Our Breton Cousins

I am indebted to Andre Jacob for sending me these photos of a demonstration that took place in Kemper (/Quimper), south west Brittany, last Saturday. The demonstration, that attracted 20 – 30,000 people, was over contemporary issues but invoked an earlier period of Breton history with protesters wearing red bonnets. More information on the 17th century revolt can be found here, and a news report of the rally in the English language Lebanon Daily Star. In The Australian it was even described as a “rebellion”! More information can also be found at the Breton Connection.

While this event got global coverage there was nothing in the media this side of the Channel. Odd, really, considering how the English enjoy embarrassing the French. Must have been some other consideration at work.

The photographs were taken by, and therefore belong to, Pierre Morvan (UDB).



39 thoughts on “Our Breton Cousins

  1. David

    Do you know what this is about Jac or anybody reading this? It seems like an anthem but not similar to ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’. Of course, I understand if you don’t publish if it’s damaging to their cause.

    1. Jac

      My guess would be that it’s homage to those who belonged to a certain strand of Breton nationalism, a number of whom may have ended up on the wrong side in WWII. I’m sure someone out there can give us more information.

  2. Llew

    The right-wing stuff about Brittany is always used to smear the Bretons. The UDB is left-of-centre and green.

    Jac, I’m not sure how you can say the Brit media is under state/govt control. It’s dominated by a few private owners including the Rothmeres and Murdoch. There’s a scandal at the moment where many of the private media interests have been accessing people’s phones to spy on them. The private media is also successfully resisting Government desires to regulate them.

    However we can agree its good to see progressive Breton nationalism emerging and Molac’s electoral success was welcome (albeit backed by the Greens).

    1. Jac

      The BBC at the moment is toeing the establishment line, due to the paedo culture that seems to have prevailed there for decades, plus the payments to retiring bosses, leaving it vulnerable to a cut in the licence fee. The BBC is in a weak position, less respected and trusted than at any time in its history.

      1. Greta

        The BBC has always been part of the establishment so, it’s hardly surprising that it toes the line.
        Stating that paedophilia is/was the prevailing culture at the BBC is wildly inaccurate so, you’ll possibly get approval from Grant Shapps and other Arthur Daley types.

        1. Jac

          A lot of people inside the BBC knews about Savile and the rest, but turned a blind eye. That’s fact. Public perception says that screwing under-age girls was seen as a perk of the job, by both those doing it and those running the Beeb. In addition, the BBC is suffering collateral damage from the more general loss of respect suffered by the media.

          There is no question that in recent decades the BBC adopted a left-wing ethos, manifest in a number of ways, such as becoming a mouthpiece for global warming propaganda. This made it a target for the Tories. Now, with the BBC just one of any number of sources of news, and throw in the recent revelations that the organisation has more chiefs than indians, and that all those chiefs receive excessive amounts of wampum when they retire, then added to Savile it all makes the BBC more vulnerable that at any time in the past.

          Which explains the deplorably biased reporting of Scottish news pre referendum, the non-reporting of the Nov 5th demo in London, and a host of similar incidents. Making it obvious that the government has the Beeb by the goolies. ‘Toe the line or lose the licence fee’.

          1. Greta

            Savile was interviewed by the police on numerous occasions and they never charged him so, what on Earth do you expect?

            Climate change is neither left nor right wing – It’s science. As for any bias on the BBC’s part, many scientists have criticised the Beeb for allowing complete cranks with no scientific proof for their contrary assertions to have equal airtime. However, if you, Jac, have solid proof that 98% of climatologists are wrong please submit your findings for review.

            As for the Scottish Referendum reports, it’s a matter of opinion on whether or not the BBC webpage http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/16630456 has as pro or anti stance. Imagine Fox (neutral like Nixon) News as the prevailing TV current affairs broadcaster.

