Happy Donkey Hill 2

In the previous post I wrote about Faerdre Fach farm near Llandysul, the reason for my interest being that the owner, Kate Clamp, had re-named it Happy Donkey Hill, a reference to the donkeys and other animals housed there. That, really, was about all I wanted to say, but comments made by Mrs Clamp persuaded me to persist with this story.

As I pointed out in that earlier post, Mrs Clamp had run a similar enterprise in north east England before delighting us with her presence. This was the Ramshaw Rescue Centre at Low Garth Farm near Bishop Auckland. The report I’ve linked to, from October 2008, says that, Happy%20Donkey%20Hilldue to a neck injury, Mrs Clamp was selling Low Garth Farm, with an asking price of £895,000.

The next reference I found to the Ramshaw Rescue Centre was in this report from December 2010. In it, the Centre’s former kennel manager talks of raising money to buy and re-open the Centre, and is quoted as saying, “The rescue centre, when it was open, was good, but not brilliant – and I want to bring it back and restore and improve its image”. The implication is clear: when run by Mrs Clamp the Ramshaw Rescue Centre did not enjoy a good image.

Whatever the truth of that, we know that in late 2008 she was telling the Northern Echo that a neck injury was forcing her to give up the animal rescue centre at Low Garth Farm. Yet within months we find her in Wales, running exactly the same kind of operation, almost certainly with the same animals. We can safely conclude that her ‘injury’ was imaginary, and so there must have been another reason or reasons for her leaving Low Garth Farm.


To my surprise, Kate Clamp made a few comments to my earlier post. You can of course read them for yourself, but I think some of her bon mots are worth extracting to use here.

In her first comment she tells us that she has now bought an “adjoining 31 acres” and, presumably, expects to be commended. Though as I point out, all this means is that yet more of Wales is in foreign ownership. In her next comment she says that my response was, “A very insular and very Welsh response . . . funny how all the successful businesses locally are run by non-Welsh, we spent in excess of £250,000 developing a derelict farm steading and mostly due to unreliable contractors locally used English workmen”.

Kate Clamp comment 2

I asked her to explain how my response was “insular” and “Welsh”, but she did not answer. Just as well perhaps, for she obviously has a very low opinion of us Welsh, and is not shy to express that opinion – we are no good at business, we are lazy workers . . . yet Wales is beautiful and we should be glad to live here (but leave the business of running the country to people like her). This is about as close as you’ll get to hearing someone actually say: ‘Wales is a lovely country . . . pity about the Welsh’.

In her final remarks directed at me (see comments to previous post), and after informing us that, “we” still own Low Garth Farm, she writes, “I am very proud of what we have achieved both in Wales and in England, I have created 2 remarkable businesses from nothing, what is your contribution?”


Then, late last night, whilst sipping my Ovaltine, I received a Twitter DM. A curious message, but from a reliable source, telling me that Kate Clamp is the daughter of billionaire Michael Gooley, who made his money with off-the-beaten-track holiday company Trailfinders. Gooley is an important supporter of the Conservative Party and according to this BBC report gave the party £500,000 in the final quarter of last year, in the run-up to the General Election.

I’m not sure how my source stumbled upon this link but she was able to offer support with the tweet below, clearly from Kate Clamp to her brother Tristan Gooley, author of The Natural Navigator. (Obviously a chip off the old block.)

Tristan Gooley tweet

My source was able to direct me towards other supporting evidence, such as this forum discussing Happy Donkey Hill being featured in the Channel Four programme Four in a Bed. There I found a fascinating and revealing comment from ‘Batmanrobin’, which you can read below. (Click to enlarge.) Whoever posted this comment seems to know Kate Clamp, and makes a number of serious allegations. The reference to “Bishop” for Bishop Auckland tells me that ‘Batmanrobin’ is local to that area.


