Sheroes, Herstory and LeadHerShip*: The Weird World of Helen Mary Jones

Jac’s Introduction:

In the previous post I wrote that there are women in Plaid Cymru, and Cardiff Bay, playing gender politics, by which I meant they use their gender, ‘discrimination’ and all manner of evils, to promote themselves.

This is about one of them, Helen Mary Jones, former AM for Llanelli, and one of the party’s leading lights. I now hand you over to our guest writer, who wishes to remain anonymous.

*LeadHerShip is the name of a competition currently being run by Chwarae Teg, one of the women’s groups we are about to encounter.

Plaid Cymru has always prided itself on being a party of the grass roots, the ordinary rank and file members who dig into their pockets to keep the show afloat, turn up to meetings, deliver leaflets and knock on doors. They are overwhelmingly a decent bunch who care deeply about their communities and are often surprisingly well informed about events and issues further afield.

The fallout from the Neil McEvoy affair has left them feeling a mixture of bewilderment and anger. One prominent supporter was recently moved to write on social media, “Whoever is bullying and whoever the ‘angels’ are…I could not think of a worse place to work than in the Cardiff Bay political bubble. Disappointment. Yuck.”

The party’s rank and file are not the narrow-minded, bigoted, anti-Sais hambons that Labour and the Brit media like to portray, but the Plaid heartlands are a world away from the swish restaurants and watering holes of Cardiff Bay, and the Neil McEvoy affair has exposed the chasm which exists between ordinary members and some of the party’s elite who roar around in shiny Jaguars and Range Rovers and hobnob with Labour insiders, third sector fat cats and arrogant lobbyists.

One of the many threads in the McEvoy affair was a reminder that Deryn, the consultancy firm which is now home to so many Labour and Plaid “strong women”, lobbied for a firm that pulled in £113 million in government money.

Y Cynulliad was not supposed to be like this, but we are waking up to the realisation that Cardiff Bay has happily adopted many of the worst characteristics of Westminster: the limitless greed, cronyism, secrecy, backbiting and revolving doors between the world of lobbyists, third sector bosses, politicians and their army of SpAds and spin merchants.

Helen Mary Jones may no longer be an AM, but she remains an active and major player in Plaid, as the McEvoy affair reminds us, and in many ways she epitomises the gulf which exists between the grass roots and some of the party’s big beasts.

Weighing into the McEvoy row again a couple of days ago, she tweeted that this was all about “men objecting to women gaining power and influence and coming together to change things for vulnerable women like victims of abuse. Some men don’t like that. I wonder why?”

When it was pointed out to her that her powerful and influential friends at Deryn had screwed £113 million out of the public purse at a time when many charities helping the most vulnerable are facing cuts, Helen Mary fell uncharacteristically silent.

The former AM for Llanelli is certainly a prolific tweeter, and her Twitter feed gives a good insight into how she sees the world, as she tweets and retweets an avalanche of messages to her followers every day.

An analysis of her huge output over a few days shows that gender politics dominate. Roughly five times as many of her tweets fall into this category as official Plaid announcements and publicity, which come in a very distant second. Issues relating to children and young people trail in third place, with everything else that is happening in Wales and the rest of the world making up the residue. Catalonia and the Kurds merit several mentions, but you will find nothing about independence closer to home.

She is clearly keen on history, but only it seems if it’s women’s history. No doubt she would argue that this is adressing the balance after milennia of male oppression, but the result is a view of the past which is just as absurd and skewed as the idea that only men shaped the world around us.

On average, Helen Mary tweets about one “shero” from the past every day. Here’s one of them:

click to enlarge

This is a world where women are either “strong women” or victims, and all men are actual or potential rapists and abusers. But there is hope, as ‘Goody Veneer’, one of Helen Mary’s favourite Twitterati tells us:

click to enlarge

Anyone foolish enough to express even a hint of dissent will be dismissed as an “angry man” or misogynist, as only a man would disagree with Helen Mary and her friends, although quite what most of Plaid’s female grass roots supporters not following her on Twitter would make of these wilder shores of gender politics is another matter.

Perhaps they will be joining Helen Mary and other strong women in Bristol for this forthcoming event. Or perhaps not.

click to enlarge

Closer to home, Helen Mary has released a torrent of tweets to celebrate the 40th anniversary shindig of Welsh Women’s Aid, one of the plethora of women’s groups she supports. A handful of them are listed in the tweet above, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, and as Helen Mary tells us on her Twitter feed, new women’s groups and charities are springing up all the time.

As if we did not have enough of them already, some newly established women’s charities in England are also planning to set up shop here to meet what would seem to be inexhaustible demand. Not that the “Welsh” ones, such as Chwarae Teg, Welsh Women’s Aid or WEN Wales bother with the Welsh language, despite receiving hefty dollops of Welsh government dosh, so setting up shop for bodies such as Women’s Place UK should be easy enough.

The need for so many different groups and charities echoes the politics of The Life of Brian, where minute doctrinal differences and squabbles gave rise to the Judean People’s Liberation Front, the People’s Liberation Front of Judea and numerous other splinter groups.

The key difference, of course, is that the Roman Empire was not funding all of those liberation groups, but the minutiae of competing gender political dogmas help to justify all those generously remunerated chief executive and managerial posts. After all, since losing Llanelli, this is where Helen Mary has re-built her post Assembly career, first, allegedly after a brief spell claiming job seekers’ allowance, with a job as chief executive of Youth Cymru, and currently as deputy director of the Morgan Academy at Swansea University.

For those readers unfamiliar with the work of the academy, this is what it says on the tin. Warning – may contain nuts:

The Morgan Academy, named after the late Rhodri Morgan, former First Minister of Wales and Swansea University Chancellor, is a research-based think tank created to deal with the pressing ‘wicked issues’ of public policy in Wales and the wider World. Based in Swansea University, it will work across subject disciplines. As well as promoting critical thinking, it will work collaboratively to promote innovative evidence-based policy.

It is from this academic perch, with its breath-taking views of the sea, that Helen Mary now spends a lot of her time, much of it apparently on Twitter.

In addition to the recent Welsh Women’s Aid gala, Helen Mary has also been preoccupied by the sordid President’s Club Dinner in London, an event which yields more Jones tweets and retweets than you can shake a stick at. On the other hand she is completely silent on the recent spate of abandoned rape prosecutions and the CPS’s decision to conduct a major review of disclosure procedures because, presumably, the idea that women are not always victims is not in tune with the narrative.

But we have only skimmed the surface of the world according to Helen Mary. Let’s take a deep breath and take a closer look at some of the gender controversies which she is so keen to share with the world, beginning with a rare tweet written by our shero in Welsh. Well, sort of:

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To save anyone from reaching for Google Translate, it translates (literally) as, “Juice am this woman. I am woman here. We. Them. Us.”

You would expect nothing less from a leading figure in academe, where in the constant swirl of competing identities it is easy to confuse “ni” (us) and “nhw” (them).

And language is important. You don’t need to be an angry heterosexual man to fall foul of some of Helen Mary’s “strong women”.

Pink News, which describes itself as “the world’s most read LGBT digital media publisher”, gets a bashing for referring to a same sex couple when any fool could see from the picture that they were lesbians. In the eyes of some of Helen Mary’s friends, this betrays a sinister male agenda.

Another Helen Mary favourite, Ruth Serwotka (“Labour Left.”), spells it out even more clearly:

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Serwotka touches here (no smut intended) on a current major preoccupation of Helen Mary’s strong women because the Labour Party is apparently planning to add “certified” transgender women (a.k.a. non-natal women) to its all-women shortlists, some of whom may be in possession of a penis.

