No to Terfs and Fash Trash Cymru!


This short guest post from ‘”Honest Bob” Lloyd’ was too good to turn down. It certainly made me laugh.

Though it’s worth pointing out is that it comes from someone who is not involved in the YesCymru debate in any form, he’s just a decent guy who’s been observing from a distance.

And here I think is an important message for those still in control of YesCymru, their few remaining allies, and their social media foederati.

The period of anyone taking you seriously is over. People are laughing at you!

“HONEST BOB” LLOYD of Undod Indy 4 Lab with a world exclusive preview of his slate of candidates for the upcoming YesCymru EGM.

No pasaran, Comrades! The combined forces of Terf and Fash reaction, centrism, revisionism, Merched y Wawr, Plaid Cymru and the Botwnnog Trotskyite Collective are congratulating themselves on their pathetic coup against our democratically elected Central Committee.

We will smash them, Comrades, and I call upon you all to support the new team which will lead this great movement into the wilderness and beyond.

UPDATE 26.08.2021: I have been asked to make it clear that the image above is not really of Bob Lloyd. The likeness is pure coincidence.

UPDATE 05.09.2021: I have been asked to make it known that the real Bob Lloyd did not write this article. It seems some people think he did!


Yo dudes (but a big f*** off to anyone called Iestyn, Dilys and all the Terfs, Swerfs and Fascist bastards of the extreme right in Plaid Cymru). Yes, it’s me Ben Gwagmalu here, or Ben Guacamole as we say in these parts.

As a lecturer in macrobiotic badger yoghurt at the East Powys Polytechnic, I am once again standing on a platform of greater transparency and general koolaidness.
Our new world-leading three step methodology for unmasking transphobes, pogonophobes, nationalists and malcontents is now being rolled out, and there will be no room in our movement for anyone who is found guilty by me and our diversity and inclusivity unit.

That is why Tregaron must be wiped from the map.

I’d love to respond to all of the thousands of messages I receive from you every day, but I can’t be arsed, and much as I would love to agree to requests for copies of minutes, I regret to inform you that they, like everything else what I wrote since becoming leader, have fallen prey to an auto-delete within 5 minutes setting.



As someone who lives with multiple undiagnosed personality disorders, I know only too well that YesCymru is not a safe space for people like me. That is why it must be burned to the ground.

Only from the ashes of this stinking pit of crazed queerphobia and terfdom can we hope to build a movement which is truly inclusive. Until then I will refuse to engage with anyone fighting for toxic so-called independence.

Vote for me. You know it makes sense.


YesCymru has fallen prey to the forces of fascist transphobia and my sisters, brothers and non-binary siblings are literally being hacked to death on the streets by the jack-booted thugs of Yes Pontrhydfendigaid and Yes Hanes, wherever that is.

So death to the Terfs and Smurfs! Nor shall my axe sleep in my hand, till we have built Jerusalem, in England’s* green and pleasant land.

*Or Wales if that’s not possible.


As some of you know, Aled has left to form a movement of his own, accusing me of ailurophobia and anti-veganism after I turned my nose up at his Pedigree mungbean and tofu surprise, but I’m sure he will be back soon along with his follower. That is why I have decided to stay and fight to make YesCymru a safe space free of cats and terfs. Inclusivity must extend to all those of us with four legs and wet noses.



Yes, it’s me, and I’m back! There’s only one thing these far-right agitators understand, isn’t that right Iestyn bach?

When I resume my rightful place on the Committee, I will arrange for every member to receive a complimentary sex toy from my exclusive collection with instructions on how to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.


Gwlad y Gân? Donchya wanna puke when ya hear those words? So for a modest fee* me and my fellow Transistors (geddit?) in Les Tricoteuses, our newly formed street dance collective, will be staging a shrill-othon to drown out the screams of the terfs and fashies when Bob’s great top to bottom purge gets underway.

