There will be no posting this week, but I may get something out before Christmas. This links with my decision to start winding the blog down in the new year, for two main reasons.

To begin with, I’m not getting any younger. And yet, despite that, I find myself taking on fresh responsibilities. Things I want to do before the Grim Reaper comes a-calling. So it has become a question of priorities.

But also, having spent some ten years writing this blog and its predecessor I feel there’s a limit to how much can be said of a spectrum that runs from lying politicians and their grant-grabber cronies through to more honest crooks.

My plan is to keep the blog going, with a reduced output, until the Senedd elections in May. When I hope to see signs of our people rejecting the Corruption Bay consensus that’s destroying Wales.

For while I still entertain hope of events external to Wales having influence it would be encouraging to see from within a desire for the radical change this country needs. Something of substance and lasting impact. 

But if Welsh people continue voting for Labour and Plaid Cymru, parties with absurd priorities divorced from Wales’ true needs, then Wales will soon be finished as anything other than a tourist destination.

♦ end ♦


23 thoughts on “A STATEMENT

  1. T

    Sorry to hear this, Wales needs another blogger like you! You have summed the Welsh Government perfectly. The Public Ombudsman Office for Wales and the ICO are no better. I pray that one day the people of Wales will get a government fit for purpose. From one Townhill Jack to another best of luck. 😭👍

  2. Keith Parry

    Enjoyed your blog for many years. You do the investigative journalism that the over paid so called journos at the BBC should be doing.
    Hope you enjoy your retirement I have no doubt the sorry state of wales and her politicians will provoke your quill pen into action from time to time. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  3. Jonathan Edwards

    So we MIGHT hear from you after the May elections? I won’t hold you to it because you have done your share. True nationalists, and you are one, do suffer from burn-out because they are hacking at the coal-face, not getting paid, and get nothing but contempt from the Plaid crowd in the Bubble. Henffych, Jac!

    1. Dafis

      Too bloody true. If you were to meet one of the modern Plaid wankers today and confronted him/her/it about their distorted policy priorities you would either get a waffly denial or an immediate blanking followed by a storming off just cos you are not “on message”. I’m just waiting for one of them to come knocking my door canvassing for the next round of democratic participation.

  4. Good luck Jac. I retired completely nearly four years ago to become a full time grandparent apart from a tiny bit of political sniping when time allowed. This past Covid year put “grandparenting” on hold, but there’s always something to be done at home. I’m writing to beg you, and your webmaster, to keep your BLOG on the internet, whether frozen or occasionally active. Can that be done? It is important for people to be to look back at the past two decades in the history of Cymru to see what an awful lot of shysters were running crooked schemes here, mainly with our public money, and how the ineptitude of most of our politicians happily readily handed out our public money to crooks, or to the nepotistic public sector parasites. So please try to keep this BLOG on the web as a dormant reminder of what these shites have been doing to Wales and its people, culture, landscape and language. Pob lwc ‘gymrawd’ Jac!

    1. Dafis

      You can’t ask the National Library to store it digitally because some sly little toerag would contrive to wipe it as as soon as possible, probably instructed by a greasy commissar down the Bay who looks out for seditious materials i.e anything that doesn’t fit the orthodoxy as laid down by the Plaid/Labour compact. If Jac was to withdraw completely from the scene the sense of relief among the fake representatives in Y Senedd would probably cause an emission of methane and other nasty gases that might lead to a minor explosion. The only silver lining on that cloud.

  5. Alun T

    Jac. All that’s needs to be said has been said above! Who am I to add to the thanks!
    Felly nDim ond I ddweud yn syml. Diolch yn fawr iawn am dy waith clodfyw dros y 10 mlynedd diwethaf. Thanks so much Jac. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd dda

  6. Wrexhamian

    Diolch yn fawr, Jac. Thanks to your work, I feel a tad less pesimistic about Cymru’s future. Your investigations resonate well beyond your regular comment-givers, and will make a difference somewhere down the line. It’s been anything but a waste of time. And now even Cyngor Gwynedd are pulling their finger out. They will assuredly have read your blog.

    Yes, Plaid Cymru, the ‘Welsh Government’, and those who’ve come here to exploit us may be breathing a sigh of relief, but it’s too kate — you’ve already exposed them.

