A guest post on . . . YesCymru!


This week’s offering is a short guest post on an organisation currently providing a great deal of entertainment and amusement. To which I’ve added a contribution of my own.

You only have to remind yourself of the sort of people now running this three-ring circus to immediately understand why so many people are spellbound.

I am of course referring to YesCymru.

Now read on . . .

With the dust and smoke from YesCymru’s AGM on 22 May still thick on the social media battlefield, we can now look forward to another election to the Politburo. This time it’s for the post of Secretary, and first out of the traps is Scott Mackay from Swansea.

Scott’s brief moment in the sun on Twitter as he announced his decision to stand quickly clouded over as he was reminded of some of his more recent pronouncements:

In other words, those unhappy with the direction the movement has taken are just a bunch of far-right fashies, with their “almost entirely baseless” complaints.

Whatever message Scott chooses for his campaign, it seems pretty clear that he does not see himself as a unifying peacemaker.

It won’t surprise readers to learn that Scott has the enthusiastic support of our old friend Aled Williams (and Teifi by proxy):

With an endorsement from the man who has done more to wreck the independence movement than anyone else alive, Scott should be home and dry.

UPDATE (by Jac): Scott Mackay yesterday issued an apology . . . of sorts.

The last week was not without its lighter moments as whoever is handling the movement’s Twitter account mysteriously announced “What a great idea” in response to a tweet that many members found themselves unable to read.

It turned out that the message called on members to meet up in railway stations to campaign and that it came from Rachel Cooze, one of the recently elected central committee members. La Cooze and YesCymru had momentarily forgotten that, in a demonstration of her commitment to inclusivity, she has blocked a huge swathe of the membership from her Twitter account.

Complaints rolled in from disgruntled punters who had never had any interaction with her, but had been blocked anyway.

The effect that this has on potential new YesCymru members when they discover they have been blocked by a senior representative of the movement is not hard to predict. Whatever Rachel Cooze’s objectives are, maintaining and growing the membership are not on the list.

Perhaps recognising that using a personal Twitter account to transact YesCymru business has its drawbacks, Ben Gwalchmai recently announced he was setting up a second account to deal exclusively with YC matters.

Ben has set his Twitter account to autodelete every 24 hours, but an eagle-eyed passer-by did manage to spot this intriguing message on his personal account (you know, the one that doesn’t deal with YC matters):

“KatieMonVie” is a peripheral member of the group which has risen to prominence within YC, but she won’t be joining YC until it has been purged of all transphobes, TERFs, fashies, etc., etc.

So what had rattled her cage?

After a little prompting, Katie revealed that the dodgy, ableist, transphobic and now homophobic committee member concerned was Niki Jones, and that Niki’s latest crime was to like a tweet from someone wondering why Aled Williams seems to have become the voice of the Indy movement:

Fair enough, “the don” could have used slightly more polished English, and the use of “it” was either a little careless or just a clumsy attempt to use inclusive non-binary pronouns, but a lot of people are asking the same question.

Clearly, Ben made a note of this outrage, and no doubt the matter will be raised when the central committee undergoes compulsory diversity and inclusivity training:

The movement’s new LGBTQ+ three-step process was excitedly announced by Comrade Gwalchmai as an example of his drive for increased “transparency and professionalism” by the movement’s leadership.

Quite how this will make the Politburo more transparent, let alone professional, is not clear, but only cynics would see this new process as a mechanism for weeding out members and committee members who are found guilty of being on La Cooze’s blocked list.

Meanwhile, writing from London where she edits Bricks Magazine, “an independent queer led publication rerouting the intersections between fashion and our precarious social systems”, another member of the central committee, Tori West, has announced that she is going on strike less than a month after being re-elected:


— ♦ —

Jac adds . . .

Those being written about here used to depict me as some rare and malevolent presence. A lone voice howling into the void.

In the past few months they’ve been made to realise that not only I am not alone, but that they are far less popular than they once believed. With the result that Twitter accounts have been closed, tweets deleted and, as we saw with Scott Mackay, apologies issued.

These things would never have happened just a few months ago when Aled and Teifi could saunter around Ceredigion cocking their legs against ‘Cofiwch Dryweryn’ walls and growling at Dr Dilys Davies.

(But it couldn’t last. She’s back. Come on, where’s she gonna post her selfies?)

Not only is a pillar of their belief system collapsing as Stonewall is dismantled, but in addition they draw the contempt of decent people because so many of them are just very unpleasant. And extreme in their beliefs.

