That Different Country

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The title is of course a reference to the past. That’s because the pictures are all of friends and comrades, taken over the past half century. Some by me, others by the late Rhobert ap Steffan (‘Castro’); while the rest are of unknown origin. When I started writing the captions I realised that I was having to use ‘the late’ far too often. So, in the interests of brevity, and to stop me feeling so old and bloody miserable, I have dropped ‘the late’.

I am slowly organising the photographs I’ve accumulated into collections and galleries and will make them available on this site as they’re done. Eventually I hope to have them all catalogued and available via this blog or perhaps on a separate site.

If anyone has information to add, such as names, dates, corrections, even, then please get in touch. Also contact me if you have photos to contribute. If they’re in good nick then please e-mail me a copy. If not in good nick, then how about about letting me work on it? (The original will be untouched.)


10 thoughts on “That Different Country

  1. anonentity

    A worthwhile project putting those photographs out there. I think your comrades achieved a great deal, various valleys saved from drowning, the proposed new town in Mid Wales halted and Wales taken a bit more seriously than it is today. It’s also a fact that the more the ugly face of nationalism was seen, the better Gwynfor and co did at the polls

    1. Jac

      A very astute observation. But Plaid Cymru will never make the connection between bombs going off and its vote going up.

  2. Ieu Rhos

    I’m fairly sure the demonstration with placards was a CYI protest against a holiday homes auction in Caernarfon about 1972

    1. Jac

      Thanks, Ieu, I’ll take your word for that. Though I’m surprised that the two I’ve named were so far from their natural habitat.

  3. Twyn-yr-Odyn Boy

    The gallery displayed above is a stirring one. Photographs of principled people. Thank you for curating what is an important historical exhibit.
    I fully understand the lament implied in the title “A Different Country”. However, I have tremendous admiration for those who energetically keep these memories alive.
    Circumstances in the future will change again – and changed circumstances produce changed people. Let us hope they will be changed dramatically for the better.

    1. Jac

      Can’t argue with any of that. I was going to put up that photo of us outside the undertakers, but then I thought better of it.

  4. Hi I live near Cwmbran and I was wondering where I could get more information on Tony Lewis. I have become interested in finding out a little more about Tony simply because for me he was local to me. There not many Nationalists where I live in Torfaen and I would like to know if Tony`s family still reside in Cwmbran.

    1. I’d like to help but I only knew Tony’s wife and kids after they moved to the Dolgellau area. They’re scattered now and I don’t know if there are any relatives left in your area.

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