YesCymru: Stalin meets Kafka on a Marx Brothers set


I had intended putting out Weep for Wales 19, but events in and around YesCymru meant that my attention was drawn there. What’s more, with the YC story developing as I write this it may be more stream of consciousness than you have come to expect from me.

In a nutshell, YesCymru, an organisation formed and dedicated to campaigning for Welsh independence has, over recent years been first, infiltrated, and then taken over, by the Woke-Left obsessed with issues that have little or nothing to do with Welsh independence.

The AGM of May 22, rigged so that as few as possible of YesCymru’s 18,500 members could participate, sealed the takeover. Less than 2% of the members voted for the new Central Committee and two contentious Motions.

The takeover has been accompanied by a campaign of lies, intimidation, and the vilification of anyone standing up to the extremists. Yet those behind this takeover have cleverly turned the facts on their head to present themselves as victims of intimidation, ‘transphobia’, etc., etc.

To prepare you for what follows I would suggest you read these recent postings. ‘Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left’ (April 27), ‘Senedd elections: Hard left to win by stealth’ (May 4), ‘This is where I came in’ (May 11), ‘YesCymru – under new management?’ (May 18), ‘YesCymru, the beginning of the end?’ (May 25), ‘A guest post on . . . YesCymru!’ (June 21).


As you’ll have read in the posts I linked to the extremists now running YesCymru – and their allies outwith that organisation – first came to my attention with the hounding of Dr Dilys Davies. This followed her purchasing the ‘Tryweryn Wall’ on the A487 in July 2019.

The memorial had been subjected to two attacks earlier that year and was in danger of complete collapse. So, you might think that a Welsh patriot buying it for the nation would be welcomed by those claiming to be patriots or nationalists.

Mais, non. For Dr Davies was almost immediately attacked, and for bizarre reasons, most of which seemed to focus on the fact that she had the wherewithal to make the purchase.

It was pure, old-fashioned, socialist envy of the, ‘I hates rich people, I do’ variety. The sort of thing you often get from failures, malcontents, and social misfits.

Some even talked of demolishing the wall. Though now they insist they were only joking. Of course they were. Though it does raise an interesting possibility.

For it has been suggested to me that Dr Davies stepping in to buy the Wall may have thwarted a plan for our heroes to buy it – probably with crowdfunding – thereby guaranteeing their places in the pantheon of Welsh nationalism. When their hopes were dashed they had to ensure that Dr Davies was not deified in their stead.

Whether that theory is plausible or not, it may be worth mentioning that no one was ever charged with causing the damage to the Wall in 2019. Or even accused on Twitter. Which, in the febrile world of Welsh social media, is quite something.

Who could have done it?


And so it came t0 pass that at the YesCymru AGM on May 22 the Left-Woke extremists, influenced by Momentum and operating out of Undod, took control of YesCymru.

This was achieved by the old Communist Party ploy of fixing things beforehand and keeping participants down to a manageable number and a favourable disposition.

Undod was formed towards the end of 2018 by leftists who’d previously attempted to take over YesCymru but had been resisted. Its website tells us, “Our members are involved in political campaigning across Wales on a wide range of issues”. Which is fine for an avowedly left wing campaigning group.

But why would the Undodistas want to take over YesCymru and have it do exactly the same thing? The answer, gentle reader, comes down to numbers, and the perceptions of the general public.

Let me explain.

Undod has a few dozen members. At best, a Far Left outfit could hope for a few hundred members. YesCymru has – or had until very recently – 18,500 members.

If Undod protests about US involvement in Laputa they will be dismissed as ‘the usual suspects’. By which will be meant a tiny minority unwilling to come to terms with a liberal democracy and a market economy.

But, if YesCymru demands that the US withdraws its troops from Laputa then the public response might be different. It won’t be, ‘Them lefty nutters!’, it’ll be, ‘Oh, hang on, there’s somebody in YesCymru who works with me – tidy bloke’.

And this is why the Left wanted to take over YesCymru – credibility. And not just with the public, but also with the media, and with politicians.

However . . .

Since the takeover, resistance to it has grown as people who joined YesCymru to work for independence see the organisation’s energies – and money? – dissipated on causes that should have nothing whatsoever to do with YesCymru.

Not least because above and beyond the more general Leftist agenda there are other issues causing concern. First, is the obsession – and that is not too strong a word – with ‘trans rights’. Then there is the growing realisation that some of those involved in the takeover, and their allies, are very unpleasant people.

Very unpleasant indeed. With quite a few of them absolutely unhinged. And those who encourage and exploit them are of course unwilling to rein them in.

One of the new members of the YesCymru Central Committee is Rachel Cooze of Swansea.

Rachel appears on OnlyFans, an online pornography site. Here’s a recent WalesOnline piece that might give you a better idea of what OnlyFans offers.

Some will disapprove of a YesCymru Central Committee member being involved in that kind of thing, others will rush to her defence . . . ‘How is a working-class girl supposed to make money?’ I’m sure there are a million answers, but we don’t have the time . . .

Though the reason Rachel Cooze is coming under pressure now is not – as her defenders pretend – because she is a sex worker, but because she joined in a second attack on Dr Dilys Davies and linked it with her sex work. This second attack was instigated to get Dr Davies removed from the Central Committee ahead of May’s AGM.

To explain. From what I can gather, punters pay money to see Rachel Cooze and others ‘perform’ on OnlyFans. In April she offered a ‘Happy Fuck Off Dilys Day’ discount voucher, the kind of thing you get from your local supermarket.

Well, perhaps not quite.

