Weep for Wales 4

I hadn’t planned on writing another instalment so soon after my previous effort but more information has come to light that needs to be put into the public domain.

If this is all new to you then I suggest you get up to speed with Weep for Wales, Weep for Wales 2 and Weep for Wales 3. It’s worth it, and I say that because this is developing into a saga of corruption the like of which Wales has rarely seen.


We shall soon be in Cornwall, and Polvellan House or Manor, standing not far from the confluence of the East and West Looe Rivers, but first I want to take a little detour, my ‘andsome (as he slips effortlessly into dialect!).

On 9 July 2002 Mortimers Cross Inn Ltd (Co. No. 04480966) was Incorporated with Companies House. Perfectly natural seeing as Paul and Rowena Williams, the directors of the company – each holding 5,000 £1 shares – had bought the Mortimers Cross Inn near Leominster in October 2001.

After the sale of the eponymous pub to Punch Taverns in 2004/5 (at what is alleged to be a greatly inflated valuation), the company underwent changes in both directors and addresses, also names, becoming Rural Retreats & Leisure Ltd on 14 March 2007, and Polvellan Manor Ltd on 17 March 2015.

Then something even stranger happened.

On 20 March 2015, three days after Rural Retreats and Leisure Ltd changed its name to Polvellan Manor Ltd, a company called Rural Retreats & Leisure UK Ltd (Co. No. 09502597) was formed. The directors were Rowena Claire Williams and Leisure and Development Ltd, a company whose sole director was Rural Retreats & Leisure UK Ltd.

Paul and Rowena Williams

Why form a new company with a name so close as to be easily confused with the former name of Polvellan Manor Ltd? Surely it’s not a deliberate attempt to confuse?

Rowena Williams soon got out of Rural Retreats & Leisure UK Ltd, and following a flurry of activity in December 2017 (not notified to Companies House until April) the address switched from Plas Glynllifon to Polvellan House, and when the music stopped a certain Michael Jones found himself sole director holding all the shares.

Now I have no idea who Michael Jones is. The documents filed with Companies House tell us that his correspondence address is Polvellan House but that Wales is his country of residence. Does he really exist? And if so, is he aware that he is responsible for Rural Retreats and Leisure UK Ltd and the debt the company has with the NatWest Bank? Perhaps Michael Jones could get it touch to clarify things.

On 1 April ‘Michael Jones’ made an attempt to voluntarily liquidate the company, but this was thwarted by a person unknown objecting. Much to the chagrin of Rowena Williams. But why would she be so upset, because the company has nothing to do with her any more? Officially.

Before it was Plas Glynllifon the address for this new company switched from the Knighton Hotel to Unit 3, 37 Watling Street, Leintwardine, Herefordshire. I shall have more to say on the second of these in a minute.


One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been investigating Paul and Rowena Williams is that a few of those involved in this saga seem to have switched sides, or it may be difficult to tell who they’re working for. One of those I’m thinking about is Keith Rolfe.

Formerly a local government planning officer in Cornwall handling applications from Paul and/or Rowena Williams for Polvellan Manor he is now working from home as a consultant and advises Team Williams and their crew, including Michael Jones, presumably.

Then there’s the “expert” mentioned in this report about the ‘unsafe’ gardens at Plas Glynllifon, “Matt Jackson, from consultancy Land and Heritage”.

As I mentioned in the previous posting, Land & Heritage Ltd is a new company, Incorporated 8 August 2017. Among the directors we find Simon Travers Humphreys. In addition to being a director of Land and Heritage Humphreys also works for Pell Frischmann. This company has worked for Polvellan Manor.

Land & Heritage are even looking after the bats at Glynllifon according to their website, which tells us that “Heating a section of the cellar has proved a highly popular nursery for young lesser horseshoes”. If bats use a cellar it’s because it’s a substitute cave, and therefore cool. Heating it could be disastrous.

If I was Land & Heritage I’d stick to trees and shrubs.

It seems obvious to me that Land & Heritage Ltd has been set up as a sideline to make money by providing whatever bullshit the likes of Paul and Rowena Williams need produced to promote their projects. That being so, nothing produced by Land & Heritage need be treated seriously.

The extract below from the minutes of Looe Town Council 14 June 2016 confirms that Keith Rolfe and Simon Humphreys were already on Paul Williams’ payroll two years ago.

click to enlarge

In previous posts on Paul and Rowena Williams I mentioned Dudley James Cross, who we’re told works for commercial property consultants Lambert Smith Hampton. But does he? I ask because he’s been associated with Paul and Rowena Williams for a decade and a half.

