Swansea Labour Party 7: Rabble-Rousers And Censorship

It pains me to admit that, hitherto, I may have treated the Labour regime in Swansea with a certain levity unbecoming the seriousness of the situation. For the latest news paints a picture of democracy under a growing threat in the land of the Jacks. Among the information sent me was a copy of a letter submitted to the Evening Post by a Swansea councillor. (Click to EP letterenlarge.) The councillor in his letter talks of the “far left” and the behaviour he describes can only be compared to the rabble-rousers used by oppressive regimes to intimidate opponents.

For it would now appear that gangs of unkempt malcontents are roaming the city at the behest of the interlopers’ regime, terrorising opponents and interfering with people going about their lawful occasions. The letter clearly states that these ‘Marxist’ irregulars only target non-Labour politicians and events. Of course, the regime will deny any responsibility for these hirelings. That’s the attraction of using ‘deniables’.

Jonathan-Roberts-e1341226049641Perhaps more worrying is the fact that this letter was not published by the Beans on Toast. Which is odd, for local rags are always looking for letters, quotes and other pearls from local tribunes . . . if only in the hope they’ll say something stupid, or contentious. So why was this letter, from a Swansea councillor, not published in Swansea’s daily paper?

Because, I suggest, it was critical of the Labour Party, and made a link between Labour and the ‘Marxist’ rabble-rousers. Why do I say that? Because the new editor of the Beans is Jonathan Roberts, former editor of the Carmarthen Journal. Under his leadership the CJ became the out-house publication for the Nazi-Soviet pact on Goal Hill controlled by Mark James. Seeing as the Journal Roberts left is little more than James’ mouthpiece it’s worth asking if he’s been installed in Swansea to carry out a similar role on behalf of Swansea Labour Party? Cos the boy got form when it comes to censorship and sucking up to Labour.

Leaving Swansea for a minute (always painful, I know), what we see there, and in Carmarthenshire, is part of a wider trend of Labour control resulting in corruption and censorship, and a general contempt for those outside of Labour circles, something I commented on in my previous post. Even Glyn Davies, the easy-going MP for Montgomeryshire, was moved to tweet this week about Wales being a one-party state. Read it here. Then there was the amazing case of the Labour councillor in Llandudno who threatened to have a publican’s license taken away because heBenito Phillips, Il Duce Abertawe refused to serve her after hours. What I find really worrying in this incident is that the woman even wrote to Carwyn Jones slagging off the publican . . . yet the First Minister, or his advisers, did not regard this vendetta as reason to remove a clearly vindictive woman obviously unsuited to be a political representative. That nothing was done suggests Labour accepts behaviour like this. (Which of course, those of us d’un age know only too well.)

In his unpublished letter the Swansea councillor refers to a genie, but I suggest that what’s happening in Swansea has passed beyond pantomime. It is currently on the fringes of farce, heading inexorably towards tragedy. There is still time to avert this disaster but outside intervention is needed. So will Labour HQ investigate links between certain members of Swansea Labour Party and law-breaking extremists? (The stick Labour has used to beat Plaid Cymru for 50 or 60 years.) Or can Labour rely on the ‘Welsh’ media to keep a lid on everything?

UPDATE 29.04.13: More information regarding the Evening Post and the suspected political bias of its new editor, Jonathan Roberts. First, Labour councillor John Bayliss had a particularly bitchy letter published recently in which he made a personal attack on a non-Labour councillor. At least four of the vilified councillor’s constituents wrote to the Post in his defence. Not one of the letters was published.

Moving round the Bay to Neath Port Talbot, a non-Labour councillor there has recently submitted two letters for publication, both critical of the NPT Labour administration, neither of them was published. The first time this has ever happened to this councillor.

The evidence is stacking up that the Beans on Toast is now a Labour-supporting newspaper. Which it’s perfectly entitled to be. What is not acceptable, when it’s an area’s only daily newspaper, is that the editor should suppress other opinions and criticism of the Labour Party. This is censorship. But then, Roberts would have had a good grounding in censorship techniques in Carmarthen.