Click to enlarge

The renewed attacks on Dr Davies were set in train by Aled Gwyn Williams of Maesteg, something of a guru to those being discussed here. Over Easter he made a trip to Ceredigion in order to provoke Dr Davies into doing something out of which her suspension from YC’s Central Committee could be contrived.

This trip is covered in ‘Hopes of Welsh independence being jeopardised by the hard left’. With photos!

Here’s another photo; this one shows Aled Gwyn Williams with Rachel Cooze.

The person on the right has had her face pixelated. She doesn’t really look like that. Click to enlarge

Rachel Cooze’s reward for sticking it to Dr Davies may have been membership of the Central Committee, to which she was duly elected at the rigged AGM on May 22.

Rachel Cooze’s position within YesCymru must surely now be untenable, as must the positions of those who drew her into the conspiracy against Dr Davies, and those who persist in supporting her despite the evidence.

Among his other qualities Aled is forthright . . . especially after a few drinkies.

Here’s an example I was sent today that is completely in keeping with our hero’s behaviour: “Looks like Aled has a habit of saying “f**k off” to women on Twitter and deleting tweets. He told C—– H—– to “f**k off” at 12:06 am and by 9 ish this morning the tweet had gone….It was there at 8 ish this morning. By the looks of it he spent some time in a pub yesterday too…”.

Some previous examples of Aled Gwyn Williams’ chivalry. Where are the troubadours when you need one? Click to enlarge

The latest news on Dr Dilys Davies’ suspension is that her appeal was heard on Tuesday and the final decision on whether she’s re-admitted will rest with . . . the Central Committee! The very people who engineered her suspension.

No, I am not making this up!

Iestyn ap Rhobert was a YesCymru founder and served as Secretary until withdrawing just before this year’s AGM.

Iestyn ap Rhobert had a bit more to say about his own position today in this Twitter thread. It’s worth reading.

Motions 1 and 2 to which Iestyn ap Rhobert refers – and which I mentioned earlier – were put before the last AGM:

Click to enlarge

Motions ensuring that as many as possible of YesCymru’s decision makers are non-binary, transsexual, and belong to other ‘oppressed’ minorities. In this set-up there is little room for straight White people . . . unless they’re pulling the strings.

When I started writing about the shenanigans in YesCymru, and wondering who Rachel Cooze was, she put out a message to my Twitter followers asking them to unfollow me.

She asked others to put out the same lies, among them Tessa Marshall of Cardiff. I’d never never heard of Marshall before this, and she certainly didn’t know me. But that didn’t stop her going even further than Cooze.

On Wednesday Marshall was back, defending Rachel Cooze. And attacking Dr Dilys Davies, someone else she doesn’t know.

Tess Marshall is still retweeting Stonewall. Reminding us that much of what I’m writing about is a desperate, rear-guard action by those who know they’re on the losing side.

Click to enlarge

These people are no different to members of a cult. They are incapable of reasoned argument, so they scream slogans. Their world is black and white, without nuance. Everything is exaggerated: they always feel ‘unsafe’, words are violence, any attempt to engage or debate is ‘harassment’, ‘fascists’ are no longer hiding under the bed – they’re trying to jump in with you like some jackbooted incubi belting out the Horst Wessel Lied.

But then, all manner of strange behaviour is to be found with these people. Some of it truly disturbing, to the point where you wonder how twisted a mind has to be to produce such filth. Take this for example, addressed to a boy of 18 who had recently lost his mother.

This came with illustrations. I’ve spared you those. Click to enlarge

The person who wrote is also 18. It’s a boy wanting to be a girl or a girl wanting to a boy. Either way, the confusion has clearly affected ‘George’, and made him / her both irrational and vicious. Which is something encountered time and again when dealing with Wokies and those obsessed with gender issues.

Despite these obvious and troubling problems, ‘George Brown’ is the vice chair of YesCymru’s LGBT Committee. And was recently defended by Montgomeryshire’s answer to Rasputin, Ben Gwalchmai.

For even though Gwalchmai is a relatively intelligent individual, a member of the Labour Party (and of course, Momentum), he knows that unhinged individuals like ‘George’ have paved his crew’s way to control of YesCymru. And it’s not time to ditch them, yet.

In other news . . . YesCymru Chair, Siôn Jobbins has been missing since Monday. Or at least, his Twitter account was closed on that day.

Click to enlarge

So what does the future hold for YesCymru?


Last Saturday there was a meeting of the Central Committee. At the meeting was YesCymru’s Diversity and Inclusivity Officer, Jessica – formerly Matthew – Harvey, who harangued Andrew O’Brien of Port Talbot for daring to suggest that YC should focus on independence.

Didn’t he realise that the streets of Wales ran red with the blood of trans martyrs! Ripped limb from limb by TERF mobs! Where were his priorities?

Soon after, Andrew O’Brien resigned from the Central Committee. Here’s the statement he issued:

Click to enlarge

Andrew O’Brien is a decent, level-headed guy from the steel town of Port Talbot. The sort of man that Plaid Cymru has struggled to recruit, but YesCymru was able to attract. But is now alienating.

It is reported that just one member of the Central Committee spoke up in defence of Andrew O’Brien, so this man’s days on the CC may also be numbered.

Which leaves Niki Jones, who is hanging on by her fingertips. Niki could not attend last Saturday’s Politburo lecture. Though I’m sure she can empathise with Andrew O’Brien because she too has been attacked by people inside YesCymru aided by their social media allies. To the point where it is now a matter for the police.

There’s an irony in the fact that the Far Left, using its Woke foot-soldiers, has finally captured YesCymru; yet as they settle in, hoping to take advantage of their success – the whole thing starts falling apart!

