Cymrophobia and the Many Identities of Jacques Protic

There are many people who, quite frankly, hate us for being Welsh. We hear it regularly from smart-arse stand-ups and oh-so-clever calumnists. They can say and write things about us that would get them prosecuted if ‘Black’, ‘Jewish’, ‘Irish’, ‘Pakistani’ or any other group was substituted for ‘Welsh’. Most are thankfully outside of Wales, but there are some living among us.

This latter group doesn’t like Wales being in any way ‘different’ to England. They are not prepared to tolerate a separate, Welsh national identity, and the thought of any of us speaking a language other than English makes some of them apoplectic. (Especially when reminded, or informed, that Welsh was spoken in England long before English.) The people I’m describing won’t really be satisfied until every last vestige of a separate Welsh identity has disappeared.

Though I will concede that antipathy towards Welsh identity and traditions is something of which we ourselves have sometimes been guilty. Our own aristocracy and gentry couldn’t drop the ap and the ab quick enough once they were sure Harri Tudur was secure on the throne of the newly-minted Englandandwales. A few centuries later the rise of socialism, and especially the growth of the English-Irish Labour Party, saw Welshness again rejected, this time because it was ‘holding us back’. (From what exactly, was never adequately explained.)

Today, the anti-Welshness we experience is different because it cannot be explained by self-interest or warped political dogma; and it’s much less likely to come from within the Welsh nation itself. Which makes what we are experiencing today pure, naked racism.

To some extent it stems from what political analysts describe as a ‘growing sense of English identity’. Which need not be a bad thing when preached by, say, Billy Bragg; but Bragg’s interpretation of Englishness hardly resonates outside of folk clubs. Whereas what I’m thinking of – even without invoking the BNP or EDL – is rather intolerant and xenophobic. Expressed in its attitudes to ‘Europe’, immigration, ‘ungrateful’ Jocks and other villains . . . with foreign aid and further grievances being unearthed by politicians and media on an almost daily basis. In this scenario we Welsh are nothing but a bunch of sponging indigenous primitives to be ridiculed and despised. A bit like Aborigines, but with the saving grace that, being white, we can be anglicised and assimilated.

But of course none of this can be said openly (outside of the Daily Mail) which makes it very difficult for those who hate us for just being Welsh to express their true feelings. Nor do we provide a ‘hook’ on which they can hang their prejudices. For we have never attacked other nations. We have not in recent times waged guerilla warfare against England. We certainly don’t covet any far-off islands. We don’t commit more crimes than other groups. We are not religious zealots. And the smell of cawl being carried on the breeze shouldn’t offend anyone. Nor is there any reason to envy us, as the English envy the Germans for being richer, or the French for being more sophisticated. All of which gives a certain irony when standing up for what you are results in being called “an intolerant Welsh bastard” by Ukip supporters who fled Birmingham because they refused to live among other races and cultures.

Being unable to admit their ugly sentiments those I’m discussing must couch their hatred in what they hope sounds more rational language. They tell us they are opposed to further devolution, because it’s ‘too expensive’ . . . never because it gives power to a people they despise. Or they argue – on purely educational grounds, you understand – against the teaching of the Welsh language, or Welsh history, in our schools. Another favourite is the ‘waste of money’ on bilingualism – ‘cos we all speaks English, innit’. In fact anything distinctively Welsh is condemned as ‘divisive’ . . . whereas flying a flag that ignores Wales is, bizarrely, ‘inclusive’! And ninety-nine times out of a hundred it comes in the ‘package’. What’s the ‘package’? Well, just ask yourself, ‘How many people do I know who are rabidly hostile to the Welsh language but support greater devolution?’

Lest you think I’m exaggerating, or focusing too much on the realignment of identification taking place among Protic 2the English, I shall broaden the scope of this opus to prove that Cymrophobia is a condition that can afflict individuals with roots far away, in lands of which we know little; belonging to nations with whom our fathers had no quarrel. Such a man is Jacques Protic. (Click to enlarge.)

Many of you may be unfamiliar with the name, but if you follow Welsh political blogs then you will have read his comments under a host of pseudonyms, ‘Jon Jones’, ‘Mo Patel’, etc. Once one is exposed another emerges. He also comments as Jacques Protic. The giveaway is that they often appear on the same post ‘supporting’ each other. On Twitter, Protic can – or could until recently – be found hiding behind a number of handles including: @gogwatch, @GLASNOSTORGUK, @cymnot, @Plaidodo (also used as an e-mail address), and @momopatel1960. This ‘Mo Patel’ Twitter account has now closed, but I’m told it started off using my gravatar with the eyes scratched out and the mouth taped over! There are almost certainly other identities. Though strangely, for a high-powered, international businessman, I can’t find a Twitter account in his own name.

