‘Welsh’ Labour – The True ‘Nasty Party’

As you know, I detest the Labour Party in general and its ‘Welsh’ branch with a special vehemence. My contempt for Labour is due primarily to the damage Labour has done to Wales over the past century, summed up in my post Why I Detest The ‘Welsh’ Labour Party.

But my contempt is also attributable to the self-serving scumbags drawn to Labour because it controls Wales and therefore has the power of patronage and funding. These creatures can end up as elected representatives or Third Sector parasites sucking billions of pounds from the Welsh public purse. Often both, for there is a constant to-ing and fro-ing between these sectors.

Inevitably, my criticisms of the Labour Party draw attacks from that quarter. One famous incident occurred  just over a year ago when the leading reporter of the Wasting Mule, a known Labour supporter, got a blogger friend to publish attacks on me which he then repeated in his rag.

You can follow this despicable episode here with the following posts: I Must Be Doing Something Right! (Jan 28, 2015); Now I KNOW I’m Doing Something Right! (Feb 3, 2015); Helping A Man In A Hole (Feb 5, 2015); OMG! I Have Offended The ‘Progressives’! (Feb 10, 2015); Where Is Franz Kafka When You Need Him? (Mar 1, 2015). In this final post I published the apology I extracted from Trinity Mirror, the owners of the Mule, published both online (shown below) and in the rag itself on February 27th.

Wales Online apology 1

Over the years, in this blog and the previous blog, I have highlighted corruption within the Third Sector by people with strong Labour Party connections, I reminded people that Naz Malik of AWEMA fame began his political career in the race relations racket by regularly attacking ‘racist Welsh nationalists’ for his Labour funders.

I have enjoyed laughing at the Labour group on Swansea council, led by a preening prat from Liverpool reliant on immature students who are also strangers to the city!

Small wonder then that I have made an enemy of ‘Welsh’ Labour, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. For I understand better than most – and better than many in Plaid Cymru – that the real obstacle to achieving a better Wales is the Labour Party. It must be smashed as the SNP has done in Scotland.

This approach inevitably results in regular attacks on me in social media and elsewhere by Labour’s defenders, but rarely as frontal and crude as the Parry-Shipton assault last year. Though some try, such as a woman I’d never heard of until she opened up on me with both barrels.

It all started when @DilysDavies tweeted me a link to an article on the Grauniad website by Michael White. White wondered why Neil Hamilton had been elected to the Assembly and mused, “What could Wales . . . have been thinking of when it elected him on Thursday? Probably of immigration and job security”. To which I responded:

Twitter 1

I urge you to note that I say “many” of UKIP’s votes come from English people who have moved to west Wales. That is, “many”, not ‘most’, and certainly not ‘all’. As far as I was concerned, that was it.

This tweet of mine prompted a response from @CwmniDB, a David Bullock, reminding me of UKIP’s support “in old coalfield seats where there’s little immigration from England”. Very true, I have written about this phenomenon more than once.

Here, for example, is my post on the 2014 Euro elections. For other posts in which I search for the answer to UKIP’s appeal in Wales just type UKIP or Ukip (I’m never sure) in the search box.

Twitter 3

The next contribution came from the person hinted at earlier, a clearly outraged @RosemaryEmery. She is a member of the Labour Party in Llanelli. She was “shocked”. (In my experience, Labour people are very easily ‘shocked’.)

Twitter 5

We exchanged a number of tweets – God! it was fun – and it became clear that what ‘shocked’ her was my use of the term immigrant to describe English people who move to Wales. (The fact that David Bullock had also used the term seemed not to bother her at all.)

I argued that anyone moving from one country to another was an immigrant to the country he or she moved to, and that this spat she had engineered depended on whether one believed that Wales and England are different countries. To which she responded, ” . . . we are all citizens of Britain and there are no border controls.”

In an attempt to explain that it’s quite possible to have different nations and countries in the same state, I used the example of Tibet . . . which is when it got a bit weird.

Twitter 6

Now I don’t deny that I’m partial to the odd allusion, the well-chosen analogy, but I used Tibet in order to vividly explain the suffering that can befall a minority identity in a multinational state, I was certainly not arguing that there is a valid comparison between Tibet and Wales. Rosemary Emery had other ideas, and clearly another agenda.

A few more tweets were exchanged then we were joined by @poumista, who is Gary Robert Jones, another Labour Party member from Llanelli. I was fairly sure that his handle referred to a Spanish communist party from the Civil War days, I remembered that from Homage to Catalonia. Just to be sure I asked him, you can see his response below.

Twitter 8

How reassuring to know that the Labour Party in 2016 contains class warriors still fighting the Spanish Civil War. Jesus!

Anyway, I eventually tired of Dozy Rosie and Señor Jones and ended the illuminating exchange. After which I got a message with the rather sinister hashtag #WeWillBeWatching, which I could only interpret to mean that I was being monitored by deranged members of ‘Welsh’ Labour.

So I decided to complain to their party headquarters, confident of redress, and reassurance . . . or something. As yet, I have had no response, perhaps they’re busy with something.

Twitter 7

I wouldn’t have bothered you with Dozy Rosie and Comrade Jones were it not for the fact that this is all of a pattern. Just as with the Parry-Shipton comedy duo last year I was again accused of saying things I hadn’t said, thoughts were ascribed to me that I don’t hold, and there was always the lurking suspicion that there was someone ‘further back’ controlling these people.

And of course my exchange with the delusional duo in Llanelli came soon after the Assembly elections, during which Labour behaved so badly. Perhaps the worst example was the trade union Unison putting out lies about Plaid Cymru’s policies. I’m not surprised by that, Labour tells lies, that’s how it hangs on to power in Wales.

What did surprise me is that Plaid leader Leanne Wood is a member of Unison. For fuck’s sake, when are these people going to wake up and see Labour and its subsidiary organisations for what they really are?

Well, after the shenanigans on Wednesday, when the other parties challenged Labour’s divine right to rule by supporting Leanne Wood for First Minister, and the Labour lie machine went into overdrive, perhaps those in Plaid Cymru who had a lingering affection for ‘fellow-socialists’ will finally have woken up.

I suspect that a debilitating spell may finally have been lifted.

Carwyn vote
Photo courtesy of BBC Wales

‘Welsh’ Labour is rattled, its share of the vote is down to a third, it has no allies other than a desperate and lonely woman who has made a tragic miscalculation, and it can see the Scottish scenario approach. Wonderful!

Labour has become a sickness from which Wales has suffered for a century, a synonym for corruption and cronyism, patronage and waste. Labour in our country is a party that serves a different country. It’s time to cure Wales of Labour and make her healthy.

Last year, during my tussle with Parry and Shippo I was accused of calling Labour vermin. Yes, I did call Labour vermin. My one regret is that in using that term I was being unfair to rats and other creatures whose company I would prefer to any verminous bastard connected with the Labour Party.

UPDATE 13.05,2016: I now know a little more about Rosemary Emery and Gary Robert Jones.

Emery is of course English, possibly from Yorkshire, and her Facebook page tells us that she is a supporter of the England rugby team which, as ‘Sosban Fach’ commented, might explain why she has never stood for elected office in Llanelli.Emery England

Jones is a community councillor in Llangennech, and seems to be one of those Labourites who believes that the Welsh language is a nationalist conspiracy, and as such it must be fought tooth and nail. To this end he has been going around Llangennech stirring things up and dividing the community by arguing how divisive it would be for the council to meet the demand for Welsh language education.

Jones got involved with an online petition opposing Welsh language education. The comments make interesting reading, especially as so many of them come from people who cannot possibly be parents with children at Llangennech school. Comments come from Loughor, St Clears, Carmarthen, Swansea, even England! I hope nobody’s paying too much attention to this bigoted tripe!

Something else I found online linked to Jones is a picture of Dennis Coslett’s grave, one of a number of his photographs on the americymru website. Draw your own conclusions.

Returning to England-supporting Emery, she is, as she promised, watching me, and picked up on a tweet I put out earlier about yet another English sex offender turning up in rural Wales. Her tweet reminds us how the Labour Party operates – lies, distortions, non-sequiturs and ascribing views and opinions to opponents that they know to be wrong. (The most popular one at the moment being that Plaid Cymru is in “coalition” with Tories and UKIP.)

Emery sex offenders

Rather than worry about sex offenders being dumped in Wales she uses my tweet to suggest that I don’t mind Welsh sex offenders! On the one hand such tactics are obviously devious and distasteful, but they’re also silly, and on an intellectual level that would almost certainly be surpassed in the playground of Llangennech school . . . in both languages.

So there you are, two fine examples of anti-Welsh Labour. Carwyn Jones must be so proud of them. It’s sad really, because I’m old enough to remember when the Labour Party in Llanelli was Welsh, and a party of the people, led by men of the people like Jim Griffiths.

Now it’s just a refuge for bigots and chancers, dilettantes and poseurs, crooks and wankers, who regard politics as a game, with the purpose of the game being to beat the opposition and keep control of the gravy train, rather than to serve the people and improve their lives.


As if to prove my point, Emery has just put out the tweet below. “Substitute English for Polish”, says Emery. Why not Bolivian, or Ugandan, or fucking Martian? I couldn’t have asked her to perform better, to prove me right, if I’d written it myself.

1/ She refuses to address the facts as reported by the BBC.

2/ I did not say ‘Polish’ because the man is not Polish, he’s English. (I know this is difficult for Labourites, but it’s called sticking to the facts.)

3/ Rather than address the issue of yet another English sex offender ending up by some route, with the help of some agency, in a small Welsh town, she uses it to link me with UKIP!

