Senedd elections: Hard left to win by stealth


Last week, in discussing the suspension from Yes Cymru, on the most spurious of grounds, of Dr Dilys Davies, I offered you ‘Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left’.

This latest post is in part an update of, and in part a sequel to, last week’s post.


In that previous piece I explained the infiltration of Yes Cymru by left wingers who are more likely to be promoting their own agendas than serving Welsh interests.

I also tried to explain the linkage between the doctrinaire ‘hard’ left and the ‘fluffier’ wokies, especially those who believe transsexuals are a persecuted minority in Wales that must not just be protected, but promoted and grown.

Following that piece I suffered considerable online abuse, people saying they wanted to attack me, even kill me. Moi! loveable old Jac!

This is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

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Aled Gwyn Williams, poisonous little troll of Maesteg, was no doubt angry that my blog piece had been taken up by Llais y Sais, where Martin Shipton gave him a few mentions.

This was perhaps payback for Shipton being attacked last year by the usual suspects for daring to wonder why BLM protests were allowed during Covid lockdown.

For this he was removed from a judging panel by the touchy-feely, state-funded, left liberals of Literature Wales, an organisation where ‘diversity’ now takes precedence over good writing.

Shipton was quoted in a Nation.Cymru article saying, “Many of the tweets questioned my right to express an opinion, called into question my credentials as a journalist and attacked me on the basis of my age.”

Tell me about it!

But it was all rather naïve of Shippo. For as we learnt from the USA and elsewhere, marches, riots, arson, looting, even murder and mayhem, were perfectly acceptable during lockdown – as long as it was BLM or Antifa doing it.

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Further news came in after last week’s post was published, some of which I added as an update, and so you may have missed it. Also, information to which I’ve been directed in recent days.


As a late addition to last week’s post I mentioned that Yes Cymru had taken on a Campaigns Officer. Her name is Harriet Protheroe-Soltani (formerly Protheroe-Davis), originally of Merthyr.

What’s important about her is that she comes from Momentum, or Welsh Labour Grassroots, as it tends be more popularly known in Wales. By either name this is the hard left group that gathered around Jeremy Corbyn capturing and, for a while, controlling the Labour Party.

Since Corbyn’s fall parasitic Momentum has sought new hosts.

A year ago Harriet Protheroe-Soltani stood for Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG), seeking to represent the ‘North West and Wales’ region.

She was elected and became “vice chair of the campaign group Momentum”. By March this year Protheroe-Soltani was a YesCymru activist.

When standing for the Momentum NCG last year this is what she had to say to the Momentum membership in her election pitch:

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The penultimate sentence is chilling. It suggests that those who are democratically elected to the Senedd by the Welsh people will be dictated to by left wingers like her.

Another hard left woman who has adopted the cause of Welsh independence is infamous anti-Semite Kerry-Anne Mendoza, editor-in-chief of far left media site The Canary. I think she has ‘bought a place’ near Abergavenny.

I don’t accept that these women really care about Wales, or about us. I say that because the left is inherently unpatriotic. To them, patriotism is either passé or downright evil.

One of Aled Gwyn Williams’ playmates’ recently used the term ‘flagshaggers’ to describe Welsh patriots. (He’s the one in the centre of the picture below.)

Not long before, in a truly bizarre tweet – even by their standards – he challenged ‘flagshaggers’ to a cage fight! Everybody had a good laugh.

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The hard left supports Welsh independence for its own reasons. Reasons that would be of no benefit to the Welsh people. For example, the left would do nothing to combat the ethnic cleansing taking place in our rural areas as they believe in open borders and free movement of people.

Consequently, the independent Wales they promise would be an absolute nightmare. As we were reminded by the comedian in the centre of the picture above . . . who fantasises about gulags!

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And he is not joking! That’s how unhinged the hard left / wokies have become.

These are the people taking over and reshaping the movement for independence, and it makes sense.

For reading Momentum literature certain things become obvious. Regular references to the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights tell that this issue is being used by Momentum to cause disruption in ‘target groups’.

It worked its magic on the Labour Party and now we see the hard left using its useful idiots the wokies to cause disruption with transphobia allegations in Wales. Especially within Plaid Cymru and the independence movement.


When it’s not talk of gulags and cage fights with ‘flagshaggers’, or dictating policy to the ‘Welsh Government’, then leftists engage in other attacks on the nation.

Here are two examples from last week.

To believe the first, the movement for Welsh independence owes virtually nothing to white, heterosexual Welsh people!

“Bigots and fascists” is code for, ‘anyone who refuses to accept the hard left / wokie message’. That is, most of us.

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According to Welsh Communalists of the World Yes Cymru was “only possible” due to the LGBTQ community and the Kurds. Now, I have supported the Kurds ever since I became aware of their plight – and this was long before the clowns I’m writing about were born – but to give the Kurdish diaspora in Wales such influence would probably embarrass the Kurds themselves.

Yet – and this is surely the clincher! – what Welsh Communalists of the World says is “a scientific fact”. So there!

Who are these idiots?

A brief background may be needed for you to understand the second example.

A recent proposal to the Snowdonia National Park Authority by Gwynedd councillor John Pughe Roberts called for our highest mountain to be known only as ‘Yr Wyddfa’.