(Protic thinks he’s been a clever boy recently by ‘naming’ me. Ooooo! Sorry, Jacques, but just about everybody knows I’m Royston Jones, originally from Swansea, now living near Tywyn.)

Protic is also, allegedly, the man behind the now defunct Gogwatch website and it is further suggested that he ran the Glasnost blog. Given his obsessive hatred for the teaching of Welsh (read this), there are many who believe that Protic was also BiLingo. Although not naming Protic this blog establishes the link between BiLingo and Gogwatch. BiLingo caused a great deal of hurt to good people, dedicated teachers, through having its lies repeated by English newspapers.

These Twitter accounts, blogs, and handles claim to speak for “the silent majority”, giving the impression of an army of concerned parents ready to rise up to fight the oppressor forcing the Welsh language down the throats of their darling offspring. And yet . . . where are they? Do we ever see them protesting outside council offices or schools? Is there an organisation claiming to represent them (other than Gogwatch, Glasnost, BiLingo)? I don’t deny there may be a minority that would prefer their children weren’t reminded they are in Wales, but they’re not bothered enough to make a fuss about it. That is left to a tiny number of obsessives like Protic, a man so eaten up with hatred, and so detached from reality, that he may believe his countless pseudonyms are real peopProticle – maybe his fabled ‘majority’!

Not only does Protic sometimes write in his own name, he has even stood for election. In May this year he offered himself to the electors of the Aethwy ward on Ynys Mon as an Independent candidate . . . he gained 3% of the vote. (Click to enlarge.) Maybe we shouldn’t read too much into a single election, but given that his views on the Welsh language and associated issues would have been the only reason the voters would have heard of him, his share of the vote gives a fair indication of how much support his views really have, at least in that corner of the island. It indicates the yawning gulf between his imagined ‘majority’ and the cruel truth.

Protic and his kind are obviously objectionable, but shouldn’t be a problem to any proud and confident nation. But we Welsh are not a proud and confident nation. Which explains why there are many in Wales afraid to confront him and his odious kind. Arguing that we should ‘reach out’, ‘reason with them’, ‘engage them in dialogue’. Being reasonable with people who are only going to laugh at us and interpret our reasonableness as weakness is the mistake we’ve been making for the past few centuries, and look where it’s got us – a country poorer than Bulgaria, an Assembly run by English civil servants, and our people a minority in large areas of Wales . . . If we aren’t very careful we are going to be so damn ‘reasonable’ that we shall cease to exist.

Finally, and I was hoping to avoid this, but it has to be said – Protic is a Serb. Now many of you will know that over the years I have defended the Serbs against their many detractors, but I was never blind to the atrocities committed – by all sides – in the Balkan wars. So, tell us, Jacques; would a Croat, or an Albanian, or a Bosnian Muslim, have the freedom, in Serb-controlled territory, to mouth hatred of Serbs in the way that you spew out your hatred for us Welsh?

P.S. If I have wrongly attributed to Jacques Protic a website, blog, Twitter account, ‘handle’ or anything else, I will retract without hesitation if the person to whom it does belong can satisfactorily identify himself / herself.

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Speaking as someone who’s half Scottish, half Serb, I hope to God that he’s not really Serb – I’ve only seen one of his xenophobic tweets and that’s enough. Have to say, I’ve never seen an actual Serb with the forename ‘Jacques’ – not unless their mother happened to be French or Belgian. There is a Serbian equivalent, however.

I’ll cling to the hope that he’s a fraud.

Radha Nair-Roberts

Thank you so much, this is spot on. The rabid anti-Welsh comments of Protic and his alter egos on IWA articles actually stopped me reading them (the articles) at all. I often wondered why on earth those comments weren’t deleted for the vile xenophobic hatred and racism. I’m not from Cymru though I love this country heart and soul. I agree that Welsh people can be too understanding and non-confrontational sometimes. Not me though! And I will defend this beautiful land and its culture with all my heart. No pulled punches!

Ben G

Protic has kicked the bucket. Half the vitriol has disappeared overnight.


Just catching up 🙂 I noted this house in Ynys Mon was sold in April 2014 You are very good decent people here fighting a good fight. Respect.


I wonder if Jaques Protic will be joining with Ysgol Glanwydden’s celebrations following this week’s publication of Estyn’s report on the school?

Among the praise heaped on the pupils are …
“Throughout the school, nearly all pupils have a very positive attitude to learning Welsh. They enjoy learning Welsh in a range of subjects and use Welsh well in collective worship, in extra-curricular activities and generally around the school. …Many pupils develop into confident Welsh speakers and they use Welsh well in a range of contexts…”

And the teaching …
“The school creates an outstanding ethos that promotes interest and enthusiasm towards the Welsh language and Welsh culture. It provides excellent opportunities to ensure that pupils develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards the subject. The whole curriculum, including extra-curricular activities, promote the Welsh dimension very well. … Careful planning, and choice of interesting and often challenging reading material and text, mean that pupils’ skills develop very well so that more able pupils often choose to write in Welsh in other subjects such as history, design technology and science. This is an outstanding feature.”

