Chilcot and Iraq, All You Really Need to Know

Having read the full Chilcot Report on the invasion of Iraq by the USA and the UK – in the original Latin – I have decided to spare my readers that ordeal by giving a succinct summary of what lies behind that disaster and why we are where we are.

However, for the masochists among you, here’s a link to the Executive Summary. This runs to 150 pages, but the full Report is 2.6 million words long, or over four times the size of War and Peace, so don’t even think about reading it.

For all you need to know, read on . . .

1/ The best place to start is with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. From the perspective of the Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department at that time, anyone who fought against communism was a ‘freedom-fighter’, be he a drug-trafficking fascist, a mass-murdering psychopath or, as in Afghanistan, a religious fanatic wanting to turn the clock back a few centuries.

And so it came to pass that Uncle Sam ended up funding, arming and in other ways supporting the Bearded Ones in their fight against the Russians. (No, these were not hipsters.)


In the same year, the major US ally in the region, the Shah of Iran, was forced into exile by another bunch of Bearded Ones. There was further humiliation for the USA when its Tehran embassy was overrun and 66 US citizens taken hostage.

2/ Next, in September 1980, hostilities commenced between Iran and Iraq. Despite Iraq being ruled by a ruthless tyrant named Saddam Hussein, who began his career as an assassin for the Ba’ath Party, the USA decided – on the ‘enemy of my enemy’ principle – to back (the beardless) Saddam.

After massive losses on both sides the inconclusive war came to its end with the ceasefire of August 20th 1988.

3/ Saddam Hussein decided to flex his military muscles again by invading Kuwait in August 1990 – using weaponry supplied by Western powers during the war with Iran. This invasion was widely condemned, and a UN-supported coalition force was organised under US leadership to liberate Kuwait.

A brief military campaign at the start of 1991 saw the Iraqi army expelled and Kuwait restored to its former condition of Western-friendly despotism. However, the coalition stopped short of toppling Saddam, who then took revenge on his Kurdish and Shia subjects, who had been encouraged to rise against him by the USA and its partners with the promise of protection and / or Saddam’s removal.

The US president at the time of the ‘liberation’ of Kuwait was George H W Bush.

4/ With the Russians gone Afghanistan descended into civil war, from which emerged victorious, in 1996, the fundamentalist (and well bearded) Taliban, but nobody paid them too much attention because they were the good guys who’d fought against Ronald Reagan’s ‘Evil Empire‘.

The Taliban takeover allowed Saudi national Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda organisation to return from its four-year exile in Sudan. (Bin Laden was never seen without his beard.) Al-Qaeda is a Sunni Muslim terrorist organisation that views the West as a corrupting influence on the Islamic world, and it announced its war on the West with attacks on US embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi in August 1998.

5/ Unpleasant though these incidents were they were both a long way away, but everything changed with al-Qaeda’s attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th, 2001.

In response, Afghanistan was invaded, and it was soon realised that 9/11, as it became known, could also be used as an excuse to remove Saddam Hussein. For by now the US president was George W Bush, son of the president Bush who had lost face by leaving Saddam in power.

Attacking Iraq was a curious decision for many reasons. As I’ve said, Osama bin Laden was a Saudi, many of his funders and supporters were Saudis, most of the hijackers on the planes that caused such devastation were Saudis. So if any country should have been attacked in response to 9/11 it was surely Saudi Arabia! But no, for the Saudis and the Americans were friends.

6/ But this time there was to be no UN support, and no grand coalition. Russia, Germany, France and most other countries opposed US action against Iraq. So to give himself a fig leaf / partner George W Bush turned to the UK, and its prime minister Tony Blair. At a meeting on his Texas ranch in April 2002 Bush got Blair to commit the UK to joining with the USA in invading Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein. (Bush and Blair have never been seen bearded.)

Three months later Blair wrote his now infamous memo to Bush in which he promised, “I will be with you, whatever”.

My view has always been that Blair was seduced by the opportunity to play a world role in partnership with the USA, and so he allowed himself to be talked into invading Iraq. A country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and led by a man who was as hostile to the Bearded Ones as Western leaders. (And who understood far better what he was dealing with.)

Fundamentally, the problem may have been that Blair allowed it all to go to his head, he seemed to think that he too was a president, rather than a prime minister answerable to parliament. That he was able to get away with it exposed weaknesses in the UK system that seem to have been overlooked. What steps have been taken to ensure that no future prime minister can behave like a one-man government?

Bush Blair

7/ The planned invasion then had to be justified. Which saw a year or more in which we heard one ludicrous claim after another telling us how dangerous Saddam Hussein was, and what a threat he was to the West. Why! he had missiles that could target British bathers on Cyprus beaches.

This is when we became familiar with the term Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), which it was claimed – by the US and UK – Saddam possessed, and was preparing to use. The problem with this assertion was that United Nations weapons inspectors that were in the country, and free to go wherever they wished, could find absolutely nothing to substantiate these claims. That was because the claims were bullshit, and those making the claims knew they were bullshit.

Bush, Blair and their underlings knew that Iraq had no nuclear, chemical or biological weapons but the pretence had to be maintained. In his State of the Union address on January 28th 2003 George Bush said, “If Saddam Hussein does not fully disarm, for the safety of our people and for the peace of the world, we will lead a coalition to disarm him.” Saddam Hussein was being told to get rid of weapons he didn’t possess otherwise his country would be invaded! Clearly the USA was going to invade Iraq, and sure enough, Operation Iraqi Freedom began on March 19th 2003.

8/ The invasion itself went swimmingly, the Iraqi army was soon rolled up and the media showed us grateful Iraqis dancing in the streets and showering their liberators with gifts. British forces were given territory in the Shia heartlands of the south east to control, in and around the city of Basra, not far from Iran. Then it all started to go wrong.

The sudden and complete removal of Saddam’s army and police, coupled with the reluctance of the US and UK military to antagonise the locals, resulted in looting and more general criminality becoming widespread. The political situation deteriorated by the day as the Iranians encouraged the Shia majority to exercise its new-found power through its militias. While Saddam’s now dis-empowered and jobless Sunni supporters grew ever more bitter as they envisioned a Shia-run Iraq.

In the north, the Kurds effectively withdrew from the crumbling state and set up their own institutions.

The truth was that no one in the US-UK alliance really had a clue what might happen after Saddam was toppled. It was all wishful thinking premised on the aftermath of D-Day: Go in, kick out the bad guys, be welcomed as liberators, drink some booze and lay a few chicks, set out the rules for a pro-Western system of government, go home to ticker-tape welcome . . . more booze and chicks.

If only!

9/ What actually happened after the initial welcome was years of fighting between coalition forces and Shia militias or Sunni insurgents. The country fell apart. A major contribution to the upsurge in hostility to the occupying forces was the decline in public amenities, health care and other facilities, this being the inevitable result of the gratuitous destruction of infrastructure by the coalition at the start of the campaign, largely done for the entertainment of the television audience in the West.

Saddam Hussein was unquestionably a bastard, but he wasn’t particularly ideological, and he certainly wasn’t driven by religious zeal, nor was he especially greedy. He certainly liked power and used it as he thought necessary to hold together an artificial and fissiparous country bequeathed by the Sykes-Picot carve-up during WWI.

But as Iraqis were soon to lament, under Saddam they at least had electricity, and a working sewage system, the hospitals had drugs and doctors, there was public transport, kids went to school and on to university. Compared to the ‘liberation’ Iraq under Saddam Hussein began to look like a lost golden age.

10/ Democracy (of a sort) was installed . . . or another way of putting it would be that Shia sectarianism was empowered. For the Shia majority, with its (lavishly bearded) leaders controlled by Iran, now ruled the roost and were determined to make the Sunni – of whom Saddam was nominally one – pay for the years in which they, the Sunni, had ruled that same roost at the expense of Shia and Kurds.

The resentment felt by the Sunni resulted in attacks on the US military, and on Shia shrines and other targets. To cut a long story short, it was the treatment meted out to the Sunni by the USA and the Shia – who were backed, bizarrely, by both the USA and Iran – that created the conditions in which Sunni ISIS could establish itself and flourish.

And that’s where we are today, boys and girls.


With no clear plan beyond settling a family score by getting rid of Saddam Hussein, and grabbing Iraq’s oilfields and other assets for vice president Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and other US companies, George W Bush didn’t really know what he was doing. His ally, or perhaps his dupe, Tony Blair, deluded himself that this was some noble crusade against evil. Even today Blair argues that he did the right thing. One’s a duplicitous and devious idiot, the other’s a self-deluding zealot who, like so many who have done great wrong, now finds solace in religion.


They blundered in, blundered about for a few years, wrecking an entire country, strengthening Iran, causing the rise of ISIS, before blundering out, little wiser about the country they’d destroyed than when they invaded.

Add disastrous military escapades like Iraq and Afghanistan to globalisation and immigration and you explain the increasing alienation of the white working class in the USA and in post-industrial regions across Europe. Which in turn explains the popularity of Donald Trump (and Bernie Sanders), Brexit, Marine le Pen and a host of other examples showing growing public contempt for what had been the established political order.

President George W Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair told us that by invading Iraq they were making the world a safer place. The world is now infinitely more dangerous, both from external foes and also from internal divisions due to the discrediting of the Anglo-Saxon, transatlantic political and economic model (the latter following the Crash of 2008).

When millions of voters are prepared to put their faith in Nigel Farage you know just how badly Bush and Blair fucked up. That is their legacy.


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It’s funny how some are obsessed with the Edwina Currie factor. Another example I could mention is Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, who is of Russian-Jewish descent. If you check out my page “The 9/11 Perpetrators Timeline”, you’ll notice some interesting timing regarding the breaking of the Lewinsky story.

Around 1997/8, FBI agents were tracking an Israeli businessman working for a local phone company, whose wife was alleged to be a Mossad officer under diplomatic cover at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. The evidence pointed to a “potentially sweeping espionage penetration of key U.S. government telecommunications systems allowing foreign eavesdropping on calls to and from the White House, the National Security Council, or NSC, the Pentagon and the State Department.” In January 1997, Clinton told Lewinsky that he suspected a “foreign [i.e., Israeli] embassy” was tapping his telephones.

Under 1998 at my page above, you’ll see that news broke of the Lewinsky scandal on January 17. On January 20, who do you think arrived in Washington for talks with Clinton? It was none other than Benjamin Netanyahu.

The purpose of the Let It Happen On Purpose (LIHOP) operation of February 1993, when an FBI supervisor called off a plan to substitute a harmless powder for explosives in the WTC truck bombing plot, in which there was an FBI grass and a Mossad mole, was to provide a pretext for “fireproofing upgrades” at the WTC, which would be carried out when tenants vacated the building. As can be seen from my discussion above and the link I posted there to my most recent 9/11 page, Netanyahu’s MIHOP plan to bring down the WTC was already well under way by early 1998.

(BTW, I haven’t “swallowed, hook, line and sinker some very colourful explanations on yet another conspiracy theory website”. I frequently point out disinformation from various websites, and I verify my information against mainstream sources such as The New York Times, Fox News, The (Bergen) Record of New Jersey, the East Rutherford Police Department, the FBI, The New York Observer, the Daily News (New York), CNN, Silverstein Properties, The Washington Times, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Arutz Sheva,,,, The Times (London, original), The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Mercury (Pottstown, PA), The Miami Herald, The Chicago Sun-Times, Asia Times Online, System Planning Corporation, the Mineta Transportation Institute / Norman Mineta, the Eisenhower Research Project, the Belfer Center, the United Nations, the DoD, etc., which cannot all be dismissed as “anti-Semitic” “conspiracy theorists”. If a so-called “conspiracy website” makes a claim that cannot be independently verified, then I reject it. There is no need to rely on “conspiracy websites” to prove that 9/11 was a Mossad false-flag operation.)

Urban Moving Systems, the Israeli Mossad front, was operating in New Jersey and New York for years prior to 2001, and was registered in New Jersey in April 1997. The fireproofing for Floor 94 of WTC1 was upgraded in 1996, and Floors 95-98 were all upgraded by November 1998. Netanyahu, who proudly participated in a two-day seminar in 2006 commemorating the 1946 King David Hotel bombing, “soaked up his father’s admiration for Ze’ev Jabotinsky and his [revolutionary / terrorist] doctrine”, and “was always compelled to prove that he did not fall short of his heroic brother [Jonathan]”, had already ‘predicted’ in 1995 that “militant Islam” would bring down the WTC, and had received the report “A Clean Break” in 1996 that advocated “removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq”. And as I mentioned above, Netanyahu’s BSc in architecture from MIT would allow him to calculate that you needed to remove five contiguous floors from a WTC Tower to achieve Euler buckling of core columns, followed by bowing of perimeter columns and global collapse. That would be enough of a spectacle to kick-start a “war on terror” that could be employed for regime change, such as “removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq”.

I suggest that pressure was being put on Clinton in 1997 and early 1998 to agree to cover for Israel’s WTC attacks. Clinton refused, the Lewinsky affair was exposed by the blackmailers, and the perps eventually had a much better opportunity following the March 2000 disclosure of the “disarray” in the Pentagon’s accounting systems. By roping elements of the Bush admin into the plot to hit the Pentagon’s accounts section, the Bush admin would be forced to cover for Israel’s WTC operation, with no need to rely on blackmail. Bribing Bernard Kerik cost them a total of $514,000, but that’s just peanuts when you stand to steal a proportion of $2.3 trillion and can trick your “allies” into a series of wars that will go on to cost the US alone an estimated $4 trillion to $6 trillion.

Dov Zakheim (Pentagon Comptroller) was involved in both the Pentagon plot and the general logistics of electronically hijacking the planes via the Flight Termination Systems supplied by his company SPC International. “Passengers” on the planes such as Daniel Lewin (Sayeret Matkal Captain, ex-MIT, and one-time resident of Denver and Jerusalem, all in common with Benjamin Netanyahu) had the job of preventing the crew from regaining manual control of the aircraft. Exactly six months after the attack, on March 11, 2002, at 09:38, the very time to the minute at which the plane impacted the Pentagon, Rabbi Zakheim was joined by approximately 500 co-religionists from 40 countries on the Pentagon lawn as they sang to commemorate the attack. Ostensibly, the gathering was supposed to commemorate the centennial of the birth of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (“the Rebbe”). However, Schneerson’s date of birth was April 18, 1902, which blows that ‘explanation’ out of the water. And in any case, if they were really commemorating the Rebbe, why gather at the Pentagon lawn rather than Manhattan, where he died, or Nikolaev, southern Ukraine, where he was born?