We are at the stage now where YesCymru is alienating people so fast, and bringing the idea of independence into such disrepute, that if the Central Committee is not working for the British state then it is certainly doing the work of the British state.

In his statement, Andrew O’Brien asked, “Who is it who is actually guiding the direction that YesCymru is currently taking”.

A good question. Here’s my answer.

Wales may be at a constitutional crossroads, even First Minister Drakeford is dropping hints about an unbalanced Union not working for Wales. Others sense that Wales may be closer to independence now than at any time since Glyndŵr’s day.

Having captured YesCymru the Far Left has a credibility and influence that would never be bestowed by the ballot box. This gives the Marxists a platform from which to not only influence events in the here and now but also, should independence be achieved, the development of the new state.

More credibility and influence than Undod could ever hope for under its own banner.


From my observations, from what I’m being told, and from what insiders are now making public, YesCymru has become TransCymru, and should be allowed to drift away to irrelevance.

I believe TransCymru is too far gone to save. Any attempt would be lengthy and acrimonious, would almost certainly involve lawyers (which those holding the YesCymru purse-strings could afford), and attract the attention of Wales’ enemies in London and elsewhere. All of which would damage the independence cause.

A new organisation is needed. One rooted in Wales. An organisation that will speak out on the real world issues that affect our people; and by doing this build up support for independence, through proving commitment to Welsh people and their physical rather than their imaginary communities.

We must start again. And this time – get it right.

♦ end ♦

63 thoughts on “YesCymru: Stalin meets Kafka on a Marx Brothers set

  1. Dafis

    Interesting article that item about “Green Landlords” in Scotland. Particularly depressing to read that the new landlord in the primary example are owners of BrewDog, a high profile booze business based at Ellon near Aberdeen. The company has been making news for the wrong reasons recently with widespread allegations of bullying. The Chief Executive’s response was the usual mealy mouthed mix of mea culpa and the overused “lessons learned” mantra which suggests the prick will just become a touch more subtle in his methods in future.

    Turning to the acquisition of the Speyside Kinrara Estate this is just another example of the man enjoying an explosive growth in his personal wealth deciding to get himself an estate as yet another symbol of how well he’s done. That done, he has to consider what he’s going to do with it. That’s where the P.R segment of his addled brain kicks in – let’s do something which looks good to the demographic that guzzles our products which leads to the superficial commitment to the Green Gospel. And that signifies the beginning of the end for all those people who live on or around that Kinrara estate as the Brew Dog magnate will draw advice from environmentalists and other wonks living in the cities as they obviously know best when it comes to fucking up a prime piece of rural Scotland.

  2. Following a ruling in the High Courts yesterday, women’s prisons can house inmates who were born male but identify as female, regardless of whether they have gone through any physical transformation or have obtained a gender recognition certificate (GRC).

    This means some of the most dangerous and depraved male sex offenders can self-identify as women, be placed in a womans prison, alongside real female inmates many of who are extremly vulnerable. And given that most prisoners live in shared cells, the possibilities for a professional predator beggar belief.

    How long before a serious sexual attack takes place do you reckon? (Minor ones already have). Shall we have an office sweepstake?

    And what will the LGBTA2Z fraternity say WHEN (not if) it does?

    The case was actually brought by a female prisoner who had been already been the victim of a sexual assaulted by a self-identifying trans-prisoner. Between 2016 and 2019, 7 sexual assaults were recorded in women’s prisons, committed by male transgender prisoners self-identifying as women, without a GRC.

    1. Brychan

      No. This is not the case RedFlag.

      The ruling in the High Court does not say womens prisons can house inmates who were born male but identify as female, regardless of whether they have gone through any physical transformation or have obtained a gender recognition certificate. That is social media fiction.

      Prisoner assessment applies to all prisoners wherever they are.

      There are always three things that have to be present for a sexual assault. Motive. Opportunity. Ability. We can assume that, unlike outside prison, someone in prison automatically has motive. Opportunity occurs when a male to female transsexual is housed in a female prison. Ability is this case is the operation to remove genitalia. The court ruling was that, as with all prisoners, no matter where they are held, still have to be assessed for the danger to others they pose.

      The ruling of the case was that the policy of placing transgender women among the general female prison population could be applied in a way that was not unlawfully discriminatory.

      In this test case the prisoner did have a gender recognition certificate but this was not material in the prisoner assessment, just like self ID.

      1. Except that it isn’t.

        Judge Holroyde ruled that a GRC was not required whether you like that or not, self-identification was suffice. Of course you are free to call the Judge a liar if you so wish.

        And as for your blah-blah about risks etc, if the people in the system working for the prison and probation services were in anyway competent at risk assessments – which they patently and demonstrably are not, there would not have been over 90 sexual assaults in prisons in the 2 year period in question, and more importantly (and more pertinently), 7 committed by males, self-identifying as women, who did not have GRCs. And in the case of FDJ, the trans that assualted her actually had a prior conviction for rape – which was brought up in the High Court hearing.

        The judge said as part of his ruling “The unconditional introduction of a transgender woman into the general population of a women’s prison carries a statistically greater risk of sexual assault upon non-transgender prisoners than would be the case if a non-transgender woman were introduced. However, the policies require a careful, case by case assessment of the risks and of the ways in which the risks should be managed,” . And given that male rapists ARE being placed into female prisons AND non-GRC males self-identifying as females ARE carrying out sexual assaults in female prisons, then quite obviously the assessments criteria are either garbage or the people that are carrying them out are (or both).

