World Unity And Wales (Or Without Wales)

My previous post – After Thirteen Years Of Devolution . . . – generated such interest and debate that it encouraged me to expand on what I’d written there with this follow-up. What I hope to do here is pull together a number of threads that have been running through my mind for a long time, and in doing this explain that devolution is a sham because democracy in the wider sense has been seriously undermined. I say this because in the time I’ve been writing this blog I have learnt quite a bit about how Wales is run in the era of devolution. The more I’ve learnt the more I’ve realised how undemocratic Wales is.
I suppose the full picture began to take shape when I started making enquiries into the way housing associations operate in Wales. Specifically, why do they house so many people with no connections to Wales, and why are so many of these not the sort of people most of us would want as neighbours? These enquiries brought to my attention the Housing Directorate, a body I’d never heard of before, which controls social housing in Wales. But before dealing with Welsh specifics, let us consider the wider picture; in fact, the global picture.
Throughout history there have been people, from tyrannical conquerors to fluffy idealists, who have dreamt of a unified world. Somewhere between the two come organisations such as the Bilderberg Group (BG) and the Trilateral Commission (TC).
One doesn’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to have questions about the BG and the TC. They organise invitation-only conferences from which media and public are banned. Attending these, ‘Wouldn’t the world be a better place if . . .’ affairs are top politicians, royalty, billionaires and the like. (Jac still awaits his invitation.) Some years ago the TC brought out a publication arguing there was ‘too much democracy’, which gives a clue as to the thinking of some involved.
If they made public announcements then the BG and the TC would argue that wars could have been averted, and much other human misery avoided, if the top people in the world knew each other better, and spoke with each other on a regular basis. Better still, perhaps, would be to leave the governing of the world to these elevated altruists.
As might be expected, this self-appointed elite sees the Nation-State as an anachronism, and an obstacle to a global structure that might still recognise Europe, China, Latin America or ‘the Arab World’ but has little time for Basques or Tibetans. For if we are doing away with the Nation-State then those seeking to create new ones are pulling in the opposite direction, and must be discouraged or defeated. The only exceptions being when there is advantage to the Programme in fragmentation; e.g. the collapse of the Soviet empire, or when the process is unstoppable, e.g. the break-up of Jugoslavia.
Smooth out international misunderstandings and national differences, on the premise that this leads to greater harmony, better international understanding and, consequently, improved trade and commerce resulting in greater prosperity for all. But there is little point in promoting greater understanding between existing States if some of these are threatened by internal minority identities, so these must also be ‘smoothed out’.
The problem for the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission is that they are secretive and elitist. Correctly suspected by those on the Right of wanting to do away with the national institutions and identities they cherish; and equally correctly suspected by those on the Left of wishing to impose a largely unfettered global capitalism. So something else was needed; something to make the BG and the TC more palatable. The fig leaf came in the form of environmentalism.
Seeing as we are talking about promoting world government it was inevitable that the United Nations should be a player. Its main contribution comes in the form of Agenda 21 – inspired by the Rio ‘Earth Summit’ of 1992 – which wants to make the world a happier place for us all by safeguarding the environment. (Interestingly for Wales, Agenda 21 “can be executed at local, national and global levels”. )
Environmentalism has come a long way since Silent Spring, written fifty years ago this month. For in addition to providing the excuse for governments to feed grant-guzzlers and subsidy-suckers it also provides the Trojan horse for those planning world government. Because if we can work together to avert global warming or climate change then what’s stopping us extending that co-operation to other areas? Rachel Carson could have had no idea that her heartfelt plea would be cynically seized on by Left and Right to promote their ideological agendas.
Superficially things continue as before. Populations across the globe vote believing they can make a difference through their national elections. But it’s becoming impossible to avoid the conclusion that the choice is narrowing: in the UK Labour and Conservative are just like Vauxhall and Opel – few differences apart from the branding. The same applies in Wales with Plaid Cymru thrown into the mix. This explains the ‘congested centre’ in Western politics. Which of course also results in anyone rejecting this externally enforced ‘consensus’ being labelled an ‘extremist’. All because so many political leaders and others have signed up to the Bilderberg / Trilateral / Agenda 21 Programme.