Not only have the school been recognised by Estyn for their excellence in teaching Welsh, but the have also managed a “Good” in all other aspects of teaching, learning and management.

Congratulation to the Headteacher, staff and Governors for their vision and dedicated hard work, and to the “silent majority” of Ysgol Glanwydden parents for their trust in the school despite the rantings of this semi-detatched parent.

Troll Buster
Troll Buster

The son is Mark Protic born in 1971

Troll Buster

Protic definitely has many aliases, though Cliffoch is not one of them, but of course Christopher Stephen Clifford is part of his little group of pathetic bigoted followers.

If your reading this Chris, hopefully you are, if you carry on trolling, I will send a nice letter informing your employer of your antics. You know exactly what you’ve been up to and so do I !!!


I meant ‘mainly eastern Euopeans’ above….and there’s a Gareth Walley who’se a friend….now living in Swansea but from Mold. Also a link there to Glasnost.


Here he is:

Looks like the few friends he has are eastern Europeans. And he’s only ‘liked’ one thing…..’The Communist Party of Trinidad’. There are a few friends who are also Protics.


Nothing this year. Based in Chester. And Gareth Whalley, his erstwhile business parther in EBSOL Ltd, Kingston Upon Thames and Llangefni (see my earlier comment), is now in the city of my dreams!


I’m not going to link directly, as I’m sure all the detectives on here will be quick enough to do the work.

Linked In. Gareth Whalley. DVLA Swansea, originally from Chester. Says he’s a fluent Welsh-speaker. Used to work for Q Plasma Technologies (guess who used to be that company’s director). Involved in patenting and project management, including new sterilisation equipment based around plasma.

It appears Q Plasma had big plans as they wanted to move to Merseyside, increase production and roll out new sterilisation equipment. Clearly something went wrong, as several years later there’s nothing. Enough for a chip on one’s shoulder, don’t you think?

Jac o' the North

I’ve been checking Protic’s record in business. The man has the ‘Reverse Midas’. Seven or eight companies he’s been involved with have all gone belly-up. Can’t find a single success.

Gareth Whalley

Shoulda just asked me at the time pal 😀

Gareth Whalley

Be uffarn?! 😀 O’n i’n nabod a gweithio gyda Jacques cyn iddo golli ei farblis gyda’r cach anti-cymraeg ‘ma… Trawiad calon, cwmniodd o’n mynd yn byst, ei wraig ar y pryd yn chwara ffwr a problemau gyda ysgoli ei blant anfonnodd o i doolally land. Do’dd gen i’m byd i neud gyda EBSOL chwaith, jyst gweithio gyda fo (QPlasma Technologies) ‘rol prifysgol am ddwy flynedd yn Lerpwl… Bethbynnag, dyn cymleth gyda ochra da ac ochra drwg, nath o helpu fi’n arw pan o’n i’n ifanc ond ella braidd o ‘anchor’ degflwydd yn ganlynol, benthyg arian a.y.

Kingston on Thames / Llangefni?? Dim syniad…


My detective instincts kicked in to find why Jacques Protic, being so elderly, has a command of the English language (twang of Wirral) far superior to that of Serbian. I am told his command of his native language is very poor and Shtokavian (standard posh), and does not speak in Vojvodina dialect, which his surname would suggest. I conclude that he has not acquired UK nationality since the disintegration of Yugoslavia, but that he is UK born and bred, and is probably the offspring of former Serbian aristocracy, emigrating to the UK in the years abutting WW2. Second generation British national suggests deported Chetnik (Trieste arrangement). A command of the German language is essential to conduct his recently boasted scientific/medical business in modern Serbia. Modern command of German and Shtokavian (Serbian standard) would usually indicate that he is ex-pat of Gorenjska or Stajerska, forming part of what is now independent Slovenia. This may explain his hatred of nationalism. He could even be third generation Vojvodina extract with the name of Protic which could indicate he may even be related to the inter-war prime minister of the Balkan states. Also, rather sadly, if is command of German is native, it would suggest former Nazi collaboration stock settled in Germany after WW2. Thus he would have had to exchange a German nationality for British. If his linguistic abilities are learned (feat of talent) I cannot see why he has such a problem with the Welsh language. Hopefully his animosity to all things Welsh is just an inherited family chip, and is in no way professionally connected to the British (or other) state. Bit of an odd specimen if you ask me. Last time I was on Ynys Mon the natives could pinpoint my valleys heritage regardless of which language I spoke. How long has he been resident in Llanbedrgoch? Penddu has an interesting suggestion!


