‘Welsh Government’ Declares War On Freedoms, Motorists, Farmers

Now that we’ve had three weeks of living with the 20mph speed restrictions I think it’s time to put this measure into its wider context, make a few connections, and introduce some new faces.

I apologise for this piece being a bit long, but it’s still less than 2,800 words. And worth sticking with.


Much of the background to this new legislation was covered a few weeks back in ‘20mph, A Disaster Unfolds’.

What’s absolutely clear now is that 20mph did not suddenly appear, it’s been hatching for a while. To explain what I mean, here’s a table I’ve drawn up, though I’m sure it’s incomplete, so if you can add to it . . . .

And here it is in pdf format with working links.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

I believe it starts with the Well-being of Future Generation Act 2015. This cartoon video imagines ‘Megan’, growing up under the umbrella of the Act’s protective legislation. Which promises:

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

And it’s failed her on almost every count. But then, grand gestures done for dramatic effect rather than to deliver lasting benefits will invariably fail.

Next, we look at the Wales Act 2017. There, in Section 26, we see that power to vary or regulate speed limits is now conferred on the ‘Welsh Ministers’.

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Which makes sense if, as some suggest, Wales is being used as a testing ground for the wackier planet-saving ideas.

Now we move on to an undated publication by Public Health Wales recommending 20mph on our roads. I assume this is by Huw Brunt and Sarah Jones of Public Health Wales. It mentions the new powers to lower speed limits.

Then there’s the Clean Air Zone Framework for Wales (April 2018) where, on page 20, we read:

Consideration should be given to lowering speed limits in a CAZ from 30mph to 20mph, which some research suggests would deliver overall benefits27. Safety benefits from reduced road speed can also encourage modal shift from private cars.

Perhaps, state-owned, chauffeur-driven cars are OK?

The call was taken up by Sustrans who, in a publication dated 1 January 2019, called for 20mph speed limits across the UK, quoting Public Health Wales. Does this also show Wales being used as a testing ground?

Another example of pearl-clutching theatricality was Wales declaring a climate emergency. This happened in April 2019, just before Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths (and Gary) met with Scottish and UK counterparts.

Here’s the plan for funding the responses deemed necessary to combat this ’emergency’, produced by Future Generations Commissioner and Labour party insider, Sophie Howe. From which I’ve extracted the graphic for ‘Transport’ below.

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Those who compiled that table obviously view increased car ownership as something deplorable, which must be reversed. Yet for me, and I suspect for most people, those figures represent progress and increased prosperity.

Finally, we see 20mph again in Labour’s 2021 manifesto ahead of the Senedd elections. The original manifesto seems to have disappeared, so I can only link to the update put out following the agreement with Plaid Cymru.

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It’s a pity the original’s disappeared because I’m told it proposed risk-based approaches to assessing trunk road speeds. Basically, ‘Welsh Government’, or an individual minister, wanted lower speed limits on A and B roads.

Perhaps Plaid Cymru, a party of rural areas with sparse traffic on open roads, realised this would not go down well in Trawsfynydd or Nant y Caws.

So we see that the call for 20mph, and associated demands, goes back at least 5 years, and probably further. We’ll briefly consider associated issues before turning to an unattainable fantasy.

One of the associated matters is 15- 0r 20-minute cities / neighbourhoods. Which can be viewed in two ways.

The optimist might say: ‘Wow! everything I need will be within easy travelling distance; Waitrose, Pilates, accountant, Skivvyhire, Green Party constituency office, ballet class, tattooist, florist, saddler, doctor, dentist, plastic surgeon . . . .’

(Dentist? In Wales!)

The cynic might ask: ‘Yes, but is that 20 minutes there, or 20 minutes there and back? And what if I want to travel for longer than 20 minutes . . . and just keep going, into the wide blue yonder?’

Sustrans was promoting the idea in November 2019, just ahead of December’s UK general election. The local chief of Sustrans for over six years (2007 – 2013) was Lee Waters, now Deputy Minister for Climate Change.

Make no mistake, Sustrans is an anti-car organisation. And Waters himself is said to be a cycling and walking “fanatic“. Which is fine with me. Veganism is fine with me. It’s when zealots and fringe outfits are allowed or encouraged to push their beliefs onto the rest of us that I object.

The Future Generations Commissioner was backing 20-minute neighbourhoods by September 2020. To show loyal, Plaid Cymru chimed in in April 2021.

Labour-controlled Cardiff council was also on board with the “20-minute neighbourhood or 15-minute city“, as this motion from March 2021 puts it. Even crediting Sustrans.

