YesCymru – under new management?


This coming Saturday sees the AGM at which the far left will seek to complete its takeover of YesCymru.

For suggesting this in recent posts I have been called all sorts of names, with ‘conspiracy theorist’ one of the more polite epithets. But once you understand the background, and the motivations then what some would like to dismiss as a wild theory makes perfect sense.

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Above you see an example of what I and others have to put up with from the woke-left jackal pack on social media. (You wonder why I drink!)


YesCymru announced itself with a rally held in Cardiff on September 13, 2014 in support of Scottish independence. This was inspired by Yes Scotland, the cross-party campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum that same month.

Yes Scotland disbanded soon after the referendum.

I was in Scotland myself for the referendum and on my return I gave my view of the situation with Beginning of the End. I was of course disappointed by the result, and yet, I sensed there was no going back.

The obvious difference between Yes Scotland and YesCymru was that the former had come into existence for the Scottish independence referendum while the latter had been created with no prospect of a Welsh referendum. So why was YesCymru formed?

The answer I was given was that YesCymru was born to breathe life into the idea of independence, which many felt was not being promoted vigorously enough by Plaid Cymru. Which at that time was led by Leanne Wood.

This made perfect sense.

I’m not saying that Leanne Wood wasn’t in favour of independence, but I do believe that for her independence was not a priority. Or perhaps, it was desirable only if it delivered a certain kind of independence.

What I’m suggesting might possibly be explained by Leanne Wood’s visit to Scotland in the referendum period. The writer of this September 2014 article from Open Democracy tells us, “When I met her, Leanne had just been to Glasgow to speak to the Radical Independence Campaign.”

Factionalism, on the left! Surely not! Click to enlarge

For the Radical Independence Campaign also wanted a certain type of independence, perhaps more John Maclean than Bonny Prince Charlie. And there was nothing wrong with that. They were quite open and honest about it.

The point to be made here is that those preferring a left wing approach to Scottish independence could join the Radical Independence Campaign, while anyone who did not support the RIC’s vision was free to join Yes Scotland, which was more mainstream and less doctrinaire.

Back to Wales.


So, from the summer of 2014, Wales had the political party, Plaid Cymru, that claimed to favour independence, plus a new organisation, YesCymru, that, by its very existence, suggested there were many unconvinced that Plaid Cymru was serious about independence.

Another take on it might be that there were people supportive of independence who had little time for Plaid Cymru but could support a non-aligned group like YesCymru.

By late 2015 things were gearing up for the official public launch, which came on February 20, 2016. I gave it a write-up here.

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The reports I received said that the Red Queen was not happy with YesCymru, she felt it needed to be ‘redirected’. Some even suggested that she saw YesCymru as an indirect attack on her leadership of Plaid Cymru.

A number of sources have told me that the infiltration of YesCymru by the left began even before the official launch in February 2016.

Though the infiltrators were resisted. Matters came to a head – in the autumn of 2018? – when a few of the infiltrators were suspended for bullying and other offences. Then, for not complying with the terms of their suspension, and refusing to hand over passwords for social media accounts, they were expelled.

The names I’ve been given are Colin / Colyn Nosworthy and Sandra Clubb.

Despite this tweet from Siwan Clark last week, the expulsions were for the reasons I’ve just given. Though the tweet is unintentionally revealing.

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According to Clark, people were thrown out because YesCymru would not “commit to being anti-racist and anti-fascist”.  But why should an  organisation formed to promote a single issue burden itself with ideological baggage?

And note that those opposed to such unnecessary distractions must be “right wingers”.

I’m sure you’re wondering who Siwan Clark is. I’d never heard of her myself until someone sent me that tweet and a different source drew my attention to this piece from The National last December, where Adam Ramsay had this to say:

“In Wales, socialists and progressives disappointed by Labour’s election defeat are starting to plan ahead, too.

Siwan Clark is one of the many young people who moved home for lockdown. A few years ago she had left Cardiff for London because of “a feeling that you have to be there, that it was the centre of things”. The pandemic has changed all that. “For a lot of people who’ve moved home, their sphere is turning to more local things,” she said to me over Zoom recently.

Before Covid, Clark said, she wouldn’t have expected most people in Wales to know the name of the first minister. (It’s Mark Drakeford.) “I was extremely ignorant about the Assembly. I just didn’t really engage with it,” she said.