During the Open Days last month Cross was even showing people around Plas Glynllifon.

Here’s a planning application in Herefordshire from 2008. Paul Williams wanted to erect holiday chalets behind the Mortimers Cross Inn. What name do we see against ‘Agent address’ but Lambert Smith Hampton of Northampton. In other words, Dudley James Cross.

And I’ve turned up his name in other planning applications associated with Paul and Rowena Williams and their companies. We know Cross has even been a director of the Williams company Leisure and Development Ltd.

Given this long association, and added to the fact that LSH was the agent for Plas Glynllifon during the ‘Wynnborn’ fiasco, it’s possible that Cross is the one responsible for introducing Paul and Rowena Williams to Gwynedd. So are they in partnership?

I ask because the chronology of the crazy property dealing conducted around the time of the purchase of Plas Glynllifon fits. Much of this involved ‘buying’ property they already owned at inflated prices in order to raise cash through loans and mortgages.

Whatever the relationship between them, Cross has been involved in some very dubious transactions and dealings, false reporting, and God knows what else. How does Lambert Smith Hampton feel about that?


An address that crops up regularly in the constant changing of the correspondence address for the various Williams’ companies, is Unit 3, 37 Watling Street, Leintwardine, a village in north Herefordshire.

Now 37 Watling Street is a residential property on an unprepossessing street in a sleepy border village, and Unit 3 is a shed accessed down an alleyway at the side of 37 known as Wardens Lane. It also seems to be home to a recycling company. This shed must get a bit crowded!

click to enlarge

So who might we find at Unit 3? The answer is John Duggan, or to give him his full name, John William Thomas Duggan. Not only does he work out of Unit 3 but it seems the area down Wardens Lane qualifies as a business park. Which may be stretching things.

Of more importance for this report is the fact that John Duggan served a lengthy prison term after being convicted in May 1998 of fleecing an elderly widow out of nearly £700,000. At the time he was a director of Hereford United Football Club, and it’s from a club website that I got this report.

Here’s another report from the Free Library.

There are crimes of passion, there are stupid things done in the heat of the moment, often under the influence of alcohol or drugs; revenge, lust, hate and a host of other motivations can trigger criminal behaviour, then there are acts – à la Jean Valjean – committed out of necessity . . . but Duggan’s crime was none of these.

His was a cruel and calculating crime carried out over a lengthy period of time against a helpless old woman with no one in the world to help her; for she had lost her husband and, more tragically, her son. So this bastard ripped her off.

Yet Paul and Rowena Williams have no qualms about associating with Duggan, no problem with using Duggan’s address for their companies, over and over again.

click to enlarge

Which would be bad enough, but it doesn’t end there.

John Duggan, through his company J D Accountancy (a company for which I can find no details anywhere), is responsible for the accounts of Team Williams companies. Or maybe I should rephrase that, because they don’t seem to be accounts so much as ‘Unaudited Financial Statements’.

Duggan drew up the latest Unaudited Financial Statement for Leisure and Development Ltd, up to 31.01.2018. It’s worth reading. This is the company we are asked to believe was taken over 1 February 2018 by ex-con Keith Harvey Partridge and his mate, failed financial whizz kid Sukhbinder Singh Heer. (Though Paul Williams remained a director.)

In the Unaudited Financial Statement produced by Duggan I was particularly struck by the heading, ‘4. Staff costs’, which seems to suggest that the various hotels and other businesses had no employees. There were dozens. Then again, this might be explained by what I’ve been told about staff being paid in cash. In fact as much business as possible is done in cash. Paul Williams is a great one for the brown envelopes.

There were ten Charges (debts, loans, mortgages, debentures) against Leisure and Development Ltd before the company was ‘sold’ to Partridge and Heer, with an eleventh taken out 4 May, after the supposed buyout. This one seems to bundle up all the previous Charges and suggests that they are now transferred to Plas Glynllifon Ltd, which makes no sense.

Because if we are to believe Paul and Rowena Williams they no longer have anything to do with Partridge, Heer and Leisure and Development Ltd. So why is their new company Plas Glynllifon Ltd listed as the ‘Borrower’ on the Charge taken out by a company they no longer own?

click to large

I’d appreciate professional advice on these arrangements. Also for the figures contained in the Unaudited Financial Statement for Leisure and Development Ltd, up to 31.01.2018, because some of the figures appear to be incredible. And here I mean incredible in the sense of being unbelievable. Unacceptable.

