‘Welsh’ Labour, Corrupt To The Core

Yes, I am retiring, but it’s been postponed for a bit. There are just so many crooks, lying bastards, enviroshysters, drum-banging Unionists, head-banging Lefties, charlatans and others demanding a mention that I must yet tarry.


Last Monday it was announced that Rocio Cifuentes is to be Wales’ new Children’s Commissioner. The media made a big play of her being the child of Chilean ‘refugees’.

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Which is interesting, and no doubt her parents experienced problems, though I’m at a loss to understand how being a Chilean-born leftist qualifies Rocio Cifuentes to be the Children’s Commissioner in Wales.

I can only assume that, apart from her loyalty to the Labour Party, what qualifies her for the £95,000 a year role is being CEO of the Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Wales. Shortened to Ethnic Youth Support Team (EYST) on the Charity Commission website.

For those unfamiliar with how these things work in Wales, let me explain. In the years following the introduction of devolved government certain interests realised there were oodles of public funding on offer if the right emotions could be excited.

Among them, those who formed EYST in 2007. But unlike Cardiff and Newport there is no sizeable BAME population in Swansea, so the ‘need’ for the new organisation had to be exaggerated if not invented.

For that’s how it works. The permanently offended latch onto an ‘issue’, play it up (even import it), and demand funding; the ‘Welsh Government’ is happy to give money on the understanding that the body funded will be an asset to the Labour Party.

The page of EYST staff reminds us that in the BAME organisations of Wales some religions and ethnicities are over-represented, while others are almost totally absent.

I suggest we need a new descriptor for this particular gravy train.


Being a Labour Party loyalist Rocio Cifuentes always supports the right causes. And one of those of course is Palestine. The problem here is the line to be walked between sticking up for the Palestinian people without being anti-Semitic.

Thinking she was walking the line might explain why the new Children’s Commissioner was at a rally in Swansea last May. The clip in the tweet below starts with one of the local MPs speaking and ends with extremists chanting anti-Semitic slogans.

(Ms Cifuentes and her mother are under the parasol.)

Unfortunately, that ‘rally’ was not Ms Cifuentes only flirtation with anti-Semitism. Her name appears here (scroll down) above that of Sahar al-Faifi.

At around 40 seconds into the video Geraint Davies hands the microphone to Nizar ‘Neezo’ Dahan, the organiser of the rally. Born and raised in Swansea, he’s a bit of a lad around the ugly lovely town.

In addition to them both being at the rally last June Dahan and Cifuentes are known to each other because EYST has given ‘Neezo’ quite a few gigs.

This article gives more information about the rally. It tells us ‘Dahan’s Twitter account talks of “Zionist scum” and “dirty Zionist rats”‘.

There’s nothing new in substituting ‘Zionists’ for ‘Jews’, and using support for ‘Palestine’ to veil anti-Semitism. We’ve seen it employed by both Islamists and the far right for many years.

Back in the ’80s I recall the National Front getting coverage through the activities of a Wyn Davies in Cardiff. This was the ‘intellectualised’ NF following the arrival in England of Roberto Fiore in October 1980, and him influencing Nick Griffin and others.

I remember one day, in Machynlleth, seeing lamp-posts bearing stickers put up by Davies’s group that read, ‘Buy Palestinian goods’!

It’s just political semantics, mis-labelling, to make certain views more palatable. Pretend that all Jews are Zionists and being ‘anti-Zionist’ then becomes the clever way to be anti-Semitic.

As I suggest, ‘Neezo’ is worth a section. Here’s his Linkedin profile to help you with some background. You’ll see that he’s been about a bit, which can often be confusing. And confusion may account for the first cause for concern.

According to Linkedin Dahan was in Olchfa Comprehensive School, Swansea, 1999 – 2006; then Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2006 – 2010. But somehow, 2002 – 2007, from the age of 14, he’s also running a post office in Killay, on the west side of Swansea!

(Here’s a version I’ve saved in case the online original becomes unavailable.)

In 2015 he was putting himself about as a property developer. Here’s a piece about a chapel he’d bought in Gorseinon. The article also mentions another chapel that had been bought in Clydach.