This has excited the representatives of the ‘visitor economy’ (love that term!) who claim the tourists won’t like it. Citing the fact that no one visits Mont Blanc or Benidorm.

It’s this suggestion from Cllr Roberts that encouraged the Twitter contribution you see below from @henpbapur.

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It’s difficult to know where to start with this, but let’s try some facts. Colonel Sir George Everest was born into a family of butchers turned lawyers from London. They’d made enough money to buy a sizeable estate near Crughywel.

There is some dispute as to where George Everest was born, in 1790, but he was certainly baptised in London and educated in England before joining the East India Company as a cadet and sailing for India in 1806. He died at his London home in 1866 and is buried in London.

His connection with Wales, therefore, is tenuous in the extreme. He may never have set foot here! For all sorts of reasons, to call him a Welshman is absurd.

But none of this matters to those, infected with transient lunacies, who want to paint us Welsh as colonialist oppressors. Though even if Everest was Welsh, would that make us all guilty?

Following World War Two the Allies decided that guilt for the Holocaust and other crimes would be borne by those who were guilty – not by the whole German nation. That was the correct thing to do then, and now.

But under the influence of Black Lives Matter, and its mantra that all white people must carry the guilt for slavery and colonialism some young person in Wales uses George Everest to pin the guilt of colonialism on the whole Welsh nation in 2021!

And by so doing, she lines up with some Cheshire Set shite in Abbasock who thinks using the name Yr Wyddfa is racist!

Whose side is she on?

She doubled down on her silliness with the tweet you see below.

No, I’ll tell you what’s ‘toxic’ and ‘shallow’ – blaming people for things they had no hand in, and arguing for collective guilt. Because that’s how dictators and genocidalists ‘justify’ their crimes.


One of the many curiosities of the Welsh political scene nowadays is a group calling itself Labour for an Independent Wales. As you can see if you click on the link, the homepage of the group’s website proclaims ‘Socialism through independence’, leaving us in no doubt of its priority.

(Mercifully, there’s no mention of gulags. Or of challenging ‘flagshaggers’ to a scrap.)

On the executive committee of @LabforIndyWales we find Martyn Shrewsbury, snake oil salesman of Swansea and former luminary of the Liberal Democrats. Shrewsbury has appeared on this blog more than once. (Just put his name in the search box atop the sidebar.)

The rest seem to be the usual mix of dinner party socialists, those still fighting Brexit, and yet more opportunists dreaming of exploiting an independent Wales.

The leader and spokesperson for this merry band is Ben Gwalchmai, who is the fourth of Labour’s four candidates on the Mid and West Wales list for Thursday’s election. Which means he’s got as much chance of being elected as I have.

I mention Comrade Gwalchmai because, idly searching the web the other night, I came across a podcast in which he appears, alongside Harriet Protheroe-Soltani of all people. She of Yes Cymru and Momentum.

If nothing else, it tells us that they know each other. Which is no great surprise.

But the reason I mention it is because I’m told Gwalchmai has been having discreet talks with the leadership of Yes Cymru. The organisation that so recently attracted Protheroe-Soltani. This might be significant.

Because despite Yes Cymru’s claims to not be aligned with any political party, it became obvious soon after YC’s launch that it was an extension of Plaid Cymru. While the claim to being ideology-free has been destroyed by Yes Cymru’s surrender to the far left and the left’s wokie dupes.

Then, other sources tell me that the details of the post-election coalition between Labour and Plaid Cymru have already been settled. Plaid Cymru is being coy about it so as not to alienate its supporters.

I’ll remind them: A vote for Plaid Cymru is a vote for Labour.

It would make perfect sense for potential partners in any coalition to have made the initial contact through proxies. Or should we view it as Yes Cymru acting as matchmaker?

One thing is absolutely certain. The hard left has extended its influence in Wales without ever putting its agenda to the electorate. It has achieved this influence through the time-honoured methods of entryism and operating through surrogates.

The little chart I’ve drawn up explains how I see the flow of left wing influence. You’ll note that while Labour is obviously targeted, the ultimate targets are Yes Cymru and Plaid Cymru. In fact, Plaid Cymru might be seen as the end of the line.

Making the party of Saunders Lewis and Gwynfor Evans the Labour Party by another name.

The trickle down effect.

Undod is a far left group containing a number of extremists and oddballs, some of whom crop up in the company of Aled Gwyn Williams. With its emphasis on class war it’s about as relevant to the 21st century as whalebone corsets.

“One of the reasons we decided to call ourselves Undod was as a permanent reminder that the working class have more in common with one another than they do with the political and business elites in this country.”

As I said earlier, the left is always unpatriotic, and Undod is no exception. It seeks to divide the Welsh nation on class lines while forging alliances with the toiling masses elsewhere. It’s almost nostalgia socialism; the sort of thing that can only appeal to the truly embittered or the too-young-to-know-better.

Plaid Ifanc, the youth wing of Plaid Cymru, is another far left organisation, with its number one objective being to make Wales independent . . . and then join the EU! Being generous, I’ll suggest its members are too young to remember the 2016 referendum in which Wales voted to leave the EU.

There is no mention on the Plaid Ifanc website of the citizens of an independent socialist Wales having a referendum to decide whether they want to join the EU.