Our guest writer referred to YesCymru Central Committee member Rachel Cooze blocking people on Twitter. Many of these would have committed the crime of following me. For Cooze and some allies went through my Twitter followers requesting they stop following me.

But someone Cooze or one of her allies contacted went even further.

Who the hell is ‘Tess’, linked with #SavetheNorthernMeadows, and why is she saying these lies about me? She doesn’t even know me!

The answer is that she is Tessa Hannah Marshall, of Cardiff, and clearly involved with the Save Cardiff Northern Meadows campaign. Her Linkedin profile tells us that she’s part of the UpRising Leadership organisation, an English third sector body that views Wales as a region of England.

More specifically, Marshall seems to be involved with the Environmental Leadership Programme (ELP). But now it gets a wee bit odd.

The plan to put the new Velindre cancer centre on Cardiff’s Northern Meadows is ‘Welsh Government’ policy. Yet the UpRising / ELP presence in Wales is in partnership with Labour-run Cardiff City Council, and is a ‘delivery partner’ for the Future Generations Commissioner, who is of course Labour time-server, Sophie Howe.

‘Diversity’, ‘inclusion’. Now where have we heard that? Click to enlarge.

Are Cardiff council and the Future Generations Commissioner helping protesters against a ‘Welsh Government’s policy? Or is this some cunning game in which the Labour Party is on both sides, and therefore can’t lose?

Or another example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?

Either way, yet more Welsh public funding is wasted on Woke-Left-Green ‘activists’.

It might be significant that Tessa Marshall has written for the Undod blog, because in its short life Undod has become the mother church for leftist extremists in Wales.

No doubt I shall be attacked for ‘harassing’ or ‘doxxing’ Tessa Marshall. Because in the demi-monde of the Woke-Left people can be slandered with impunity; ‘targets’ can be vilified, and in other ways attacked. But defend yourself, or expose what ugly people they are, and the pack will feign outrage before turning on you.

After studying those involved in trying to take over YesCymru, and slander anyone who dares to criticise them, I detect three categories.

First, we have those claiming to be socialists, even communists. Often embittered individuals who maybe can’t understand why their 2:2 in Media Studies didn’t land them that £70k job.

Second, we have the sexuality / gender-obsessed. These can be ‘uncomfortable’ gays and lesbians. They can also be confused young people, and even those who have transitioned.

Third, we have those who pay lip service to the causes espoused by Categories 1 and 2 but also enjoy saying and doing things to outrage people. (As long as Mam and Dad don’t find out!)

Members of Category 1 exploit members of Category 2 who regard members of Category 1 as friends and protectors. Many of both Categories see themselves as involved in some noble crusade. While those in Category 3 are just there for the craic.

If you put them all together you’d be hard-pressed to find many rounded, reasonable, and successful individuals in sound mental health.

And that’s why their hold on the indy movement must be broken.

♦ end ♦

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“Whatever message Scott chooses for his campaign, it seems pretty clear that he does not see himself as a unifying peacemaker.” The Swansea group stopped doing much during Covid, (the Swansea chair being attacked behind the scenes from people who would take any excuse to attack her for early on stressing the effect social distancing would have on things we should be pushing) which, combined with bullying attacks on its chair by people wanting to take over (and benefit from) the march resulted in the group becoming very quiet. Scott MacCay took over then – without getting in touch with anyone still on the comittee of the group! But that seems to have been down to the Central Committee being incompetent/conspiratorial/both rather than him. He’s seemed ok and reasonable when I’ve had contact with him. (Admittedly very few.) Other people supporting him though – well, I’ve been attacked by people I’ve never met on twitter for “not being inclusive enough, the group needs to be more inclusive” by people who don’t know me and never turned up to group meetings or event or met anyone else in the group! Lovely to see he is running one of the “largest and most successful groups” mind. Certain people were never that nice about the Swansea group in the past. But then, it appears they have “their man in Havana” in Swansea now.


My last word on Yes Cymru, well for today anyway – I told you about a week ago that the whole thing was fucked well and truly. You thought, or hoped, that it might pull out of its nose dive. Well once that freak show monster Jessica got hold of the reins you can rest assured it is programmed to plummet head first into a deep bog where it will only be of interest to the zany ultra activists who now dominate its thought processes, although “thought” is a rather strong word in this context. As for its resources the poor fuckers who stumped membership fees and/or donations can go and whistle. These jackals will clean out and move on without any conscience or remorse about their actions. Best piece of scavenging most of them have done in their lousy lifetimes. Bullet in the back of their heads will be too good for most of them


You may be right about the bullet, awful waste of metal . A more ironic solution might be to go a la Trotsky and reactivate the icepick !

