A Property Empire

This piece took root in my head when I read in late September that Aberllefenni had been sold. This small village not far from me had been on the market since 2016.

If you want to get there, just pass the Slaters Arms in Corris and keep going ’til you can’t go much further. That said, if you bear right after Aberllefenni there’s a nice drive that brings you out in Aberangell.

The extensive media coverage, from Cambrian News to the Times reported that the buyer was a London company, Walsh Investment Properties Ltd.

That was my first disappointment. For I assumed that a big-spending London property investor would have a top-notch website. But there’s nothing.

I’ve drawn up a list of the properties bought by Walsh Investment Properties Ltd. It’s in pdf format with working links. You’ll need it to help you understand what follows. Not least, the captions accompanying the images.


Then I learnt that the address in London is just a post box, for the eponymous Mr Walsh actually lives in Rhyl, or thereabouts. So I got to wondering what other companies he might have been involved with.

Here’s a list I drew up of the companies I found. (Available here in pdf format with working links.)

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

You’ll see that Christopher Paul Walsh has tried his hand at a number of ventures over the years. Both the oldest and the most recent companies see him in partnership with Sion Joseph Suckley.

The table also tells you the first of them was North Wales Hydroponics Ltd. Now hydroponics is an interesting line of business. You can grow all sorts of exotic plants by that method.

Though I suppose buying up property across northern Wales might be viewed as quite a departure from hydroponics. Then again, maybe not. Whatever . . .

As I’ve hinted, Suckley and Walsh were partners in North Wales Hydroponics Ltd, which ran dry in November 2013 with debts to the tune of £76k.

Suckley’s interest in hydroponics continued with Gaerwen Hydroponics Ltd, which also suffered desertification in November 2013, without ever filing anything.

Suckley next seemed to try his hand at the courier business, with two companies in Rhyl. The first was S & C Couriers NW Ltd, formed in May 2015 and voluntarily struck off in March 2016.

2 Berwyn Crescent, Prestatyn (property No 6). Google Maps image from September 2022. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The next company was HCS Couriers Ltd. Again, Sion Suckley is the only person named and this company lasted just over a year, collapsing in August 2019.

The final Suckley company was Crypto/And Investments Ltd Ltd. (Yes, ‘Ltd’ repeated.) This company didn’t last much longer than the courier outfits, with the big difference being the claimed share issue of £100,000.

Why so much for a one-man band destined to fold the day it was formed? Again, Sion Suckley is the only person named in connection with this company.

Walsh also went solo in hydroponics with The Hydroponic Warehouse Ltd.

He also entered the building business in May 2014 with EMW Developments Ltd. Again, there’s no website, just the Companies House entry.

The most recent creation brings Walsh and Suckley back together in Clewistion Cars Ltd Incorporated last December. And there is a website.

Clewistion Cars seems to have taken over part of the site occupied by Mountainview Cars. Both specialise in upmarket used motors.

Clewistion Cars on left. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But while newly-formed Clewistion Cars is registered with Companies House the Mountainview Cars website gives no company number, despite ‘trading for 15 years’. Nor are we given the name or mug shot of any on-site Swiss Toni.

Which is odd.

So is Mountainview Cars registered with Companies House under a different name and trading as Mountainview, or is it the local outlet for a bigger group, something that might be suggested by the off-the-shelf and incomplete website?

Hydroponics, courier services, a building company, a burgeoning property empire, and now, second-hand Beemers, Mercs and Range Rovers!

Whatever next?


Having mentioned hydroponics, it may be worth remembering that this area of human endeavour attracts some interesting characters.

For example, a few years ago an ex-Marine was growing marijuana on a farm near Gwyddelwern in eastern Meirionnydd, not far from Cwm Main, where my late father-in-law was born and raised.

According to the Shropshire Star David Duffell was growing for his own use – though 500 plants suggests he was a very heavy smoker. He was also charged with a firearms offence.

I’m not sure who owned the property at the time of these offences, but in 2010 the farm was bought by two other men with the Duffell surname. These were Matthew Samuel Michael Duffell of Cornwall, and Andrew Michael Duffell of Huddersfield.

Here’s a copy of the Land Registry title document.

Liverpool House, Ffynnongroyw (property No 10). Google Maps image from September 2021. Click to open enlarged in separate tab.