The rabbis sang “God Bless America”, for being such a good earner for them. Billions of dollars in cash, trillions of dollars in benefits in kind for the Zionist cause, nearly 7,000 dead and 1 million injured US veterans including nearly 270,000 brain injuries even before we even count other coalition members and civilians, hundreds of thousands of excess civilian deaths in Iraq alone even by conservative estimates, millions of Arab civilians displaced, childhood cancers increased by five times and a surge in terrible birth defects amongst Arabs, was seen as sufficient reason for Jewish supremacists to make an overseas trip to attend a celebration.

And some people still think that criticising Israel’s false-flag terror operations is being beastly to Jews! I doubt that these same people would advocate that cancer patients refuse treatment, on grounds that it wouldn’t be fair to “poor, persecuted” tumours, and cell equality and avoidance of discrimination should take precedence over patient survival.

The formal proof of Israel’s central role in 9/11 is provided by the FBI report “Kurzberg, Sivan et al”; just look up my page “The ‘Dancing Israelis’ FBI report – debunked”.

(The part that’s debunked is FBI Newark’s conclusion that the Israelis were innocent of complicity in 9/11, which is in direct contradiction to the evidence within the report, and only came about after the FBI’s NS-2C Unit of its “National Security Division” from FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., ordered Newark to call off its investigation of the Israelis and hand them over to the INS.)


Jac, I note that the Turkish end of the NATO axis has suddenly developed a distinctly rickety appearance. Attempted coup put down very quickly, but it provokes a thought or 2 that maybe all is not well in that steadfast camp of Erdogan and that the USA and EU need to carefully reappraise how robust their Eastern bulwark really is. Fancy trotting out the old nonsense that some expat cleric is behind this coup, more likely a false flag effort to justify even more draconian measures to shove up hard against internal dissent, especially the Kurds who seem to worry those Turks far more than having a right crock of assorted Islamic shit next door in Syria, or even having Russia glaring at them across the Black Sea. Putin will probably toss an interesting stunner or 2 into the mix soon just to keep the Turkish pot boiling. And these were the government that Cameron and sundry EU jocks wanted to bring into the fold ! Brilliant !


Very murcky!!! Zac Goldsmith MP (Brexit) married Alice Rothchild (2013). Lady Di murdered possibly because of landmines in all that intails (no proof)!!!

Big Gee

Frank Zacharias Robin (Zac) Goldsmith Conservative politician and journalist. Born in London, the son of billionaire businessman and financier Sir James Goldsmith, from a family of German Jewish and French descent. Educated at Eton College. Married banking heiress Alice ROTHSCHILD daughter of Amschel Mayor James Rothschild who was the executive chairman of Rothschild Asset Management of the Rothschild banking family of England. Keep it in the ruling bloodline folks!

I rest my case . . .


An interesting sandwich of a thread. Quality bread, the Chilcot report and Owen Smith et al but a filling of new world order theory that was way to much for me to swallow apart from the spicy idea that letting John Major get his leg over was in fact Edwina Currie playing her part in the Zionist world domination plot. Lol and lol.

Big Gee

You see that’s your problem di-enw. You spout comments, but you’re too lazy or incapable of doing the research yourself. Before you shoot off your ignorance laden big mouth do your homework. If you can’t understand what you’re reading ask for help. THEN come back and see what your feeble attempt at ridicule actually looks like to others who have a bit more understanding. The subject of the New World Order conspiracy was brought up because it has a direct bearing on the Chilcot report and similar actions – not just here but globally.

But I suspect that’s a bit deep for you to grasp isn’t it?


Wasting your time Gwilym, some people either too frightened to learn, don’t want to learn, too stupid to learn or possibly in this case have a stake in the alternative, I couldn’t tell from the childish comments made my Di-enw. That said, what is so difficult to grasp, let’s just start with joining three dots from facts:

90% of the worlds media is owned by Rothschild (Zionist)
The American economy is run by Zionists
All the central banks are owned by Zionists

Please read up on those facts Di-enw. Seriously, it doesn’t take rocket science to see the implications of those facts. If you do them please keep reading but please don’t take everything you read as being gospel, there is a fair bit of rubbish out there, mostly in press related stuff (hmmm?). Keep an open mind and make your own decisions but at least make them informed decisions, ask Tony Blair where making uninformed decisions gets you


Well said Colin, those 3 facts alone, if most people don’t start thinking and asking questions after that, then there really is no hope of their enlightenment!

A very relevant point to add to your list is, the role of Victor Rothschild, as the 5th man. Many people know about the spies, Philby, Burgess, Maclean and Mrs Windsor’s (Saxe-Coburg), cousin, Anthony Blunt, but not everyone is aware of these Spies’ close Cambridge friend and accomplice, Victor Rothschild.

If Rothschild, gave away Britain’s Nuclear secrets, as is now thought, his actions have had a direct bearing, on the whole geopolitical situation we see today and yes, it is relevant to Wales, as for example, the Iraq War and the Chaos in the Middle East, has had an obvious effect on Brexit.

Big Gee

A nice bit of sleuthing there Myfanwy! Another little dot in the makeup of the bigger picture.

It is now common knowledge, to even the most blind, that the Rothschild Zionists are not only up to their elbows in the pie, but are actually the chief architects of the conspiracy for world dominance. It is they without a doubt who masterminded and financed the birth and development of modern Israel.

When the financing of governments is in the hands of private Zionist bankers, then ALL the power and influence is in their hands. If people can’t see that then they deserve what they get.


Yes a super sleuth! I have never heard this before, spying has never been of great interest to me. I wonder if he was a member of the Cambridge version of the Bullingdon club if such a thing exists?


Gwilym bach, the poor bugger is probably still stuck on the Edwina Currie part of the story, most likely tangled up in her metaphorical drawers, amazing what constitutes “hard-on” material in today’s modern smut filled world.
I won’t go over our earlier exchanges as we could fill up an entire blogshere with our banter but it is a sign of the times that assorted deviants, intellectual lightweights and perverts/shirtlifters love to attend sites like this and denigrate our community’s cultured exchange of ideas, thoughts and views.
The nameless boy/girl has missed the point completely – whether you wholeheartedly believe in NWO ( not National Welsh Opera by the way ), or see it as a rising threat, or see it not at all, matters not. It is the debate, the pooling of ideas and viewpoints, that matters – about causes and effects of our nation’s predicament, about how we might get from where we are to where we want to be, and about ways and means of realising some of that mix of ambitions within some sort of timescale.
I may be getting long in the tooth but my head is still operational ( despite a shocking case of double vision recently – we’ll tell them about that one day, Jac ! ). Coming here, and airing possibilities, dissecting “risks” and challenges, exposing fraud and malpractice and generally prodding at the bloated mass of misrule is a joy as long as I keep believing that one day the bastards will fall.


“assorted deviants, intellectual lightweights and perverts/shirtlifters”
it’s your classification system of course but the “intellectual lightweights” seem a bit out of place there.

Dot 1 – There are precious few blogs covering Welsh issues, Dot 2 – there are many blogs dedicated to uncovering and “fighting” New World Order/illuminati/etc. joining those two dots should give you a good idea of what I think of the merit of discussing NWO on treads of this blog.

Also a conspiracy I’ve uncovered. .
Posts on NWO have increased dramatically recently and Constitutional upheaval of the UK has already begun. All you lot rabbiting on about NWO are unwittingly being used (or perhaps you’re in on it) to distract attention away from discussion on the issues that affect Wales and the Welsh.
I’ve joined the dots.


Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Big Gee

Don’t encourage him to stick his head further in the sand Jac – you’re not doing him or the rest of us any favours!


“Double vision”? Please do tell!

Seriously, the truly excellent thing about this blog is that it is a place where like minded people can openly discuss (or in my case learn) about issues past, current and future in our country without having to listen to the drivel that abounds elsewhere, Twitter for example where nationalism seems to exist in close quarters with hippy ideals and stupidity. Each to their own of course but I’m with you all the way dafis


that “double vision” episode was a recent gaffe of mine which will be exposed by Jac in due course when the duality in question will, no doubt, be the part of the subject content of one of his articles. But panic not, it’s more about my momentary ( or a couple of days’ ) inattention to detail than anything cataclysmic !!


Ah and there was me thinking it had more to do with too much Penderyn and a kebab but glad it’s nothing serious


Penderyn ? can’t have too much of that, consumption only limited by cost ! As for kebab, well that’s best left to those who don’t study their foods too closely, unless of course it’s the real deal from a Pashtun goat !


Not another case of ¨Kebabed!!¨ then 🙂


He’s gone down in my opinion, I’m a big fan of the doner, grease, chilli and something that with luck may have come from an animal of some sort stuffed inside a pitta. Trouble with dafis he’s gone posh on us, be voting tory before you can say National Welsh Opera 🙂


Mind you, I love the idea that the WNO is a front for the NWO, talk about ¨hiding in plain sight¨ — LOL! No doubt they send out coded instructions to their field agents by slightly rearranging the lines of the librettos etc. And they get to travel all over etc. Yep, the perfect cover, isn´t it wonderful how these things are so perfectly obvious once they´ve been explained 😉 Ha lemmyn rez yw dhymm dha ladhe …


nothing to worry much about, just don’t send me out to finish off anybody who happens to share a name with someone else !! I could bring home the wrong scalp – geddit ?


“Seriously, the truly excellent thing about this blog is that it is a place where like minded people can openly discuss (or in my case learn) about issues past, current and future in our country without having to listen to the drivel that abounds elsewhere” ………couldn’t agree more, Colin. I’ve followed Jac’s blog for some time now and for me many of the topics written about by Jac then commented upon by some of his regulars have been a really steep learning curve for me and I am happy to admit that some are beyond me because of my lack of knowledge on these subjects. But you can always pick up useful things, look at links provided etc. Where else can you get educated, entertained, amused and even shocked while in the comfort of your own home 24/7. Knocks spots off the BBC and I’m sure there are many like me who look forward to our next fix off Jac. The best interactive blog by miles.


Your post made me chuckle, I had a vision of the Welsh National Opera’s performance of the “Ride of the Valkyries” staring Edwina Currie and John Major, in full garb and in World domination mode!

I agree with you, it’s about keeping an open mind and discussing various ideas that could all be relevant to Wales’ position in the World.

We all want Independence and what’s best for Wales, so it’s important that we can agree on that, regardless of where we are, on the political spectrum. The SNP, seem to have managed it, in their goal for independence. It was Clannishness and divisiveness that brought about the “Act of Union” in the first place. It was Clannishness that defeated Llywelyn. Divide and Conquer has always been the speciality of the English, but We do have a choice.


“John Major, Europhile who described three Eurosceptic members of his cabinet as “bastards”. Became Conservative leader and prime minister in 1990, after “bonking” the Jewess Edwina Currie from 1984 to 1988.”
Now the above are facts although the wording might look like it implies that John Major became Prime Minister as a result of “bonking” Edwina. If that’s what you are saying then some evidence please.

“He was ashamed and afraid that the affair might be made public when he was PM; hence, ripe for blackmail.”
And that just sounds like an opinion of the 2 + 2 = 5 sort unless again it can be supported with some evidence.

I realize that Major’s affair with Edwina is a minor part of your argument, but you chose to include it, if it was an off the cuff remark for the sake of making the Zionist plot neat and tidy the just admit it. If it’s part of your argument then presumably you’ll have something more than, dot 1 = Edwina Curry is Jewish, dot 2 = Major slept with her, dot 3 Major was PM, look I’ve joined the dots to form a picture of a Zionist blackmail plot.


He’s definitely got a fixation with Edwina Curry (sic), can’t seem to get past it, although John Major had no bother. “Lol and lol.”

Big Gee

There’s a considerable amount of navel staring going on here and more of it suggested. We are a small nation, we are a small group of contributors to a small blog, many would say that we are insignificant we are not, and if you care to look at most of my personal posts you’ll discover that in the majority they deal with our unique problems and suggestions for solutions in our own beloved little homeland. BUT we also have to guard against navel staring. We are a part of the world and the events of the world effects us greatly on many levels. To suggest we leave matters of concern regarding the rest of the world to others, whilst keeping our heads in the sand with our arses stuck up in the air is certainly a symptom of navel staring, and not the wisest thing to do in our times.

You mention the proliferation of discussions on various blogs about the NWO. I don’t suppose you’ve stopped to consider why that is have you? Or is this a case of our little Johnny marching in step whilst the rest of the army is marching out of step, but still Johnny thinks that he’s the one who has the correct step! There is obviously unrest, and more people are slowly waking up to what is actually going on. Thank goodness for that. The truth is slowly percolating through

As you rightly say Dafis, “It is the debate, the pooling of ideas and viewpoints, that matters . . . “. Whether it is about our postage sized country or the world – the need to exchange views and take away points raised by others is the key to grown up debate. It is NOT conducive to that goal to have what you call ‘ intellectual lightweights’ come here to try and undermine or ridicule others on subjects they know nothing about. Or worse if they stubbornly refuse to find anything out about those subjects before they put their oar in.

Incidentally ‘di-enw’ you’ve developed a nasty little habit there of demanding what we discuss on here. Since when are the contents of this blog your domain to dictate what ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be discussed?This is Jac’s blog, that I provide for him. It is HIS decision alone about what is discussed or rejected on here, it is not for you or I to do so.

You’re quite right Colin the unnamed boy/girl is certainly developing an unhealthy interest in the Major-Curry affair. Whilst the seedy bonking antics of a Zionist MP and the Prime Minister of the time does not totally dictate the agenda of the Zionists, it certainly was not a healthy state of affairs – given what is already known about the Zionist agenda. Blackmail and pressure come to mind immediately. Remember the Profumo affair when a British political scandal erupted with a brief sexual relationship in 1961 between John Profumo, the Secretary of State for War in Harold Macmillan’s government, and Christine Keeler, a 19-year-old would-be model? Amazingly that caused far more of an earthquake than the Major – Curry business.