As another stalwart of Helen Mary’s Twitter feed puts it succinctly:

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Let Bea Campbell, another leading light, explain:

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Anyone suggesting that this sounds like a witch hunt risks being stoned to death.

But let’s stay with Bea for a moment, as she explains what this is all about:

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Note Bea’s pioneering deconstruction of the testosterone fuelled rules of punctuation.

But this is serious stuff. It seems that a mob of transgender activists recently shouted down and heckled, abused even, some women at one of those countless conferences and workshops which are such a feature of these groups, forcing those strong women to meet in secret to discuss whatever it was they were going to discuss.

This outrage may explain some of these other Helen Mary retweets:

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No, I don’t understand either. A beefy Scottish kilt-wearing werewolf, perhaps?

Perhaps Young Crone can shed some light on matters… :

click to enlarge

Now that we have cleared that up, let’s hear from another Helen Mary regular called Michael Conroy, who probably has a penis:

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If two legs were bad and four legs good on Orwell’s Animal Farm, penises are definitely not required any more in this neck of the Twitter woods:

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Fortunately, as another of Helen Mary’s Twitter friends reminds us, women do not have penises:

click to enlarge

But as Helen Mary reminded us a couple of days ago, vaginas are what we need to talk about:

click to enlarge

But that’s enough genitalia for one day. Let’s turn to knitting instead where Helen Mary is following the Great Pussy Hat Controversy. Pussy hats, for all those living in ignorance in the backwoods of Ceredigion, are pink woolly hats which make the wearer look a little bit like a cat (albeit a skinned cat).

The hats are a symbol of the women’s movement to some, while to others they are the work of the He-devil himself:

click to enlarge

But there we must leave the world of Helen Mary Jones.

She is now taking bookings for talks at Merched y Wawr and Cymdeithas y Chwiorydd. Or possibly not.

♦ end ♦

Jac says . . .

Where to start? I don’t want to say too much otherwise I’ll be accused again of being ‘anti women’.

I am a product of the binary, patriarchal tyranny we must all now rise up against. But what do you expect, for as an impressionable child I attended my local flea-pit and imagined that the men and boys around me all wanted to be Burt Lancaster or Robert Mitchum, with the females all wanting to be swept off their feet by these and other trench-coated screen idols.

As I grew older I learnt that some women prefer women and some men prefer men, and I was always easy with that, but Helen Mary Jones and her friends open up whole new dimensions.

For now it seems there are countless sexual or gender identities and self-identifications. Many of HMJ’s Twitter contacts seem to believe that penises and vaginas – and their removal – should be available on demand; on the NHS, I suppose – but why stop at one? Why not two or three for everybody, applied like tattoos?

If nothing else it would open up a whole new world of personal insults.

Joking aside, Helen Mary Jones is regrettably not alone in Plaid Cymru, there are others with her genital and gender fixations. Then there are those who obsess on other issues. Wales hardly enters their thinking.

While agreeing that some men would be happier as women, and some women happier as men, I also believe that anyone this obsessed with what she and others have between their legs may need help. The threat of this woman again becoming a politician, elected by people unaware of her obsessions, must be ended.

The third sector has mushroomed in Wales since devolution, with all manner of oddballs and shysters given easy access to our public money. We don’t want to add to this carnival of grotesques by Helen Mary Jones encouraging her Twitter acquaintances to Wales. 

94 thoughts on “Sheroes, Herstory and LeadHerShip*: The Weird World of Helen Mary Jones

  1. “I remember when they tested Richard III’s DNA people were going nuts because the Queen didn’t match him… and its like… of course she doesn’t there’s so many breaks in the line that neither X nor Y chromosome would have been passed on.”

    I read a nice remark recently which said that the English throne was the ‘town bike’ of monarchies, in that every royal house in Europe had taken a ride on it at some time or another.

  2. DP

    Anyoine noticed the little spat between CJ/FM and Adam Price.

    The allegation by CJ/FM may or may not be true in this instance but there are people around where AP did not do anything – one even went to Neil Hamilton instead who apparently competently assisted.

    In contrast with the fire and fury directed at Labour because of this slight, did AP say or do anything when N Mcevoy was transgressed? Methinks not? Yet its seems NM may be more popular in his area than AP is in his? Is this because NM is not too grand and is willing to attend courts to support a constituent?

    1. Brychan

      The statement by Carwyn is interestingly worded in that he used the words ‘legally obtained’ in his defence over details of contact between the health board and an AM is confidential. I also do not believe that civil servants would knowingly break the law in this matter, even if ordered to by the First Minister. I suspect the breach was via Sophie Howe.

      Under the ‘Wellness and Future Generations” there is a requirement for a health board to ensure consultations are conducted in accordance with the provisions and the commissioner under the act is required to hold such information. The health board have apologised for providing misleading information, however, accurate or not, the correspondence between the health board and an AM is confidential, other than they are required to provide a report on such matters to the commissioner.

      I think Sophie told Carwyn, and the confidentiality breach was exposed by a clerical error at Hywel Dda Health Board, for which they have correctly apologised. Of course, we all know that the Wellness and Future Generations outfit is just a Labour Party front, what’s evident is that WG ministers are about to drop a bombshell over the future of hospitals in West Wales. So vexed by the proposals they are doing a Stazi operation on any concerned AMs.

  3. An interesting bit of recent history from about twenty odd years ago was the formation of a coming together of small protest groups who wished to save the Welsh landscape from destructive development by quite useless subsidised Wind Turbines. They formed an organisation nationwide called “COUNTRY GUARDIAN” which led to a number of developments being challenged professionally and some successfully stopped. The “Country Guardians” received much abuse from the “green brigade” and no official support from the trendies existing in all political parties – Plaid Cymru especially. The “Country Guardians” were hailed as Climate Change Deniers and likened to Holocaust Deniers which was a hateful insult to people who simply loved their landscape localities. They even had their names published on greeny web sites with threats saying “We know where you live!”. Eventually one elderly widow “AK” a prominent activist living alone in a remote part of Powys had her home terrifyingly broken into and all files and computers were trashed or stolen – her extensive collection of valuable paintings and jewellery were left untouched. This also happened to another middle aged lady Medical Doctor living in remote Ceredigion. The Police and the Authorities and Political Parties did nothing and condemned nobody with statements of disgust. These are facts that you will possibly still find in GOOGLE archives. There is a lot of huge slush subsidies in Wind Energy. I am not asking you to support a lost cause, as most of our landscape has now been covered with useless ugly wind turbines. I am only reviving this true story now, as this could happen in parallel to any of the readers of this Blog who try to expose pervert rings. Keep duplicates of all the evidence at a friend’s house or anywhere else safe. All your files could be destroyed by organised break ins to your homes – whilst your valuables and jewellery will be safe.

    1. Brychan

      It should be noted that the family home of Neil McEvoy was broken into with only paperwork stolen, but money and valuables left untouched. (January 2016). A year later his constituency office was broken into, and in this case the means of entry was ‘professional’ in that access was gained through two outside doors, down a lane, removed a screwed in hard wood cover on the back window, cut through a pvc window frame and cut through metal bars to get in through the window (January 2017).

      These were evidently not ‘opportunist burglaries’ by local thieves.
      The mystery remains.

  4. Dafis

    just caught sight of your tweet relating to the old ( very old ) Welsh kingdoms and the particularly hilarious response from a Plaid liberal wing ( such a thing exists ?). I have on a few occasions preached that too much time & energy has been spent on digging out the minutae of our history, questioning what is real, what is myth or legend and debating the significance of some rather opaque detail. Nevertheless this utterly dismissive stance taken by that responding tweet is at the other extreme which condones the wiping out of any historical references because to refer to them is disrespectful and inconsiderate or insensitive.