There’s a lot here to take in, and a lot of speculation; though I like the theory of Protic being the offspring of Chetnik aristos. Where I’m confused is your reference to him being “so elderly”. (The only one to suggest this was ‘Marion’.) Where’s the evidence for this? If, as the evidence suggests, he’s working, has children in school then, my guess would be – from the Linkedin pic – that he’s in his forties.

Penddu’s suggestion of orchestration is interesting, though I’m not sure it explains how a man who – if his Linkedin profile is correct – lives on Ynys Mon, commutes to Chester, has a young family, and yet finds time to contribute to countless blogs and forums under multiple names. Unless Penddu is correct and we are dealing with an organised group, with agreed arguments to promote, and a variety of names that can be used by any in the group.

Protic stood in the council elections earlier this year. If I lived nearer I would go to the council offices in Llangefni and check over his nomination paper. See who proposed and seconded him, also the other signatories supporting his candidature.


I have assumed that Mr Protic business interests since the early 1990s genuinely related to the supply of high tech medical equipment of Austro-German expertise to Serbia, and his commercial record is genuine…
Born 1945.

Falsification of a commercial history would suggest trade in something more sinister in nature.
Speculation can only be made fact by a process of elimination.

Priority elimination would be involvement with Urenco at Capenhurst and him choosing a pretty cottage in the countryside to retire to, spotted while visiting the area on Wylfa fuel decommissioning contracts. It would be unusual for traders in vacuum gas plasma technology to write controversial letters to the press. If this line of enquiry is correct, Jac, put cornflakes under your doormat and keep holdalls away from the bathtub.

More likely to be a sales-rep phoenix entrepreneur to be avoided.


This gets weirder and weirder, or else we’re just running down a succession of blind alleys. Let’s recap.

Protic is 67 or 68. (Though an entry I found had him born in 1943.) According to the link you provided his business activities began in 1992. If there was no previous business career then this is late in life to start. If he was, as you suggest, supplying high tech medical equipment from Germany and Austria to Serbia, wasn’t there an embargo in place due to the conflict? Or was medical equipment exempt?

According to the link you provided, Protic has no directorships after November 2011. But I also turned up this for a company not mentioned on that link, called EBSOL Ltd, based in Kingston Upon Thames, though the only two directors named are Protic and a Gareth Iwan Whalley of Mold. So why in Surrey? I then found a presence on the Bryn Cefni estate in Llangefni. This company seems to have been dissolved in March 2011. This company was previously known as EBUILD services Ltd. This is what “struck off” means in this context.

I don’t know who Gareth Iwan Whalley is, but there was a footballer called Gareth Whalley, played for Cardiff among many other clubs. His last club – from 2007 – was Altrincham, which could tie in with the Mold address. Is he this Gareth Whalley? Probably not, because the footballer was born in 1973, while Protic’s assocaite was born in 1977.

So if Gareth Iwan Whalley is not Gareth Whalley the footballer, then it’s reasonable to assume that Protic had a business associate who was a Welsh speaker. So could a business relationship that turned sour, or some other personal dispute, account for Protic’s hatred for the Welsh language? When did he emerge as the bete-noir of the Welsh language – was it fairly recent? Maybe a contribution from Gareth Iwan Whalley would help.

Whatever the answers, I’ve spent enough time on Protic. Until I can be persuaded otherwise I will believe that he’s nothing more than a sad and bigoted individual with a massive chip on his shoulder. He writes under a number of pseudonyms, and makes a nuisance of himself in other ways, because he now has time on his hands. So thanks for the advice, Brychan, but I don’t think I need cornflakes under the doormat.


Are you sure the full correct name is represented on the
list of company directors?

A rather nasty swastika clad thug by the correct name
of Mr Peter Whalley, aged 64, of Cardiff stood as the BNP candidate in Islwyn at
the 2011 Senedd elections. At the previous Westminster election, the BNP candidate for Merthyr received a false nomination
where the first name of the person nominating was forged to give the impression
of a different person of a same household. This resulted in an arrest. That
candidate, subject to an nomination to the adjusted name, Barnes, then stood as
BNP candidate on the North Wales regional list at the same, 2011 Senedd election
where Mr Peter Whalley stood under his full correct name in Islwyn.

Alwyn Ap Huw

Is there a possibility that there might be a Jaques sr and a Jaques jr? The man involved in stirring up trouble at Glanwydden Primary School in February was definitely a parent of children in the school and much younger than mid to late 60s; I suspect that Jaques born circa 1945 might be the father of or another older relative of Glastnos Jaques

Jac o' the North

That’s been puzzling me. Protic is at least 67, too old surely to have kids in a primary school. So there might be a father and son act.