Di-enw, you need to pull your head out of the sand and take in what is going on around you. Start by investigating the Zionists and then move on from there. It is evident that you haven’t got a clue what is being discussed on that front, and neither do you want to accept anything that is provided for you as evidence, otherwise you wouldn’t have been so naive or shallow enough to post the comments you have about a throw away comment about Major & Curry. Indeed I’m beginning to wonder myself what really excited you about that remark – it certainly wasn’t a significant factor in the exchange of views.


“You mention the proliferation of discussions on various blogs about the NWO. I don’t suppose you’ve stopped to consider why that is have you?”

1. As humans we’ve evolved to recognize patterns with our senses and also cognitively. In fact research shows our abilities to see patterns leads us we construct patterns where none exist.
2. As a species we have existed for many thousands of years in an environment where both social and natural events lead to inequality, uncertainty, unfairness, bewilderment and impotence in the face of nature and those with power.
We used to, and many people still do, need to make sense of this with a belief in gods and demons who influence, even manipulate our lives. NWO etc are a modern version of those all powerful supernatural beings.
1. and 2. contribute a lot to the popularity of blogs on NWO etc.

“Incidentally ‘di-enw’ you’ve developed a nasty little habit there of demanding what we discuss on here.”
I haven’t demanded. I’ve given my opinion which boils down to, NWO stuff is a distraction from what to me are more important issues affecting our nation and people.

You compare the uncovering of Profumo’s affair with Keeler with Major’s undiscovered (while he was PM) affair with the Jewish Currie suggesting that Major’s affair went undiscovered because it was part of a Zionist plot to blackmail the PM. Well you would say that wouldn’t you.
Just to note this is the second illicit affair you’ve brought up so maybe you need to rethink who’s the one getting excited.

Apart from the obvious that brings us both to this blog we clearly have other differing interests. One of mine is making the case that creationists have got it wrong. Just as with this discussion I have zero success.

Big Gee

I’ve concluded that you are completely confused ‘di-enw’ (it happens if you spend most of your life with your head stuck in the sand or when it’s not stuck in the sand, it’s stuck up in the dark crevices of your anus).

You’ve made a soup of creationism, religion, gods, demons and the New World Order! And you call conspiracy revealers delusional!

What you do get right is that “. . . as humans we’ve evolved to recognize patterns with our senses and also cognitively . . . ” that is right – it’s a defence mechanism, it’s what has made it so difficult – over the centuries – for those who have schemed to completely control us in order to accomplish their goal. It is a mechanism that has saved us from that fate. However, it is now reaching a critical stage & the more alert are aware of that, and are reacting.

So I would put forward the counter argument to what you say by proposing that some of us are more ‘evolved’ in that direction, than many of the more gullible and malleable among us. We do not accept the lies we are told and we can see the big picture. Open your eyes & open your mind – question the establishment line and what it puts out there in the guise of an unbiased and unmanipulated media. Stop reacting in the way that you have been programmed to react from birth.

Once again I advise you to do RESEARCH, instead of hypothesizing on a subject you are obviously totally naive and uneducated about.

Oh, and incidentally it was not me who brought up the Major – Currie issue, I believe it was ‘Pseidon’. I pointed out the Profumo business to highlight a point. What I and others have noticed is how you have been fixated on that subject, and tried to revolve everything around it since it was first mentioned as a minor comment.


Here’s a link that be more suitable for some here Sorry I couldn’t find an Edwina Currie one


“some of us are more ‘evolved’ in that direction, than many of the more gullible and malleable among us. We do not accept the lies we are told and we can see the big picture.”

Congratulations on your evolution.

Keith Parry

Corbyn or no Corbyn, as in Scotland we in Wales need to get rid of the Labour Party. What do Stephen Kinnock, Owen Smith and several dozen other Labour MPs do for Wales?

Big Gee

Totally agree Jac. I bet you’ll find that Ian Lucas along with Stephen Kinnock, Owen Smith and dozens of other similar ‘Labour’ shit-pots are also in the anti Corbyn camp, for the very reasons you mention. They have historically believed that anyone who lives and works in the country or who live north of Carmarthen are red coated fox hunting landed gentry that speak Welsh. It’s due to blatant ignorance.

Big Gee

Quite right Jac – you only have to look at the names of the owners of stately homes and mansions to realise that extremely few were natives.

Such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation
Fareweel to a’ our Scottish fame,
Fareweel our ancient glory;
Fareweel ev’n to the Scottish name,
Sae fam’d in martial story.
Now Sark rins over Solway sands,
An’ Tweed rins to the ocean,
To mark where England’s province stands-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

What force or guile could not subdue,
Thro’ many warlike ages,
Is wrought now by a coward few,
For hireling traitor’s wages.
The English stell we could disdain,
Secure in valour’s station;
But English gold has been our bane-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

O would, or I had seen the day
That Treason thus could sell us,
My auld grey head had lien in clay,
Wi’ Bruce and loyal Wallace!
But pith and power, till my last hour,
I’ll mak this declaration;
We’re bought and sold for English gold-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

by Rabbie Burns, the Bard of Ayrshire


I agree Keith, Jeremy Corbyn seems to be an island in largely shark infested sea. Recent events have if nothing else shown the true nature of these MPs and I refer to the lack of attendance by Welsh labour MPs at the Wales bill debate as well as the blatant lack of respect for the democratic process, the very core of the traditional labour party, “power to the people” and all that. If the people of our land have any sense at all they will remove these individuals from their seats and have them replaced with individuals who will do the right thing by their constituencies not by themselves and their own personal ambitions within the ever increasingly crooked party.

Jac hits the nail firmly on the head with:

“And one of its guiding principles must be to have no truck with any politician who does not serve the Welsh national interest”

Any party would do if the “Welsh” section adhered to that but obviously it would have to be wholly Welsh labour/conservative…. party and not a branch of the Westminster party. The hole in that argument is Plaid Cymru of course, what the fuck have they been up to? They need a change of leadership to try and get them back on track if that’s possible, my vote would be Neil McEvoy, or perhaps he should start the new party Jac proposes? He seems a good man whatever


just picked up the news that Corbyn has backing of Nat Exec to stand against his usurpers. No great love for him but to his credit he has struck a sincere note on many issues where so many others have just uttered the same old garbage out of the school of one line sound bites. He may never become Prime Minister but I am content to watch him stick it in Theresa’s scrawny ribs for the next few months. Egged on and ably abetted by Alex & Co, and maybe the 3 Plaid MP’s perhaps we shall get some serious Opposition. Then on to 2020 when grass roots Labour may have sufficient anger to chuck out shits like Smith, Bryant and all those metropolitan moderniser bullshit merchants from London & the English regions. Perhaps Plaid will at the same time rediscover its mojo and get some grizzly nasty grunt into its leadership also.


I’ve been waiting for the Lilliputean weathervane Owen Smith to chuck his hat into the ring with Angela Eagle but I guess his decision will depend not on what’s best for the Labour Party but what’s best for him. I too am no Labour supporter by a long shot but have been incensed by the treachery of the bulk of Labour MPs at precisely the time you’d expect them to play as a team. No matter which way the Labour NEC cast its vote tonight their Party was buggered and what an opportunity that presents for others like Plaid Cymru, UKIP, maybe the Lib Dems (no – forget that) and the Tories to occupy parts of the traditional ground they occupied.

Once the collapse of the Westminster Labour Party inevitably takes place, what is that going to mean for the dog’s tail like Welsh Labour and all those Labour Party Councillors throughout Wales? How can these spineless automatons carry on? What banner will they dare stand under in next year’s local elections? We are privileged to live in a time of almost unbelievable flux and changing of the guard for which I suspect we can thank David Cameron, ironically. Without Brexit one wonders just how much of this seachange we would have seen.

Big Gee

Agree 100% with those comments Dafis, Stan & Jac.

Whilst Corbyn may have a few entrenched ‘old labour’ views, he is at the same time the best bit of medicine that’s hit the Westminster ‘bubble’.

What I really love about this is the way that the trampled masses have managed, at last, to get their foot in the door of the castle, and in so doing – through Corbyn – have exposed the shits (of all colours) who are only there to serve themselves and not the people. It is that which has fuelled the anger amongst the ‘Blairite’ inclined imposters, who have suddenly found themselves on the rack. It is not Corbyn’s leadership that is their cause for discontent, but the realisation that there is a seismic change occurring which not only leaves them exposed but also exposes them for what they are – self promoting parasites – many of whom are just pink Tory elitists.

I nearly pissed myself this morning when I heard that tadpole Owen Smith compare Corbyn to Carwyn Jones. The latter he stated was a ‘great’ leader and unifier that Corbyn should copy. I don’t really know on which planet the clown lives on!

These comical outworkings bring an image to mind of a barrel full of rats into which a ferret has been dropped – the blind panic and squealing is a sight to behold, and one that I am enjoying very much!


delighted to see that party clown Smith enter the fray.

What a tosser ! A travesty to regard him as Welsh, rather he is a piece of synthesized metropolitan/ Westminster gunk, a piece of morphed muck spouting cliché after cliché using the ambiguous double speak of those weaned on a diet of sound bites and bullshit. If that guy wins then Labour can tuck its head between its legs and kiss its arse goodbye ! Not likely to, now looks like the Labour membership will take the 2 rebel leaders and publicly shame the bastards, and it will be a job well done too. Looking forward to some of the little pricks and their dames being de-selected ahead of 2020.

Big Gee

Clywch, clywch! What I’m REALLY looking forward to is seeing some of these tossers possibly being deselected by their local parties before the next election. That would put the sweet icing on the cake. Good riddance I say and a fair wind after them!

They have already been exposed for what they are – parasitic rats in disguise. Scum of the earth, more especially the likes of Hilary Benn – I loathe that guy more than I admired his old man who would be spinning like a top in his grave if he could hear and see what his delinquent and inadequate hand ejected bed stain is up to.

As for that weepy Angela Eagle and that piss-pot Owen Smith – words fail me! She’s sitting on a volcano amongst those hot-headed Scousers – they’ve already started brick throwing practice at her office windows! That episode alone shows how much out of touch she is with the people out there, for them to be reacting so fiercely right at the start of her campaign.


Would be nice to see the old dyke swinging from a lamppost, no big loss, and a lesson to all those tossers who think they have a god given right to dictate and talk down to the “lesser folk”.


To see them deselected or lose their seats at the next general would be poetic justice. I like Corbyn’s integrity, it seems non existent in today’s politicians, especially the current labour bunch, horrible parasitic slime dribbling back stabbers scratching around for the scraps of anyone’s table they can get their feet under

Big Gee

Colin said: “I like Corbyn’s integrity, it seems non existent in today’s politicians

Corbyn is one of the few genuine good guys in my book. He supports republican freedom in Ireland, doesn’t mind self governance for Wales & Scotland and thinks there should be an arms embargo on Israel. He also thinks we should give the Malvenas back to Argentine & supports the Palestinian struggle for a homeland. Just those few things alone puts him in my book of good & sensible people with integrity.

His expenses claims are the lowest amongst all MPs (before the expenses scandal). A year after the 2009 expenses scandal in one quarter, Corbyn submitted only a claim for an £8.95 printer cartridge. No wonder he’s hated by the PLP – he shows them all up doesn’t he?

He’s a keen allotment gardener (just like me ) and lists as one of his hobbies making jam from the fruit he grows on his plot, he also wants to campaign to make sure that all new housing developments have a corresponding allotment plot (hero)!

Genuinely rides a bike everywhere and does not own a car. Not like Cameron who rode his bike to work a couple of times to try and promote his ‘green’ credentials (prat).

He wants to scrap Trident and get total disarmament (war hater).

If he now goes on to say that he will, when he gets into power, take money printing away from the privately run (Zionist) Bank of England and only let the government print money for zero interest (doing away with usery), then he’ll either get shot (like Abe Lincoln & J F. Kennedy – because those two – the only ones in American history – threatened to do exactly the same and got shot for it), or he’ll land up in a wood with slashed wrists or have a heart attack and fall down a mountain whilst walking . . . . a Cook & Kelly job.

It’s a pity he’s in the Labour party – but you can’t get everything can you? I honestly think I’d vote for him (but not his party). He IS genuine, even his enemies concede that. And that tosser Owen Smith thinks Corbyn should be more like Carwyn Jones – says it all really – what an arse hole!


Help me out here, what party should he be in? More interesting perhaps, when the Labour party splits as seems likely what will his bit be called?
BTW he doesn´t understand that Labour is finished in Scotland, e.g. less MSPs now that the Tories, and that in a largely PR system. If he had any sense he would have made common cause with the SNP long since. But he´s still stubbonly Old Labour in that respect.
And yes, sadly, being a ´frail old man´ it´s easy to imagine him falling foul of an ¨unfortunate accident¨, but hopefully not for a while, too much fun to be had at least in the short-term.

Big Gee

Any party he wants – all I said was that it’s a pity he’s in the Labour party, because on the whole – as they’ve proved in recent times – they’re a nest of self promoting vipers and shit-pots in the party he’s in at the moment. He is really too good for them as a person of integrity. The current incumbents don’t deserve him. Perhaps with new blood they may turn over a new leaf.

As for splitting the Labour party that’s the same old scaremongering rubbish as we heard from the media on other subjects like the EU referendum and how the sky would fall on our heads if we voted out. I’m getting pretty sick of it to be honest, it’s like listening to a bad joke you’ve already heard a hundred times before, told by a bad comedian.

He’s the leader of the Labour party, he’s hardly likely to join some other ‘bit’ party and call it something else is he? If the twats want to keep the cosy little Westminster cabal (of all parties) status quo going, then it’s up to them to leave or join someone else.

Incidentally he’s not a frail old man, he’s particularly fit, energetic and healthy for his age. Unlike many others half his age in there who sit on their arses by a desk all day or sit on their arses in posh restaurants stuffing their faces on our money, whilst doing as little as possible in return – apart from filling out their expenses forms. Corbyn is a different animal on all fronts.

Does that help you out?