    Pob lwc yn y dyfodol.

  7. David Smith

    A great loss to Welsh political journalism at a time when you’re arguably needed more than ever. However for you, as for anyone, your personal life has to come first and I respect your reasons.

  8. Big Gee

    Well I’ll be glad to see Jac o’ the North go – one less to work on for me – running this old blog and keeping it afloat on the technical side – with gratis hosting and technical support on my server for the sake of the cause!

    I know you’re intelligent enough to know that was stark sarcasm Jac – it’s been a pleasure for around 9 years by the time May comes around, after Google showed their nasty side in 2012. They’ve elevated their censorship since then, along with the rest of the Silicon Valley coven of evil. You’ve only got to see the blatant way that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo et al have been so dictatorial in their treatment of anyone that exposes the lies perpetrated by the Cabal driven establishment – more especially the likes of Bill Gates, Karl Schwab and George Sorros – to name just three.

    On which point, I’d like to congratulate you on a very astute and accurate comment Simon. You’re absolutely right. However, I’m not confident that elections will be a luxury for us come May. (even now the concept of a democratic vote to change things is a bit of a farce, we land up with a different looking sock puppet on the same hand – controlled from the shadows. This situation has already been established for a few decades) Democracy is a dead man walking under this latest push for a global fascist style dictatorship. National borders and individual autonomy has already fallen victim to Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ plan, which those in the know understand is meshed in to the other players that are henchmen for the Cabal, including the UN and the Agenda 21/2030 plan. The trigger to quantum leap their agenda forward has been this hoax, planned ‘pandemic’. it has been the catalyst to degrade humanity to a state of voluntary subservience and collaboration through generated fear for their life. They have voluntarily given up the bulk of their rights and freedoms on the alter of fear and hysteria, fuelled by the mainstream media.

    Meanwhile, some of us continue playing in our sand pit, bolstering each other up with fanciful tales of getting independence and a political change for the better in May 2021. Meanwhile their whole village is being burnt down to the ground as the evil that has engulfed the WHOLE of mankind rages all around, but those still playing in the sand pit seem blissfully unaware of what is happening, or what the consequences are going to be. It’s way past time to wake up. If this scam and the ‘new normal’ along with a ‘Great Reset is not halted then it’s curtains, and there won’t be a sand pit to play in.

    You should know that all the irrefutable facts and evidence for the above can be found at https://biggeesblog.cymru

    When it comes to bombarding the governments of England & Wales, the Prime Minister at Westminster, his cabinet office and the organisations and government departments, including the First Minister of Wales and his club of gormless accomplices down Corruption Bay with FOI requests, letters. queries etc. to those involved in this madness – we have reached a milestone. A few days ago the 100th correspondence went out from BGB. It’s imperative they get nagged to expose the truth, and for the clueless ones who represent the public to wake up and start educating themselves about the reality. See https://biggeesblog.cymru/index.php/a-running-journal-of-written-correspondence/

    I implore others to do the same individually. To aid you with that chore go to: https://biggeesblog.cymru/index.php/spread-the-word-letter-templates/

    First we win this war against evil – then we get back to our domestic sand pit pleasures, and not before.

    P.S. An interesting broadcast by UK Column today, that covers the censorship and disinformation issue:

  9. Wynne

    Totally understand your decision to wind down Jac for the reasons stated. When your final blog post is published it will be a hard act to follow. You have done a fantastic job over the years and put the mainstream media to shame. Have a great Christmas and New Year. And, yes, you are allowed to have as many bottles of Malbec as you wish over the Christmas period without breaching any Covid statute or guidance issued by the turtle !

  10. Dave

    Plaid will be cheering from the rafters but I realised a few years ago that I didn’t want spend my last years in a state of anxiety, there’s only so much one person can do and it seems Welsh nationalism has taken an irreversible route. We’re a long time dead.

  11. YBarddCwsc

    You will be very much missed.

    Your blog is depressing to read because the same pattern of crooked behaviour, serial incompetence, and gross indifference recurs again & again in the stories of our politicians and public servants.

    It must be depressing to write & collate the stories.