        Hopefully, the victims of these and all future attacks will be able to sue personally the Judge and anyone who signs-off the risk assessment off the back of this Ruling (and destroy them financially and reputationally for life – I certainly hope so. Sounds fair enough to me.) The assessment should be they are an unacceptably high risk and should not be placed in a female prison unless it can be proved beyond all doubt that they pose absolutely no risk to the genetically female inmates at all, whatsoever, in any way sexually.

        And as for your drivel about ‘social media’, I assume then you encompass the entire media system as social media, otherwise you are talking something that shouldn’t be on a female prisoner – bollocks:-

        Lawful to imprison trans women sex offenders in female jails, judge rules

        etc etc etc etc right across every media platform (including TV broadcasting) from one end of the political spectrum to the other.

        1. Brychan

          Please read my comment.

          I, and the judge, are correct. It’s been lawful to imprison MtF transsexuals in womens prisons since 2010. The case was a challenge to this. You are correct to say that the prisoner assessment process is found wanting. That’s what needs to be fixed. There is no womens prison in Wales. You are correct to say 90 sexual assaults, of which 7 were MtF transsexuals. All were by appendage (usually dildo). Self ID is not yet law, and this case shows it would make no difference, these cases were imprisoned under the existing Equality Act of 2010.

  3. Dim Ffap Cymru

    I know you’re trying to be reasonable Jac but pornographers should have no place on the central committee of any credible organistation.

    Pornography is a source of untold misery and it goes without saying that the whole industry is dodgy as hell.

    Many of the problems we face today are a result of porn becoming mainstream and ubiquitous. These problems include the objectification of women, extreme paraphilias including autogynophilia (look it up), depression, erectile dysfunction (men in their 20s can’t get it up!) and much more.

    It is literally rewiring the brains of our young people. The grot they consume has rotted their minds and ruined their lives.

    If it weren’t for this stuff (plus social media) perhaps some of the crazier elements in YC would be living normal lives and forming healthy relationships. These people are extremely online… they need to log off for a while and reconnect with the real world.

    1. Something I noticed on Rachel Cooze’s OnlyFans page is that everything is priced in US dollars and it even suggests that she is based in the USA. As we know, she is in fact based in Swansea, so does she pay UK tax on her earnings. estimated to be between $1.5k and $5.8k+ per month?

      Someone else noticed the hashtags: #fetish, #tattoos, #teen. As he generously put it, ‘It’s been some time since Rachel Cooze was a teenager’.

      1. Dafis

        According to the wise heads who dole out the wokish wisdom If she so wishes she can self identify as a teenager until she drops dead. Neat innit ? And anyone who disagrees is a fascist or some other “ist” on a long list if “ists”

  4. Road King – the massive truck park, cafe and HGV refuelling facility on the edge of the Port of Holyhead, built 6 years ago by BetFred and able to hold over 200 HGVs plus trailers, will be bought by HMRC and become the North Wales Inland Border Post for checks to and from the Republic of Ireland. The owners have apparently wanted shot for a while as it has been under-performing since opening and nearly tore HMRCs hand off 6 months ago when they offered to buy it then – in fact negotiations lasted less than an hour apparently. Then HMRC decided on further down the road, now they have changed again and the deal will be finalised in days.

    25 mostly minimum waged jobs will go, to be replaced by 200+ better paying jobs, with the redundees being offered first dibs.

    Plaid- who hold the ‘Arsembly’ seat unhappy about it, the local Tory MP very happy welcoming 200+ better paying jobs – a net increase of 175.

    1. Dafis

      Well that’s a result in job creation terms, or sounds like it. Will believe it when recruit no. 200 clocks in on his/her Day 1. Plaid should claim it as a success – “we didn’t create it but we didn’t oppose it either, look forward to the investment delivering the promised result.”

      They couldn’t have done it themselves as they are powerless but they can be seen as a Positive responsible Opposition.

      Next question – what other economic gains can be harvested in the wake of this decision ? “What plans do you Mr Hart and you Mr Drakeford have up your individual or collective sleeves for the next step up ? ….. and that’s where the bluster will start and bags of scope for holding to account. Rhun might do it for a while but will taper off as something catches his lazy eye. He should ask LSR to assume a discreet watching brief as she can be a good terrier on such matters. This is what I mean by a programme of sustained questioning, monitoring, criticism and harrassment. In awell managed party there would be 3 or 4 “attack dogs” working on matters like this instead of waffling on about new fangled green gospels and justice for any old twat that self identifies as hard done by.

      1. Wave of job announcements in England today:-

        Stellantis to make electric vans in UK, protecting the entire Vauxhall workforce in Ellesmere Port.

        Tata (who owns Jaguar Land Rover) is in the final stages of negotiation with BEIS to back a new £1bn gigafactory in Coventry. The investment is expected to create 4,000 direct jobs and thousands more in the supply chain.

        Venari Group is to build an ambulance making facility co-located with Ford in Dagenham.

  5. IantoDdu

    In terms of worry over the money, which has been expressed here a few times, I’ve seen how that can go very wrong.

    The declaration that there would be a march in Swansea led to a chasing of the money by some individuals. Who we hadn’t seen at the group before, of course.

    But CC encouraged their favourite Swansea Flag Manufacturer to step up and bully and bluster his way to running the march.

    Why, I don’t know. Maybe “friend of friend”, “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” sort of thing. “He’s helped “us” in the other marches, now we’ll help him” sort of thing. Only thing I can think of. I know of no other connection.

    The idea that a man whose pockets would be lined by people, groups and events buying flags from him being in control of Yes Cymru funds buying these things didn’t seem to worry the CC.