I’m sure the three Duffells are brothers because they all carry their father’s name, Michael. And it is an unusual surname.

And then they all appear as directors in Lendlock Group Ltd. Which seems to be the Duffell family’s holding company, with group figures for 2021 showing a profit of £4.8m on a turnover of £32.4m.

The Companies House entry for Lendlock International Ltd provides more information with: ‘Nature of business (SIC) 22290 – Manufacture of other plastic products’.

Though the Lendlock website seems to be down. And there was a Heath and Safety Executive notice served not so long ago.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The other companies listed in the Lendlock Group accounts as group members are: Lendlock International Ltd, Specialist Anodising Company Ltd, Scott Closures International Ltd, Nekem Ltd, and F-L Plastics Ltd.

These companies all have the Duffell parents and sons listed as directors and, in some cases, other people as well.

But then there are companies at the Guilden Sutton Lane location, not part of the group, which have also seen the parents and sons as directors (sometimes with others): Toiletries UK Ltd (a dormant company dissolved 17.01.2017), GTL Plastics Ltd, North Wales Construction Ltd, Cynwyd Enterprises Ltd, ABC MK Ltd, and Livestock (UK) Ltd,

In a third category is MK Products (North West) Ltd, a company with two Duffell brothers as directors. Although David Duffell is no longer a director the three brothers exercise control.

This company has equity of £1.2m.

Finally, we have NI Products Ltd, a company where no Duffell has been a director, yet the three brothers are shown as exercising control.

This company has liabilities of over £2m.

David Michael Duffell has been a director of many companies since his release from prison. Mainly with his brothers, but other names also appear.

For example, another director who left North Wales Construction Ltd on May 1 2019, the same day as David Michael Duffell, was Christian Martin Suckley.

Another company where both were directors (but not at the same time) is Cynwyd Enterprises Ltd. Cynwyd is a village a few miles from Gwyddelwern, the other side of the A5. It’s the village where the Ifor Williams trailers business is based.

The Windmill Grill, Buckley (property No 22). Google Maps image from May 2022. Click to open enlarged in separate tab.

A current director of both Cynwyd Enterprises and North Wales Construction is William Ward. Who last year set up a ‘consultancy’ in Flint. (Go on! haven’t we all dreamt of a nice little consultancy in Flint?)

I can’t tell you much about Ward but Cynwyd Enterprises owns The Dudley Arms, in Llandrillo, on the B4401 between Corwen and Bala. A hostelry for which the company paid £302,500.

Though the way this pub is being run is upsetting many locals. It seems opening hours are being reduced. A prelude to closure / change of use?

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I suggest that because there are a number of interesting comments from ‘Scutler1’ to the news report I’ve just linked to; talking of, um . . . . ‘change of use’, and turning the pub into flats.

Another comment in support of the owners comes from ‘roosimpson’. Might that be Katy Simpson, the only director on NI Products Ltd, a company we just looked at, and owned by the three Duffell brothers?

The only other comment is from ‘JacksonSbollock’, the famous American painter. (Who I thought had died in 1956!)

For me, it boils down to this question: Why would the Duffells buy a pub and then argue it’s not viable as a pub? Only one answer – change of use was the plan all along.

On the ‘unaudited financial statements’ for y/e 28.02.2021, ‘Tangible assets’ for Cynwyd Enterprises reads, £849,752. Seeing as the Dudley Arms wasn’t bought until February this year ‘assets’ must refer to other properties. Where, I wonder?

And seeing as Cynwyd Enterprises loaned Walsh Investment Properties £300,000 in November 2020, to buy the Grosvenor Social Club in Shotton (No 9), I would have expected to see this loan showing in the 2021 filing as a debt.

But I don’t see it.


It’s time to look a little more closely at what’s been bought by Walsh Investment Properties Ltd. The list is too big to reproduce as an image, so here’s another link to the table I drew up. Let me explain how it’s laid out.

The column furthest left is simply a number for each loan, not for each property. That’s because some properties have more than one loan, which is why they’re shaded yellow. These loans are listed as ‘Charges’ here on the Companies House entry.

The next column gives the address of the property bought. Wherever possible the name provides a link to a Google Maps image of that property.

The third column is ‘Lender’. This provides the source of the loan. Where this is shaded orange it means the loan came from a member of the Duffell family or a company run by members of the family.