Something else that puzzles me is the name. He’s a Serb, with links in Germany and England, so why the French name?

Jac o' the North

I think it’s just a coincidence with the name.

Jac o' the North

I think it’s just a coincidence with the name


The declaration of nomination – with proposer and seconder but not the 7 (?) supporting signatures – can be seen here:


Jon Jones is quite obsessive regarding the Welsh language. He claims to live on Ynys Mon. If he does, then you can be guaranteed that he would be getting involved locally in anti-Welsh campaigns (like the one Protic tried to get off the ground at the school locally) or trying to instigate some or writing to the local press. Does he appear in the letter columns locally? It’s more than likely he is active but Jon Jones is not his real name. Even his name is a piss-take. ‘John’ spelt in a phonetically Welsh way and then Jones’ being the most popular Welsh name. It’s quite possibly Protic.

anonymous benefactor

My hunch is that Jon Jones and John Jones, both of Anglesey and both well-known welsh-haters with a beef about education and Welsh classes in schools are one and the same, so if it is Protic, he may sometimes lose track of his aliases.

anonymous benefactor

Thanks for the link to the ‘petition’. There is a John Jones from Anglesey AND a Jacques Protic from Anglesey on the petition. Does this mean that Protic has faked an ID to sign a petition, or that he and J Jones are not the same?
Great to see the usual bigots on there: John Walker, John Tyler, et al, despicable and obsessive Welsh-haters.
Any further info on ‘J Jones’, because he, whoever he is, is a ubiquitous welsh-basher and it would be good to prove that he was a fake.


The petition signatory is ‘John Jones’. The one who invariably supports, or is supported by, Jacques Protic, is always ‘Jon Jones’. So difficult to say.

leigh richards

always remember the old adage jac ‘birds of a feather flock together’ …..ive long suspected the ‘culture war’ currently being waged on all aspects of welsh identity across the web and on the welsh blogosphere is the work of more than just one warped, friendless, hate filled individual….and in that respect i think some of the names on this petition make interesting reading….hmm a nice little cabal of prominent wales haters in amongst those names

and not the only ‘project’ they’ve been collaborating on im sure! indeed a coordinated effort on the part of a few dedicated cymruphobes might explain all the different ip’s from the same accounts people seem to have picked up on, after all all you need to post under any account name is the password and the email address for it…..and there is no reason why such log in details cannot be shared among a group of people…..also might account for the numerous fake identities on sites like walesonline, clickonwales, twitter and facebook etc and these ‘identities’ seeming capacity to post voluminously and incessantly – they obviously believe in ‘sharing the workload’!…….is something for people to consider anyway…..

and while considering that is worth taking a look at these statistics and info for the glasnost uk site…..

course the blog name ‘glasnost uk’, replete with a union flag, is somewhat misleading given that it operates from a server based in, and domain purchased in, germany – the kundenserver – which operates from karlsruhe.…..hmm….very patriotic!……whatever would captain Mainwaring think of it all!…..glasnost uk is due to run out in just over a months time….…..



As I said in my post and subsequent comments, we have a small number of fanatically anti-Welsh people using different names and ‘handles’ in the hope of giving the impression they are many. So the number of signatures on the petition is pathetic, especially when you recall that according to Jaques Protic his views are those of “the silent majority”. Bollocks.

As for the link with, I wouldn’t set too much store by this site. According to StatsCrop my server is based in Houston, Texas, and my blog gets just 30 visits a day.

Big Gee

A Serb eh? Strange. Although he certainly LOOKS of east Europan decent (judging by his ears) – assuming the photo in his alias profile is correct.

As so called “Christians”, the Serbs were regarded as a “protected people” under Ottoman law, but in practice were treated as second-class citizens and often harshly treated – and still are – over recent times. A bit like us, officially ‘protected’ by the English but in reality treated as second class-citizens. Much like bastard parents who claim publicly to protect their children whom they then abuse cruelly behind the closed doors of their home.

Weird how someone of that ethnicity should feel the need to attack us – after all – they have historically felt the injustices of other tyrannical nations themselves. Perhaps it’s a case of the abused needing to abuse someone else. Maybe he needs counselling, if that fails I’d suggest we put him down, it’s what we do with mad dogs isn’t it?


A lot of the Anglo bigots like protic who infest bbc and icwales blogs seem to be ex military… or maybe serving TA types. Is this just coincidence – or a reflection of their average viewpoint – or maybe there is someone out there orchestrating these nutters?


Jacques Protic does not work in Chester or anywhere else. He is an old man living in Menai Bridge and is probably loving all this attention. A sad person, and similar to the narcissist any attention good or bad only serves to stroke his ego. Vile and out of touch with reality, perhaps we should feel sympathy for this poor damaged pensioner.

joni bach

Love your blog Jac, great info.
Who do you think Cliffoch ap……. is ? Heard he’s not in wales but switzerland, he’s a horrible piece of work


Yes, I’ve heard that, but with modern technology – if I understood it – I could no doubt pretend I was blogging from Wagga-Wagga. Don’t matter where he is because, as you say, he’s “a horrible piece of work”.