There are other groups and social media accounts that I could have mentioned but these would be more peripheral.

Though one deserving a mention, which seems to be another front for Momentum, is Acorn. Formed in 2014, it describes itself as “a mass membership organisation and network of low-income people organising for a fairer deal for our communities”.

Deliciously vague . . . but who could criticise!


There will be a Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition after Thursday’s elections, but the real victor will be the hard left, which has infiltrated both parties, and will, as Harriet Protheroe-Soltani warned, “set the narrative” for the ‘Welsh Government’. It could be argued that this infiltration made the coalition almost inevitable.

Can merger be far behind?

From then on it will be virtue signalling on steroids!

The planet will be saved by banning private transport while also getting rid of farmers and their farting livestock; the world’s refugees will be encouraged to come to Wales; police will be defunded and their bicycles emblazoned with ‘ACAB’; England’s homeless will be housed; gender dysphoria counselling will be available to foetuses; the stocks will be brought back for flagshaggers; the currently under-funded third sector will enjoy a golden age of largesse; anyone asking, ‘But what about the economy?’ will be re-educated . . . and Wales will sink into (even greater) poverty and utter chaos.

I can only hope that a few years of the lunatics running the asylum leads to our people coming to their senses, and from then on voting for parties with no hidden agendas, and only Wales’ best interests at heart.

♦ end ♦


72 thoughts on “Senedd elections: Hard left to win by stealth

  1. Dafis

    this headline cropped up today in the Guardian ( on line, I wouldn’t pay for that rag!) I just found it on Google news service.

    French soldiers accuse government of trying to ‘silence’ warnings of civil war

    The military, or at least a significant number of serving and ex officers had written to the current regime expressing concerns about instability, and true to form the government ignores it and accuses them of overstepping their mandate.
    Many of the usual suspects who are too feeble to confront the worst excesses of Islamification crop up in response to the open letter which “…. also accused anti-racism groups of creating “hatred between communities” and cautioned that “lax” government policies could spark chaos requiring military action to “protect our civilisational values”.
    Maybe someone on that side of the Channel will have the resolve to tackle immigration and subversive Islamification before it gets worse. French have had plenty of recent exposure to militant Islam in the sub Saharan zone and are probably mightily pissed off with the whole thing by now. In France, as here in the UK and even dear old Wales, so called socialists are far more concerned with not upsetting these cultures from the far flung than looking after the interests of natives. In France they have coined the term Islamo-gauchism to describe the perverted affection that lifestyle lefties have for militant Islamism. Islamist extremists know these lefties as useful idiots !

  2. Dafis

    Now beginning to look like those saintly figures behind so much globalist and wokey activism are not so squeaky clean after all. It is now suggested that Mrs Gates started looking at ways of dumping shrinking violet Bill in 2019 after she discovered that Bill’s circle of friends included one Jeffrey Epstein. Aw shucks, was Billy partial to a bit of juvenile crumpet too ? Did he see it as a way of getting into royalty circles ? One of the World’s richest and still a social climber, how inadequate can one get !

  3. David Smith

    I read that Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party [sic] want to also abolish protections for the Welsh language. And these cunts have the temerity to use Y Ddraig Goch as part of their branding? What ‘Welsh’ will be left at all if tossers like these have their way?

    1. David Smith

      It’s somewhat heartening to see that they didn’t do very well at all, only comparably so (or at least, the same order of magnitude of vote numbers) to the other minor parties. BritNat vermin like that will always have bigger funding pools to draw upon I’d imagine, from ‘well wishers’ up east (read: planters and colonists who seethe at the chutzpah of assertion of a separate Welsh identity). A pox upon all their sporadically occupied houses!

  4. Red Flag

    Wales final result:-
    Lab 30 (+1)
    Con – 16 (+5)
    PC – 13 (+1)
    LD – 1 (nc)

    Very unexpected result by the pundits as far as Labour are concerned – in fact they sound like they didn’t expect it “exceeded expectations” according to Drakeford. Plaid are gutted – Tories have overtaken them.

    The forecast was
    Lab between 24-29 seats
    Con between 14-17
    PC between 10-16
    AWAP between 1-4
    LD between 0-1
    Oth between 0-1 (from Propel, Green, or Reform UK)

    So it looks like Labour & Tory profited at Plaid’s and AWAP’s expense in the main. (certainly Labour whose +1 is Rhondda that they took from Plaid)

    1. Brychan

      If you approach the Senedd election with the objective of winning national independence then we must accept that the key is to win the valleys and coastal cities which has well over half of the population of our country. Not only that, as the Senedd is constituted 40 seats constituency and 20 seats regional, the key is also constituency wins. Plaid Cymru is the only party to seriously make this challenge, but it has failed. Not for want of the voters, but by organisational failure.

      In the lead up to these elections we see they committed three acts of self-harm. They starved Rhondda , slit their throat in Cardiff West and set themselves on fire in Llanelli.

      It is a repeat of what happened after 1999, where they held Rhondda, Llanelli and Islwyn. Curry plots, internal manoeuvres against elected members and also diverting resources. It was a retreat to Fro Gymraeg then, and a retreat to Fro Gymraeg now. Plaid Cymru might well find solace, as before, in some regional members being elected, but that is dint of the electoral system rather than community based support.