Jeremy Corbyn is old labour through to the bone, where else could he go? There isn’t a party out there other than labour for him, the point is that the current labour party are undeserving of such a decent man who puts his responsibilities and ideals a long way before his own ambitions. I doubt history will remember him well but as has been shown in this very thread the writers of history are the very people he fights against. The really sad (is that the right word?) thing is, if his labour party MPs followed his lead they could be a great party once again

Big Gee

That’s right Colin. The principles that the original Labour party was founded on were incredibly good from a social justice and fairness for all point of view – especially when you look at who the alternatives in power were at the time.

However, they have been tainted with the kind of ‘socialism’ that we’ve witnessed since then, and when ‘New’ labour rose it’s head in the guise of the ‘Blairites’ well that really ruined the party (‘party’ is a play on words there you’ll note!).

Sad to say even the original Labour party was not for Nationalists, although their principles and some policies were good, but on the whole they were anti-nationalists, preferring instead to rally behind the call of “Workers of the world unite” – so campaigning for socialism instead of nationalism. That evolved into a nasty anti nationalist and anti independence party, highlighted by the likes of Kinnock & Co. who were not only anti nationalists but incredible gravy train riders, cronies and every rotten thing else that’s been associated with the Labour movement in latter decades.

Corbyn though is a throwback to the party’s roots, and amazingly he has a very fair minded attitude towards minorities, including national minorities in the UK. That for me is one of his greatest attractions – from a Welsh Nationalist point of view.

Under Corbyn the rats in the cheese larder would be sorted out, hence the reason for the panic in the ‘rats’ ranks – they are truly scared that they will lose access to their cheese at both central and local government levels!


Well those earlier comments of Dafis and Big Gee on Owen Smith and Angela are absolute gems and sum them up to a T! I also wholeheartedly agree with Big Gee and others’ assessment of Jeremy Corbyn who has stood up to public character assassination and private plotting that would have broken many a man or woman. I am amazed he’s still there. Good luck to him.

Coming back to Owen Smith I note he spent some years in his early career working for the BBC – coincidentally his old man Dai had a good job with the organisation at the same time (no, never?). I have read that in his time as a lobbyist for Pfizer he was known as “Oily Smith”, apparently because he was that slippery – you wouldn’t pin him down to any clear view, he would be on any particular day whatever benefited Oily’s advancement. MPs have been tweeting that his ego is far bigger than he is himself, and when he suggests he has belatedly joined the leadership battle after several attempts to act as an honest peacemaker, this is somewhat undermined by John Mann MP tweeting that he was asked to sign up as a backer of Smith for leader SIX MONTHS AGO. I remember him coming to Neath canvassing last year when he stood on a potato box to see eye to eye even with the relative shorties around here and he is often photographed with tiny dogs like chihuahuas as anything bigger and you are unlikely to see him. The man’s an odious, grubby little shit from what I can see. The Parliamentary Labour Party deserve him.

Big Gee

Oh! Surprise, surprise, you mean Mr. Thorning-Schmidt wasn’t mentioned! Not embarrassment surely?

They’re all so far up each others’ arses they form a perfect daisy chain.

The Kinnocks are probably the most vulture like nepotists and cronie makers and cronie lovers that we’ve ever produced in our country. They epitomise the very core of everything that stinks like a dead carcass in the Labour party – as I well remember about the RhCT Labour council from years ago when I lived in the Rhondda.

I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on them if I found them on fire.

Corbyn has a hell of a job on his hands after he gets catapulted back as leader by the ‘common folk’ in the leadership elections next September. Imagine how much disinfectant you’d need to clean all that smelly shite up, that’ll still be left over on the Labour benches in Westminster?

As for their out of town branch in the Senedd. Well if we had an SNP alternative instead of the ‘hide behind the soffa’ mob from Plaid we might start to get somewhere.


If Corbyn does get voted back as leader I will laugh my socks off but yes he will have a hell of a job to get that lot back singing from the same songbook. The best bet would be as you mentioned above to see them all removed by their local branches as traitors, nothing less than they all deserve, I wouldn’t vote for any of the low lives

Dim Enw

Sorry Jac, but this blog (or at the least the comments section) is rapidly morphing into the Fortean Times!


Dim enw a dim llygaid

Big Gee

Gwir y gair Colin!

Big Gee

Not quite ‘Dim Enw’ (No Name). There’s a big gulf between fact (underpinned by researched evidence) and fictional assumptions. Unlike the Fortean Times we are not dealing with science FICTION. The comments regarding the irrefutable presence of a NWO conspiracy has only been echoed here as it links closely with the Brexit saga and the Chilcott report.

If you can find a flaw in anything I’ve repeated on here or what’s been written by others who have commented in the same vein, then PLEASE give us the benefit of your rebuttal. Don’t just bleat to Jac what you THINK is happening.


Have to split hairs with you there old bean, there is very little evidence of an actual NWO. What you have is a fluctuating mass, a group of assorted power crazy global “leaders” from business, finance, military and political communities jousting for position. From time to time some get dropped – Putin may have been axed as he may have harboured ideas not wholly in line with the other bandits, and business leaders certainly come and go. NWO is an aspiration, a goal along a long and bumpy road, where there will be a “composite of ideas” broadly agreeable as desirable by this diverse community of manipulators.
Of course its greatest reward will be to secure the parties to such Order the financial and security outcomes that the pre existing “order” could not generate. Things like energy sources, cheap labour ( slavery will be redefined and modernised, but slavery it will be ) and water ( ironic given Wales’ copious supply, but there again maybe that’s why the Anglo Brit faction wish to hang on to us ! )
Right now I fancy that this NWO concept is still struggling within itself, lack of mutual trust and real understanding of others’ needs being serious obstacles to creating an unified entity. Nice really to think that it’s a lack of those traits that make for good humanity that may inhibit NWO’s eventual realisation.

Nevertheless stay aware and alert. If it ain’t the NWO some other prick will come along and try to steal your meagre savings or lift your shirt !

Big Gee

On the contrary my old friend, with very little research (if you have an open and uncontaminated mind) you’ll discove there is a mass of evidence that suggests there is a co-ordinated and very real single small group at the pinnacle of the ‘pyramid’ that has a very clear agenda that controls events that are far beyond the influence of the masses. The masses are only led to believe that they have a say in things, they form the layers and blocks of the pyramid below the pinnacle.

“Order from Chaos”

It’s a case of joining the dots. Events that are projected as being unconnected are in fact the pieces in a larger picture. Cleverly, the ones seemingly in power (world leaders, heads of commerce, politicians & the military etc.) are actually compartmentalised, so they do not see and are not made party to the whole picture portrayed by the pyramid. It is only they that occupy the pinnacle of the pyramid who have total control & knowledge of the agenda. Below them are the puppets and below them the slaves (us). They would dearly love us all to believe that we are just experiencing ad hoc occurrences, coincidental happenings, and that what we are witnessing is the fluctuating of masses jostling for power. It is not so. Everything is carefully calculated and executed.

If we are to retain any identity (including our own in Cymru) as individual nations then this NWO has to be exposed and destroyed. It can be done, because those that do occupy the pinnacle are very small in number, it’s just that they have, over the millenniums, managed to influence and capture monetary, then political and military power that can be called upon to do their bidding.

Make no mistake, A conspiracy is taking place in our country and on the grandest scale in other countries worldwide. It was conceived before the writing of any constitution, the building of our capitals, and the emergence of paper money. It has been cleverly covered up and is now showing its ugly head to those who have the courage to see it for what it truly is. Those who have spent hours studying the conspiracy have known about it for years, but the holders of the big purse have concealed the details and the researchers are made to look delusional.


Have spent many hours trawling and crawling through volumes of heavy duty scribbling on this theme. I was originally drawn to it by reading about Eisenhower’s parting shot about the “military complex” then a short hop to the JFK assassination with G.Bush snr playing a starring but off screen role. And so on. However this just shows how the USA “branch” of the concentration of power was becoming consolidated, and there were far too many fuck ups for it to be a well oiled machine that’s been in place for generations.

Skip forward to 9/11 and the Iraq debacle, again it’s the US military-industrial complex creating and exploiting events that are “good for trade”. And I have yet to hear any of those global corporations trading in oil, chemicals, arms, aerospace etc complaining that the state of war that has been endured since 2001, but that buzzed at a lower level of intensity since 1945 with odd surges like Vietnam, has been bad for trade. On the contrary they are rolling in it, which is what triggered the mad surge in executive rewards leading that demographic group as a whole to think they were entitled to the same slice of action.
Of course the bug started by the US has migrated successfully into Europe, and the EU and NATO have been primary transmitters. Indeed the drive to centralisation of powers has been more successful in EU than in USA where there remains a strong residual mistrust of Federal powers.
I could go on and on, but as said before I remain of the view that NWO is “work in progress” and that its fundamental, central “agreement” is unattained. I accept that fulfillment of its central goal has to be stopped, indeed rolling back its creep into domestic jurisdictions is a primary requirement.

Y Ddraig Las

The globalists want to destroy all national identities. After the historic vote it’s clear that many Welsh nationalists wish to raise these issues.

This blog is read by thousands of patriots every day. Jac and his regular contributors have done wonders for right-of-centre Welsh nationalism. The tide has turned. Keep up the good work boys.

Big Gee

It was to try and stop the destruction of national entities that I voted for us to leave the EU – as I said in my comments on here before the referendum took place. It was also highlighted independently in Jac’s reasons for voting out in his blog post on the subject.

It comforts me slightly to think that we are having a little influence. What I have noticed is that those who have come on here to debate against what we say, have very quickly retreated, because I assume they cannot get any traction for their arguments. One only hopes that they go away and take some fresh thinking with them back to their ‘nests’. I know for a fact that some of the pseudonyms on here have belonged to some who are our currently elected representatives.


now that’s interesting, you saying that one or more of our esteemed democratically elected actually takes time out to see what us the great unwashed have to write. Bearing in mind some of the heavy duty stuff that’s appeared here of late most of our elected may be changing their drawers more often as their pissy little intellects may inhibit their ability to grasp the ideas bouncing back and forth ! Their superiority derives from position, not any measurable or demonstrable ability ! But nice to know they like to pop in.

Big Gee



Jewish Control of Britain

Let’s have a brief look at some British prime ministers. The “elephant in the room” should soon become visible.

Harold Wilson, persuaded the public to vote to remain in the “Common Market” in the 1975 referendum. Was funded by the Jew Lord (Joseph) Kagan of Lithuanian origin and of “Gannex” raincoat fame, a “Holocaust survivor” who was jailed for ten months for stealing from his own company. Another of Wilson’s Jewish associates, Sir Eric Miller, shot himself after being accused of misappropriating money from his company.

Ted Heath, Europhile, took Britain into Europe. Was a protégé of fervent Europhile Madron Seligman from a ‘German’-Jewish banking family; went on a hiking trip with him through Germany in 1939. Became godfather to the Seligmans’ eldest son, and was known to the family as “Uncle Teddy”.

John Major, Europhile who described three Eurosceptic members of his cabinet as “bastards”. Became Conservative leader and prime minister in 1990, after “bonking” the Jewess Edwina Currie from 1984 to 1988. He was ashamed and afraid that the affair might be made public when he was PM; hence, ripe for blackmail.

Tony Blair, infamous warmonger, instigator of mass immigration, Europhile, and euro supporter who sanctioned a secret group within the Labour party to prepare the ground for a euro referendum. Was installed by the Jew Lord (Michael) Levy (aka “Lord Cashpoint”); other Jewish handlers included Peter Mandelson.

David Cameron, Europhile and supporter of the ongoing Judaising of Britain and bid to genocide Whites by turning them into a minority in their own country before 2066. Is the fifth cousin twice-removed of Queen Elizabeth II, and the great-great-grandson of Emile Levita, a ‘German’-Jewish banker. Was installed by the Jew Lord (Andrew) Feldman (aka “Lord Crony”), the latter having been described by the Jewish Chronicle in 2010 as a “key player in David Cameron’s rise to power” whom Cameron values as one of his “oldest and best friends”.

What a ‘coincidence’ that all five British prime ministers had Jewish handlers, and all five were staunch supporters of the European project!

The choice for the Conservative membership in 2016 was between these two:

Theresa May, an EU Remainer, fervent Zionist and Judeophile. Said in January 2015 that “without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain”, and quoted in the Times of Israel, 30 June, 2016 as stating, “The modern State of Israel is the fulfillment of many generations of struggle.” Spoke at the Anne Frank Trust lunch in January 2016; claimed “the trend for hate crime is worrying” and there had been “an increase in anti-Semitic attacks”.

Andrea Leadsom, Brexit campaigner, hated by the Jewish press, which tries to belittle or smear her at every opportunity. Is personally opposed to “gay marriage”. Sponsored by her brother-in-law Peter de Putron, who is not Jewish, and received an apology from The Sun after it (and other pro-Jewish newspapers) had falsely accused him of being named in the Panama papers.

The bad news is that Andrea Leadsom pulled out of the race. The good news is that with May quickly installed as P.M., there will no longer be any reasonable excuse for the establishment to delay triggering Article 50 and ignore the wishes of the 17,410,742 who voted to leave the EU (by a 1,269,501 majority). That was after only 17,378,581 had bothered to vote Yes to stay in the EU in 1975, 67.2% on a turnout of 64.5%, which was less than half the eligible voters, and relied upon the electorate being tricked into thinking they were merely voting to remain in a “Common Market”.


That’s a comprehensive list, you could have also included the Thatcher Government, with the likes of Leon Brittan (who was also Vice President of the European Commission), Nigel Lawson and Keith Joseph.

Another dominant figure during the 1950s and 1960’s was Lord Goodman, who was a political adviser and Lawyer. His role could be seen as fixer and keeper of dirt, on the likes of paedophile MPs, such as Tom Driberg and Lord Boothby. The famous under world figures of this era, were of course the Kray twins, known as the ‘Kosher Nostra’ because of their extortion and blackmail of powerful people, such as the MPs mentioned.

However, the role of the Masons, should also, not be overlooked in connection to the corruption of power, particularly, Secret Societies such as the ultimate one, that Big Gee mentions. The one percent do control all the wealth and power, the idea that a few see themselves as superior to others, in a New World Order, is something We must all wake up and fight against. Just because We are leaving the European Union, doesn’t make this problem go away, in fact, We are more likely to come under it’s control, if or when the next Government, signs up to the Transatlantic trade agreement with America.