Gruff Williams

From FB today, looks like the fightback has begun.

Gruff Williams

A large group of members are discussing what to do about the present situation. An eg: “If the broad membership knew what’s been going on on that CC they would be horrified. What I can only describe as bullying of one particular BAME member of the CC, targetting of activists in the north and attempted sabotage of their personal lives, suspension of founder members simply for expressing their views, allegations of innapropriate spend on CC members “pet projects”, sharing of members data in breach of GDPR. The CC is completely out of control and the membership needs to retake control and sweep the board with a motion of “No Confidence” at the NC end of July. Otherwise they will destroy the organisation. Seen it too many times before.” Your mate Aled is bleating feebly in protest.


Aled bleating ? No, what you hear is his dog molesting a sheep and the old mutton is protesting. Of course Aled will do nothing cos his dog is only absorbing lessons in bullying that he’s picked up from his owner !

Gruff Williams

Slimy bastaard is being absolutely savaged.


Off topic but couldn’t resist it as it’s such good news !


Yet another tourism venture, but this one is top drawer because they’ve signed up to some superficial bits of the green gospel. Whoopee !!

As for being near the English border well last time I looked the USK runs down through Gwent and out to sea at Newport. Or has the English border moved from the Wye to the Usk ?

Tomi Tarian Gorgio

PRESELI says “The best laugh is feminist lone woman band YES BYNEA reaching out to tinkers”. As regards my knowledge of Geography, Bynea is next to Llangennech. I remember going to Welsh concerts years ago in Llangennech and seeing the Group “Ar Log” reach out to the real local people there with the old stalwart Councillor Professor Hywel Teifi Edwards. Today that village is still represented by another equally capable true Welsh stalwart in Councillor Gwyneth Thomas. This YES CYMRU rabble of TRANS WEIRDOS would not be fit to lick their boots. As for Travellers, they have good and bad like all communities. Why does YES BYNEA single the Travellers out from the local natives? Why ? Because it’s part of a populist leftie thing to do ! YES BYNEA are really saying “Sod you local Welshies!”, and YES BYNEA remember many Travellers are not very sympathetic to Gays or Trannies or GLBT or any of its Warped Variants within their own Traveller ranks.

David Smith

As I’ve alluded to earlier, whether by design or accident, getting themselves classed as a quasi-ethnic group has been a boon for them. Would the Yakuza or Aryan Brotherhood get ‘rights’ and protections conferred on them, have councils scrambling to find them places to live, and the like? I wonder how many investigations have been made into their working practices by governmental bodies as regards tax, health and safety, mandatory insurances and the like?

Red Flag

Back in the day when I was part of the port security at Holyhead, all I can say is before I started that job I had no opinion on travellers at all. By the time I left, I couldn’t stand Irish travellers (UK ones and European ones were quite well behaved – but the Irish ones are little better than feral). They caused no end of problems both in the port and on the ferries, and left bags of rubbish etc all over the parking and vehicle lanes. They had absolutely no respect for the law, other passengers, common decency and were always quick to play the ‘race card’ whenever they were caught out – which was frequently. And that’s before all the mass-shop-lifting that went on locally before they arrived at the port at the local supermarkets etc, and the taking of fuel from the petrol stations with no intention of paying. They parked wherever they felt like, ignoring the yellow lines etc at will – and any traffic warden foolish enough to ticket them merely saw the ticket screwed-up and thrown on the floor (which is littering, which is an offence in itself )

The local Police rarely took action when they were actually arrested (which was hardly ever) because they really really did not want the problem of having to deal with someone who has no fixed abode and was basically foreign person (Irish) in the process of leaving the country anyway and the travellers played that to their advantage ruthlessly and repeatedly.

Theft of plant machinery from sites locally was common in the run-up to nighttime sailings, with the travellers knowing full well that the sites wouldn’t know generatoirs etc had been taken until the next morning, by which time the ferries had already unloaded in Dublin. marvellous CCTV footage of the stuff coming off the ferries in Dublin and driving out of the porty, to disappear.

One clan name in particular is burned into my brain for all eternity – McDonagh, and it was with great merriment that I read a press story sent to me recently by former colleagues, where a clutch of them got sent down for 52 years for offences committed in the English Midlands. Two of them I recognise of old. Couldn’t have happened to nicer more deserving people.