But if true, then they should worry anyone having any kinds of dealings with Paul and Rowena Williams.

At the end of the day, we have to ask why Paul and Rowena Williams associate so closely with two men, in Duggan and Partridge, who have been to prison for serious crimes of theft. (And might even have met in prison.) They must know these men’s records.

To pretend they don’t know what these men have done is unacceptable. To argue that they’ve ‘served their time, etc.,’ facile. Paul and Rowena Williams do business with Duggan and Partridge because they’re crooks.

Experience of life and knowledge of Paul and Rowena Williams suggests they use the undoubted accountancy skills of John Duggan because for the right price he’ll give you what you want, no questions asked. Which means that no figures presented by Paul and Rowena Williams can be trusted.

As for Partridge, his background is also useful in the scam he’s working now with Paul and Rowena Williams, that has raised millions and millions of pounds in complicated mortgage deals and phoney sales, money that might soon disappear in a puff of smoke along with those holding it.

Then what of Rolfe, Humphreys, Cross, Jones, Reynolds and the others – do they realise what crooks they’re working with?


I am no longer sure we are dealing with chancers trying to make a few quid by duping politicians, planners and civil servants; we may instead be dealing with a major criminal enterprise covering a wide geographical area, from Cornwall to the Marches, to Gwynedd, and up to the Scottish border. Perhaps involving serious criminals and organised crime.

Paul and Rowena Williams may not even be the main players.

I suspect the police are now taking an interest. And not just the police, for the UK government has lost a considerable amount of money due to the activities of this gang. And I have been promised yet more information about Paul and Rowena Williams. It’s unending!

And what of our (or somebody’s) ‘Welsh’ Government, which I’m sure has given large amounts of cash to these crooks? I have submitted a FoI request, but I don’t expect an answer any time soon. It would obviously help if we had an opposition around that foetid pool that is Cardiff Bay, but they’re all too busy jostling for position and advancement.

With any luck they’ll fall in and drown. But then, rats can swim.

Fuck ’em; the spineless, collaborating bastards bereft of dignity, vision, and ambition for Wales; making our homeland easy prey for the scumbags we read about here. May they rot in hell, an individual hell each must share for eternity with whomsoever and whatsoever most offends their delicate sensibilities.

Weep for Wales.

♦ end ♦


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I have just read the first four chapters of “Paul & Rowena’s Party”. Thankyou for all your work Jac, however I think you would be the first to acknowledge that the picture you present is far from complete & a lot more remains uncovered at the moment. It may be that, thanks to your work, the proverbial is about to hit the fan. Unfortunately, when it does there are so many public and private bodies with their own interests at stake that I forsee a huge exercise of backside protection and blame-shifting by public and private officialdom. This will go on for years, where the prime beneficiaries will be the lawyers and accountants, living off the financial remnants of this particular corporate corpse. There are so many areas of apparent malpractice on the one hand, and official idleness on the other, that it beggars belief that these corporate villains have got-away with so much for so long, thanks to the inertia of so many of the regulatory institutions in Wales. (Here I include Welsh Central and Regional Government, the Department of Employment (various departments), HMRC, the Police, etc. etc., all of whom will leap into action to obfuscate and protect their own backsides in due course). This sideshow will change nothing in the way these institutions work.

My main interest as a spectator here is in the future of the Radnorshire Arms, Presteigne, where this weekend a group of local volunteers have been working in unfriendly conditions to clear some of the mess outside the hotel, such is their concern for its importance to the town. However this building is just one element of a complicated tangle of assets which provide security for loans from number of parties, all with their own interests to protect. As a first step towards survival The Radnorshire Arms must be removed from the embrace of Paul & Rowena, secondly a buyer must be found. At the moment I have difficulty in understanding how the first of these objectives can be achieved (in the light of the bureaucratic tea-party which will occur) within a period of, say, two years. Then, when the Hotel becomes saleable, free from encumbrances, a buyer with a credible redevelopment plan will have to be found. After this, a building which has been in decline for two or three years will become the plaything inter alia, of Powys Planning authorities, who will put their own dead hand upon any project for renewal. This is the reality of the situation.