*None of your business


Just as Comrade Guacamole endorsed me when I stood in the 2019 general election, it is only right that I should show solidarity with him at this critical time, and so I too have been persuaded to join Honest Bob’s team as the unity candidate under the slogan Better Together! to work for a slight change in direction.

One of my first actions on being elected will be to introduce a modest salary and expenses for all those expected to turn up to meetings of the Central Committee.

[That’s enough candidates. Jac.]

♦ end ♦


37 thoughts on “No to Terfs and Fash Trash Cymru!

  1. Rhosddu

    Purely for the benefit of future historians, it would be useful to know how and why Sion Jobbins allowed an independence movement that showed no signs of being anti-diversity/inclusivity to be hijacked by a group of twenty-somethings who deliberately set out to create conflict within the movement and to relegate Welsh independence to a secondary issue.

    1. I saw on Twitter somebody calling for Jobbins to take up his post again. That would be the wrong way for YC to go now.

      I’m sure Jobbins is a decent guy but he comes across as one of those liberals who’s always alert to threats from the right but blind to threats from the left. A creature of our times, influenced by a mainstream media that has legitimised Marxism in all its forms.

      All those involved in the takeover must be removed, and permanently banned from YC. The same applies to their supporters and backers on social media and elsewhere. Among whom we find some of the ugliest and most offensive people I’ve met for some time. Some of them clearly unhinged.

      YC has the money to afford a professional set-up. Far better to spend it on a CEO committed to independence than on a Diversity and Inclusivity Officer whose priority seemed to be excluding those she disliked. Or on those disgraceful videos produced by a company that may have been set up last year solely for that purpose. It stinks.

      Another who must go – and who for some reason has slipped under the radar – is Campaigns Office, Harriet Protheroe-Soltani of Momentum. She is said to be paid £33,000 a year. It looks like she’s been keeping her head down hoping to survive. She must not be allowed to survive.

      1. Dafis

        HP Sultana should be consigned to one of those gulags that were advocated so enthusiastically by some of her rabid team mates. YC members should be seeking repayment of the salary paid to date either from HPS or the dimwits who authroised such payment. What do they think they are ? Some off the wall London borough ?

      2. David Smith

        Surely as a commitment to regimented equality she shouldn’t be drawing any more than the minimum wage, being a comrade and all?

        1. That’s for the peasants of the proletariat. Exceptions are made for the glorious comrade-heros leading the vanguard of Markxist-Leninism, tirelessly and selflessly sacrificing their all for the furtherance of the revolution. Sometimes as much as 2 hours a week. And a skinny latte (on expenses).

  2. David Smith

    On the side of the Travelodge in Holyhead is spray painted “End capitalism”. The intellects of these artistes are probably not sufficient to grasp that it’s precisely because of competition and innovation by producers in a capitalist market economy, that aerosol spray paints were invented, perfected, and their manufacturing refined to a degree whereby they are cheap enough to exist as a throwaway commodity used to spray ill-informed slogans on the sides of chain hotels.

    1. Probably one of the disgruntled former employees of the nearby (now closed) Road King, who somehow can’t seem to understand that losing 25 almost exclusively minimum waged jobs, to be replaced by 200 higher waged jobs in basically the same place is somehow the evils of capitalism.

      (incidentally, quite a few of that 25 have already started or are in the process of starting jobs on the new site with just a remainder still schimpfing despite the opportunity being laid at their feet because for some bizarre reason they wish to remain minimum waged table wipers and big-breakfast short order’ cooks’. (Upgrade to mega to get chips)).

      1. David Smith

        I suspect you’re mixing it up with the Premier Inn next door. Unless they ‘hit’ the Travelodge half a mile away instead to throw ’em off the scent. Is that lorry park somewhere they can be directed to in surges of influx to avoid queues building up in and out of the town, or is it a sort of ‘naughty step’ for those who’ve turned up without proper papers to go and wait it out until the next sailing pending proper documentation?

