Who Killed Gabor Sarkozy?

The previous post, about the disgraceful attack on Plaid Cymru’s Ceredigion candidate Mike Parker by the Cambrian News was, fundamentally, about unsavoury people moving to rural Wales to escape England’s multi-racial towns and cities.

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Some fourteen years ago, in a magazine article, Parker did no more than put in writing what everybody already knew – rural Wales has become the destination of choice for many white flighters who, once they have no ‘darkies’ to hyperventilate them, turn their anglocentric focus onto us Welsh. Though of course their contempt is often dressed up as opposition to ‘nationalism’ . . . an argument undermined by white flighters attacking any expression of Welsh identity as ‘nationalism’. Those being discussed here tend to be middle class, and will usually have bought a property in Wales.

There is of course another kind of influx, one I myself have dealt with more than once. I’m talking now of criminals and undesirables of all kinds, moved to Wales by some agency or charity, and as those in this group can rarely afford to buy a house, or are under some kind of ‘supervision’, they tend to find accommodation with only-in-it-for-the-money housing associations and irresponsible private landlords. This is very lucrative because extra payments await those open-hearted enough to take in ‘vulnerable’ people (i.e. those given to criminal activity) who are being dumped a long way away given a fresh start. A number of such specimens were brought to the attention of a wider public in my posting Neighbours From Hell of June 2013.

But you mustn’t imagine that there are just two, discrete groupings, because there are all sorts of overlaps, giving us, for example, middle class criminals, working class racists, and those who manage to endear themselves to the host community by being both racist and criminal. It’s right to make this clear because those I shall be writing about from now on are most definitely racist and criminal.


My attention was drawn to this category by a comment made by ‘Brychan’ to my previous post. In the comment Brychan reminded me of the murder in October 2011 of Gabor Sarkozy, a Hungarian national working as a takeaway delivery driver on the north coast. Sarkozy was kicked to death by James Siree (alternatively Si’Ree), 22, and his uncle Gary Bland, 42. It was the callous and brutal murder of a hard-working family man by two drunken thugs. When I read the reports of the trial, and once I saw that they lived in Rhyl – that favourite dumping ground for England’s undesirables – I wondered about their Gabor Sarkozybackgrounds, though I must have been busy with other things because I didn’t do any checks at the time. ‘Brychan’ did, and I’m thankful to him for putting me on the trail of these scumbags.

Siree is the son of Ian Si’Ree, and lived with his father on Vale Road in Rhyl. When police investigating the murder searched the Si’Ree home they found images on the father’s computer that clearly suggested an interest in under-age girls. He was prosecuted and the case came to court but he escaped quite lightly because, according to Judge Niclas Parry, he had “no convictions for anything similar”. Si’Ree may have had no convictions for that type of offence there had certainly been accusations, as this 2001 report from the Bradford Telegraph & Argus makes clear. This report from the same source, a month later, tells us that Si’Ree has upped sticks from Bradford, but does not tell us where he’s gone.

So we have Si’Ree Snr, the paedophile, Siree Jnr and his uncle the murderers, and then, to give us the expected hat-trick, we learn that the family are also fascists, with Ian Si’Ree actually standing for the BNP at council level (in 2008), Westminster level (2010), and for the Welsh Assembly (2011). Though if this is his Facebook page then he now calls himself Ian John. If I’m wrong, then there is an Ian John living in Rhyl who went to school in Bradford and has photos of James Siree on his Facebook page.


What is the system at work here, a system that brings scumbags like the Sirees and Bland to Wales, a system now so obvious that there can be no point it denying its existence? Who is in control of this system, how does it operate, and who in Wales is facilitating it? For the answers to these questions I am indebted, again, to ‘Brychan’, this time for directing me to the Ministry of Justice and its various departments dealing with offenders. You can read what he told me (copied from an e-mail) here.

We have a system that seeks to remove offenders, or persons under investigation, from the immediate area of the alleged offence, and also to resettle those leaving prison. Such requirements would not cause Wales undue problems were it not for the fact that, as ‘Brychan’ puts it, “A housing authority in Ian Si'ReeEngland can say ‘no thanks we’re full’, even to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service, but in Wales the housing legislation gives priority to offenders”. The fact that this loophole has not been closed tells me that this legislation was no oversight, it exists for the purpose it serves. Obviously some areas will suffer more than others.