Just thought I’d leave this here : <a href=""Censorship at Click on Wales?


“Ah! Freedom of Choice”. What bollocks are spouted in defence of thee!

If Bigotic was half as clever as he thinks he is he’d realise why he might be ‘censored’. It’s because his anti-Welsh diatribes are a godsend for nationalists. He is the kind of recruiting sergeant we’ve lacked in recent decades. Back in the ’60s we had George Thomas. Listening to that pathetic excuse for a Welshman made a lot of the uncommitted think, ‘Hang on, maybe these nationalists have got a point’. Add Georgie boy to Tryweryn and the Investiture and you can see why there was a resurgence of patriotism in the ’60s.

The English State has been careful not to gift us another Tryweryn or Investiture, but they can’t stop opinionated and semi-literate arseholes emerging periodically from the slime. The best they can do is limit the exposure given to these people. Thereby limiting the damage they might wreak by antagonising and mobilising the uncommitted.

So listen, Protic . . . you aren’t being censored by people who disagree with you. You are having a friendly hand put over your mouth because your indiscretions might prove too provocative. That said, there’s a glorious irony in a man with more pseudonyms than a jet-set con man complaining of censorship.


More bigotry from the Brit Left…

The author is a former Gwynedd resident, now a “strident feminist based in North London”.


Talking of Gwynedd, she writes: “This was the heartland of Llewelyn, the 13th-century last prince of an independent Wales, and more recently the arsonist avengers Meibion Glyndwr – although the only things they’re lighting these days are their fags.” So she knows who was in Meibion Glyndwr and she also knows they’re cigarette-smokers? Why hasn’t she told the police, these cases are still open?

Here we have a very embittered woman trying to put her case across to a metropolitan, Lefty, English audience. So how better than to traduce ‘reactionary terrorists’ than by painting a picture of them rejecting the healthy lifestyles of her readers, replete with fags hanging from their lips. Which about sums up the quality of both the writing and the argument.

I have said for decades that the Brit Left is probably a bigger threat than the Brit Right. The problem has been that too many in Wales are socialists, and even those who want greater devolution or independence still see themselves as part of some ideological continuuum with the Brit Left, no matter how hostile to Wales the latter.


His Linkedin profile is just a hobby. His main line of business is political propaganda and he’s pretty damned good at it as well. I take it, Jac, that no rebuttals or denials have been forthcoming apart from ‘George’s’ parsimonious reluctance to publicise his abundance of IP addresses?


Nothing, as yet. But if I know Protic as I think I do, he is almost certainly planning retaliation. Though a wiser man would realise that he’s outstayed his welcome in Wales. Of course, if he were to leave he would – like Jools Ruck and a few others – claim that he’d been ‘driven out’ by intolerant Welsh nationalists.

And to some extent he’d be correct. For I am no longer prepared to tolerate being insulted in my own country by people with a questionable right to be here. They don’t like Wales? They don’t like us? Fine, fuck off. But don’t stay here whining about ‘bigotry’ in the hope you can change things. That sort of arrogance, trying to change a people and a country on which you have imposed yourself, is just another form of colonialism.


jac,coming from a very long line (all side of family) from Ireland, I agree. I believe at the time of building Mostyn docks most workers were Irish. Many from the poorer part only spoke Irish.This was OK yet Welsh craftsmen were frobidden to speak Welsh. Have you heard this?

Jac o' the North

No, I haven’t heard that. Maybe it was due to the bosses recognising Welsh but not recognising Irish.


What line of business is our friend Prolapse involved in?


Check out his Linkedin profile shown in the post.

anonymous benefactor

I wasn’t suggesting he lose his job, I was suggesting that he be used as an example of companies based in Wales employing anti-Welsh people and exposing that as, frankly, intolerable. What is most disgusting is pretending to be other people, and giving himself a ‘I’m Welsh but choose not to speak it’ identity with which he has, as Jon Jones, called Welsh-speakers ‘racists’ and Plaid Cymru bigots etc. Disgusting.


‘Jon Jones’ has a letter in today’s Wasting Mule.–debatewestern-mail-letters-5739988

The Judge

Certainly ‘Jon Jones’, possibly ‘Mo Patel’ as well.

anonymous benefactor

Has anyone written to Protic’s workplace and asked them what they feel about being associated with an anti-Welsh bigot, an obsessive troll and a multiple-identity Welsh-hating tit?