Ebenezer Chapel, Gorseinon, owned by Nizer Dahan. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

During this excursion into the property market Dahan had two companies to his name. Renaissance Home Development Ltd*, and Grape Vine Promotions Ltd.

Neither company filed accounts with Companies House before being dissolved, so we have no way of knowing how much was made from stripping the two chapels and selling off the pews and other elements.

His career path then veered from the murky world of property to the perhaps murkier world of foreign aid. Which did not go unnoticed in Corruption Bay – for he was soon nominated for an international award. Which might suggest he has contacts.

In the ‘Welsh Government’ handout we read;

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

This is the Human Relief Foundation. It’s registered with the Charity Commission.

The panel above also mentions the charity Dahan himself had set up, ‘an initiative called SHARP (Swansea Humanitarian Aid Response Project) . . . raising funds for people in dire need’.

I’ve found a Facebook page for SHARP, but nothing more. There’s certainly no charity of that name registered with the Charity Commission. We know SHARP collects money, so how is that money accounted for?

*There was also Renaissance Home Developments Ltd. Incorporated 20.07.2017, Dissolved 21.09.2021. Who is two companies with almost exactly the same name designed to fool? 

In the two companies I’ve mentioned Dahan is ‘Nizer Nizer Dahan’. But in more recent companies he’s Nizar Nageb Dahan. Did he change his name?

These new companies are, in chronological order: Afiyah Co Ltd, Neezo Ltd, and Dr Krepz Ltd. With Afiyah Dahan describes himself as an ‘International Project Manager’. For Neezo he’s a ‘Consultant’. While at Dr Krepz he’s a ‘Project Manager’.

The three companies give different Swansea addresses.

Afiyah’s only accounts thus far show a deficit of £1,900. The other two companies are too new to have submitted accounts.

Neezo Ltd is a one-man band. At Dr Krepz – which sells over-priced sneakers and little else – we find as the other director, Ataur Rahman, who was also a director at Grape Vine Promotions. While at Afiyah, the other directors are Waseem Iqbal and Ahmed Abdulla. Whose full name is Ahmed Radwan Kaid Abdulla.

And it’s to Abdulla we next turn our attention.


Before teaming up with Nizar Dahan in Afiyah Abdulla had his own one-man band in Adwiya Ltd. This was another ‘mayfly’ company, here and gone without alighting long enough to file accounts with Companies House.

But in recent years the vehicle for Abdulla’s ambitions has been Digipharm Switzerland GmbH based in Basel. The company is also UK registered from a London address.

Here’s the Digipharm website and the Twitter account.

The reason Ahmed Radwan Kaid Abdulla took himself off to Switzerland was due to the fact that he was no longer able to practise as a pharmacist in the UK. This followed a rape case, in Swansea.

The charge was that Abdulla, then a pharmacist working for Boots, had raped a woman while she was asleep. At his trial in April 2012 the jury found him not guilty. (Though I can’t find a news report of the trial.)

But his professional body, The General Pharmaceutical Council, found his evidence to be ‘unreliable’, preferring to believe the woman, and struck him off the register. As the report I’ve linked to says:

‘The case was the first time the GPhC had taken forward a fitness-to-practise hearing for a serious sexual assault after a registrant had been acquitted of rape by a criminal court.’

Here’s the full report of the GPhC’s Fitness to Practise Committee. In addition to the rape the hearing discussed Abdulla’s use of cocaine and other drugs.

The committee’s report is worth reading. If you don’t have time to read the full document then skip to the conclusions, from page 43.

The committee’s conclusion in relation to the rape charge. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The bracing Swiss air seems to have done Abdulla the world of good. For while the most recently available accounts for Digipharm tell of a deficit in excess of £100,000 things have improved since then.

To begin with, there was an £11 million share issue just under a year ago. The other shareholders are, I assume, representatives of Paris-based, Gulf owned, Gawah Holdings Inc. While ‘Smith Mike’ is Digipharm’s Chief Technology Officer.

Shareholdings in Digipharm. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I suggest Gawah as investors because . . . well, it’s all over the internet.

The reason for that, and the reason Gawah wants a share of the action, is that Digipharm has landed contracts with the Welsh NHS. Here’s a report from a few days ago.

Though Digipharm has been crowing about the link-up for some time.