In London, she had joined Labour “in a rage” so that she could vote for Jeremy Corbyn during the post-Brexit leadership challenge. “I was so annoyed by that. I canvassed a lot in 2017. And a lot in 2019.”

Now 26 and back in Wales, Clark has joined Undod, the campaign for radical Welsh independence.”

It’s a revealing little section. To begin with, we read that Undod is committed to “radical Welsh independence”. An echo of the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland, which you’ll remember Leanne Wood addressed in 2014.

Adam Ramsay hints that Siwan Clark had little time for devolution, she went to London and supported Corbyn. Then, when her hero was deposed, she came home, and joined Undod.

I’m losing count of the left wingers who ‘discovered’ Wales and the cause of Welsh independence after Corbyn got the chop.


But let’s go back to 2018 for a moment. Among the big events was the Plaid Cymru leadership contest in September. Despite having led the party since 2012 Leanne Wood came third in a three-horse race.

It’s difficult to convey how much of a shock this was to Leanne Wood’s supporters inside the party, in the Cardiff Bay bubble, and indeed to those outside Wales who viewed her as a combination of Boudicca and La Pasionaria.

But then, when you live in a closed-off world, interacting almost exclusively with those who share your views, it’s so easy to lose contact with reality

This article by Dr Huw Williams in Nation.Cymru gives a fascinating insight into the expulsions, and the thinking of the far left ahead of the YesCymru AGM held in Burry Port on October 13, 2018. He says:

” . . . it looks likely now that a movement for radical independence will come into existence in some form over the coming months.

In some respects, it’s a pity this did not happen sooner, as it may have assuaged the concerns of some of those in YesCymru who have felt it necessary to act as they have.

However, it must not be the case that this movement is perceived to be a ‘challenger’ to YesCymru – rather it should be a group that will hopefully, in future, be part of a wider movement, and one in which different people can pursue different political visions for Wales.”

By October 2018 the left had decided to set up a ‘radical’ rival to YesCymru. That decision was influenced partly by the expulsions from YesCymru and partly by the result of the Plaid Cymru leadership contest.

Invitations went out mid-December 2018 to the launch of UndodI got one! – with the actual launch meeting held at Yr Hen Goleg in Aberystwyth on 26 January, 2019. (A place dear to old Jac’s heart!)

In his Nation.Cymru article Huw Williams, after appearing conciliatory, adopted a rather dismissive tone with, “As for YesCymru, no doubt they will continue in some form.” Indeed they did, Huw! YesCymru grew and grew and grew.

With Undod the far left had a base in which it could re-group, and from which it could mount attacks. Undod, set up by hard-core leftists, would recruit mainly young people and they would sally forth to infiltrate other groups.

So successful has the strategy been that even Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (the Welsh Language Society) has been penetrated.

Welsh-speaking communities are being destroyed by tourism, holiday homes and colonisation, yet as this tweet from last week suggests, Cymdeithas yr Iaith may now have other priorities.

It reads: ‘Freedom for Palestine’.

The period 2018/19 was obviously difficult for the left. The once revered but now ‘stupid and racist’ working class had voted for Brexit, Trump was in the White House, and then, to cap it all, came the UK general election of December 2019, when Corbyn’s Labour Party was heavily defeated.

While the left seemed to be on the defensive globally, here in Wales it had regrouped and was on the march again; playing identity politics and spreading poison through the Welsh body politic by infiltration.


Dr Huw Williams, in his Nation.Cymru piece of October 2018 suggested that YesCymru and the new movement could appeal to different sections of the population.

Which makes sense to me.

He also talked of “different political visions for Wales”. But in recent years we’ve seen the left attack and vilify alternative visions. Now we see the final confirmation of the left’s intolerance towards other views with its planned takeover of YesCymru.

To repeat: After the initial failure to take over YesCymru Undod was set up by Labour and Plaid Cymru left wingers to infiltrate various Welsh organisations to promote their leftist agenda, with YesCymru being the juiciest prize due to its large membership and the publicity it attracted through its rallies and other activities.

As shown in the image below.

Image Undod. Click to enlarge

The board held by the woman on the right reads: ‘No room for fascists in a free Wales’. Which is another way of saying, ‘Only fascists could oppose the socialist vision we have for Wales.’

Which is attempting to close a debate by vilifying those who dare to take a different viewpoint. (Or else, and perhaps worse – they really believe it!)