Maybe the people of Presteigne should get real and recognise all this: the building cannot immediately be sold; secondly a white knight needs to be found with the funds & ability to revive both a tired old building and a defunct business. How is this going to happen? What then constitutes a practical scenario for the revival of The Radnorshire Arms?


Surely it will just end up being flogged at auction by the last financial organisation unlucky or foolish enough to have lent on it?

Sadly the question had to be how viable are these small hotels in remote places the size of small English villages?


The volunteers, having tidied up the grounds and approaches, flowers in the rotting tubs etc awake this morning to find that “the owners” or more plausibly their lackey, hidden in Presteigne had wired a private property no access notice to the beer garden gate. However this is a public right of way to the top of town (now bypass) complete with council sign post and exists under all the conditions of the 1980 rights of way act. It is just incredible that they can creep up in the dead of night and try and stop the people of Presteigne from a tidying up the mess they have left and try and close up the footpath-they are truly foul people. P.S. The notice has disappeared-vandals everywhere!


Welsification is the culture of peace – Cymrophobia is a hatred of Wales, the Welsh and Cymraeg.

Fair dues to Neil McEvoy, getting out and doing his bit against Cymrophobia…… Regency Park!

If this is not nipped in the bud……the next housing development will be the Forest of Buckingham Deer Park or the House of Lords Retirement Estate.

Remember……if you see or hear of any Cymrophobic act, contact your local police station or write to the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff.



The people of Wales demand that the Welsh Conservatives tell them that they agree with Boris Johnson, in that Therese “Jezebel, harlot of the globalists” May’s Brexit sell-out is a turd!

The people of Wales also want to know are you a Conservitive party for Wales…….. they also want to know have you now, or any time in the past been infiltrated by the Cultural Marxists

Lastly…..do the Welsh Conservatives endorse making Cymrophobia a hate crime and passing an Act in the Welsh Parliament?

Britain’s Turdexit………..


PS….@ Bilhop…. Let the shit hit the fan…….I don’t know how big the fan is but the amount of shit is going to be HUGE!!!

There is a huge dam of shit behind the Welsh Government, Westminster and the EU (and of course the UN)……the damn is cracking

…….we need to organise into shit clearing units. Brothers and Sisters reach for your shit clearing implements and together we can clean the shit out of Cardiff Bay and get rid of the Welsh Labour Cultural Marxists once and for all!

Clean the Cardiff Bay cesspit now!!!


I’ve tried to interest BBC Wales, and Private Eye.


Are you and paddy French the only people investigating this cesspit , these days?! Shocking state of affairs whatever is the BBC and ITV doing these days? Deciding on which wallpaper they need in their new offices ib Cardiff and blithely turning their backs to Wales and faces to Bristol


Have been to Glynllifon today. At the small lake with the arm sticking out some joker has put up a notice “Beware of sharks” with a nice picture of our Paul and Rowena underneath.

Glynllifon guerrillas am byth

I did but it isn’t very good.
Paul and Rowena,if you’re following this blog, just get the hell out of it before Mr Plod comes knocking on your doorstep. We don’t want cockroaches like you contaminating our beautiful land. Suggest Baghdad or Pyonang as your next port of call. You stink like a fishes head!


Spot the trick question…….

What do you call devolution in Wales?

Centralising all power and corruption in Cardiff.

What do you call devolution in England?

Giving Westminster MP’s (who can’t even run the UK ) even more of a work load.

What do you call devolution in Scotland?

Wanting to give your hard earned independence on a plate to the EU dictatorship.

What do you call devolution in Ireland?


PS…..There must be some AM in the assembly that can speak up on Glynllifongate. Kirsty Williams, the Education Secretary could bring up the issue and it would deflect the issue of the disaster in Welsh education as a bonus for her.

If Shippo at Walesoffline and Parry at the Eyepatch could get together on this, who knows….. they could be as notable as Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein one day!

PPS….What do you call the media in a devovled Wales?



Phil Williams
sarah bond

This week’s Mid Wales Journal headlines with “Assembly acts over shut hotels”. It continues, “Officials at the Senedd are considering whether any public funding for the Knighton Hotel and Radnorshire Arms Hotel in Presteigne can be recouped from previous owners Paul and Rowena Williams”, and ” a Welsh Government spokesman said: WG has provided no funding for the purchase of any of the subsequent properties mentioned.”

But dear Gwynedd, we all know how them in Cardiff do speak……. so between the lines they are negotiating funding to save a Grade 1 listed property?