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Erm, let’s think about that for a minute. A city is made up of neighbourhoods. So obviously a city is bigger than a neighbourhood. That being so, how can a city be traversed, and its services accessed, quicker than those of a neighbourhood?

I’ll touch briefly on three more elements of the grand design.

First Minister Drakeford has described ULEZ charges as the “last resort. But he hasn’t ruled them out. Labour’s experience in London, with people fighting back, might explain his hesitancy.

Then there’s road charging, mentioned on page 21 of Llwybr Newydd The Wales Transport Strategy 2021. Where it’s spelled out quite unambiguously:

We will develop a framework for fair and equitable road-user charging in Wales and explore other disincentives to car use, taking into account equality issues including the needs of people in rural areas, people who share protected characteristics and people on low incomes

 . . . and explore other disincentives to car use“.

Something I found odd about this was that it said, “in Wales“. But this was produced by the ‘Welsh Government’, so which other country would it refer to? Or was it written by someone else, perhaps not based in Wales?

The reference to “protected characteristics” I assume means that women with penises won’t have to pay. (Where’s my wig?)

Finally, let us never forget that it was Lee Waters who announced earlier this year that all new road-building projects were cancelled.

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To achieve this result the Welsh Roads Review Panel was created with orders to deliver the desired ‘findings’. And to guarantee that outcome the group was chaired by Dr Lynn Sloman. Who wrote ‘Car Sick‘, which rather gives away her position.

I wrote about this episode in March, scroll down to the relevant section.


‘Vision Zero’ seems to have appeared in September 2012. In the ‘Welsh Government’s Road Safety Delivery Plan. Explained here in a written statement from the late Carl Sargeant, then Minister for Local Government and Communities.

Here’s how Road Safety GB reported it.

Vision Zero was a vague promise to reduce road accidents. It was re-affirmed in this ‘Welsh Government’ publication from May 2018 (pp 6, 13).

But then, just a year or so later, on page 24 of the Manifesto for the 2019 UK general election, we read that Vision Zero has become a plan to eliminate road deaths and injuries entirely!

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Let’s give a little more thought to this idea of  Vision Zero.

It should be obvious that Vision Zero can only be achieved by banning all vehicles, whether powered by the internal combustion engine, battery, or hydrogen.

But with more bicycles and pedestrians on the roads – as is hoped – there will still be fatalities and injuries. Either cyclists crashing or cyclists colliding with pedestrians. It happens now. With more cyclists, and with cyclists having freedom of the highways, some will be even more reckless and inconsiderate than they are now.

With vehicular transport banned – and that must also mean public transport – then people will spend far more time at home.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But most accidents happen in the home, so spending more time at home will result in more accidents. Don’t take my word for it, read what RoSPA says on the subject. So how is transferring death and injury from the highway to the home an improvement?

It’s not an improvement at all. It only makes sense if the real goal is to ban cars.

More people spending more time at home will create other problems. I can predict with certainty there’ll be more cases of domestic violence, and murder. There will be more children physically and sexually abused. Even more cruelty towards domestic pets.

Also, more suicides, due to the stress of being cooped up at home. It will be a kind of lockdown. And it will be done despite us knowing the social and psychological damage inflicted by Covid lockdown.

But then, it may be dressed up as climate lockdown. And if so, then we must accept that chasing each other round the house with meat cleavers is an acceptable price to pay for saving the planet.

Think about what you’ve just read. Put it all together and tell me it’s not a war on cars, on private transport, and the freedom the car gives us.


I’m returning to the idea of Wales being used as a testing ground. With most people unaware of it, and the lack of awareness even extending to the ‘Welsh Government’.

But testing ground status is easy to achieve when our politicians are controlled by pressure groups. These often directed and / or funded by individuals and organisations making up the Globalist network.

I’ve written about this phenomenon a number of times recently. In Wales: Ruled By Pressure Groups. And Who The Hell Are These People!. The ‘Welsh Government’ even pays through the nose for this Globalist influence, as I explained in Lynn Global Pushes Globalist Agenda.

The bigger picture only makes sense when you remember how it started.

With the end of Communism a new threat was needed. And so in 1991 the Club of Rome adopted ‘global warming’. Explained in this video (less than 5 minutes long).

Klaus Schwab, founder and chairperson of the World Economic Forum (WEF), makes an appearance. Schwab is also a member of the Club of Rome.

