Blwyddyn Newydd Dda 2021


I hope you all have a good start to the year. My next post, in which I’ll give some thought to May’s Senedd elections, will be out next week.

I’m more and more convinced that 2021 will be a very important year for Wales.

♦ end ♦



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Dyn Gwyrdd

Appendages and Nonsense.

As you know all male mammals seem to have appendages between their rear legs. The coarse common word for them in the Oxford Dictionary is “bollocks”. According to the Oxford Dictionary the word “bollocks” can often mean “nonsense”. So please allow me to write a load of possible bollocks here. All UK state schools follow the National Curriculum, a devolved issue in Wales. As I understand it the Wales Government has spitefully written out of the Welsh National Curriculum the teaching of the Rebecca Riots and the Merthyr Uprising and probably other parts of our history. In other places there is very little reference to the infamous Highland Clearances in Scotland. Is this bollocks or truth? If true, the devolved Wales Government has proven it has powers to prune the Welsh National Curriculum. Why not prune it further now? Cut out all the waffle bits and concentrate now on the essentials like just English ; Welsh; Maths; Reading; Writing and Physical “well being” or P.E.. That way a long COVID Lock Down could be easily be quickly overcome by a short intensive bit of later “catch up” to a slimmer version of the National Curriculum following the end of the Covid 19 Pandemic cutting out all the waffle? With everyone on an equal footing for a quicker catch up. I remember the “bollocks” of having to learn Latin when more Maths would have been more useful!


Fancy questioning the value of Latin in these learned columns. You probably reject the worth of studying any form of Classics despite their evident contribution. After all, didn’t the great statesman of our time, Boris J, study Latin and the Classics, avoided Mathematics, even simple Arithmetic, as none of it added up to much in his rigorous logical mind. Now that science has been reduced to a tool of expedient politics perhaps more time should be spent studying ancient Sumerian and Egyptian along side Latin Greek and Ancient philosophers. The only academic field that can possibly rival these studies is P.P.E – Politics Philosophy and Economics, not the shabby protective equipment stuff that has yielded fat profits for those with friends in government ! The great Cameron was a product of the PPE academy at Oxford, such well bred and educated young men entitled to lead their country.


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb ohonoch. Ventured outside earlier and no sign of any change, positive or negative, yet. People in power obviously having a lie in, as opposed to the usual habit of lying.

Sad to read of your mam’s death,Gee. However long the life there is always sorrow when the end comes.


Took a long walk and came back to read that unherd article to which you referred in the tweet column.

Now that is almost entirely transferable in its relevance to the mess we find ourselves in today. At least Ireland has its Republic obtained by hard men and women taking the tough road, not prancing around spouting idiot mantras to impress each other like a bunch of overgrown cnuts. Here we have a government deeply influenced by a heady mix of colonialist conditioning blended with a tidal wave of shallow trash fashionable “thinking” which is not well thought through at all. To make matters worse the opposition that should matter to the cause of freedom is even more wedded to the crap spouted by wokish “evangelists”. We have plenty to rebel against. We should only fear it if we permit it to establish permanent control over our lives. Otherwise strike back as you see fit.

Big Gee

Diolch Dafis. So true what you say. Regardless of how old and decrepit we get, if we were given a date on which to go, no one would be able to come up with it.

Big Gee

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Jac.

Although it hasn’t started off well for me – my mother’s funeral is on the 6th. Couldn’t have happened at a more awkward time with all this fuss about the hoax plandemic scam. And no, she didn’t test positive with the not fit for purpose RT-PCR test. And it definitely won’t be on her death certificate to boost the fiddled cause of death figures.

Eos Pengwern

Very sorry to hear that, Gwilym.

Big Gee

Diolch Stephen. Never easy to lose a mother.

Sinbad's Sali

In 2021 every community needs someone like a Neil McEvoy. Are YOU reading this Plaid Cymru Leaders and Labour Lackeys? Remember voters, every vote for Plaid Cymru in the Senedd Elections this coming May is a vote for a Labour Coalition and for weird wokish issues. Pob lwc Jac a Neil.


2021. Here we have the wonderful world of a Welsh Government carbon reduction project costing the taxpayer £13.5m. A claimed saving in energy bills of a quarter as a result of an installation of solar panels at Morriston hospital, which amounts to £500k saving annually. This means the annual electricity bill is £2m.

However, we’re also told the total annual bill for utilities is £6.9m, made up of gas, water and sewage. Take off the electricity bill and we get £4.9m for other utilities. This must be the gas bill and what they pay Dŵr Cymru.

They go on to claim that a total annual saving is £1.5m. But we already know that £500k of this is from solar electricity, so actually we have a £1m annual reduction in the gas bill, simply by installing insulation.

The only other explanation is they’ve managed to get the solar panels to manufacture natural gas, they plan to spend £1m on LED bulbs, or the presence of solar panels are going to stop the patients having a poo?

Rhodri Williams

Jac please keep up the brilliant work you are doing God’s work! We need more people like you exposing these crooks and shysters here in Wales. We live in hope that 2021 brings Cymru closer to independence. So happy to end 2020 with the likes of Michael Sheen, talking passionate and powerful about independence. We need to continue complaining to the Media the BBC especially about their bias against independence and perhaps if enough of us do then we can see and hear more positive debate about independence on the so called national broadcaster. Anyway pob hwyl and health and happiness to you an your family