Though we mustn’t pile all the blame for this problem on social housing providers, for private landlords also play a big role. In a town like Rhyl, that has outlived its raison d’être, decline results in many redundant buildings, making it inevitable that ‘investors’ will move in knowing they can maximise their investments by capitalising on the social residue of England’s cities. The same thing is happening in similar communities; I have reported previously on problems in Llanelli; it’s a big – but largely unreported – issue in Blaenau Ffestiniog at the moment; and it’s happening in the Valleys. In fact, any community in Wales with irresponsible housing associations or large numbers of cheap private dwellings for sale risks having offenders, problem families, deviants and misfits dumped on it.

So we understand the mechanics of this phenomenon, but that doesn’t explain why no one speaks out against it.


Why don’t the police complain about having a regular influx of criminals from outside their force areas, resulting in more work for forces we are constantly told are ‘over-stretched’? Probably two reasons; first, they can hardly complain against the government department that controls police forces in Englandandwales, and second, they probably get financially compensated.

Social housing providers don’t regard this system as an imposition because they get paid handsomely for taking in offenders and ‘difficult’ tenants, that they will persuade themselves are ‘victims’ of something or other – ‘the system’ a cruel world, global warming – and then wash their hands of the suffering and misery their tenants inflict on the wider community. Private landlords share the same attitude towards high-return offender-tenants. Media outlets and politicians in Wales turn a blind eye because to raise the issue risks allegations of being ‘racist’, or worse, ‘anti-English’. An incredible insight into social and political attitudes prevailing in Wales.

I say this because in other societies there are taboos against using the ‘N word’ and other offensive epithets, but here in Wales it’s the ‘E word’. Using the term ‘English’ runs the risk of attack from media and politicians. To the point where no one must be described as English in a negative context. If Charlie Smith, recently dumped in Barmouth, rapes his 80-year-old neighbour, or is caught selling drugs outside school gates, then Charlie is without nationality . . . but if he rescues a drowning pooch then Charlie will be restored to his Anglo-Saxon patrimony, a true son of Alfred and Harold.


Clearly, in answer to the question used as the title for this piece, Gabor Sarkozy was killed by James Siree and Gary Bland. But in the wider sense, Gabor Sarkozy was the victim of the system I’ve described. There are countless other victims, such as the old woman killed in Rhyl for £25 as she made a cup of tea for Wolverhampton murderer George Johnson, and the children raped in Carmarthenshire by the paedophile gang from London re-housed in Wales.

The terrible irony is that this system of exploiting Wales for the benefit of England has been made easier by devolution. In a pre-devolution system with the same law in England and Wales offenders and problem tenants would be spread around in the social housing system (though the pAssembly chamberroblem of private landlords in Rhyl and elsewhere would remain), but different legislation in Wales – supposedly introduced for the benefit of Wales! – has made worse the problem described in this report.

We have a system of sham devolution making it possible for civil servants in Wales – answering to London – to introduce ‘Welsh’ legislation for the benefit of England. Which makes the current system of ‘devolution’ both indefensible and unsustainable. Either we revert to the pre-devolution system of the same laws for Wales and England or we move forward to give Wales real power, but this latter option can only work when we have politicians and civil servants dedicated to putting Welsh interests first. At present, we lack both.

There is no point in politicians continuing to posture and play silly games, going down to Cardiff docks and deluding themselves that they are doing anything useful when in fact the country is run by civil servants serving England’s interests, giving us a system of faux devolution that results in people being murdered, and children raped, a system over which these puffed-up buffoons have no control, and lack the balls to demand control.

Until there is far-reaching change in the relationship between Wales and England the system responsible for the killing of Gabor Sarkozy is guaranteed to claim many more victims.

26 thoughts on “Who Killed Gabor Sarkozy?

  1. simon

    That low life Ian Si’ree still has facebook account and called john john, and is said to volunteer working for CAIS. His wife and inlaws now live in st asaph in the waen where he often visits in his blue ford mobility 4×5 15 plate which he should not have as it is his wife with the so called disability and she in never always with him and he uses her blue badge.

