The London Clearances

Over the past 24 hours or so quite a few people have picked up on the Guardian story about London councils planning to move people out to various towns and cities. I was also directed to the Daily Mail’s version, and it’s this that prompts this brief post. For the MailOnline version takes comments, and some of these I found fascinating.

Because even though many destinations were mentioned for London’s unwanted benefits recipients it was surprising how often Wales figured in the comments. And the comments didn’t just come from Wales. Many of those that did, though, seemed well aware of the already existing problems. Here’s an unscientific selection:



It should be encouraging to read that people in England, Scotland, Ireland, the US and Canada care about us and our country, but there’s little they can do. It’s really up to us to start making a stand against this and the many other ways in which the English system shows its contempt for us Welsh. And we’d better start soon, because time is not on our side.
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