Emery sex offender 2

Carry on like this, Emery – and this applies equally to your dilettante-revolutionary friend – and I might conclude that you’re too stupid and / or too dishonest to bother with.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ END ~ ~ ~ ~

112 thoughts on “‘Welsh’ Labour – The True ‘Nasty Party’

  1. Ian Bayliss

    And yet another contender enters the fray today from the Public Services Ombudsman one “Chris Vinestock” “Director of Investigations” and stand in for Bennett.

    Further proof that Welsh Labour cronies cannot even read their own documents. Its beyond a joke.
    So now we have had Laura Morris, Kenneth Thomas, John Young, James Merrifield and of course the Bennett himself. Not one of them has ever done a proper job. He has written down another falsehood based on their very own terms of reference.

    And the biggest laugh of all. They claim Independence from the Welsh Labour Government. They who pay the piper call the tune and Bennett has the begging bowl out at this very moment to waste more of your money to get officers so that he can have “legal” powers.

    And they are killing you off in NHS Wales at an even greater rate now with the full collusion of Welsh Labour. As at December 2012, the year for 2012 showed untimely death (avoidable) now clarified by ONS as being utter failures in treatment of patients was 193.5 per 100,000 of the population. NOW that is rising all the time and the figures published 29th June 2016 for the year to December 2014 it has increased to 240.1 per 100,000 head of population.

    Your altruistic honest decent NHS I think not somehow. You and I are being conned on this and so many other matters. The lies and deceit are manifest.

    I know Jac has issues over housing. Well take a very good look at Denbighshire’s activities. In the fight to control a wanton development since 2004, it came to light that “dirty” deals were being done by the backdoor. A commitment was made to Liverpool City Council sometime about 1999 that most of Denbighshire would come under the “sphere of influence” of Liverpool. They have been dumping the people they do not want here. Part fo the document can be found by searching the Knowsley Council site. Secondly one of our neighbours Welsh by birth along with her partner have given up, they have had enough of the corruption. She is a qualified lawyer. They are selling now and have already bought a place in France. The last visit to Walton Gaol to a convict revelaed that Wales and West and Clwyd Alyn STILL had posters advertising North Wale as being a place to come and live free or very cheaply on being released from gaol. Rhodri Morgan made a speech on this subject years ago but it still goes on and on and on.

    That was the final straw for them and I disvoer this very morning that three other close neighbours are pulling out ASAP. Whilst ther are some amongst you that probably think that is a good thing as some of us are English but its your country, your nation and only you can do something about it. I always cast my vote for someone. Please do the same for the sake of your fellow country men and remove this corrupt stranglehold of Welsh Labour.

  2. Ian Bayliss

    Well if you need any more proof of the total corruption of Welsh Labour and those that would support them in the Senedd, here is the reply I received today when Jones FM was challenged to apologise for his lies and allegations in Plenary in 2014. The delay of course was due to the wilful manipulation, circumvention and subversion of the Statute Law will all have to live by by Welsh Labour appointees in senior positions right up to and including the Ombudsman. A very clear abdication of responsibility and a very raw corrupt nerve has been probed which needs probing even harder.

    Dear Mr Bayliss
    Thank you for your email of 26 July addressed to the Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones AM, First
    Minister of Wales, regarding your complaint with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health
    Board. I have been asked to reply on this occasion.
    I note this matter has been a cause of concern to you for a number of years and that your
    Assembly Member and Member of Parliament have written in on your behalf. In the replies
    to their letters it was explained that no Welsh Government Minister, or official, can intervene
    in an individual case or complaint. These matters must be dealt with by the medical
    providers responsible, which in your case is Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.
    You have been provided with the relevant advice and information in relation to the formal
    complaints process ‘Putting Things Right’, contact details for the health board and your local
    Community Health Council (CHC), and information and contact details for the Public
    Services Ombudsman for Wales.
    Whilst I appreciate you remain unhappy with this situation, there is nothing else I or any
    Welsh Government official can add to this advice. Therefore, given the impasse we appear
    to have reached, we will not be corresponding with you about this matter any further. This
    means that any future correspondence we receive from you on this subject will not generate
    a response and will simply be noted for information.
    Yours sincerely
    Paul Haynes
    Government Business Team

    Interesting is it not when NONE of the real evidence (3000 pages) has been examined.

  3. Ian Bayliss

    I concur completely with your comments about Corruption and political patronage by Welsh Labour. You and I have had spats elsewhere however fundamentally I believe we share similar visions for a better society for all of us who live here. However just to confirm to you your correctness over another Labour insider crony the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales one Nicholas Bennett and at least some of his officers. And to cap itall that scandal ridden, sleaze ridden, discredited, wilful proven breaker of the Ministerial Code of Conduct, Alun Davies has been brought back into the Welsh Assembly Government who was also a close (maybe still is) business partner of Nicholas Bennett in a grubby dirt digging lobbying outfit in Bute Road Cardiff.

    In my own battles with the corrupt Welsh Labour appointees in the web of lies and deceit that is NHS Wales, Nicholas Bennett and his officers have been exposed as nothing more than common criminals ( and stated as such in written reply to a sitting Assembly Member) by the Information Commissioners Office for their failings to comply with the enforcement instructions following their woeful and deliberate refusal to obey Section 7 of the DPA 1998. They were declared criminals as the Act does so under Section 40 and Section 47(1) for failing to comply with the enforcement within the time allowed. Of course everything is being done to prevent a summary conviction in a magistrates court with an unlimited fine.

    The Welsh Government Office need until 19th August 2016 to respond. I.e to dream up a cover up and whitewash the whole thing. This of course exposes the corruption at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health board in their attempts to cover up their exact same criminality to the extent that the Clown in Chief “Gobby” Gary Doherty has issued threats in writing to me and my file is closed barring me from NHS care in Wales. We now have Gobby Gary stating that the people in BCUHB who signed letters are being defamed because they are not and by implication have never been employed by BCUHB.

    Thats just me and Opposition AMs are saying that the bulk of their casework rests around complaints about Welsh Labour’s Crony Ombudsman generally on health board matters. So I am not alone, my case is being replicated hundreds and hundreds of times.

    Nortyh wales Police have done everything they possibly can not to investigate the “Misconduct in Public Office” allegations which have formally been on thier table since February exactly as they did in walking away from the torture, maltreatment and abuse of the most vulnerable in our society at the Tawel Fan unit at Glan Clwyd. Welsh Labour cronies still rule in North Wales.

    1. I’ve encountered PSO Nick Bennett a number of times, and as you state, he is or was a business partner of Alun Davies AM.

      People I’m in regular contact with have appealed to him over the behaviour of certain housing associations, but there’s no hope of action from him because he used to chief executive at Community Housing Cymru, the umbrella body for housing associations.

      And that’s the way it is, everybody knows everybody and due to Labour corruption nobody ever gets called to account.

  4. tridral

    Just an additional comment to show that Jac isn’t alone in his comparison of England/Wales and China Tibet. In Devolution and Identity by Wilson & Stapleton, (Routledge, 2006), p221. Discussing a letter to the Western Mail.


    “equated without distinction to the actions of the Chinese Government in Tibet” “the experience of Wales is one that is unproblematically framed within a collection of commensurable historical examples of modern state imperialism”

    There’s even mention of the Western Mail as being “Welsh but not pro-Welsh”.

    This page is worth a look. It’s written in academic language but the meaning is clear.

  5. Stan

    It’s a pity that much of the excellent stuff written and discussed on this blog isn’t made a part of the History curriculum in schools throughout the UK, instead of learning about English Kings and Queens (or at least that was the case when I was in school). There’d be a few positive outcomes in my opinion. In Wales it might awaken a sense of injustice in more of our young people which would hopefully manifest itself in a greater determination to stand up and say grievous wrongs have been done to the Welsh nation, hopefully leading to more support for independence. Also it might help to alter the blind prejudice you see among so many in England about Wales and the Welsh. I’m still amazed at the number of English people I meet (and I am not widely travelled) who think we all play rugby, sing in a choir, work in a coal mine or are welfare dependent, and love Max Boyce. But there we are, as someone once said, History is written by the Victors, or something along those lines.

    1. Ian Perryman

      Sorry Stan you’re out of date.
      There’s no such thing as an UK curriculum, education being a devolved power.

      In any case the amount people ‘learn’ about Wales through history lessons in school is trivial compared to what they pick up through the media in adulthood.

      New digital media gives us an opportunity to spread the truth, uncontrolled by the media barons or the English Broadcasting Company.

      Get out there and make it work.

  6. From Dic Mortimer’s blog the blogger himself says:

    ” I am satisfied the word ‘genocide’ is appropriate here. Both the UN and the International Criminal Court are quite clear that the deliberate killing of a culture is as much genocide as the deliberate killing of a nation/race. Changing it to ‘cultural genocide’ would therefore be a tautology: people ARE their culture. In any case, Wales hardly got off lightly on the body count either: at least 25% of all Welsh people were killed during the Anglo-Norman conquest – a higher percentage than, for instance, the 20% killed in the Rwandan genocide – and had the refined techniques of mass murder developed later been available at the time, rest assured we would have been exterminated. They took no prisoners. Of course the word wasn’t coined in the 16th century when the English parliament unilaterally abolished Wales, its language and its laws and incorporated it into England – but just try to imagine something similar happening today: not only would it be a flagrant international crime, it would be labelled genocide without quibble. The Welsh experience at the hands of the British State is always conveniently written out of the ‘island story’ British nationalists plug, and has been underplayed and shrugged off for so long that many people are now completely unaware that Wales was seized by violence. Let’s stop treading on egg-shells to avoid ‘offence’, and tell it like it is.”


    1. dafis

      Thank you Carnabwth, I rest my case ! That sums up neatly what I was trying to say as I got too hot under my collar to retain coherence and succinct form.

  7. tridral

    The parallels between England/Wales and China/Tibet are strong. The timescales are different – Tibet has been treated more brutally more quickly – but the effect is similar.