I wouldn’t want to lose him his job because then, for the first time, he could genuinely make himself appear the victim of ‘Welsh intolerance’. Though it’s odd that a man who works in Chester chooses to live in Gwynedd or Ynys Mon, especially as he hates us, and especially the language. Is he actively seeking martyrhood?


I believe ISP providers assign you an IP address. So searching and IP address will only take you to the ISP. I thought that it would be interesting to search those addresses and they’re from all over the place….London, Crawley, Ipswich and Newport. He is probably connecting into wi-fi hotspots in different locations. Not sure why he should be so paranoid? He also provides good entertainment.


Interesting you should mention Newport. In a Twitter DM someone identified a very specific location in Newport.

anonymous benefactor

I find the anti-Welsh trolling I come across is mostly racist and done by cowardly bigots. I’m all for unmasking them, and I’m glad that Mr Jac has them bang to rights. One does not need to agree with all of his politics to see that he has a point: the Welsh-haters are a cancer on our country, bring nothing useful or good to us, and are deeply unpleasant.
Interesting that ‘Jon Jones’ or ‘JH Jones’ is Protic. I didn’t know.


The publication of IP addresses may or may not be technically illegal but in the context of your post they would indicate a desire to have me tracked and the only reason to locate a person in this scenario would be to solicit threats, as I put forward personal views and speak for no one else I am quite entitled to do so. However my greatest regret is reading your blog, there can be no logical reason for further dialogue between two people so diametrically opposed. For the record I am Anglo/Welsh but have only ever regarded myself as British and I am not alone. I will make this my last post but should I suddenly come under attack in person either verbally or physically I will have no option but hand my computer over to the police so they can investigate. You will not receive any further communication from me.


“The publication of IP addresses may or may not be technically illegal but in the context of your post they would indicate a desire to have me tracked and the only reason to locate a person in this scenario would be to solicit threats . . . “ Now who’s paranoid! I suppose I would like to identify you, but you overestimate your importance, and your irritant value, in believing anyone is going to threaten you. The knuckle-draggers are on your side, remember?

“You will not receive any further communication from me”. That’s wonderful, ‘George’. Now here’s the deal – you fuck off, and I promise to forget you.

P.S. Couldn’t help but notice that you used yet another, different, IP address. This time By my reckoning that’s six you’ve used in less than two months on just seven comments. You are a lad, aren’t you, ‘George’.

Welsh not British (@welshnotbritish)

The 86.xx IPs are (as stated above) most likely issued dynamically by his ISP (Virgin) each time he logs on. This was more widespread back in the dark days of dial up, especially on NTL (what Virgin was called) due to their automatic 2 hour cut offs. Now with always on broadband it’s more common to have the same IP address for far longer. Some ISPs will let you keep the same one.

Alwyn ap Huw

This isn’t paranoia, Jac, it is part of the narrative that people who hold reasonable objections to forcing Welsh ways on them live in abject fear of us extremists threatening them and their loved ones with violence.

In February this year Mr Protic tried to stir up division and bad feeling in Glanwydden Primary School in Rhos on Sea by claiming that there was too much Welsh taught in the school. As usual Mr Protic had the support of the silent majority of the school’s parents, indeed 20% of all parents had voiced similar concerns to him. When his complaints were investigated it was discovered that his was, in fact, a lone voice – no other parent shared his objections. This, of course, wasn’t because Protics overwhelming support was a figment of his imagination – it was because his supporters were too frightened to speak up.

As you know, if you were to refer to one of our neighbours as a F****ing Englishman North Wales Police would come down on you like a ton of bricks; so if the anti-Welsh were really suffering from any sort of frightening abuse we would all know about it; the fact that nobody has been prosecuted for creating such a climate of fear is proof that it doesn’t exist. So people like our friend George have to manufacture evidence of abuse and threats by making spurious allegations such as that by “publishing” his IP address you have exposed him to “attack in person either verbally or physically”, (despite the rather obvious fact that you only know his IP addresses because he left them on your website voluntarily).


mmm you are a wound up man, you may have committed offenses there im careful never to reveal your personal information please remove what you claim to be mine.


So you are careful never to reveal my “personal information”. Let’s see . . . In the comments from you that I blocked you gave my full name, the name of the village I live in (wrongly spelt), and you also told me to “fuck off back to Swansea”.

Though my Swansea origins are no secret, and most people know my real name, I don’t think I have ever mentioned the name of the village where I live. When it comes to your own information, you have stated that you have a “Welsh sister” who lives in Walsall with “druggies from London over the road as well as a street of asylum seekers”. So your claim to not have revealed personal information is pure bollocks.

You seem to be getting very selective when it comes to using “personal information”. And, anyway, I doubt very much if IP addresses – certainly those you’ve used – qualify as “personal information”. That may be why you’ve been using them.


It’s blydi hard for one of those knuckle-draggers to spell your vilage’s name, Jac. Keep up the good work, and don’t let the bastards wear you down.


