10 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Big Gee

    OMG! How will the world survive with the two of us on a break Jac?!

    For the more sombre minded – I’m joking – but on a very serious subject. There’s still a lot more waking up to do.

    In the same humour based comment vein – will you all please stop blaming our loving politicians who care so much for us. It’s the phantom Covid-19 that’s to blame stupid – not the policies of Schwab’s contaminated world governments’ lock step agendas.

    Echoing Wynne’s comment: “keep tuning in to BGB“. Even if it’s on hold for a short while, there’s absolutely tons of material there that will keep providing you with information to last you a year of deep research.

    1. This is bigger than Covid, Gwilym. That was just one weapon in their arsenal. But revealing in that it may have been their first attempt at some kind of overt global control.

  2. Ron Tovey

    Enjoy a break Jac, you deserve it.
    I am going to visit an old friend of yours tomorrow, one Ted H and I shall show him the blog.

    1. Give him my best wishes. Haven’t seen him since a few pints we had in The Railway, Killay, following the funeral of C B Jones.

      1. Dafis

        The Railway – a good place to “get away from it all” – only found it a few years ago when my son moved to that area.

  3. Dafis

    Your time off is well earned. Shame that our politicians think that they too have earned any time off. The idling and lack of any coherent response to this cost of living crisis is shocking yet they were all out in force when a group of young women gave the game of football a new helping of self respect a few days ago. I’m surprised the bandwagon didn’t collapse under the weight of the bullshitters that climbed on board.

    We are not ready to be pawns in any game though I suspect that a lot of these politicians have already signed up for some or all of the comprehensive menu of downright deception being peddled by assorted “thought leadership” groups and misleading influencers. Tough shit on them that it doesn’t work here.

    1. None of us wants to be a pawn in someone else’s game, but that’s where we’re headed if self-electing elites have their way. But thankfully, this agenda is either falling apart, as in Sri Lanka, or at least being challenged, as in the Netherlands and elsewhere on the continent.

      It’s also in retreat in subtle ways that the media doesn’t want us to appreciate or will not interpret for us. That demented woman in New Zealand cut her country off from the rest of the world is her attempt to combat Covid. It didn’t work, did big damage to the economy, kids’ education, etc. All restrictions were quietly lifted.

    1. Thanks, Wynne. There’s a lot of information out there if you know where to look and how to evaluate it. And that’s how we have to do it because the mainstream media is completely untrustworthy.

      1. Big Gee

        Absolutely correct Jac – the mainstream media (MSM) IS corrupt and totally untrustworthy. Unfortunately, it is also the sole source of information that a huge swathe of the population relies on. More especially the uninformed statists who still believe that the likes of the BBC are neutral and reliable, and that governments are trustworthy and have the people’s welfare at heart. But things are changing thankfully, as more and more people are exponentially waking up to reality. As Albert Einstein once said: “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”.

        The global media industry is either owned or controlled by just six heads. They are in turn totally controlled by the Cabal – with henchmen like Klaus Schwab and the likes of Bill Gates. Gates is the single biggest donator to the World Health Organisation (with the exception of the US government). On our home turf his 52 million plus support of the BBC should itself be enough to help people realise how that alone influences what they broadcast when it comes to the Covid scam and the experimental mRNA injections. The centralised media narrative ensures that all MSM narrative is identical in all western hemisphere news outlets. Totally controlled, totally corrupt and bought and paid for by the likes of the World Economic Forum.

        Indeed, there is a lot to research that needs to be done and the results properly evaluated, and the only reliable source for the truth is from the trusted alternative media sources. In fact, the awakening is so great that the MSM’s respect for proper truth has nosedived, hence the reason for the draconian censorship of anything that goes contrary to the government narrative.

        So enjoy your sabbatical Jac – you’ll return fully charged with reliable information. I look forward to it. The next step is to convey the results to the unsuspectingly brainwashed masses.

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