    There are many articles on the Sinicisation of Tibet and they all read like parallels to the Welsh experience. Here’s a recent one ‘Signs Of Sinicization: Katia Buffetrille On Road Signs And Cultural Erasure In Tibet’ (http://buff.ly/1XC0JFW). I was struck particularly by ‘By suppressing the meaning of words, one removes their essence’, regarding the anglicisation of Welsh place names.

    I think that because it’s been happening in Wales for so long we’ve become blind to it. It’s difficult to notice angicisation as a process when so many things are already in English and Welsh is a minority. So I think it’s important to highlight this and to keep Welsh place names and support the use of the Welsh language.

    It would be good if people who did move to Wales – and those born here too – had open eyes and open minds to the qualities of this place that are different from England, and not try to make everywhere the same.

  8. GY Powell

    BNP blame black people. UKIP blame eastern European people, Socialists blame Tories, Welsh Nationalists blame English people…its the nature of the beasts and all very depressing it ensures causes never get off the ground, all the above regard themselves as victims and are blind to their own bigotry.

    1. Big Gee

      I’m presuming that you’re a ‘Y’ & ‘X’ chromosome carrier.

      Before you start vomiting any more crap about bigotry from your two index fingers on that keyboard, I suggest you go back to school and study a bit more history sonny.

      You sound like a classic, immature Lib Dem student to me – who knows FA about most things. In your ‘little world’ of perceived perfection there wouldn’t BE any ’causes’. I suppose you also subscribe to the propaganda that there are NO victims in this world. Wakey wakey and smell the coffee! My suggestion to you is give up on whatever you’re smoking and rejoin the realm of reality.

      It’s people like you that REALLY piss me off big style.

      “There are none as blind as those who do not want to see”. Ignorance and stupidity is already rife in this world, without you contributing more to it.

      1. dafis

        That really got under your skin, didn’t it ! Nice to see life in the old warrior.

        Mr Powell sounds young and idealistic in the way that typifies the debating society school of politics. A bit academic, but without the rigour of proper research, prone to sweeping conclusions about “reactionary” stances of various parties and ideologies without ever considering root causes and nature of grievances. So it’s not surprising that globalist corporate interests and grandiose governments, often run by people who think in that same way, elect to run roughshod over communities and nations whose grievances should be given a far more thorough hearing. We are not talking about open warfare here but a more subversive, toxic invasion where the long term sustained assault using assorted media and devices leads to the eventual absorption or destruction of the target minority communities. That’s what happening here in Wales and in other parts of EU and rest of the world and no political party even looks remotely like it’s cottoned on, unless of course they are all in on it !

      2. GY Powell

        Welsh people aren’t victims, Jac says he doesn’t compare Wales with Tibet but he’s used the analogy more than once, the cause of Welsh nationhood will never be advanced by Anglo bating ie Rosy. The vehicle for change is economics morning noon and night coupled with a sense of civic nationalism that doesn’t divide because whether you like it or not people aren’t going to be resettled east.

        As for Y and X chromosomes I don’t understand your point but I’m willing to listen.

        PS they told me you were odious I still don’t think you’re that bad despite the rant.


        I don’t accept premise of “subversive toxic invasion” we talking about ordinary people moving around an assimilated island just as they have done for thousands of years, children of incomers will learn Welsh however that is yesterdays argument, Plaid has belatedly moved on and appears to be focusing on economics although I would prefer it moved further into the centre ground and away from socialism.

        1. Now listen, lovely boy, I don’t know who you are, but while I encourage healthy debate on this blog I do not allow misrepresentation – especially when it’s me being misrepresented. You’re quite right in saying that I have used the analogy of Tibet with reference to what is happening in Wales, but . . .

          The analogy holds in that the objective of the Chinese State is to sinicise and assimilate Tibet, just as the British state – for exactly the same reason – would like to anglicise Wales. That said, the analogy or comparison does NOT extend to the methodology employed in the two cases.

          Do you now understand the difference?

        2. dafis

          You can dress up or even ignore this “subversive activity” issue any way you like but the fact remains that Anglo Brits turn up in most parts of Wales ( as they have done in parts of Spain & Portugal !) and expect the locals to behave in exactly the same way as their neighbours used to in their former locality. Fine up to a point, if you move within England say from Sheffield to Manchester, but to turn up in Gwynedd or Carmarthenshire and expect natives to modify to suit you is utter supremacist nonsense. And it goes further, after a period of settling in the in- migrant will often start moaning at length about the “F***in’ language” and generally “things aren’t up to the standard I was used to in Wolverhampton/ or anywhere else in England”. These people often have no intention of blending in, indeed their expectation is that natives should modify to suit them. There are exceptions who make a genuine effort and their behaviours highlight how corrosive are the attitudes of the majority of the influx.

          I used to think that the lack of awareness was an accident, a real “mistake” on the part of the in-migrant, but it has become the general case, the standard performance with many showing contempt for native culture along the same lines as they disrespect the cultures of those who have migrated into England and the rest of the U.K from Europe and further afield.

          By the time I’d finished scribbling this note ” tridral” has added 28 below and I suggest you read it. And don’t seek to draw any analogy around “brutality” – it doesn’t exist, that’s why I regard this situation as characterized by subversion and toxicity, a slow poisoning by stealth, all in the name of progress.

        3. Big Gee

          Your biology knowledge is as abysmal as your history & culture knowledge.

          Males carry ‘X’ & ‘Y’ chromosomes, females carry two ‘X’ chromosomes.

          As you did not prefix your name with neither a ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’ or ”Ms.’ and provided no forename – only initials – it was left to me and others to guess what your sexual orientation is. I guessed immature, male, Lib-Dem (probably pimply faced) student.

          THAT was the point I was making. God save us from the academic “geniuses” that are now being churned out!

          On the parallels of similarity between the way Cymru, and Tibet have been treated, you can add to that most of the minority cultural groups that have had the disastrous displeasure of being ‘discovered’ by the imperial powers of the past & present. Maoris, Australian Aboriginies, Native North and South American tribes, etc. etc. etc. I will go a step further. I used to wear a ‘T’ shirt years ago that said “Wales is NOT England’s West Bank” now, guess who I was referring to, and drawing parallels with? Still don’t get it? Pity.

          And you have the filthy cheek to suggest there are no victims? Now try denying the holocaust and see what happens! It’s NO different, the same beast with different spots and varying degrees of violence The aimed at end result is the same – genocide – either physical or cultural. The wiping out of others of different race, colour, language and culture. But in your twisted world these are the moans of bigoted people who perceive themselves as victims.

          A sweet little THING aren’t you?

          1. GY Powell

            I forgot you’re exempt from bigotry because you married an Englishwoman.

            No wonder Plaid don’t want you, there are no “oppressed” people in Wales and you damage what’s left of the cause for Welsh independence by trying to imply we somehow are.

            It is not I that needs to grow up.

            1. Big Gee

              I forgot you’re exempt from bigotry because you married an Englishwoman.

              I certainly think so. Could you imagine Nick Griffin marrying a Bangladeshi woman from Bradford? Or Nigel Farage marrying a Romanian? It shows how ridiculous your accusations against people like me are. A racist marrying a woman of the race he hates? I don’t think so. You’re making an even bigger arse of yourself by suggesting I’m a bigot who hates all English people. What I hate is colonialism and cultural, linguistic or physical genocide by ANY race. For what it’s worth my wife is in total agreement and is very happy to support my views on the subject.

              No wonder Plaid don’t want you, there are no “oppressed” people in Wales and you damage what’s left of the cause for Welsh independence by trying to imply we somehow are.

              WRONG AGAIN! Check your facts. It’s well documented that it’s not a case of Plaid not wanting me, it’s a case of me disowning Plaid. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been approached to go back. Until there’s a seismic shift in their attitude and policies, then hell will freeze over before I would even consider associating myself with Plaid again – unless they grow a backbone, and start telling it as it is – instead of ducking and weaving and telling fibs. People don’t like fib telling cowards.

              As for ‘oppression’ it depends on how you define it doesn’t it? We have been an oppressed nation for around 800 years. If you took the scales off your eyes you’d realise that. What we are is a classic example of the “victor/ vanquished’ syndrome (but I don’t suppose your depth of knowledge on the subject goes that deep). It’s apparent in our overall lack of confidence as a nation & a deep set belief in our personal psyche that we are inferior. Tell a child that he’s stupid and inferior for long enough and he’ll grow up believing it.

              It is not I that needs to grow up.

              Listen junior I was fully grown up when you were cosily floating around in ‘bag-dad’.

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Dozy – I know you’ll be reading this. It’s in response to your tweet which stated your biggest achievement of the week was causing a bigot frenzy and Jac o’the North telling you to F off – followed by hashtag #Theymakemelaugh.

    You have unsurprisingly reverted to the classical stance so beloved of the Left, namely when the going gets tough call the other side bigot, fascist, racist, xenophobe or other derogatory tag – take your pick. Your ignorance has been paraded for all to see. Your lack of empathy for people who know far more about Welsh history and culture than you, and some of whom have personally experienced the problems laid out “in plain English” on Jac’s excellent blog (so even you should be able to understand it) has been paraded for all to see. And to close with that hashtag – oh, Dozy – you have made a dumb ass of yourself this last week. #Ifeelsorryforyou.

  10. Anonymous

    Dozy – I know you’ll be reading this. It’s in response to your tweet which stated your biggest achievement of the week was causing a bigot frenzy and Jac o’the North telling you to F off – followed by hashtag #Theymakemelaugh. You have unsurprisingly reverted to the classical stance so beloved of the Left, namely when the going gets tough call the other side bigot, fascist, racist, xenophobe or other derogatory tag – take your pick. Your ignorance has been paraded for all to see. Your lack of empathy for people who know far more about Welsh history and culture than you, and some of whom have personally experienced the problems laid out “in plain English” on Jac’s excellent blog (so even you should be able to understand it) has been paraded for all to see. And to close with that insulting hashtag – oh, Dozy – you have made a dumb ass of yourself this last week. #Ifeelsorryforyou.