    And he had plenty of people to turn up and support him. And “no one could call him anti-gay, he organised marches for LGBTQ, and that’s really important to show nowadays!” he said, apropos of nothing.

    Anyhow, the bullying and manipulation encouraged by the CC (by telling him to come along without informing us, and not responding to our worries) was something that eventually led to the Swansea group becoming very quiet and eventually losing it’s chair.

    Covid stopped the march, of course. But when I heard Sion Jobbins put in the flag manufacturer in a zoom meeting as the person who was going to organise “banners on bridges” in Swansea, I thought he had lost what sense he had. That was stopped by covid, of course. As anyone would have realised.

    But before that, flags had already been bought for the purpose, presumably from the gentleman in question, presumably by Central- despite the fact that the Swansea group was already up to its knees in flags! We couldn’t move because of them. We were one of the first groups to do banners on bridges.

    But hey, who cares that there were already flags and the event didn’t take place as long as .money was put in his pockets, eh?

    And Yes Cymru even had an arrangement whereby if any group wanted flags from him, CC would pay for it. Why he was their favoured flag manufacturer in this way – not entirely sure, as I say above.

    Anyhow, we had raised some money as a group ourselves (to the extent that we didn’t ever take money from central. Mind you, we very rarely spent out money. Flags. And… er…. that’s about it! We were very careful about how we used donated money. I was able to ensure he didn’t get his hands on that, but compared to the amount of money Central was waving about regarding the march, it would have been chickenfeed.

    So yeah, money is a thing.

    1. CambroUiDunlainge

      Sounds like entryism. Would suggest trying to organise and push them out. Luckily the current chair had a bout of unpopularity over some comments made recently. I assume he and the treasurer are two of the individuals in question?

      1. IantoDdu

        The Swansea group had been going for a good few years organising itself and pushing against outside influences. Along with doing everything else we were doing. It’s really not something we are unfamiliar with. Thankfully though, without most of this nonsense most of the time until the march was announced. Swansea (and Cardiff) were the first groups set up in 2016. Unfortunately this was at the end of our tether. Without support from central, acting on our own with no support wasn’t an option. Well, it was, but Iesu Grist. Who the treasurer is now, I honestly don’t know, but I was the treasurer until relatively recently through what I’m talking about, and managed to stop the interlopers getting their hands on the money we had raised. But as I say, it was chickenfeed compared to the money Central were throwing about with the march, and the money they could throw about anyway with eg buying flags for every group, which would add up to a living for someone producing flags. (Conflict of interest? What’s that?) Sudden waves of people turning up who have had no previous interest in the group can be countered, welcomed, seen as par for the course – but – well, I wanted my life back. With Covid meaning the group went quiet, and then “zoom” meetings suddenly being held with Sion Jobbins taking it on himself to act as Chair of the group when the previous chair had been bullied out (without getting in touch with the treasurer, ie me) and giving out plum jobs to Mr Flag for non-existent banners on bridges to line his pockets just came across as something I really didn’t want to have to fight against, after the previous chair had been bullied out. So I made sure what money we had was out of the possibility of being embezzled by them, closed up my tent and crept away into the night.

        Basically, I think central were pleased to see the back of “us”. We never really toed the line, and sometimes asked awkward questions, and got on with doing stuff on our own patch. And any bullying of the chair was something they could put up with if it got “their men in Havana” into the place, or people worrying about money being used properly was something they were glad to see the back of.

        I think that attitude has come back to bite them. I’m not pleased, no schadenfreude here at all. Just depressed to see it.

      2. IantoDdu

        To make it clear about the present chair of Swansea, he became that after central got in touch with him as it were. He seemed a little surprised (and even, in an admittedly small way, a little put out) that he hadn’t been told of the the fact the previous committee (sans Chair) still existed. (He was running a Yes Cymru group outside Swansea. The only contact we had had with him was passing on leaflets etc.) So though he may have been the person “they” wanted, he wasn’t personally involved in any “entryism”. Though it seems I would disagree with him over some things (as I would with anybody!), I can’t fault him over that.

    2. I can understand wanting to give business to a Welsh company but if, as you say, YC Abertawe was already swimming in a sea of flags, it makes no sense. Why is this flag maker so favoured by YC?

      1. IantoDdu

        I can understand Welsh businesses being favoured too, but for the life of me *putting the owners of a business in charge of something run by YC which benefits that business owner* is at best a conflict of interest, but usually more like embezzlement. (There is a difference between
        1.-YC/a YC group deciding to buy stuff from a company which happens to be owned by an owner of a business who happens to be a member of YC but *is not involved in the decision*, 2.- YC giving that decision making over *to the person running the business*.

        The first is acceptable [though obviously you should be careful], the second is corruption.

        Yes, YC buying flags (it had to have been arranged by YC but paid for by central when they weren’t needed and *the event didn’t even go ahead* was a particularly instructive point, especially as the banners on bridges event was cancelled very quickly after it had been arranged and the organising given over to the flag maker in question. They must have been quick off the mark getting those flags made.

        Only a very few flags, mind you, but the circumstances were instructive as to what would have happened/will happen on the march, with this gentleman and his enablers running it.

  6. Brychan

    When those that champion slogans like “trans women are women” and “naturally born female”, they are both making statements of judgement over other peoples bodies and arising from that seek to claim, manipulate, have coercive control over, or leverage to exploit others.

    What is woman?

    Those who define a woman purely as a matter of reproductive parts (known pejoratively as Terfs) is reducing that person to an object, of function. It does not surprise me, therefore, that it transpires that a pecuniary interest in pornography has been uncovered. Also, those who define transsexuals as being of a kind (known pejoratively as transactivists), is denying transsexuals their individuality, substituting themselves in place of the wishes of the individuals concerned.