      So lets look at the constituencies.

      Leanne Wood was right when she said, at the time, that Geraint Davies lost Rhondda because he became bogged down in constituent matters. That’s a job to delegate to staff and other cadres to develop as community campaigns. Yet, this is exactly what she did when she became constituency MS. More often found packing tins of beans at the food bank than leading campaigns, which Buffy did. Had Leanne done so, she’d still be MS.

      Cardiff West.
      Saying the wrong thing can be laughed off, doing the right thing has to be cherished. McEvoy never was the best cup of tea in the conference room, but as a community champion he’s gold dust. Ostracising him was an act of self harm. Had he been tolerated rather than witch-hunted, he’d mow be a Plaid Cymru MS.

      You cannot impose candidates onto a constituency and attack it’s volunteers calling them deadwood, and then impose a candidate, firstly from outside for Westminster, and then someone who is in fact a rotting trunk to stand for Senedd. Had Sean Rees stood for Westminster, he would have grown the vote but lost, and had he then stood for Senedd, he’d now be the MS, and the party organisation on the ground intact. HMJ is toxic.

      Will Adam Price read and take note of this comment? I understand the territory much more than any management consultant lobby spivs he will no doubt show his ear to. But I don’t hold out much hope.

      1. Preseli

        Brychan you are spot on with your analysis. 4 yrs ago i asked Adam, as new leader would he stop banging on about socialism as the word scares the conservatively minded Welsh voter, and it would broaden PCs appeal to forget an obsolete ideology. Use communitarianism, selfsufficiency, sustainable economic growth, fair society but stop banging on about colliers and 70s mantras.! Anyway he did not and look where they are today.

        I also drew his office’s attention to his laughable and terrible comms dept’s work. Remember that ridiculous Mab Darogan video of him in a suit on the ramparts of Dynevor castle. As well as the dark green pamphlets featuring a wordy thesis that nobody will read , still being produced year after year at elections. They need to look at Reform UKs style of messaging, simple, clear, repetative, sparse but easily understood text .

        Plaid is lost ot has lost the plot

  5. Dafis

    Yet another Labour M.P Khalid Mahmood shows that there are pockets of grounded thinking within that party. Jac rightly concludes that Welsh Labour may have been able, thus far, to avoid the worst ravages of a wokey infestation but ……

    Now that Plaid is bust, totally freeze framed with a prospect of fading even further into the gloom of political impotence, Labour had better watch out. Many of these ultras were originally hard core “leftist” agitators though they wouldn’t know real socialism if it bit them on the arse. They will shortly be homeless as they will core out Plaid like ants on a rotting apple and where will they go next ? Most of the other parties are savvy enough not to put up with the bullshit so hopping onto the Labour movement in Wales is a logical progression. Will Labour have enough meanness to withstand such intrusion ?

  6. Over here in England, the swing against Labour is far far bigger than anyone anticipated. They are getting slaughtered at the moment.

    1. West Midlands – Labour defending 32 council seats. Tories have taken 28 of them on eye-watering swings. Even the Lib Dems are picking places up (Stockport).

      Best put-down of the morning so far on England telly:-

      Labour MP:- Clearly we are the party of the working class.
      Interviewer:- Clearly you no longer are.

      1. And it’s just been trumped!

        Labour MP:- We are witnessing early encouraging signs of recovery.
        Interviewer:- No reply, just burst out laughing.

        Proving to be an excellent comedy act are Labour in England.

          1. Hitler’s bunker, April/May 1945. Moving phantom constituencies round on the map and issuing orders to local parties that no longer exist.

              1. Dafis

                Away from bunkers a leading Labour M.P is quoted as admitting –

                “The traditional Left/Right analysis misses electoral challenge as it is now. Former Labour voters in so-called Red Wall seats are economically relatively “left”. They want decent jobs, investment, pride in town centres, better housing. Today’s Tories are offering more of that.”

                And that’s fair comment. What she didn’t go on to say was something along the lines of drop the woke and globalist bullshit ! Opportunity missed.

                  1. Dafis

                    I saw that piece earlier today. A case of meandering off in all sorts of directions getting hot and bothered over matters that are usually a source of much indifference to electorates. And they wonder why the down to earth working man or woman don’t give a damn about their posturing. Starmer is a bit of a problem but it’s the likes of Abbott, Butler et al who really feed that distancing from their traditional demographic.

          2. Dafis

            I wonder who they caught that off !

            Reading IMJ’s site here it seems that Vale of Glam has relocated to N.E Wales – “…..that the north-east of Wales where a number of seats such as the Vale of Glamorgan and Wrexham are up for grabs will now be the key test for Labour.” Is that a drunk journo or just one that hasn’t got a grasp of geaography ?

              1. Dafis

                Can’t muster any sense of grief on that one, which is really sad. A woman with serious potential distracted so badly by ishoos that it all slipped down the drain.