    Well hey Plaid Lib get real. We’re generally talking here about an aggressor that has morphed into a supremacist culture and state who thinks next to nothing of what we are or what we used to be. This week some Anglo Brit M.P’s laughed when one of their own used a few words of Welsh when he opened his speech at the Commons. That is the length and breadth of it. So all this “kiss their arses and forgive them ” stuff is going to take you a long way – down the road to total obliteration. Wake up you lazy dopey bastards.

    1. History should definitely be remembered Dafis and you are right that Wales is located next to a powerful aggressor that treats it appallingly. There is massive anti-Welsh snobbery as well – I heard a Tory-voting English school teacher in Holyhead School entertain the staff room by impersonating Ieuan Wyn Jones’s accent – not so much a critique of what he was saying but the problem was with his accent for some reason. Kinnock was famously termed a Welsh Windbag – he was a windbag and spoke out of his bum, but somehow it was the fact that he was Welsh which everyone had a problem with. I remember in one general election campaign on a Radio 4 phone in Dafydd Wigley fielded call after call from voters in England bellowing at him ‘how can you defend Plaid Cymru’ s policy of burning down holiday cottages?’. Dafydd Wigley repeated ad infinitum that Plaid had no such policy, but it just didn’t sink in. So it was good to hear Liz Saville Roberts on the radio this morning speaking Welsh in the Commons.

      Anti Welsh racism is about the only form of racism still acceptable – people with the most impeccable liberal credentials feel able to make bigoted comments about Welsh people. If Ann Robinson had made the comments that she made about the Welsh about black people, Jewish people or indeed any other nationality/ethnic group, she would have been sacked. Instead the Welsh were told that they had no sense of humour.

      When Iived in north Wales English people often made terrible comments to me about ‘the Welsh’ because they presumed that I held the same values. Then they’d think that I was a traitor when they found out that I didn’t.

      However, it should be noted that in an effort to prove their credentials, some Welsh public figures have made claims that detract from.their arguments. I am thinking of Dafydd Iwan when a few years ago he took part in a TV show in which it was claimed that his DNA had been analysed and it had been demonstrated that he was a direct descendant of I think some ancient Celtic Princes and some Gaelic ones into the bargain. I know people who rolled around laughing at this claim – not because they were anti Welsh but because they knew something about DNA and they knew that no such thing could have been demonstrated. I presume both the TV company and the ‘DNA testing lab’ had pulled the wool over Dafydd Iwan’s eyes for the sake of a good TV programme. Dafydd Iwan claimed to share DNA with the ancients – where did the samples of the ancients DNA come from for comparison? Are their mummified bodies kept in the offices of Gwynedd County Council? Like the rest of the.human race, Dafydd Iwan actually shares a sizeable proportion of his DNA with plant matter – but the DNA lab did not tell him.that he was the direct descendant of a cabbage…

      1. CambroUiDunlainge

        Interesting point there about DNA. I remember when they tested Richard III’s DNA people were going nuts because the Queen didn’t match him… and its like… of course she doesn’t there’s so many breaks in the line that neither X nor Y chromosome would have been passed on.

        Of course you’re correct about Dafydd Iwan… that was some sketchy shit to say the least. The way they figured out it was Richard III was of course testing known descendants… but in Dafydd Iwan’s case they would need DNA or DNA of a known descendent… which they provided no evidence of and of course as we know… if its un-sourced its likely bullshit.

        BUT I won’t right it off entirely. I myself “partook” in testing some years ago and I can explain how it could most certainly work. So they have two types of testing STR and SNP… eventually i’d done both and they plopped me into a group. So how it would work to make such a claim (I’m Laigin, or specifically as my name suggests part of the Ui Dunlainge branch) for the simple reason that bar myself and “another group” the majority of people who test the same have surnames/clan names associated with that the Ui Dunlainge… shockingly there are names from pretty much every one of the historic branches of that clan (I think there’s even a few Kavanaghs in there too… which are obviously also known as the Uí Ceinnselaig). So beyond digging up a corpse thats the only way it’d ever work. I saw evidence of neither in Dafydd Iwan’s case. I find it speaks volumes that BritainsDNA/CymruDNA will not let people take a look at the results because for me who largely stands alone in that pretty picture it’d help loads. I didn’t test with that particular company though.

      2. Dafis

        I think Dafydd Iwan is one of those blokes who would see the funny side of that. I vaguely recall at the time that many Welsh “celebs” were roped into that nonsense, some due to their vanity, others because there was a fee involved. Was it not our Jac that identified some shyster who peddled a nice line of bullshit ( or horseshit) on this type of subject matter, and he, the shyster, had gone along to the dunce at S4C and got himself signed up for a nice little earner. No real harm done except once again it showed how easily led we are ( or some of us anyway) gifting away scarce financial resources while real investigative stuff is shunned as “not nice and likely to cause upset, see”.

        So, Sally your hardcore stuff is likely to be greeted with stony silence if you ever venture down to the Blue Glasshouse at Llanishen ( before they buzz off to Egin in Caerfyrddin) or the new swish Beeb palace planned for Cardiff Bay. I suspect ITV Wales lives under a stone somewhere within a cheap cab ride of the Bay, where else ?

    2. CambroUiDunlainge

      I respect what both groups are trying to do but ultimately their politics reside in or a supposed evolution of British ideas and politics which is why it’s ultimately not going to work. It’s not about the immediate circle jerk supporting the campaign its about the general public – they present shared values and ideas so if Independence gets bad press the public can easily abandon support and return to their Westminster Party roots.

      It needs to be Wales and England, our unique identity is what stands apart from them… not our ideologies therefor we should not build a movement around ideologies but APART from them. Being Welsh and being British is incompatible… the only way its going to work is severing those ideological links… thats not just politically but in the case of the entire English political apparatus – that includes the Monarchy.

      We can be a Republic and people can still love the royal family and that is a doorway through which Unionists can exploit in hard times… and the last thing we want is people rallying around Unionism (which will say “We told you so” at every opportunity) when we hit a few bumps. We want people to rally around our own nation to fix them. Because we’re going to have say… three parties telling people they know how best to take our nation forward arguing with each other and we’re going to have Unionism whispering in the background undermining everything. Ireland got it differently because we now live in the age of information where ideas and thoughts can be promoted more easily. We live in different times.

      For Independence we need people to choose to be Welsh not British. For us to succeed after this we need people to continue to choose to be Welsh, not British. Britain is split ideologically and its easy for people to get turned around in that while still under the Union flag – we don’t need to get mixed up in their political ideas now but how they keep the Union together is worthy of note for an Independent Wales. When the going gets tough we need people to choose to be Welsh over their ideologies. To work at it and to keep Unionism out forever. Don’t want interfering such as the likes that created NI and still exists in NI.

      1. David Robins

        “Welsh, not British.”

        I’ve noticed over many years that one of the easiest buttons for Unionists to press is to point out that the Welsh are the heirs of the ancient Britons. ‘We’re MORE British than anyone else, see!’ In that rather schoolmasterly tone, inviting you to consider the absurdity of a Britain without Wales.

        It bemuses English people not brought up on the idea that the Tudors conquered England in 1485, fulfilling all those Arthurian prophecies about getting their country back. Then, half a century later, annexing Wales and barring the language from public life.

        There’s no limit to what you can do if you dress up an English wolf as a British sheep. Identifying the practical reasons for distancing Wales from England, instead of uniting with it out of dangerously misplaced sentiment, has to be key to challenging that. Making a positive case for self-government though is much the easier part; eroding those ties of inertia is what’s difficult.