  11. Big Gee

    We can ALL see the predicament for Plaid, however they’ve navigated the whole thing like Bambi on ice.

    The point I’m making is not the validity of the pragmatism behind the move, but the way it’s been executed. To the ‘man in the street’ who is not a political geek, what he sees is a party that huffs and puffs and then when challenged, or when there’s a likelihood of a blow-back, in the form of some negative criticism runs away again – to hide behind the sofa – until it all blows over, because they haven’t got the bottle to take their threats further. Townie kids used to play that game “ring the bell & run away” it was called.

    It’s this perennial projection of a party with no balls, backbone, or a fire in the belly (unlike their ‘sister’ party north of the border). Imagine you’re a run of the mill voter in the Rhondda (or anywhere else for that matter). You vote for Plaid (if you’re on the left there is no other) because you’re getting increasingly frustrated with Labour – so you vote for something different. THEN – within days – you see (what appears to the unsophisticated voter) the party who you voted for running off for a quick ‘kiss ‘n cuddle’ in the stationary cupboard with the party that has caused your frustrations. That’s how it comes over. You can debate till the cows come home about the validity or the ‘cleverness’ of the move, but what counts is the way the voters perceive this cuddly arrangement.

    It’s classic Plaid & classic Labour. Labour don’t feel they’ve got a bloody nose, they’re far too arrogant for that, they just feel more confident that they can always fall back on a malleable party that can be manipulated like Morph. Plaid believe they’ve been very clever, but in reality all they’ve done is come across as the no backbone ‘jelly-fish party’ – who once again have propped up the status quo. The status quo is obviously what everyone is fed up with. A change was needed, the boat should have been pushed out a few yards further, instead we have more of the same, with a tiny hiccup that will effect the future governance by Labour as much as a gnat’s piss in the ocean will raise the sea level. Posturing in it’s worst form – they wouldn’t get rich playing poker would they?

        1. Big Gee

          Well if I WAS given an option – as a voter in the street, I wouldn’t have stepped down from my gentle snarl quite so quickly. It sends out the wrong message about my desire to oppose and cause grief.

          The golden rule is: NEVER make a threat unless you mean to carry it out.

    1. Brychan

      From Leanne Wood…

      “I can now share with you the detail of the agreement we have made with the largest party in the Assembly. It includes a commitment to make progress on the implementation of five of our nine key objectives.

      The agreement includes the following (click here for graphic to share):

      Thirty hours of free childcare with a commitment to increase the number of Welsh medium places
      National Infrastructure Commission to deliver investment across the nation
      Establish fund to end postcode lottery and improve access to new drugs and treatments
      Welsh Development Bank
      Recruitment and training of GPs
      At least 100,000 new apprentices
      Securing a successful future for the steel industry
      Campaign vociferously for a ‘Remain’ vote
      New Public Health Bill without the controversial e-cigarettes element
      Additional Learning Needs Bill which will include a new Autism Act
      Strengthen Welsh Language Measure
      Legislate to remove the defence of reasonable chastisement (the smacking of children)
      Parliamentary Review into Health & Social Care

      In just this one agreement over one vote, Plaid Cymru has achieved more than any opposition party in the history of the Assembly.

      I want to emphasise the fact that this is a one-vote agreement because it means that we’re not tied down to supporting the government in any future vote.

      We secured these concessions as the main opposition party and it is in this role that we will continue to hold Labour’s feet to the fire during this next Assembly term as we work effectively to improve the lives of the people across the country.

      I want to thank you for all your messages and your patience during the weeks that have passed since the election. It has been a testing time, but this is what it takes for the main opposition party to secure the best possible deal for Wales and its people. We can now look forward with renewed confidence to the next five years and beyond.”

      Also, this deal is for a “one-off” vote to get a First Minister elected and does not bind Plaid Cymru to any future votes in the Senedd. It is not a coalition nor a confidence and supply agreement. I don’t think this is “posturing” more like good leverage.

      1. dafis

        It will be interesting to see how much of that gets delivered whether by tacit “agreement”, or any other form of “agreement”. Not a snipe at Plaid by the way but at the rather dopey pace at which Assembly operates. Take the M4 project which seemed at one time to be the regime’s virility symbol ( and much liked by CBI Wales who are generally partial to virility symbols anyway ! ). That has been talked and talked ad nauseam, yet no coherent response has been offered to the ABP objections which although reiterated recently have been in circulation for some time. There are numerous other issues arising from this proposed project which can have serious knock on effects elsewhere in the Welsh economy.

        The call for a “National Infrastructure Commission to deliver investment across the nation” is to be applauded but if it’s dragooned into pouring its entire funding into that black hole called M4 Newport Upgrade then it will be the NIC with no funds left !

        “100,000 new apprentices” sounds fantastic but what is the proposed deployment ? Are they going to be real training programmes where young people, and some older persons who are making a career transition, will acquire real skills and qualifications, or will much of it go down the fabled grants tube where people undergo specious training schemes which do more to fill the coffers of training providers and little to enhance the trainees’ career prospects and the nation’s pool of talent.

        “Campaign vociferously for a ‘Remain’ vote” – well of course, because for the foreseeable future the EU are the only sure bet for funding our more extravagant schemes !

        “Legislate to remove the defence of reasonable chastisement (the smacking of children)” and substitute somewhere in the law a reasonable defence for smacking your local A.M or indeed anybody else’s A.M if you think he/she is a waster !

        But I’m an old cynic and I should really shut up and let the boys and girls down the Bay have fun pissing Taxpayers funds away whichever way the wind blows and sometimes into it !

      2. Big Gee

        Apart from “Strengthen Welsh Language Measure” any one of those 9 ‘Key Objectives’ could have come straight from Welsh Labour party headquarters. I’m not surprised there wasn’t a long argument.

        They are so vague, wide angled and fluffy that any politician in any political party could spout them. Not exactly revolutionary, drastic or contentious are they?

        1. Brychan

          Actually, the ‘Welsh Development Bank’ was dropped by the last Labour administration and Redwina wanted to keep the failing ‘Finance Wales’. A bank of course would have to comply with banking regulation, and adhere to commercial returns. Unlike Finance Wales it would be less likely to pour bad money into Labours’ pet projects, prevent cross subsidy these with inflated interest rates on viable business ventures gaining EU grants, and remove the silly third sector cash sumps which are only disguised as commercial business ventures. It was Plaid Cymru who’s managed to get this commitment, and the new administration will be held to account in this agreement, no doubt using the votes of the Tories, if necessary, to enforce it.

          1. dafis

            Fair point Brychan, but Plaid too will have to move away from its tendency to engage in “pet project” thinking. Unless they have had a significant shift in outlook they will wish to run Labour close in supporting daft ideas because that suits their gameplan of “out-lefting” Labour.

            Now you are quite right in raising the matter of banking regulations and the baggage/ commitments that brings with it. To what extent however are these issues ever considered in advance of such big decisions, as I suspect that most times they become part of that mad flurry of tidying up after the event. Should create some nice new jobs for retired bankers looking to supplement their meagre pensions !

            1. Brychan

              I have no problem with ‘pet projects’ as long as they are embarked upon as a clear public intent and democratically scrutinised as such. I don’t classify these as ‘out-left’ of Labour. Grab the lottery cash and run, I say. However, my scrutiny has two categories “Pro-Welsh-yes-please’ and ‘sponging-gravy-train-fuck-off’.

              This is supposed to be different from Finance Wales. Replace it with a Welsh Investment Bank is that institution would have to consider the loan on the basis real commercial risk. By an expert not a civil servant. It would also include any associated assets or going-concern business activity to underwrite funds. It would prevent third sector shysters establishing a commercial arm of a charity to get dodgy loan and then spinning off the risk element under public sector finance leaving the trustees and managers holding a personal cash cow in the third sector, the Welsh taxpayer picking up any resulting commercial shortfall.

              The ‘Knit your own Surfboard Museum’ can no longer hide behind ‘commercial confidentiality’ when it requires scrutiny. In the past we only see the books after it’s gone pear shaped. Yet, it would allow the ‘Jones the Steel Fabricator’ business wanting a new welding machine get a bite of the cherry at reasonable rates of interest with proper cash flow projections because its decided by an industry expert, not a civil servant carrying a rucksack of ministers wish lists of weird unaccountable social benefit projections.

              On this issue I think Leanne has played a blinder. She’s holding the reigns and calling the shots. She’s got Labour to do the donkey-work while she also has the Tories inside her wagon. Both, of course, will whinge.

  12. Iestyn

    In fairness, Big Gee, Plaid are between a rock and a hard place in this assembly – of their own making, maybe, but still I don;t envy them. I’ll wait to see the agreement later, but i think they’ve done well so far.

    I’d love to know whether there’s some Machiavellian plotter in the ranks (Price? McEvoy?) or whether they’ve just been lucky, but the Assembly so far has been a good showing from them:

    1) I predicted that Labour would be able to eule comfortably with a minority government, because the opposition would never oppose in an orderly manner. Trying to get cooperation from UKiP and the Tories would be difficult enough anyway, but getting it without an electoral blow-up (as evidenced by Alun Davies’ purple fits) would be nigh-on impossible. However, putting Leanne up, and getting UKiP and the Tories to support her was genius (or luck). It doesn;t need an agreememnt, it just needs the Tories and UKiP to want to bloody Labour’s nose! Lucky that Kirsty didn’t vote eith tme though – it was a massive bluff. There is no way that Leanne could have done anything as First Minister.