One allegation in particular caught my eye, “Donations for the (Ramshaw Rescue) centre was used for cruises and holidays”. I found this interesting because, on the one hand animal rescue centres invariably rely on grants, bequests, donations and other gifts, and are often registered charities, yet I can find nothing on the Charity Commission website for either the Ramshaw Rescue Centre or Faerdre Fach / Happy Donkey Hill. Nor could I find a registered company. Nor anything – charity or company – in the name of Kate Clamp. So how were these ventures organised, what form did they take, and how was the income accounted for and declared?

Then – as is so often the case – a comment from ‘Brychan’ pointed the way. He was able to tell us that the Ramshaw Rescue Centre is still open, and that until very recently the banking was done by a Kate Price. And it seems that at one time she was also known as Kate Wilson. After checking this myself, I’m persuaded that assorted animals are still housed at Low Garth Farm, but I’m not sure if it’s still called Ramshaw Rescue Centre. It may now be run as boarding kennels called 4 Paws Farm. Possibly both rescue centre and boarding kennels.

So now we have four surnames by which the proprietrix of Faerdre Fach has been known: Gooley, Wilson, Price and now Clamp. Are there others? No wonder it’s proving difficult to unearth any information on her. And is ‘Kate’ really her full given name, or is it Catherine / Katherine, Kathleen . . . ?


We’ve learnt from Kate Clamp herself that although Low Garth Farm was up for sale in late 2008 it was not sold. As she reprimanded me: “Another grossly misinformed remark about my farm in the North East of England as we still own it!! You really need to research facts before you try to belittle me dear.” So I took her advice and did some research.

First, I wondered who exactly owns Faerdre Fach, and so I went to the Land Registry website. The document I paid £3 for and downloaded told me that the farm had been bought, on February 26th 2009, for £365,000, by Michael William David Gooley CBE.

Faerdre Fach title extract

Next – you’ve guessed it! – I wondered who owned Low Garth Farm. The Land Registry document told me that this property is also registered in the name of Michael William David Gooley CBE. This goes some way to explaining why Kate Cramp didn’t sell Low Garth Farm after all – it was never hers to sell!


I think we know enough about Kate Gooley / Wilson / Price / Clamp to make the following assessment.

Despite her claim to be hard-working and successful, what she has was paid for by Tory-funding Daddy. Though that said, he is a real businessman, you can tell that by the fact that he keeps ownership of the properties in which she lives, and where she is allowed to play out her fantasy of being a businesswoman. The fantasies may not end there.

Lady Kate Clamp Facebook

Allegations have been made that donations made to the Ramshaw Rescue Centre were misappropriated. I have no way of knowing whether these serious allegations are true or not, but it’s strange that I can find nothing to tell me how the RRC was constituted. If it was receiving donations then it would need to be registered with the Charity Commission or some other body.

The Clamps departure from Low Garth Farm may have been somewhat hurried, and we know that the excuse given does not ring true because Kate Clamp merely transferred her activities – and perhaps her animals – to Llandysul. So what was the real reason for them moving from the north east of England to the south west of Wales in late 2008 / early 2009? Especially as her new husband Andy Clamp is local to the north east of England.

And yet, as the daughter of a very wealthy man, surely she could, had she so chosen, live the life of a retiring country lady, busying herself with ‘good works’ around the parish. But it looks as if Kate Clamp is, to put it kindly, ‘outgoing’, and loves to be the centre of attention.

Kate Clamp belongs to a restless but well-heeled segment of English society that until relatively recently could enjoy the escape of empire, and lording it over ‘darkies’. Many of them now move to France, and pride themselves on not learning a word of the ‘lingo’; or else they choose Spain, where they shout at waiters – all of whom are, conveniently, named ‘Pedro’. But too many of them end up in Wales, and with the same attitudes.

How much longer do we put up with being treated as some inferior race?



There are two subjects I’m working on for possible future posts, and I’d appreciate any information.

The first concerns the long-running plan by the Beaufort Estate to erect wind turbines on common grazing land at Mynydd y Gwair, on the northern outskirts of Swansea. Having recently been turned down the developers are appealing, and now mysterious little groups have been haunting central Swansea collecting signatures on vague petitions supporting wind energy.