  2. Anonymous

    That low life scum bag Ian Si’ree has now changed his facebook name to John john, he wife and inlaws live in the waen st asaph where he visits a lot

  3. adarynefoedd

    So should us Welsh citizens born elsewhere go to classes and do a test? A Cwricwlwm Cymreig i oedolion? Welsh to NVQ 3? Coach trips to the Eisteddfodd? Compulsory S4C with tests (who is Gary’s latest partner in Pobol y Cwm?)

    The ‘born elsewhere’ I know well are doing essential jobs to keep Wales going especially rural Wales. Many also try to learn Welsh. I do not like the insinuation that these good people are less Welsh than people born in Wales.

    I would completely agree with Jac that serious policy efforts need to be taken to stop social dumping or self dumping in Wales, there are many actions which could be taken but it would require an understanding of the problems and the processes of dumping and the guts to do something about it. Sadly mixing up those who try to contribute with those who only take is quite depressing. I am pleased you have the guts to raise these issues.

    PS In response to your Welsh lady (very funny), some of us to paraphrase her call, do jobs nobody in Wales seems very keen to do.

    1. dafis

      The “test” is quite simple really. When you go to another country do you respect the native culture, language, heritage etc or do you just bring your own baggage and expect everybody to adapt around it ? If you go to Birmingham, Manchester, London you are expected to respect the prevailing values ( whatever they may be ! ) That’s why there such a rumpus about foreigners coming into UK ( a.k.a England ) and not speaking the lingo from day 1 ! So , Wales needs a similar code of respect, without the jingoism, just a bit of effort that acknowledges that identity.

  4. Dave Bradney

    Oh Jac, you just don’t get it. MP is not “born and bred” in Wales, so according to what you believe you should not want him to represent Wales via the “Party of Wales”. But I don’t want to harrass you, so let’s stop. Good luck.

    1. dafis

      You appear to be an Anglo that is seething with envy towards another Englishman who made a move and managed a degree of integration that the majority of recent migrants either fail to achieve or don’t see any need to achieve. Indeed I would go so far as to say that if a person tries hard but fails then an old obsessive like me who really cherishes identity and all the stuff that goes with it will reach out and “accomodate”.

      It’s the vast majority of migrants who arouse intense dislike, even cause offence, by their active ( or passive ) gestures of indifference and hostility towards the language and culture. That M Parker has provoked such a bilious response from the usual quarters shows how near the surface that hostile instinct resides. We have seen Anglos who have lived here for long enough to wise up to local characteristics indulge in quips like “don’t bring that language near me…” and aspiring politicians trot out some sad lines of criticism without having the good sense to check that they hadn’t blotted their own books in the past. The recent advent of UKIP and the desparation of Welsh Labour to cling on to any means of attacking Plaid and “staying ahead of the game”, whatever that game may be, has added an intensity to the “anti-Welsh cause” within Wales which is highly regretable. However it was always there, and now out in the open so it is less deniable by all those mealy mouthed public figures who have tried to pretend the issue did not exist.

  5. Dave Bradney

    And West Brom got a point out of Liverpool, which I suppose is success of a sort.

    The reason I’m being repetitive is that you are refusing to answer, and there is what you call a “symmetry or logical progression” about all this. You shouldn’t be having opinions if you can’t make them fit together. If you can’t answer then it perhaps says more about you than you realise. I answered all your questions, so why can’t you have a go at this?:

    “If Wales belongs to those `born and bred’ there, which you confirm you believe, then how can you approve of someone from England being a Plaid candidate, presumably having beaten `born and bred’ applicants to the post in a selection process.”

    Just give it your best shot.

    1. I stand by, “Wales belongs to those born and bred here”, and especially when confronted by colonialists trying to take over our country. But Mike Parker has chosen to integrate, therefore I have no problem in accepting him, as the Plaid candidate or anything else. Why does it bother you? Anyway, this exchange is going nowhere. I’ve made my position clear, if you can’t accept or understand it, then that’s your problem.

  6. Dave Bradney

    Sorry I missed the “symmetry or logical progression”. What I think about the “ostentatious brandishing”, is that when you go to live in another country you should be prepared at best to integrate, as far as you can, and at worst to be respectful and restrained. It shouldn’t earn you any special brownie points, it should just be seen as normal. You will probably say that this is contradicted by the way I have raised certain issues, but I would dispute that. When you move to another country you don’t give up all your civil rights, that would just be servility.

