Thirsting for Knowledge

In a sudden and uncontrollable thirst (for knowledge) I have this very day sent off not one but two Freedom of Information requests to our glorious and inspiring leaders down in Cardiff docks.

One was addressed to Jane Hutt; in which I ask about the leasing arrangements for Tŷ Hywel, or Crickhowell House. The letter to Ms Hutt can be found here, with background information here.

The other request was to Leighton Andrews. This dealt with the multiplicity of organisations to be found in Wales claiming to be ‘helping people back into employment’. Moreover, I expressed my heartfelt concern at the high mortality rate to be found in this sector. The letter may be perused ici.

I now look forward to the replies from both Ministers.

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19/02/2013 16:22

Reminds me a little of the bodies which were set up to help people to start a business. I new of three which did the same which was basically to hand out photo-copies of fact sheets they had printed of the internet. I wonder who funded these? There was Business Eye, Menter a Busnes and Foothold. These and possibly more were in west Wales. I found it much more productive to visit a particular the bank manager.

John Tyler
18/02/2013 21:26

An interesting take on the “Bay of Plenty” activities, might I suggest a single question per letter, they know who you are, dislike you intensely, so 3 letters over a three week period might just tip Andrews into a political spasm.

regards …

18/02/2013 22:06
Reply to  John Tyler

Disliked! Moi? Though tipping AMs into political spasms is not without its attractions.

The Red Flag
18/02/2013 18:13


There’s cosmopolitan for you.

18/02/2013 22:03
Reply to  The Red Flag

Trying to bring a bit of class to Welsh blogging.

19/02/2013 13:24
Reply to  Jac

i. what have ICI got to do with it? Weren’t they taken over by some Dutch firm a few years back?

ii. presumably these back to work organisations will themselves have been employing people to, er, help other people back into work. Are these employees counted too, towards the targets?