It appears that Digipharm is acting as an intermediary between pharmaceutical giant Roche and NHS Cymru / Life Sciences Hub Wales, described as, ‘an arm’s length body of Welsh Government’.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Which means that a man effectively found guilty of rape by his professional body is now back in Wales and coining it with a contract from the ‘Welsh Government’.

And if Abdulla has links to the Labour Party how is this Digipharm contract any different to Tory ministers in London giving NHS contracts to friends, political allies, relatives, or even the bloke running their local pub?

UPDATE: I learn that Ahmed Abdulla was an invited speaker at a ‘Value in Health Week’ in October 2020 at Swansea University. We know universities are ‘close’ to the Labour Party, but bloody hell, don’t they do any checks!


  • Rocio Cifuentes will be in post as Children’s Commissioner when the council elections are contested in May. Will she be able to canvass for her father José who is standing for Labour in the Dunvant and Killay ward in Swansea? He spoke at that infamous ‘rally’.
  • What is the purpose of the company Afiyah Co Ltd set up recently by Nizer Nageb Dahan and disqualified pharmacist Ahmed Radwan Kaid Abdulla?
  • How was contact made between Ahmed Abdulla / Digipharm and NHS Cymru and Life Sciences Hub Wales?
  • Did NHS Cymru and Life Sciences Hub Wales know that Abdulla had been struck off by the General Pharmaceutical Council as it was convinced he was a rapist and definitely a user of illegal drugs?
  • Given Ahmed Abdulla’s known liking for Class A controlled drugs is it wise to enter any arrangement with him involving, ahem, ‘pharmaceuticals’?


The Labour Party is drifting further and further away from those on whom it relies for electoral support, and others in whose interests it should be working.

Instead, those important to Labour politicians, those who get the funding, those who direct ‘Welsh Government’ policy, are the lobbyists and the special interest groups, assorted shysters, ishoo-mongers, extremists.

Plaid Cymru is now propping up this corrupt and discredited system. They deserve each other. But Wales deserves so much better.

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2022

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One of your tweets – Welsh Gremlin says of Waters – “God this man is dangerous, doesn’t think it is an issue that investment firms from The Shard in London buying rural farms in Wales to offset their carbon, by potentially accessing taxpayers money to plant trees! How daft are these people, he just doesn’t get it!” If it was just down to daftness maybe we could educate him but I fear that he and most of his colleagues are so wedded to the disinformation spread by the green evangelists that the best that can be achieved via the likes of him is a slight slowing of process. Sold out by Westmonster and sold out by the Bay carpetbaggers. Rum deal all round.


Very encouraging to read of Greenpeace’s stance on the greenwash crisis. Good to see them applying a seriously critical approach unlike the other militant bodies that are just barking away like mad dogs ( sorry any dogs reading !). As has been stated on here on numerous occasions there is a body of lazy and scheming politicians and other manipulators in Wales and the wider UK who have adopted the current edition of the green gospel. Some do so because their beliefs are deluded but the more dangerous clusters are those who see it as a splendid wheeze for making money. These gangsters must be stopped dead in their tracks and it is a hard task because there are some big corporates out there who see greenwash as a top drawer P.R opportunity while ducking the underlying issues that exist with their own polluting business or that of their corporate allies.

Meanwhile we read that Labour in Wales were not prepared to give consent to more draconian elements of bits of legislation aimed at restricting the ability of likes of XR and Insulate to engage in vandalism and stop people going about their business. Bags of virtue signalling there, enough for a few weeks’ worth I’d say. Labour and their little helpers are certainly not going to upset the loveable green apostles or their mates in likes of BLM. Maybe it will reap votes for Labour, but Plaid ?


Much as I could cope with Labour’s laborious plod through Covid I’m now shifting fast towards a complete “anti” position. The first factor was the evident failure to tackle much if any of the other serious illnesses that have declined to take a break while the Welsh NHS became a Covid Service over the last 2 years. Secondly, only recently, Drakeford implemented a complete ass backwards policy in Dec when he subjected outdoor sports events to severe restrictions before acting on indoor socialising and other events.