        Another investiture, anyone?

        1. I’d love another Investiture (even though I had to see the 1969 one in Ireland) but they wouldn’t be so stupid as to give us one.

          1. CambroUiDunlainge

            Really not sure if that’s optimism or pessimism.

            Protesting it will not make a difference – we saw that with Occupy and the protesting against the Iraq war.

            Remember that Hospital the Yanks destroyed by accident in the middle east a few years ago? After reporting it once it disappeared. Media will quash reporting on unrest and go into ignore mode. There’ll be fuss leading up to it – protesting maybe, definitely on the day but after that the media will play the whole more important things story… we’re going to be living with Brexit and the the doom that follows for at least 20 years – attention will wane. It’ll prevent us and the Scots getting referendums (“Now isn’t the time!” “When is the time?” “Never!”).

            I can just imagine Cairns telling us that its to increase unity and binds the UK together. Oh I think they’ll do it… they never learn. It’s whether we can keep it relevant and use it and a hostile media to our advantage. Betty Battenburg has only got a few more miles on the clock… and when she does pop those clogs there’ll be sympathy over it. Also a point of note… YougGov opinion polls Harry and William as quite popular individuals – significantly more so than British politicians.

            1. The examples you use are reporting of foreign events. The bombing of the hospital had great repercussions in the area where it happened.

              The same with another Investiture. The UK media and Brit politicos may try to pretend that we’re all dancing in the streets, but we’ll know different. Which is why I say – Bring it on!

          2. David Robins

            Welsh considerations may play a relatively small part in the decision. The point of an investiture isn’t to show the Welsh that Wales is conquered. It’s to show the English that Wales is conquered. That plays well with a big audience, including the whole ‘British family of nations’ scene. The real prize is to win the hearts and minds of Scouse and Brummie lads who can be relied on later to put down any of those nashies so disloyal to Our GREAT Country.

            Discussions over the ideal timing may drag on, but my assumption is that Wills will get the works. Anything less would be a climbdown and the crachach would feel snubbed. So, yes, they’re damned if they do, but they’re damned if they don’t.

        2. CambroUiDunlainge

          Tudors were very close with the crown for many generations. I think two of the three Tudor brothers went to Ireland with Richard II – Meredudd ap Tudor the father to Owain Tudor I believe was one. So they’d had that Anglo flavour for a few generations – Mathrafal (Owain Glyndwr’s family) had also been pretty chummy for many many generations (they were actually propped up by the Godwins). I suspect Henry VII had little knowledge of Wales and his sons were brought up as Englishmen in an English court.

          The Welsh victory ended when they didn’t skewer Henry right next to Richard.

          1. Dafis

            And that nails it. Any reference to Henry Tudor as “Welsh” is about as accurate as saying that Jesus was a horse or a donkey just cos he was born in a stable ! These opponents at Bosworth were the early stage AngloBrit supremacists fighting for the title and in those days few losers ever got the chance of a re-match.

  5. Jonesy

    i think these discussions are getting a bit stupid now – just stick to facts it gives everybody a bit more credibility – . don’t speculate

    1. Myfanwy

      It is very revealing that Dr Sally has made some very damning accusations about very powerful people regarding the sexual abuse of children in North Wales, yet no one has argued with her or tried to prove her wrong. Many of the accused are in politics and if they were compromised in this way, the decisions these people would have made, will have directly effected people’s lives in Wales. If these powerful people have been falsely accused, why have they not tried to clear their names and or sue?

      1. Dafis

        Sally – good on you. The style of your presentation is a million miles away from the shit slinging and muckraking that is seen on many other sites. So no complaints from here. Too many of these privileged deviants have got away with murder for far too long. The arrogance of various people in authority – “we know better, we know what’s good for you” – needs to be challenged far more, and the bleatings of those who want attacks to be toned down sound suspiciously like the wailings of apologists and accomplicies.

        1. Thanks Dafis. I wanted to write this expose many years ago after the horrors that I had witnessed but I knew that I would be called a fantasist or sued. After a very very long legal battle which involved summoning an NHS Chief Exec before a High Court judge and ordering him to hand over 30 years worth of files that had been unlawfully withheld and a search being conducted of every NHS building in north Wales by bailiffs lest more files were hidden, I secured 10000 documents detailing the most serious criminality. I knew then that I could publish.

          I have always made it very clear on my blog that if anyone believes that I have stated anything as fact that is not, I am happy to discuss and edit.

          I am sorry that I get sweary on a regular basis. It is difficult to write about public servants facilitating a paedophile ring and the murder of witnesses without getting sweary.

          1. Big Gee

            Just be very careful Sally. Archive your documentary evidence, and let it be known that if anything happens, your lawyer has instructions to publish in the event of any mishaps.

            Make sure the archive is not stored in any data clouds or anywhere on the Web, but physically under lock and key.

            1. Thanks Big Gee. As soon as I received the documents I had storage facilities in mind but then when I realised that Gov’t Ministers were involved in the dung heap – at Westminster as well as in Wales – I realised that I couldn’t just keep this lot in a safe place with trusted friends, particularly as my whole network had been Identified and harassed. I have multiple paper and electronic copies stored in places unrelated to those known to have supported me.

              I’m afraid that I can’t do much about the lawyer. I had a fantastic lawyer years ago, just a local man from Gwynedd who undoubtedly kept me out of prison and always made it clear that he believed my story – he stopped taking on this sort of work years ago when legal aid virtually disappeared. I wouldn’t dare hire him even on a private basis now – he’s was wonderful but he’d be under attack if it was.known that he was supporting me. Another lawyer from Bangor then helped – surprise surprise she found herself nearly put out of business by Charlie Falconers legal reforms, just when she was helping so many psych patients in north Wales. The excellent lawyer who actually got the documents for me by taking the crooks from the North Wales NHS to court disappeared about four years ago, I suspect that she Is abroad.

              I can’t expect them to help Big Gee – this is organised crime which goes to the highest echelons of Gov’t, any lawyer helping me will find themselves put out of business. If I am found dead there are plenty of people who will know that it will be a convenient death for numerous people. When a QC married to a former UK Prime Minister is a close friend of the the legal advisors of this bunch, you’re pretty much on your own.

  6. The key to Tonia’s success will be her link to the appalling Nia Griffith, paedophiles friend and mate of Harriet Harman. I won’t explain further here because I’ve got a busy day today but I will be featuring Nia on ny own blog very soon.

    Tonia sounds like yet another utterly depressing member of the same old network, although to be fair New Statesman profiles make everybody sound like idiots.

    Another well paid middle class person claiming to use the Foodbank…

    1. Dafis

      I didn’t know that Nia was a paedo sympathiser/protector. Didn’t she come out of some other closet sometime the last year or so ? Or am I just blissfully unaware of the more peculiar proclivities of some of our political representatives who are forever trying to dictate how we should live our ( relatively) normal lives !!

  7. This middle class aggressive feminist set did not give a damn about the two women (a mother & daughter) that Neil McEvoy tried to save from eviction – This was an interesting test of their loyalties. When it came to the crunch – They fell into line to support one of their own (a highly paid female council manager) – the two female bedroom tax victims suddenly became invisible.

    1. Dafis

      And that sums it all up. When a woman ( or a man in other cases) is at risk of getting short shrift from the “authorities” these “militants” walk on the other side and find common cause with a squalid council officer (female) , just cos the gender happens to suit their scrambled militant logic. The poor woman getting roughed up by the council pales into insignificance, probably because she can’t articulate the same bullshit and cod philosophies that the muppet ladies like to parrot to each other. And, of course, if you have Neil McEvoy advocating your case then regardless of merit you are underclass trash.