    It doesn’t matter, who you are, if you have a vagina or penis, or what stereotype you seek to project, or what life experiences you have, sexuality, or desires, you should be welcome to the indy movement. I therefore conclude that YesCymru no longer has any role to play in this movement.

    1. In a sense this is not about sex or gender. It’s about a small group holding a minority view taking over an organisation for which their position on gender should have no relevance. And then this controlling group turns on anyone who disagrees with them in the most vicious and ugly way.

      WWI and WWII made many people irrationally anti-German; and because of their behaviour those now controlling YesCymru have made transphobes out of people who otherwise might not have given the subject much thought. They are wrecking YC while also damaging their own cause.

      Utter fools.

      1. Dafis

        In the comment above Jac closed with “They are wrecking YC while also damaging their own cause.”. I suggest it’s more a case of wrecking YC by crashing another, hijacked cause into it. These people are first and foremost saboteurs which is why I’ve become convinced that many if not all have some government agency managing their activity. Possibly providing finance or using past misdemeanours as leverage.

        Bad people remotely managed by very bad people

      2. David Smith

        BLM’s antics and the relentless thought police edicts since, such as renaming Uncle Ben’s rice to ‘Ben’s’, and this cancel culture, trigger warning twat-fest has seriously eroded any sympathy I once had for their cause. Especially since they martyrised a fucking verminous hood rat with a rap sheet as long as his arm. I’d even go so far as to place the blame on that ‘thug’ culture, glamorised by ‘gangsta rap’ over and above the modern day White establishment for the problems Black society faces in the States. Even the poor grammar of underclass Black Americans is glamorised; why do you think the movement is called Woke, and not Awoken?

  7. Gruff Williams

    The vast majority of YC members and supporters are decent people who sincerely want independence and a better life for all who live in Wales. A tiny minority of, lets be blunt, parasitic cockroaches with no redeeming features, have staged a coup and, with impressive ruthlessness, taken over the reins. This can be remedied. A vote of no confidence and the application of boot to arse. They will scream “terf”, “transphobe” and the ever reliable “Fascist”, but really, who having taken an objective look at these wretches would listen? Kick the bastaards out and get back on track. We are up against ill-educated school children, and besides their effective use of social media, they will provide little opposition to a united front. They succeed by targeting, isolating and then vilifying in a group pile on. My contempt for them knows no bounds. And if any of them are reading this, nice guys can play rough too.

    1. Gruff Williams

      BTW, when I wrote “who having taken an objective look at these wretches would listen?” I wasn’t referring to physical appearance, but to the idiotic bullshit they spout.

  8. David Smith

    Can this gormless trollop not see that her getting her thrupenny bits out for the viewing pleasure of fat old wankers is grist to the mill for every A.A. Gill, Jeremy Clarkson, Rod Liddle and other sundry tabloid gobshites to royally take the piss in their troglodyte-targeted scribblings? As Richard Littlejohn would say, “You couldn’t make it up!”.

  9. Dai Protheroe

    There are 18500 members of YC, so they say. What are the odds of any 3 members who complain about alleged transphobic comments by a CC member meeting up socially, not necessarily all at the same time? Asking for a friend who only did maths to GCSE.

  10. Ianto Full-pelt

    So wokesters have succeeded in making a Westminster Labor government un-electable.
    Ripped apart the SNP.
    Made Plaid an irrelevance, and have now set about destroying Yes Cymru.

    One has to wonder who’s pulling the strings of these useful idiots.

    1. Brychan

      You ask “pulling the strings of these useful idiots?”
      There are a number of possibilities.

      (3) Foreign states.

      There is a known and exposed foreign policy and budget allocated for political influence. China in terms of economic control, currently directed in Africa. Russia in terms of destabilisation of western democracy, seen on both sides of the US politics. Iran in terms of sponsorship of Islamic groups in Arabia. Of those obvious ones, we know that Russia have both agent-provocateurs and direct action in the British Isles.

      (2) Own State.

      The UK government have an ongoing policy of suppression of political will in Scotland and in Wales. Directly financed and personnel assignments has been evident in the northern counties of Ireland. They have not learnt to speak Arabic or Russian. The ‘Britishness’ budget is evident in the food chain, media, and even flag placements. They already bankroll commercial lobby firms for political influence. This is anything from a rainbow union jack to direction of BBC output.

      (3) Corporate.

      Financing of infiltration by mining conglomerates against indigenous movements in the third world is well documented. However, there are new corporate entities relating to social media. Influence is not just what you say, but suppression of the voices of the undesirable. The emergence of ‘influencers’ and ‘sponsorship of icons’ exerts effective corporate influence, and can be at odds with a national independence movement. England shirts on the shelves of Tescos in Caernarfon is not a commercial consideration, it’s a corporate policy.

      Ianto’s question is a good one.

      1. David Smith

        Top rated comments in online articles on news websites are almost always always slating the SNP, which doesn’t bear out with the recent election result. The Daily Express is absolutely unbearable with its relentless smear campaign against Scottish indy, the editor must have a fixation with the amount of pathetically contrived ‘articles’ on the matter it shits out. A few illiterates on Twitter becomes “The Scottish people say NO to Sturgeon!”, and one which made me laugh recently was their piece of a ‘top’ Scottish comedian (with about 1000 followers on Facebook) DESTROYED the SNP. It’d be pathetic and desperate if this sort of thing didn’t have any influence.