The approach to passers-by seems to be, ‘Do you want your children / grandchildren to be roasted alive due to global warming? Of course you don’t – so sign our petition!’ No specific mention is made of Mynydd y Gwair but it is strongly believed that the Green extremists collecting these signatures are in the pay of the developers and that these petitions will be presented as ‘evidence’ of public support for the Mynydd y Gwair project. Any information on those who have been deviously collecting signatures in this way would be welcome. Greenpeace and Yes2Wind have been mentioned as being involved. Read here how they operate.

One of the companies involved with the developers, RWE Innogy UK, is the Remarkable Group. As we know, companies such as these like to have someone on the inside, and this explains why Remarkable recently hired Labour councillor John Charles Bayliss. Bayliss is the last of the students recruited a few years ago by a desperate Swansea Labour Party led by David ‘Il Duce’ Phillips to fill gaps in the ranks. I have written of the dear boy many times before.

Bayliss Remarkable

Bayliss is a councillor for the Uplands ward on the west side of the city, but has recently changed his address to one down in the Maritime Quarter which, by a remarkable coincidence, is the very address where his friend and fellow student-councillor Mitchell Theaker dwelt, ere he departed for sunnier climes. But some mutter that Bayliss has himself moved, to Bristol, to be nearer his work with Remarkable. So is John Charles Bayliss still living in Swansea? And if not, why does the Labour Party maintain the pretence that he does?


I am also seeking information on Valleys Kids. This is yet another Third Sector outfit run by Labour Party members into which the ‘Welsh’ Government has pumped millions and millions of pounds of EU funding with no discernible benefit for the communities being ‘served’.

From what I can see Valleys Kids is just a glorified but very, very well funded youth club, owning among other properties a nice place on Gower. But Valleys Kids may also have friends in high places, for rumours persist that when the Wales European Funding Office (WEFO) did a random check, and threatened to pull the funding plug, all was smoothed over by a phone call to Tony Blair!

Information on Valleys Kids please to editor@jacothenorth.net.

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She will be keeping the local drug dealer employed and the local pharmacy for her medication for paranoid schizophrenia.

William Golder

I was one of those “English” workers who did the painting for her (fathers) farm in Prengwyn. I’m Welsh…

Also, I know as a fact that her head builder (this one was English) for the redevelopment ran away with a large amount of money towards the end of the project.

Tony Costa

We are Tony & Dawn-Ann Costa from AmarAgua Guest House in Edinburgh and we had the dis-pleasure to meet “them” during the programme Four In A Bed (Nov/2010).
We were doing quite well on TripAdvisor but since then every time the programme is aired (repeats) they attack us immediately, by giving us BAD reviews on TripAdvisor, we have managed to have some removed but “they” wised up and the latest one we could not get TripAdvisor to remove, plunging us quite FAR down in the ranking.
It is not just Wales that is in the firing line, Edinburgh is a “DUMP” too according to “them”.


I am a local English resident to Kate Clamp and I can tell you she is just as obnoxious and bad mannered to and about her English ‘neighbours’ as she is about the Welsh. She in intensely disliked by both Welsh and English residents and has become something of a ‘joke’ around these parts…..and Daddy paid for her to have a stomach band as the only way for her to shed her many stones…..no doubt he’ll have to pay to pull off all the saggy skin left and the ‘poor’ husband is nothing more than a ‘yes man’!!


I’m just watching another re-run of Four in a Bed – I really feel for you two, having to deal with a woman whose every sentence is fuelled with unattractive venom and a lack of intelligence. Unpleasant. I’m sorry to see you’ve sold the Amar Agua, as I would love to have stayed with you – I hope you go on to host guests again 🙂 x

Pat Waring

In one of her facebook posts it seems that “Lady” Clamp has a son called Richard Grey. It is he along with his wife who are now the Directors of the 4 paws farm.


I live in the Uplands, so I’m very grateful to Jac for being a fourth columnist (because face it, the Evening Post won’t run this material any time soon). Here, with thanks to a similarly concerned friend, is Cllr Bayliss’ recent attendance record: http://democracy.swansea.gov.uk/mgAttendance.aspx?UID=73&LLL=-1


Yes, I know: fifth columnist, fourth estate. Regardless, 27% attendance, eh? That’s reaching Pearleen Sangha levels.

