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  1. David Smith

    MancMayor Andy Burnham has stuck his snout in to the Scots Indy debate. Why can’t these fucks grasp two simple concepts? Namely that independent states are perfectly capable of preserving ties of culture, friendship and family, and the whole ‘nations and regions’ federalism/DevoMax/HomeRule either means carving up England as an entity or downgrading smaller nations to the status of an English ‘regions’. Is it only me that sees how UK breakup will inevitably lead to calls for a federal England and is therefore the only solution to this conundrum?

    1. Dafis

      Most Labour politicians are cut from a similar shoddy cloth to those from the Tory mob, and share the latter’s sense of entitlement. Alun Davies’ recent little neo-Fascist outburst lumping the pro Brexit voter with the imagined Climate denier demographic sums up the intolerance and prejudice that is now regarded as “right on” among the fake democrats and pseudo socialists that inhabit that space where all righteous thinking is stored. This latest quasi religious fervour is being harnessed to outdo the excesses of the early Communist regimes. If Davies and his kind have their way they will round up and exterminate anyone who stands against their orthodoxy. Seems the boy has taken lessons from Adolf, Uncle Joe and Mao.

      1. David Smith

        I hope Uncle Joe is a reference to Stalin and not Biden. Otherwise some might say you’ve become one with those sorts of people by lumping in Biden, for all his faults, with those figures who oversaw the slaughter of millions. Not me, though, I’m too nice 😉.

        1. Dafis

          Gotta laff at that. Biden is more like Sleepy or Grandpa Joe. Harmless in his own way but very harmful insofar as some of his crew get up to all sorts of mischief without any control or supervision !

            1. Dafis

              Sleepy Joe is preoccupied with his nappy. Probably a full time job by now. Even his missus is looking like she’s had enough, only kept onside by the prospect of a tidy pension and a share of the proceeds of his life accumulating wealth by any means available to an US politician. And our politicians are getting to look more like that with each passing day. Just their snouts are generally in smaller troughs but the ethical void is the same.

  2. Dafis

    Glad to see that you picked up on our Llyfrgell Genedlaethol’s venture into the zany parallel universe of the eternally guilty, easily offended and remoresful fuckwit. I read on N.C that :

    “The National Library of Wales is offering a new post with the aim of emphasising Wales’ diverse history and helping the institution play an active role in promoting an anti-racist Wales.”

    However at the time of reading N.C did NOT offer scope for comment. That there may be a racist content in their archives is not in dispute. My objection is that they make a meal of it, make an issue of it. Why don’t they highlight the stock of pornography that is stashed away in that building ? why don’t they focus on the centuries of Welsh language loyalist, unionist scribblings that must lurk in there somewhere ?. But no, the focus has to be on how Wales single handedly reduced the world’s entire population of dark skinned people into slavery. If that ain’t a re write of our history, heritage and culture then I’ll eat my fuckin’ hat. I’m now seriously offended by this quest to please the easily offended and artifically disenfranchised.

  3. Dafis

    Anti traveller prejudice ! I should fuckin’ coco. A convoy of these dirty bastards turned up recently in Porthcawl, used shears or bolt cutters to access the Rest Bay playing fields and set up camp for a few days parking up a number of top quality caravans and mostly nearly new towing vehicles like SUV’s. No signs of poverty among this lot.

    Had they just done that, come in, parked, then departed with little or no trace we might have been able to stomach it but they left loads of litter including broken glass, kids were shitting in the corners of fields and people reckon they has stuff nicked from backyards. The do-gooders still trot out the old prejudice nonsense when in reality what is unacceptable is the huge double standards of these hand wringing social justice preachers. And it suits lazy journos at the BBC and elsewhere just fine. Police and other public servants were notably absent.

    1. There is rarely ‘blind prejudice’ towards any group. And in the case of Travellers it’s justified by the experience of countless communities and individuals. Yet the Left wants them to be treated as a ‘persecuted minority group’. That’s not going to happen in the real world.

      1. David Smith

        The cult of moral relativism states that it’s “Just their way of life”. I wonder if such do-gooding applies to such ‘cultural practices’ as circumcision of little girls, homosexuals being thrown off rooftops and whatever passes for animal rights in China. I’d love to encounter an apologist for such backwards savagery who bases their case on not wanting to judge, especially after a few scoops. It’d be a massacre I tell thee. As Jac says, regarding stereotyping and prejudice, there is never any smoke without fire, is there?

  4. Dafis

    Jac I hope that you are enjoying your well earned break somewhere that serves a decent Malbec and a decent range of cwrw ! If you get bored tune into the N.C coverage of the restoration of JonEdwards to the Plaid ranks in parliament. There you will see the range of hysteria that passes itself off as rational thought as the demented “mysogyny” and “gender identity” falangists get ranting on the page. If ever one needed evidence that Party is going down the plughole well there it is. If Edwards had more sense he’d piss off and join Gwlad. Or even the Labour Party !!!!

    1. This case is revealing in a number of ways.

      For a start, Jonathan Edwards was dealt with by the police and he was suspended by his party. So he paid twice for a very minor incident for which I believe his wife has forgiven him. Yet some people who are quite happy to welcome anti-Semites and others into Plaid Cymru, who believe criminals should either never be prosecuted or, at the very least, have the slate wiped clean, believe that Jonathan Edwards is forever damned.

      Which suggests to me that either there is a strong personal animus towards Jonathan Edwards; this case betrays a deeper split within the party; or it’s yet more proof that socialists are full-of-shite hypocrites. Possibly a combination of two or three of those possibilities.

