Taking a Break

This blog – or rather, its writer – is taking a break for a week or 10 days.

I shall return to the keyboard before then if ‘Welsh’ Labour does something of benefit to Wales, if Plaid Cymru wakes up to the fact that being Welsh is its sole selling point, or if some Third Sector crook has his/her collar felt.

As none of these possibilities is likely to materialise in the next 10 days, or indeed the next 10 years, I feel confident that I can enjoy my break, and the wife and I can get away for a few days.

While away I shall not be answering e-mails, so anyone wishing to contact me has the option of Twitter DM @jacothenorth or else being patient until I return.

But if it’s really, really, really important then e-mail Big Gee on ITsupport@sccambria.com and he’ll give you my mobile number.

17 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Myfanwy

    Hope you have a good break Jac. Is this report about Cornish separatists, true or “false news” do you think?
    I agree with your views regarding Labour and Plaid, but I find the Tory British Nat/englandandwales position as intolerable. Nigel Evans, a fully paid up member of the er….establishment, completely exemplifies this. He was on the Radio today, where he made the distinction between the Scottish Parliament and Westminster, with regard to formalities, by stating that “We” meaning Westminster, “have the Mother of all Parliaments” in comparison. Yet another Welshman happy to lump Wales and England together, without a thought.


    1. Big Gee

      How VERY interesting that story about the Cornish Republican Army. Thank you Myfanwy.

      I personally have difficulty taking things written in the Mail Online very seriously – I simply don’t trust them, and I’m always on the look-out for what their angle is, and perhaps equally importantly, who gains from the story? The Mail is hardly likely to support the CRA by promoting the story, is it’s purpose to throw in a red herring for distraction from something else? Or possibly to increase the level of scaremongering?

      Interesting responses here: http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/viewtopic.php?forum_uri=discussion&t=2867&start=

      Unless I missed it, the story hasn’t surfaced on TV & radio, maybe that’s a good sign that it IS genuine, because it has been blacked-out by the mainstream (false) media, on behalf of the establishment.

      If it is true, then quite a turn-up for the books, Cernyw has always been the poor cousin of the Celtic nations, which is a shame, being the weakest they are the most deserving of support from their stronger Celtic allies. Cernyw is also the one that’s nearest the precipice, having been swamped and bullied more by the English than Scotland, Ireland and even Cymru, with whom they share the closest relationship, sharing the same ‘P’ Celtic language along with Llydaw.

      Really worth digging a bit deeper on this one. Has the baby of the ‘family’ actually stood up and shown the other members of the ‘family’ what they should also think about doing?

      1. daffy2012

        I was listening to Dei Tomos interviewing Eluned Morgan on Radio Cymru. The mention of Cornwall reminded me. Dei Tomos asked her why Cornwall receives three times as many tourists than Wales does. She was working on it. Obviously, she has ideas to make Wales the type of economic power-house that is Cornwall. This discussion was in relation to her calls for a ‘Rural Economic Plan’. It will undoubtedly entail the creation of some kind of commissioner to be filled by one of her ‘Welsh’ Labour comrades. One of the most interesting’ to say the least’ ideas being touted is making rural Wales a centre for teaching English to the Chinese. Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?

        1. Big Gee

          Cernyw is a classic example of a land ravaged & destroyed by English tourism. To the point where the indigenous natives, their language, culture and history has been virtually wiped out. Does Eluned Morgan want the same for Cymru?

          It’s got to the point where a handful of Cernyw’s desperate remaining population is apparently threatening a martyr bombing!
          I also heard the interview, pathetic!

          1. daffy2012

            Yes….I was a bit disappointed in Dei Tomos. Shouldn’t he have challenged her regarding some of their plans/pilot schemes? Working for the BBC he’s probably meant to go easy on Labour in Wales. These TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) schools are very prevalent in Brighton and London…..at least they used to be. Can’t see why that would have changed. Why would they want to come to rural Wales when they can experience London with all it has to offer? They will mainly be young Chines after all.

  2. Dafis

    Nice to see you able to get away from it all for a week or two, very therapeutic.
    No doubt all sorts of skullduggery will take place in your absence as most of our leading political muppets don’t like the light shining too brightly on them. However they should remember Jac’s got lots of “observers” out there watching and waiting ready to report anything that runs contrary to the interests of Y Genedl, ei Iaith, ei Diwylliant ei gwerthoedd a’r Tir. Plenty there to get our teeth into !

    1. My break won’t even be for a week, just a long weekend in the sunny south and a few days doing things around the house when I get back.

      1. Big Gee

        Dear me Jac, even coal miners had a TWO week break! Usually the annual ‘miners fortnight’ in a caravan at Trecco Bay in Porthcawl!

          1. Big Gee

            My No. 3 son has just returned from there – his partner is from the Isle of Lewis. He was intrigued by two things, the contrast in the Scottish attitude to our ‘limp dick’ attitude to those beyond Clawdd Offa. His other observation prompted the comment “these Scots are totally wild and mad Dad – you’d love it up here!”

            I probably would. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that observation about our tribe in Cymru being fluffy and soft kittens, basically not worth being a part of the Celtic family. That came from an Irish republican from Donegal.

            1. I agree entirely. I think the ‘You don’t like us? Then fuck off home’ approach would serve us far better than ‘reaching out’ and ‘explaining’ or giving ‘welcome packs’ to colonialist settlers.

            2. Rocio Ymlaen

              It’s quite a funny thing to witness in person but the Scots honestly do not give a fuck and they have turned winding up the English into an art form.

              More often than not, oor pals up north go out of their way to be friendly but in a frenzied belligerent manner that totally intimidates the Saes! AWREIT WEE MAN? I DINNAE UNNERSTAND WHIT YER SAYING? FAE DOON SOOTH ARE YE?

              As a result, many English migrants live in perpetual fear and go out of their way to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb in public. They’ll even go as far as to adopt some sort of pseudo-Scottish identity.

              This is all for show of course, the vast majority of these Saes migrants are opposed to independence.

              1. Big Gee

                That’s right – you’ve put your finger on it Rocio Ymlaen! That’s exactly what our Scots cousins have done. The Irish have also done a psychological job on them, by poking fun at themselves that’s so sophisticated that it bounces right back at Y Saeson, a fantastic bit of reverse psychology – you don’t hear many Irish ‘thick’ jokes from Jac Sais anymore do you?

                Whilst here in Cymru Fach we still doff our caps, try to make them at home and simply show off our hospitable and welcoming nature – not a good ploy.

                We even switch our language for them if there’s one Sais in a room full of Cymry. Shame on us, if there was one Celtic nation with a proper weapon to make them unwelcome, it’s us, because we still have our language (just).

                1. CambroUiDunlainge

                  I think its all a bit deeper than that. Germananic tribes tried to supplant the Roman Empire after destroying it with the HRE. Visigoths, Franks and Ostrogoth’s have all taken on languages descended from Latin as well. Its supplanting and claiming the legacy of another nation or state.

                  The Saxons tried to supplant us and the Normans declared themselves the heirs of “King Arthur” as well as the more overt attempt by the anglicised Tudors. Then when the British Empire was expanding in all directions wiping out languages and cultures across the globe Welsh survives.

                  This may sound bigoted but when the Saxons invaded they were a pagan rabble… versus the might of Romanised Britain. They were the inferior and and sought to become the superior and crush the Britons/Welsh. Yet here we are… I don’t think anything the Scots and Gaels have done compares with that.

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