    What I meant clumsily by “central north Wales” was the coastal stretch between the old Arfon and the start of the Merseyside conurbation. How else can I put it? – the part of north Wales that isn’t particularly Welsh Wales? Don’t suppose you’ll like that either.

    I found your blog on the previous occasions because I was trawling for information about how the Green Party in Wales had changed since I was active in it, and there seemed to be lots of information, of a sort, here. This post starts with two references to MP, so it isn’t the wrong post, it’s the active post of the two.

    You seem to be very determined to gloss over the questions you can’t handle, so I’ll just repeat one here:
    “Well if MP knows exactly where you stand it’s more than I do. If Wales belongs to those “born and bred” there, which you confirm you believe, then how can you approve of someone from England being a Plaid candidate, presumably having beaten “born and bred” applicants to the post in a selection process?” It’s most unlikely that you would approve of that, which is why I think there must be some other agenda in play.

    Time for bed, g’night.

    1. Look, pal. you’ve caught me in a good mood, Swans won. Os won, and that’s why I’m spending time on you; but as you say, it’s getting late, and as I might say, you’re a repetitive bastard, who has now worn out his welcome. So Good-night.

  7. Dave Bradney

    Well if MP knows exactly where you stand it’s more than I do. If Wales belongs to those “born and bred” there, which you confirm you believe, then how can you approve of someone from England being a Plaid candidate, presumably having beaten “born and bred” applicants to the post in a selection process?

    Who decides who has chosen to integrate and who has not, and consequently who has a right to be in Wales? You, presumably. When Norman Tebbit announced his “cricket test”, to sort out who had a right to be in England and who did not, it was widely denounced as … racist. You see, I even hesitate to use the word, because I know it will set you off. But it remains the truth that Tebbit’s cricket test was widely seen as racist. OK, let’s say discriminatory. It’s only a word. So what’s the difference here?

    You say my criticisms are silly, but that is only when you have finished misrepesenting them. I am not against anyone having a qualification in Welsh, obviously, what I am not impressed by is the ostentatious brandishing of integration/change of allegiance as a way of soliciting votes.

    It’s very fair-minded and even-handed of you to defend MP against the slings and arrows of the media and politicians even worse than those in Plaid, but I didn’t notice that sense of fairness and even-handedness when we were discussing inequalities of access to community councils in Wales. You were distinctly odd-handed then.

    I am starting to get an inkling of an undisclosed agenda on your part – something to do with your “white flight” theories and your stigmatising of all English-only speakers in central north Wales as undesirables and social misfits. MP has a contribution to make in that scenario, does he? Why not tell us more?

    1. You saying ” . . . the ostentatious brandishing of integration/change of allegiance as a way of soliciting votes” is illogical and displays a woeful ignorance of the mechanism at work here. There is nothing ostentatious at all about Parker telling people that he is comfortable with his move to Wales and has chosen to make changes to himself rather than act as a colonialist and impose Englishness on the natives. And of course, had he not made the change then he would not be standing for Plaid Cymru. There is a symmetry, or a logical progression, here, that obviously escapes you.

      But again, that you should find an Englishman ‘going native’ deserving of criticism, says more about you than you perhaps realise.

      Your final paragraph bestows upon me a cunning that I, a simple Jack, do not possess. Yes, that’s another thing, I’m from Swansea, an English speaker, living near Tywyn, which is generally believed to be in Mid Wales. Or, if you prefer the simple north / south divide then it’s in the north, just. But “central north Wales” is unknown to me and, I suspect, everyone else. Do tell us where it is.

      Finally, also tell us what brought you to my blog, and to comment on Mike Parker on the wrong post.

  8. Dave Bradney

    That’s a long way from what you said before, ie: “In my book, the interests of the indigenous population, those born and bred in Wales, those to whom Wales belongs, should always take priority over the interests or wishes – let alone, demands – of arrivals from outside Wales. Does this make me a blood and soil nationalist? Quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck.” Difficult for me to see what your position really is. Certainly gives the impression that you don’t think anyone from England should be be a Plaid candidate.