For that’s how the far left operates. Invent or exaggerate a problem, then demand action and dismiss opponents as racists / homophobes / fascists / transphobes / terfs / climate deniers / Islamophobes / etc.

In my lifetime the left has supported many causes but, compared with ending the Vietnam War or freeing Nelson Mandela, exploiting confused individuals with chips on their shoulders is at best exploitative, and at worst, rather despicable.

Which calls into question the motivation for taking over YesCymru. Many of Undod’s luminaries are in the Labour Party, so are they really serious about independence?

I believe they want to take over YesCymru simply to use its 18,000+ members to promote their left wing agenda. As they’re doing in Plaid Cymru, Cymdeithas yr Iaith, Plaid Ifanc, and elsewhere.

Consequently . . .

Unless it can be proven otherwise there should be a presumption that those standing for the Central Committee on the ‘diversity’ ticket either belong to or are being used by the far left that wishes to subvert YesCymru for its own purposes. They should therefore be rejected.

But if the worst happens, and if YesCymru does fall to the far left, then Huw Williams’ suggestion of two independence movements appealing to different constituencies will be the way to proceed.

♦ end ♦ 


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There I was trying to ease back on commenting and leading a more placid life, no chance by the looks of it. Took time out to look at John Ball’s piece in and caught sight of another piece which covered recent comment from Ms Crosbie :

Piece of crass bare faced deflection. This is the sort of person that hardens the Welsh perception that Tories are not to be trusted. She is lucky that most of her opponents are so indifferent that they don’t pipe up on this matter and expose her for what she really is.

Wynne Jones

A Welsh Government spokesperson said it was “committed to building high quality affordable homes for all”.

Does anybody accept a generic statement made by a Welsh Government “spokesperson” these days.


There are number of YesCymru woke activists in this take-over who have a well-funded lifestyle. Run cars, own property and have quite affluent tastes. They do not, however, have jobs or run businesses and are full time activists. I have to ask the question, therefore, is who pays them money each month?


I have been wondering what these people who obviously love slagging off women, do for a living? Now they are considering giving money to the traveller community. As a victim of theft by these people, not happy about that. Even worse is their track record on treating their women folk, taking them out of school, marrying them off without choice. When it comes to the Romani the majority of those resident in west Wales do not live on travellers sites but settled homes in their local communitues.


I’m reading a lot of comments about the YC gathering today. Now beginning to look superficially like a take over bid by radical wokeys, but underneath that ideologically confused surface there’s a good old fashioned sting operation taking place aimed at plundering the YC coffers for the benefit of the select few. That will please their Tory masters beyond Clawdd Offa no end, seeing the young pups developing their capacity for greed and dishonesty.


” marginalised Welsh creatives” – nice one. A description with which you are able to identify with ease. Indeed with self identification being the way to go you could be near the front of the queue. I’ll be nearer the back although as my need for upskilling is greater I would argue that it is guys like me who need this loot most ! That of course will lead to a further schism, a divide between slightly more privileged talent and the less privileged. Further schisms will occur to accommodate the grievances of slightly black talent, or slightly male talent, even slightly female talent all overlooked cos they don’t have that gender fluidity which is an essential characteristic for a seriously with-it wokey twat !

Let the circus begin, or it’s already under way but lots of scope for it to liven further.


……………..and this signals clearly what the direction of travel is likely to be for YC now under the control of “radical thinkers”. :

Nazis without the black /brown shirts and old fashioned trappings, but still full on Fascist/ Nazi Jew haters. Be assured they will be after us soon as yet another awkward racial minority especially as many of the influencers have just flocked over the border and don’t give a shit about anything remotely Welsh. Dull Welsh youngsters are buying into some of the hate too without realising that they are seen as useful idiots who will get disposed of as soon as they stop being useful.


It’s pretty disturbing to see another woman get a pile-on of abuse from the perpetually offended of Welsh Twitter last night.
The tactics used were alarmingly similar to those against Dilys Davies. Get the victim to open up on the issue of trans matters, the jackals not involved in the conversation lie in wait, then when something is said that might not look too good if taken out of context, pounce and take the victim to pieces. Needless to say, at the front of the pack, again, was the man with the collie dog.
What is worse is that the victim this time has actually put herself forward as a candidate for the YC Committee. After the mauling she has had, who could forgive her if she took her name off the list and said enough is enough.
How many more? Frankly, it’s fucking disgusting, if you’ll pardon the language!