This lunchtime I found yet another symptom of daftness on Radio Cymru where a quite tenacious young woman, Catrin Haf, patiently questioned Eluned Morgan regarding the performance of our NHS over recent weeks. Well, talk about taking evasive action. Morgan ducked and dived with the best of them. Catrin raised the case of a Cardiff man who had spent 4 nights recently sat in a chair at an A&E unit as there were no beds available. Morgan’s response, eventually, was to quote repeatedly figures about recruitment of paramedics and the assistance provided by armed forces. Granted that might improve the performance stats of the Ambulance Service in terms of collecting patients from home, but the key to solving the problem raised by Catrin was to :
a) ease the bedblocking which has gone on for years but is at its own pandemic level now and

b) invest in more beds and suitably qualified staff to enable a good level of throughput.

At the end I was left wondering whether this was an evasive politician at work, or is she and many of her colleagues so daft that they really cannot grasp what it takes to unblock any system that isn’t working properly and has years of back data to show where the problems really are.


A GP who sends a patient to A&E with a bacterial infection of skin (if previously such an infection has required intravenous antibiotics) it is to be checked out for any life-threatening bacterial infection like sepsis. Upon arrival, if this is found not to be not the case (bloods) the patient will be triaged to the lowest level of priority. Explains a 4day wait for bed. It actually disguises two problems. Firstly, the tendency for GPs to fob off patients to hospital unnecessarily (GP doctor crisis) and secondly, the bed blocking in hospital is not an A&E issue, at A&E a trolly is often OK, it’s the lack of beds to confidently embark on elective surgery, the invisible hole. I’d love to hear a Caiach interview on this. Bed blocking is when care homes in the Swansea valley is full of imported English privates and Morriston Hospital can’t find a vacancy.


Still left wondering how much of the “big picture” these politicians can see or choose to see. That the entire crisis extends from initial GP contact right through to the supply of care services is not disputed by me but the only time you’ll see a politician touch on that is when they tell us “how difficult” everything is.

Of course it’s fuckin’ difficult, they hold the purse strings and still fail abysmally to address a set of problems which have fluctuated in intensity but generally add up to a huge inability to provide service. They talk about bottlenecks but don’t seem to realise that the points at which bottlenecks occur vary between different disciplines and indeed from place to place. Maybe if they employed a few veterans from manufacturing and chucked out the finance, human resource, diversity, equality and inclusion wonks they might begin to ease the burden of the front line skills while they get on with recruiting more of them. People who enable and deliver service are key to success, the others are trimmings created by a society too fixated about virtue signalling and bullshit.

Allen Dee

If you look at this latest Jac o’ the North BLOG posting today Monday 17-1-22 :-
near the beginning is a short video of a public protest Rally in support of Palestinians who have suffered under this present State of Israel’s Government. I am inclined to sympathise with the Palestine residents generally these present days. It is an awfully complicated history over many centuries. There is no simple solution. More hatred will not solve it, especially from activists in Swansea Labour Party.
In this recent Rally you will see Geraint Davies Labour MP for Swansea West supporting the Palestinian cause at a public rally. After speaking he passes the microphone to the Rally Organiser – then a Palestinian Lefty jumps up and takes the microphone and in his own tongue keeps chanting “Death to the Jews”. Geraint Davies Labour MP stands there in support. Expand the picture to see the detail.
More interestingly, next to the chanting of racial hatred are two women under a white parasol. This is clear photographic EVIDENCE of anti-semitism!
One is the wife of Jose Cifuentes a Labour Candidate for the Swansea County Council elections imminent in May 2022 in Dunvant Killay.
The other is Jose Cifuentes’ daughter Roccio Cifuentes recently appointed as Wales’ Children’s Commissioner at £95,000 per year.
There are a few questions to be asked :-
How were these appointments / nominations made?
If Commissioner attends Rallies that contain Racial Hatred is she breaching the terms of this job?
Lastly, where are the other Political Parties and decent people in Swansea?
They are not an actively scrutinising as Opposition to Labour!
Why do they accept this situation? Are they complicit? Their silence is deafening!
***************************** .


Rocio Cifuentes consistently peddles the myth that ‘the Covid pandemic has a particular detrimental effect on black and ethnic minorities’. There is no clinical or scientific basis for this claim. This strange concept that the Covid virus is racist. Whilst it’s true that poverty plays a role and this is evident in some cities in England, and in the United States, the opposite is the case in Wales. It is the ‘valleys’ which has had the worst outcomes, areas with least ethnic diversity. When appointed commissars use unfounded myth and legend to promote a political dogma which flying in the face of the data, as a basis of racial theory is a very dangerous thing indeed.