Thanks for the support, though this guy, plus Protic and a few others, are not knuckle-draggers. These buggers are cleverer than your average BNP / EDL type, they can put something together that gets taken up by English newspapers with the result that a few million English people think we are real bastards. Worse, it gets repeated around the world. And because it’s all done on the internet it takes no more than half-a-dozen dedicated bigots.

This is why I disgree with the ‘ignore them’ approach, and deluding ourselves that these are reasonable people who can be persuaded they are wrong. They are fanatics. Like all fanatics they must be confronted, exposed and dealt with.

Andy Williams

It;s perfectly legal for blog owners to publish IP addresses if they wish. They can also pass them to other organisations if they feel like it as well. An IP address is not private peoperty, especially after you have placed it in the public domain by using it on a public blog.


These one man bands can certainly cause a bit of bother when they hit on a story that the main stream media want to use. Of course the real issue is that the msm want to use their anti-Welsh stuff, otherwise these pipsqueaks would be ignored.

I wonder if you’ve given any thought as to what will happen after Scotland votes no. I certainly hope they vote yes btw but a no vote is more likely. This is going to fill the unionists with confidence. You can already see it in the way in which the BBC are happy to have house hunting programmes etc set in Wales. In a way they might have been shy of doing a few years ago. They seem to treat us as Waleshire now, what is it going to be like after Scotland votes no? We should be giving some thought to this because it will be a bit of a game-changer.


Thank you, Jac. A fascinating one-man virtual battalion at war with the Welsh language. This deserves more attention from our media.

Perhaps Prolapse could join UKIP as they share many of his views. Providing of course they can see past the fact that he is a foreigner but he might be able to charm them with his anti-Welsh bile.


Your mob are the only ones so far to get “nasty” haven’t heard of any English retirees burning houses down or daubing private property.

Why are you so bothered about the staffing arrangements at Wilkinsons and Tesco, how many Welsh speakers have been turned down?

PS Im not Protic, you’ve got a bit of a fixation with him haven’t you.


I normally block you because you prefer to insult me rather than address the issue. As for your ‘point’, no holiday home has been attacked for over twenty years. They were attacked because they were the symbols of an unequal relationship, nothing more. They were the physical manifestations of a system that denied Welsh people the chance to live in their own communities. There was nothing personal in it. No individuals, or group, was targetted, just inanimate combustible material.

Perhaps someone more technically au fait can help me here. You first appeared last month and since then you have made six comments, including today’s. In that time you have used five IP Addresses: – – – (twice, in the space of 3 days) – Do you have a lot of machines? Do you travel a lot? Are you covering your tracks?


Interesting given that JP’s skillset includes a reference to IP.


He could be signed up with one of those providers that log their users into random IP addresses. AOL certainly used to be like that, you’d try and update something on wikipedia and get a message saying this IP is banned because of some vandalism or other. It was because AOL had a pile of IP addresses to which they routed their users in a random manner.


No Jac,He’s using TOR!

Jac o' the North

I had to Google TOR. Thanks for the suggestion.


Should have added, that @cymnot’s handle LRDG, doesn’t that stand for Long Range Desert Group, forerunner of the SAS. Strange name for a Serb to adopt. 2 followers mind, could get nasty!!!


This is all about confusion and hiding one’s identity. That being so, Protic is hardly going call himself ‘The Partizan’ or ‘The Chetnik’.


I’m lucky I’ve never come across this Jacques Prat. I thought the Gogwatch fellow was a chap from the Isle of Wight called Warren, now resident in Poland. Maybe I was wrong about that.


Like my postscript says, if I’m wrong, and if anybody wants to come forward and claim these sites or handles for themselves, then that’s fine with me.

The Judge

Thanks for your research on this, Jac. I’ve had one or two tussles with the twerp on ClickOnWales in the recent past.

Until that election result, I used to think that his own name was a pseudonym. Perhaps he’d have got more votes standing as ‘Mo Patel’…


Did Protic have ‘support’ on CoW from ‘Mo Patel’, ‘Jon Jones’, ‘Cliffoch ap Cliffoch’ and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all?

The Judge

At times, yes. But what is interesting is that he seems to be trying to see how many of his fake names he can get away with in his typically balanced (i.e. a chip on each shoulder) comments to this thoroughly risible article at ‘Open Democracy’:

D Morris

Welsh hating ‘Mo Patel’ seems to get about, he recently hinted, on one of his vile tweets, that he was from south of the Landsker Line (south Pembrokeshire).

What a sad miserable insignificant loner our little Mo is. I wonder if he still lives with his Mam.


One thing we can be fairly certain of, these buggers are unlikely to live where they say they live. Everything about them is deceitful and dishonest, including the crap they spout.