    2) It was predictable that Labour would be incandescent with (dramatic, made-up) rage as to how those dirty nationalists had gone straight back on their word, just as the Labour Party probably would have if it suited them. But that painted Labour into a corner. First miinister elected because of a Tory abstention? Better not – we’ll go for talks…Suddenly, “a bit of horse trading”, that would be absolutely normal in a normal multi-party democracy – maybe Nathan Gill scoring against Christine H, or a quiet nod towards some Tory policies – becomes toxic, and Labour’s only option was to come to an agreement. Clever.

    As I say, we’ll see in the agreement what the price has been, and I won;t be too excited until I see that. Even then, one clever victory isn’t exciting in itself. What might grow out of a confident, effective Plaid Cymru? One of PC’s few successes to date has been to drag the Unionist parties, kicking and screaming, towards the recognition of Welsh issues, from Rhodri’s “clear red water” to Nick Bourne’s Welsh Conservatives (that really were, at least at the Assembly level).

    We really need a proper Welsh party amongst the movers and shakers, and if that turns out to be Plaid Cymru, or something else, non-unionists showing a bit of political bravery / ability / success at national level has got to be a good thing.

  13. Big Gee

    SO . . . . “The True Nasty Party” (of Wales) are back in their nice cosy feather quilted bed then – with you know who’s help.

    Friends for life

    Yes the “Hide Behind The Sofa” gang!


    So bloody predictable! They can always depend on ‘Good Ol’ Plaid’ can’t they? After all what are ‘red’ cousins for if they can’t watch each others backs!

    1. Brychan

      I think you’ll find that it is Andrew RT Davies (the Tories) that had already announced that they would abstain if another vote was to take place on who will be First Minister. This would mean that Carwyn Jones would be elected, regardless.

    2. Anonymous

      There’s the reality of Plaid levering more concessions (I hope) out of a minority Labour government and the unreality of a Welsh nationalist party partnering up with a UK (English) nationalist party like UKIP. I would find it strange if anyone genuinely believed the later was a possibility outside of a really bizarre set of circumstances..

    3. dafis

      Given that they boxed a draw last week with the support of so-called undesirables and unclean parties, there was not much else they could have done other than forced the issue and gone out for a second election, which given the fickle nature of the Welsh might have given CJ the working majority he and Alun Davies feels is eternally theirs by some divine right !

      I get irritated by Plaid when I see all the dancing around the issue when all they needed to say was ” We give CJ a bloody nose just to remind him that he don’t own this f***in’ country, and we will do it again if he doesn’t behave himself” …….”As for Tories and UKIP you do find yourself ” in bed” with some odd ones in this game but it doesn’t indicate that we’re in a relationship, and certainly not a cheap date !”

      That would have sufficed and most people would have said that Plaid got itself some cojones ( ceilliau to the uninitiated, or if you not been to the EU on holidays ! )

  14. shuai

    Dear Rosie, you seem to be having to fend off a lot vitriol. I’m sorry for you personally. Perhaps my last input was not to your liking, but I’m afraid I dream some of these things, I am a nightmare for people like you. However, when my niece has to study ‘Shirley Valentine’ translated into Welsh for her Welsh literature GCSE. then Labour has got it seriously wrong and you are absolutely unqualified to dish out platitudes and hackneyed homilies. Your inputs remind me of Krusty the Clown (try to appeal to everyone, but be loyal to none) and I wish you well with her support, because she is as irrelevant to our community as you undoubtedly will find you are in west Wales..

    1. Brychan

      The beef that the likes of Rosy has with phasing out the English stream in Llangennech School has nothing to do with what’s best for the children.

      It’s a well-established finding that providing ‘different schools of choice’ between Welsh medium and English medium is best for both the Welsh speaking and any predominant English-speaking pupils. Duel streaming in the same school results in Welsh-speaking pupils having to switch to English to be friends in the playground and English-speaking pupils developing hostility to the Welsh language, as it’s something they are ‘forced to do’.

      Rosy represents the middle class elite that infests (and is now dominant) in the Labour Party. They just want to drop their little Marcus and Melissa at the village school in a Qashqai, parade their offspring as a badge of betterness than others, and use their ample spare time to boss the schools administration around. I see Rosy is calling for the resignation of the school governor because he’s doing what’s best for the children rather than satisfying a baying mob of anglophiles.

      In England, this is the same reason why the Labour Party support ‘free schools’ and ‘academies’.

      Here is a video of Rosy’s contributing to the education system.

      She’ll be organising a trestle table and cucumber sandwiches in the local park to pay homage to the English monarchy next. All waving round their Union Jacks and dressing up as squires and princesses, singing God save the Queen.

  15. Sosban fach

    Well, it looks as though Dozy Rosie has gone quiet after that little outburst. If you read this, Rosie, here are some things you might want to consider:

    1. What you call “compulsory Welsh medium education” is in fact Labour Party policy. Your homework is to read ‘Iaith Pawb’ (don’t worry, it’s available in English) and work forward from there. You campaign vociferously for Labour, but it seems that you don’t really know what you are campaigning for. Does that make Carwyn Jones a fascist? Answers on a postcard please.
    2. I think you owe a huge apology to schools which have transitioned successfully. I can name a few, if you like. I wonder how their heads, governors and parents feel about being called fascists.
    3. In many parts of Wales demand for Welsh medium education far outstrips supply. So children are forced to attend English-medium schools. Is that fascist too?
    4. You may have noticed that there has been a bit of a row about anti-semitism in the Labour Party recently, so I wonder how the party might feel about one of its more vociferous activists branding party policy and a lot of school governors, staff and parents as fascist? As you and your friends say, “some of my best friends speak Welsh/are Jewish/black (delete as appropriate)”.

    I think I’ll drop Carwyn and Nia a line and ask if they agree that you ought to reconsider your party membership and join UKIP.

  16. adarynefoedd

    Let’s all stop arguing and get down to the real business, campaigning to remain in the EU. Our local supporters (Labour Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid Cymru) have all put aside childish arguments and have got down to serious business, actually it is going so well I have hopeful of better relationships in the future.

    As ever, Jac makes some good points and I write as a Labour Party member but then it is ruined in a froth of stereotyping.

      1. Red Flag

        Funnily enough I’ll be voting Leave as well. Not because I have anything against the EU – I haven’t, I quite support it (and I am a member of Plaid).


        Everyday it becomes more and more apparent that Cameron’s ‘renegotiations’ were nothing of the sort and were no more than a piss-take by the EU – and that coupled with the hysteria emanating from Remain concerning Armageddon, Judgement Day, the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, the fate of Peggy Mitchell on Eastenders, and the inflationary impact on the cost of a Russian crack-whore and Leicester winning the Prem, means I am voting for Leave.

        Remain’s campaign has been farcical and the thereat of World War 3 and other rubbish and just a joke.

        The only definate aboute staying or leaving is that at dawn the following day the sun will rise.

        So bollocks to it.

        (PS – One of my daughters works for a German Bank in Luxembourg, She’s voting leave. Most of the staff are non-German and the bank has sent them an internal mail saying it will make no difference at all to their status. My other daughter is a kidney surgeon in NHS England and a card carrying Labour member and Corbynista- she’s voting leave as well.

          1. Brychan

            There is, of course, a corporate tax haven inside the United Kingdom. Outside the EU. It is called Ynys Manaw (Ellan Vannin – Isle of Man). Although it’s outside the EU it is within the ‘single market’ as defined by Protocol 3 of the Treaty of Rome.

            An interesting fact is that English people (and all other EU citizens) have to apply for a ‘residents permit’ every five years. Once a permit has expired, they must leave. Also, they are not allowed to be charitable trustees, company directors, or hold political office on the Island.


            It is likely that if the UK votes to leave the EU, then a hasty fudge will be made of Protocol 3 which would allow the UK as a whole to do a Manaw Mawr. Inside the single market but outside the EU. However, the UK would then have to give up the ‘rebate’.

            Just thought I’d throw this Celtic grenade into Jacs’ forthcoming post.
            Jill Evans will have to stand for Rhondda MP.

              1. dafis

                is there a substantial “minority” vote in the Rhondda or is it just Donkey syndrome ? I can’t imagine there’s a big gay community in those valleys, by now they’d be mostly down in Cardiff working for S4C, BBC or in the Bay “politics professions”

  17. Dozy Rosie

    To Brychan. I don’t claim to be a representative of anybody. Plaid’s share of the vote did fall in Mid &West Wales. Info – Roger Scully. I have nothing to do with any job applications. Have a different opinion is not vile. Calling somebody a parasitic maggot is, especially behind a pseudonym.

    1. Brychan

      Listen, Dozy, which I assume is not a pseudonym.
      Brychan is my name.
      It’s Welsh.
      Learn to pronounce it.
      Then go on to learn the rest of our language.

  18. Dozy Rosie

    Well what you do say about the above? To dywetwr. I have nothing against people’s belief in Nationalism and nothing against the Welsh language. Lots of my friends are first Welsh Language speakers including my son’s partner and her family. What I do have a problem with is those who also display xenophobia and bigotry to their fellow citizens just because of where they originated from. Compulsory education solely through the medium of Welsh for all at this time does smack of facism – it is as bad as the ‘Welsh not’ imposed in earlier times by the UK Government. It is the tail trying to wag the dog. People with views like yours do main stream Nationalists no favours at all. To say you put people off the idea is an understatement. PlaId Cymru at least have the sense to try and create an environment whereby in generations to come things may change. You cannot accept that here in Wales there is no appetite for it at this time. You are in the minority. If and when, times change and there is a majority, fair enough. That’s democracy. At this time, you don’t even have the support of the majority of people that are Welsh born. To force change that people don’t want is facism. There is no other name for it.

    1. I gave you a chance to rehabilitate yourself but you’ve screwed up. Nothing we’re discussing here comes anywhere near the horrors inflicted by fascism and Nazism. That you can employ such an insane analogy with regard to Welsh language education is the last straw and shows up you people for what you really are – bigots devoid of rational argument reaching for the ‘fascism’ analogy in the hope of stifling debate. Now fuck off!