Big Gee

Not forgetting of course our very own ‘dear’ Leo Abse, Cardiff lawyer, politician and gay rights campaigner, one of the sons of Rudolf Abse, a Jewish solicitor and cinema owner who lived in Cardiff. One of Abse’s grandfathers was from Poland, and his grandmother from Germany. He set up his own law firm in 1951 – Leo Abse & Cohen – which became the biggest law firm in the city.

In recent times Abse (after his death) was at the centre of investigations that revolved around an alleged “politicians’ paedophile network” involving Abse’s close friend George Thomas, (remember him? “…and we mustn’t let the [Welsh] language divide us . . . “) the former Labour Speaker of the House of Commons. It is pretty common knowledge that Abse (Zionist) was a ‘fixer’ and was probably instrumental in getting the ‘lovely’ George (known paedophile, royal arse licker, Methodist lay preacher, Oedipus complexed pervert, Welsh traitor & general filthy bit of shite, both politically, and privately)off the hook. I have to stop there the very thought of the evil monster pushes my blood pressure up into unchartered waters!

The one thing that does stand out is that there is an obvious connection between the blood-line related elite & their servants in the shadows, with Zionism, paedophilic perversion & satanic worship always following not far behind these people. It’s a thread that runs through that whole section of powerful controllers.

And of course when you look at the UK’s father of European ‘unity’ (to get the countries of the EU set-up as a non democratic dictatorial ‘region’ of the New World order) you have to look no further than Edward Heath, and we now all know what’s crept out of his wardrobe in recent times – again conveniently after he’s died. It is as obvious as if it was stamped on their foreheads.

But of course we who bother to research these facts are conspiracy theorists aren’t we?

If you can be bothered to click on the links, then check out the link below to hear an interview with the prominent barrister Michael Shrimpton. Of course if you think he’s also a conspiracy theorist then don’t bother.


Yes indeed, Leo Abse, who was instrumental in the amendment to “The sexual offenses act 1967”. Following this amendment, all cases of paedophillia, were no longer subject to general law. It meant that the Director of Prosecutions, set up by the Government, had the first say on any case, primarily relating to homosexual paedophillia, before any proceedings could be instituted.

How blatant could they be, the Government, allowing Leo Abse to help himself and his perverted friends out from the fear of prosecution, basically, the opportunity for perverted corruption, at the highest level, no doubt to be used as a black mailing tool. Cyril Smith MP, the renown pervert, was heard to say, that he was “friends with the DP”, so had nothing to fear if reported.

Here is the Former Tory Whip, Tim Fortescue, describing how the corrupt system of the black book works in Parliament, perhaps helping a chap out of trouble with “boys”.

How can us have faith in such a corrupt system, where our MPs could be potentially blackmailed into, for instance, voting for an illegal War?


Oops that should be We instead of us and it’s the DPP, the Director of Public Prosecutions. Here is a link regarding, Leo Abse and the consequences of the amendment act to the “Sexual Offences Act 1967”, which apart from being totally corrupt, meant that vulnerable children, often from the poorest backgrounds in care, were not protected!′/

Big Gee

Stinks to high heaven doesn’t it? It’s breathtaking how brazen they have become. Little wonder that they can act with impunity – in the knowledge that they are above the law, thanks in no small way to slimy reptiles like Abse and others like him.

In fact the power manipulated by those in the shadows has now reached such proportions, and the public is so gullible, malleable and thoroughly brainwashed that that those in the shadows no longer feel the need to act in the shadows. As we become more desensitized to these horror reports the less we are aggrieved when they break the surface. We are becoming a community that’s been anaesthetized to anything that we hear. Worse still we don’t react when a few of the more awake amongst us raise the alarm . . . . “who cares as long as I can watch Big Brother, X Factor or Corrie” . . . .

In Wales, this tendency has been smouldering for years – it’s called apathy. So true the words of the Manic Street Preachers song “If you allow this your children will be next”.


It’s amazing though isn´t it, that of all things, you would imagine the welfare of vulnerable children, would be something everyone, at last, would get riled up about, but the apathy is astonishing, I imagine in some other countries people would be on the streets, rioting!

Perhaps it’s still too much of a taboo subject for many people to get their heads around and perhaps this unwillingness to talk about it, is how they got away with so much abuse, in care homes, such as the ones in North Wales, all those years. Even Teresa May has said that, we have only seen the tip of the ice berg, in terms of the numbers of cases of abuse, even though she and the Government, have been trying to make a complete white wash, of the CSA inquiry.

There are now over 76 MPs being investiged for CSA, with 2 current MPs, who were reported 2 years ago, being investigated by the Police. There are currently 44 cases of corruption being investigated,with in the Metropolitan Police alone, relating to CSA. This is an internal inquiry and many of those relate to good Cops with a conscience, deciding to report what was covered up all those years ago. Then there is the constant revelations, drip fed through the media, of those that are now convieniently dead, like Clement Freud, recently. It really is a disgraceful scandal that should have rocked the Government, but it is all being carefully controlled and the masses are still not waking up to the true scale of corruption, in our political elite.

Big Gee

Hmmm – shines a light from a slightly different angle on the European matter doesn’t it? This falls in neatly with the comments I made in an earlier post – explaining why I was for Brexit. It is obvious that the whole question of the EU goes far deeper than the vacuous and superficial debating subjects that were promoted during the campaign. Most people were silly enough to fall for the red herrings, when in fact the importance of staying in Europe for those behind the scenes was to continue promoting their agenda. However, after throwing everything – including kitchen sinks at the campaign, they woke up to their worst nightmare – the people want to leave anyway. They may have inadvertently done so for many wrong reasons, but thankfully the result HAS put a spanner in the works of the ‘dark suited figures in the shadows’ – at least for the time being. There’s a long road ahead, and a need for an awful lot of waking up to be done amongst the masses.

To get a broad overview of what it’s REALLY about (worldwide) click on this link:


This 15-minute video provides a brilliant, timeless explanation of who is really behind the NWO worldwide. It’s great for those who know something is wrong but don’t quite “get it”, and should be required viewing for children. In fact, it should be required viewing for most adults, and if we had an independent mass media, it would be frequently broadcast on TV.

The fact that the “chickens” have been expelled by many different communities of “geese” on more than 100 occasions worldwide demonstrates that the problem lies with the “chickens”, rather than with the “geese”.

The crazy thing is that there are so many “ducks” today who continue to support and preside over their own enslavement, emasculation and eventual extermination. They are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

George Lincoln Rockwell wrote the poem; he was murdered by a sniper in 1967. Edgar J. Steele narrated the video; he died in jail in 2014 after being convicted of trumped up “murder-for-hire” charges. Compare their fates with that of Alex Jones, who will tell you the bad guys are anyone but who they actually are. Jones, an alternative media radio host, can somehow afford a divorce settlement of $2.7 million plus interest, i.e., “72 equal monthly installments of $43,933.00”. All evidence points to Jones being financed by those behind the very NWO that he purports to ‘expose’.

Big Gee

Quite a sobering experience that little video isn’t it? You’re quite right about Alex Jones, his outlandish exploits on Info Wars does sometimes make you wonder where he is actually coming from. Plus of course he does tend, through his extravagant hosting style to then cast true researchers in a very poor light – all being tarred with the same brush and labelled ‘nutters’. My suspicions were raised with his over the top support of Donald Trump! Coupled to his appetite for advertising his products during the commercial breaks in his show. He never seems short of cash. Not like the presenter of the Richie Allen show – who comes over as being far more sensible and impoverished!

Big Gee

That’s an interesting concept that’s being put forward by the ‘The Constitution Reform Group’ Myfanwy.

However this paragraph

The group proposes that the shared UK functions would include the monarchy as head of state, foreign affairs, defence, national security, immigration, international treaties, human rights, the supreme court, a single currency, a central bank function, financial services regulation, income and corporation tax powers, and the civil service“.

makes me wonder what exactly would change? After all it’s just a tarted up version of the current devolution arrangement.

Proper independence for the ‘satellite’ nations of the UK is a great idea, but what is independence when the above things are still in the hands of what would, in practice, be a England dominated body – serving it’s own interests? Because as is the problem now, if you have a ‘shared UK function’ body, due to it’s size, England would dwarf the voice of the other nations. Back to square one, where we are now.

I fear this is in the interests of those who cannot accept defeat following the Brexit result, rather than being in the true interests of the UK’s minority nations.


On a related matter to Brexit, thought you might be interested in this article Jac, regarding attempts being made, to save the Union, through constitutional reform.


I think you´re correct in assuming that this initiative (for want of a better word!) is ¨all about Scotland¨ and possibly NI although that is a rather different and distinctly more malodorous kettle of fish. However it won´t work because the Scots have been lead up this particular garden path once before and are unlikely to be fooled again. They were promised super-duper mega-maxi-devo quasi-federalism, honest cross-our-hearts-and-hope-to-die style. Only to see the Scotland Bill gradually whittled down to nothing special with every single SNP amendment voted down by the English MPs. So I doubt really that they will be fooled again, especially given the favourable noises coming from Europe, where it seems Scotland might at last be recognised as a real country.

So where does this leave Wales? Well to be honest I think Wales was just included in the mix to take the focus off Scotland and to give the whole thing a more inclusive gloss. Once Scotland has left the union, which historically remember is Scotland + All the Rest, then the pressure will be on to finally absorb Wales into a Greater England. That would at least help to salve the battered English ego following the loss of Scotland. ¨The Empire may indeed be finally lost but at least we can finally bring those annoying Welshies to heel¨.

Your border is much closer to the English heartlands than Scotland´s, it´s long, winding and rather ill-defined socially and geographically in many places, so cross-border schemes like the one mentioned may be the way they´ll proceed. Finally you´ll be left with a few bits in Llŷn and Penfro that will be ¨clearly unviable¨ a dyna ddiwedd y gân.


I can see the West being turned into some kind of tourist theme park, complete perhaps with some quaint native reservations which might even have limited self-government. As for the depressed areas like the valleys, these are already turning to UKIP etc. and in any case will simply be left to decay now they´ve turned their backs on EU funding. They may be the last hold-out for a certain kind of anglo-welshness but it will be a negative dispirited kind of resignation going nowhere and with nowhere really to go. All very sad, but the turkeys have clearly voted for Christmas.


“being left to decay” might perversely be the catalyst to an awakening, at least among those who have a real grievance when the condition gets bad enough. I suspect that were the conditions to deteriorate to a seriously impoverished level ( that as yet undefined or quantified ) the people of the old industrial communities ( once regarded as the working class) would be most likely to turn and rebel, even fight, whereas the men of reason, those found in day jobs in education, government and the professions, would stay on their collective pot and engage in their long winded intellectual constipation session.
To give the whole thing some coherence it needs a few robust presenters of hard facts, good talkers with a solid foundation of analysis and creative ability not overly wedded to particular ideology or creed other than the nation is better out of any Empire, UK or EU. The recent gatherings which alluded to independence within the EU are unfortunately misguided as they appear to crave a new Imperial master to replace the old one. Nevertheless we need that spark of leadership with a sense of direction to take advantage of a situation which might be upon us by 2020 if some of the gibberish coming out of London is to be believed. The drivel coming out of Cardiff can be ignored because under the current regime it’s just a conduit for London-speak.


Most of what you say is true, but I really don´t know if there´s any real potential for revolution in the depressed regions, someone closer to the situation on the ground might let us know. My guess, and it´s no more than that, is that (a) anyone with any get-up-and-go has long since got up and gone, and (b) many of the formerly working class in these areas will be dependent on state ´benefits´ in whole or in part, so unlikely to risk rocking the boat, at least unless things get really desperate.

Y Ddraig Las

Stick to Cornwall, you obviously know nothing about Wales.


Then be kind enough to educate me. (Nothing doing these days in Cornwall afaik btw).


I wonder what his interest in our country is, surely his own country/county has enough problems of its own to occupy him without having to stick his nose in where it’s not wanted, that is a very English trait though, so maybe he can’t help it?


Simple. I think that if the Welsh don´t get their act together PDQ the place will be thoroughly anglicised, especially when left to the tender mercies of an England looking for some way to recover its misplaced sense of superiority once Scotland has gone. Cornwall is only relevant as an example of what happens when a nation throws away its language and mostly loses its sense of identity. What little remains all too easily degenerates into lip-service and tokenism. A few brave souls still fly the flag (literally as well as metaphorically) and now and again an organisation or firm takes a word out of the Cornish dictionary for its name or slogan but that´s about the size of it.


Apologies, I missed your reply. I agree with you, Cornwall does set us an example of what may well await us if we continue do do nothing.

I was heartened to hear on the radio a few weeks ago that St Ives I think had put a stop to the building of new second homes, it will of course push house prices up further but it’s a start


The BBC has a new article about the Chilcot report and cognitive dissonance (CD). It falsely attempts to attribute Blair’s actions to CD (as opposed to being a puppet of Jewish intriguers who’d put him in power), but makes good points about CD, i.e., how people actually become more entrenched in their beliefs when presented with evidence to the contrary.

The evidence of who did 9/11 is overwhelming and undeniable, and then it is corroborated by who operates the cover-up, and who is most anxiously trying to push the “Arabs did it” fable. For example, Jerome Hauer (Jewish) was on TV on the morning of the attacks, putting out the spin about “bin Laden”, “the velocity of the plane”, and “intense heat probably weakened the structure as well”. John O’Neill was an honest counter-terror specialist and bin Laden expert, who didn’t realise that Osama had been set up as the scapegoat because he was dying of kidney disease and his family were friends with the Bush family. O’Neill disagreed with the official policy not to kill Osama, and so Hauer gave him the job of head of security at the WTC. Thus, the perps’ O’Neill ‘problem’ was conveniently solved when the building collapsed. As early as September 13, 2001, they had Don Radlauer (Jewish) of the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel (home of the Mossad, and likely origin of the Odigo message that gave two hours’ advance warning of the WTC attacks), publish an “analysis” purporting to show that it would have been an “easy” task for the “hijackers” to navigate the planes. And they had Eddie Guigui Shalev, who served in the Israeli “Defense” Forces in the paratroops regiment, say that Hani Hanjour was a “good” pilot, despite all evidence to the contrary and statements from independent witnesses.