      1. Brychan

        It should be noted that Nia Griffith was not selected on merit to be the Labour candidate for the Llanelli constituency. It was a gender selection. She was appointed from ‘an all women shortlist’.

  8. (1) About farmers and suicides – from my experience – the two Farmers’ Unions in Wales – NFU & FUW – will not talk to anyone about anything – unless they are Union members or people offering grants.
    (2) Tonia Antionazzi, now Labour MP for Gower, got selected in an all female selection list. Just before that she had stood for election in her HOME village BURRY PORT LLANELLI for LABOUR, in a Labour area, for the local Community (Parish) Council and failed to get a seat on the Community Council elections there. Now that says an awful lot about her. Apparently, her “big play in the selection meeting for the Gower seat”, she made a great play of how she had to use a Foodbank to feed her one child. That’s strange because she was Head of Languages in a local Comprehensive School. Heads of Departments in such big schools normally earn at least about £40,000 a year! So how come she was using a Foodbank? This is what aggrieved men within the Gower Labour Party are putting about – about her. If this is wrong, I apologise, but it’s her men Labour Party Members who are saying it stabbing her in the back because they couldn’t try for selection for the seat. Also, how come she can’t speak Welsh?

    1. The Boosh

      That’s wrong I’m afraid. There was no selection meeting for the Gower candidate as the WEC imposed a candidate upon the seat. It was not an all women shortlist either as there was no shortlist to begin with. I know of at least one male who applied, an unsuccessful candidate in Swansea for the local elections, but was unsuccessful.

      Perhaps you’re thinking of the 2015 candidate Liz Evans, who was selected off an all women shortlist?

  9. Thanks to everyone for the comments and observations re suicide rates. It is very difficult to really work out what is happening re suicide because of the factors involved in reporting it. Catholic countries where suicide was classed as a sin traditionally had low suicide rates because there was a great reluctance for officials to state that someone had died by suicide out of sensitivity to those left behind. Having taken a long hard look at the practices of coroners in north Wales sadly I have concluded that they are now doing pretty much anything rather than returning a verdict of suicide because the mental health services in the region are frankly shaming and the suicide figures were becoming too painful for anyone to admit.

    Did anyone ever get to the bottom of the cluster of suicides in Bridgend?

    What is definitely clear is that women attempt suicide.more than men but men are more likely to actually successfully kill themselves. This is usually attributed to women often taking.overdoses for which they can often be successfully treated whereas men go for methods like shooting or hanging which are pretty final. And yes farmers have high suicide rates but not as high as vets or of course doctors.

    Does anyone have any info on the schemes now running in rural Wales that were launched to try and tackle severe mental health problems/suicide in men? I witnessed the mental health services handling of men with problems before those schemes and it was just so hamfisted and bad that you could really understand why those men did not go back for more. I wondered if the new initiatives were better or whether it was just more NHS PR..

  10. I forgot to say – I think all these political attacks on HMJ are politically very justified. I found her all bluster and no substance and only interested in self serving and weird issues and curry plotting. In other words politically useless. However, I think the personal “Melon” attacks are not needed in polite circles or in this blog debate. Just concentrate on the political issues for the good of Cymru. Politically HMJ’s finished. Leave out all the personal nastiness. A new political target should now be the MP for Gower. Check her out. She is also politically useless !

        1. Not sure if Jon Antoniazzi is related to Tonia, but here’s details of his wedding to Manon.

          One of her brothers last year married Helen Bradley, formerly Head of News and Research at Plaid Cymru and now Strategic Communication Lead at third sector wimmin’s outfit Chwarae Teg. I have photos of the hen night and the wedding. A who’s who of Labour-Plaid/lobbyists/third sector.

          Then there’s Anton Developments Ltd of Mumbles, does a lot of advertising with the Scarlets, perhaps another brother or a cousin. Mumbles is of course in the Gower constituency represented by . . . Tonia Antoniazzi.

          In many ways, Wales is like a third world country.

          1. Thanks for the info Jac, I’m just researching the wider network now. Unbelievable. All I can say yet again is what my neighbours in Bethesda used to say when they had once more been screwed over by the older friends and relatives of the current bunch screwing Wales over – Jesus Christ…

          2. Dafis

            Jac I think that John Antoniazzi is part of the Caerphilly branch of that family which arrived from Bardi Italy early 20th century along with a number of other families mostly from that part of Italy, with some from further south. They retain a close community owning loads of cafes, icecream parlours, other eating places in many valley towns, though one lot of Antoniazzis have a nice business in Aberystwyth.

            Some of their talented boys & girls were treated to the best education so that they could better themselves and young John was part of that cohort ending up as a senior partner with one of the international firms of accountants. The Antoniazzi family, much like Carpanini, Fulgoni, Sidoli, Bracchi, Conti etc etc all grew across South Wales so it’s quite likely that Maria is a cousin, probably distant by now. Unless attending the big shindigs that the Bardi families held they might have lost contact, but given that both are in roles heavily dependent on schmoozing I suspect that they might renew the old family bonds in the interest of keeping things “tidy, like ” .

            1. Dafis, have just seen that John Antoniazzi is a member of the Cardiff and Vale Health Board, involved with the NSPCC as well as a cancer charity. All of whom I know to have done some very questionable things. Will dig a bit deeper and get it all up on my blog over the next few days..

                1. Dafis

                  no I think she’s tuned into the right bloke. It’s a typical appointment – “successful career” in some activity like law or accountancy followed by service in public sector, among other things, as part of “portfolio career” to supplement lucrative pension and investment earnings. Now John boy may be the exceptionally good’un in a bad barrel of apples and could turn out to be a notable positive influence. I’m not holding my breath.

  11. For Sally Baker’s interest (and for others) :- Some years ago I did a little bit of very amateur research into Welsh Suicide Rates. At that time there was a big variance between rural and urban with regard to male suicides. There seemed to be a preponderance in male rural suicides amongst middle aged farmers, which gave me the amateur opinion that there were links to loneliness and isolation together with the abundant farm usage of organo-phosphates in pesticides and sheep dipping in the sloppy absence of controlled Health & Safety supervision. I tried to get people better qualified than me to take an interest but I was ignored. I have personally been involved in many campaigns in Wales and over the years and I notice how many self serving politicians there are especially in Cardiff Bay !

  12. Dafis

    Gatland & Co picked the Wales rugby 23 this morning, nothing unusual about that until I heard ( or half overheard ) someone say something like ” looks like Melon’s time in Wales squad is over…” Jeez, I thought is there anything that woman won’t have a go at getting into …..

  13. Myfanwy

    Rather than having competitions, women only forums, campaigns etc that exclude, perhaps all members of Plaid should take a sabbatical to the Scandinavian countries. The issues discussed here that seem to preoccupy and distract, are ones that in general, were dealt with in the 1960s/70s/80s in Scandinavian countries. As they are regarded as progressive in many policy areas, there is plenty to learn from the Scandinavian approach.

    1. Brychan

      According to the World Economic Forum report of 2017, the ‘gender gap’ is smallest in Iceland, ranking the best in the world in ‘political empowerment’. Finland ranks best in the world on ‘educational attainment’.
      So, we conclude that for a small country such as Wales, the best outcome for empowerment of women in a small country is – independence. Nothing to do with “pricks and vaginas”.

