Nadolig ’21

Yes, I know I keep saying it . . . I’m retiring . . . chucking it in, etc., etc. But that time is rapidly drawing near.

I propose stepping away from the crooks and the con men, the enviroshysters and the loony lefties, the third sector parasites and lobbyists fed and pampered by politicos unfit to represent us.

But before finally calling it a day I want to take a broad brush approach to the past, present, and future of my country and my people. At the risk of over-egging it, this State of the Nation piece will appear early next year.

And that really will be it. But until then . . .

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

♦ end ♦


28 thoughts on “Nadolig ’21

  1. Dafis

    My attention was drawn to the tweet linking to the recent LDP article about Cwm Penmachno. Very interesting too. How is it that the post can produce good stuff while its sister paper down south has completely lost the plot ?

  2. Dafis

    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i Jac a’r criw sy’n mynychu’r golofn hon. Dymuniadau gorau am 2022 a’r dyfodol hir.

    As ever one of your tweets catches the eye – “It occurs to me that Wales would be a lot wilder (and far more natural) if all the enviroshysters, rewilders, drop-outs, organic farmers, carbon capture scammers, OPD hippies, tourists, etc, went home.”

    Spot on there, mate. There was never much to bother us before all these fancy fads and fashionable theories were dumped upon us, mostly by corrupt or twisted people driven by their own “visions” with no regard for others.

    1. I was thinking of films I’ve seem of Chernobyl and other areas that have been abandoned by human beings and have ‘rewilded’ naturally.

      But what these buggers we’re discussing have in mind is some kind of big theme park, managed by them, using huge amounts of cash (much of it from the public purse), and at the expense of local communities.

      It is 19th century in its colonialist arrogance, and no amount of greenwash can hide that fact.

      1. Dafis

        Over the last few days I got round to revisiting accounts of what went on in the Congo in the years immediately before and after their independence in 1960. Colonialist elements at individual and corporate levels stripping out wealth as fast as they could with no regard whatsoever for the interests of the natives. I accept that the native Congolese were far more deprived than we are and were in many ways rendered unready and ill equipped to tackle the challenges of their new status which is one of the reasons for the bouts of rampant tribalism that happened in the 60’s and later.

        However the parallels of exploitation and colonialist scorn for natives is with us today. “Welsh” is a scorned identity among many English much as the “blackman” was to the Belgian and other European exploiters who roamed the Congo. I wonder how Monbiot would see himself – most likely cast himself as a latter day heroic and abused Lumumba when in reality he is more akin to Tshombe or even a white merc like Bob Denard who thought that colonist rights were absolute.

  3. Dafis

    Your tweet regarding Plaid’s “boundless hypocrisy” states – Having gone into an ‘arrangement’ with a party that stole farmers’ funding and now wants to replace them with hippies, rewilders and trees Plaid’s Rural Affairs Spokesman says Tories are shortchanging our farmers.
    Somebody pass him a mirror!

    You omitted to inform us that all these Unionist parties are squabbling over who gets to grab the biggest stick with which they can beat the agri sector to death. They are all wedded to some form of green gospel, Tories probably most wedded to its “financial opportunist” wing otherwise to be known as Greenwash grabbers, while Plaid and Labour just love the sounds of the progressive echo chamber and its soporific blend of burping and farting. As for money they just love dishing it out to “deserving” cases and the more weird and wonderful the better.

  4. Jac, You need a break, but please make a comeback. Think of that singer (I forget his name) who sang that song ‘Carlo’, he keeps making a living out of ‘coming back’. If you are to retire, can you make sure the BLOG remains online frozen forever, not to expose the many shysters, but to embarrass all our ‘shy’ Politicians at all levels who have stood by, as inept lazy time servers, doing eff all for Wales and its problems, despite you exposing with great clarity the mire of swamp creatures leeching the life out of our nation.

  5. Stan

    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi.
    Thanks for educating, entertaining and putting my blood pressure up over the years. Without you, how many conmen, shysters, grant grabbers and dodgy political stories would have slipped under the radar because our MSM in Wales is part of the problem? You’ll be greatly missed for the right reasons in this house. And it’s a testament to how much you’ve been a thorn in the flesh of those you’ve exposed that they’ll be glad to see the back of you. I’m sure that will bring a smile to your face on these cold, winter nights as you enjoy a Malbec (or two). I know it’s brought many a smile to me as I’ve seen these bastards seething with anger and frustration that they’ve been caught bang to rights.
    Have a good retirement, Jac. You deserve it.

  6. Wynne

    Very best wishes for Christmas and the new year Jac, and many thanks for your excellent investigative journalism over the years. Hard act to follow as they say.

    1. Dafis

      Problem is Wynne there are NO acts following.

      Have spent a few weeks recently leaving comments on NationCymru and that is becoming a steaming pile of sycophantic pro EU, pro Plaid-Labour axis of “progressive groupstink”. I’ve had critical comments deleted despite lack of bad language or threatening behaviour but simply because they offend the sensibilities of the mainstream consumers of compliant gibberish. They just don’t seem to understand that a mature balanced take on our situation is inclusive in that it can see merit in some socialist content and some free market and socially conservative ideas. Any concept of radical analysis is regarded as an attack on the party or the “greater good”. It remains wedded to the Remainer “cause” just like a few people still grieve over the failure of Bonnie Prince Charlie !

      At least when I comment on Borthlas he has a response to hand sometimes contradictory because he is somewhere to the left of me ( i,e more socialist) but able to deal with subject matter in a rational and non emotive style.