    2. Sosban fach

      A serious question for you here Rozie. What do you think of the proposal to phase out the English stream in Llangennech?

    3. dywetwr

      Well done Rosy, you’re an archetypal Labour supporter: you ignore the (legitimate) points raised against you and bleat the same nonsense you started with.

      So, if compulsory Welsh education is ‘fascism’, then so is compulsory English education. Say large numbers of Chinese people moved to the Lake District, in sufficient numbers that they were a majority, or almost. Would the fact they’d have to send their kids to English-medium schools be ‘fascistic’, therefore? Even if they objected very strongly, and felt that as a majority, they should have Chinese language schools? By your logic, their having to use English medium education would constitute ‘fascism’; ergo, according to your logic, England is a fascist state.

      Now then, tell me how compulsory Welsh education, especially in the majority Welsh-speaking areas is ‘fascism’? Or do incomers have a right to force an indigenous linguistic community to their culture? I’d love to see how you answer that, although you’d probably ignore the point completely and bleat ‘nationalism is bad!’ despite being a British nationalist yourself.

      I’m amazed you can move to another country and call the inhabitants fascists for maintaining their own language and call yourself a ‘socialist’ and decry ‘nationalism’. As I said, blind, utterly blind.

      Go and have a nice long wank over your Union Jack with your fellow Labour turncoats.

      1. Red Flag

        Say large numbers of Chinese people moved to the Lake District, in sufficient numbers that they were a majority, or almost. Would the fact they’d have to send their kids to English-medium schools be ‘fascistic’, therefore?

        I used to live in Oldham. Many primary schools had to have teaching assistants that could speak southasian languages because the majority of the pupils were from families from Pakistan/Bangladesh and didn’t speak english at all because it was never used at home. Even GP surgeries used to advertise for nusres and receptinists wo could speak south asian lanuages because the female patients (mostly born here) could barely speak english.

        So yes, English-medium schools be ‘fascistic’, is indeed what they would be.

    4. Red Flag

      to their fellow citizens

      Dozy Rosie indeed. Schoolboy (or girl) error.

      here are no citizens in a Monarchy – only subjects. Have a look at your passport.

  19. shuai

    Ban second ‘homes’; ban private education; make Welsh compulsory at all tourist information offices; primary schools all to be in Welsh medium only; stop building new homes unless needed and affordable for the local population; install cornea-burning devices in the windows of estate agents; compulsory purchase of holiday homes; prevent buyouts of Welsh businesses; disallow English outfits to run all outward bound courses; make Welsh history compulsory at schools; sell poisoned Welsh cakes at selected outlets; an immigration test which includes either ability to speak Welsh or at least wrongly pronounce Welsh place names with a Welsh accent and know all the words to Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau; make sure Ballet Cymru has at least one Welsh person in it or change the name and send it packing; impregnate love spoons with polonium, Y Gwyll on every channel every day of the week; put diversion signs on the coast path in Solfach which takes everyone to the M50 … oh, I dunno. Failing everything, reintroduce slate and coal mining and frack the national parks. I’m not optimistic, but live in hope.

  20. Dai

    Having spent the last 15 years warning about the imminent destruction of the Welsh nation if English migrant’s continue flooding into our country,I must now find a way to perswade these unwanted invaders that its to their personal advantage to return to their own country. Would any one out there like to suggest a way forward?

  21. Dozy Rosie

    To Stan, you are abhorent. To Dafis…. Thanks for calling me a weed…quite polite compared with some names I have been called by the extremists. I do listen to Radio Wales on occasions and always support Wales when they are not playing England. I cannot imagine a true Welsh Rugby fan ever supporting anybody else no matter how long they have lived in another Country – it is no different for me. It is also not hard to guess I am a England rugby fan given my profile picture on both Facebook and Twitter. The rest of the family, however, support Wales but it’s rugby love not vitriol at the six nations. As for Sosban Fach – you are a shame to your name. When accusing somebody of ‘ spending half their lives spilling bile on Twitter’ you should at least have the decency of backing up your assertion with some evidence. Even Jac and WMB provide pictorial evidence of what they are complaining about even if I don’t agree with it. Credit to them for that. Now having just spent a lovely afternoon/evening in the Mumbles, taking in the wonderful sea air and eating lovely Welsh food. I wish you a good evening mulling & complaining what is so wrong with Wales while I celebrate what is so good about. it.

    1. Red Flag

      Rosie. Read the words to Sosban Fach, in particular the verse “Dai Was a Soldier” ( a reference to Pte Harold Spiers) and the political & social context – in particular how his actions became part of the birth of the proper Labour Party and the fight AGAINST the UK state and it’s aparatus.

      Because you are barking not only up the wrong tree, but in the wrong forest.

  22. Keith Parry

    If she has lived here for 29 years Dozy Rosy is Welsh. Its about time she listened to Radio Wales and supported Welsh Rugby.

    1. dafis

      weeds have lived in my garden for decades, I pull them up & chuck them out but they keep coming back. Sometimes I become convinced it’s just the same old weed being awkward & irritating. We will always have weeds in our gardens, just make sure that the real crops survive and prosper and keep the weeds under control.
      No point feeding this weed on a diet of Radio Wales cos she’ll have even more will to live after hearing the likes of Jamie “The Mangler” Owen and Jase ” good Welsh boy” Mohammed among other apologies for Welshmen !
      As for Welsh Rugby, its Union is one of the major bastions of Anglo-Brit loyalist bullshit you could wish to find. Close to the Scottish Rugby Union when it comes to trotting out sycophantic crap and going daft when a Royal steps onto its turf. Good game, shame about the pricks running it !

      1. Stan

        Thank you for putting a smile on my face after a day weeding my garden. I remember once upon a time someone thought it would be a good idea to let Japanese Knotweed come here and look at the legacy of that. Smothers and suffocates natural vegetation until nothing else will grow and you can’t get rid of the f***ing stuff. Rhododendrons and conifers are similar. Have you ever seen daffodils or leeks thriving in these monocultures?

    2. GY Powell

      Interesting point you make and the same thought occurred to me but the flavour of the Welsh nationhood on offer reading this blog is hardly going to do that. Arguments are always won in the centre the majority aren’t overtly political and wont support aggressive nationalism.

  23. Dozy Rosie

    1. I do support the England Rugby team. 2. I have never listened to Radio Aire and do not watch Good Morning Britain. I prefer Radio 4 and Daily Politics 4. Being an England Rugby Supporter is not that popular down here but most people I know have respect for others and their choices. As a member of a community forum I did help to organise a party if Dafen Park, it being the 90th Anniversary of the both the park and the Queen’s Birthday. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed. Looks like actually doing something for the community is frowned upon by followers of this blog which is written by what I can see is some elderly gentleman who lives in the past and is a huge embarrassment to more rational supporters of the Nationalist cause. BTW, being English does not exclude you standing as a candidate in the Welsh Labour Party. In fact I don’t think it excludes anyone in Plaid Cymru or any other party, Helen Mary Jones being an example. I am proud to be English as I am proud to be married to a Welsh man and have a Welsh son. Wales has been my home for 29 years and you don’t own the moral highground to love this Country. As far as the polish remark is concerned – I didn’t make it and is a mistake by old Jac. Making a typo in a tweet pales into insignificance compared to that. Trouble is as far as I can see is people seem to be afraid to stand up to people like you and UKIP. You are very similar – small minded nationalists.

    1. dywetwr

      There’s so much you don’t get. From your tweets, you seem to think that the desire for Welsh statehood is some kind of evil nationalism, whereas you privilege the notion of the British state above Welsh nationhood but seem blind to the fact that that is nationalism also, albeit worse.

      You see, Welsh nationalism, quite simply, is about Wales being able to rule itself, to be a state, rather than a stateless nation. Unionism (British nationalism) seeks to deny Welsh statehood; that kind of nationalism, denying a historically repressed people the right to self-determination, is evil nationalism.

      For a ‘socialist’ you really do seem to enjoy the British identity, which is founded on an Empire founded in turn on exploitation, genocide, linguicide and so forth.

      Also, I saw you tweet once that compulsory Welsh education ‘smacks of fascism’. Well, where do I start with that? The English language has never faced the repression that Welsh has. If trying to undo that historical repression and unnatural decline is ‘fascism’, then what about the continuing repression of the Welsh language, and the countless cultures and languages murdered by the British (English) Empire? You can do 100% of things in Wales in English; try and see how far you get trying to do that in Welsh. I’ve been called all manner of things for merely speaking Welsh in Wales; never the case with English. Why do you defend the colonially founded superiority of English in Wales? Some socialist!

      Like all Labour members, you’re a bundle of contradictions. In fact, you’re a British nationalist, a supporter of unfair privilege and a maintainer of colonialism in Wales. You are blind, and pitifully ignorant. I’d feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a grovelling fool.

      1. Red Flag

        “You see, Welsh nationalism, quite simply, is about Wales being able to rule itself, to be a state, rather than a stateless nation.”

        Hear hear !!!!

        It’s not about being welsh – it’s about being Wales.

    2. Brychan

      Rosemary…Please STOP claiming to be some kind of representative for England in Llanelli. You are doing your countrywomen a great disservice. Unlike yourself, most English women are fine, honest, and respectful individuals. I have just been looking at your vile twitter stream and take opportunity here to correct your bullshit.

      (1) Claim. Plaid vote collapsed in Mid&West Wales region. Plaid recorded 56,754 votes, a decrease of less than half a percent on last election. The Labour vote was only 41,975, a fall of over three percent. You know the only significant Labour vote in the region is Llanelli.
      (2) You keep spinning the line that Plaid did a deal with Ukip and the Tories which is a lie and you know it. Election of FM in the Senedd is done by role call of AMs. While Ukip did vote for Leanne as FM, that is their democratic right. They chose not to support Labour.