        1. I’d say Travellodge is closer than half a mile – just the other side of the roundabout. No more than a third of a mile I reckon. But I believe it’s almost certainly linked to RoadKing.

          They need the space to process the loads as they enter/leave the EU frontier. The UK government trod very lightly over this – it could have just slammed in a CPO without consulting the Welsh Government or the Council, but instead chose to involve them and look at alternatives and all they did was hum, hah and drag their feet. Time ran out.

          The owners the first time they tried to buy it back in December nearly tore their hands off as it has failed to meet expectations revenue-wise, and agreed to the offer then in less than a couple of hours. Same happend this time (although I believe they took a couple of hours longer to agree to the offer). RoadKing had initially planned to build a series of these on the approaches to all the ferry ports but the difficulties they had with the council getting this one cleared for planning, and the operating costs being way more than anticipated meant that they sacked the idea. The original ‘start-up’ manager ( Scottish guy who I got to know quite well), went out to the far east (Hong Kong/China I believe) which is where they are now planning to open a series of truck stops. UK operations will remain just the very first original one down near Cannock – The Hollies, now upgraded and expanded.

          Part of their business model was I believe, reliant on a projected increase in traffic during the new Wylfa build and to that end they had even taken out ‘options’ on adjoining land ready to rapidly expand once the Wylfa build started. Wylfa new build however, has bit the dust for the next decade at least.

          1. David Smith

            There is a makeshift looking, ‘dirt road’ sort of lorry parking area in the vicinity now, a little down the road from the Road King itself. The Travelodge is almost certainly half a mile or more from Parc Cybi (or whatever it’s called now; the site where Road King/Premier Inn sit). It’s past the first flyover of the A55 heading east, which itself is a good half-mile from the terminal roundabout.

            It is nice to hear there is some good news for the town, in terms of jobs of some substance finally materialising at this long-underused site (which as always, was heralded to bring great opportunities). It’s fortuitous that Brexit didn’t steer all the through traffic away too, as there’d have been no jobs for any sod then.

            1. Red Flag

              Probably. I know that RoadKing’s site will be the main complex, (I know some of the people who started working there in the last week doing security. Some former RoadKing staff and some quit Port security because the pay and shift pattern are superior both in rota and more hours) but they’ve also taken 3 or 4 other undeveloped plots along that road apparently for an office complex, ‘bonded goods’ compound etc etc so that may be one of them.

              1. David Smith

                Hopefully the jobs go to locals as much as is reasonable, obviously skillsets depending and that, and it’s not stuffed with blow-ins.

                1. Red Flag

                  The security contract is being handled by Mitie. Which is a shame because there is a very very good local company – Corvus down in Bethesda. However the amount of people involved in the security set-up may have made it difficult for them and HMRC/Border Force have national contracts. That said, all the security recruited are locals, and because of the higher pay on offer, many have come from the lower paid port security, Road King itself and the supermarket security – which in turn creates entry slots in those places. Border Force and HMRC are I believe already in the process of recruiting, to be trained by the end of this year. Again it’s aimed at locals although I dare say at senior level they will be promotions moved in from elsewhere because of experience for a good few years while locals work their way up the ranks.

  3. I’m sure that under a communist regime that these people strive for, transgenderism would probably be banned as some form of sexual deviancy?

    1. Almost certainly. And the same applies to regimes adhering to a certain religion the left will never criticise. That’s the real curiosity – the left only attacks those countries where gays, lesbians, trans people are safest. Odd that.

      1. David Smith

        I believe it’s known in the trade as ‘cognitive dissonance’. Or in my parlance, “Being a know-nothing gobshite”.

          1. David Smith

            Yes you’re right. I was referring more towards your common or garden, sixth form/studenty, drippy hippy, egregiously-naive-to-how-world-works, SJW twonk. These actions you’ve reported on suggest a much more concerted effort. The sorts of people who pay a fortune to go glamping at Glasto but are all about equality maaaan.