David Thomas

It seems a lot of them are also involved in Tai Pawb and their ‘Deeds not Words’ campaign. They support BLM and claim that housing allocation in Wales is somehow racist. Several housing Assocs have signed the pledge and are now having staff complete the well known and horrendous propoganda of unconscious bias training. I can’t believe this is happening that groups like TP are getting away with this kind of politicisation of public services like housing and worst of all no one is objecting to it. I know the Tories are a minor party in Wales but they could be making a bit more noise.


Maybe profiling will stop the day Blacks stop committing a disproportionate amount of crimes per capita, and rap and ‘grime’ ‘artists’ didn’t shit out ‘music’ that glamorises the ‘thug’ lifestyle and thereby do their bit towards breaking the cycle?


“……claim that housing allocation in Wales is somehow racist.” They are correct but aim their criticism in an entirely wrong direction. They only see racism in a “white and coloured” context which is mighty convenient as it disregards completely the racism suffered by families and individuals priced out of their own communities here in Wales. The inability to buy due to inflated markets and the inability to rent due to a preference for holiday and Airbnb type transactions is overlooked completely by these Anglo Brit virtue signalling creeps.

Dr John Ball

I ask yet again, again..
Who’s asking the questions?
A labour hack appointed to a “neutral” civil service type role role and nobody’s smelling rats?
And the media?
It’s not fair to describe Plaid Cymrri as piss poor; piss is useful.

Dr John Ball

Yes, at least they were “honest” crooks.


On a wider global perspective. I am aware that not may people can spare the time to read a lengthy document and interpret it’s content. I refer to UN Agenda 2030 [8 years left to full implementation]. Link below.


A word of warning. Written in Orwellian language where good means bad, where right means wrong. You need to read between the lines to understand the agenda. UN Agenda 2030 is a global plan designed by the ruling class to gain centralized control over earth’s resources and populations under a one world government. The plan existed for decades and is in full execution at breakneck speed since 2020. The goal of UN Agenda 2030 is to transform global society into a technocracy under the guise of sustainable development by 2030. The end result would be a high-tech slave system, impossible to escape from. Covid 19 plays an important role in advancing these agendas. UN Agenda 2030 has 17 Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]. According to the propaganda, the agenda is about creating a sustainable world, in balance with nature where there is equality and no hunger. The ruling class’ social engineers are exploiting a desire the majority of us have.

United Nations is an intergovernmental organization. All countries of the world are members and donate public funds. The SDGs trickle down hierarchically from the United Nations to national governments and to local governments. Cities and towns are executing programs in the context of SDGs. The programs may have varying names but when it is about sustainability and smart technology, it is a SDG implementation.

Technocracy is the science of social engineering. A technocracy is a governance system where science dictates how society is organized. The focus lies on resource management and population management on a global scale. The entities that run such a system are technocrats: scientists, the ruling class and Artificial Intelligence [AI].

In a technocracy, all resources of the planet are linked to, and managed by, a control grid. Resources include food, water, land, construction, animals and people. Products and living beings can be tracked with microchips with geo-location, RFID sensors and 5G. Fluids, gas and electricity throughput can be monitored with smart meters. The smart grid knows exactly what, when, where and how much a person uses. Access to resources can be shut down remotely. Meanwhile, governments make it harder to live self-sustainable and resource monopolization has been a reality for a long time. Survival would depend on the whims of the state who control the smart grid. For Example, access to basic resources for survival could be cut off for not testing or vaccinating for Covid 19, or simply because people voice criticism of the state.

Population management is about tracking the population, controlling where people can go, which behaviour is acceptable, tracking the population count and controlling who is allowed to reproduce (eugenics). A technocracy is a high-tech surveillance prison state. Cameras and face detection play a vital role but also online behaviour is monitored.

