating jobs, these parasites turn down Easy Street and look for ways to rip off the public purse. Even to the point of inventing categories of humanity of which none of us was previously aware.

  5. David Robins

    In my experience, “Assistant Democratic Services Officer” is what used to get by very well being styled a committee clerk, but wasn’t being handsomely paid to change the world between taking the minutes and circulating the actions list.

  6. Mark Salter

    Totally agree with your conclusions.

    I particularly liked the Equality Equity cartoon- sums it up succinctly.

    I would heartily recommend the History Debunked YouTube site which demonstrates what is happening in our society from a wider perspective

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your well researched articles. Don’t retire please!

    Mark Salter

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