            1. Jac

              Savile was too pally with too many coppers, we know that now. In addition, he was considered too big a celebrity to arrest. But that doesn’t change the fact that lots of people at the BBC were aware that he had a predeiliction for under-age girls. It was dismissed with a shrug – ‘That’s Jimmie’. Both police and BBC failed, which is why they’re under pressure now.

              Climate change is not science, it was a cover to disguise the realignment of the post-communist Hard Left looking for a new way to undermine the West. There has been no warming since 1999, this is now accepted. Can’t argue, it’s fact. If we have another hard winter then it’ll be another nail in the coffin of the reputations of second-rate scientists (even non-scientists and campaigners whose ‘evidence’ has been used to scare us) – desperate for publicity and grants – who allowed themselves to be dupes of the Hard Left. We are probably entering a new period of cooling, but we’ll have to be under 60 feet of ice before those who staked their reputations on a load of old bollocks admit they were wrong.

                1. Jac

                  It was common knowledge at the BBC that Jimmie Savile had a thing about pubescent girls. And this knowledge was not confined to the BBC. Before Thatcher put him forward for his knighthood there were some in her close circle who knew the truth and tried to talk her out of it.

                  As for your second paragraph, Forbes Magazine may have been founded in 1917 but the article was written in 2012. So what’s the relevance of 1917? Sounds to me like cherry-picking.

                  1. Greta

                    So do those at the Daily Mail and, presumably, those who buy the rag and visit their website. http://zelo-street.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/mail-onlines-underage-obsession.html

                    1917 was the year of the Bolshevik Revolution so it’s guilt by chronology!! The tabloid newspapers in Britain do far worse. I was joking but Grubb Street hacks are serious.

                    btw: As the Gulf Stream gets weaker due to warmer Arctic sea temperatures (see the laws of thermodynamics), Britain’s Winters will get colder. South Wales is at a lower latitude than Newfoundland so, look at the snowfall and ice in the St John area.

                    1. Jac

                      Jesus! Greta, I had you down for a run-of-the-mill global warming supporter, but now I see you’re a fucking obsessive! I don’t open the links you send because it’s all bollocks. You’re losing the argument and you know it – the climate ain’t playing ball. Don’t bother me any more.

      1. EmlynUwchCych

        Thanks the link, Jacques. I hadn’t picked up on either the demos in Breizh nor the anarchists rioting in London. The MSM has been too busy demonising two students who wore Hallowe’en costumes of the WTC Twin Towers, I guess.

  3. Gonzoland

    Are those photos depicting different demonstrations?
    Les Bonnets Rouge demo was organised by Breton employers and supported the far-right French National Front.
    Paul Molac (pictured with a philologist) is a member of the far-left UDB Party which is allied with the French Green Party.

    1. Jac

      Don’t know where you get that idea from. The bonnets rouges are flying the Breton flag, even a Basque flag! If they were what you suggest they are then they’d have been flying the French flag, wouldn’t they? Your comment could be read as a cheap Brit nationalist attempt to equate minority group nationalism with fascism.

      It seems pretty obvious to me that we see here is what we see in countless large scale demonstrations – different organisations, their members sticking together and marching under their own banners.

      1. Gonzoland

        “The Quimper protest was heavily influenced by right-wing Breton nationalism. Carhaix mayor Christian Troadec, a leading figure in the autonomist Movement for Brittany and Progress (MBP), criticized the “social dumping” practiced in Europe. He accused Germany of “undermining the whole of Brittany’s economy” by recruiting low-paid agricultural workers largely from Eastern Europe.
        The neo-fascist National Front (FN) sent forces to attend the demonstration in Quimper, as did the pseudo-left New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA), which was represented at the protest by its 2012 presidential candidate, Philippe Poutou.”
        Source: World Socialist Web Site
        Link: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2013/11/05/bret-n05.html

        1. Jac

          Now you have got to be joking. You are quoting from the World Socialist Website. In their twisted view of the world anybody who doesn’t agree with them is a fascist. FFS!