Punishments for behaviours deemed unsuitable to the technocrats would be automated, removing the human factor and negotiation from the equation. The ruling class are modelling the system on China’s digital dictatorship and social credit system. They wish to expand that model to the rest of the world. To link man to the grid, man has to merge with machine, which means at some future point, (nano) robotics would have to be inserted into the body. The perfect candidate for this crime is the global Covid 19 Vaccination programme. Nano particles are included in the new mRNA gene-editing therapies [incorrectly referred to as vaccines] now being rolled out.

A glance into the Orwellian future !

Big Gee

An excellent contribution – as usual Wynne.

Agenda 21/ 2030 is a hell of a document to get your head around. So to help others, I’ve added this BGB video to help them understand what this ‘Sustainable Development’ document is about.

It’s a presentation by Rosa Koire (the leading expert on the subject). Sadly Rosa is no longer with us – she passed away last year. The world is a poorer place without her.



Blwyddyn Newydd Dda iti yr hen barchedig ! Da dy weld yn cerdded y llwybr hyn eto. Gwbod yn iawn dy fod yn brysur ar dy wefan bersonol. Er nad wyf yn llwyr gytuno a’r neges yn llwyr, mae’n iach fod safbwyntiau gwahanol yn cael eu dosbarthu i’r sawl sy’n berchen rywfaint o barodrwydd i edrych mewn i’r pethe ‘ma. Dal ati, ma’ishe rhagor o drafod ar beth sy’n bwgwth ein dyfodol o fewn ein gwlad a tu hwnt.

Big Gee

Wel diolch am y geiriau caredig Dafis! Nid bob dydd y cyfeirir ataf fel “Yr hen BARCHEDIG!”

Blwyddyn newydd dda ac iach i tithau hefyd.

Y mae wedi bod yn daith anodd a gweithgar ers mis Mawrth 2020 i fi. Ar y dechrau yr oedd y neges yn cael ei derbyn fel pregeth gan y gwahân-glwyfus. Serch hynny, teimlaf fod yr ymdrech wedi bod yn hollol gwerth chweil, nid ar chwarae bach oedd creu ‘Big Gee’s Blog’ mewn mor ychydig o amser, ac yna y mae’r gwaith ymchwil a gweinyddiaeth y wefan wedi bod yn anferth, bron bob dydd a nos. Heb gymorth a chefnogaeth eraill fel Wynne, ni fyddai wedi bod yn bosibl.

Teimlaf fod y llanw wedi troi; y mae’r nifer o bobl yn fyd-eang sydd wedi deffro o’u trwgwst yn dystiolaeth i’r ymchwil a’r ymdrech yr wyf i ac eraill wedi ei fuddsoddi yn y gwaith hwn.

O’r diwedd y mae’r twyll a’r gweithgareddau dieflig sy’n glwm a’r dinistr hwn wedi cyrraedd yr wyneb, ac unwaith y mae’r torfeydd wedi deffro a deall beth sydd wedi digwydd iddynt – yn enwedig dwyn i ffwrdd eu rhyddid – dros y ddwy flynedd olaf, nid fyddant yn mynd nôl i gysgu.

Gwir y gair, y mae angen trafodaeth, ond hyd yn hyn ni ellir cael trafodaeth ar y cyfryngau swyddogol. Y mae hynny yn dystiolaeth i’r ffaith mae cynllwyn yn erbyn y bobl oedd yr holl beth.

OND y mae modd cael trafodaeth synhwyrol ar wefannau fel BGB. Y gwir yn erbyn y byd, ac y mae’r gwir yn ennill y dydd o’r diwedd!

Y jmae BGB wedi bod yn dawel ers rhyw fis, oherwydd cyflwr fy iechyd i. Credaf mai’r term modern am hynny yw ‘burn out’, ond yr wyf yn dechrau ail ennill tir unwaith eto.

Dalia i wrando ar y ddwy ochr yn y ddadl fawr hon Dafis, ac yna gwna dy feddwl dy HUNAN i fyny, yn hytrach na gwrando ar y propaganda a’r celwyddau swyddogol o enau’r gwleidyddion. Gwna dy ymchwil personol a defnyddia dy gydwybod i dy arwain, ar sail y dystiolaeth a’r prawf o’r gwirionedd.

Pob bendith (dyna ymadroddiad parchedig!!!)

Cymer ofal a gwna’n siŵr bob amser i gadw meddwl agored.