Grosvenor Social Club, Shotton (property No 9). Google Maps image from May 2022. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

The fourth column is the Land Registry title number, while the fifth and sixth columns are self-explanatory.

Clearly, there is a connection between the Duffell family and Christopher Paul Walsh. To date, they’ve put up £5.6m for Walsh to buy property.

Though there’s no discernible pattern to the purchases. Walsh has bought commercial properties in town centres; pubs, clubs and shops; also houses, new and old; a care home; and then, most recently, with Aberllefenni, a whole village.

That said, most tend to be near the main highways: the A548 up the Dee estuary past Broughton, Flint, Ffynnongroyw, Prestatyn, Rhyl, and then Abergele; where it meets the A55, which has come past Broughton and Buckley before running on to Llandudno, Conwy and Bangor.

4 Hafod Road, Prestatyn (property No 27). Google Maps image from June 2022. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

And yet, one thing did stand out as I checked over Walsh’s purchases.

They are either detached properties or, if they’re not detached, then they tend to have side entrances, or rear entrances, or garages. In many cases two of those features, and in a few, all three.


Now I want to look at some of the lenders, and a link that emerged.

Out of all the lenders, only one is a name that most of you will recognise, and that’s Barclays Security Trustee Ltd. (You’ll at least recognise the ‘Barclays’ element.)

Otherwise the lenders tend to be specialist, obscure, even exotic.

Apart from these specialist lenders, the loans have come from individual members of the Duffell family, or companies controlled by members of that family. Fourteen loans in total.

Six came from Andrew Michael Duffell. Two from his father, Michael John Duffell. Four from Livestock (UK) Ltd, and one from each of Cynwyd Enterprises Ltd and North Wales Construction Ltd.

Livestock (UK) Ltd is an odd name, and a departure, for a family involved in plastic packaging for perfumes and unguents; but for a short time, just after the company was formed, there really was a farmer (and Denbighshire county councillor) involved.

Hare and Hounds, Connah’s Quay (property No 23). Google Maps image from June 2022. Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Cynwyd Enterprises I’ve already looked at, which leaves North Wales Construction Ltd. Which must be a building company, surely; employing bricklayers, carpenters, and others with building trade skills.

Well, no.

The unaudited financial statement for North Wales Construction tells us (page 3, 3) that there are no employees. Never have been. So either those working on the company’s sites are self-employed or there’s something else going on.

It’s something else.

For North Wales Construction Ltd seems to be nothing more than a conduit or a repository for money. So why that company name?

Finally, if you refer to the table I supplied, you’ll see that seven of the properties bought in the past three and half years have already been remortgaged or had second loans taken out against them.

Of this seven, six were originally financed by the Duffells. 


Just over three years ago Christopher Paul Walsh set out to become a property tycoon. Since May 2019 he has bought 26 properties. Or, to rephrase that, there are charges against 26 properties.

Have others been bought without loans?

To help me understand the locations of the purchases I drew up the map you see below. It shows the number of properties in each location. (The figure for Prestatyn is inflated by four properties in one purchase, 21 & 25 in the table I linked to.)

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

If Walsh is not fronting for the Duffells then why have they loaned him £5.6m, and at such generous rates of interest, sometimes no interest at all? And these are short-term loans, over 12 or 24 months.

Which means that some are now overdue, so are the debts being chased up? I don’t know, but according to Companies House not one loan has been repaid. Which means, I suppose, that the lender effectively owns the property concerned.

And is perhaps being repaid by remortgaging the properties for which they provided the original funding?

But what are we to make of the properties Walsh has bought with which the Duffells have no obvious involvement?

Another mystery is that I can’t find a connection between Christopher Paul Walsh and the Duffells prior to the loans . . . other than perhaps the Suckleys, who may be related.

We know Sion Suckley has been Walsh’s partner in a number of companies, from hydroponics to second-hand motors.

Then there’s Christian Suckley, who was a director in Cynwyd Enterprises and North Wales Construction, so was pot-growing David Michael Duffell. Both companies have loaned money to Walsh.

Christian Suckley is a known associate of Rhyl’s John Gizzi. And was sent down for 6 years 8 months for his involvement in drugs. Before that he was imprisoned for trying to run down a policeman with his Mercedes.


This production began starring Christopher Paul Walsh and Walsh Investment Properties Ltd, but as it’s unfolded the Duffells have emerged from the wings to move into the limelight.

