Carmarthenshire Council: Litigious, Vindictive, Dysfunctional, Secretive, Dictatorial, And Now, Anti-Welsh.

A lot has been written about Carmarthenshire council in recent years. Little of it complimentary. I have more than once referred to the Labour-Independent coalition running the council as a ‘Nazi-Soviet pact’. Though in fairness to both, the council is actually controlled and run by one of its employees, the chief executive, Mark James. This despot has a penchant for litigation, so I’d better be careful what I say . . .

Another regular complaint has been over the way the council has been cosying up to an evangelical church – the Towy Community Church – lavishing upon this crew funding, property and, most worryingly of all, responsibility for delivering certain services . . . to the vulnerable, the desperate . . . that’s right! – those most likely to succumb to proselytising. Just the way Green Pastures and so many other religious ‘charities’ operate. The Towy Community Church also keeps bad company, being linked with Mercy Ministries, who believe in demonic possession and other ‘evils’ that would have been familiar to the Inquisition or the citizens of Salem, Massachusetts. One reason suggested for this odd linkage is the fact that Mark James himself belongs to yet another happy clappy, hunt-the-demons assembly, Living Word Church, and he often pops in for services at the TCC.

Living Word

What is it with the Labour Party, the secular and ‘progressive’ party that I grew up with, the Labour Party that promised us the sunlit uplands of rationality and progress, that it now associates with ranters wanting to drag us back to the Middle Ages? Anyway, moving on to the reason for this post.

Discover Carmarthenshire, the tourism arm of the council, recently put out a “video” (video!) advertising Llanelli to potential visitors. Then, “As part of the department’s research, the draft was sent to a family member of one of the members of staff, who works as a civil servant in Sheffield. She shared it with 10 of her colleagues”, reported the Evening Post today. The response from the Yorkshire audience was that the young boy doing the voiceover was “too Welsh”. Oh dear! So Discover Carmarthenshire found someone else, less Welsh, to do the voiceover.

Before considering the issues involved here it might be worth stating that as the story circulated on social media and in other ways the Evening Post seemed to hurriedly re-write it, with the council adding that the reason the boy was difficult to understand was because he had lost his front teeth . . . in which case, why use him in the first place? As the day went on the Evening Post also slipped in a quote from Plaid Cymru. At 3pm the Evening Post online Jonathan-Robertsversion stopped taking comments. At this point it might be worth reminding ourselves that the editor of the Evening Post is now Jonathan Roberts, former editor of what became Carmarthenshire Council’s out-house rag, the Carmarthen Journal.

Our first thought has to be for the boy involved. One minute the lad gets his moment of glory, the next he’s told, ‘Piss off, you’re too Welsh’. Or how was it explained to him? And what effect will it have on him, and his self-confidence? Here’s a young Welsh boy, in his own country, his own town, and he’s being told that it doesn’t pay to sound – or to be? – Welsh.

Someone in England doesn’t like the sound of a Welsh boy’s voice, so a Welsh local authority cravenly surrenders to that bigotry. If it was a Welsh person who took that decision then they should be ashamed of themselves. If, as seems likely, it was an English person, then what right have you to pass judgement on how we speak? Whose country is this? But whoever made the decision, it was an insult to all of us who speak with Welsh accents. Most especially, to the people of Llanelli.

Some time ago Llanelli town councillors discussed the possibility of the town breaking away from the county, it may now be time to re-visit that option. This insult should be used by all political parties claiming to represent Llanelli to force the ‘Welsh’ Government into ringing down the curtain on the insulting farce that is Carmarthenshire County Council.

8 thoughts on “Carmarthenshire Council: Litigious, Vindictive, Dysfunctional, Secretive, Dictatorial, And Now, Anti-Welsh.

  1. brightspark

    You might want to find out why both Hurst House and the Cawdor Hotel have unexecuted planning actions sitting gathering dust (for more than 7 years in one case) in relation to unauthorised developments on listed buildings while other planning discrepancies of a much more minor nature seem to get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law……

  2. Brychan

    An organisation has been established called “Faith Wales”, which is based around the Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales, formally the University of Glamorgan.

    It receives primary funding from the Community Development Foundation, which is an initiative specifically financed by the Department for Communities and Local Government at Westminster. It is an England only body. In fact, funding specifically prohibits “Organisations working in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”.

    Bizarre, actually, because the last time I checked, Pontypridd was still in Wales.

    Dig a little deeper. and we see that this organisation has just teamed up with St Catherine’s Church to launch a ‘Street Pastor’ initiative with Rhondda Cynon Taf Council. Essentially, it will be God fearing students patrolling the streets of the valleys to save Welsh people from the demon booze.

    The initiative is of course one based on the Street Pastors initiative by the Ascension Trust of Englandandwales.

    It claims to draw skill from a diverse background, although not to have any Welsh representation on the Board of Trustees.

    1. Jac

      This is fascinating. I’ve just put something out on Facebook.

      Couldn’t help noticing this: “Street Pastors are dedicated, fully-trained church volunteers who work in Pontypridd to engage and support people, especially those who are vulnerable.” These people do this kind of work for the same reason paedophiles want to work with children – so they can be close to the vulnerable.

      1. Brychan

        Rhondda Cynon Taf Community Safety Partnership has actually set up it’s own radio station broadcasting religious services. (Islam and Anglican only). It’s called ‘Faith Radio”.

        Rhondda Cynon Taf Community Safety Partnership used a grant from the Welsh Government Community Cohesion Fund was used to dish out free ipods to ‘members’ of the ‘chosen’ faith groups. The chairman of of the Community Safety Partnership is Paul Cannon QPM, Labour councillor for Ystrad.
        © Rhondda Cynon Taf Community Safety Partnership

        or the same image can be seen here…
        Labour Party election website.

        I do not know why funds from the Welsh Government is being used to finance religious broadcasts, or why material commissioned and paid for by these Welsh Government funds are being are used by the Labour Party in local authority election material.

  3. El T

    You’d never see the Irish or Scottish toning down their accents for a tourism campaign. People go there for the Celtic culture. Many English people come here because they want warm Welsh hospitality and are disappointed to find that the country is full of Mancs, Scousers and Brummies…

    Plastic post-devolution “civic” Welshness is meaningless but it is being promoted by the Brit establishment at the expense of a genuine Welsh identity rooted in language and accent.

    1. Jac

      I agree entirely. Civic nationalism is an attempt at appealling to those who will never be won over, and being done with the subliminal message, ‘Don’t worry about all that silly Welshness’. This then provides the excuse for sublimating, even suppressing, genuine Welsh identity and condemning as ‘racist’ or ‘extremist’ anyone promulgating Welsh identity on tradition, history, culture, language, belonging.

      I can only assume that you include Plaid Cymru in the “Brit establishment”, for Plaid is as guilty as anyone.

  4. Iwan Cruyff

    Carmarthenshire News is the in-house paper not Journal.
    Why turn to Sheffield for opinion?

  5. D Morris

    I’m trying to think of any other nation that would allow this to happen on their home soil. Can it be self-hatred or are we simply programmed to do as we’re told without question by those from the east?

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