                1. Dafis

                  Madame Sarkosy seems to recognise the endemic problem –

                  “Little by little and without warning, do-gooders and censorship have taken control. Obsessed by their image of upholders of morality, a whole load of people without culture, without experience and without courage are trying to impose their narrow-minded ideas on us. Their sterile, uniform and puerile ideas are seeking to invade humanity. If we have the misfortune not to think like them, they rush at us with all their dictatorial energy to try to make us be quiet. Humour is quietly disappearing as a result of their moralising speeches, freedom is in its death throes, creation is lifeless and democracy in great danger. In short, it is not good to joke in 2021…”

                  Some of our lot down the Bay, and those with ambitions in that direction, along with their “influencers” would do well to take heed. People are tiring of this virtue signalling behaviour.

  7. This weirdo wokish debate theme reminds me of the group of “diverse” Labour Party students who won seats as County Councillors in Swansea City and County about a decade ago. This Blog featured them a lot. They were very intolerant of anyone who was not in the same Party as them – more so than old guard Labourites. Then they all went home. Since then a sizeable inner group of Momentum women Labour Councillors have emerged in Swansea. What next Jac for the Jacks? Possibly Premier League Football next season?

  8. Vlad the inhaler

    Having read the comments from Jac’s supporters they’re just as full of empty rhetoric and childish name-calling as the people he is seeking to condemn.
    Bit of an own goal there Jac ?

    1. If you read the articles you’ll grasp that they deal with solid and concerning issues. To reduce them to ‘name calling’ is very superficial of you. You normally do better.

      1. Steffan

        Vlad’s input above refers to your most stalwart ‘commentators’, rather than to the substantive article(s) that you pen, Jac. And I think he has a perfectly legitimate point, objectively stated. Your tetchiness in response, at this late point in your august career, does not sit well.

        I wish you all the best in your retirement – hoping as others have said that you might still consider being the channel for others’ occasional investigative pieces, even if your own pen remains largely in repose.

        1. I understood that his comment referred to contributors, but even so, it seemed unnecessary.

          As for this blog, it will stay open, if only as a ‘library’. But if someone had something to say, in a lucid way; something that had been researched and was of wider interest, then I might consider putting it out. Do you have such a piece?

        2. Dafis

          As a hate preacher of long standing I find your comment amusing. It reeks of the stuffy snobbish attitudes commonly found among those lifestyle lefties who have an inbuilt aversion to the priorities of ordinary working people here in Wales. Reading such smug remarks doesn’t anger me any more as it just serves to confirm what we already know about your kind.

          No doubt, once you have wrecked this election for Plaid you will in due course move on to the next sabotage project. Just be careful as you may well run into a project where those running it won’t be a gullible and malleable as the Plaid and YC crew.

  9. David Smith

    How is criticism of Israel as a state, no matter how barbed or acerbic, an attack on Jewish people as an ethnoreligious group? The equivalent is conflating our attacks on the Anglo-dominated British state, its loyalists, its historical wrongs towards Wales and the unequal relationship between Wales and England with bigotry towards the English as a people.

    1. Would this be the Israel that is the only state in the middle east that has gay marriage and allows universal suffrage? One of less than a handful (no pun) that doesn’t chop bits of people off for petty crimes, the only one where religious discrimination is a criminal offence.

      Israel is a beacon to civilised values in the middle east. the rest of them are prehistoric garbage.

      Make a deal with you. All countries in the middle east that do not allow gay marriage and do not allow full universal suffrage are barbaric scum. Tell me otherwise.

      1. My point was not to criticise Israel or its policies or otherwise, it was that to do so, even unjustifiably, is not the same thing as bigotry towards Jewish people and nor should it be considered as such.

        1. But it’s always a fine line. And too many on the anti-=capitalist left slip into using the stereotype of the Jewish banker used by the Nazis.

          1. David Smith

            Maybe it could be seen as a bit more pointed than criticisms towards other states because Israel’s raison d’etre is as a homeland for the Jewish people. So in that regard, the state and its inhabitants are more intertwined than others. Indeed, it does also seem a hell of a lot more civilised and enlightened than any other country in the neighbourhood.

            But that should not mean it is above legitimate criticism, and perhaps benefit of the doubt should be given to criticisers until and unless they slip up and drop in a crass stereotype about big noses or greed. If criticisms don’t stoop to this level explicitly, in implying they do we’d be no better than those who paint as racists those who call BLM into question and the like.

      2. These are the realities that the left and the woke prefer to ignore. If the issues are genuinely gay rights and trans rights then protests should be directed against countries where these are most under threat. The failure to do this exposes the anti-Western bias, and the true agenda.

        It’s the same with environmental concerns. The ‘developed’ world is targeted while China is allowed to open a new coal-fired power station every week. By some miracle, China and other ‘developing’ economies do not impact on the environment.

        1. David Smith

          There’s a whole lot of selective bogeman-ing that goes on all over the world. Iraq gets bombed to the ground but China and Saudi Arabia carry on their human rights abuses with impunity. What about Vietnam, the proxy war when it was the Soviet Union who was the big bad wolf.

  10. David Smith

    Prior to reading that newspaper clipping I had no idea TeifiAndAled was gay. Even if Dilys Davies knew of the fact, what bearing does it have on anything? Perplexed.

