Jac’s Back!

I am delighted to report that my PC has been repaired. Though obviously it will take a few days for me to catch up, a process not helped by the fact that it’s half-term (which sees me taking wife and grandchildren to Aber’ tomorrow), plus there are Champions League matches this week, and in addition, I started re-reading Le Morte D’Arthur while my machine was out of action. (Man of culture, by ‘ere, boy.)

This return to the fray will I’m sure be the cause of great rejoicing among my many admirers and followers in the Labour Party, the Third Sector, Cardigan Castle, Plaid Cymru, the colonial establishment, Swansea council, the tourism industry, Ukip, housing associations, Rhyl, the Planning Inspectorate, the UK Government, the ‘Welsh’ media, our AMs and MPs, etc., etc.

My next post – which I hope to have up before the end of the week – will look at various (and ostensibly unconnected) votes to be taken this year. In chronological order these are: the elections to our notional Assembly, the referendum on the UK’s EU membership, and the US presidential race.

18 thoughts on “Jac’s Back!

  1. Big Gee

    Glad to hear that Jac – evidently you didn’t have to wait for a ‘Dell’ PSU from America! I presume that it dawned on your computer repair man that a standard ATX switching PSU could be harnessed for the job?

    I’m in Aber myself tomorrow (Drs, Optician and the weekly visit to see my mother at the Plascwmcynfelin nursing home in Llangorwen). If you want a half hour break from the missus & the grandchildren then we could meet up for a bite and a cuppa somewhere around lunch time. Give me a tinkle on my mobile if you’re up for it.

    I never realised on exactly how many fronts we have problems, after reading that list! Daunting isn’t it? Makes one feel a bit like Victor Meldrew (I always sided with him anyway – always thought he was surrounded by stupid, shallow twats and felt frustrated for him). Being a revolutionary sometimes makes you feel like a Victor Meldrew doesn’t it? LOL!

    1. Colin

      That list is just a few short words, a bit like “You have to climb the north face of the Eiger in winter using a pogo stick”, they’re a few short words too. If it didn’t mean so much to me (or you) it would be funny. I’ve never likened myself the Victor Meldrew but yes the older I get the more like him I feel. When I was younger I felt I could make a difference, now I realise the odds are stacked against it but what the hell, we can all ride into battle screaming the war cry “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!”

      1. Big Gee

        “. . . . we can all ride into battle screaming the war cry “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!”

        Amen to that Colin!

    2. What happened was that my son bought a tower off eBay thinking I could just swap my hard drives over and bingo! But of course that can’t be done, so what the guy in the shop did was take the start-up unit out of the eBay tower and put it in my machine.

      Will give you a ring in Aber’. Usual place, window seat, midday?

      1. Big Gee

        Can’t make midday Jac – will 1 o’clock be OK for you? If you’re there first grab the window seat! I’ll give you a tinkle now in a minute – just in case you’ve left and don’t read this before you “hit the road Jac” !!

  2. Stan

    You’ve been missed in the backwater of Neath Port Talbot too. Looking forward to my regular “fix” again.

      1. dafis

        and here’s another who’s been suffering with intermittent PC faults – my Personal Computer that is, not Plaid Cymru which suffers from persistent faults and could be in for long term stretch in the political sidings if it doesn’t shape up sharpish. Spent some up-time dishing out some anti Sais abuse on some MSM and Anglocentred sites like Guido Fawkes – they certainly don’t like it when a hostile key board turns up and starts uploading contrary abuse especially when suggesting they take back some of the social waste they have dumped in Wales, or that their right wing is littered with queers and paedos. Bless them, you’d think they was unaware judging by some of their reactions.

  3. Wynne

    Welcome back Jac. I shall give you some time to “catch up” and then copy you in on some interesting correspondence.

  4. dafis

    perhaps that infamous mangler of Welsh, Jamie Owen will see fit to include news of your return on his “show”. He’s normally quick to report on appearances by assorted quislings, celebs and other lightweights, so a bit of coverage for a genuine star of the “social and political thought arena” would be a real step up in quality of his content

    1. I think I ‘nobbled’ myself by having the tower on the floor and letting it accumulate about 17kg of dust! Hey ho!

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