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Keith Parry

Rebuilding a nationalist party in swansea is a bit of a task. Seeing the imbeciles led by the man in a white coat in power in the city at the moment it is a task that could be done by a few determined people. I used to live in Swansea sopme years ago, it is sad to see a great city in the hands of these sorry people.

Stirling Doss

I should have said ‘destruction’ – but I was flustered by all this right-wing propaganda…..

Stirling Doss

There never was democracy in Swansea; power was always in the hands of a few backscratcher families. There never was a free press in Wales; the last investigative reporter was Giraldus Cambrensis. And Marx Bach was right – capitalism does indeed contain the seeds of its own instruction; we are seeing this all around us.

leigh richards

hmmm….perhaps one reason why this letter has not been published jac is because it smacks of the kind of ugly ‘red baiting’ language that would be more at home on the letters page of the daily mail, alongside those of fulminating ex colonels from tunbridge wells telling us that ‘enoch powell was right’ and calling for trade unionists and the like to be jailed…or worse…….

there are range of groups and individuals across wales who are opposed to the savage benefit cuts being imposed on people in wales by the british government at westminister…..ranging from churches and community groups to members of trade unions and political parties in wales………and it was these such people who took part in a lobby of local councillors in swansea on april 11th…..with those attending the lobby quite reasonably urging councillors to support pleas not to evict local people from council properties if they fall into difficulties as a result of british government measures like the ‘bedroom tax’…..im pleased to read the councillor concerned has conerns about the impact of these cuts on people…and hope that he and all his colleagues on swansea council will heed the calls of those who lobbied swansea council on april 11th….


I”m not suggesting that Labour is today a socialist party, but what I am alluding to is a perception worthy of study. Namely, that those on the political fringes have no alternative but to support parties they detest but which they nevertheless perceive as being closest to their beliefs and the only hope for seeing their ideas or policies implemented.

In the case of the hard left, that party remains Labour. In my case, elections roll around and I say to myself, ‘Those weak-willed, socialist wankers in Plaid Cymru . . . for whom I have no alternative but to vote’. The difference being that the hard left and Labour will be seen together in public, whereas I would rather detach my testicles with a blunt and rusty hacksaw than be seen in public with Plaid Cymru.


The idea that the Labour Party is in any way left-wing let alone Marxist is a Telegraph reader’s wet dream. Unfortunately it is not based in any reality. The only Marxist grouplets in Swansea are the ineffectual SWP and SP, whose hatred for the Labour Party is only exceeded by that towards each other. The rest of your piece is spot on!


So is Lib Dem councillors blowing up parts of Denbighshire is suddenly acceptable or just an inconvenient distraction from Labour bashing?


Shambo, you have a tendency to exaggerate. It was, allegedly, one councillor causing small explosions in a neighbourhood of Denbigh town. You make it sound like gangs of Lib Dem councillors roaming the county hurling bombs indiscriminately.

And let’s not jump to conclusions, he’s only just been charged. Though if it was him, causing explosions literally on his own doorstep, then going on TV to talk about it, and demand action, was very, very cheeky. And if nothing else, it might require answers from Gogplod. Answers to questions such as, ‘What the fuck were you doing?’


Oh fine. Excuse me for being OTT on the subject.


You are forgiven, my son.

Victor Martin Hunt (@Methusalada)

Many of these ” Marxists” are merely pawns(not all) which are used by a capitalist “New Labour” to confuse the populace on the aims of the NWO. -Political & economic domination of all western governments . The SNP in Scotland recognizes this and now have only one Tory MP. Now it’s time to educate the people of Wales, the youth, the disabled the unemployed & the disenfranchised . The Leader of Unite & other TUC members are I hope beginning to realize this now ! Blair and his cronies have been unfrocked . Their main purpose being to obey the instructions & dictates of the NWO. However with there big bad wolf personas they can huff & puff till they have their lung floating out their anus, but Wales is made of bricks, the real stuff,as are it’s people !

vlad the impala

It seems crazy to me that Plaid would rather work with the really nasty party yet throw up their arms at co-operating with easy-going Tories like Glyn. Labour are the enemy of Wales and those nationalists who dream of getting in to bed with them are daft.