      I also notice that Lee Waters AM (Labour), the candidate you sponsored, is now recruiting his staff and is advertising the post as “masters degree essential” but an ability to speak Welsh only as “desirable”. This for a constituency, which still has communities who are still majority Welsh speaking. Not looking to employ a redundant Welsh steelworker then?

      Most women in England don’t trash the host. You however, are a disgrace to Llanelli AND to the English nation. Just one of the parasitic maggots infesting Wales.

      1. dafis

        love that “masters degree essential” as it indicates clearly that the successful candidate will be a top drawer bullshit merchant. Masters in serious subjects like the Engineering and Science based disciplines are in real demand because what they know is of some value in taking society or business forward. I suspect however that the tosspot eventually appointed to this role will be steeped in Political Science or an even more obscure social science/humanities subject area where he/she will have difficulty in understanding his/her own dissertation !

      2. Stan

        Would that Lee Waters be the same hypocrite who tweeted this on 3 May, “dog whistle” campaigning to rival that seen in the recent London mayoral election?

        And then this just one day later.

        A man with that many faces will go far in the Labour Party, mark my words.

        1. This boy’s got a great future. He’ll end up another ‘socialist’ peer, ‘working from within’ . . . to enrich himself.

  24. Sosban fach

    Rosemary’s concern for the Polish community is touching, but sadly not shared by all of her Labour friends in Llanelli. This is what her pal, County Councillor Keri Thomas, had to say about the Polish community in Llanelli a couple of years back:


    Thomas is still a councillor, at least in name, but is often unwell for much the same reasons as the late Geoffrey Bernard, only without the charm and wit. Around the time of that outburst, he was recovering from a liver transplant. And like the late George Best he is known still to enjoy the occasional drop of the hard stuff.

    When it comes to dog whistle politics and hypocrisy, Labour in Llanelli can certainly teach Ukip a thing or two.

    1. Brychan

      An interesting contrast between Rosemary and Keri, Sosban. This ‘issue’ raises important considerations for the new Police and Crime Commissioners

      Under both the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, all police officers are required to record ethnicity for stop-and-search. This includes confiscation and disposal of alcohol and drugs. Crime statistics for those that are charged with offences are also categorised by ethnicity, either self-defined or officer determined.

      It is for the PCC to define ‘ethnicity’ sub-categories according to the policing requirement, so for example, some forces in the North of England have more detailed categorisation for ‘Asian’ as it helps to identify what action needs to be taken in particular communities to prevent offending. London has sub-definitions between black African and black Caribbean, as the crime footprint in these communities is different.

      In Dyfed-Powys and North Wales such sub-definitions of ethnicity in the Asian or Black main definitions is unlikely to need consideration, however, this sub-categorisation (like Lincolnshire) can also be applied to ‘White’. Such as ‘British’ or Irish or Eastern European.

      So in North Wales and Dyfed Powys Police areas, should ethnicity for crimes such as drugs offences, domestic violence protection orders, certain sex offences, or alcohol related crime include the sub-categorisation of ‘English’. There is anecdotal evidence that there are particular policing issues with this category in places like Tenby (alcohol weekends) and Rhyl (housing offenders under licence, non-molestation placements and sex offenders).

      On-street alcohol related anti-social behaviour is defined by age, and rarely by nationality. Policing intervention usually relates to off sales licensing by the local authority, and of course there is the ‘minimum unit price’ proposals should a Senedd plenary session be commissioned to enact primary legislation.

      If some police forces in England were recording PACE and Public Order to include ‘Eastern European’ then surely it would be an important consideration for Arfon Jones and Dafydd Llywelyn to consider the ‘English’ categorisation? Both have a statutory obligation to report and tackle crime prevention according to ethnicity as defined in guidance from the Home Affairs Select Committee.

      Difficult question?

  25. Sosban fach

    The skulduggery, backstabbing and fratricidal goings-on in the Swansea Labour Party are also meat and drink to Labour down the road in Llanelli where one sister accused another of stealing her jewellery. Public punch-ups and counter accusations followed, including claims that Sister No.1 had concealed very large amounts of cash as she went about screwing her ex-husband in a very messy and bitter divorce case. Vendettas, intimidation and smearing of opponents inside the party are routine.

    And always present at the scene is Rosemary Emery who seems to spend half her life pouring out her bile on Twitter.

    Rosemary’s support for “Rugby England” would not go down too well among rank and file Labour voters in Llanelli, which is probably why she has so far resisted the temptation to stand for election.

    But it’s not all poison and knifings. Our Rose is currently drumming up support for a party in the park to celebrate Mrs Windsor’s 90th birthday.

    1. Well, well, a 90th birthday bash for an hereditary monarch! How very socialist. But then none of them really are socialists, just look at Lord and Lady Kinnock, Lord Touhig, Lord Hain . . . hypocrites all, only looking out for Number One. Though I suppose it’s understandable that an Englishwoman should be involved in what is in many ways a festival of English nationalism.

    2. Big Gee

      Do you think the ‘Royal’ Labourites down west would benefit, if they were tied & gagged & forced to watch this film for an hour and a half? Probably not – there really is no substitute for ignorance and stupidity – none as blind as those who do not want to see.

      Still you never know. Click on the link. It’s well worth seeing through to the end. It’s called “Royal Babylon The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy”. Enjoy Rosemary & Co. before you pop out to buy the buntings.

      Quote “There is more stupidity in the world than hydrogen” (Frank Zappa)

  26. Llyr

    Knowing Jac likes his history, here’s a historical side note. POUM was the Trotskyite party supported by George Orwell. They broke with the Comintern and were attacked by the Catalan/Spanish Republican authorities which were supported by the official Spanish Communist party PCE.

    1. Big Gee

      Wasn’t the POUM a member of the London Bureau of socialist parties at one time? I know they opposed Joe Stalin’s communist theories. Sounds like the sort of party the younger Triban Coch members of Plaid could feel happy being in bed with! Apparently the POUM outnumbered the official Spanish Communist party at one time – if the figures they provided were to be believed.

      “Obreros /A la victoria!” (“Workers to Victory!” Eh?). Not my cup of tea, any party that spews crap like “workers of the world unite” (in other words forget your individual nationalism) sounds pretty shitty to me – it’s the root of the anti nationalistic tendencies we’ve seen in Labour ranks in Cymru over the years & why they so hate any nationalist party with a vengeance – including Plaid. Wasn’t that the slogan they were so proud of within the old traditional Labour ranks? Forget national borders and individual cultures – just mass together behind the red flag.

      That’s why I admire Fidel Castro so much, not only did he adopt fair policies (that were mistakenly labelled as Soviet style communism by western propagandists) but he looked after his people from a nationalist point of view, and saved them from the colonialists.

      And Plaid want to out left the Labour party? They need to get their heads in place on the patriotic nationalist front first.

      1. Llyr

        Whether Plaid “out lefts” the Labour party depends on where Labour is. It’s a moving target. Most people in Plaid are on the left and genuinely hold those views, and have done so for decades. Need a bit of recognition on this from the right.

        I admire Fidel Castro as well but I’m not about to mention him on the doorstep.

        1. Big Gee

          There is a big difference between wanting equality for all, social justice and economic fairness for everyone in society – even if that means that the average wealth of the individual is lowered. Don’t confuse it with Labour branded socialism, which does not promote the above. I’m sure many in Plaid holds to those views on equality, fairness and social justice. Their problem is they confuse that with a Labour brand of socialism, which they try and ape or better at every opportunity.

          Maybe you should point out on the doors that Fidel Castro was a nationalist first and endorsed communist like policies second. Try telling them that in Cuba no one has a mortgage, all housing is provided by the state, so no sleepless nights worrying about your job and becoming homeless and not being abe to cover your system induced debts through forced credit. The infant death rate in Cuba is lower than in Washington DC. Cuba provides two thirds of the doctors for the World Health Organisation, and trains more doctors to work in other third world countries than any other nation. The Cuban education system is one of the best available, where everyone in Cuba by now knows their own history and culture and not the colonial crap that was taught previously. Why? Because Fidel Castro had three simple objectives 1. Education, 2. Health & 3. That everyone had a born right to have a roof over their heads, which he believed was the obligation of the state to provide.

          I think that would strike a chord in many Plaid constituencies, rather than try to ram capitalist ‘socialism’ down their throats by mimicking Labour. What are the main subjects that worry the electorate in Cymru? Health, education and secure homes – with no debt.

          What is even more amazing is that Fidel Castro managed this whilst being choked by the Jackboot on his throat of the biggest capitalist pigs and general vile Anglo Saxon regime in the world – the United States of America.

          Stop cowering behind the sofa Llyr – tell it as it is. Say it often enough and people WILL listen.

    2. Brychan

      Actually, POUM were a bunch of middle class dilettantes who liked to wave around red flags because it made them feel like grown-ups. They were disowned by Trotsky very early in their existence.

      Initially, they opposed the self-determination of Catalonia, but relented in 1936 when they saw which way the wind was blowing, and entered the chamber of the Catalan Republic. From there they embarked upon a programme of betrayal, often exposing Catalan nationalists (arms dumps on farms) to the fascists, and genuine ‘working class’ socialists to the Stalinist forces. When physical fighting did break out their ‘lieutenants cadres’ ran away, often to safe houses in leafy suburban London (provided by the Independent Labour Party) and played no significant part in the on-the-ground fight against Franco. In 1937 the ‘international communists’ detained their top brass, as by this time their activities was undermining Stalin’s programme of purges in the Soviet Union which included closing down the notion of ‘Soviets’ as local control, an idea catching on in republican Spain as a whole. It is for this reason that Trotsky referred to them as ‘treacherous scum’.