The perps soon had James Murdoch’s brother-in-law Eric Hufschmid installed as a “truth teller” who would say that Jews did 9/11; his Jewish stepfather even helped him produce his books. Later, Hufschmid would work to sow division and mistrust in the truth movement by claiming that almost everyone was working for “the criminal network”. He would eventually be put into self-destruct mode, further embarrassing truth seekers by posting about his ‘research’ into “liquid farts”. Thus, those who pointed to the Jewish connection could be portrayed as Hufschmid-style “crackpots”. Both Hufschmid and David Aaronovitch (Jewish) would work to discredit 9/11 truth by associating it with false conspiracy theories, such as the claims that the Moon landings were faked, Diana, Princess of Wales was murdered, and Paul McCartney was killed and replaced. Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV network prepared the way as early as February 15, 2001, by broadcasting the documentary entitled “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?”. They had Jared Israel create the website domain as early as May 28, 1999, and establish himself as a “truth teller” who was critical of US government policy. By September 13, 2001, the Emperor’s Clothes website was running a couple of articles skeptical of the official 9/11 story, and by November 14, 2001, it would carry the article Guilty For 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers, which studiously ignored all the evidence of Israeli involvement. The “Bush did it” theory just doesn’t fly, since the press would have exposed it before you could say “Watergate”, and the Democrat opposition would have exposed it before you could say “election”.

However, in a system of Rothschildian “democracies” where the perpetrators own the mass media and have the leaders of incumbent and opposition parties in their pocket, they could get away with it for years. And the “Bush did it” disinformation was just another false conspiracy theory with the purpose of discrediting genuine truth tellers. But that is not to say that elements of the Bush admin weren’t involved. They did get roped into the Pentagon attack, which in 2000 was added on to the original plan just to hit the WTC. In March 2000, it became public knowledge that the Pentagon’s finances were “in disarray” and almost $7 trillion of bookkeeping adjustments had been required in order to balance the accounts, with $2.3 trillion of those corrections lacking receipts. Dollar (or shekel) signs began lighting up in the eyes of the perps. Dov Zakheim was already supplying the Flight Termination Systems incorporating a Command Transmitter System, by which several aircraft could be electronically hijacked simultaneously, and flown (e.g. into tall buildings or the Pentagon facade) by remote operators at a distance of hundreds of miles. In June 2000, Zakheim was co-signatory to the PNAC document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” that wrote of the ‘benefits’ of a “new Pearl Harbor”. In February 2001, Bush nominated Zakheim to serve as Pentagon Comptroller. The Pentagon’s accounts were run on old, standalone accounting computer systems (they still use floppy disks for their nuclear weapons!). As Comptroller, Zakheim would have the power to hire and fire those who did the data backups. Thus, they just had to have a plane smash into the accounts section, destroying documents and computer equipment, and killing accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts (whilst ensuring Rumsfeld & Co. were well out of harm’s way), and so they could filch a proportion of the $2.3 trillion without leaving a money trail back to the Zionist beneficiaries.

With the Bush admin complicit in the Pentagon attack, they were compelled to cover for Israel’s demolitions of the Twin Towers and WTC7. And the Zionists had their casus belli that they needed to launch their “war on terror”, and attack or destabilize Muslim countries one after another.

Dr. David Kelly, who said he would probably be found dead in the woods, knew the WMD claim was false. And so he had to be “suicided”, and the post mortem is classified until the 2070s. Robin Cook’s mysterious death was also very convenient.

Jews themselves boast about owning and controlling the mass media. And Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in his 1976 thesis for his MSc in business management that “The political power of newspapers is based on the ownership structure of the media.” Interestingly enough, Netanyahu also wrote “The integration process will be facilitated by advances in three areas: data compression, data base management and distributed processing.” Daniel Lewin, Netanyahu’s fellow Sayeret Matkal Captain and MIT alumnus, who, like Netanyahu, had lived in Denver and Jerusalem, was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Akamai. Lewin and Dr. Tom Leighton, Chief Scientist and co-founder of Akamai (who were working together late on September 10, 2001) had developed David Karger’s “consistent hashing” algorithm for distributing content from web servers more efficiently to cope with large amounts of traffic. (Lewin, winner of a bodybuilding competition who “loved jumping out of planes”, and “knew how to fight with knives and take knives away from people” – yet was supposedly outwitted and killed by a weedy “hijacker” with a knife! – had made several trips to Israel in 2001.)

If you’re planning false-flag terror attacks and are anxious to plant a false narrative and quickly establish it as the accepted version of events, you need to control the mass media, and you want to ensure the news servers can handle the surge in traffic, so that as the event becomes etched in people’s memories, they quickly learn that it was the “Arabs” and “al Qaeda” who did it.

Note how the perpetrators devoted a great effort to brainwashing people into believing the false narrative about the “nineteen Arabs” who got lucky, and then once people believed the Arabs did 9/11, CD would take over and cause them to resist and reject all evidence that challenged and refuted their misconceptions. The status quo would be further maintained by disinformation assets such as Jim Fetzer who would promote loony theories such as no-planes that were even sillier than the impossible, evidence-free “Arabs did it” lie. Only very dedicated researchers would break out of the conventional way of thinking about it.

Big Gee

Quite an eye opener. It makes sense – for sure more sense than the ‘official line’ crap we are continually being fed!

The link you provided does indeed explain cognitive dissonance very effectively. You can see examples of it on this blog! The more evidence provided the more the reluctance to change an entrenched view, regardless of how naive or uninformed that view is.

Tony Blair certainly appears to be suffering from CD (he’s not really of course) – but you’d expect that wouldn’t you? Being a puppet to a higher authority he is stuck between having to lie to get what his masters need, and unable to tell the actual truth, because of his position in the spider’s web. So he has to perpetually change angles or provide red herrings in amongst the lies to justify his arguments.

Nothing for him to be afraid of though – his back was well covered by the report. A report that actually goes a long way to excuse him by pointing to CD in a hardly hidden way.

Keep it up Poseidon – I for one am really enjoying your contributions – not least because they are the truth, or at least as near as we can get to it these days, but more importantly well researched.


A few things gleaned about Poseidon, (mainly from his own website).

Holocaust denier (about half way down)


Anyone who can claim that a government administration is ‘riddled with Jews’ and other unsavoury like comments can only be anti-Semitic without the possible shield of Anti-Zionism. Most Anti-Zionism is in fact a deliberately used misnomer for Anti-Semitism.

He is also a regular commentator, (making comments favourable to the milieu of the forum) on the forum of the White Pride neo-nazis.

We are judged by the company we keep Big Gee, so are you now telling us that you willingly support the ideas disseminated by someone who increasingly presents as an Anti-Semite neo-nazi Holocaust denier?


You won’t have to look far to find Anti-Semitic stuff on his own website, and whilst he makes a rather half-hearted attempt to disguise it, it’s often pretty obvious that he conflates Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism, and also quite often makes blatantly anti Jewish comments, most alarmingly about people where their ethnicity is irrelevant.

It’d be a bit like holding you as guilty by association for my political position (or vice versa) because we are both Welsh, a situation that I assume neither of us would be very happy with 😛


As Big Gee, Colin and take our Worldback…. have mentioned, who benefits from the events and bloody Wars we have been dragged into? Who wants to create chaos in the Middle East, who wants a refugee crisis with the potentiality of destabilizing Europe, who wants to make money out of perpetual Wars?

This is not just about the War criminal, Tony Blair, the Security services and many others who have power, have been let off by Chilcot. Some of the brave, good people should be remembered at this time, who tried to stop the insanity, such as this lady.

As mentioned before, it’s also about the nasty, divisive media, which promotes the establishment’s ideologies and Murdoch played a major role in all this. Remember the Sun’s infamous dartboard of all those who were standing up against the War, like Robin Cook and Charles Kennedy, now conveniently not here, to tell how they bravely stood up, when there was obviously no justification to go into an illegal War, which has killed over a million people, destabilized Iraq and Syria and displaced many other millions and made all of us, less safe. This article about Murdoch and some of the other protagonists, is interesting as are some of the comments underneath.

Then of course there was Dr David Kelly, who was just doing his job, bravely telling the truth, when he testified, that there was no WOMDs in Iraq. Why have the details of his alleged suicide, been closed by the Government for 70 years, don’t We have a right to know the truth? The Blair administration were very fond of D notices, the Dunblane massacre is also, among others, covered by such secrecy acts and then, what about all, those missing Government files, what can they be hiding?

Big Gee

Indeed Myfanwy – a very good post – you’ve touched on quite a few points there that highlight a lot of unsavoury things that should set alarm bells off in people’s minds. Sadly though, given enough time and with many other distractions placed in front of them (mostly sports, celebrity shows and soap operas, with a constant stream in the background of news that’s meant to make them jumpy and fearful) the masses tend to have dissolving memories of things that should be answered now, not in seventy years time. As for Chilcott, he was partially tethered because as usual the rules were cooked before the inquiry. His remit was narrowed and as a consequence he could not have a free hand to address all the matters that should be dealt with. Not that it makes any big difference, because whoever is given the task, the ‘dark suits’ make sure such inquiries are in safe hands.

Who do you think are Murdock’s controllers? It’s not a trick question!

Colin: I have to admit that the Tweet re. Snowden does look a bit suspicious, but it’s on the right track all the same. The trouble is when people get frustrated and over zealous in their frustrations they can sometimes act a bit silly which is a shame, because it gives us all a bad name & the ‘pet lambs’ along with the higher ‘powers’ jump on those opportunities to tar us all with the same brush. Mind you, this ‘hornet’s nest’ could in fact be genuine, much strangers things have appeared in the past. On the other hand it could just be the product of the ‘spider’s web’ to cast a bad light and to discredit all the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Now there is a known set-up in the pipeline. Have you heard of the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve? It’s not a million miles away from the ‘Hornet’s Nest’ whisper.

Click on the link below:


Regarding Murdoch, Blair’s spin Doctor, Campbell, mentioned how Murdoch lobbied the Prime Minister. It is important to scrutinise the mechanisms of power. Big money, corporations, businesses and banks, are the ones that really wield the power and pull the strings, not the puppets in Parliament.

There may be individuals who own companies, like Murdoch, who lobbies for power all around the World, while promoting a right wing agenda, or a conglomeration of businesses, such as the Military Industrial Complex, extremely powerful people, with a vested interest in promoting war.

In Britain the UKIP were successful, because they have had a very wealthy backer in Aaron Banks, who donated 6 million pounds of his own personal wealth and intends to set up a new right wing party.

Poseidon has given a very thorough analysis. Just to add, it’s important to reiterate that there is a distinction to be made between the Zionist agenda and most Jewish people, who live around the World in peace. The conflation of the two is part of the smoke and mirrors, that put many people at risk of anti semitism and as said before, the term is actually used as a veil to prevent further scrutiny. Apart from Oil of course and the corporations who make money out of machinery etc in War, the strategic location of Syria, on the Mediterranean and bordering Iran, could be seen as a very lucrative proposition. There is also an issue of land shortage for Israel, hence the constant battles and land grabs, with Palestine, with so many displaced people from Syria and a desire to get rid of Assad, perhaps land from Syria is also part of a hidden agenda.

Big Gee

That is VERY interesting Colin – more so if the source is to be believed. However Snowden has had no reason to deceive in the past, why should he now? It would fit in nicely with what the more awake amongst us have been saying here and in other places.

Here are a few more snippets that all point in that same direction:


The sleep walking ‘pet lambs’ amongst the public are being played like a violin string. Conditioned and programmed from birth to accept anything and everything they are told by the powers behind the scenes through their mouthpieces, the official media. Thank goodness for alternative social media sources I say. Dare provide facts that counter what the official line is, and what do the automatons call you? A CONSPIRACY THEORIST of course!

And everyone thought that the EU referendum was about migration, the economy and jobs? Bullshit. The problem in the Middle East is all about Islamic terrorism? Bullshit. Our very own dear Chilcott report was about finding the truth and setting things straight, including the proportioning of blame? Bullshit. Mark Carney (on £880,000/annum) at the Bank of England (privately owned by the Rothschilds) so fearful of our economy post Brexit, (what a joke)so he puts in place contingency policies to help borrowing? Bullshit – a simple opportunity to create more loans and credit. Did you know that every £1.00 you borrow then releases the banking system to create more money (fictitious deposits – numbers on computers – not real money but money generated by PRIVATE banking corporations). More than 97% of all the money in the world’s economy exists as bank deposits – and banks create these deposits simply by making loans. Every time someone takes out a loan, new money is created.

Not sure about what I’m talking about here? Or if you don’t trust what I’m saying (as I seem to have been labelled a conspiracy THEORIST) check out this short video clip that will explain it to you:
Oh yes Mr. Carney is really concerned about us – that’s why he wants us to borrow more, enticed by more loan availability. Sweet!

Super stud Clinton said “it’s all about the economy stupid WRONG – It’s ALL about the NWO stupid.


Having read a bit more this morning regarding the Snowden-Hornets Nest, there are many claims that it’s a hoax so without the claim coming directly from Snowden himself I would tend to put this in my “very possible but needs proof” box, anyone got anything more concrete?


I still reckon that you’ve been at the moonshine, as the links you provide in your comment lead to a website written by someone who is totally batshit crazy. Of course, it was the Jews that were responsible for everything – and of course, great pains are made to separate Jews and Zionists, (which, under other circumstances, would be fair enough) though the writer then struggles to avoid conflating the two further on into his arguments. (Something I note has happened with some of the comments on this thread – not quite anti-Semitic, but very close to being so, and certainly there no doubting that with some commentators, Zionist and Jewish are conflated. Whatever, it’s not very pretty.

The fact that the guy behind the three world wars website is claiming that all this stuff is some kind of Biblical prophecy places him firmly in the dangerous lunatic category – sure, there are plenty of those kinds of right-wing nutcases seeing, not only conspiracy, but divine intervention too! The late Gore Vidal reminded us many years ago of the dangers of the religious Christian Right and their control of the US military-industrial complex through the political system (Commies are the Anti-Christ… now been revised, Ay Rabs are the Anti-Christ) making their belief in Armageddon a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only trouble with the whole God thing is that in all likelihood there is no such being, and even if there were, doesn’t it say in the relevant bit, (for Christians) the New Testament that people would be allowed to get on with it without divine intervention. It isn’t the god of the New Testament that that charlatan worships, but a god of vengeance. All rather similar to those other idiots who have distorted the meaning of Islam, and are now engaged on some sort of jihad against everyone else.