Due to their funding of Walsh, and also the properties they’ve bought themselves in the Bala-Corwen area (and perhaps elsewhere). To the point where I’m no longer sure if the story is really about Christopher Walsh or the Duffells. Maybe it’s both.

Whatever the answer, one possibility must be that the properties have been bought to be Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). If so, then this might link with another Walsh company, Blue Chip Accommodation Ltd.

And if that is the plan, then Wales does not need any more HMOs taking in the social rejects and misfits of north west England’s cities and towns, bringing with them the misery and the violence associated with the drugs trade.

This extravaganza began in Aberllefenni, too close to home for me to let it be bought by property speculators without comment. Over the years I’ve known people who lived there, good people, and the area deserves better.

Writing this has made me wonder what sort of society we live in when a village can be bought in this way. You’ve almost got to remind yourself that it’s 2022 not 1822, and Wales has something called devolution.

For what it’s worth.

One thing I am sure of is that many of you who’ve read this offering will have your own views as to what lies behind these property purchases. So why not get in touch?

I remain uncertain. But curious.

♦ end ♦

UPDATE: Someone has contacted me with a possible source for the money now being splashed around buying properties willy-nilly.

Richard George De Winton Wigley was a director of Lendlock International Ltd and Specialist Anodising Company Ltd, both Duffell companies.

It is alleged, in the Channel Islands, that he defrauded Can$50m. He has since removed himself to Panama. For the sunshine.

Although he lives in Panama Wigley has a company in London, Questbourne Ltd, in the business of ‘letting and operating of own or leased real estate’. The other directors are Wigley’s son and a couple named Belcher.

Michael Perry Belcher is in the plastics business, just like the Duffells.

In fact, we find Belcher and Duffells together in Plusimage Ltd, Hyde Plastics Ltd, Mackenzie King Ltd (Dissolved), Quadrant Tube Company Ltd (The) (Dissolved), M & M Plastic Industries Ltd, Atlagraph Engineering Co Ltd.

Belcher has also been a director of Duffell companies we looked at earlier.


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  1. Dafis

    Bland report on WalesonLine that Carl Harris has left his post as Chief Exec of Plaid. Maybe he’s off to another tasty well remunerated job, or was he pushed? I seem to recall his name mentioned in connection with an alleged unsolicited digital examination of another man’s anus in a public place! Or is that regarded as all in a day’s work and play among the inhabitants of the Bay demimonde? Some of your readers may be better acquainted with what goes on down there and care to enlighten us who inhabit the more remote darker corners.

  2. Dafis

    Unrelated to the antics of property spivs I read on one of the MSM outlets that the slight drop in inflation was “good news” as though we’ve turned some kind of corner, Stoopid kant went on to say that the stronger pound’s recovery visavis the $ means we import less inflation in food prices and other commodities, That of itself is true but the morons still can’t see that it perpetuates dependency on a global marketplace that is volatile and vulnerable. Too many scribblers are now wedded to the idea that rewilding and closing down farmers will be a “good thing”and totally unwilling to acknowledge the risks involved.

    1. Now Sleepy Joe (or whoever pulls his strings) is bribing the South Africans into closing their coal mines. That coal is exported to Europe.

  3. Dafis

    According to your tweet Julie James flew to Canada. I couldn’t imagine a lump like her getting more than a foot off the ground then I realised that she’d set aside her huge moral objection to fossil fuels, got on a jet and did what she’s trying her best to stop us common herd from doing. Amazing set of double standards!

  4. Big Willy

    Its a sign of the times that an English, white, working class, cigar smoking, hetrosexual, meat eating male who believes climate change hysteria is a racket and that a man can’t become a woman has more in common with Swansea Jac than most English people under the age of 50 – you were even quite magnanimous about the England football result (I stopped caring decades ago)

    I saw a Plaid Gwynedd councillor describe your criticism as a badge of honour….. that’s a bit harsh.

    1. ‘An English, white, working class, cigar smoking, hetrosexual, meat eating male who believes climate change hysteria is a racket and that a man can’t become a woman’. Who is that a reference to?

      ‘You were even quite magnanimous about the England football result’. Honesty’s a crime now?

      ‘I saw a Plaid Gwynedd councillor describe your criticism as a badge of honour….. that’s a bit harsh’. Why is it harsh?