        1. Oh, and to my never-ending satisfaction, one written with correct spelling and grammar is seemingly quite rare. There’s some absolutely embarrassingly stupid people on those Abolish-sympathising pages on Facebook I just had a look at. The corollary of these pig-ignorant, complaisant imbeciles denying their own nationhood is they also deny English nationhood. My standing challenge to any arch-BritNat is thus: tell an Englishman worth his salt that England is not a nation with its own proud identity and traditions, and see how long you last before you’re the recipient of, at best, a smack in the mouth.

  11. I would urge all genuine members of YES CYMRU, who support decency and manners and the cause of Independence, to write to to ask the nasty weirdos for their money back. If it’s not forthcoming they should seek to get it back by any legal means available. Before the present Yes Cymru write cowardly things anonymously on their pathetic Twitter and Face Book about me I am giving my real name here – I am Ioan Richard in Swansea..

      1. Stan

        I thought Teifi might have been despatched to the vets because he was transphobic. Didn’t he accept a dog biscuit from Helen Mary Jones two years back? That’s behaviour enough to get the poor bugger euthanised in this crazy world we’re in right now. He’s certainly been removed from the Twitter handle. Someone check if he’s still ok, will you? I’d grown really fond of him.

        1. Dafis

          He’s left home. Got fed up with the nutcase who was supposed to be looking after him. Found he was having to guide the nut job instead. Job didn’t pay well enough.

  12. Stan

    The dilemma for those people who support YC and are concerned about its current state is basically do I stay or do I go?

    It could lose enormous support due to these shenanigans but say they lost a third of their members, it would still be bigger than Plaid Cymru, so if you control its political direction (and finances) it’s a huge asset.

    I”m not a member. But if I was, I’d be extremely upset by what’s happening and be asking lots of questions. Members are obviously doing this but it’s like trying to unravel the mystery of a Black Hole. No matter what goes in, fuck all appears to come out.

    Where are the minutes of the AGM, what has happened to complaints about harassment and unacceptable behaviour by members and Group leaders, why does it seem that some are impervious to the complaints process while others are suspended and investigated, where are the finance reports, why don’t the Central Committee have to declare a Register of Interests, why has the Chairman gone AWOL at this crucial time, is Rachel Cooze suspended (or even expelled) and if not, why the fuck not, why does Rasputin fob off the complaints about George Brown saying he’ll have a word instead, why is the Diversity and Inclusion Officer so friendly on Twitter with those who wrote the letters of complaint about DD, what really made Andrew O’Brien chuck it in when he’s such a great asset to YC and the Indy cause, how can things possibly have got so bad that Niki Jones has involved the police notwithstanding that YC now has an anti-harassment policy?

    That’s just a starter. I’d better stop for a beer now before I say something I regret.

    1. I suspect it could get a lot worse before it gets better, Stan. Then again, it might not get better. And while it’s difficult to imagine things getting any worse, believe me, they could.

      1. Stan

        I strongly suspect there’s lots to come out yet. You should have numbered these articles like Weep for Wales because I reckon you’ll exceed that one in the end.

        I’ve had that beer now so I’m going to chip in a bit more.

        Why can’t members get more info about the legal advice YC allegedly took about the recent diversity and inclusion amendments at the AGM? What’s so secret about it?

        If YC CC members are supposed to leave their political affiliations at the door, was Rasputin hauled over the coals for dragging Plaid Cymru into a Twitter spat a few weeks ago, making political capital from a Twitter debate with a disaffected member? If he wasn’t, why not? Or is he now the actual force behind YC as I suspect?

        Shouldn’t there be an urgent EGM to address the many concerns, including the disenfranchisement of so many members due to the online voting at the recent AGM? A VONC ( vote of no confidence) in the existing administration is surely on the cards in the light of recent disclosures.

        Personally, with what I’ve seen for myself, I wouldn’t touch YC with a proverbial bargepole right now. It’s a clusterfuck, decent people, no doubt, in the local groups, but what a mess at the top. Can it be turned round? I doubt it. When you lose the likes of people like Andrew O’Brien, shoehorn out founder members like Dilys and Iestyn, allow the bullying and harassment of Niki Jones seemingly without proper support, and let the underlying principle of the organisation (Indy for Wales) be diverted by identity politics and issues that should never be in there, you’re on the Road to Nowhere.

  13. CambroUiDunlainge

    Still a chance of an EGM. If Sion has any sense he’ll call one while support is against these Unionists.

      1. CambroUiDunlainge

        Gets tagged into everything on Twitter I suspect. Dare say in such difficult times this can weigh a person down. He always seemed a decent enough sort – anyone can see how bad this is. I’m sure he can as well. If not… I do believe some groups are mobilising to request a meeting with the CC. Led by the stalwarts of YesLlanelli no doubt.

          1. CambroUiDunlainge

            Indeed. At the end of the day though… the movement needs to be able to overcome these things if it’s to take a stand against the British state.

        1. Stan

          Agree with those positive comments about the Chair of YC. The pressure on him must be huge and who could blame him if he needed time out to chill or recuperate. However, it reflects badly on the organisation that members are left in limbo about it. Niki had to take a break recently as a result of online harassment and bullying and explained what was going on. It’s not a sign of weakness in my opinion but actually good for both the person taking time out, and others, to know we’re all human.

          1. CambroUiDunlainge

            Has to tread carefully. What’s clear is that the current CC is unable to lead the movement – being elected to the committee is one thing. Having respect and trust of the movement in order to get things done is another. Dictating rules to people who do not like you and do not respect you in an organisation they must pay for the privilege of being a member will send it down like the Hindenburg.

            So a difficult situation for him. Worst case scenario is he just stands down.