Keri Tyisha

In order to keep your seat on a council, you only have to turn up to one meeting every 6 months. If you don’t manage that, all is not lost because council chief executives can give you a 6 month leave of absence. If after 6 months off you feel you need more time, you can ask your chief executive for an extension.

In some councils (e.g. Carmarthenshire) you can be granted leave of absence even for ailments which elsewhere would be considered incompatible with being a councillor, such as dementia. In fact, dementia is not considered to be a problem if you are a member of Carmarthenshire’s planning committee. It may even be an advantage.

If after a year off you still don’t feel like getting back to representing your voters, your best course of action is to pop in for a single meeting. That has the effect of resetting the clock.

Unsurprisingly, Labour is particularly adept at playing the system.


and that, in a nutshell, sums up why the Cheif Execs and their cronies including some “attentive” councillors get away with running the authority to suit their private agendas.


Just goes to show that becoming a councillor can be more about self gain than helping the community they’ve been voted to represent


Previously, Bayliss was attending 96% of meetings so, there’s a massive change.
Never mind. Former Lib Dem and now Independent Cllr Peter May is on hand in the Ward: http://apiln.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/student-flats-anger.html

Big Gee

The victim – Julian Ruck – looks very much like Cynog Dafis. You don’t think it might be a case of mistaken identity do you? :- o

Ian Perryman

Regarding your comments on Mynydd y Gwair a lot of onshore wind farm projects have been cancelled because subsidies have been cut by Westminster.

This is presumably why the the Welsh government want the authority to authorise these projects devolved so they can continue to feather the nests of of their cronies?

Llandysul resident

Worth noting that Faerdref Fach (and Faerdref Fawr, which is presumably the land they’ve just bought) would be the farms on the maerdref (home farm sort of thingy) for castell Gwynionydd, which was probably the home of Owain Glyndŵr’s mother.

Amazing that this lady is quite happy to tell us that all our local tradesmen are crap, and all the local businesses are run by English people (except, presumably, for the trades, who are all Welsh and thus crap. I think). This reminds me of the English I come across in the south of France, who all employ each other to do everything because they can’t trust the French to do anything right. I wonder if her English tradesmen are people who do work for daddy, and therefore will take any cr*p she gives them, for a quiet (and profitable) life, whereas the local tradespeople are busy enough without taking on a problem customer. Just speculation, of course.

I may drive up past there in the next couple of days and see what the place looks like now.


It’s typical of the attitude of these people to believe the Welsh are inferior, especially the tradesmen. Another story (a true one and no I’m not Max Bygraves!). About 10 years ago across the road from me lived a builder, his company has and still does have the reputation of being one of the best small businesses in Sir Fon, expensive but the work was second to none and a truly decent person, you know the guy, nearly every community has one. He took on a job working for a woman from Manchester who owned a huge house on the sea front. The work was a full renovation of the dilapidated property which was undertaken with his usual care and pride. He pointed out to the owner that the roof needed some serious work but she refused telling the builder to just replace some missing slates, which he did after warning her that it wouldn’t fix the problem. After the house was finished she refused to pay because the roof was leaking badly, she then took the builder to court to claim for damages caused by the leaking roof (the full hit barristers the lot) which the builder couldn’t afford to fund a defence to. The end result was inevitable, near bankruptcy, he had to sell his house and lay people off to keep going. Then with her ill gotten gains she had an English company come and re roof the property.

There is a happy end to this story though, the woman in question died a few months after from a heart attack, good riddance! The builder in question is still in business and his reputation intact.

Just an instance but it typifies the attitude these people have towards us (and no I don’t mean English people Parry old chap! Just that sort of person)

Llandysul resident

I drove past the Happy Sanctuary today. It’s fairly much as shown on Google Maps, and in fairness to Kate , she’s right, it does appear that the house is still called “Faerdre Fach”, and it’s the *business* that’s known as Happy Donkey Hill.