Seriously, do you really want to give credence to a website where it is claimed that WW1 and WW2 were planned as far back as 1776?

Never was a disclaimer more appropriate:

“The accuracy of any of the information on any of these pages cannot be guaranteed.  You should never accept anything you read or hear as fact until you’ve verified the information for yourself first. “

Of course, most of the information on that website cannot be verified. The historian E.H. Carr, quoting a French philosopher stated that a fact is like a sack, it won’t stand up until you put something in it. The mainstream media may put a load of garbage in the sacks of facts, but seemingly it’s a better quality of garbage than the conspiracy theorist loons.

I don’t know what the ‘truth’ is, I’m none too sure anyone can come up with a definitive truth, so much have all these issue become the stuff of speculation, misinformation (from whatever source) and blatant lies. What I do know is that it’s extremely unlikely that one of these fruit-cakes are anywhere near the mark. They are charlatans, and as Barnum once said, ‘A sucker is born every minute’.

Oh, I’m so glad that you provided the David Icke YouTube video link, of course he isn’t living in the lap of luxury, I can see that now. But, hang on a minute, he’s hardly short of a bob or two, having had to settle a rather large out of court settlement of £50,000 back in January, and has sold many millions of books as well as DVDs and no doubt all the talks he gives on his tours of the world (evidently usually sold out) must generate a tidy income, and even if he only gets a relatively small percentage of the takings, he’s still raking it in relatively speaking. He may not have a flash car, or indeed a flash house. I’m sure you know plenty of Cardis who have plenty of cash, but live almost as paupers. Oh, and Icke didn’t leave the BBC, his contract was terminated because he refused to pay his Poll Tax, not in itself a bad thing, but it puts things in a bit of a different context to the one you seemed to be trying to create.

If that’s the level of your ‘research’ then I don’t think I’m actually that far of the mark, and so much for you not wanting to respond to my ‘shallow and utterly ignorant comments’, and then proceeding to try to persuade me that David Icke is the true messiah. You say he is no fool, I guess not, he certainly knows how to sell his stuff, and probably makes a very good living from it, but most reasonable people would agree that he is, at best, deluded.

Poseidon writes at length, and you seem delighted to be able to rest your case. Unfortunately Poseidon has merely swallowed, hook, line and sinker some very colourful explanations on yet another conspiracy theory website. There is nothing in what he writes that could come anywhere near being the ‘proof’ that he claims that it is, but there we are, conspiracy theorists rarely challenge things that suit their own thoughts.

Maybe this website will help to spread a little heresy:

Inevitably the NWO has been mentioned, which while I could see as a legitimate worry, were we in any way near that situation in reality. The truth is we are nowhere near a situation where a small elite control the world, and given that we are fractious humans, it’s unlikely we will ever get to that admittedly dangerous state. A person only has to look at the state of the world to realise there is no great unity in the world, quite the opposite. A few may control much of the wealth, but that will change, it will have to. The alternative is complete breakdown of society as we know it – a la France 1789.

Notions that the EU are the big, bad, evil empire are complete balderdash – sure, the place was hugely inefficient, and some of the ‘democratic’ procedures were at best questionable, but the EU was no more undemocratic than Westminster government. And it was a million miles away from being a unitary state. I didn’t vote Brexit, but I do understand why so many did. The vast majority voted Brexit as a shot across the bows of the political establishment that has ignored them for too long, not because they hate foreigners. Immigration is a symptom of what is wrong, not the cause. Most people who voted Brexit would probably not voted at all if the social and economic fabric of their communities were healthy and providing what people need.

We can believe what we want. I don’t make any claims at being an expert in anything but I do know when my shots have hit home, and the fact that you not once tried to rip my comment apart, but twice tells me that I rattled your care more than a little. Far from setting out to impress, I was merely making as comment. I wouldn’t think that having Domestos poured into my head would be the most pleasant of experiences, but I suspect filling my own head with complete pig manure, as you seem to have done, would be even less pleasant, and a darned sight smellier!

Big Gee

THANK YOU takeourworldbackPoseidon! I rest my case.

But I guess ‘sibrydionmawr’ will still contend that, like me, you are a “crackpot“, who have “come along with [our] own 2+2=4570 theory“.

He will – I suppose – further reiterate that:

Whilst there might contain the odd nugget of truth, these conspiracy theories require the not only the complete suspension of disbelief, but also at the same time massive faith in the idea that there are a group of illuminati or some such group hellbent on world domination“.

He will also say :

Conspiracy theories are easy to spot in that you require to believe that somehow the heavens were in alignment with the sun, and that a certain set of circumstances had to coincide for the theory to work

Finishing with:

Sorry, events occur, and there are those who will take advantage of them in order to enhance their political career, or, if ‘conspiracy theorists’ capitalise on an opportunity to make a pile of cash out of cretinous fools who will lap this kind of stuff up“.

But you’d expect that from someone who has had metaphorical domestos poured into his brain through his lug-holes from the time he was born. His mind is as clean and empty of proper data as a newly formatted disk drive.

One of the innocent ‘pet lambs’ of the system who I suspect sits down every evening (like all the other ‘good’ pet lambs) with their bag of popcorn to watch the BBC’s Ten O’clock News, which they firmly believes is more truthful and accurate than all the wise books of antiquity put together. Whilst all those nasty ‘conspiracy theorists’ (as they call them) are deluded crackpots putting out naughty stories about the queen, the bankers, and those nice people in governments and global corporate companies. Lambs to the slaughter I’d say.

Poor sleep-walking, thoroughly programmed automatons. Jeeezus, how on earth can you be so blind, when the evidence is standing on your foot whilst staring you in the face?


The biggest problem with Jac’s analysis is that it falls for the looniest conspiracy theory of all, in which a gang of pork chop-loving, strip club-frequenting, red Pontiac-driving, video-gaming, vodka-swilling, cocaine-snorting, gambling hedonists and devout Muslims are said to have had such a vehement hatred of Western culture that they were motivated to kill themselves and thousands of others. And these nineteen “Arab hijackers” armed with box cutters are supposed to have managed to bring down three skyscrapers and a section of the Pentagon. And one of them, a “very bad pilot” who “could not fly at all”, was too “incompetent to fly alone”, “could not handle basic air maneuvers”, failed his driving test, could not remember his PIN, and was too timid to ask for a toothbrush, is supposed to have been a fearless terrorist and suicide pilot capable of performing a 330-degree descending right turn just before flying the final mile at 530 mph whilst controlling the pitch with such precision that the accuracy was better than 3 arc minutes from a mile out, so that the engines cleared the Pentagon lawn by a couple of feet.

And Sivan Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel and Oded Ellner are supposed to have had precognitive powers, so they could learn about the first plane crash, then drive a van through rush-hour traffic from Weehawken to Union City to be seen high-fiving with their cameras on the van’s roof before news of the first crash had broken on the local AM news talk station 1010 WINS, 4 minutes 22 seconds after the impact, and they could choose to go to that parking lot at the Doric apartment block because it provided “a view of the entire length of both towers” to be seen there before a plane hit the second (South) Tower, and they could already know in June 2001 that they should book their flight tickets back to Israel via Athens with the date September 12, 2001. Similarly, Urban Moving Systems boss Dominik Suter is supposed to have had second sight, so that he knew to close his company and fire his workers at lunchtime, 9/11/01, before his employees would be arrested later that afternoon, and so that his mother-in-law knew to make a transaction on a Florida property on the Friday prior to 9/11, consistent with the family having to flee the US for Israel on Friday September 14. And only an ‘evil’ ‘racist’ would say it was because Urban Moving was a Mossad front that had just become redundant.

We are supposed to ignore the fact that the affidavit for the planted ‘evidence’ that ‘proved’ Arabs did it was signed off by the Jewish judge David M. Cohen of a Portland court, for which the scriptwriters had to concoct a cock-and-bull story about two “hijackers” making a last-minute trip to Portland for no reason at all, with their luggage only being ‘found’ because they nearly missed the flight that they’d planned to hijack. We are supposed to believe it was mere ‘coincidence’ that Larry Silverstein took over the lease for the Twin Towers and insured for billions of dollars against “multiple” terror attacks, within six weeks of multiple terror attacks destroying the buildings, and that Silverstein, who customarily breakfasted at the Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower, only avoided being trapped above burning floors because of a “dermatologist’s appointment”, and his two children Roger and Lisa were also spared a ghastly fate after uncharacteristically failing to turn up for work that day because they were “running late”. Only an ‘evil’ “anti-Semite” would think it wasn’t purely coincidental that Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli prime ministers were close friends of Larry Silverstein, and that Netanyahu and Flight 11 “passenger” Daniel Lewin were both Sayeret Matkal Captains, MIT alumni, and had lived in Denver and Jerusalem, making the chances of the latter two not knowing each other vanishingly close to zero.

It is supposed to be purely coincidental that Netanyahu had predicted in 1995 that “militant Islam” would bring down the WTC, and that his BSc in architecture, along with his access to WTC blueprints, either via his friend Silverstein who built the original WTC7 in 1987, or from Lewis M. Eisenberg, a member of the Planning Board of UJA/United Jewish Federation and already a PANYNJ Commissioner in February 1994, allowed him to calculate that it was necessary to take out five contiguous floors in a Tower before the lack of bracing would raise the slenderness ratio of enough core columns above the critical slenderness ratio, such that Euler buckling and global collapse of the Tower would ensue. Only a ‘neo-Nazi’ would say there was something suspicious about the fact that Flight 11 hit floors 94-98 of WTC1, which were not only the very center of the upgraded fireproofing zone (floors 92-100), but were the very floors for which the ‘upgraded’ fireproofing had a higher density and cohesive strength compared to the remaining upgraded fireproofing, consistent with embedded accelerants. Only a ‘mean’ “right-wing extremist” would question the official narrative which held that “office fires” were responsible for the partially evaporated, heavily sulfidized steel members (without all the excess sulfur, even melting would require at least 1,426 °C or 2,600 °F for the WTC steel, given its maximum sulfur content of 0.05%), and the fireproofing that had “melted into a glassy residue” (and given that NIST conducted measurements on the Cafco Blaze-Shield II to determine specific heat at temperatures up to 1,200 °C, any phase changes or decomposition would require considerably higher temperatures).

Surely only a ‘wicked’ “hater” would smell a rat with Netanyahu having been in London on the morning of the London 7/7 bombings and having advance knowledge of the blasts. And only an “extremist” would highlight the fact that in a Jerusalem Post article dated 7/7/05, Efraim Halevy, Mossad head as of 9/11/01, who was already working with Netanyahu on murderous Mossad missions in September 1997, inadvertently revealed an intimate knowledge of the London 7/7 bombings by referring to the explosions that happened “today” as “simultaneous”, when the British authorities believed for the next two days that the explosions had occurred over a period of 26 minutes from 08:51 to 09:17, and did not manage to deduce that they were simultaneous until July 9.

Only a ‘vicious’ “anti-Semite” would not accept it was a coincidence that NY Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik made a four-day trip to Israel from August 26-29, 2001, ostensibly to combat terrorism and Ecstasy trafficking, bizarrely failed to take any narcotics or terrorism experts with him, met Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer who (like Larry Silverstein) was friends with Israeli prime ministers, claimed “there was no explosives in the van” after multiple, credible reports of “tons” of explosives in an Israeli van on 9/11/01, claimed that a “hijacker’s” passport had been “discovered” in pristine condition after allegedly having been separated from the “hijacker” and another 100 tons of aircraft debris, caught in a fireball and “soaked in jet fuel”, and was later found to have received a $250,000 “loan” from Wertheimer, to have had $236,000 of rent paid between 2001 and 2003 from Steven C. Witkoff (Jewish), and to have received a $28,000 “loan” from Nathan Berman (Jewish).

The proofs are endless. I could go on for ages about the Zim American-Israeli Shipping Company, Odigo, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the role of the Israeli “art students”, the Israeli “moving companies”, etc.. For full details, see:

In the other parts of that trilogy, you will find out why our ‘leaders’ invariably pursue policies that benefit one particular group at the expense of the native population that they are supposed to represent.

Chopper Harley

George Galloway, for once, appears to be spot on in suggesting parliament will impeach Tony Blair. But it should not end there. JIC failed in their assessments, especially with regard to WMD and the JCS lobbied hard for UK involvement in Iraq when the army was ill equipped and already over stretched in Afghanistan .Blair has much to answer for but we should not let the intelligenge people at GCHQ or the generals at Whitehall off the hook either. Watching David Omand and Mike Jackson on Newsnight this week they seem quite content to allow the politcians and diplomats to carry the full blame, this should not be allowed to happen, there is more than enough blame to go around

Big Gee

I have always found George Galloway to be spot-on the mark, yes he is slightly extrovert, but he talks sense and truth (not surprising as Tony Benn was his mentor – a pity that little inadequate prat Hilary Benn didn’t learn the same lessons). The only time Galloway has spoken shit and annoyed me greatly was when he was speaking out against Scottish independence – but we’re all allowed the odd mistake aren’t we? After all “to err is to be human” – as long as you don’t make a habit of it!

Chopper Harley

Yes great shame that the Westminster rebels such as Dalyell and Galloway are no longer there to occasionally give the shysters a wake up call. Good on the Scots at least they still seem capable of producing politcians of conviction. If the Labour party should split it would be interesting to see if Galloway would then make a move to get back into the party. Speaking of which where is that worm Jack Straw these days ? Surely if Blair has to face the music then he has to be prised ou from under his stone to face the music.


Oh dear, here we have the tinfoil hat conspiracy theory argument. As soon as anyone mentions New World Order and starts to point people to anything that poor deluded soul Ike has published you know things are reaching desperation point.

Sure, there remain many questions about 9/11 and many other events that have occurred in the world, and the lack of a coherent explanation for them creates an opening for the crackpots to come along with their own 2+2=4570 theory.