  11. max wallis

    You rightly predicted takeover of YesCymru.
    For the 22nd May AGM, the Central Committee proposes a motion to “diversify” – but without people of colour or black. Their “diversify” requires “1 to identify as female” of the Chair and Vice-Chair, but asymmetrically not “1 identify as male”.
    The word “identify” of course gives the game away – the misogynist men who self-identify as women will “identify” as female, to displace those whom society (and medical science) sees as being sex.
    Clear retrogression from equality between the sexes.
    In order to cater for those who like to “identify” as neither male or female, they propose at least 6 of the committee of 12 “shall identify as female or non-binary”.
    It’s alarming that people who wanted to create a serious movement for independence should divert YesCymru into such wokish games.

    1. Dafis

      Thus madness is confirmed. It also confirms that the surge in YC membership was substantially due to an influx of nomadic ultra fascists hell bent on diverting the movement from its original purpose and ultimately to its destruction.

      PC will go the same way which will reinforce the need for Gwlad and Propel to offer a home to those who still regard independence as a priority along with balanced socially relevant policies as currently demonstrated.

      In a way this is good news. 2 sinking ships full of rats, although these rats will swim off to infest some other political party Labour and Lib Dems perhaps. But the sinking ships will most likely stay sunk and it will be all their fault.

      1. I have been of the opinion for a long time that the infiltration of Yes Cymru is to subvert it from being an independence movement to one of a left wing campaign group geared to keepng Labour in power in Cardiff.

    2. Brychan

      As you say, Max, the whole basis of the ishoo, a clear retrogression from equality between the sexes. To the “terfs” it’s manifest as sex based rights. The concept that what genitals exist between a persons legs determines certain rights and privileges. We get “all women shortlist” and “womens only spaces”. They wrongly read that the Equality Act 2010 provides for this, and in doing so, see the phantom that to include male to female transsexuals as women, that of ID self or medicalised, as an erosion these phantom privileges. This is the crux of the ishoo. They then trawl the internet for incidents, or invent them or distort them, to justify it. Put simply, they argue that a MtoF transsexual would have the right to be on an all women shortlist. They miss the point that an all women shortlist is a discriminatory concept, and should not exist. Woman is not determined by vagina. No person, or their rights as an equal citizen, is determined as a piece of flesh. There is much more to women than their bodies. There are however, some men who do see a woman as just a piece of flesh, and they have the same perspective of Terfs. The rest of the garbage is fear and hate. Yes Cymru does not exist as a vehicle for sex based privilege. As soon as they adopted that agenda, they by default fall into this trap. A trap often sprung to leverage power by the ‘far left’ and the ‘far right’.

      1. I agree with you on all-women shortlists. That’s because it’s a form of discrimination.

        But the issue is not really about gender or sex, it’s about a small group of obsessive and unreasonable people using these issues to take over and control a movement set up with a single aim – to promote the case of Welsh independence.

  12. David Robins

    ‘Problematisation’ has a long history on the Left, back to Eduard Bernstein’s ‘Problems of Socialism’ in the 1890s. Joseph Stalin wrote ‘The Problems of Leninism’. Leon Trotsky wrote ‘Problems of Life’ and ‘Problems of the Chinese Revolution’.

    Marxists are driven to viewing the world as problem because their approach requires reality to be evaluated against theory, not the other way round. No wonder everything is deemed to be ‘problematic’.

    What’s a problem isn’t defined by the nature or degree of suffering experienced but by the degree to which the suffering can be exploited politically. Teenage girls being denied their desperate wish to be made into boys, to avoid the effects of puberty, is a problem. Women being marginalised by people who weren’t born as women is not.

    You have to wonder at the mentality of those who aspire to nothing better than a lucrative career in making mischief, forever, just for the sake of it (or Critical Theory, as it’s also known). The fun bit is in turning their tools on them, deconstructing the deconstructionists and all that. They really don’t like it. As Roger Scruton put it, “A writer who says that there are no truths, or that all truth is ‘merely relative,’ is asking you not to believe him. So don’t.” All relative truths are equal, but we know all too well that some are more equal than others.

    1. Dafis

      Many of these agitators are well educated insofar as they have been processed through several stages of education through Uni and possibly post grad. However they are not trained to make any kind of contribution to society other than engage in backstabbing, causing friction and division, much of which would have been within their ability if they had left education system at 16. I said it earier, nihilism is the best term for this garbage.

  13. Dafis

    bordernick tweets : “Eco warriors apparently used the money from a covid grant to pay for a review to stop a farmer getting planning for an agricultural enterprise. So people who have never worked in Wales using Welsh taxpayers money to stop Welsh people earning a living off their own land”.

    That sums it up neatly. These parasites will continue sucking on the tit of the public purse until it runs dry. Ironic that farmers and other rural enterprises pay taxes to keep that benevolence going. Any kind of value for money test would conclude that this kind of crap should not exist.

    As for their appearance, it’s just part of the en vogue “revolutionary image” to dress down and look like a sack of shit driving around in old bangers and stuff like that. Make no mistake, these fuckers are looking down their greedy snouts at locals, those natives who are genuinely struggling to make their way in the world. Next government needs to dump all the fancy initiatives, acts and rules that enable these fake enterprises to exist and if possible row back on what’s already gone by enforcing things like fire regs, sanitation and hygiene rules and any other bits of archaic law that applies to unwanted infestations in our communities.