      Whatever the answer, there are few sights guaranteed to make me feel like puking quicker than prissy, holier-than-though leftists trying to take the moral high ground. Because the bastards all belong down in the stinking, amoral, virtue-signalling swamp they have created.

      1. Dafis

        Now it seems that Mrs Edwards ( soon to be ex) made that conciliatory statement as a result of contact with “a Plaid P.R Officer”. If such a person or role existed did it report to Sian Gwenllian who has written a negative piece in N.C. or to an outside body contracted to do such work, such as Deryn ? May need to drag out a few teeth to get a straight answer.

      2. Brychan

        Suspect the change in tone from the wife from that of forgiveness and reconciliation to that of animosity is corrolated to the divorce process, not the original incident.

        1. Thanks, Brychan. I wasn’t aware of divorce proceedings, just a vague recollection that she forgave him soon after the incident. I can’t help wondering now if his wife is being advised by lawyers and, perhaps, one or two Plaid Cymru notables.

          1. Dafis

            Looks like it suited one or more top cats within Plaid to fudge the Edwards issue in 2020. Now that Mrs Edwards has “come out” and spilled beans over “some press officer” the top brass are reviewing their options. Possibly there’s a “rising star” within the party that is looking for a constituency, so Edwards has to go to make room. That won’t end well. Llanelli is just down the road, don’t these wankers ever learn ?
            The other factor is their trannie/gender fixation. By “supporting” a real woman Plaid schemers are seen to clean up their act – tokenism par excellence. I wonder how they would have reacted if Edwards had turned up for a meeting or press conference with a full beard, floral dress and handbag ? Could have caused a schism of cataclysmic proportions as loyalties and fixations clashed.

  5. Big Gee

    OMG! How will the world survive with the two of us on a break Jac?!

    For the more sombre minded – I’m joking – but on a very serious subject. There’s still a lot more waking up to do.

    In the same humour based comment vein – will you all please stop blaming our loving politicians who care so much for us. It’s the phantom Covid-19 that’s to blame stupid – not the policies of Schwab’s contaminated world governments’ lock step agendas.

    Echoing Wynne’s comment: “keep tuning in to BGB“. Even if it’s on hold for a short while, there’s absolutely tons of material there that will keep providing you with information to last you a year of deep research.

    1. This is bigger than Covid, Gwilym. That was just one weapon in their arsenal. But revealing in that it may have been their first attempt at some kind of overt global control.

  6. Ron Tovey

    Enjoy a break Jac, you deserve it.
    I am going to visit an old friend of yours tomorrow, one Ted H and I shall show him the blog.

    1. Give him my best wishes. Haven’t seen him since a few pints we had in The Railway, Killay, following the funeral of C B Jones.

      1. Dafis

        The Railway – a good place to “get away from it all” – only found it a few years ago when my son moved to that area.

  7. Dafis

    Your time off is well earned. Shame that our politicians think that they too have earned any time off. The idling and lack of any coherent response to this cost of living crisis is shocking yet they were all out in force when a group of young women gave the game of football a new helping of self respect a few days ago. I’m surprised the bandwagon didn’t collapse under the weight of the bullshitters that climbed on board.

    We are not ready to be pawns in any game though I suspect that a lot of these politicians have already signed up for some or all of the comprehensive menu of downright deception being peddled by assorted “thought leadership” groups and misleading influencers. Tough shit on them that it doesn’t work here.

    1. None of us wants to be a pawn in someone else’s game, but that’s where we’re headed if self-electing elites have their way. But thankfully, this agenda is either falling apart, as in Sri Lanka, or at least being challenged, as in the Netherlands and elsewhere on the continent.

      It’s also in retreat in subtle ways that the media doesn’t want us to appreciate or will not interpret for us. That demented woman in New Zealand cut her country off from the rest of the world is her attempt to combat Covid. It didn’t work, did big damage to the economy, kids’ education, etc. All restrictions were quietly lifted.

    1. Thanks, Wynne. There’s a lot of information out there if you know where to look and how to evaluate it. And that’s how we have to do it because the mainstream media is completely untrustworthy.

      1. Big Gee

        Absolutely correct Jac – the mainstream media (MSM) IS corrupt and totally untrustworthy. Unfortunately, it is also the sole source of information that a huge swathe of the population relies on. More especially the uninformed statists who still believe that the likes of the BBC are neutral and reliable, and that governments are trustworthy and have the people’s welfare at heart. But things are changing thankfully, as more and more people are exponentially waking up to reality. As Albert Einstein once said: “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”.

        The global media industry is either owned or controlled by just six heads. They are in turn totally controlled by the Cabal – with henchmen like Klaus Schwab and the likes of Bill Gates. Gates is the single biggest donator to the World Health Organisation (with the exception of the US government). On our home turf his 52 million plus support of the BBC should itself be enough to help people realise how that alone influences what they broadcast when it comes to the Covid scam and the experimental mRNA injections. The centralised media narrative ensures that all MSM narrative is identical in all western hemisphere news outlets. Totally controlled, totally corrupt and bought and paid for by the likes of the World Economic Forum.

        Indeed, there is a lot to research that needs to be done and the results properly evaluated, and the only reliable source for the truth is from the trusted alternative media sources. In fact, the awakening is so great that the MSM’s respect for proper truth has nosedived, hence the reason for the draconian censorship of anything that goes contrary to the government narrative.

        So enjoy your sabbatical Jac – you’ll return fully charged with reliable information. I look forward to it. The next step is to convey the results to the unsuspectingly brainwashed masses.

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