When you say that there is not a sizable ethnic community in Swansea in comparison to Cardiff and Newport, there is a most notable, longstanding and significant ethnic minority in the area. It is Jewish. Not only were there synagogues in Llanelli and Swansea but also Jews formed a vital and cherished role in the community. You don’t need to go far from Swansea to find a Samuel or an Issac, from pit bottom to copper works.


All the more galling to find that the new Childrens Commissioner for Wales thinks it’s appropriate to attend rallies in Swansea where the speakers shouting to kill Jews. This is not acceptable in Wales. There is also a significant funding steam via the third sector in Wales to various groups claiming to represent ‘ethnic minorities’ but where the Jewish community is routinely excluded. There has to be a review of the appointment of Rocio Cifuentes as Childrens Commissioner given the nature of these revelations.

Allen Dee

Maybe the young lady in question should have read the second link here, before joining a mob chanting ‘Kill Jews’ – it is about Kate Bosse-Griffiths the mother of Robert who founded and runs LOLFA in Wales. Then read the first link below of a present day Jewish hero in Swansea – Norma Glass MBE. https://racecouncilcymru.org.uk/mrs-norma-glass


Kathe Bosse-Griffiths is a good example of an immigrant settling into a new community, integrating and adding value, immense value. We must not forget her and her kind.

Sadly this is so unlike the entitled rabble that now arrive and inflict their values and norms without any regard or respect for that which predates their arrival.Of course to dissent from any of their loud agitation will lead to being denounced as “racist” “fascist” “xenophobe” when in reality it is their invasive manner that exhibits all the intolerant characteristics of fascism.

I just wish they’d all fuck off back to their roots if their culture and values are so important to them. If it’s so necessary to impose their norms in our country then they should accept the label of neo colonialism and not attempt to paste it onto others.

David Smith

I’d rather a thousand Polish plumbers move to Wales than a single one of the cavalcade of grifters and dossers that regularly ‘star’ in this blog.


Those plumbers and other building trades added value so in my book they were welcome. Especially as the UK Gov and the entire ruling elite had so devalued manual skills over decades that they were dying out. Some wishy washy notions of being a service economy where most of us would all cut each others hair or toenails or clean windows. FFS the clown who dreamt that up was seriously defective yet Blair &Co swallowed it and the Tory numpties ran with it when they came into power. It’s only recently the penny dropped that UK (and Wales) was much worse off being awash with graduates in useless bullshit subjects full of expectations but as much use as chocolate teapots – hence the creation of all those Daiversity and Inklusivity jobs for silly tosspots with degrees in meeja studies or comparative colonial history !


I’m confident that the Rt. Hon First Minister is working on a strategy and policy to address the issues you have raised Dafis, as we speak !!!

David Smith

Ha, or David Beckham studies. The other shit aspect is the flooding of towns like Bangor with students to fatten the university’s coffers. A Bangor accent is a bit of a rare thing in a pub here these days, and what it’s done to house prices, absent of any attendant real local increase in affluence from which the indigenous benefit, the likes of you might find in a Chester or ‘Home’ Counties University town, just plain stinks. I’m an alumnus and I’d happily see half that place torn down, it’s far too big for the town and the place has become far too dependent on this singular and seasonal industry.

Jonathan Edwards

And see Heini Gruffudd! Same family

Jonathan Edwards

But the Jews left Swansea as the economy went bad. As a community they do follow trade. But there was a twist in Abertawe. Heini Gruffudd is a total star in the cause of Wales. And he
– is half-Jewish
– brought up 4 children in a Welsh/Jewish/lay way (they are quite similar)
– was a main inspiration behind Ty Tawe
Which moved into Ty Tawe in Christina St., previously the synagogue/shop/community centre for the Jews of Swansea.
PS – don’t forget Sir Alfred Mond, the Welsh-Jewish-(sort of)Nationalist

Allen Dee

This Children Commissioner job seems to have been given via Political Patronage to ‘one of the girls’ – one of Labour’s girls. It’s the same old story of generations of the best jobs in Wales being given to Labour members or close relatives of Labour activists. Simply put as LABOUR TAFIA NEPOTISM. I presume that charades of ‘interviews’ were held, probably stiff interviews with presentations, by all other hopeful candidates from a short list. I wonder if the other ‘candidates’ who simply made up the interview numbers will read this. If so, they were cut up and short changed, they should kick up a stink as they have nothing to lose.