      For more detail the ‘pettie bourgeois’ faction of the Trotskyites in West Wales now doing ‘deep entry work’ into the Labour Party, the person who can identify these individuals is the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent who, as part of the ‘pettie bourgeois faction’ resigned from the Central Committee of the Militant Tendency. Alec Thraves of Swansea, of course was the leader of the ‘working class’ faction of this outfit, and currently stands as a candidate for ‘Socialist Party of England and Wales’ and forms part of the ‘Trade Union and Socialist Coalition’.

      Is this ‘Gary Robert Jones’ just a posh boy recently sent to do ‘deep entry work’ into the Llanelli Labour Party for the student wing or just some twat who likes waving red flags and pratting about with yoghurt knitters in Swansea or perhaps the man identified as the Special Branch employee sent in during the 1980s to find out what was happening in Wales was ‘outed’ many years ago. That individual was conspicuously absent from the ‘Cuthbert List’ he sent to Neil Kinnocks office listing the Labour Party members to be expelled from their ranks. For more details, Ron Davies has a copy.

      I’r Gad.

      1. Big Gee

        Well, there’s a few revelations there Brychan! Maybe my throw away remarks about the Triban Coch within Plaid might have rung an unexpected bell – totally accidentally!

        This POUM seem to have learned a few tricks from the Jesuits. Sounds like the same kind of underhanded treachery. Infiltrate, become assimilated and then start causing havoc. I’m intrigued – I can’t wait to hear more . . . . digest well Jac . . . . I’m itching to hear your response to these revelations from Brychan.

  27. Stan

    Thoroughly entertaining article and comments. On the subject of Rosemary Emery there can’t be too many of that name in Llanelli – I note her Facebook page lists her favourite music as Radio Aire and her favourite sports team as England RFC, clues possibly as to why she is so sensitive about references to people from England as “immigrants”. A further clue as to her habits and possibly intellectual gravitas is given by her favourite TV being Good Morning Britain and the fact that in her banter with Jac on Twitter she couldn’t spell “harassment” correctly. I despair.

    1. Glen

      English people who settle in France, Spain, Wales or anywhere else are never emigrants – they are ex-pats whose presence is totally beneficiary.
      It’s the beastly ‘foreigners’ despoiling England’s green and pleasant land that are immigrants.

  28. shuai

    ‘Desperate and lonely’ is a great way to describe Krusty, but I would add duplicitous and self-serving. In the battle to save Welsh language education in Brecon High School, instead of putting up a fight, she withdrew her children before any decision had been made at county hall and sent them to Builth. This was quickly followed by most parents taking their kids out of the Welsh stream and sending them elsewhere, My nephew now has one classmate, thus providing the council with ammunition that Welsh is not relevant or sustainable in Brecon. Well done Krusty, always looking to see which way the wind’s blowing, but wind has a nasty habit of changing. Good luck with Labour!

  29. Where does the perception that there is ” little immigration ” into traditional coalfield seats come from ? Living in south east Wales I encounter many people living here who were not born and bred in the region. People from London and the south east of England who first and foremost find the cost of living in Wales very attractive now have a strong ” foothold ” here. I would say the boroughs of Torfaen, Islywn, Merthyr and Blaenau Gwent along with the county of Monmouthshire in general have had their Welsh identity significantly diluted by this influx.

    Not coincidentally the UKIP vote in Torfaen 23%, Islwyn 23%, Merthyr/Rhymney 21% and Blaenau Gwent 16% has increased immeasureably which reinforces this view.
    Surely such a large increase in the UKIP vote cannot just be attributed to former disaffected Labour deserters ?

    Cornwall seem to have woken up and are making a belated attempt to protect their identity and local communities, https://next.ft.com/content/73470224-1351-11e6-839f-2922947098f0. It is already be too late for South Pembrokeshire and Monmouthshire to reverse the trend but unless vulnerable areas adopt measures such as those in Cornwall the affluent colonists will continue buying their way into Wales to the detriment of Welsh communities.

    1. gwil williams

      My experience is exactly the same (Gwent Valleys). Whereas not so long ago an English accent would have been noticed, it is now commonplace, as are England shirts, flags and political attitudes. The idea that the Valleys are totally Welsh-born is well out of date.

      1. Stan

        Ditto, Gwil. I’ve lived in the Neath valley for over 50 years and at one time my valley accent was the rule rather than the exception. It’s a much, much rarer thing now. On my frequent walks in the countryside around here I seldom encounter someone I think I could place as having grown up in the valley or even Wales and the vast majority of those I do meet are English who have settled here. Not Scots, not Irish, not Asian, Arab or Mainland Europe – they are nearly all from one place. Obviously it’s nothing at all like the impact there has been in areas of West, Mid and North Wales but it is significant and it is marching on.

    2. Brychan

      Ukip only managed to scrape half the vote Plaid Cymru got in Blaenau Gwent.

      There are many strands of “Welsh identity” and you insult the people of the Gwent valleys who evidently abandoned Labour to protest by smoking a kipper. The question is in Torfaen and Islwyn whether that vote will return to Labour after the Brexit referendum or free their aspirations and join the Plaid surge like in Rhondda and the central valleys.

      1. I apologise, not my intention to insult the good folk of the valleys by any means. Focusing on Blaeanu Gwent specifically, the rise of Plaid and UKIP here is mainly a result of the ineptitude of the Labour run Blaenau Gwent Borough Council and their unwillingness to consult local residents on issues. The assembly result is almost a mirror image of the 2006 general election when ” People’s Voice ” candidate Dai Davies was elected after the local Labour party would not move from their insistence on all-woman candidates shortlists. History would suggest the rise of Plaid and UKIP in this constituency will be short lived, unlike Torfaen and Islwyn where something more long term may be taking root.

        1. Brychan

          It’s true that ‘Peoples Voice’ made inroads in Blaenau Gwent and much of that vote has again, this time, left Labour and now landed with Plaid Cymru. It’s also the case that last time the Labour Party illegally used assembly resources to get Alun Davies AM (Labour) re-elected. Plaid, however, have a national structure, more experienced, and can be more resilient against Labour Party bullying and corruption.

          Regarding Torfaen, it’s a unique community. Mainly based around the Cwmbrân “of the 1950s and 1960s”. It’s almost completely populated by incomers. But they were mainly from other parts of the South Wales valleys at the time, migrating into the ‘new town’ when it was established. Generations since are not the same as ‘core Welsh’ identity, but a ‘unique Welsh identity’ that is just as Welsh as anywhere else in Wales. Not only that, given the right Plaid candidate and campaign I suggest that the Labour vote is much softer, and as you say, the Plaid vote there, although not massive, is more long term and taking root.

    3. Rhedyn

      Too right. Also many towns near the M4 are only around 75 to 80% Welsh. Places like Bridgend, Llanharan, Pencoed, Pontyclun, Pontypridd and Caerphilly are popular with English people commuting to the cities.

      1. This Gary Jones is the person behind the disgusting campaign in Llangennech to split the community along linguistic lines. The English stream of the primary school is very low in numbers, so they decided to change from a dual stream to a Welsh language school. This Gary has used this to whip up hatred against the Welsh language and against Plaid. As we say in Carmarthenshire, MOCHYN!

        1. I think I’ve heard about that. But being Labour, he would probably defend what he’s doing as fighting against ‘narrow minded nationalism’. And it’s always sanctimonious hypocrites like him that accuse nationalists of being ‘divisive’. The more one knows about Labour people the more odious and revolting they become.

      2. Stan

        Anyone that can tweet an average of 7K times a year for the last 7 years ought to be retired. I don’t know how Gary ever found the time to make tinplate.

        1. Yes, there’s something so pretentious about that. Everyone else would say, ‘I work at Trostre’, but Gary has to dramatise what he does and inflate his importance with,I make tinplate’. What a poseur!

  30. Gary Jones

    Thanks for including me in your blog,I thought your account was light hearted, but you seem like to take things a bit too serious. I took my name from Homage to Catalonia,it’s difficult to support a party that was dissolved in 1980.I am a Socialist,my aim is to elect Labour candidates in Llanelli, and challenge Plaid in Llangennech.

    1. gwil williams

      “I am a Socialist, my aim is to elect Labour candidates…” Possibly the biggest contradiction in terms of the day, so far.

  31. Ian Perryman

    Labour is definitely rattled.
    They know they were lucky that this year’s election was overshadowed by the EU referendum and Tata steel, which deflected the gaze from their systematic failure as a governing party.

    Add to this the fact that their sad little branch office in Cardiff is now effectively controlled by Jeremy Corbyn, whom most of the Labour Assembly group actively campaigned against, and things are starting to fray at the edges.

    Holes are also starting to appear in the old fabric that once held Labour together, The loss of the Rhondda being the obvious one. But we must not forget that several places where Labour once held ‘invincible’ majorities are now Labour-Plaid marginals.

    Labour are having to fight hard to hang on to seats where only ten years ago all the local candidate had to do was to turn up and fart in his local pub to win the seat.

    The signs of terminal rattlement are there for all to enjoy.
    For example Carwyn’s TV interview on election night when he told us how pleased he was that Corbyn had come to Wales was almost drowned out by the sound of his grinding teeth.

    Another symptom is the bemused fury of the Labour group in the Senedd, who have been forced to raise their snouts from the trough long enough to gaze about them at the real world, and have discovered through incredulous, blinking eyes that the world around them has changed and that all the other dinosaurs have disappeared.

    Their response to this is to hurl spite and venom in all directions as they soil their underwear gazing helplessly at that blazing comet of mass extinction heading their way.

    Unfortunately it looks like the usual snouts back in the trough for at least the next few years.

    If dear little Kirsty hadn’t completely misunderstood the meaning of democracy and cast her vote with representatives of the majority of voters, rather than the biggest party, then things might have been completely different.

    1. “You’re too wishy-washy, Jac”, Cayo used to tell me. This being nice to people has been the bane of my life.

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