Just noticed your tweet about Greater Idaho ! I don’t think Idaho is a particularly good example for anything except maybe a means of distancing from some loony ultra radicals on the West Coast of Oregon Washington and California.

Some years ago the loony right – Aryan whatnots, KKK, inheritors of the Ruby Ridge mentality, and a few other sects that made Hitler look strangely subdued and balanced – rocked up to Coeur d’Alenne and surrounding region reaching up to border with Canada. Now those good ol’boys had serious reservations about even sharing the planet with those with a bit of a tint in their skins, had bad bouts of excema at the mention of Jews, and were generally averse to any law or regulation that involved payment of taxes or limits to the size of a personal arsenal and wearing it all in public places.

The more one looks at the USA, it’s become a poor example of anything good. Now I have no doubt that there are still an awful lot of decent law abiding and hardworking types over there but the headlines are all about Antifa and related nutjobs on the one hand and on the other a variety of crackpot militias like those in Idaho whose most recent idol was the very third rate operator called Donald.

Time for the real silent majority to pipe up and rekindle the light in that country.

Dyn Gwyrdd

This shower of nasty odd ball weirdos should form their own new group and call it TWP for Toxic Waste People!

David Smith

Unless it’s a situation like Hong Kong and China, or I’d guess with former Soviet republics, in a capitalist, market economy like the UK, set up as it is, in that wealth and opportunity are disproportionately hoovered up by (South East) England, this paradigm will inevitably be perceived to have failed us here in Wales.

Ergo, advocates of independence will in many cases naturally align with leftists in that both see themselves as righting injustices, their common desire to overthrow an established order, and the like. We run into a problem of course when hard-left oddballs and cranks take over and dictate proceedings, and sneer at the big tent approach. The irony is, left wing politics is supposed to be about equality and respect for your fellow man, and yet some seem to bully and gang up on people in its name.


Siwan Clarke’s tweets are a joke and show that she is from a totally different planet to most Welsh. One with no common sense, pragmatism, free speech or original thinking. And that’s coming from a radical, entrepreneurial feminist who knows bullshit when she smells it. Mostly coming from priviliged women and witless youths employed by state money and do SFA in a day’s work in Cardiff. #IamDilysDavies


Well said.

Only today she’s saying to achieve indy we’ll need “people putting their bodies on the line”. I hope she doesn’t mean that literally, but I think she might, judging by other stuff she’s put out. But if she wants to present herself as the first martyr, who am I to stand in her way? She also wants all the YC committee candidates to tell her what their plans are if the UK Government refuse to grant us a referendum or refuse to recognise the result of one. Er, what’s the likelihood of all this happening in the next year then, which presumably will be the lifespan of the new Committee? But this schoolchild political rhetoric doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. Both Siwan and Undod can be found calling for the defunding of the police, a likely general strike and massive disruption to get indy, how do we start up an anti-Home Office raids and deportation network in Wales, and “if an indy Wales isn’t part of breaking down the walls of fortress Europe then honestly what is the point?”

Fucking ‘ell, mun. These people are mental. Put it all into a manifesto and have the guts to stand in a political election. Then we’ll see how much this nonsense resonates with real people in Wales.


8,000 in Spain’s enclave Cueta in 36 hours has caused chaos! And as you say largely young males. Still, when we’re fully a Nation of Sanctuary they can all come here. I’m sure Undod members have some spare rooms they can sleep in.


In the ancient world Ceuta was the southern ‘Pillar of Hercules’, the northern pillar being Gibraltar, guardians of access to the Mediterranean Sea. Later it became Islamic, as did most of Spain and then later, during the times of imperial empires, it became Spanish, then Portuguese by territory swaps and treaties, then Spanish again. It’s also the time when Gibraltar became ‘British’. Ceuta is where General Franco, the Fascist, amassed his forces just prior to his overthrow of Republican Spain in the 1930s; a fact that appears lost upon the modern woke when they champion the ‘sanctuary theory’ of today. The enclave is claimed by Morocco.
Ocho Candelikas, style of the Sephardic Jews of Ceuta.

