I Haven’t Gone Away

I’ve been quiet for almost a week due to family commitments and other business. I shall return with a post next week, followed by a report on the Cilmeri rally. (Saturday, December 8th. Try to make it.) After that I might have an interesting post about my ongoing communications with Gogplod about what exactly happened following the Tywyn flags incident in May 2011.

Or rather, what didn’t happen. Because I know from the first answer given to my Freedom of Information request that there were no prosecutions, just two cautions. The police FoI response was dealt with in this post. In that reply I was told that: “The Freedom of Information Act requires that responses cannot provide information which will breach the Data Protection Act 1998. The information that you have requested relates to a third party for example a person other than yourself (section 40(2)). Therefore, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, this letter acts as a Refusal Notice under section 17 (1) of the legislation.”

Thankfully, someone pointed out that as I had asked, in my initial request, for personal NWPinformation to be redacted, that request did not contravene the Data Protection Act 1998. His words were, “They’re trying it on”. So I wrote again to the police suggesting that my original request did not contravene the DPA 1998, and requesting an answer. They replied (see right) promising an answer by December 13th. When I receive that response you will know what they said. Moving on . . .

Last week I wrote, again, about the dangerous, yet mutually beneficial, relationship between the Labour Party and the Third Sector. AWEMA Reborn? attracted a number of comments, the most interesting of which I have printed in full, below. It is well written by someone who has clearly looked into the matter. The question I ask is, does anyone else have anything to add? Or can the person who provided this information add anything? Such as directions to “website collects cash donations, and sells merchandise including mugs coasters and union jack shopping bags to the good folk of Carmarthenshire . . . .”

From what I’ve read so far, (name redacted) sounds like yet another arrogant colon who thinks she’s doing us a favour by moving to Wales. The worst kind of smug, right-on, twinky-winky, ‘alternative’, Third Sector, Common Purpose, Guardian-reading bigot who comes to our country but sees only ‘minorities’. (Being persecuted by us Welsh.) The sort of person who should be told (and none too politely) to go back to her own country”.

I shall re-surface sometime tomorrow after a night of Argie red and repeats of the Swans’ great triumph this afternoon. Just in case . . . Arsenal 0 – 2 Swansea.

“May I introduce you to ‘The —— Trust‘ .

(Name redacted) is the name of the founder. A former —— Party candidate of EnglandandWales in ——-, Hertfordshire. The chairman of this organisation is — —–. —-, is a former —— councillor for —— ward in ——-, a former Mayor. He was on the —————————————-; Scrutiny Board of Swansea City Council, as the —— —– councillor.You will notice that this outfit advertises ‘Advanced Energy ——-‘ on the —–, and “—– – A very relaxing treatment in the heart of ———shire.” . She also boasts employment as a ‘ghost writer’ under the name of (name redacted). Two of her publications are, ‘Handbook for the ——– ————–‘ and ‘The Man who ——- —— —– —– ——‘. I don’t know if this is a reference to her —— Party friend who’s chairman of ‘The —– Trust”.Interestingly, (name redacted), has a blog, in which she complains about poor service from

Welsh servants she uses to clean her house. Something about the rude people from ——– (she names a person in her blog) and, to quote, “throwing aside all of the ones that could not string a sentence together I chose two of the most articulate to come and see me”, in her search for suitable cleaning staff. This entry (dated 24/11/2012) is tagged as ‘An English Girl — —–“.She also complains on her blog of a ‘meduim’ in Swansea who apparently failed to detect she was pregnant during a consultation. I didn’t know about the severe lack of GPs in Carmarthernshire and the need for ‘mediums’ to perform such a diagnosis.

Note :- The —– Trust has a charity number ——– was registered with the charities commission as operating in ——–shire as a ‘Natural Therapy Centre’ but was removed from the charity commission register in 2005. It is no longer registered. The website also says “—– Global is our business arm soon to be —– Global Ltd”, this is not possible, as

—– —– Ltd is already a company operating as a software house in Gabalfa, Cardiff. The ‘The —– Trust‘ website collects cash donations, and sells merchandise including mugs coasters and union jack shopping bags to the good folk of Carmarthenshire, for them to celebrate Her Majesty’s Jubilee. Payment is via a PayPal account. I wonder where the money goes?Strangely, while (name redacted) is receiving expenses from ——- Bay Racial Equality Council (now morphed into ——- Bay Regional Equality Council) and having problems with her janitorial staff at her property with “inarticulate cleaners” from ——–. She is also still advertising her —– Crystal Energy healing services at another address, namely

— —– —— —– —-, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Strangely this expert in ‘healing’, suffered to a terrible illness back in 2005…Good to see this lady gain such a speedy recovery, and applied her talents to the diversity needs of ——- Bay. I can’t understand, however, why she has set up what appears to be money collecting scheme under a bogus charity, in partnership with a significant figure in the Swansea —— Party. Am I missing something?”

UPDATE 04.12.12: I have redacted a person’s name and cancelled various links from this post following a series of rather worrying e-mails (in which I was referred to as ‘the Welsh Goebbels’!), containing threats of police action, also a – now withdrawn – post on a certain website that referred to me as an incontinent, mentally ill, flasher. All this led me to conclude that the woman I was dealing with has problems. So I have put her on my Blocked Senders list for e-mails and removed her name from this post.

Now what do you have to say?

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