    1. David Smith

      The ineffectualness of the Senedd, militant hippies, cranks, SJWs and Labour hegemony are grist to the mill for BritNat thickoes like bordernick and such sundry Twitter illiterati.

      1. Brychan

        As example was bought to my attention by the celebrity farmer of Llanfairfechan. It realates to the vegan caffi at Llyn Clywedog, grant aided by the RSPB.

        This enterprise is owned by Ian and Pam Bellighamm of Cheshire.

        When the owner, has not got his trough in the snout of third sector wildlife grants in Wales, he tells us of his food exploits in England. This includes Cod and Chips on the Wirral and his roast chicken with all the trimmings cooked in his Cheshire home, and the mandatory pork chop barbeque.

        I assume when he drives into Wales he has to hide the animal products to qualify for grants.

  14. Jim Ryan

    Hi Jac.

    After reading this I’ve decided to contribute to your site (only a small bit), out of my benefits money.

    Unfortunately I’ve been on benefits since moving to Wales as a refugee, with mental health problems.

    Get yourself a drink. Chill. The revolution is coming.

    Having read through Irish history and having observed Scotland’s battle for independence, I feel pretty confident in stating that Wales will not gain independence anytime soon.

    It won’t happen until there’s some sort of unity within the movement.

    Surely the left v right wing thing can be dealt with afterwards?


    1. Interesting points.

      In Ireland, certainly in 1916, left and right – in the forms of Connolly’s Citizen Army and Pearse’s Irish Volunteers – combined to fight in the Easter Rising.

      In Scotland, things seemed to be going well until the wokies started injecting poison into the SNP. This is a major reason for the emergence of Alba.

      In Wales, we were already a long way behind Scotland, and now the hard left and the wokies are shattering what unity there was.

      So, your analysis is not far wrong.

  15. David Robins

    I’m noting the way the word ‘problematic’ gets thrown around as a shallow badge of faux-academic insight by people like this Grievance Studies bird, designed to make them sound a whole lot cleverer than they are. The problem’s their choice. They made it up. No-one forced them to invent it. It will go away when they choose.

    While she boasts of having “written two dissertations focusing on the relation between toponymy and colonialism”, I suggest you can get good marks these days without knowing very much about anything, so long as you recycle the lingo of self-loathing.

    Time to demolish the universities and bring back some serious, credible learning.

    Written as a graduate of Prifysgol Cymru, back when these things meant something.

    1. An astute observation, David. And I speak as someone who is very ‘problematic’ for these people. The lack of original thinking is also really worrying.

      Even if she has a point with her study of toponomy and colonisation, the fact remains that George Everest was never more than an absentee landlord. To first claim him as being Welsh, and then use him to attack her own people, displays a strange mindset. Some might even say, problematic.

      1. Dafis

        That’s really funny, well it would be if the matter underlying wasn’t quite so serious. Does this dame work in Grievance Studies ?. If so she can climb back into her den and study why she can’t be bothered with mustering facts before launching into a tirade of abuse and denigration. Only people like me, a registered Hate preacher, is allowed to randomly select bits of fact, combine them with rumour and innuendo and fire the resultant mix at any old intruder I don’t like the look of. Modern version of the blunderbuss, although I often think the old way was a better way of dealing with intruders of this kind.

  16. Daf

    I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember who Aled Gwyn Williams reminds me of. It’s ‘Rick’ from ‘The Young Ones’. But with a hint of vengeful young fogey (lives somewhere nice, goes for nice walks with nice dogs – is oddly convinced he is actively ‘smashing the fash’ by typing rude tweets).

  17. Simon Gruffydd Foster

    Since we’re dabbling in predictions, I’m going to throw out the possibility that post May 6th neither Plaid Llafur/Cymru nor the Con/anti-devolutionalist blocks will be able to fill 30 seats needed to control the Senedd – thanks to the introduction of a number of anti-lockdowners. Then god knows how that would play out. Perpetual paralysis?

    It’s a long shot, granted, but possible. All bets are off!

      1. Brychan

        Key seat poster board observations and predictions.

        Llanelli – Very few Plaid Cymru for HMJ poster boards up. They posted a video online of a drive through Trimsaran, showing their wares, however, as I drove through this morning many of those have since been removed by the householder. Indicates continued decline in PC support. Predication – Labour win, then even stevens between Tories, Plaid and Gwlad.

        Rhondda – Loads of Plaid Cymru for Leanne Wood, surprisingly widespread in the Fach, untraditional territory. Indicates continued consolidation of PC support. Some Labour ones have been put up on empty properties owned by landlords in Cardiff. Prediction – Leanne to slay the Buffy by a mile.

        Cardiff West – A drive from Central Station though Fairwater and this constituency is plastered with Propel for Neil McEvoy poster boards. They’re everywhere, from fast food outlets to social housing, even the posher parts. Very diverse support from a very diverse constituency. Preduction – McEvoy to win, shaking both Labour and Plaid Cymru to the core.

        The strange thing about this election is that the established parties appear not to have identified key seats to win, save embarrassment. What’s it like in the east and the north?