            1. Stan

              It’s a big burden for anyone, IMHO. However, with a membership now probably 50 percent bigger than Plaid Cymru’s, and likely to grow sharply, isn’t it about time the organisation thought of a Chief Executive or similar role to deal with some of the executive/administrative business? Money better spent there, I’d have thought, than spaffing it on things like a Diversity and Inclusion Officer and some of the awful stuff we’ve seen come out on social media.

                1. Stan

                  Good point. How about Bob Lloyd, that bloke from Lab4Indy with the nice moustache? He’s well used to playing second fiddle to Rasputin and is desperate to be noticed?🤔

                  1. That moustache is more than “nice”. As someone recently remarked, it’s a “1970s porn star moustache”, not that I know of such things, you understand.

              1. CambroUiDunlainge

                Do believe this very point is whats triggered this. Iestyn suggested this in a CC meeting in January and when another user suggested this yesterday it appears another former CC member claimed it. This appears to have led to todays events.

      2. IantoDdu

        There’s a thread appeared (30 June) on Twitter from Hedd Gwynfor “thanking Iestyn” for all his work over the years. I wonder if he knows something? Sounds like a bit of an obituary, as it were. Somebody asks him there if he’s going to thank Iestyn, but he said something which sounds familiar- “I’m thankful to him like thousands of other people, I can’t be blamed for not mentioning someone etc”. I say familiar because I’ve seen him quietly let people be thrown to the wolves before, whilst ensuring both his ass and his reputation as a “nice man” are both covered. It’s easy to keep a reputation of being a “nice man” if you never actually do anything worthwhile. In fact, you can keep yourself in the limelight as a prominent figure in Welsh Nartionalist figures for years through never *actually doing anything worthwhile*. (I remember at the beginning him being on the CC and never actually getting round to setting up a local YC group in Carmarthen- I mean, if he didn’t/couldn’t do it, who on earth was going to?) But as I say, worst thing is seeing this as a typical reaction to events. Say nothing, do nothing which will affect him. But some judicious “thanks” or “words of support”, or lack thereof, which are obviously well-thought out and timed, but defended with “I can’t do it for everybody!” To worse people in the past, but he certainly wouldn’t stick his neck out for *anybody* if he thought that it could reflect back on him.

        1. IantoDdu

          Sorry, that should have read there is a thread where Hedd Gwynfor Thanks “Sion Jobbins” for his work over the years, but was then asked if he was going to also thank Iestyn.

        2. CambroUiDunlainge

          I don’t disagree with that description of Hedd. Though the middle ground is becoming a very lonely place I think. Think he’s losing friends quickly – though it could also be hes waiting to see which side comes out on top. (Do believe hes a decent guy though, not particularly a fan though).

          1. IantoDdu

            Oh, I think he is a very decent guy. He was always good for advice. Always good for sympathy and empathy as well, but I think I cottoned on very quickly that the sympathy and empathy would not lead to any action. Always good advice, He helped in that way a lot. Both Sion Jobbins and Hedd, in some ways the ongoing “stalwarts” of Yes Cymru, are people I would say who have their heads screwed on right in opinions. But relying on them to come down strongly one way or another in ‘public’? I wouldn’t rely on them to do that.. And that has led to- well, this.

            1. The consensus has been for some time that Sion and Hedd are straws in the wind. Incapable of standing up to these ruthless and thoroughly nasty bastards who have taken over.

      3. IantoDdu

        There was a lot of talk when I was in YC about how much Sion Jobbins wanted to be a member of the Senedd. Apparently “a lot” was the answer to the question. He might be thinking that touching this business is going to be a poisoned chalice from that point of view, whatever he does or whatever happens, so washing his hands of the whole thing by disappearing, temporarily or permanently, is best, in order to make his chosen career path more likely.

  14. As I’ve said before, YesCymru! will eventually become just Yes! with a pretty rainbow/BLM flag and little more than an umbrella organisation for a variety of garbage largely irrelevant causes (all connected to the wider left of the modern Labour Party) that have nothing to do with welsh independence – quite the opposite, and eventually it will boot welsh independance into the rubbish bin as superfluous to requirements because independence has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, your God, who who you shag, meaning it is of little use to them And when it completes it’s pogrom against the politically incorrect (ie normal people) it will then turn it’s venom on Plaid, Tory and anything else that isn’t Corbynista-style Labour.

    The only question is whether it will devour itself or disappear up it’s own arse.

    Just wait and see.

    1. “As I’ve said before, YesCymru! will eventually become just Yes! with a pretty rainbow/BLM flag and little more than an umbrella organisation”. It’s almost there.

      1. David Smith

        I’m not certain but isn’t the supposed endgame of communism abolition of all nation states? Or there’s some idea along the lines of nationalisms (like religion I guess) being distractions from the proles taking it to the bourgeoisie, the *real* enemy? Non-binaries of the world unite!

  15. Dafis

    Thank you for articulating in a clear and structured way the points I’ve been making over recent weeks. In particular :

    “…….that if the Central Committee is not working for the British state then it is certainly doing the work of the British state.”

    Some of these “activists” are agents of, or are manipulated by agents of the British State security apparatus.

    ” … YesCymru has become TransCymru, and should be allowed to drift away to irrelevance.”
    While Plaid circles the plughole, TransCymru can climb back up into its own arsehole where it belongs.

    The real darkness has only just begun. It will be some time before these vermin are purged out of the picture because there are forces out there that will protect them and manipulate circumstances to suit them.

    1. Preseli

      Traws Cymru should stick to running a long distance coach service. Now that would justify their existance

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