Taking a Break

I’m taking a short break to concentrate on my magnm opus ‘The Colonisation of Wales’. Now is the time to do it because I have amassed the background information I need, also the contemporary evidence and many, many illustrative examples.
This project could take a couple of weeks to pull together. Once completed I plan to release ‘The Colonisation of Wales’  in daily ‘instalments’ of 1500 – 2000 words, with the full version available in PDF format (for a nominal amount).
Of course, if something crops up in the meantime that I feel needs to be commented on, then I shall put out a post.

13 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Dafydd

    Such a piece needs to reach the ‘target audience’. Its all well and good us discussing and disseminating info and views but it needs to be put out there to wake up the dozy buggers who share our villages and towns but choose to act like ostriches and ignore the destruction of theirs and their childrens futures in the land they call their own! it needs to be published Jac!

    1. Colin

      I whole heartedly agree with Dafydd, a few people discussing what we all know is fine but unless it’s seen by a wider audience all that will ever happen is we will all give Jac a slap on the back and sing his praise to ourselves for writing such a brilliant piece for us

    1. Stan

      Bugger it. Just tipped my pint over reading that one, thinking of Wales Eye and Monsieur Parry. I reckon Jac should send a freebie PDF to Jacques Protic so we can all have a laugh. God knows – times are grim enough!

  2. Colin

    Western north west England!!
    Very much looking forward to reading this too, a topic that really gets me, especially the part time occupation that leaves much of north Wales like a ghost town during the colder months

    1. Brought home to me by seeing Wrecsam properties advertised in estate agents’ windows as ‘West Cheshire’ – and this was IN Wrecsam!

  3. Stan

    Something I am really looking forward to reading. Based on the weight of responses to your regular blogs there’s going to be a lot of interest in this right across Wales and I’m sure far beyond (Scotland especially). Good luck with it, Jac. And if you happen to run into Peter Hain on the celebrity speaking circuit thereafter, give him some tips about how to get bums on seats for his performances!

    1. I doubt if I’ll end up on the same circuit as Hain (nor would I wish to!), though Mrs Hain will most definitely get a mention in my piece, particularly for her work on city city regions, more specifically, her recommendation that the north of our country should become nothing more than an adjunct to north west England.

      1. dafis

        Any normal person would see that as a criticism/disapproval of her contribution but I suspect that with her rhino skin she will manage to regard any mention as recognition of her undoubted talent !!!!!!!

        Looking forward to the fruits of your labour

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