    Wales suffers from systemic problems in public services, rampant corruption & cronyism and a fragile, unstable economy.

    But, worst of all — and so unlike Scotland — there is no sign of competent, inspiring political leadership plotting a way forward for the country out of the morass.

    Wales seemingly cannot change its current trajectory. Any better option for Wales requires much better leadership, which is not available in any of the major parties. It is so hard to be positive for Wales.

    But, you can be proud of what your blog has achieved. It is an enduring record of one honest Welshman’s fight against tyranny and corruption in his country.

    And that is as much as anyone can ask.

    1. Dafis

      Diolch YBardd Cwsg. You have given Jac the credit he deserves.

      However I have to dispute a part of your comment about the current condition of Wales where you say :

      ” …worst of all — and so unlike Scotland — there is no sign of competent, inspiring political leadership plotting a way forward for the country out of the morass.”

      I would have agreed entirely with that comment until very recently. Then something on line elsewhere prompted me to have a look and I was staggered to find that a squad of ishoo pushers, especially those pushing the overt transgender/gender fluid agenda, have acquired a disproportionate influence and are already doing a fine job of dragging the SNP down.

      Now the London/Westminster mob couldn’t do it but these dimwits are well under way with their project. In fact calling them “dimwits” is just not right as it makes light of their activities. They are corrupt subversives doing London’s job of preserving the Union. They might as well all dress up in Glasgow Rangers or Orange Order kit. Much more of a threat in Scotland because they were further down the road than we are in Wales and we are already being diverted in a similar way.

  12. You will be sorely missed! Come over to Patagonia and start having a go at the politicians we have here. Cardiff Bay is Disneyland compared to our “seats of government”.

  13. Simon Foster

    Regarding May elections, the crucial issue in my mind is the “pandemic” response. Do we continue to destroy our lives, our culture, and our local businesses in a vain effort to eradicate a virus with the roughly the same danger of the flu virus? Or do we dispense with the pseudo-science of fear-mongering, spinning of data, and the push to turn us into vaccine junkies – all to fit a global reset agenda? Is it time we follow real data-driven science and get back to normal living (and dying)?

    I’ve been badgering our “representatives” down in Corruption Bay and have discovered that members of all the main parties fear the science of facts and data that exposes the pandemic as a fraud and prefer to remain in denial. On the periphery, “Welsh Nationalist” Neil McEvoy is a coward who thinks he can make political ground by simply ignoring the elephant in the room. Gwlad, seemingly bogged down in committeeland, (unless I have missed something), complains about the details of turning our nation into joyless police state, but not the principle.

    Given that Labour runs Wales with approximately 16% of the eligible vote, there has never been a better time to clear the rot out once and for all. Surely more than 16% of our people will turn out to vote for sanity and freedom after a year of brutal authoritarianism. Yet this opportunity of a century will pass us by if all our political actors drop the ball.

    1. Wynne

      “Regarding May elections, the crucial issue in my mind is the “pandemic” response. Do we continue to destroy our lives, our culture, and our local businesses in a vain effort to eradicate a virus with the roughly the same danger of the flu virus? Or do we dispense with the pseudo-science of fear-mongering, spinning of data, and the push to turn us into vaccine junkies – all to fit a global reset agenda? Is it time we follow real data-driven science and get back to normal living (and dying)?”

      Your analysis spot on Simon.

  14. I totally understand and as someone who has blogged about the corruption, bullying, abuse at mental health charity MIND and the connections and patronage that has so far protected them i TOTALLY understand the work thT is still needed to expose and rid this practice in Wales. For any of your readers interested I would urge you to follow my blog https://workplacebullyingwales.wordpress.com/

  15. Squirrel23

    What a huge shame! I have only recently discovered your blog. For an incomer like me it sheds a great deal of light onto matters I’ve been wondering about (and you have saved me a huge deal of time of poking around the internet to find the answers).

    Thank you very much for your hard work and for the really interesting insights.

    1. Dafis

      Often an index of the material published over last 10 years or so appears in the right hand column of this site. Not there today. When it reappears get in there and read or use the tags listed to locate specific subjects of interest. You will find a detailed account and analysis of much that is wrong with our country.

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