This programme of control was easy to sell to third-rate leftist politicians in Wales because socialism is fundamentally anti-human; viewing us as classes or identities, even “protected characteristics“, rather than gloriously varied individuals.

And of course, socialists love imposing “Can’t do that!” restrictions.

Now for the new faces I promised.


This company was formed just over three years ago by Jyotir Banerjee. The website is full of silly phrases interspersed with impenetrable jargon: “multi-capital metrics” . . . “radical reframing and holistic transformation” . . .

It’s not often one encounters so much bullshit on a single website. Thankfully.

The clue to North Star’s real purpose comes in a piece written a few weeks ago by Banerjee himself. We are told that “biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change” can all be remedied – by “large-scale investment funding“.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

Now you know me, when a chancer crosses my path I like to know more about him or her. Did I really say, “chancer“? (Inner voice: “Yes you did, Jac.”)

First stop was Companies House, to see what our boy has been up to over the years. There are a number of companies to his name, which are either dissolved, dormant or, if still trading, then none too buoyant, to judge by the accounts submitted.

The address currently used for Banerjee’s empire is 1 Pembroke Villas, The Green, Richmond. And a very nice gaff it looks too. But according to the Land Registry this property is leased to a firm of accountants.

The reason I’m writing about Banerjee is his Wales Transition Lab.

But what is Wales to be ‘transitioned’ into? And by whom? And for whose benefit?

This piece from the North Star website by Victoria Topham of Buckinghamshire informs us that:

Since October 2020, a group of 35 thought leaders across Wales have listened to each other and imagined a country that future generations could thrive in.

Listened to each other“! I see a gang of interlopers discussing the future of our homeland without consulting us. This is often called colonialism.

Topham continues . . .

Why Wales? With a population of 3m people, Wales is the right size for such a living laboratory.

Now she’s gone full-on memsahib. For her and her ‘thought leaders’ our Wales is just a testing ground. With us indigenes as guinea-pigs? Or are we to be removed?

Despite this clique being anonymous one name found on the North Star website is, inevitably, Jane Davidson, who seems to serve as a kind of chatelaine to that demi-monde where enviroshysters have the ear of politicians and civil servants.

After claiming to have initially been reluctant to get involved Banerjee eventually joined Davidson’s Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group. (How many different target years do these people use?)

In his homage to La Davidson Banerjee writes: “Olivier Boutellis and I set up North Star Transition to tackle the climate emergency . . . “.

My cue to introduce Olivier Boutellis and explain what I think is really happening.

Despite what Banerjee says, Boutellis was not there at the start (unless he was keeping his head down). For North Star Transition was launched 10 June 2020 and the company Olivier Boutellis-Taft SPRL climbed aboard 3 February 2021.

This company was registered in Belgium 04 October 2011.

So who is Olivier Boutellis, or Boutellis-Taft?

The capture below from the European Parliament tells us he’s a lawyer and an economist. And this tells us he’s been a magistrate and a lecturer. Also, CEO of Accountancy Europe.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But it’s his Linkedin profile that I found fascinating. The screen capture below will explain why.

It tells us Olivier Boutellis-Taft joined the Club of Rome EU Chapter at exactly the same time he got involved with Jyotir Banerjee and North Star Transition.

Click to open enlarged in separate tab

But there’s something not right. The website looks abandoned, and the Twitter account hasn’t been used since September 2020.

There is also a Linkedin page of the most elementary kind. But it claims the Club of Rome EU Chapter has 11 employees and that its focus is on “sustainability” and “environmental services“.

But understandable doubts to one side, let’s accept Banerjee and Boutellis-Taft at face value. I believe they’re promising to find ‘investors’ looking to buy Welsh farmland for carbon offsetting, or in other ways take land out of agricultural production.

Which fits perfectly with the Globalist agenda to destroy small- to medium-sized farms so that corporations can take control of the food supply. Because if you control the food supply then you control the people.

The opening part of this 2-minute video explains it succinctly.

This Globalist agenda is welcomed by the environmental pressure groups because it destroys farming, especially livestock farming, and most of these activists seem to be vegans.

They also anticipate getting some of the grabbed land for their rewilding fantasies.

Because of course there’ll be fewer people living in the countryside. Take out the main industry and the decline begins. Impose travel restrictions, run down public transport and impose other obstacles and rural living becomes even less attractive.

At the top and the bottom both Globalists and environmental activists know what they want, and are guaranteed to benefit. It’s those in the middle of the scam who, along with the people, will lose out.

Because politicians don’t seem to realise that in the New World Order they are surplus to requirements. As Klaus Schwab explains in this very short video – in the future we won’t need elections.

