‘If That’s The Way They Want It’

A comment to my previous post drew attention to a compilation by Y Byd ar Bedwar (a current affairs programme on S4C, the Welsh language channel) celebrating the 30 years that both the channel and the programme have been with us. In particular, I was referred to coverage of a dispute between the late Dr. Dafydd Huws and a group of protesters to his wind farm project in Ceredigion.

My views on wind farms are well known; I detest them as ugly, expensive and useless. Even so, Hell would have to host the Winter Olympics before I’d line up with the creatures we see on this clip. Who they are I don’t know (maybe someone out there recognises them). I assume they’re husband and wife, though I suppose they could be siblings (they look the type).

Dafydd Huws behaves with remarkable restraint and dignity, qualities that would have to be explained – in very simple language – to these two. Speaking his native language in the county where he was born, a language spoken by most locals, is just too much for the Gruesome Twosome. You see . . . how can I put this? They have ‘moved to the country’; to a rural part of the same country they were living in before they moved. They have definitely not moved to a different country, belonging to a different nation with its own history, culture, language and loyalties. And because that’s how they see it, someone wishing to speak Welsh is simply being awkward, as if he’d arbitrarily decided to address them in Swahili or Finnish.

Let’s pick up on some of the remarks made. The harridan refers to “this community” . . . mmm, and how long has she been part of it? (And would you want to be part of any ‘community’ of which she was a member?) A few seconds later she utters: “If you’re not going to speak English you might as well f o“. Exhibiting the traditional English attitude to other languages and cultures. A few seconds later she calls Dr Huws “an ignorant bastard”, presumably for speaking Welsh. Just before the clip finishes her companion chips in with, “If that’s the way they want it”. That? Way? They? What is the fat, gormless bastard trying to say?

Meibion Glyndŵr and a couple of other organisations aside, every political party and organisation has, over the past forty years, failed to honestly face up to what is happening in Wales. We are being colonised. Handing out welcome packs to English colonists, telling them about Wales, hoping they’ll integrate, is a waste of time and money. And an acceptance of defeat. These two in the film are all too typical of the people taking over our country – clearly the welcome packs influenced their attitudes!

The colonisation is no longer confined to the rural areas. The whole country is under threat, from the towns of the north coast to the southern Valleys. All manner of undesirables are being dumped on us. People are being murdered and raped by degenerates that shouldn’t even be in Wales.

Colonisation is now the single most important issue facing Wales, because if it is not checked Wales has no future as a nation. So instead of welcome packs the time has now come to a) curb the influx b) make sure those here understand that they’re here on our terms; if they don’t like it, then, as the harridan in the film so eloquently put it, they can f o.

Now what do you have to say?

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