£424000 according to a letter am Kirsty Williams got from the wg


You can see the full letter on her Facebook page


Companies House report that the accounts for Gwesty Seiont Manor Ltd to 30 September 2017 are OVERDUE.
I wonder why?


They have established two companies. One set up as Gwesty Seiont Manor Limited (10375474) on 14th September 2016, and another set up as Seiont Manor Hotel Limited (11288462) on 3rd April 2018. Neither has submitted a financial statement to companies house.

It is evident they are using the shadow company to evade creditors when the bailiffs come knocking on the door. The ‘new company’ designed to evade creditors has a single director called Rikki Reynolds, who lists his nationality as ‘English’. The holding company shares in the name of Plas Gynllifon Limited resigned on 4th June 2018. This Rikki chap follows the same flunky/fallguy set-up previously evident at the hotels in Powys and Herefordshire, the person carrying the can and going into liquidation and closure of the premises, all value having previously been sucked out of the venture.
comment image
Rikki, Paul and Rowena at Plas Ty Coch.
© Daily Post.

Rikki lives in Ludlow, and is the bar supervisor of Chang Thai Bar and Restaurant of that town. His photo on his facebook page is him standing next to a fountain holding his crotch, the selfie having taken in such a way as to give the impression he’s pissing or ejaculating into a lake.


The most recent reviews on Tripadvisor for this Ludlow restaurant (run by Rikki) state “Being a local to Ludlow not sure what exactly is going on with this place at the minute” and another saying “exceptionally childish, rude, aggressive and unprofessional barman that astoundingly is the manager”. Both reviews comping from Ludlow residents. This is the new ‘director’ of Seiont Manor, the Williams having already asset stripped it with the ‘alternative company”.

Phil Williams

Associating themselves with dodgy characters seems to be a regular thing with them. The “manager” at their Waves Bar in Seaton, Cornwall is of a similar sort (see the reviews at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549846621720096&ref=content_filter). And check out Stuart Cooper in Cornwall. The article (https://www.safe-collections.com/debt-collection/90from-dodgy-debt-collector-to-convicted-fraudster) is interesting.

Phil Williams



If you look back on reviews of Seiont Manor you can see meny reviews reffering to Rikki, he is not a new director he has been at Seiont Manor since the day they took over the hotel from Hand Picked Hotels over a year ago.


This is not true.
Rikki was appointed on 3rd April 2018.


Yes he has been there since the start, Maybe not on paper but we was always told he is a director by him, and others, since the day they took over from Hand Picked Hotels.

He runs Seiont Manor Hotel, everyone answers to him, nothing he ever says or does adds ups, constantly contradicting his self and this is the most strange thing – he never wanted to make any money.


Also before Seiont Manor Hotel Limited,
Seiont manor was owned by RRLUK LTD https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09502597

And then in May we was told we would be changing to Seiont Manor Hotel Limited

The reason we was given is that the Williams have sold the hotels in Mid Wales and Seiont Manor Hotel will be the only North Wales hotel they own in coming time (even though they carried on buying derelict buildings and looking at buying actively open hotels)

Another thing to look at and into is the arson attack’s on properties before and after they owned them.


Additionally Rikki lives at the house at the end of Seiont Manors drive. Not Ludlow.


When Mortimers Cross Inn was being ‘done up’ we would drive by and say how good it was to see little knowing the corruption that was taking root all those years ago . Bring these rogues to justice ASAP ‘!!


If that’s the case ,Jac, then your next chapter should be headed “Weep for a India” !


As regards ‘ol Debs and her husband – they had a place in Goa. It wouldn’t surprise me if their ill gotten gains was salted off shore…


The Williams’s have family in goa


I’ve been assured by the CX of Cyngor Gwynedd that there have been no discussions or negotiations with these people. Full stop. In any case the grounds are Grade 1 listed, so they are totally safe anyway.
And the Planning Officer for Gwynedd has been asked by me to investigate all the likely infringements created during the current “restorations” of the building and grounds.
What are the Williamses real intentions? A luxury hotel would not generate the sort of income needed to cover such vast renovation costs. And have they even sought permission from the Authorities for change of usage of a Grade 1 listed building?
I’m sure the truth will soon be out for all to see. And this lot will scarper and look for some other mugs. That is if they escape the wrath of their lenders! We’ve been told that the Heavy Mob came looking for them at the Radnorshire Arms on one occasion.


