What’s in a Name?


Soon after I’d posted Swansea Council, etc., etc., Part the Fourth on February 25th, it got a comment signed ‘Elena_Handkaart’. (Geddit?) This comment came from e-mail address ‘gretacarbo@————–‘, while four subsequent comments from ‘Elena’ came via ‘portal_bot@————–‘. Five comments in all to this one post. I heard no more from ‘Elena’.

Swansea Labour Party 5 (March 20) and Swansea Labour Party 6: Incest and Sybaritism (April 23) received a number of comments from the same, ‘greta’, e-mail account, but this time signed ‘Nick O’Seer’ (Geddit?) and ‘Greta’. I received a further twenty comments from the same address, all signed ‘Greta’ apart from two, which were signed ‘C Mibabijive’ (Geddit?)  and ‘Gonzoland’ (which might mean something to someone out there). Even though these all came from the same e-mail address there were many different IP Addresses. Something else worth noting is that ‘Greta’ seems to respond only to posts concerning Swansea and / or the local Labour Party.

While the first comment from ‘Gonzoland’ came from the ‘gretacarbo’ e-mail address, subsequent comments using that name came from different addresses. The first being daleygleephart@——— and the second a Gmail address with a recognisable name. In total, I received nine comments signed ‘Daley Gleephart’ and all came from the address of that name. More recently, and from the named Gmail address, I have received comments signed ‘Opera Wynn4Me’ (Geddit?) and ‘Dredj and Waffel’. With one ‘Dredj and Waffel’ comment from the ‘daleygleephart’ address, leaving me in no doubt that I was dealing with the same Dredj and Waffelperson using a number of aliases.

There may even have been comments from this person that I’ve missed, using yet more aliases. I’m sure there are; for someone with so much to say, and such a talent for aliases, would know no bounds. So who is it? Well, I am ninety-nine per cent certain that it’s a Labour councillor in Swansea. Certainly the Gmail address carries the same name as a Swansea Labour councillor. (I also dug out from old comments a BT address with the same name.)

Seeing as he – unlike ‘Cliffoch’ and a few others – has not been offensive or threatening, I won’t name him. Though I do wonder how many aliases he uses, and how many blogs, newspapers, etc., he posts comments on. If he’s got something to say – and clearly he has – then why doesn’t he say it in his own name? It all seems . . . well, so underhand, so typical of Labour. And of others who oppose us, as I’ve tried to explain in other posts.

Here’s my message to Councillor X. You are welcome to contribute comments to this blog, but you will do so in your own name. Because in future I shall not publish any comments from your host of imaginative aliases.Jacques

UPDATE 14.11.13: Received a comment from ‘Jacques du Nord’ using the e-mail address jaconorth@btinternet.com. Fame of a kind, I suppose. He joins this one (below) who appeared soon after my Google blog was shut down almost a year ago. And there have been others. Encouraging, in a way. I’m obviously pissing somebody off.


UPDATE  15.11.13: I am now satisfied that the subject of this post, the person who has been posting comments on the blog, using a variety of e-mail addresses and aliases, is not a Labour councillor in Swansea. It is someone else in that city  with the same name, who also happens to be a Labour member or supporter. Which explains the confusion. I can’t really say much more, partly because to identify the troll would be to identify the councillor, and vice versa, which I don’t want to do. For as I said in the post, despite being annoying, this troll has not been abusive or threatening so, unlike others I’ve dealt with, he doesn’t deserve to be named.

12 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Red ²

    ☻__ Thanks for the update
    /▌ ︻╦╤─
    ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Nearly sent in
    I███████████████████] this Crushian Tank

  2. D Morris

    Jac your time is best served on important Welsh issues, don’t waste any more valuable time on this Brit-Welsh councillor, have done with it & name him/her and move on. The other option is block him/her and let it find another platform to spout drivel from.

    1. Jac

      This Swansea story may be a bit more complicated than I thought. But I have taken your advice (before I even received it!) and am working on an interesting new post.

  3. Jacques du Nord

    “I am ninety-nine per cent certain that it’s a Labour councillor in Swansea.”
    Email the Councillor. Realise that it’s not him. Apologise.
    Having the same name as someone else does not mean anything.

        1. Jac

          Who have you e-mailed? I haven’t named him! Unless you mean you’ve e-mailed the Swansea Labour councillor with the same name as is showing now on your Gmail account? Which I believe is you. If it’s not you, he will deny it; if you are him, you will deny it.

          1. How wrong can someone get

            I know Bill Gates. He’s not Bill Gates of Microsoft fame even though he is a Certified Microsoft Software Engineer.
            Jac: You state that you haven’t named him and you haven’t. However, you state that he has the same name as me. I went to the council website and found the councillor’s email address.
            I am not the councillor. The councillor has never met me and probably hasn’t visited your website.

            1. Jac

              You want me to believe that it’s pure coincidence you have the same name as a Labour councillor; and pure coincidence that you only comment on posts about Swansea council or the Labour Party. Well, I don’t. You are that councillor. Getting him (i.e. you) to deny it wont’t prove a thing. The way to do it – if you’re right – is to explain who you are.

              I also note that you have made no attempt to tell us why you have used so many aliases and e-mail addresses. It was to hide your identity because you’re a councillor. But the problem with using so many guises is that you’re bound to slip up eventually. You did; allowing me to make the connections between your various identities. Now you are left with no option other than to brazen it out.

              You have been exposed. This debate is going nowhere until you are honest. Unless you prove to my satisfaction that you are not the councillor I believe you to be I shall publish no further comments from you. This time it’s final.

  4. Daley Gleephart

    Good. You’re banning a Councillor who doesn’t post comments to you.
    Presumably, because I’m not a Councillor, not a politician and not someone who works for a political party, you’ll continue to publish any polite views that I send to you?

    1. Jac

      I am publishing this comment only in order to explain the situation more clearly. This year you have posted comments to my blog using a number of aliases and from different e-mail addresses. I was able to make sense of it because you provided ‘links’. By which I mean, the same alias would be used on more than one e-mail address and the same e-mail address would be used by more than one of the names you used. When followed, these links made up a chain.

      The other thing I noticed was that you, in your various guises, only comment on posts of mine about Swansea and its Labour Party. Displaying what many would describe as ‘inside knowledge’. Two of the e-mail addresses you used – Gmail and BT – gave a name, a real name. This name just happens to be that of a Swansea Labour councillor. Now you using two e-mail addresses with the same name as a Labour councillor, plus your interest in, and knowledge of, the Swansea Labour Party, might be just pure coincidence. But I don’t think so.

      So, ‘Daley’, ‘Greta’, ‘Elena’, etc., etc., you are blocked, unless you can somehow prove that it’s all a coincidence. Even then, you’d still need to explain why you comment using so many different names, from so many different e-mail addresses. Because even if by some chance you are not the councillor I’m thinking of, you are still an individual hiding behind multiple identities. I don’t like that.

      The only other possibility is that there’s two or more of you, sharing aliases and e-mail addresses. But I don’t believe that. So, Councillor, do the honest thing, stop being so Welsh Labour, and post comments under your real name.

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