      1. Brychan – this isn’t directly relevant to your point re independence, but people who speak approvingly of Finland and it’s positives don’t mention a worrying and weird aspect to life in Finland ie. They have a terrifyingly high suicide rate. No one seems to know why but it’s a major problem. Various theories have been advanced, including high levels of boozing and lack of daylight. I’m interested but sceptical of such theories – north west Wales had and indeed still has a very high suicide rate and it was very obviously a result of the serious negligence of the mental health services. Back in the 90s the same mental health services claimed to be carrying out research on Seasonal Affective Disorder and reckoned that they had identified a village in Snowdonia with a high rate of serious depression which was shielded from the sun for most of the day by a mountain. I know for a fact that other research from the same team was fraudulent and I suspect that the SAD stuff was as well.

        1. Stan

          Yes, Dr Sally, I had seen that interesting SAD theory before for the high suicide rates in northern countries, which also suggested the rates of alcohol consumption were quite high as well. I suppose since alcohol is a depressant there might be a link? However, I believe Belgium has a higher suicide rate than Finland and many countries including our own aren’t far behind, so it’s not a clear cut issue. And if we go to the southern hemisphere, Japan and South Korea are considerably higher but there may even be cultural reasons coming to play here. One thing that does stand out across the countries though is that considerably more males commit suicide than females, in the UK by about 3 to 1. Is that nature, nurture or both?

          1. DP

            I think you will find the UK has a high suicide rate, some of it is not recorded or published – rather like the old East Germany which stopped publishing once it was discovered it was the second highest in Europe [or the world?].

            The Child Support Agency does not record how many of its “clients” commit suicide yet plenty of newspaper and coroner reports of fathers committing suicide due to high [and made up?] child support liabilities plus p[resumably separation from thier kids. Something perhaps the likes of HMJ and her ilk would no doubt celebrate?

            I no longer trust UK statistics particularly with the latest doom and gloom projections from the civil service regarding UK economics after Brexit. UK stats generally procured to provide support for a point of view or proposal rather than a fact based based one.

        2. Dafis

          I used to be quite sceptic about SAD, worked with a guy for a while who claimed to suffer. I treated it with suspicion thinking it was just another excuse for idling along at a slower pace. Post retirement I find that I now have some kind of seasonal “downer” as I still enjoy getting up early, and crack of dawn is now nearer 08.00 rather than 06.00 ! This makes me pissed off as I feel, quite irrationally, that I’ve had 2 hours of my prime time taken from me when I could have been out walking my dogs on the local wilderness. Now this is probably just a mild instability as I have more time to think about these things but it has made me far more aware of how others may have adversely affected by extended hours of darkness ( and cold, wet grim days ! ). Advice or remedies ? – none to offer though gut instinct says don’t go to the Arctic Circle or even Caithness in winter.

        3. Brychan

          World Health Organisation.
          The ‘suicide rate’ in Finland (rank35) is lower than Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, according to the WHO, which is based on ‘cause of death’ certification by doctors. He problem with this statistic is that the coroners in these countries would include illegal drug overdose or alcohol poisoning, including drunk in the snow, as ‘self inflicted’ and included as suicide. In many other countries this would be misadventure, even though the deceased might well have known the harm they intentionally inflict on themselves.

          Law Enforcement.
          The suicide rate in Finland (rank26) is lower than counties such as Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, France and Belgium, and at the EU average, as defined as previously being an ‘offence’ but no longer regarded as an illegal act. This is probably what most people regard as suicide. However, this statistic does not include ‘dignitas’ type death in places like Switzerland and Netherlands as it’s not recorded as such by the coroner. There is also an issue in ‘EnglandandWales’ with death on the railway as often the body is dismembered and once declared ‘non-suspicious’, if there is no history of engagement with mental health services or the classic ‘note’ then it’s assumed to be a misadventure trespass.

          Finland has a good mental health provision and ‘more data’ does not mean a ‘bigger problem’. It’s likely that the problem in other countries is not so apparent but still exists. Many theories have been put forward for this such as adolescent body image peer pressure in a culturally non-diverse society, education system pressures and seasonal affective disorder (does not effect Laps so this is controversial with gene and race issues). You mention the Gwynedd shadow but the statistical spike is more in tune with low self esteem and poor economic prospects for young people. A similar spike occurred in Bridgend, Glamorgan, a few years ago.

  14. Myfanwy

    Hilarious, if it wasn’t so tragic, “Leadhership” more like Plaid Cymru lost at sea, rudderless, completely without direction, with a crew that is distracted by every cause under the sun, including navel/genitalia gazing or helping middle class English people, who they obviously think are the most in need in Wales, to acquire smallholdings through “One Planet” directives! Literally every distraction, except what Plaid Cymru as the National Party of Wales should be focusing on and standing for, namely Independence for Wales. All these side issues can have their place in policy making, but should not take precedence over the core principle of an Independent Wales. It’s farcical that the whole point of Plaid Cymru has been undermined and lost, when did this happen and who was responsible? The major problem is, that all these distractions have only served a British agenda, if you try to redirect the focus on to Independence, you could be labelled one of many words that end with “ist” that are not “politically correct” including being “racist”, all very convenient. Plaid Cymru need to refocus on independence, those who are not on board with this and have shown themselves to be inept, need to leave and join a more suitable Party.

    1. Ivor C page

      Jac we need that exclusive Neil McEvoy interview Plaids Women in Chains, The Vulgar Unionists Driven Out, And The Great Big CymBrexit!

        1. Big Gee

          These vulgar ‘wimmin’ that you’ve been exposing writing about (oops, maybe the wrong word there) are having a detrimental effect on your contributors Jac. At this rate you’ll have to post an 18 or over only warning on this blog!

    1. Dafis

      Now that’s a much healthier and accurate suggestion than that made by some suitably named twat at the end of the thread on the previous posting “P.C and the defenestration of Neil.Mc”. Who on earth was that sack of shit ? Why would Neil want to waste his time even looking at the ultra loyalist UK party aiming to give us nothing more than eternal servility !

      1. Rod Null

        Whilst McEvoy does take the no nonsense bullish anti-establishment tone of some of the members of the party in that suggestion I think we all know if you follow the donors and defrenestrations to the upper echelons they show themselvrs up as little more than a trojan horse of “friends for israel” and tony blairs trigger happy exploratory liscence granting chums !!

    1. I seem to remember reading many moons ago that she was originally from the south of England and then went to either school or university in Wales and stayed, worked in social work and entered politics. I can’t remember details but I remembered the drift because I was of the same generation and also arrived in Wales from England via university. I didn’t know Helen Mary but I did know others of that ilk and I have watched them for the last 30 yrs. They were at a disadvantage being outsiders and not first language Welsh and they all built their careers by toadying to powerful people and keeping quiet about citizens who were being fleeced and screwed over by the corrupt local politicians and small town big wigs. A lot of them ended up in the Third sector, I suspect because it was consistent with their watered down flaky version of left politics and because they weren’t so disadvantaged by not being first language Welsh. I was a bit of a naive pup and I remember being shocked as it became clear how bloody ruthless and unprincipled they were.

      They were also usually pretty dim which is why now that they are older they are figures of fun – their version of gender politics has remained unchanged since the early 80s and as far as young women are concerned they are just like their mothers. And young woman tend to see their mothers as old hat.

      Meri Huws and Breched Piette were two silly old bags of this ilk who ran a Wimmins Studies MA at Bangor University – and in 2007 wondered why there were no applicants! It’s because it was a course that the student’s mums would have applied for thirty five years previously. They didn’t even have the sense to rename it Gender Studies. And I doubt if Meri even realised that a branch of gender studies known as masculinities had become popular. Neither would they actually ask for advice as the Titanic sunk – I e mailed to offer to help them out with a project dealing with a topic on which I had written a PhD thesis and two books and I received an e mail from Breched telling me that when they wanted my advice they’d ask for it.