At a Welsh level, this process of smoothing out global (or, more especially, regional) differences is done by a number of organisations, principal among them Common Purpose (CP), represented at all senior levels of Assembly bureaucracy, local government and elsewhere. Being English, or Unionist, in outlook, bodies infiltrated or controlled by CP are at the cutting edge of attempts to eradicate the potential for disharmony posed by Welsh national identity. Common Purpose can be viewed as providing the UK foot-soldiers for the Bilderberg Group / Trilateral Commission / Agenda 21 Programme. (Here’s a link to a good site exposing Common Purpose.)
In earlier generations this role might have been fulfilled by the Freemasons, but this organisation is now tainted: too conservative, narrowly British, exclusively male, and too discredited by its members’ venality and corruption to act as the vanguard for the New World Order. Common Purpose even seems to be replacing Freemasonry within the police service, that one-time bastion of Freemasonry. An informant has named a very senior Gogplod officer who, “graduated from the matrix in 1998 whilst with the Met”. (Not quite sure what this means.)
Returning to the Housing Directorate, this CP agency is, according to the Assembly employee who answered my query, part of the “Sustainable Futures Directorate which incorporates Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Rural Affairs and Heritage”. We can add another CP-controlled agency exerting great power in Wales and inflicting untold damage, the Planning Inspectorate. This is the body that forces on our councils the insane ‘housing strategies’ that insist on building tens of thousands of houses for which there is no Welsh demand. Aided by the fact that most senior officers in Welsh local government have also been ‘refocused’ by Common Purpose.
Put together, The Housing Directorate and the Planning Inspectorate work to introduce a large English population into Wales knowing this group will reject calls for further devolution, and independence, thereby serving the Common Purpose agenda and, by so doing, aiding at a local level the more grandiose aims of the Programme.
Other ways in which CP operates in Wales came to light recently with the Wales Rural Observatory (WRO). Rural Affairs, you will remember, is linked with Environment, Sustainability, Housing and Heritage under the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Futures Directorate. (Heritage!) Basically, the Welsh Government pays the English academics of the WRO to come up with strategies for rural Wales. The politicians then present these pre-packaged strategies as their own handiwork to an unsuspecting public and an unquestioning media. The WRO is the quintessential Common Purpose organisation.
All of which tells us that devolution in Wales is a nonsense. Because it doesn’t matter which politicians you elect, and no matter which party is, theoretically, ‘in government’ Wales will still be run either directly from London or else through secretive groups and agencies you’ve probably never heard of. These linked by a new kind of ‘right-on’ freemasonry believing it serves the highest ideals when, here in Wales, it is serving agendas that work against the Welsh national interest, but agendas to which both major UK parties subscribe.
There is nothing to be surprised at in what I’m saying. Remember that devolution was not brought in to serve Wales or Scotland; it was introduced by Tony Blair (Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission) and New Labour, of which Common Purpose may be viewed as an offshoot, to, as George Robertson put it in 1995, “kill nationalism stone dead”. That plan may have gone awry in Scotland, but it seems to be succeeding in Wales.
It may be difficult to believe that there could be a connection between presidents and billionaires seeking world government and the allocation of social housing in Cwmscwt. But, believe me, there is; and it’s time you woke up to it. Time you realised that our nation is defenceless against enemies who have persuaded themselves they are serving a greater good by destroying Welsh identity. That most senior Common Purpose disciples in Wales are English obviously helps, but that does not explain why Plaid Cymru refuses to oppose them and their work.
Time is running out. To do nothing is to acquiesce in the destruction of Wales.P.S. It goes without saying that the third sector, so dominant in Wales, is controlled by Common Purpose ‘graduates’.

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