Lyn Jenkins

I wonder how many Welsh people there are in public office in Chile?? Mind you, they’ve named their capital after a Taff !…..Everyone’s heard of SANT IAGO !!!


Off topic, but i dont think you should retire! This country needs you, WE need you!! I lost everything due to a few greedy fraudulent jellies, i tried my hardest to expose them for who they were, obtained sufficient evidence to send them on a long “holiday” but for some reason the authorities/police never took me seriously, i was made to look a fool! Got to a point in where i actually feared for my life, just 1 example…..in 2014/15 had baylifs in my shop looking for money to pay for electricity i wasn’t using, (landlord was a local business man, owned a lot of properties & had friends in the highest of places inc the mayor/councillors) bills went from £260ish a quarter to £3800ish! Electrician friend found Cable connected to my meter leading up to the 3 flats above, also a 2nd one going into the cellar of next door (owned by his family/cousin who got caught by police growing cannabis ) anyway landlord had installed new card meters in flats & tenants bought topups directly from him at stupidly high prices, it seemed that everytime i tried reporting it things mysteriously went back to normal, my relationship with landlord started getting nasty, then after 16months of hell he went into my shop & changed the locks, when i managed to get back in he phoned police to report me for breaking & entering, i was left with nothing apart from £’sssss of electricity debts? totalling over £11000, i was too weak to fight my nightmares to the bitter end, i gave up, buried head in sand & had a breakdown, seeing my shop fixtures sold in the local charity shop was the nail in the coffin!! If it wasn’t for people like yourself, these money thirsty fraudsters will continue to pray on the vulnerable & probably get away with it, Please never stop exposing these nasty sharks!!!


Interesting how support for, as you say, ‘Palestine’ is seized upon by both the far left and far right. The Horseshoe Theory in action, perhaps? I can understand with their Nazi sympathies why the far right has glommed on to the issue, but what dog does the far left have in the fight? My guess would be them seeing the Palestinians as an oppressed people, and there’s a nice juicy bit of virtue signalling going for the taking. A bit like with their gravitation towards YesCymru.


Far left, far right … not much between them. They share more common ground than they care to admit and are found at extreme points on a spectrum purely because the linear 2 dimensional model is deeply flawed. In 3D they are tucked up in bed together and only fight because they are separate power groups both hungry for the chance to inflict their “superior” world view on the rest of us. These lifestyle leftie types are only of concern because they enable the more vicious extremes to creep in behind them. Absolute dunces who can’t see what is going on around them. They think that grabbing grants and funding is the be all and end all. It irritates the rest of us sane people who could put those funds to far more effective use in rebuilding our country.


Yes that’s an interesting angle you’ve brought into sharp relief there, that basically both groups are one and the same when it comes to intolerance for any worldviews or stances besides their own. Surely however you mean the 1D political model, i.e. the linear spectrum, is the flawed and simplistic one? 2D would be the biaxial diagram, which is undoubtedly another (albeit closer) simplification or abstraction from the true nature of things too.


“Extremism is so easy. You’ve got your position, and that’s it. It doesn’t take much thought. And when you go far enough to the right you meet the same idiots coming around from the left.

(Interview, Time Magazine, February 20, 2005)”


Well yes, and let’s not disregard the cognitive dissonance when it comes to the treatment of women and homosexuals by its adherents. I wonder why that is the case, I’d have to guess a pushback to perceived Islamophobia in the Daily Mail, the Express and parties/movements like the BNP, Britain First, EDL, etc.

Exactly. This, of course, is reflected in the fact that recruitment of mixed race and BAME people, especially women (as your excellent post highlights), to almost all political parties and high offices is at record highs and presented almost unquestioningly and unconditionally as a positive sign of diversity and multiculturalism with a radical feminist BLM electoral reform system specifically dedicated to increasing the percentage of BAME women by having more of them stand for election and more citizens vote for them. It’s a perfect dysfunctional and dystopian circle with no end point.

Howell Williams

Only one thing I have to say.

Yann Maenden

Are Gwlad still going ???.
Even Jac doesn’t bang on about them any more.


multiple ticks of approval for that.