      Breached – why do you think that your dept closed down and everyone was made redundant?

      I despair of these stupid, arrogant wimmin who have buggered up huge swathes of public life, who have caused so many people to just walk away out of sheer frustration and who have now resorted to recruiting their mates and fellow drips because no one else will touch them with a barge pole. Meanwhile we’re told that Mr McEvoy is the problem.

    2. Big Gee

      Reply to Howell Williams:

      She was born in Colchester, Essex. She was educated at Colchester County High School for Girls, Llanfair Caereinion High School in Powys and the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. (Which explains a lot about her clumsy understanding of Welsh culture, and why she’s always appeared as a round peg in a square hole).

      This article entitled “Anguish of Helen Mary Jones” should fill in the rest of the gaps and and further exploration and insight into her psychological well being.

      More gaps can be filled HERE – which is probably the most revealing of all.

  15. You’ll see that I’ve removed a comment I posted accompanied by a photograph, plus the retorts and responses it generated. This is because I have been informed by an impeccable source that the person in the photograph is a nationalist. (Not Leanne Wood, the other one.)

    We are in fog-bound waters, and so I shall take me aloft in the hope of better discerning the disposition of the enemy.

    1. Dafis

      lift my fog – which piece did you remove ? respond via e-mail if this forum is too “public” !

      I’d have thought opaque was a good level of clarity when looking at some of these gender obsessed folk .

  16. Ivor Fixation

    If I was the parent of a teenager who was behaving in a similar obsessional manner to HMJ, I’d seriously think of calling in some specialist advice from a psychologist or doctor. The article itself revealed a parallel universe that I had no idea existed. “A front hole may self-lubricate, depending on age and hormones” – I just can’t get into the mindset of ANY person that would retweet shite like this, let alone a former Plaid AM, even if she’s on the side of those that are critical of it. Just ignore it, for Christ’s sake, and stop giving these things legs. She needs to step away from social media for a couple of weeks to see how it affects her, and with hopefully a clearer head re-read some of the crap she’s involving herself in. It ain’t healthy.

    1. CambroUiDunlainge

      Every movement has extremists. Those who cannot see any other cause but their own… usually at the cost and insult towards other causes. Issue here is that its very difficult to question those who do make everything obsessively about their cause – because it can so easily be an attack on the cause itself. When that cause is perceived to be attacked more people get their backs up about it and battle lines get drawn. People are then less likely to talk about it – then an opposing side develops – in this case to steer the cause towards equality for all genders and ages. Problem there again is the more the extremist element of feminism condemns that the more likely you’re going to see an extreme develop at the other end to counter it.

      None the less everyone ends up clashing. I don’t think it can be ignored – because sometimes causes rub up against each other and there’s friction. It’s absolutely fucking nuts. All of it.

      1. Fab

        Yes, every movement has extremists. And unfortunately, Welsh nationalism has people like you and Royston Jones. Some of these comments make me sick to the core. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you never, ever receive such abuse for simply wanting to be who you are and wanting to live in your own skins – you all pity me.

        1. CambroUiDunlainge

          Want to specify what exactly I’ve said that is so offensive? Probably not… because I’ve not said anything that could be deemed as offensive. Quite frankly I don’t think its my business who people want to be. I do not understand issues of which I have no experience but I believe in respecting those people for how they choose to live their lives regardless.

          What I do object too is those who make everything about a cause… that somehow they’re in some mental hall of mirrors where they only see that cause in everything they see in life – that it is actively warping their perceptions – even setting their cause which revolves around the same battle for equality against other causes. These people are a small minority. Some of them cannot help it – but indulging them is none the less is rather dangerous.

          I don’t speak for others but yes I do pity you if you fail to see the point I’m making.

      1. Jac’s blog could be used as a basis for happiness sessions a la Lord Richard Layard. who is someone who bagged a job as a Gov’t advisor for saying no more than Ken Dodd said in the 1970s. And Ken.Dodd sung a song and waved a tickling stick about as well, Layard didn’t even do that.

      2. I didn’t write it. I’ll repeat that in case the goolie-snatchers are reading this – I DIDN’T WRITE IT!!!!

    2. By the way Ivor and everyone else, the front hole is not a hole, it is a tube, as all biology teachers know and emphasise to the class when they’re doing the sex education bit.

      Helen Mary’s Twitter feed is getting dangerously near William Burroughs/Jean Genet/Francis Bacon, what is she going to come out with next.

  17. A very entertaining and welcome post. Let me state my credentials – I am a 55 yr old ‘cis woman’ who has published more on feminism and gender scholarship than Helen Mary or most of her network. I am a leftie and a feminist and have been since the early 1980s. And Helen Mary and her mates are the reason that I am no longer politically active and am no longer involved with feminist groups – many other women like me just walked away from it all for the same reason.

    I could wax lyrical here and spend time and energy discussing the way that Helen Mary et al are actually paleontological specimens who were preserved at some point in the early 80s and who are very obviously unacquainted with more recent thinking, or I could wade into the transgender debate which has left everyone tied up in knots, but there’s not the space to do that here.

    I would simply like to remind readers of the way in which Helen Mary et al have completely abandoned some very vulnerable people who have been grossly abused by the state – children In care and psychiatric patients. In the 70s, 80, and 90s the children’s social services across the UK were infiltrated by paedophiles and abuse of children in care was rife – there was a particularly big problem in north Wales. The young people who dared complain were referred to psychiatrists who were working hand in hand with the social services and the young people were diagnosed as psychotic in order to discredit their testimonies. If the young people in question continued to speak out they would find themselves labelled as dangerous and transferred to secure mental hospitals, sometimes for many years. Scores of them killed themselves. Many were then sexually abused again whilst in the hands of the psychiatric services.

    It was not possible to work in Womens Aid, community work, social and youth work etc and not know that this was happening. Helen Mary, Jane Hutt, Julie Morgan et al ALL.knew about this. Whistle blowers were ruthlessly excluded if they could not be bought off and if they still wouldn’t shut up they were ruthlessly harassed and threatened – I know because I was one. I ended up having to flee Wales and live in hiding after a number of attempts to set fire to my house and then to run me off the road. I was lucky – five witnesses to the north Wales paedophile ring were killed in a firebomb attack.

    Those women sitting in Cardiff Bay – and in Westminster – tweeting shite about strong women are the most monstrous callous hypocrites who knowingly turned their backs on the victims of serious organised crime which targeted boys, girls, young men and young women. They are predominantly middle class people who began playing politics at university and didn’t evolve any further. They did not give a stuff about the young people being battered and raped in children’s homes and psychiatric units because the ‘service users’ were poor dispossesed people with no influence who were not in a position to advance anyone’s career. By the way, at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, patients who had been sexually assaulted were illegally detained and kept in a CELLAR. I know because I was fucking well there. I have spent THIRTY FIVE YEARS trying to get some answers and an investigation into the serious criminality which I witnessed. All I received were threats and harassment.

    I have now written the whole story on my own website and named all the people involved, as well as the numerous people who were told what was going on but colluded or remained silent.

    Just briefly – all women shortlists in the Labour Party were introduced after Harriet Harman did a shoddy deal with Blair in a trade off which resulted in the jettisoning of some solid socialist principles. The thick idiot Harriet – daughter of a Harley Street doctor and member of the aristocratic house of Packenham – agreed to support Blair if he agreed to all women shortlists. Which Blair then used to parachute in candidates that he wanted, elbowing aside candidates who had been selected by local constituencies and had sometimes worked for years for the local party.They were told to fuck off to make way for a Blair babe, under the umbrella of ‘feminism’.