      Regale us with more of your pearls, ‘Willy’.

      1. Big Willy

        I was talking about myself although I’ll be honest and admit the doctors made me give up cigars long ago.

        Plaid Cymru shouldn’t be openly criticising you – especially in Gwynedd, it reveals how far they’ve drifted from their raison d’etre.

        I don’t do twitter but can see your tweets which usually corelate with what I was thinking, the irony is that the globalist agenda has cut through the old battle lines and created new ones.

        When they call you a fascist, they are also calling it me and anyone who believes in the sovereignty of the nation state.

  5. Dafis

    Interesting to read of a small group of Sais activists who feel strongly about Israel and electing to attack a Welsh based factory allegedly making “war goods” for Israel. Maybe these people or others may feel equally strongly about all the manufactured goods being shipped into Wales by foreign corporates and assembled & erected on site as wind turbines. Isn’t that a hostile act aimed at our communities and our wildlife ? Or are these protesters only concerned about certain types of warmongers and aggressors? Selective outrage don’t cut the mustard round here buddy. Go torch the Saudi embassy or fire a 6 inch nail into the head of any politician who chose to enjoy Qatari junketing when staying home would have sent a clearer message. All these middle eastern nations are using the Yemen as proxy war zone and it’s a fuckin’ disgrace that the easily outraged prefer to mess around on the fringes of what is a weeping sore on our world. It’s a shame something didn’t explode in that factory killing those juveniles while engaging in their antics.

  6. This momentous researched exposure of a serious situation has been out for twenty four hours plus on this BLOG and only generated just ten comments – as I write this. It should be stirring hundreds to write. Can I ask you a question Jac – when you put out such brilliant pieces – such as this – do you ever get calls from our Senedd Members asking eagerly – “Can we meet to go through your source paperwork so that it can help me pursue it in Cardiff Bay?” Honestly Jac, how many MPs & Senedd Members & Auditors & Councillors & Police Fraud Officers ever pursue these very serious issues? They are all probably chattering in wine bars in ‘The Bay’ as they get ready to unwrap expensive Christmas Gifts and freebie Xmas Food Hampers in their warm homes with no thoughts of these predatory developers leaching Wales and our community culture. Only history may damn them!

    1. Dafis

      I think you’ve answered your own question there. However none of those lazy bastards that you cite will ever be able to claim that they didn’t know what was going on. Stuff may have gone on for a time where the M.S’s might have been blissfully unaware but that is in the past. Now as soon as a whiff of bad stuff gets picked up it gets examined and without delay some information gets disclosed. Of course your collection of scumbags in the Bay would prefer that such scrutiny and attention was discontinued because some of them no doubt are tainted by the deviance and corruption that is taking place. Claiming that there’s less of it than in Westminster is no defence – lack of attention to detail, misrepresentation of facts, downright deception, lavish entertainment, taking backhanders – that it’s all smaller scale is meaningless. What exists of “Welsh media” doesn’t really want to know as they are yet another cluster of lazy spongers for whom a half tidy salary for doing not a lot represents the pinnacle of their ambitions.

      1. Wynne

        The media now simply copy and paste information from government press release and present it as news. There are very few investigative journalists left and Jac is one of the best.

    2. I suppose more comments would be appreciated, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. The main thing is that people read it, and I know that happens.

  7. Chopper Harley

    Shell companies which are often the method of choice for hiding the proceeds of crime, properties purchased which are conveniently located near to arterial routes, said properties which are ideal for conversion into HMO’s and the well documented problems that these types of properties harbour. High-end fast cars with no current registered keeper, ideal for clandestine courier operations. And all within an hour’s drive of Merseyside, also interesting to note is the link to Huddersfield, the drugs capital of West Yorkshire, which reminded me of this, http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07brjf8/hometown-a-killing-1-a-killing and this http://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/dec/06/county-lines-review-henry-blake-conrad-khan-harris-dickinson. I might be wrong, but all the pieces are being put in place for a County Lines style operation.

  8. Dafis

    Oh bois bach! Miles off topic but look at this. A former Stonewall operative who moved across into the public/third sector is now announced as Sophie’s successor. With a pedigree like his the prospects for Wales’ Future Generations look as bent as a butcher’s hook. They’ll be well up in the more intricate aspects of social justice but otherwise pretty much unemployable. But never mind our poverty makes us noble and strong.