Ceuta has small native population of Jews, dating back to the times of the Spanish inquisition when they were persecuted on mainland Spain. This current ‘refugee invasion’ of Cueta is nothing to do with oppressed asylum seekers gaining access to Europe, as there is a longstanding and specific bilateral repatriation treaty with Morocco. They are criminal gangs sponsored by wealthy Islamic groups seeking to destabilise the enclave for wider political goals. It is no coincidence that the events in Ceuta coincide with the recent events between Israel and Gaza. Hamas are seeking to ‘widen’ the conflict and their influence, and this includes extorting revenue from the trafficking lines.

David Smith

It’s ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ to point out the inescapable truth that these societies are simply not as advanced as the west. The cognitive dissonance these SJWs have towards societies that treat women and homosexuals like they do, is really quite bonkers, as I’ve probably said before.


An appendix. Looked up UK murder stats as according to the transextremists Transes are being persecuted to such a degree that it is now compared to the holocaust. According to official stats. Approx 700 men killed in a year mostly young males; over 200 women; and then we come to the genocide against trans, approx 1 a year.

Anyway I never knew what Dr D’s specialised in until i saw her CV on Twitter. Waw! Somebody with a medical and psychiatric b/ ground specialising in actually HELPING people with gender issues and mental health problems. And hey are we not all supposed to be supportive of mental health problems these days. Yet we see an onslaught by so called caring people on individual women like myself who can see through their bullshit. Shocking, if the majority of YC members saw this they would be disgusted


Well Preseli you’ve just stated the plain truth – that these ultra militants who have embraced the “Trans problem” are just a bunch of shit stirrers who have taken a small problem and inflated it into an “ishoo” before finally getting it into a fully blown “cause”. There is no way that it is founded on rational thinking, just a case of finding something that fits their playbook for diverting and destabilising. You watch, once these goons have taken the wheels off the independence projects in Wales and Scotland they will move on to an entirely different project.


Caution. It’s important to note that there are many different motives for the murders of men, and many different motives for the murders of women. It’s not that there is on average one trans person murdered each year, but those murders were BECAUSE they were trans, as a finding of motive in a murder prosecution in court. Proven in Scotland and guilty in England (which includes Wales). It was the motive for killing.

This statistic does not include trans people recorded as women who were killed for other motive, nor trans people who were recorded as men who were killed for other motive. These are included in the murders of women and murders of men.

What you highlight Peseli is that Dr Dilys Davies is not anti-trans. There is an element of the ‘left’ which is just using this issue, who are not motivated to support transsexuals, but use it as a weapon to attack opponents, a weapon and incidentally which is not being directed against those on the left who are genuinely anti-trans. Dilys raises some important professional considerations.

The whole issue only really becomes a bone of contention if you endorse the concept of positive discrimination. It’s not a problem if you approach the issue from a position of liberty and equality. There should be no womens place, no more than a white persons place.

Ron Tovey

Re. “Ethos left in the past”. Would have been a better world if their likes had been left in their fathers scrotum.

Gillian Pamela Jones

The palpable joy and commitment at the rallies was inspirational. These “take over” individuals are like dementors in The Harry Potter books. They suck all the zest from Yes Cymru (or are trying to do so). I met the man and his dog in Caernarfon. Definitely not the brightest bulb in the chandelier !

Gillian Pamela Jones

Teifi seemed quite bright in comparison!

Dai Protheroe

If Teifi had been taught to sniff out TERFs then the poor dog would never get a moment’s rest? At least, that’s what Aled told me, so it must be right.

Dai Protheroe

…..feminists and the misogynists and the ableists and the anti-Semites and the Islamophobes and the Tories (evil bastards them) and the centrists and all those who try to stay out of it altogether to remain sane – they are the worst of all.?Only Aled and Teifi were left in the new Nirvana Wales.


…….likes of us !

David Smith

I heard TeifiAndAled were involved in a transporter accident and are now one unified being.

Moelwen Gwyndaf

“the woman on the right” was Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith, either at the time or soon afterwards.


If you sat on that chair it would probably fall apart not into place, no real quality, see !

I find it extremely difficult to muster any serious comment about these wankers. If there are sane members left in the YC crew, be they left right or centre, they should physically chuck these wasters out before they totally wreck the movement. Painfully obvious that wrecking is their overriding objective.

David Robins

Surely, the proper response to ‘Does ddim lle i ffasgwyr yng Nghymru rydd’ is ‘Rydych chi’n gadael? Pryd?’