Can you imagine such a world?“, he asks. Yes, I can; and while losing politicians has its attractions . . .

Without elections we won’t need politicians, except to serve as ‘managers’ for their Globalist masters. Which is not a lot different to what they’re doing now.

Our politicians have been fooled into thinking they’re saving the planet when what they’re really doing is sacrificing Wales and other countries to the psychotic ambitions of the Globalists.

And this explains dreamers, chancers, shysters and con men flocking to Wales.


As I hope I’ve explained, 20mph speed restrictions should not be viewed in isolation. They are part of something much, much bigger.

You’re free to dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist. It’s a free world. For now. But before you go . . .

Justify Vision Zero transferring deaths and injuries from highway to home without admitting it’s a plan to do away with cars. Do you think Jyotir Banerjee’s “large-scale investment funding” is designed to save the Welsh family farm? And why does Klaus Schwab talk about abolishing elections?

♦ end ♦

© Royston Jones 2023

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David Smith

I’ll admit that I can’t stand driving and the entire ‘petrolhead’ culture is the preserve of tossers. But I’m keenly aware it’s an absolute necessity in today’s world of out of town industrial estates, shops, and to commute to places of work often nigh-on impossible to access otherwise. Gone are the days of ambling down to work or to shop for everything you need in the town or village.

If these machinations were coupled with an enormous investment in and commitment to comprehensive, integrated, inexpensive and reliable public transport (railways first, then trams, then buses solely as a supplement to plug in the gaps), then I’d be in favour to be honest. Individual freedom has its limits when it comes to shit being pumped out into the air we breathe, but as I always say, more carrot and less stick!

Dai Sippel

You ask – ” Add to the list I can’t remember them all”. My memory is really fading. How about POLL TAX replacing the old RATES? Were Wales and Scotland first trialled before England for Poll Tax? My brain is fuddled, so much so that I confuse Drakeford with Corbyn.


Just added a polite comment to order-order item about Bay regime waste


Could it be someone in higher authority came to agreement – eg WEF and senior English [plus a few Celts perhaps] politicos and senior civil servants – that some of these cranky ideas needed to be tested before being implemented in UK and beyond and why not try them out in Wales. Cardiff Bay civil servants were recruited or placements from London to guinea pig the legislation through pliable and naive politicos to put them in place – we’re first in the world to do this!!. Looks like the 20 mph is running aground but other things got through – I’m starting to believe in all these groups having control or influence – illuminati, Bilderberg etc.

Add to the list I can’t remember them all

Plastic bags, no smacking, free prescriptions, adoptions/foster care, 20 mph, wind turbines etc etc. Someone must be keeping a track record. Some of these were adopted by England and some were tried in Scotland first. I’m waiting for the return of the chapel induced – no alcohol on Sundays. I’d love to see the Ryan and Ronnie sketch again – bar closed in Wales but opposite bar in England open.

As someone pointed out to me there was less objection to having an untested jab because it was given for free. Wales jumped all in on that one.


Just read a beauty today that will no doubt figure in the manipulators’ toolkit if the scares about climate, environment, carbon, etc don’t add up to enough to keep us in our places.

Earth was hit by largest ever solar storm that would devastate civilisation today, tree rings show | The Independent

Now it is quite possible that solar storms could be of sufficient magnitude to snuff most of this globe’s population just because they are far too dependent on modern technology ( bit like us lot on here !). To prepare for such an event, which may never happen, Drakeford and Co will rush through the regs necessary to create 5 minute communities so that you’ll be able to obtain rice and lentils with a weekly dose of crushed insects from a guy stood under a lamp post down the village. Because electronics will have been fried out there will be no cars or buses ( making life a lot easier for Waters) but drift mines and open cast will be reopened to provide fuel for the steam railway engines that government and other important people like Jane Davidson will use to travel around.

Ordinary wanchors like us won’t be allowed on trains unless we are getting shipped off to reeducation camps in the Bannau/ Beacons, drop off at Merthyr or Abergavenny station then on foot to a camp near that Gileston Farm. Guest lecturers will include enlightened thought leaders and influencers like Monbiot, Prof Davidson, Softie Howe, some Green geezer in full ecofascist fleece uniform, and a host of twats like that.

Enjoy the future, it’s coming shortly near you.

David Robins

Jac. I note reference in your post to “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group” chaired by Jane Davidson. For information, letter below was sent to Welsh Government 30 September. Currently awaiting reply.