        1. Dai Protheroe

          Interesting, Brychan. I can only comment on the Neath constituency, as not travelled outside of it since the recent lockdown. I haven’t seen an actual Labour board up and passed only a few houses with Jeremy Miles leaflets in the window. In contrast, as you travel up the Neath valley and through Glynneath you’ll notice quite a number of boards for Plaid Cymru in gardens, far more than I have seen before. I suspect this is repeated over Pontardawe, indeed I’d expect the Plaid support to be even stronger over there. I’ve also spoken to several people who are going with Plaid, never gone with them before. If I was Jeremy Miles I wouldn’t be taking out any bank loans at the moment. He may also experience a backlash from voters for the more local issue of the Welsh Labour NPT Council Leader having to step down, with allegations of inappropriate behaviour in office still hanging over him.

        2. Dafis

          Getting McEvoy f.p.t.p in CF West will be a massive boost for Nationalism and possibly more important, for sanity and honesty. Deposing the FM on his own turf is akin to taking a world title – very appropriate when we consider that Steve Robinson is contesting elsewhere in CF.

          1. Brychan

            Yes, Dafis. McEvoy playing a blinder in Cardiff.

            For your entertainment, here is a video of HMJ telling us what a Plaid Cymru council does to Welsh medium schools.

            Why pick on Ysgol Dewi Sant?
            Plaid Cymru are closing Ysgol Mynyddygarreg.

            1. Dafis

              Hardy old beast that HMJ. Of course that happening in corrupt Sir Gar where Plaid sits on the top roost covering up corruption and mismanagement like the Labour councils that have been doing it for years. All cut from the same cloth.

    1. Red Flag

      Sorry to piss on your chips Simon, but Labour & Plaid will take at least 40 seats between them and the only thing that will dictate anything is the ratio between them. That will dictate whether it is a formal coalition or a ‘confidence & supply’ arrangement.

  18. Mrs Jules Barry

    You like me must be totally demoralised- what future for our children? Cleaning chalets and claiming benefits. OK if you’re a farmer or work for the Government.

    1. Dafis

      Farmer ? I think you’ve missed the direction of travel that is being promoted by the thoughts of these crazies. You might get to “live off the land” if you are one of the One Planet zealots who do very little living off the land in reality but enjoy the pretence that is enabled by their trust funds and benefit claims. As for agriculture – you know the work that produces crops, meats and generally works off the land in a meaningful way,- well these shitbirds have no time for that. God knows from where they intend getting their food. Probably imported from communes on the far slopes of the Andes or worse still from some futuristic laboratory producing “edible systems” designed to reduce the effort of chewing proper food and probably cutting down on human effluent too.

      Maybe most people will end up working for the Government. There are those who believe strongly in that kind of end game while others have got very steamed up about the prospect of One World Government, New World Order, or any of the other fancy names attached to the likely outcome of all the scheming and downright lying currently going on among the seriously powerful and corrupt forces in this world.

      If you value a modicum of personal liberty you will be wary of developments that take us in such a direction. I don’t believe that anything is cut and dried yet because there are too many forces chasing too few places at the “top table”. However having a cluster or clique(s) of scumbags like those mentioned above is symptomatic that a lot of manouvering is going on. We in Wales start from a position of relative weakness anyway and it does us no good at all to be “aided” by deviants when in reality all they do is prepare us for the next stage of assimilation and integration into some other joker’s idea of a homogeneous unit.

    2. Simon Gruffydd Foster

      Not so good for farmers if the left/rewilders/extinction rebellion types get to exert their influence over policy.

      1. Dafis

        Not so good ? More like curtains ! And these scheming invaders will find ways of taking those assets at bottom book prices so that only the “right people” managing or feeding off the “right kind” of projects will be allowed to take up space.

        Those rewilders, Monbiotics, and other sundry fantasists will create a situation where within decades it will become necessary to cull humans, whether ill or not,as the entire systems for earning a living and feeding ourselves will have collapsed in on itself and there won’t be anything like enough basics to go round.

        This is where I differ a bit from Jac. I don’t see this as socialism or anything like real “leftism”. It may posture behind left badges but it’s a sterile abstract emptiness, a pose. The more appropriate badge/tag would be “nihilism” which is why it finds it so easy to ally itself with the current editions of Islamic and other terrorisms.

        1. Brychan

          It will not be the first time that a people are either evicted or culled in the name of the environment. In California, within the Sierra Nevada mountain range, is the Yosemite valley. Prior to the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon colonialists in 1833 the mountain range was inhabited by the Ahwahnechee. They practiced a form of slash and burn agriculture, and had done so for tens of thousands of years.

          In the 1850s, some precious metal mining was undertaken, and there was a series of land grabs by decrees of ordinance against the Yosemite native peoples. These were in 1851 (Mining and Homesteading), in 1906 (Water Dams), in 1929 (National Park), and in 1969 (Re-wilding).

          After the first few phases of human culling and displacements the ecology of the area changed from the ‘wilderness’ that was assumed. It led to the loss of natural species and significant habitat loss. Mono-fauna. In the 1960s, therefore, a programme of re-wilding took place, it led to the removal of the last villages of the Ahwahnechee. The final eviction, if they were not contracted employees in the tourism sector.

          The native language is now extinct, but there are still a few place names that appear on the signage for nature trails and holiday lodges, alongside the English names. Does this sound familiar?

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