Whats your email – I have more information

Phil Williams

I did have the great fortune to be told that Paul Williams Range Rover had been seized by High Court enforcement officers. He refused to pay me what he owed me. He got it back 10 weeks later, paid up, and got stuck with costs too.


These mobs also show up at Seiont Manor Hotel




Bailifs once came to seiont manor looking for money quite a sight


Obviously, Cyngor Gwynedd, Coleg Menai and any arm of the Welsh Government should not enter into any agreements with persons(s) or companies who’s financial statements are prepared by a man who was found guilty of six charges of deception at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, namely JD Accountancy (Duggan).

Have they already done so?


Dafydd Evans (CEO of Grŵp Llandrillo Menai)

“The outline master-plan for the Glynllifon estate offers up some interesting opportunities for Grŵp Llandrillo Menai to improve and develop it’s offer to students at Glynllifon. There are issues that require further clarification but the Board of Governors are pleased to continue the dialogue with Plas Glynllifon and Cyngor Gwynedd to create a joint vision that will benefit all.”

May 2018 in the Daily Post.

Surely, now the truth has been uncovered, Dafydd Evans should immediately make a public statement on the current state of affairs.

sarah bond

At the beginning of the saga the Mid Wales Journal ran an article about the closure of The Rad. Rowena is quoted as saying it is a sale of shares only; could this account for the charge(s) still being in their name? £10m just for shares???


Why does Wolverhampton keep cropping up?


Anybody have any info on the Williamses in their earlier existence?


Mr Williams was something to do with royal mail


Something along the development side not a postie or a office manager

Phil Williams

He listed himself as a Project Manager on LinkedIn working in property services. He seems to have deleted the profile, and his Facebook profile. Doesn’t like the limelight.


When I worked at the Rad – old Debra was there with her hubby. Had a new flat upstairs converted (remember this is a listed building!) Another nasty bit of work.


They built a flat in the offices at Seiont Manor hotel



Phil Williams

John Duggan swore a statement in a court action that was so bent it isn’t true. He apparently didn’t understand VAT rules, income tax rules, or even basic counting.
All Duggan’s very dodgy maths have already been submitted, along with other evidence to HMRC, who have chosen, to date, to ignore it and do nothing.
This involved Paul Williams sister, Debra Oswald who apparently earned over £800,000 in salary and interest over a 10 year period, but paid no tax.
Keep digging!

Big Gee

Do you know who reported it to HMRC Phil?

Phil Williams

I did. I sent copies of all the documentation that purported to show she had “earned” over £800,000 and paid no tax on any of it.

Big Gee

This is predominantly a case for HMRC to investigate, along with the Fraud Squad arm of the Constabulary.

HMRC is the one that usually gets the job done, because they are not called Her Majesty‘s Revenue & Customs for nothing. Stealing from the public is mostly overlooked, steal from the Colonial Royals, via their government and you’re talking a different ball game. Unless of course you live in Cymru, where our government gives out money like confetti to crooks, scammers, the Third Sector and ‘Uncle Tom Cobly and all’ (that’s the way to make our economy grow see?).

After all, when all else had failed from a criminal perspective over many years, wasn’t it tax evasion that got Al Capone put in the slammer? Where he later died of syphilis. On Oct. 17, 1931, Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion – not the dozens of murders he was accountable for, the misery he brought on poor folk, his rackets, extortion and many other ‘nasties’. No – income tax evasion was the one that got him.


Not just HMRC needs to be involved, several sources in Presteigne confirm that despite her income of some £2.5 million Rowena claims working family credits on her two children. Surely the state apparatus can at least check on that!. As to DEBRA YVONNE OSWALD: Born 1964 Coventry, older sister to Paul Williams who was born March 1969. In March1988/9 she seems to have Married Stuart Norman Oswald ( born in Yorkshire, Sept 10 1951)
Probably moved into the Radnorshire Arms c .2007 as her facebook in 2011 says she is sad to leave after 4 years. After touring New York she pitched up in Goa and started a “Monsoon minding business” the company directors include Patricia and Michael Williams. Whilst permanently living in Goa (apparently!) they have a permanent u.k. address 85 Hillside Villa, Millendreath Holiday Village, Looe PL13 1PF (this has holiday village residence restrictions)

Donkey Ostler

Amazing Jac ! What the hell is the Cardiff Assembly doing about their share of all this money of ours? Nothing probably, other than proudly naming a big Bridge after Prince Llywelyn. They even got that wrong – it should have been – Pont Brenin Llywelyn !