Rt Hon Julie James M S
Minister for Climate Change
Welsh Government
5th Floor Ty Hywel
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1NA

My Ref:               NCC/WJ/100
Your Ref:    
Date:                           30 September 2023

Dear Minister

Subject: Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group – Terms of Reference 

I refer to the above subject and attach hereto the current terms of reference of the “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group reporting to you as the Minister for Climate Change.

Following the change of timeframe – in respect of Net Zero policy – recently announced by the U K Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, I would be grateful if you could advise me whether you intend to review and amend the terms of reference of the “Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group” and, specifically, their stated pathway to achieve net zero by 2035 in Wales. 

I look forward to receiving clarification at your convenience. Thank you.   

Yours sincerely

Screwy Driver going Nuts

What worries me most about 20mph is how easy it will become to get caught speeding just over that speed and quickly gain enough points to lose our licenses and be unable to commute to work. Most of us drive slightly older cars without speed regulators. We can’t afford new electric vehicles with speed regulators. (Anyway there are no charging points where I live and not enough electric in my local grid).
None of us in the past fifty years have worked in the mine or factory actually in the village. We can’t walk to work. We can’t cycle over the hills in foul Welsh weather to work. I wrote to WAG Ministers suggesting – keep the 20mph, and keep the £100 fine, but only give three points if the speed is over 30mph, or have a sliding scale of points, as these marginal speed differences will mean lost licenses galore and stop us people commuting to work with poor bus services, and then having to give up our jobs and then lose homes by inability to pay mortgages and families going into poverty.
It’s not just people who drive as a job, it will catch the majority who commute to work in directions where public transport does not exist as an alternative. That’s most of us. Of course these arrogant XYZs in Cardiff Bay ignored my suggestion. They did not even answer valid suggestions before implementing what foul potions they concoct in their cosy well paid job offices in the Bay. They don’t care about people, they only care about themselves and their families and good jobs for political cronies. Sadly most Welsh voters will ‘donkey vote’ them all back into office at the next Senedd election so they can continue to ignore us on every obsessive issue they pursue.


Very valid points. Electric vehicles are proving disastrous. Purchase price in the region of £40,000: unaffordable to many people, with rising cost of electricity to recharge the vehicle. Replacement battery cost £15,000 to £25,000. Shortage of trained technicians to maintain, service and repair them. Supply chain problems with customers having to wait months for replacement parts. Insurance premiums increasing by 70% with some companies refusing to provide any insurance cover: batteries keep exploding and fires from lithium batteries cannot be extinguished.


Cartoon attached

Screwy Driver going Nuts

Hi Wynne, Thanks for your semi support, it’s welcome, but why don’t you write to your MP, and any, or all, of your FIVE Senedd Members, on this issue (and others), whilst also sending open copies to the Press in your own rightful true name. Ben Lake and Elin Jones, as political weaklings, are not Putin! I’ve done the same openly using my real name. I only use pen names within Jac’s Blog in case some these Cardiff based vindictive nutters sue me, as Jac whilst being a truly great brave guy, is not a professional qualified editor.


Hi “Screwy Driver going nuts”. I think you have made a number of assumptions without first establishing the facts. I would be interested to learn how you claim to be are aware of any correspondence that I may – or may not – have had with my member of parliament. There is no need to be afraid to use your real name on this blog: nobody will sue you. I think I know who you are given your obsession with writing to newspapers. If you have any evidence that writing letters to newspapers can influence / change ministerial policy you are welcome to share that evidence with us. I refer you to the G3P chart presented in my previous note. If you study it carefully you will see where all policy originates. I am not aware of any evidence that writing letters to newspapers will influence / change government policy, given that it originates from the17 sustainable development goals set out in UN Agenda 2030, with the policy enforced by national governments. The role of national government ministers is now to try and “sell” policy to “policy subjects” [the people: including Screwy Driver]. Ministers are struggling to do so as policy is not intended to benefit policy subjects [the people]. It is intended to benefit policy originators. When the dots are joined the bigger picture emerges. If you choose to respond to this note, be brave and reveal your real name, although I am 98% certain that I know who you are.      


You mention 2 “weaklings” in your comment. Now it is very evident that dear Elin has taken the Queen’s shilling and gone over to the “dark elite” just like many other middle aged time servers looking to grab any old status thing that might earn them a few bob later in life when the gold plated pension needs topping up. However I disagree with your judgement of Ben Lake. He gets on with the job and takes a keen interest in representing his constituency which is quite rare among today’s cohort of politicians. He may even be able to disentangle you grievances into a series of coherent points to be raised at the appropriate levels depending on jurisdiction.