      So, to the point. Please Jac don’t pack it in just yet !

      1. Dai Llama

        Yes, I have had the same experience of having had relatively innocuous messages deleted from NationCymru articles. It was always concerning immigration into Wales. Judging by the messages deleted, we can rest assured that the editor at NationCymru believes Wales ought to promote the idea its being a nation of sanctuary. He doesn’t see it as an issue worth debating, and clearly believes Wales and its culture are under no threat.

        Is this kind of thing what is known as ‘policing peoples thoughts’?

    1. Let’s take the last piece I wrote, about Labour insiders getting in on the wind farm racket.

      We have politicians living in various locations, 20 wind farms scattered about Wales, the company behind them is based in Edinburgh, with tentacles almost certainly reaching back to the City of London. So WHERE exactly would you be ‘active’?

      I reach many thousands more people through my blog – and my Twitter account – than I ever could by standing alone on a mountainside giving speeches to bemused sheep.

      But if that’s what YOU want to do, Gethin, then do it. Then come back and tell us how effective it was.

      1. Jac, Concerning Gethin, he did take direct action on Mynydd y Gwair to oppose Wind Turbines on the land owned by the feudal Lord of Gower – Duke of Beaufort’s – Family Trust known as ‘The Somerset Trust’. Yes Gethin did – he went onto the mountain with three companions (one the late BOGUS Professor Myron Evans) and Gethin planted a potato whilst declaring the mountain was now his allotment and the late BOGUS Professor read an obscure Poem. They forgot to notify the Press / Media so this was an utterly stupid moronic action which had zero nil effect on opposing the Wind Turbines. Can anyone explain the logic of what they did and what it achieved? If it can help Gethin I will donate a sack of potatoes.
        Jac you’ve done a wonderful job in your Blog. It’s such a pity that all our time serving lazy Politicians and relevant Authorities e.g. Senedd Member & Auditors & Ombudsmen & Fraud Squad Police, never followed up what you’ve exposed over many years Shame on them all!
        Nadolig Llawen a Flwyddyn Newydd Dda.

  7. Dai Llama

    Before Royston does actually wander off, we who appreciate the kind of work that he does should try to put something together to try to expand upon it, and multiply his impact from being just one person to being many hundreds. Who is up for this?

    1. The “Welsh government” should be protecting and preserving this kind of forum. Dai.
      Come on Drakeford and Price, aren’t openness and transparency your middle names?
      Nation.Cymru never was a media outlet but a political propaganda tool laughed at by most.
      Its “editorial” staff lickspittles employing disgraceful deception to build totally unquestioned and unchallenged Welsh patriotism of any kind with the shameless re-heating of old anti-English prejudices to sow dissent, disorder and discord in a mainly gullible and vulnerable young.
      I only learnt what journalism means when I stopped getting paid for it and I noticed other supposedly “neutral” professionals coming out.
      The entire contents of this blog should be stored in libraries for public reference with new contributors given access to relevant resources, rights and advice to add to the archive in memory of Royston whenever they spot an obvious offence, unmask a wrong ‘un, fettle fiddling or trap a tyrant.
      What about Leanne Wood to oversee and curate the archive?
      Then, we could all be her arseholes!

      1. Wynne

        Whatever Jac [Royston] decides to do in the future, I believe the archive content of this excellent blog should be available to anyone doing a future internet search. Not sure what technical problems that may provide. If you decide to hang up your hat at this point Jac, is the archive content of the blog likely to be available to educate future generations ?

    2. Jonathan Edwards

      I am, Dai. Jac is a star and merits our support. Hope support might encourage him . I’ll scribble something if the man from Tywyn says ‘Yes!’

  8. Wrexhamian

    You have successfully exposed the exploitation of Cymru by people who have no loyalty to the country, as well as those who would sabotage the independence movement, and those MS’s and lobbyists who misuse the Senedd to their own advantage. For all this you deserve a vote of thanks.
    Highlighting the anti-Wales mindset of small-time woke fly-by-nights doesn’t make you “right-wing” in my book, but if that’s how some admirers choose to see you, that’s up to them. It seems to me that your only ideology has been a determination to prevent this small but admirable country from being put out with the trash. Diolch i bopeth.

  9. Dai Anon

    Nadolig Llawen Jac!

    I know you want to start winding down but have you ever thought of compiling a short reading list for anti-leftist Welsh nationalists?

    I came across your blog as a student around 12 years and your recommendation of ‘Sons of the Romans’ played a vital role in converting me from being a socialist Plaid Cymru type to a man of the Right.

    Some book recommendations for the festive period would be much appreciated. Diolch.

  10. Ron Tovey

    Compliments of the Season to you and your family and the rest of my fellow followers 🍺🍷🎅🎅🎅

  11. Dafis

    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you too. Or, as they say in certain corners of this country of ours, ‘ave a good one, mush !

    If the urge to pack it in subsides don’t be shy about making a comeback. Place will be kind of empty without your insightful contributions. Current generation of scribblers are too conditioned by Twitter and other social media. Almost all are unable to critically appraise as they have sucked up too much dogma and found it easier to submit to the guidance of thought leaders. Once they go beyond about 40 words they lose coherence and just spew the latest version of whatever bullshit they are currently inhaling. Anyway enough of my musings, go and stock up on your ARG Malbecs and other drinks of choice and prolong your ability to work among us

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