Weep for Wales: further threats

I can’t be sure when it arrived, but around midday today I found a hand-delivered envelope in my letter-box. It was from Myles Andrew Cunliffe.

Here it is, with my comments below. And here it is in pdf format. It’s a truly bizarre letter.

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Paragraph 1: “Please note we have today notified the police and all the authorities inc our solicitors of your racist, threatening and slanderous lies . . . “.

I doubt very much if he has gone to the police.

What does “All the authorities” mean? Has he gone to the fire brigade, and the council; the sewage board and the education authority?

“Racist”! What is he talking about? He’s obviously trying to play on the fact that he’s English and I’m a Welsh nationalist. Desperate stuff.

Paragraph 2: The letter he refers to came from a Chester solicitor asking that I take down everything I’d written about Paul and Rowena Williams, no mention of Cunliffe. Which always seemed odd because Chester’s a bit off their patch.

I wondered at the time if it had been organised by Cunliffe to protect himself, seeing as it was written soon after he was first mentioned in the Weep for Wales saga. Did he get involved with Paul and Rowena Williams without realising how famous they were?

Here’s the letter and my response.

Paragraph 4: “Racist”, again.

And it’s alleged I’m threatening ” . . . not just people’s livelihoods but people’s safety and well-being”. I have issued no threats whatsoever.

Paragraph 5: “Cyber bullies like you are the filth in our society and believe me when I say I will eradicate you and your blog”.

Interesting. Wanting to ‘eradicate’ my blog, I can understand. ‘Eradicating’ me can only be a threat to kill.

Paragraph 6: “I will take your assets as compensation including your home and see you in the bankruptcy courts, demanding that you and anyone in your family pay me and my companies’ compensation. I say your family because you have involved mine. Aiding and abetting is a serious crime”.

I have never mentioned his ‘family’ other than to wonder if another Cunliffe, living in Spain, might be his brother. ‘Aiding and abetting’? Does he think my computer illiterate wife helps me with the blog?

Paragraph 7: “I see you’ve blocked your address out on the previous letter (see Weep for Wales: a statement) unfortunately our new blog will be giving everyone the chance to see the facts about the vile and vindictive person you really are”.

In para 5 he was calling me a ‘cyberbully’ – now he’s going to be one himself by giving out my home address on his new blog.

P.S. Someone has pointed out on Twitter that the letter is unsigned. Making it even more bizarre.

What I find really strange is that I haven’t written that much about Cunliffe, certainly not compared to what I’ve written about the Williams gang. He was mentioned in updates to Weep for Wales 11. Then he was mentioned in Weep for Wales 11a.

Even so, I’m a reasonable man. And though there’s nothing incorrect or libellous in Weep for Wales 12 I suppose someone could misinterpret what I’ve written. So I have taken down Weep for Wales 12. It will be back after I have revised it to remove any possibility of misunderstanding.

Myles Andrew Cunliffe may not have gone to the police, But I certainly have. To pass on his letter containing the threats to publish my personal details online, to pursue a vendetta against my blameless family, and of course – to ‘eradicate’ me.

UPDATE: Here’s an e-mail from North Wales Police acknowledging receipt of my online complaint.

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UPDATE 04.09.2019: Written confirmation that my complaint to North Wales Police regarding the threat to my life has been recorded as a crime. (I have redacted the police officer’s name.)

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28 thoughts on “Weep for Wales: further threats

  1. Robert Tyler

    Off topic Jac. Impossible to log into comments page on Ein Gwlad. Wanted to point out to Aled that Stuart Campbell, Wings Over Scotland, is rabidly anti-Gaelic.

  2. D

    try a complaint to the Information Commissioner [if he is acting as a company/buisness]. Uner DPA/GPDR regulations he should not be passing on your private details to authorities. P**s off your local council, DWP, HMRC and anyone you can think of and ask for your personal information under the DPA where you suspect this guy has been involved.

    Just a thought.

  3. Kris Moore

    Punctuation & pedantry police here – for a man (?) who uses the term Mr., as I understand it you don’t use the full stop when the last letter of the word you are abbreviating matches the last letter of the abbreviation – so Mister = Mr not Mr. and circa = ca or c. and including not = inc but inc. et cetera is etc.. The inconsistent use of the comma is remarkable. Where to start on “this time you bullied the wrong people” & “you have breached the contents of the previous letter” FFS excuse my language – sorry F.F.S. Thank you for posting Jac.

  4. David Smith

    The mask is slipping and the thuggery is bubbling more and more to the surface. I mentioned implied right of access yesterday but perhaps there is another angle, given that the prior hand delivered letter has been publicly declared to be unwelcome, and another has followed regardless. Surely this could be construed as, at best, trespassing, and at worse harassment?

    1. Anon

      A Denial of Implied Right of Access Notice requires the time and ability to read, the ability to grasp the implications and is normally ignored by most and dismissed by the courts as Freeman BS.
      There is no law of Trespass, although an injunction could be sort to prevent further intrusion.
      Harassment must be proved in court which is time and money.
      I doubt that Jac’s adversary cares about any such actions as this is all about the money.
      A big bad barking dog and a viper in the mail box would be more of a deterrent.
      Good luck Jac
      Keep up the good work!

          1. David Smith

            Yeah I came to the realisation that the right of access approach would be like pissing in the wind against such obviously quite sinister and threatening types as this. As regards harassment and its proof in court requiring time and money, is it not a criminal act, as opposed to say libel for instance? And not that this would scare these people off, but I’m sure trespass is not a criminal offence but it is a civil one.