    I’m not riled – taken at face value what he has done is commendable, and more than I have managed myself, despite being a Welsh learner three times so far. Gets less impressive when he starts to use it as an asset in his career. I would be worried about sincerity if I was Plaid, but I don’t know enough about him to judge. And then, perhaps you just can’t kid a kidder, even if you are from Kidderminster.

    There are some odd things in his latest piece in the Cambrian News though. He describes himself as a “Welsh-speaking Englishman”, whereas in Plaid’s online candidate biography he claims he is a “Welshman by choice”.

    In the CN he states that he is “not a career politician”, but the top of his election blog trumpets “Mike Parker: Politician”.

    And despite making a song and dance about calling out racists and right-wingers, he says he couldn’t possibly have used the word “Nazi” or thought that about any of his “fellow citizens”.

    Careful if you meet him – if he comes across the phrase “blood and soil nationalist” he might just get the wrong impression and denounce you in Planet.

    1. Nothing I’d change in the paragraph you quote. Maybe I’d go on to make the distinction – as I have done many times – between white flight colonialists, criminal dumpees and others who shouldn’t be here and those like Mike Parker who choose to integrate.

      You really have got it in for him, haven’t you? You criticise him for using Welsh as “an asset in his career”, but Welsh, in Wales, is obviously an extra qualification, like a HGV licence or being computer literate. Your silly criticism really does expose your prejudice . . . did you lose out in a job application to a Welsh speaker?

      And by the way, I have met him. He knows exactly where I stand, and why I don’t vote for Plaid Cymru.

  9. Dave Bradney

    Surprised you care what happens to Mike Parker, who presumably you see as a “colonialist” or “colonist” or “colon” (but not the body part). Born in Kidderminster or Birmingham, depending on what you read, he moved from Kiddie to Wales, aged 32ish, in 2000. Presumably he had the temerity to “buy a property”. He then decided he was “a Welshman by choice”, learning the language and joining Plaid. So not only did he use his English affluence to occupy your territory, he has also colonised your language and colonised the political party that you would regard as your natural home if only it would stop letting you down and selling you out. So he is an unstoppable super-colonist, no?

    1. Mike Parker is not a colonialist because he has chosen to adopt and to integrate. Even so, my criticism was of our deplorable media and the hypocrisy of other politicians.

      The fact that Mike Parker has chosen to integrate clearly riles you – hence the pathetic attempts at sarcasm – and it makes your position pretty clear.

  10. dafis

    listened to parts of the Welsh pre election punch and judy show last night. Frankly disgraceful exhibition from all ends of the political spectrum ( well, excluding the sane end which is yet to be represented by anyone on a sustained basis). Typical whingeing from Lab ( + denial of anything pre 2010), Tory thinks all is well, heading back on track etc etc, wishy washy Lib Dem bleating like an old sheep ( sorry sheep ! )Leanne sticking in the same old groove (osterity see, luv ) and a shrill lady purporting to represent the Greens ( poor buggers ! ) The UKIP guy just doesn’t relate to Wales( or pretend to ) and it is evident that Wales would be a stubby bit on the end of the Falange’s new England . The whole lot of them are excusing their way back into a rut, and the only matter to be resolved is which rut do we slip into.

    Very depressing, if half those people waiting to catch a boat in Lybia saw that show they would divert to the Eastern shore of the Med.

    1. Stan

      I didn’t see it all either but what I did stick around for, I thought the little fellow, Owen Smith, was the most unimpressive there and that seems to have been brought out by the polling since if you can believe any of it. His intro and summing up were classic Labour scare tactics. Basically this is a two horse race and if you don’t want the Tories to win it you need to put all your money on us. Weak on policy, even weaker on shooting down the policies of the others. There was a time in Welsh politics that if you’d had that debate last night, Labour would have strode the stage like a Colossus but instead there were times they seemed bit players even to UKIP and the Greens. Personally – I’m delighted. Where I live (Neath) as you know they weigh the Labour vote but I’m encouraged that every year since 1997 their percentage share of the vote has headed down. Long may it continue in that direction. People are waking up even in the Valleys and realising that considering they’ve had nothing but Labour MPs since Noah built his Ark, it’s a pretty piss poor situation they still find themselves in. I hope the next Assembly elections will be a revelation.

    1. Sion

      From the article:

      “Mike, 44, who is from Winchester, travels to Cardiff on work trips and to visit his daughter who is studying medicine at Cardiff University.

