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I was born one dark, stormy night at the end of Mumbles pier where my mother was fishing for conger eel.

I left school earlier than my parents had hoped due to a misunderstanding about the sale of the headmaster's house.

After running guns in the brutal Cwmtwrch civil war (Upper v Lower) I fell in with a band of Baptist flagellants, with whom I toured Wales spreading the word and getting legless.

Tiring of the road I returned to Swansea and apprenticed myself to a renowned corset maker. Alas! the shortage of good whalebone drove the old boy to drink and one dark, stormy night he fell into the Queen's Dock and drowned.

Realising that the dissolute life I was leading could only result in the kind of hopelessness and lack of direction that drives people to vote Liberal Democrat, I vowed to change my ways.

So one dark, stormy night (we get a lot of 'em in Swansea) I followed a lorry until a computer fell off the back, which enabled me to start this blog.


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