I’ve heard stories of the kids in the pack doing their business in the corners of public areas, wiping shit all over the walls and the like. No doubt far left lunatics would bristle at this derision of their ‘culture’, but fuck them and fuck their relativist, apologist creed of bollocks.

Red Flag

I’ve heard stories of the kids in the pack doing their business in the corners of public areas,

Kids and adults using the waste paper bins in the washrooms as toilets because apparently their culture says toilets are dirty. And shitting in the wastepaper bin isn’t?

Red Flag

One of the big tactics was to use the kids ‘Fagan-style’ to shop lift on the ferries. If the kids were caught they’d just wring their hands pathetically saying “but it’s just children playing mister” – yea right, with bottles of perfume, jewellry, bottles of whisky, vodka etc etc. Never teddy bears or sweets – which is what children nick.


In terms of policing and a criminal justice system, you have to act and judge by what people do, not who they are.

This has two implications. No special treatment for suspects or offenders and no special considerations in sentencing. At issue with travellers is that due to a modern artificial construct they are a victim group (they have been on mainland Europe in the past) and in preventing crime there is no ‘pussy footing’. If the plod needs to apprehend a suspect in a traveller encampment you do it with the same vigour and professionalism as other communities in the patch.

As with all ‘groups’ the trendy left seek to exploit, as with the extreme right, they have little understanding of the community involved and exploit fear and generalisations. In response many within such communities exploit this characterisation to their own ends.

Personally, had two experiences in dealing with the ‘travelling community’. One relating to a major construction project in Gwent, and the other relating to low-level crime and anti-social behaviour as trespassers and fare evaders on the railway. The key to both was engagement with ‘alpha family’ on site or locally. Agree terms of mutual engagement. They do the ‘policing’ for you. Clear understanding that step out of line a ton of bricks can be expected. It’s what the Garda in Ireland do.

RedFlag specifically identified the modus of the feral juveniles, especially on ferries. This is ‘in-transit’. You make the call and it’s sorted. Not sorted and there’s out-shipment, arrest and detention, and most importantly the ear of a magistrate who rather than takes the ‘fake poor victim mantra of an exploited minority’ line instead will consider the travelling lifestyle as an indicator of likely absconding in deciding bail conditions.

I noticed a huge difference between pussy feet type focus group of former PPC Arfon Jones in the north with the then, and current, PCC Dafydd Llywelyn of dogs and tasers fame in Dyfed. It relates to travellers and rural crime, stuff like quad bike theft and horses on commons. It works, which is probably why the annual route to Limerick has migrated from Pembroke and Fishguard is displaced. Now moved to Holyhead.

The YesCymru woman of Bynea is irrelevant.
A kind of biker chick often associated with Hells Angels.

Red Flag

Back to the McDonaghs…………


Late to the party in commenting, sorry. Too much footie on telly. Enjoyed that post. Entertaining and thought provoking.

I’m not sure how to take that apology of Scott Mackay’s. His initial response to the criticism of his tweet was to try and justify it, kind of tough luck if you don’t like what I’ve said. As time went on and it became clearer his support was almost exclusively confined to the hard-Woke subset within YC we get that retraction by Scott with some kind words by Jobbins in response. It all seems rather contrived to me, especially with his hat being thrown into the ring for the Secretary post. If I drop a bollock I tend to fess up as soon as people tackle me on it, if I can see I’m in the wrong. Doesn’t take me 48 hours of bluster and trying to justify my blunder. But in fairness, Scott seems a decent bloke in comparison to the narcissistic Rasputin look-alike who currently haunts the Central Committee.

Small point about “Katie”. I think she is still a member of YC. She has stated she was a member at the time of the last but one AGM in Merthyr and her tweets suggest she was a member at the time of the last one. I’m sure her and her partner wouldn’t have missed the chance to vote for their drinking mate Ben Gwalchmai, who does voice-overs for them on the videos they turn out as part of their film producing business. Or the chance to vote for the diversity agenda being decided at the AGM.

But once again, thanks to the writer of this piece. Jac – sign him/her up again!