    Regarding one of the women’s organisations that the writer of the above post mentioned, WEN (Women’s Equality Network Wales) – until about three years ago I was a Director of WEN. I liked my fellow directors, they were nice, genuine women – but none of us could achieve anything because the organisation was micromanaged by Cardiff Bay and we were hamstrung by ill thought out policies. At first I thought my fellow directors were overly anxious about upsetting the Welsh Gov’t – until after one report that WEN wrote we received a rude insulting e mail from Jane Hutt demanding the removal of a paragraph that she didn’t like because it implied criticism of the Welsh Gov’t. I was told that this was characteristic of Hutt. Oh – but Hutt did make 20 thousand quid available to celebrate International Womens Day. WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF MONEY in a nation as poor as Wales.

    I ask Hutt, Helen Mary, Julie Morgan, Lesley Griffiths and the other numerous sad old bags who have had their hands on the levers of power for years now – what have you achieved? You have alienated voters including women and the socio-economic position of many women in Wales is terrible. The NHS and social services are at best negligent and at worst abusive. The Third sector is parasitic and ineffective and very obviously doesn’t achieve what it should. But you’ve all got well paid jobs which you can’t do. Oh – and I was nearly killed by a bunch of gangsters that you ignored. You have done immense damage and.It is time for you all to FUCK OFF and admit that you should not be in your present positions.

    By the way, the lawyer who was the friend and mentor to so many of the lawyers who colluded with the abuse of children and psych patients and who represented the institutions in which those people had been abused was one Cherie Booth. Cherie worked in the same chambers as one of the most corrupt barristers in the UK, the violent alcoholic George Carman QC. Who knew all about the North Wales paedophile ring, who was retained by Jimmy Savile and who successfully defended Coronation Street actor Len Fairclough when Fairclough was charged with child sex offences although Carman knew that he was guilty. Tony Blair was a pupil barrister of Carman.

    If this band of foolish old trouts are strong women I’ll be proud to be called a wimp. At least I didn’t do the bidding of a fucking paedophile gang who murdered some of their victims.

  18. Anonymous

    I think you are being unfair. These are burning issues and hot topics of conversation on the streets and in the pubs and clubs of Llanelli.

    1. I’m told there have been ugly scenes, women marching in Llangennech and Burry Port shouting ‘We want pricks!’. What’s the matter with them, just look at the MPs we’ve got, and the AMs, and Carmarthenshire County Council! How many pricks do they want?

    2. Big Gee

      I doubt if they’re ‘burning’ topics. If they are topics for conversation in pubs and clubs, all that proves is that the establishment media mouthpieces have a temporary effect on people who view the shallow and false mainstream media, where this topic (for reasons that – as yet – puzzle me) has become flavour of the month, and mostly imported from the USA. Starting at Hollywood.

      You can bet your mortgage there’s a deeper reason for promoting it, either to hide something sinister that’s going on that needs to be blacked out at this time by the global cabal, or it’s something juicy that’s there as a slight of hand trick to entertain and draw the attention of the masses.

      Soft-heads like HMJ just jump on the latest bandwagon to promote ‘self’.

      And yes, you’re right, there are enough ‘pricks’ in government without promoting anymore Jac. And I don’t just mean male pricks!

      1. CambroUiDunlainge

        Because politics is a circus – plenty of clowns, a ring leader and all the rest… to distract people from the problems that effect them in their real life. Reality TV – the promise of upwards mobility in a nation where most of us are either living in or bordering on poverty. You see we are stupid and need to be told what matters, we must know our place – but believe in the promise of more.

        Populism is used to distract the masses from what should matter to them… then all the politicians squirm and complain when that populism turns towards them on the things that effect every day lives. Neat magic trick by the circus magicians.

    3. Brychan

      Tragically, her antics are losing support for Plaid Cymru. She, and her chosen ‘ishoos’ are so far removed from the women (and men) in Llanelli that she has become an electoral liability for Plaid.

      The issues facing women in Wales are…

      (a) Decent employment.
      (b) Proper access to primary healthcare.
      (c) Housing.
      (d) Liberty (both economic, sometimes lingustic and national determination).

      There is the issue of ‘pay gap’ that is often mistaken for but is nothing to do with pay equality. Pay equality is in place. It’s an issue relating to maternity/paternity equality and career break de-laddering both on pay and national insurance. The ‘scandic’ approach to this solves this disparity.

      As regards the abuse of terminology in HMJ tweets, she evidently has little understanding of the issues. Here are the corrections..

      Sex = Informed (by age and mental capacity) consent between persons of any gender.
      Gender = A defined birth characteristic.

      Transgender = A person who wishes clinical intervention to modify body characteristics to coincide with their perceived identity. There is a small clique of women (of which HMJ appears to have joined) that subscribes to gender apartheid. Transgender people pose a threat to them. Are they or are they not? It’s not a problem or issue for those who do not subscribe to gender apartheid. The real issue relates to the failure of NHS in Wales to establish a gender dysphoria clinic in Wales. The nearest referral unit is in London. Welsh transgender people, by definition, have to leave the country to access support.

      Of course, both Labour and Plaid have an issue with gender apartheid with ‘all women shortlists’ for election candidates. It’s telling women that they are not good enough to be candidates because they are women. It’s a policy which defines ‘special rules’ in order to succeed. Personally, I don’t judge candidates by gender, it’s what they do in the chambers of democracy that’s more important, regardless of gender.

      1. Brychan – There is something very worrying happening in Bangor with a clinical psychologist claiming to be a specialist in transgender problems. He also sees NHS patients but is building up a sizeable private practice producing reports which patients then use to access gender change surgery. The Community Mental Health Team that this man used to work with were sacked/disbanded because of their neglect and abuse.of patients – they all just went away and set themselves up as private therapists.

        I have heard first hand accounts from three different patients of this transgender specialists grossly inappropriate and abusive behaviour and at least one client has been left suicidal. He has broken confidentiality, encouraged patients to believe that he was forming a special relationship with them, encouraged them to wrote very personal letters to him which have then be used to silence complaint. This man is such a danger to clients that I have been trying to encourage his latest victim to anonymously blog about him to warn others but they have been left too terrified and distraught to do anything about him at all. I can’t put further details here because all three patients begged me not to say anything to anyone that would ever identify them.

        Gender problems can be complex and difficult and I know for a fact that this man does not have the background to deal with them.

        By the way some people had horrendous experiences at Charing Cross as well – it was a long time ago but some folk went abroad rather than encounter Charing Cross again.

  19. Big Gee

    Maybe you should invite the Hairy Melon to contribute an article on here Jac? If she can find time in between Twitter scribbles.

    Should make fun reading – or possibly not ‘fun’ – more like ‘nightmare reading’ really I suppose. Certifiably off the wall in my opinion, and I say that from personal experience of her at close quarters (around a table that is – nothing closer – God forbid!). I still wake up shivering in a cold sweat some nights.

    One thing I do know is that she has more in common with a middle class (batty) public school prodigy from the Home Counties than anything associated with Cymru or the Cymry. It proves my point that you can teach a parrot to speak Welsh, but that doesn’t make the parrot a Welshman/ woman (or both it seems in some cases – if you listen to MHJ).

    I don’t think you need worry about her getting re elected as an AM. The novelty has well and truly worn off by now. You don’t go and visit a circus side-show more than once to satisfy your curiosity do you?

    1. Dafis

      Sadly Gee she still seems well suited for any number of Cynulliad sponsored appointments as this kind of thinking seems to chime well with the Bay set.

  20. Anonymous

    Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. I knew she was a bit of a fruit case but reading this takes her onto an altogether different level of loopyness.

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