My curiosity was roused by the Stone Gateway just adjacent to HDH, which bears the sign “Faerdre Manor” (not shown in Google Maps). I thought to start with that it might be a back route to Faerdre Fawr, but checking various maps said no. Then I thought (bearing in mind past form) that “Lady” Kate might have ideas above her station for her house as well.

The truth, it turns out, is that the large house of what I think must have been the original Faerdre Fach is now a care home http://www.regard.co.uk/services/faerdre-care-home. I suspect, but haven’t had a chance to find out yet, that the original Faerdre Fach was bought and refurbished for the care home, with what is now called Faerdre Fach (the outbuildings and a 4 bedroom house) then dispose of. The Care Home was registered in 2005, “Faerdre Fach” was put up for sale in 2006 with a price tag of £395,000, but the current owners bought for £365,000 in 2009. I did have a quick look for a Gooley angle in respect of the care home company – Regard, based in Kingston, Surrey – but that would just have been too neat!

I wonder if the 31 acres (or whatever Lady Clamp said she was re-buying for the first time) is the rest of the farm, maybe also sold off by Regard as surlpus to requirements. The sources that I have seen regarding Gwynionydd Castle all seem to say that it is on the lands of Faerdre Fach, so it would make sense. Talk of “restoring the estate to it’s former glory”, but without the original Faerdre Fach house, is just a tad empty.


ValleysKids – This isn’t some ineptly corrupt Swansea Ethnic Minorities fiddle, or a tepee good life sponging wheeze, nor was it a grubby land deal with snouts in the trough. No! This is a good decent genuine Welsh charity catering for the most underprivaliged children in Wales. That is until 2001ish. Shortly after Tony Blair ranted ‘fucking Welsh’ at the cabinet meeting in Westminster in relation to the then electoral performance of the Labour Party in the central valleys, and tasked his henchmen to go to Wales to fix it. It was this that prompted the design of the whole EU funding mechanism. ValleysKids was the perfect vehicle, the benchmark, and has benefited handsomely since. When ValleysKids broke the political abstain protocol when Tony Blair visited in 2003 (elections in RCT), it was a top down arrangement, not wanted on the ground. A slippery slope which can hardly be balanced now with a current invite to David Cameron. It also provides me with a moral dilemma and in some ways provides the perfect milking parlour for the Labour Party skimmers. To pull this deck of cards down the victims are not posh good life incomers, or snoozing councillors, or bent civil servants, or suited and booted rugby club grandees. It will be kids fed from a food bank loosing their summer holiday and the single mother scratching a living where the childcare respite means the world. In some ways it’s the same dilemma the English government had with Kids Company when they wrote out the final cheque to the Batermerangewoman knowing the issues. How do you drain the bathwater without loosing the baby? What are your views on this Jac? I know a way to fix it, if Leanne is serious about issues like this, in her own constituency, she will have to deal with the Conservative Party elsewhere in Wales for the sake of the children. A child poverty fund to pick up the pieces? Some say electoral suicide in Rhondda, but I’m not so sure if the truth were out. It’s not hungry children who go on tips to Africa paid by the British Council. It’s mayors and baronesses.


Some of the reviews left on their facebook page make for shocking reading. Any readers are free to leave ratings from 1 to 5 stars.



5. The real story , it’s a base for rich London residents to travel to and stay. In which they then look at and buy property in Wales whilst staying in llandysul . Overheard her husband state this , hence no children only buisness people mainly


I saw a comment about no children on the review. Dogs are fine but children are banned. How bizarre.


“Andy Clamp – You obviously had your nose put out of joint straight away. We did allow your granddaughter to stay against our rules. You accepted you were in the wrong but couldn’t help yourself.”


They allow horses and dogs but not under 12s. This is strange though, they didn’t allow children but are now allowing children after some children stayed.