  5. A great shame that the loony letter deliverer doesn’t live here in Patagonia – at least here he would be able to buy a judge, probably his only course of action!

  6. Wrexhamian

    I think it’s nothing more than an attempt to intimidate you into aborting your investigative work on the Williamses, especially where it exposes his own possible involvement. I’d be very surprised if he would want to draw police attention to himself by “notifying” them, especially as you haven’t committed an actionable or criminal offence. Your informing of his, ahem, “Notification of Immediate Action” to Gog Heddlu may well rebound on him if he has anything to hide.

    Apart from Gogplod, what other authorities could he possibly appeal to who would give any credence to this ridiculous letter and be able to act upon it on his behalf? As for solicitors, they have a professional reputation to maintain, and they know the kinds of cases it is best not to be associated with.

    This is an irritating diversion, Jac, when you are trying to get on with the things you do better than other Welsh invetsigative online journalists. Let’s all hope he is made to put a stop to it soon.

  7. Wynne

    Totally unprofessional letter [rant] unsigned. Should not take North Wales Police long to investigate this. All the best Jac.

  8. D

    Mans an idiot – the letter is written “without prejudice” – so is not intended to be binding, not an offer of settlement, not a true letter before action. I think most lawyers would chuck it in the bin. Maybe some lawyers or legal owls can confirm or otherwise.

    Complete crap.

    1. Brychan

      On the basis of proximity and time, I suspect the hand delivery of the said love note was from persons or persons guarding/residing at the semi-derelict Fronoleu Hotel, near Dolgellau. This I understand was, or is, a premises Mylo may have been landed with. GogPlod may wish to call at the site to see if this offers a clue as to the identity of the delivery boy. Glynllifon and Seiont, too far. If Mylo delivered it himself then he’s two rashers short of a full English.

  9. Brychan

    The phrase “I will eradicate you” is a clear threat of harm to your person, and it being delivered by hand, to your home. It is clearly a very serious criminal offence. Excellent that you have already provided this to North Wales Police.

    I suggest that you also request that the police provide you and your home with a suitable level of protection.

    There is clear motive, clear opportunity and clear ability to carry out this threat. This is demonstrated by the content and mode of delivery. Dial 999 immediately if this man or those he is known to employ attempt to come near you or your home.

    Keep safe, and all best wishes and support.

  10. Anon

    I don’t think a Notice of intent needs a signature to verify it.
    It is just a “this is what I am going to do “
    My response would be “Okay, Take Notice, see you in court and let this matter be judged and let the judge allocate any compensation and costs incurred.
    It seems to me that you Jac, are holding the evidence that would be the basis of a defence.
    Bring it on Mr Cuntlift

  11. Ellie Wales

    Interesting. . . The use of the apostrophe after ‘companies’ clearly shows that the debt is owned by the companies and he is asking you to pay the compensation on behalf his companies, to another claimant.


    1. I was thinking of adding ‘sic’ after ‘companies’, but I wasn’t sure whether it was deliberate or a mistake.

  12. Big Gee

    Hmmm – an interesting little rant that. Totally unprofessional, it strikes me as the type of letter written in an angry tantrum, by a particularly unsophisticated person and not too literate an individual at that – who has been spending too much time watching gangster dramas (Peaky Blinders comes to mind – apparently that’s doing the rounds on BBC 4 at the moment – which could explain it in part)!

    Also hand delivered AGAIN. That’s pretty revealing isn’t it? Why on earth would someone whose address is in Manchester bother to deliver a letter by hand, hundreds of miles away in a remote mountainous Welsh village? Never heard of recorded delivery service I suppose – much cheaper than vehicle fuel; but there again postman delivered threats haven’t got that ‘tough guy’ impact in some people’s eyes I suppose. It really IS bizarre, but there again, if you go around fantasising that you’re a big tough gangstet type, then it’s just what you’d expect I assume. You haven’t got a horse’s head lying around in your bed have you? Assuming of course you have a horse. Any other pet parts that could be delivered as a ‘message’?

    I’m sure his ‘legal team’ would REALLY appreciate the way he’s going about this – it certainly wouldn’t impress a judge when read out in any court.

    A copy to the police ‘authority’ (there’s that word authority again) that accepted your complaint and put it on record, will appreciate this little bit of genius gem literature to add to their file, containing, quite amazingly a veiled threat on your life – wow – these modern day gangster types eh?.

    It certainly staves off boredom if nothing else Jac. Just file under ‘C’ for crap if I were you.

    1. You’re spot on, Gwilym. Any solicitor reading that would be tearing his hair out. Maybe he has trouble finding a solicitor.

  13. Derrick Towlson

    This guy is either very worried or plain paranoid.
    Surely if he’s reported you to the police then he should let them do their job. To then deliver or have someone else deliver a threatening and not very professionally constructed letter seems like you have hit a raw nerve with him, oh and his family.

    1. I suspect it’s the former. It’s not what I’ve written about him up to this point but what I might unearth from now on.

  14. Draenog

    Too much port. Stilton and self-importance before writing by Mr Cunliffe, I suspect. For my part, I’ve alerted the Coastguard, St John’s Ambulance, and Privy Council about the nefarious activities of those practising freedom of expression. You people and your evidence and documents must be stopped!

    1. As someone pointed out on Twitter, it’s not even signed.

      And I suspect the Privy Council might be busy at the moment.

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