    1. Dafis

      Wankers ? Are they also a special group that need safe spaces and “respect” from fellow “victims” of unwarranted oppression ?

  4. Colonel Mustard

    In order to ensure more empowerment, inclusiveness and social justice, all lady central committee members should look like Gwenda Whiplash in future

    1. Dafis

      V.O = very offended. Sensitive soul with a crush on Chris. No accounting for taste in the current climate of “safe spaces”, mental health ishoos, gender uncertainty, ambidexterous political stances, and all sorts of other self centred attention seeking posturing.

    2. Stan

      Spoof maybe, but it does a really good job of illustrating what a laughing stock the Central Committee of YC and the organisation itself has become. A point you make in your introduction to the post.

      When YC held its AGM at the end of May it put out an announcement of the new hierarchy in the organisation. There were four portfolio positions, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chair has gone, Vice Chair is now Interim Chair, and the Secretary has gone, still not replaced.

      There were also eight non-portfolio positions elected under the infamous new Diversity and Inclusion agenda. Of that eight, Andrew O’Brien resigned immediately following the first meeting of the CC, for reasons that many still believe are yet to be fully revealed. Nikita Jones, the only BAME person elected, was subsequently suspended under rather dubious circumstances. I’m not sure if her complaints process has been dealt with, or if
      Niki is still in limbo. Rachel Cooze has gone. She apparently resigned but did she jump before she was pushed? Tori West announced she was going on strike. She subsequently announced she was chucking it in altogether, and suggested YC should be burned to the ground. Though it could be she’s changing her mind again, who knows or even cares?

      The whole thing is farcical. Lots of work required to turn this around now but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

        1. I think YesCymru can and should be saved, but the ‘brand’ has been so badly damaged that it will take a while to restore.

          If the takeover gang had done the honest thing, by building up Undod to be the far left voice of independence, then all the unpleasantness could have been avoided. Also, the confusion, and the damage to YC. The fact that they did try to take over YC, and very nearly wrecked it, means that questions will always be asked about their motives. And who might have really been behind it.

          The obvious course for them now is to regroup in Undod and promote their version of Welsh independence.

          1. Dafis

            Undod may be the option for those of an extreme totalitarian persuasion but they won’t have anything like the influence they fancied grabbing when subverting YC. The recent episode has served to highlight the multitude of narrowly focussed self interest groups now prancing around in the social media. I suspect that these could not cohabit for long as the compromises to be made would be too much for their emotional sensitivities. Bless them.

            As for other Fascists, those historically labelled as Far Right/Nazis, I suspect that any that may have existed have morphed into the lifestyle leftie form as that allows them to indulge in plenty of superficial bullshit without making any serious depth of commitment to anything. Plenty of scope for public ranting and sloganizing, irritating the hell out of genuine patriots but contributing diddly squat !

            Gwlad that political bogeyman of most of those deprived of the ability to think properly now looks increasingly like the stable well balanced option. Just like it did when launched a few years ago.

      1. David Smith

        BAME is a bastard stupid acronym. Logically it suggests thar Blacks and Asians are not themselves minority ethnic.

        1. ‘Asian’ is one hell of a broad category. Everything from Pathan to Japanese. And are Siberian Russians Asian?

          1. David Smith

            I guess Turks living on the west bank of the Bosphorous don’t count and are not subject to their ‘protections’.

  5. I see Bob Lloyd includes Chris Bryant MP as a Candidate on his list for YesCymru’s Committee. Is he the one who was a Conservative Vicar who became Labour MP for the Rhondda and likes posing suggestively and invitingly in his crotch bulging underpants? If Chris is a straightforward sort of decent normal Gay chap he will not suit the ultra weirdos currently running YESCYMRU. Certainly the wrong man for the ultra weirdos lot. Nice try Bob Lloyd – dig deeper into the base mire of humanity and leave decent Chris out of this muck trail.

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