Much of the crap that appears to bother you seems to be Senedd driven, Bay regime output, so, sadly, Elin will be left to champion your grievance. And good luck with that. Where it is an issue for Ben Lake to address you will find that he is a diligent advocate a damn sight better than most of the selfish tossers that inhabit Westminster.


Hi “Screwy Driver going nuts” I’m confused. I always use my “own rightful true name” Wynne when corresponding with my MP, Senedd Members, Welsh Government, writing to the media on any subject, or commenting on this blog. Not sure what point you are trying to make here, as it is you that is using the pen name “Screwy Driver” rather than your real name.      

Ifor l'engine

I don’t think you can call Wales a “testing ground ” for 20 mph.
The UK’s first 20mph zone was introduced in Tinsley, Sheffield back in 1991

In The Netherlands, 30km/h ( 19 mph) became the norm on all streets in built-up areas in October 2020.
Spain switched to 30km/h for most urban roads in May 2021.
There’s quite a lot in France as well, but it’s decided by the local Mayor rather than by central government.


Some of this is speculation but at this point in time it looks increasingly possible, indeed probable that things will turn out the way you suggest. Net zero is becoming all embracing, way beyond carbon dioxide and other environmental challenges. It could have been that way all along in the minds of the schemers and manipulators. Someone somewhere may be able to make the “grand vision” work but it is more likely to pan out as utter dystopia in most locations and definitely so here in Wales.

That stupid, economically and socially illiterate crew of buffoons that inhabit the Bay and its cluster of bubbles that supply zany influencers and echo chambers is ill equipped to present the general population with a better life. Indeed they only care about their own little circles of like minded types who aspire to be the elites of the new world they envisage as their rightful destiny. The common herd like us lot will be consigned to serfdom.

A programme of selective elimination may be the only response that can jerk these selfish bastards back into the real world, or topple them. Big question – where does one start ?


All policy originates from the17 sustainable development goals set out in UN Agenda 2030. I have previously provided a copy of the G3P chart below. It may be more appropriate for this post by Jac . If you study the content carefully it makes perfect sense. Policy is a top down process, not a bottom up process where the views of the public [policy subjects] are taken into consideration.


Thanks Wynne. Have seen that before and the logic around its structure is sound. My only reservation at this stage of its life is that the evident divisions that continue to exist within the UN, the jockeying for dominance, and the depth of duplicity among states of all sizes suggest that there will be a few wars to be fought all round the world before anything like this grand design gets adopted in practice.

It may be a nice fantasy for some politicians but they tend to be relatively powerless dupes like Drakeford who derives his “authority” from such globalist designs and it suits London regime to have a clown within the UK to serve as an example of what happens when things go wrong!. That leads to localised misery such as we are now seeing here while the serious players get on with advancing their economies and their technologies leaving concerns about UN Agenda to some other suckers.

If India, China, Russia, Brazil USA and a few other big nations were leading a real rather than imaginary drive in favour of that Agenda then it would have real traction. Right now that ain’t happening which is why Wales under Drakeford are global leaders in going green, a nation of sanctuary, innovators in gender definition, redefining the meaning of “health” and “wealth”, setting new standards in Orwellian vocabulary etc etc. Trashing our country started away back as part of a longer term assimilation process but under this Bay regime it has gathered momentum due to the unfortunate coincidence of an ideological deviant in charge and an extractive business community dressed up in green credentials.


She sounds like the sort of mouthy tart who is trying to jump on some bandwagon linked to enforcing “clean living” on us serfs while they the self appointed elites and guardians of new morality live it high on the hog. In a way we need to be grateful for a bit of global instability – wars in Israel/Gaza, Ukraine, insurgencies in East and West Africa, for instance – as all that serves to highlight the divergence of opinions and values that prevail world wide. Where a bit of order is really needed the UN and its busybody satellites are clueless about stopping such conflict and seem quite content to chatter away while innocent people die by the thousands, just collateral damage to these political gangsters.

On a more local level it was good to see people kicking out against the arbitrary dumping of asylum seekers ( some of dubious provenance) in a hotel in Llanelli. The UK government’s utter lack of a strategic approach to dealing with this issue beggars belief while do gooders among opposition can only wail about the harm done by Brexit as if staying the EU would have lessened the problem! That’s what you get when governments become totally reactive concerned only with feathering their own nests and evading responsibility. Drakeford is essentially cut from the same useless cloth.