Whilst there might contain the odd nugget of truth, these conspiracy theories require the not only the complete suspension of disbelief, but also at the same time massive faith in the idea that there are a group of illuminati or some such group hellbent on world domination. Conspiracy theories are easy to spot in that you require to believe that somehow the heavens were in alignment with the sun, and that a certain set of circumstances had to coincide for the theory to work. Sorry, events occur, and there are those who will take advantage of them in order to enhance their political career, or, if ‘conspiracy theorists’ capitalise on an opportunity to make a pile of cash out of cretinous fools who will lap this kind of stuff up.

About the only conspiracy is the conspiracy theory itself, which, providing an alternate explanation for the gullible, acts as a shield for what really happened. Conspiracy theories are way too elaborate, and as is stressed often in academic environments, the simplest explanation is usually the best. This is the approach that Jac has taken. His analysis is succinct and believable. Conspiracy theories are not, unless you’re gullible of course. Big Gee, you have often made some relevant and insightful comments, and I’m actually quite surprised that you’ve made this comment. What happened? Is it magic mushroom time in the uplands of Ceredigion, or have you been taken over by aliens in the form of lizards?

Big Gee

I will not validate your shallow and utterly ignorant comments with a response sibrydionmawr (bigwhispers). It is evident that you have dived for your keyboard to repeat the shit you’ve been spoon-fed, and then followed blindly. These are not your self generated comments, they are the worn out responses of the gullible masses. Thoroughly unimpressive, I presume you set out to impress by regurgitating what you’ve heard others say in the past. Not a clever thing to do.

Go away and do some homework. Then come back and give us the benefit of your own comments garnished from what you’ve learned or discovered.

Be my guest and start with the links I’ve provided, I doubt if you’ve got that far yet. Read my replies to other comments above. Above all read some of the literature written by David Icke who has dedicated a quarter of a century to researching the subject material. Until you do that, don’t bother to try and project yourself as a self promoted expert on the subject. Incidentally Icke left a very prestigious job at the BBC to pursue this research. Believe me he is not a fool – as others try to portray him. Neither is he making big money out of it:

I think that should put your comment ” ‘conspiracy theorists’ capitalise on an opportunity to make a pile of cash out of cretinous fools who will lap this kind of stuff up” into perspective. It’s as misinformed a comment as your suggestion that I must also therefore be one of the “cretinous fools who will lap this kind of stuff up”.

On the hardly veiled attempt at ridicule in the last paragraph of your drivel, I suggest you analyse what I’ve said in the past on here. I’m not given to gullibility, or naivety as anyone like Jac who has known me for years and who knows my views will substantiate I’m sure.


Given the control the media have over what we are told this is hardly surprising. I can understand peoples fear of being ridiculed for even thinking of taking something like this seriously but it is a shame that they don’t at least have a quick read of the other opinions before they speak out with the usual drivel that is brandished about by the very people the likes of David Ike are talking about. True David Ike hasn’t done himself any favours over the years and has in many ways set himself up to be the focus of ridicule by the media but have you people ever given any thought to the possibility he may have a point? Do as Gwilym asks and do a little research, you never know, you might actually learn something about the world we live in and form an opinion of your own.

Although I have never met Gwilym, he has long been known to me as an honourable person who will stand up for what he believes in and speak the truth no matter what the cost. Such people are rare these days or even those days for that matter

Big Gee

Diolch Colin.

Big Gee

I agree with most of that Jac, EXCEPT there WAS detailed planning, down to a very preordained level. Don’t be fooled with all the crap about lack of planning post the Iraqi war, as was suggested in last night’s episode of Question Time. It’s all about 1. cause a problem, 2. wait for the reaction & 3. provide your solution.

9/11 was one of the most blatant false flag exercises in modern times. Designed to promote fear and insecurity in the western world – thereby allowing further control of the people, and used as an excuse to take away more of their liberties and to increase surveillance of the population in the name of security. It was also planned to provide an excellent excuse to start mayhem in the Middle East. The Blair thing is a side show. He was up to his neck in it along with Bush (no brain) Jnr. They, along with others, being controlled by the dark suits in the shadows. That is why the Chilcott enquiry only went so far – just enough to appease those baying for Tony ‘Liar’s’ blood, but not enough to cause real legal trouble for him. He is well protected by his masters and will never be thrown to the wolves, any more than ‘Boy’ Bush or his satan worshipping paedophile father before him or his father before him (the late US senator Prescott Bush, who was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany). They were the puppets of the grand agenda.

What’s the old saying? “A Nazi in the (pocket) is worth four in the Bush (family)”. What is interesting about the history of the Bush family are the connections; Avril Harriman, Allen Dulles, the Rockefellers (the start of the oil connection), James Baker III, Gulf Oil, Pennzoil, Osama bin Laden…on and on it goes. Don’t take my word for it – research it for yourself.

IS or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) like the Mujahedin/ Taliban in Afghanistan, was set-up, armed & funded by the US. The idea is to take away stability in the name of regime change. or originally to cause havoc for the Russians (in Afghanistan). The plan is to remove all those that were keeping those Islamic countries stable (Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad etc.). Although they were, and some still are pretty nasty dictators, they did keep the region stable. They’ve hit a snag with Bashar al-Assad though – with those damned ‘Commies’ from Russia messing things up for Uncle Sam and his mates..

IS & the so-called Arab Spring are the outworkings of the scheme. Turmoil followed by war. It is evident that a third world war is being brewed as they try their best to drag in China & Russia. Whole regions are being militarised by NATO – whose actual army is funded and run by the US. Has it also made you wonder who is very quiet in all this, but who will gain the most from such turmoil? Yep – that Zionist funded state they call Israel, and the same Zionists that run America. NOTE not ‘Jews’, most of whom are innocent victims themselves of the scam, but the Zionists – a totally different animal.

The first & second world wars were also planned and served the purpose of driving forward the agenda – history can prove that, when you discover the hidden plots, like the support provided to Hitler’s regime (with Zionist money) as a prime example. The same Zionists that now run the private banks so innocently called sweet names like The Federal Reserve, or The Bank of England in fact EVERY centralised national bank in the world is privately owned by the Zionists.


David Icke has explained all this in his book, ‘The Biggest Secret’, as Problem, Reaction, and Solution.

See also:

World wars make quantum leaps possible for those who have an ultimate goal for the world. Also regionalisation – as we’ve seen with the formation of the EU, and the main reason why I voted out. The Middle east is also earmarked as a ‘region’ along with the African Union

The trick is like that of the sleight of hand of a conjurer. We are distracted by meaningless details and sidetracked by things like Chilcott, or the simple arguments in the remain/leave debates. Or on a bigger scale by things like the twin towers attack that was obviously pre planned and carried out by the forces for evil within the US. Sod all to do really with the reality of what is at foot. How much more dust will be thrown in our eyes before we wake up?

Please watch this video before you comment further on Chilcott:


Jac, Gwilym, both very interesting

Nothing to do with Chilcot although much of it does seem to state the obvious… I saw a documentary or investigative program on TV some years ago about the Zionists controlling American finance, me not being the most politically aware person only saw afterwards the repercussions of that on the Palestinian people and how America seemed to turn a blind eye to their persecution. Moving on from that, I read more recently about over 90% of the western worlds media being owned by 6 companies but those 6 companies were owned by Rothschild, so basically the Zionists control what we know or get to hear too; it’s little wonder the real truth is being hidden. Given as you say “the west’s” involvement in destabilizing the middle east ( I don’t believe they didn’t know what was going to happen or if they didn’t they shouldn’t be left in charge of a rubber hammer let alone a country) it doesn’t take a leap of faith to begin to see what might be going on in the background

One of the troubles is that the Zionists camouflage themselves with the Jews and any attempt to voice an opinion is met with cries of anti Semitism and is avoided by all but as you say they are about as true Jews as an IS suicide bomber is a true Muslim

Big Gee

I couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself Colin. If more people took the trouble to just take a fleeting peek at the evidence involving the Rothschild Zionists then it shouldn’t take more than a few nano seconds for anyone with half a firing neuron to see what it’s actually all about (incidentally, apart from their dominant hold on the media and film industry they also PRIVATELY own all the central banks in the world, meaning they have the balls of all the governments in the world in their fist as creditors. Fact not theory – and all those ‘pet lambs’ that pass as thinking human beings thought that central banks were owned by the governments!). Sad to say you can take many horses to the water trough, but you can’t force any of them to drink from it. “None as blind as those who do not want to see” I always say – “where it ain’t you can’t put it” my friend.

The greatest task is prying the scales from people’s eyes for them to see and then undo the programming they’ve been exposed to from birth.

Ever heard of Michael Tellinger? Here’s an interesting lik for you:


Has it not occurred to you BG that Ike and his ilk may be part of the deception? By making endless and wildly bizarre claims, scenarios more appropriate for a Dr. Who script, they simply create a smokescreen so that any suggestions of genuine dirty deeds will be simply dismissed as just more fantasy politics?

For instance I´m pretty sure 9/11 and quite possibly the London Tube bombings weren´t done in the way we´ve been lead to believe, nor by the supposed perps. The stories (for that´s what they are) we´ve been fed simply don´t add up. OTOH I´ve no idea what the real truth behind these events is and having folk raving about heat-rays from flying saucers and mind-controlling aliens etc. doesn´t help at all.

Mind you Blair probably is a lizard, he certainly speaks with forked-tongue.

Big Gee

Have you noticed how commentators always try to ridicule the ones who may be developing an insight into what is going wrong? Mention the ‘conspiracy’ and what do you immediately get as a response? Something like your response: “Having folk raving about heat-rays from flying saucers and mind-controlling aliens etc. doesn´t help at all”. Get my drift?

In times past people were labelled as heretics or mad if they didn’t go along with what organised religion said. The shortcut to discrediting the truth is to throw suspicion on the ones who expose the truth by labelling them as mad, deluded or just troublemakers. Surely you must have noticed that on a small scale when it comes to the reactions this blog site attracts. How many disparaging ‘nutty’ accusations have been levelled at Jac and many others on here when we’ve provided evidence that does not match the official lie, or fit in with the general perceptions conjured up by the system or politicians, the media or corporations within it?

I can assure you that the last time I checked I’m not certifiable. I’m also very cynical by nature (most Cardis are!). I have made it a lifetime’s habit NEVER to dismiss anything until I have researched it and looked at it carefully for myself, only then do I come to my OWN conclusions. Never EVER accept anything at face value & NEVER dismiss anything without testing it for yourself. Anything short of that labels you as a stupid, easily led automaton. That’s why I get annoyed when I read some sweeping comments on here that are obviously written without the author spending a minute researching anything. Far easier to go with the crowd & repeat crap with no thought.

A double bluff when it comes to false flags? There’s a simple acid test, ask yourself which version of events benefits who. Sure, by creating food for a false conspiracy you could – in theory – be cleverly discrediting those who latch on to what is mistakenly labelled ‘conspiracy theories’ . However that is the realm of paranoia, and does the whole plot require an extra step to overcomplicate things? I think not.


I think your analysis is spot on. The only point on which I don’t agree is the point you make about D-Day. If the co-alition had the plan they had for the aftermath of D-Day things wouldn’t have been so bad. What astounded me was that they seemed to have learned precisely nothing from either the invasion of Germany or Japan post World War Two. There was no disbandment of civil authority in either country, as it was well realised that if you have an administration in place that makes the trains run, the water flow and polices the streets, then you leave it in place and clear out the bad apples at a later date.

It was pretty obvious that Iraqi society would collapse completely after the co-alition disbanded the civil authorities. The should only have done that if they could have taken on the burden of running civil society, something armies aren’t exactly designed for! They had effectively no plan, hence the chaos.


I think it might well be that there was no communist alternative that swung it, but it could also be sheer incompetence. Maybe it was a misguided belief in the ability of capitalism and market forces to solve the problems created when a country has been blasted to bits. Sadly capitalism only comes close to working if there is an infrastructure in place so that it can operate, but that had been destroyed. Captialism isn’t actually much good at creating infrastructure.


At the very least, Britain should have had the benefit of its colonial days. When you took over a region/nation you had to supply the infrastructure to administer it, from a Gov. Gen. all the way down to eccentric district commissioners and British colonial policemen in baggy shorts. Come to think of it, didn´t we (the UK that is) actually run Iraq for a while after WWI?

BTW Jac, many thanks for your excellent summary 🙂

jeffrey davies

oil thats why blair took us to war and the promise of wealth we we now now hes raking it in


There was far more to the invasion of Iraq than just settling an old family score.
Look into the Bush family’s business connections and Bush’s promise to Blair that he would be ‘looked after’.

jeffrey davies

oh dear all those millions blair made blood monies yet why did he do it but for whot he was promised monies he made a mint


A history lesson there that I’ve lived through! Thank you, Jac, for wrapping it all up so succinctly.

I thought the Chilcot Report would be a whitewash so was pleasantly surprised it seemed quite critical of many aspects of the Iraq conflict – at least according to reports because it will take me years to read it. Hopefully there will be lessons learned about how the country is taken into war in the future (God forbid) but how many times have there been inquiries into failures in child care and other matters of public interest and we are told lessons will be learned? But they aren’t. However I think if Blair and maybe others are successfully taken on in some way legally it will help to drive the lesson home even more.

I remember voting Labour in 1997 (yes, I was a lot younger and more foolish then) and can clearly recall Blair’s victory speech. How taken in I was at the time, but at least I can say so were millions of others. Fast forward to July 2016 to see his staged, well-rehearsed performance following the publication of Chilcot – the insincere cracked voice when trying to appear contrite, the apology that wasn’t one, the arrogance of I’d make the same decision again. The man’s a classic psychopath but is even more dangerous because he thinks he’s saving the world to boot. But now he neither fools me nor the millions of others who can see through him.

One observation to finish. Things were far from perfect in Iraq when Saddam was in charge. But look at the place now. The same applies to Libya. And look what happened in the Balkans after Tito died, though at least we can now say there is peace. And if Kim Jong Un is deposed in North Korea, who’s to say that place won’t erupt? It may offend our Western beliefs to think that democracy is not best for the rest of the world but in some places it’s only a firm hand keeps the whole place from going up in flames. At least it seems that way to me, though I will admit that History was my worst subject at school.