      “He met Mark, 28, after noticing his dog Gus and stopping to buy them both food and coffee last summer.”

      A note to pet owners – never buy, or give, your dog coffee. It will kill the poor pooch.

  11. adarynefoedd

    A good blog Jac but in my experience it is private landlords rather than housing providers who are the main ‘pulls’ into Wales, then people get rehoused by the homeless / vulnerable route plus those people who leave ‘projects’. Mental health/addiction/children’s services/police in many parts of Wales are very fragile, not staffed for these kind of demands. The new prison at Wrecsam will undoubtedly overwhelm local services. What to do though? Rhyl or Llandrindod are not going to turn into Ludlow or Southwold. Serious research required but I doubt if it could get funded. Perhaps if all criminal justice services were devolved, some big thinker would get their head round the problem? CPOing the major offending landlords and demolishing the wretched buildings would be a start.

    1. I think I know what you’re trying to say, but I can’t entirely agree. Even if the primary problem is often caused by unscrupulous private landlords, the secondary problem is that Welsh social housing providers are still too ready to pick up the pieces. There should be a five-year residency rule before anyone qualifies for social housing in Wales.

      Another issue I raised in the post – following information from ‘Brychan’ – is that social housing providers in Wales, unlike their counterparts in England, must give priority to ‘offenders’. Why is the law different in Wales and England? Who made it different? What possible motive could there be for the difference other than the one we see – to facilitate the dumping of English criminals in Wales?

      Devolving the criminal justice system might help, but only if there are people prepared to work the system in the interests of Wales. We already have devolution in a host of areas, but when things are run by civil servants taking orders from London then what we end up with is often worse than the pre-devolution system. Which is why I consistently argue that ‘devolution’ is nothing but a con.

  12. Stan

    Excellent stuff by Jac and Brychan. And while I agree with many of the points Terry has made it isn’t correct to say that just about all serious crimes are committed by newcomers. If you look at some of the most heinous crimes in Wales I am aware of, you will see that the perpetrators are not necessarily from “abroad” and in many cases have been born in Wales. Unfortunately, no nation is spared its lunatics, psychopaths and sociopaths, though I do accept that if we keep getting the shite no-one wants next door to them, it is bound to skew the figures in the direction of what Terry mentioned.

    If what Jac and Brychan have highlighted carries on, Wales is in danger of becoming the 21st Century equivalent of 17th and 18th Century Australia – a penal colony where the undesirable elements from the UK are sent, ultimately to resettle in another land. And we know what happened to the indigenous population in the Antipodes don’t we?

    1. Yes, I agree. I think Terry does overstate it, but the point is that, as in the murder of Gabor Sarkozi, the media will not give background information. And knowing the situation in that area, there is a tendency to think that a disproportionate number of serious crimes are committed by those who have been re-located to the area.

      And I agree with the comparison with 18th and 19th century Australia, in fact, it’s one I wanted to make, but forgot.

  13. Terry Breverton

    Just about all serious crimes in Wales are committed by newcomers – the murder of Terry Holmes’ wife and family by a Scot (from Barry), the murder of April Jones by a Surrey drifter (from Machynlleth) and so on and so on and so on. If anyone dared to expose this fact, he is a ‘racist’. They are reported as Welsh murders, rapes, drug deals etc. BUT they are not – if anyone wants to check, feel free. Just do not believe that ‘a man from Machynlleth’ is a killer because he has gone to Machynlleth to doss around. We take the sweepings of other countries – that is the truth. 90% of population growth for decades has been from outside, so that fewer than 2/3 of our people now call themselves ‘Welsh’ in the census, preferring to be known as Scots, Ingerlish, Irish, Somali and the like. Even of the 2/3 living here, a huge proportion were born here to non-Welsh parents. Within 20 years, fewer than 50% of the population will call themselves Welsh. Already there are more Pakistani-origin people living in Britain than the original British. We are on a par with Tibet in the deliberate deracination of the country. It seems strange that the poorest part of Britain is inhabited by the native Britons, who get less money than the Northern Irish – led by murderers; and the Scottish – who have dominated British governments for years – Blair and Brown were Scots, as was most of their Cabinet. Keep up the good work, Jac – no politician dares to speak the truth – hwyl

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