Just an observation. Donkeys are, for agricultural regulation, a class of horse and cannot be exempt as bloodstock. The establishment run my Kate Clamp/Wilson at Ramshaw which has numerous donkeys – no longer has donkeys. The establishment now run at Faerdre Fach had an immediate settlement of – numerous donkeys. It’s reasonable to assume they are the same donkeys, imported into Wales, from one landholding to the other. The title deeds indicate that the purchase of freehold took place in 2009. This was a significant year for donkey keepers as tighter regulations were introduced as of 01/07/2009 requiring compulsory microchipping, vet examination and registration (comes under the horse passport scheme). In Wales, however, the Horse Passports Wales Regulations 2005 had specific exemptions from which were intended for common grazed WILD mountain ponies and only applies in Wales. It might be worth checking that these animals have been correctly imported, and there was no evasion of the passporting, welfare, disease or food chain restrictions. I have assumed that Kate’s happy donkeys were not slaughtered into the food chain. It might be worth checking that Kate’s donkeys have had their chips, because sadly it’s not her that needs a passport to settle in Wales, it’s her animals.


I don’t know who are allowed to see the general ledger.

Gilbert Soetaert

She is a nasty creature , full of hot air , thinks the world revolves around her , a shame that her father pics up the bills , he should drop her and then we would see her going down the drain in no time , she is a big ZERO,big OOOOOOO in my eyes , thinks she is a lady ?????? but she is just a spoiled child with the attitude to go with it .


Here’s the thing as far as I’m concerned: I think most people in the UK (not that I want to be part of it but for the purposes of this) find this woman and her attitudes objectionable if that forum is anything to go by, worthy of a good slap around the head with a wet fish! Now think of it this way, she is just one example in isolation, can you imagine hundreds of them all together?

Like it or not, this is the sort of person who invades our communities each summer. Bad attitudes, loud, barging around the place as if the locals were an unpleasant inconvenience to be knocked out of the way as if they were skittles. The really annoying part is if we complain in anyway we are deemed to be racists or anti English. This is certainly the truth in places like Abersoch, Benllech and Rhosneigr in the north. Building all over the place using non local builders (in case I get accused of racism again) with a net input into the local economy of “fuck all”

My neighbour runs a boat launching business, these people get his to tow their boats from his storage depot to the beach, bloody huge things. The boats aren’t launched, they just sit on them on the beach (taking up the space so children can’t play) drinking Pimms and spouting loudly about how they’re waiting for Elsbeth or Tristan to turn up but never pay the launch fees or storage fees just dish out duff cheques because they actually skint and waiting for daddy to bail them out again.

That sort of person make me sick irrespective of nationality. There are many aspects of colonialism but this to me is the ugliest side and it’s in my and everybody else’s face every summer; lots of Katie Clamps!

That is how I perceive incomers generally and it’s a shame because the majority are decent and would actually agree with my thoughts on that type; people who tramp their way through life tramping on what or who they like as if we were donkey shit, the Irene Lairds and Katie Clamps out there who can’t see or care what damage they’re doing


That’s pretty fair comment Colin. No doubt the boat types happily expect the locals to collect all the $hit they leave on the beach.

Out of interest I looked at Happy Donkey Hill on TripAdvisor – 112 excellent reports – but as we now know people are paid to write such reviews. I took more notice of the 4 reviews graded as Poor or Terrible which I would tend to believe to be honest. From these I formed the opinion that Mrs Clamp is somewhat unbalanced..

Cherry Hinton

Seeking signatures in Swansea to support the wind farms should be closely inspected- the Greens are showing how unstable their arguments are – the Greens are a group whose Leader thinks it is OK to belong to ISIS!!!they are trying to achieve their aims by using fear and irrational theories. Living with these monster wind farms and seeing our hillsides peppered with these ugly structures plus affecting hill farmers should be opposed and not supported


Strange that in the previous year, Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett issued a press release condemning Turkey’s tacit support for ISIS.

The case for increased use of renewable energy should not be affected because the leader of the Greens screwed up during an interview on TV about terrorists.

Big Gee

“Curiouser & curiouser”! Cried Jac (he was so much surprised, that for the moment he quite forgot how to speak good English).