  9. Daniel Richards

    used to drink in the Hare and Hounds back in my ‘youth’ , quite a hairy place! I thought i read somewhere about a planning application to convert to flats, recently?

    1. Daniel you are correct as Jac has just replied with the details. I do not wish to undermine what you say Daniel, but such happenings of converting Pubs into Flats is common place these days. I live in the Swansea Valley and can quote from
      here what has happened in the large Clydach village here :- Closed and gone – Globe Miners’ Club; British Legion Club; Cooks Arms; Colliers Arms; Rock & Fountain; Farmers Arms: and Carpenters Arms some demolished some converted. Then what’s left open here are struggling mostly now only open on weekends.
      What I think you Daniel and Jac are correctly warning of is of outside sticky web type speculator people buying struggling open community Pubs and Hotels cheaply, and then deliberately running them down into closure by being unpleasant to local people and then getting easier planning permission to convert into flats. Worse, on top of that, often then renting the Flats out to unsociable tenants who come from outside of Wales from cities who have issues like drug habits etc.. What says you Daniel and Jac?

      1. But this goes beyond pubs in large villages, towns and cities. We are talking about pubs in small villages, domestic properties, shops, even a care home and a whole village. And we can be sure that this is not being done to meet any local demand, because there’s more money to be made from housing someone else’s problems. In other words, importing problems.

        This ‘business model’ ruined Rhyl and it’s now affecting other communities.

      2. I was in the pub gae for a few years in Gtr Manchester. The trade is dying. Society has changed quite dramatically and quite quickly and the backbone of the trade – working class young men knocking back 8 pints and looking for a bird to pull, have changed their habits. More and more they are quite content to sit at home with a couple of mates, get a few cans, a bag of skunk, order in a pizza, and play games on a playstation.

        People have a teary-eyed nostalgia about pubs, thiking that a couple of people sat at a table drinking a couple of pints is success. It isn’t. Success requires consumption and as many people as possible on the premises drinking as fast as possible. The other alternative is an eaterie – which isn’t really a pub it’s a poor mans restaurant.

        The overheads are crippling. My last one in Oldham the rent and rates were nearly 60k a year – and that was 20 years ago. Then there’s electric, gas, water, staff wages, maintainance, PRS licence, insurances, entertainment and an endless list of other expenses.

        I saw the train wreck coming and bailed-out.

  10. Who is / are the MPs for this area? Who are the Senedd Members for this area? What are they doing? NOTHING as usual I presume! Can someone list them here on this comments box to shame into asking questions to all appropriate authorities and to stir them from being the timewasters they generally are. Jac’s done an amazing job here exposing this sticky web. It will be an outright shame on Wales if its leading local Politicians ignored this sordid sticky web. Please readers NAME these Politicians into action. I ask as I live in the South so I do not know who to name and shame into activity.

    1. Dafis

      Like you I’m a bit far removed from the day to day events in the N.E 1/4 of our country. However this kind of wholesale nodding through of asset transfers by a passive/dormant political regime is to be expected. That many of these properties could end up housing people who have exhausted their welcomes in their original home areas would not surprise me at all. For years this site has documented the negative outcomes of shipping dysfunctional family units and individuals into areas like this. There is ample evidence that it is corrosive yet local government and the Bay regime keeps on nodding. It’s one of those policies that suits both major Unionist parties. It suits the Tories because it enriches property speculators and “developers” who are usually found among the Tory hard core. It suits Labour because the residents if they vote at all will tend to back the donkey with the red rosette. More to the point it reinforces Welsh Labour’s self image as a “nation of sanctuary” which means in reality that any old turd can bowl up and get looked after far better than any native who falls on hard times. This nation of sanctuary bullshit is wearing thin, has done for years. Out in our communities we have people living in H.A owned properties who have to put up with squalid health depleting conditions. The Bay regime makes noises about raising standards but is most reluctant to whack its own favoured “offspring”, Labour dominated H.A’s. It will be interesting to see if anybody pays any attention to what this lot have got in mind and how it developes. My guess is that our democratically elected reps will stick to fiddling expenses and engage in a bit of discreet molesting rather than get stuck into some heavy lifting to explore what’s really going on in the N.E or elsewhere.

    2. Dafis

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