    2. Jac

      Apologies. There were two demos. The red bonnets were in Kemper and the UDB in Carhaix. Even so, the Kemper rally was attended by a wide range of groups including the trade unions. There was, as is made clear from the flags being carried, NO connection with the French Far Right. Kemper was a Breton demonstration against fuel duty taxes being introduced by Paris that will impact adversely on Brittany and ALL Bretons.

      1. Thank you for this post
        Please note that the UDB was in Kemper and not in Karaez.
        As you can see on the 4th photograph the UDB members stand along the river Odet in Kemper there is no such river in Karaez.
        Theses photographs were taken by Pierre Morvan (UDB).
        It is not true to say : ““The Quimper protest was heavily influenced by right-wing Breton nationalism” because this peoples were less than 50 over 30000 protesters.
        I know because I was in Kemper (I’am on the 6th protograph : the guy with the yellow raincoat).

  4. D Morris

    Very strange that London ignored the chance to gloat over an internal issue of their detested France. Then again, the English/British media had a news blackout when ‘Buck House’ was practically under siege on the evening of the 5th

      1. Daley Gleephart

        I’m sure that Viscount Rothermere could get around that by publishing in the titles that he owns in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.
        Mind you, the Harmsworth residence is in France so he might not want to rile the natives*.

        Your comment of 9:08pm is so far to the right hand column that there is no reply button. I went to the Beans website and could find only one comment from Landore Lil – Subject ‘White Pride’.

        * French but, bear in mind that we’re talking about the ‘Mine’s a blunderbuss Brigadier!’ brigade.

        1. Jac

          Now listen, Glee Fart, you obviously think you’re a very clever boy, with a lot to say for yourself. The question now arising is – do I (or anyone else for that matter) want to read what you have to say. My suggestion is that you take a break, that way I won’t be forced into a decision.

      1. Daley Gleephart

        Live in the Mumbles, which is twinned with Hennebont. My ancestry is part Welsh, part Breton* so I’m well aware of the Celtic connections.
        Still in the dark regarding Liz Evans, I see. LOL
        * Some time back but it’s on record.

        1. Jac

          I am not the only one in the dark about Liz Evans. Check out Cherie Hinton’s comment on ‘Sisters’ re her visit to the Labour office in Gorseinon. But if you know who she is, why not tell us. Oh, yes – the Mumbles!

          1. Daley Gleephart

            You’ve got a ‘Cherie’ fixation by the looks of it. Ms Hinton refers to herself as ‘Cherry’.

            1. Jac

              That’s irrelevant. Address the issue of the Labour Party office in Gower not knowing who the new Labour candidate for Gower is.

                    1. Jac

                      My reason for not wanting to phone is entirely altruistic. I don’t want to embarrass Labour thickoes by having them struggle to figure out which end of a phone to talk into. I’m not a complete bastard. (But close.) So I take it you don’t know who Liz Evans is, or else too embarrassed by the choice to explain. Is she ‘Landore Lil’?

  5. yes jac very odd that these significant protests were totally ignored by old blighty’s traditionally francophobic media….i suspect listening to a burst of the breton national anthem might give people a useful pointer to these ‘other considerations’ you refer too

    1. Jac

      I can understand the English establishment and its tame media not wanting Welsh people to know of the roots they share with the Bretons. What I cannot understand is why the ‘Welsh’ media follows the same line.

      1. Tarian

        Where can I find this ‘Welsh media’ Jac? There is nothing of note left (in English at least) that is not owned or controlled by London. As for the journalists they are either too career minded to rock the boat or (as is the case with many) genuinely so bloody institutionalised (and stupid) that it would never occur to them to cover issues of genuine Welsh interest. I once had the misfortune to be in the company of a group of journalism students who had graduated from Cardif universiity and was genuinely astonished at how ignorant and unenlightened they were.

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