Not to rub it in but I suspect Scott has Scottish roots, so up to speed on the field is something I wouldn’t expect from him right now. Ouch?!
I think you’ll find many of those contentious utterances you refer to often emanate from one particular Twitter account (go figure). I’m not fully up on the wonders of Twitter but am amazed how often screenshots from blocked accounts will be conjured from the ether and an argument started that draws in friends and foe from both sides, while the bloke that started it all presumably cracks open another tinnie and gives the dog a bone. Some of the most inflammatory stuff has a habit of appearing on this account late at night, often a Friday or Saturday, and depending how quickly a clear head is then reached, will often be taken down by the morning. It’s a fascinating psychological study to see and try and understand. I’ve never got to the bottom of it and am happy to accept it for what it is in my mind – some people ain’t content unless they feel someone is taking notice of them. Or put another way, some fuckers are put here on Earth just to be utter shits.

David Smith

Not to be crass about it, but quite a few of these SJW types don’t tend to be, ‘conventionally’ attractive. The women are often burly and mannish, the men effete and weedy. Quite obvious that the selective and discriminatory nature of human society, in that we can’t all be equally beautiful, athletic and successful in the game of love, hasn’t been kind to them. And so, their experiences, probably in their formative years, have spurred them towards a path in which they strive towards forced equality under the banner of ‘social justice’.

Have you not thought of calling these muck spreaders’ bluff and threatening legal action for slander? It’s one thing calling someone a twat or an arsehole, but a fascist is a very definite accusation of adherence to a particular set of beliefs.


The best laugh is feminist lone woman band Yes Bynea reaching out to tinkers. How we love their jolly japes , stealing copper, having fights, treating their women like shit, refusing to educate their daughters and always first at the polling station door baying of indywales.

David Smith

Most insultingly of all, in any number of equal opportunity surveys I’ve seen, they’re lumped in with the Roma (a howler of ignorance in itself) as an ethnic group option, but we Welsh have no such one of our own, just lumped in under ‘British’.


Don’t forget the modern day slavery racket much loved by this so called margenalised community. WOnder how many signed up as members of YC? After all that is the cost benefit analysis is it not?


Add in stealing dogs, which are then sold on after having their microchips cut out with a Stanley knife without anaesthetic, or kept to be bred for profit, or used in dogfighting. I’m not saying more than a minority are involved but don’t tell me you can keep dozens of new, multiple breeds of dogs in a caravan site without any twat noticing! Utter bastards.

Dyn Gwyrdd

Yes Cymru’s present leaders remind me of the two scenes in the film “Trainspotting”, one where the bedsheet splits open on the breakfast table and the other where one dives down the toilet pipe and swims underwater in the sewage trying to retrieve a package. Why are the original decent Plaid Cymru members not denouncing them with vigour? Leanne probably brought them in and Adam should boot them out or pack it in. The silence of its decent members will destroy Plaid Cymru and this shower of ‘Frocks with Testicles’ will simply latch on to somewhere else that they can leech on to spread their warped Octopus like Testicles and hatred. Let’s hope they take the sheepdog owner with them?


YC in its present state is just like a drunk lying face down in a puddle of murky water or worse. Despite your note of optimism I think it’s a dead duck. Its only hope, a slim one, is to revive interest in those real issues that are challenging people in Wales.

– The economy, the real economy not the fake construct built around third sector and handouts to incoming waves of spivs with “visions” and puffed up plans.
– Address housing, not an overnight solution here.
– Take a long hard look at our enfeebled education and life long learning.
– Our shocking decline in Health where we are going backwards rapidly and that’s before you factor in the effects of ageing population.
– If that’s not enough have a look at infrastructure, if you can find any evidence that any exists outside the reach of the Bay “bubble”.

That’s all too complicated for the cool cat who prefers to devote energy to deciding whether the new eye shadow clashes with his frock.


Dyn gwyrdd is confused. However, Adam is in thrall to the same cult. One of His inexperienced personal advisors a chum of Stonewall and unwisely obssessed with the culture wars at the cost of the things that REALLy matter. IF you speak to ordinary working people, both older and youngsters, which plaid do not, they would soon find out what they think of this non binary madness. Kids are concerned about jobs, houses, want an indy Wales, climate change, a fairer society for all, but are scared of the extreme transtremists and TERF Finder Generals in our midst. . And like the rest of us they are fed up with it.

The obsession with whats between ones’ legs is making people bonkers and making Plaid a laughing stock. But then they lost the plot in 2019 post Brexit Gen Election . Banging on about Europe, pissing everybody off, including pro Europe voters with that other obsession. Thus losing a large slice of voters in safe seat to Tories. Because they never read the room.

Ellie Wales

Children in my grand-daughter’s nursery have better manners and behaviour than that lot!